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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 AKANTHOS, Tetrobol, 470-390 BC, Forepart of bull kneeling, star above/square, as S1369; F-VF, good bright metal, obv well centered & fully clear, rev center weak. (A VF, same variety, realized $347, CNG eAuc 10/09.) Minimum Bid $65

2 AKRAGAS, "Tooth-shaped" Æ Tetras, 5th cent BC, 2 eagles/ crab/4 dots, Cf S1020 (£100); F or better, sides typically mushy, the 4 dots bold. I once published an article about 3-sided coins

as a joke, but this is actually a 3-sided coin. (A VF brought $550, CNG 12/95.) Minimum Bid $75

3 AMISOS, Reduced Drachm or Siglos (3.93 gm), 4th cent BC, Tyche hd r./Owl facg, monogram at lower left; See S3634, but this later reduced issue not listed & actually quite scarce. VF+, nrly centered, faintly granular but lustery. Nice for this. (A similar VF-EF in my 11/13 sale brought $301.) Minimum Bid $110

4 Æ23, c.100 BC, Dionysos hd r/Cista mystica & monogram, S3640; AEF, well centered & struck on large flan, golden orichalcum color with some darker tone in recesses accentuating features. Well detailed & nice. Note, I deliberately try to make the photos ugly so you'll be pleased when you receive the coins. (A VF brought $193, NFA 3/93.) Minimum Bid $70

5 AMPHIPOLIS, Tet., 158-150 BC, Artemis bust rt within Macedonian shield/club in oak wreath, 3 monograms, as S1386; Superb EF, nrly centered, good bright metal, sharply struck with portrait unusually well detailed in fine style. Plus rare with these monograms. (EFs of the type brought $2185, Triton 1/05; and $5508, Tradart 12/14.) Minimum Bid $650

6 APAMEIA (Phrygia), Æ14, 133-48 BC, Zeus hd r/crested helmet, maeander below, S5123; VF-EF, sl off-ctr, nice hilighted green patina, well-detailed. (Nicer than a VF bringing $85, London Ancient Coins 4/15.) Minimum Bid $30

7 APOLLONIA Pontica, Drachm, 450-400 BC; Anchor with crayfish & A/Facg Gorgon head surrounded by snaky ringlets; S1655; Choice EF, well centered & struck; good bright silver. Nice. (A VF sold for $488, CGB 4/10; and if you think that was high, a GVF realized $920, CNG 5/11.) Minimum Bid $80

8 ARADOS, Obol or 1/12 stater, 4th cent BC, Marine deity hd r/galley above waves, Phoenician letter "M" as S5973; VF, quite well centered & good for this, only minimally grainy. (A GVF brought $179, CNG eAuc 5/11.) Minimum Bid $45

9 ARMENIA, Æ21, Tigranes II, 95-55 BC, Hd r in tiara/Tyche std r, Orontes swimming, S7208; VF, sl off-ctr, darkish green patina with hilighting, unusually nice bold portrait. (A VF brought $322, CNG 9/10.) Minimum Bid $100

10 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena hd r/owl, S2526, Choice EF/VF-EF, well centered on a broad flan with full helmet crest, the sine qua non of Athenian tets. Sharply struck obv & in excellent style, rev details a tad soft, hence my meticulous grading. (Compare a VF bringing $3080, Peus 4/09; EF with full crest $10,575, CNG 5/15.) Minimum Bid $1300

11 BAKTRIA, Euthydemos I, 230-190 BC, Tet., Young bust r/ Herakles on rock, S7515 (£500); AEF/VF, well centered, surfaces have been carefully smoothed, with nice contrasting tone in recesses. Tiny mark on diadem above ear. Still a wonderful portrait. (A VF brought $3400, Peus 11/09.) Minimum Bid $400

12 Demetrios I, Tet, bust in elephant scalp/Herakles stg facg, as S7526 (£850)VF-EF, nice contrasting tone, only the most minor surface imperfections, well detailed, very pleasing. A great coin. (A VF brought $4887, CNG 5/12.) Minimum Bid $1000

13 Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Obol, Helmeted bust r/Caps of the Dioscuri, "W" monogram; S7578; AEF, obv well centered , rev nrly so, excellent metal, very nice for this. (A VF sold for $885, Gorny 3/11.) Minimum Bid $110

14 Apollodotos I, Square Drachm, elephant/humped bull, S7591; VF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone, quite bold. (An F-VF brought $312 in my 1/11 auction; VF $385, Peus 4/10.) Minimum Bid $ $110

15 -- Æ25 square, Apollo stg l./tripod, S7594; AVF/VF, rev sl off-ctr, dark greenish patina, only trivial roughness; blob of encrustation in obv field. (An F-VF sold for $63 on $85 bid in my 5/09 auction; VF $225, Gorny 10/02.) Minimum Bid $30

