We now know the Department of Justice and the FBI have been lying for the past two years.  They did spy on the Trump campaign.

We learned the identity of one spy - Stefan Halper.  We also learned the DOJ intentionally avoided disclosing to the FISA court that Democrats paid for the infamous Dossier used to justify the spying, wiretapping and "surveillance".  

It is the biggest scandal since Watergate.

The three heads of intelligence (CIA, DNI and FBI) conspired to alter the outcome of our national elections. It cuts to the very heart of democracy.

Whether these agencies were weaponized by Obama or operated as an independent deep-state is still being unraveled.

The only way to hold the 'deep state' accountable is to ensure we have a Republican legislature. Democrats have sworn to impeach President Trump if they win the midterm election. You can be certain they will also bury this scandal.

Please, donate to these candidates who need every dollar to fight and secure a majority in the Senate.