(1) there’s really nothing left to be accomplished by additional investigation of the Obama/Clinton handling of the Benghazi incident. It was an absolute fiasco from the outset, totally ill conceived, poorly planned and dismally managed by the Obama Administration.

The hastily conceived “Movie cover-up” concocted by the management team was laughable, convinced NOBODY and the repeated denials and cover-up efforts were a pathetic, amateur transparent embarrassment. The reaction by the Obama Administration, including repetitive and laughably childish and unbelievable denials when the incident blew up in their faces, was an epic embarrassment and a disgraceful stain on our long, hard earned history of supporting our people and dedication to our principle of “leaving no man behind”.

I would suggest Mrs Clinton’s performance and handling of her responsibilities, in that incident alone, correctly, and thankfully, proved to be a fatal dagger in the heart of her purely transparent superficial political ambitions and imaginative sense of unearned entitlement.

As for her “e-mail server”, what’s left to explain? A paranoid egotist with a breathtaking sense of entitlement decided she was completely above the laws and rules and elected to do what she wanted to do, without leaving any compromising record of her behaviors. Unfortunately, her limited vision fell short of considering necessary and prudent measures to protect the record of her shenanigans from external threats to our collective National security, which was deemed less important than her private activities.

The dye is firmly and obviously cast, and additional details are unlikely to add any meaningful clarity to what was deliberately intended and consciously carried out. Mrs. Clinton’s personal performance, in both instances, served as glaring reminders of her character, or lack thereof, and thankfully and likely had a direct bearing and effect on her election loss.

(2) Actually Frank, I don’t know President Trump, on a personal level, so I really don’t have a rational basis to “evaluate his personal character” any more than I do for anyone else. I try to separately evaluate his stated intentions and actions apart from general or non-specific comments and observances, and consider the actual results of his decisions differently from his general observations and speculations.
Concerning his public and political personas, I find him an action oriented individual, somewhat (but not excessively) brash, who tends to speak his mind, at times (but not excessively) impulsively, who seems extensively willing to share his conclusions and motivations publicly and seems willing to adjust conclusions based on additional detail and/or relevant information.
President Trump often speaks in general, or assumptive terms, which opponents and detractors, seem eager to enjoy converting to their own, translation and specifics to which they attach their own imaginary interpretations and conclusions, rather than seek clarification and/or confirmation to avoid misinterpretation.
Understanding and accepting the President’s far greater access to relevant and pertinent information and detail, I’m willing to concede a higher level of comprehension to many important issues related to affairs of State, or issues beyond my immediate concern and extend the benefit of doubt when appropriate.
As an adult, I understand that the lessons of past mistakes often provide insight to avoiding repetition as well as teaching that prior conclusions, proven wrong or inappropriate, provide valuable experience and guidance to preventing careless repetition.
I also understand that considering the intentions of a selected leader and supporting, or at least questioning, those that offer overall benefit, even when there may be some level of conflict or disagreement with personal assessments is an important personal responsibility. Thankfully, here, I can raise question or voice disagreement and if articulate and persuasive enough I may be able to affect adjustments in final decisions made by a leader, responsive to his constituency.
I have learned, and accept, that there remains far more that I, personally, have yet to learn than I already know and do appreciate a leader who is willing to explain differences to further educate me.
How does that differ from your “evaluation” of another’s “character”?

3) Just for the record PJ, how did you arrive at the point of being absolutely convinced that you could infallibly read the mind, and intentions, of Donald Trump (and anyone else who dares suggest, you may be simply speculating through a different orifice than your mouth)?

That original utterance, regarding Charlottsville, that people on both sides of a complicated (local) issue, included “good people” was about a dispute over monuments erected to honor opponents of a heated (and bloody) conflict ended 100+ years prior. Perhaps not the most articulate effort to simply calm down emotions, on both sides, that was subsequently, and gleefully been fanned and blown out of control by an eager media to further marginalize any effort at calming an incident exacerbated by escalating unsubstantiated claims and purely speculated and unfounded translations of what “other people REALLY meant, by what they said”.

Once that “speculation cat” was let loose, it was encouraged to run absolutely wild, fueled by self enabled, mind reading idiots competing to out-stupid and exaggerate each other based exclusively, on their own thoughts and imagined conclusions. Usually mob related over reaction is recognized for what it is, and quickly rejected, but with a lopsided, one directional, almost universal push, and support from a huge portion of “the major media”, almost absolute credibility was blown into these totally unsubstantiated, fantasy interpretations and translations adding the dangerous fuel of “racism” and “white supremacy” into a toxic fuel based on pure speculation and presumption, that established a lingering tone and shadow that has persisted since, without any solid, credible evidence of a verifiable source. 

That original utterance, as well as many other efforts ostensibly intended to calm excessive emotions has long been replaced by concentrated, organized and deliberate efforts to justify keeping the imaginary exaggerations ever building to add fuel to specific fires ignited by ill intended special interests, of various persuasions, interested only in keeping their particular “fires burning” to continuing damaging, separating and dividing our collective and worthwhile objectives and interests.

It’s too late to wonder about how and why “the fire” started, when surrounded by the ashes of your own home.

(4) It must really be hard, TroyTaxpayer, for you to maintain your self anointed status, and history, of “perfect personal behavior” necessary to afford you a high enough position of righteous moral authority to judge everyone else’s behavior.

Unfortunately, the REST of us, having failed to failed to reach your lofty level of personal, moral perfection due to repeated mistakes, less than perfect judgments, careless misstatements can only gaze, in wonder, at your ability to have avoided all these pitfalls throughout your life.

Our, seemingly life long obligation, is to acknowledge our mistakes, eventually accept responsibility for them and strive to successfully prevent repeating them, while you have apparently somehow completely avoided EVER making a mistake or behaving foolishly, impulsively or inappropriately.

It must be extremely comforting for you, being so perfect and smart about an unending variety of topics, to be so easily able to point out the shortcomings and ignorance of the rest of us, and share your brilliance so willingly, so often.