16 Menander, 160-145 BC, Drachm, Diademed bust r/ Athena stg l, S7600; Choice EF, obv well centered, rev minimally off-ctr, bright metal with a hint of granularity mainly on rev; touch of tarnish at rev bottom; unusually sharp portrait of fine style. (An EF brought $472, F&S 6/08; EF/VF+ $360, CGF 6/07.) MB $100

17 -- Drachm, heroic bust l, hurling spear/Athena stg r, S7604; AEF/VF, centered on a broad flan, sl touch of granularity on rev. (An AEF/VF brought $225, H&A 10/04.) Minimum Bid $75

18 Lysias, 145-135 BC, Æ20 square, Herakles bust r/elephant r, S7626; VF/F, green patina, a little rough & crusty mainly on rev, obv quite decent with strong head & clear lgnd. Scarce. (A GVF brought $499, Triton 1/10.) Minimum Bid $30

19 Zoilos II, 75-50 BC, Drachm, Bust r/Athena stg l; S7708; EF, well centered for this with full obv lgnd, rev just a bit high; portrait sl crude as usual but sharp. Good metal. (A VF brought $345, CNG 9/06.) Minimum Bid $90

20 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes VII, 112-100 BC, Drachm, His hd r/Athena stg l, Yr. IA, S7292var; EF, nrly centered, well struck & detailed, bright metal. Great portrait. (An EF brought $489, Triton 1/06; VF-EF $325, Gorny 3/08.) Minimum Bid $140

21 Ariarathes IX, Drachm, similar, Yr B, as S7297; AEF/VF, centered, bright metal, maybe a touch of smoothing in obv field. (A GVF brought $3698, CNG 9/06.) Minimum Bid $65

22 CARTHAGE, Æ15, c. 200 BC, Tanit head l./horse stg r, palm behind; VF, glossy dark green patina with only a touch of roughness; centered, with strong features. (A VF brought $78 on $151 bid in my 8/06 sale; GVF $719, CNG 5/8.) Min. Bid $35

23 CELTIC, GAUL, Senones, Potin 19 mm, c. 1st cent BC, Head rt with "wild hair"/horse l., LaT 7417; EF, centered & well cast with strong definition, smooth olive-brown patina, exceptionally nice for this. (An AEF brought $265, M&M 6/13.) Minimum Bid $95

24 CHARACENE Kingdom, Attambelos I, 44-39 BC, Tet, His head r/Herakles std l; S6182 (£250); VF, centered, bright silver, with just a hint of obv crudeness/granularity; unusually clear rev lgnd. (VFs brought $759, Hess-Divo, 5/06; $744, Peus 10/14.) Minimum Bid $180

25 CHERRONESOS, Hemidrachm, 400-350 BC, Lion forepart/4-part square, A in one sunken quarter, in the other a pellet; as S1602; EF, nrly centered, full & detailed lion head. Sharper than picture. (Different symbols, NEF brought $397, Noble 7/11.) Minimum Bid $80

26 EGYPT, Ptolemy II, Tet, of Ake-Ptolemais, Head of Ptolemy I/Eagle stg l, monograms; VF-EF, obv sl off-ctr but head complete & well detailed, good metal with lt tone, almost invisible mark at rev right. (A GVF, this mint, brought $575, UBS 9/08.) MB $220

27 -- Æ26, Zeus hd r/Eagle stg l, shield & Sigma at left; VF/F, sl off-ctr, brown patina, rev partly weak, great hair detail on portrait. (A GVF brought $527, Kunker 9/11.) Minimum Bid $35

28 Ptolemy III, Æ36, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle stg l, Chi-Rho betw legs, S7817; Choice VF, centered & well struck, nice smooth warm brown patina, excellent detail. (A VF realized $518, CNG 9/06.) Minimum Bid $160

29 Ptolemy IV, Æ34, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle stg l., Lambda-I betw legs; VF, well centered, dark green patina with earthen hilighting. Nice. (A VF sold for $275, Berk 3/04.) MB $125

30 -- Æ41, Zeus hd r/Eagle l, Lambda betw legs; F+/AF, centered, brown patina with some multicolored crusting especially on rev; strong portrait. Unusually thick & heavy. (A F+, rev rough, brought $213 in my 5/10 sale.) Minimum Bid $40

31 Ptolemy V, Didrachm of Cyprus, Dionysos bust r/Eagle l., S7874 (£225); F-VF, centered, sl touches of porosity. Rare! Ex Ed Leventhal Collection; ex Pegasi at $775. Minimum Bid $220

32 Ptolemy VI, Æ30, of Salamis, Zeus Ammon head r/Eagle l, transverse scepter, EVL between legs = regent Eulaios, a eunuch; S7899; VF+/AVF, perfectly centered, olivy-green patina, obv very sharp with minimal graininess, rev moderately rough. Rare & interesting issue. (An AVF "with some roughness" brought $207, CNG 9/06.) Minimum Bid $80

33 Cleopatra VII, Æ11 of Cyprus, Her bust r/cornucopiae; F/AVF, centered, unusually good rev lgnd, mostly legible; smooth dark patina with hilighting; reasonably clear little portrait of the famous queen. (A F-VF brought $256 on $350 bid in my 23/14 sale.) Minimum Bid $70

34 ELIS, Stater, Eagle clutching snake/Nike std on bench; COPY, marked in tiny letters at rev bottom; appears silver; EF, nice, with great artistry & detail. Minimum Bid $15

35 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires III & Queen Anzaze, c.82-75 BC, Tet., Conjoined busts l, anchor behiond/Zeus std l, date ELS in exergue; VF, well centered, dark tone over smoothing in fields mainly on rev which is typically crude; portraits quite bold & nice. A major rarity. (A VF with countermk & lt scrs brought $5313, Triton 1/04; definitely nicer than the one in my 1/15 sale which brought $1280 on $1500 bid.) Minimum Bid $1100

36 Kamnaskires VI, c.100 AD, Æ Drachm, Bust l., anchor & crescent/corrupted remnants of a bust within lgnd, GIC-5890 (£35); VF, nice smooth 2-toned green patina, strong obv detail. Much scarcer than later types. (A VF+, not better, brought $125, Pegasi 4/10.) Min Bid $25

37 Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5892, bust l./Artemis bust r; Choice VF, well centered with good rev lgnd, attractive contrasty green & brown patina. (A Nice VF brought $67 on $100 bid in my 11/13 sale; VF $95, Pegasi 11/11.) Minimum Bid $20

38 -- GIC-5895, Drachm, Bust l//anchor & dashes; Choice VF, centered & well-struck, nice highlighted green & brown patina. (A VF+ brought $56 on $85 bid in my 6/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $15

39 -- Same but no rev anchor, GIC-5896, VF, well centered, again a pleasing 2-toned green & brown patina. (A Ch. VF brought $42 on $47 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $15

40 Phraates, GIC-5899, Æ Drachm, bust left/Artemis stg r; VF, rev sl off-ctr, attractive smooth green & brown patina. Nice. (A VF sold for $63 on $125 bid in my 6/13 auction.) Minimum Bid $15

41 –- GIC-5902, Æ Drachm, bust l./dashes, Choice VF, centered, attractive 2-toned green & brown patina; bold & nice. (A VF brought $120, Peus 4/13.) Minimum Bid $15

42 -- GIC-5905, Æ Drachm, Facg bust/Dashes, VF, hilighted brown & green patina, bold & nice, sharp face. (A VF+ [looks F-VF] brought $130, Pegasi 11/09.) Minimum Bid $15

43 Orodes III, GIC-5910, Æ Drachm, Facg bust/dashes, AEF/VF, lt brown, portrait quite sharp. (A VF brought $48 in my 3/04 sale; GVF (rev very wk) $101, M&M 11/13.) MB $20

44 GELA, Æ17, Tetras, 420-405 BC, Bull stg r/River god head r, corn grain behind, sim. S1095; VF, sl off-ctr but types complete, glossy dark brown patina. (A VF brought $502, Peus 10/13.) Minimum Bid $50

45 HAMAXITOS (Troas), Æ11, 400-310 BC, Apollo head r/lyre, as S4100; VF, centered on tight flan, green patina, much hair detail. Scarce! (Nicer than a VF bringing $111, Jacquier 9/14.) Minimum Bid $20

46 HIMERA, Æ16 (Hemilitron), 420-408 BC, Nymph hd l./6 pellets in wreath, S1110; EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, nice deep green patina; sharp hair detail. (A VF brought $173, Ponterio 4/08; GVF $374, CNG 5/08.) Minimum Bid $95

47 HIMYARITES, (Arabia Felix), Ar Denarius, Saba', 1st cent AD, head left, symbols around/facg bucranium, symbols around, GIC-5710; EF, well centered & struck, good bright silver. Choice. (An AEF brought $450, H&A 3/06.) Minimum Bid $100

48 HYRIA, Didrachm, 400-395 BC, Athena hd r, owl on helmet/ Man-headed bull r, S294var; VF, obv well centered, rev nrly so with bull's face crowded; excellent metal with lt tone. Unusually nice for these. Ex Pegasi auction 5/13, sold for $550. (A VF, same variety, realized $1035, Gemini 1/11.) Minimum Bid $275

49 INDO-SKYTHIANS, Azes II, 35 BC - 5 AD, Tet, King on horse r/Athena stg r; EF/VF, obv sl off-ctr but sharply struck, with sl tough of roughness; rev a little more rough by edges. Steel-brown pat. (A VF brought $280, Kunker 3/04.) Minimum Bid $30

50 ISTROS, Stater, 2 male heads, left inverted/eagle on dolphin left, as S1669 (£225); F-VF/AF, decent metal with medium tone, obv centered with both faces strong. Some scholars identify the heads as Castor & Pollux. Others say Beavis & Butthead. (A F brought $201 on $233 bid in my sale, 12/91.) Minimum Bid $60

51 JUDAEA, Alexander Jannaeus, 103-76 BC, Prutah, Pomegranate betw cornucopiae/Lgnd in wreath, Hend.1145; F or better, nrly centered, dark greenish patina with earthen hilighting, lettering nrly all clear. Minimum Bid $15

52 -- ASKALON, Æ14, 1st cent AD, Tyche head r/galley, S6079; VF, rev sl off-ctr, nice 2-toned green patina. Better than photo. Minimum Bid $20

53 KALLATIS, Tetrobol (or Hemidrachm?), after 281 BC, Hera-kles hd r/lgnd, corn ear & club below, bowcase above, sim S1660 (£140); F-VF/AF, well centered, decent metal with lt tone, nice strong head. (A VF brought $206, Peus 11/12.) Min. Bid $35

54 KAMARINA, Æ11 (Onkia), 413-405 BC, Facg Gorgoneion/ Owl hldg lizard, and it's not a friendly embrace, A to rt; S1064; EF/AVF, perfectly centered, nice smooth deep green patina, fully clear face. Rev nicer than photo. (Hard to photograph such a small and dark coin.) (A VF brought $338, Peus 11/10.) Minimum Bid $85

55 KELENDERIS, Stater, 425-400 BC, Naked rider r/goat kneeling, head left, dolphin below; VF, well centered for this on oval flan with everything complete; good metal; typical striking wkness on rider's legs. Nicer than usual. Ex Pegasi auction 11/10, sold for $1100. (A GVF, same dies, "sl worn obv die" & lt scr, brought $1150, CNG 5/11.) [I don't use "Good VF" terminology & the like. All my VFs are good.] Minimum Bid $325

56 KINDYA, Tetrobol, c. 500 BC, Head of sea monster Ketos l./lattice in incuse. Not in Sear. AEF, well centered, a little crudeness of strike, good metal with medium grey tone. (EFs brought $978, Triton 1/11; $1520, Gorny 3/07.) Min. Bid $100

57 KOSON, Ar Drachm, mid 1st cent BC, Roman consul & 2 lictors, monogram/eagle with wreath; this silver version of the famous Brutus-related gold coins is much rarer, was unknown till a few years ago. EF, a touch off-ctr but features complete, left figure's head a bit flat; good metal with lt tone. (An EF, sl crude, brought $1760 on $2525 bid in my 3/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $400

58 KLAZOMENAI, Diobol, 500-480 BC, Forepart of winged boar r/incuse square; Choice VF-EF, obv well centered & detailed, excellent metal with lt tone. This is a very good coin, folks. (A GVF realized $1058, CNG 9/14.) Minimum Bid $125

59 KROTON, Ar Nomos, 510-480 BC, Delphic Tripod/incuse eagle flying l., AEF/EF, centered, obv has been smoothed with a little field bumpiness still visible; bright; excellent eagle with every little feather visible. Very desirable type, which seems much scarcer with eagle left than right. (A GVF with eagle rt brought $3525, Roma 9/13.) Minimum Bid $550

60 LAODIKEIA, Tet., 1st cent BC, Tyche head r/Zeus std l, in wreath, S5874 (£250); VF, centered, nice metal with a little bluish & russet toning. Quite pleasant. (A VF with lt corr brought $340, Hirsch 9/02.) Minimum Bid $180

61 LARISSA, Drachm, 350-325 BC, Nymph head 3/4 right/ horse rt, S2123 (£200); VF-EF, a little off-ctr, head complete & very nice, good metal with lt tone. Much scarcer than the usual type. (A GVF brought $940, Triton 1/13.) Minimum Bid $240

62 Obol, Nymph hd 3/4 l./horse rt; F, obv sl off-ctr, a little grainy, face visible. (A VF [sl grainy] brought $384, Kunker 3/11.) MB $20

63 LESBOS, Diobol or 1/10 Stater, 6th cent BC, 2 boars' heads face-to-face/incuse square, S3488, (£140); F-VF, centered, bold, good metal with no porosity (unusual). Interesting rev, not the usual square, actually. A decent Lesbian coin. (An F-VF brought $216 in my 12/91 sale.) Minimum Bid $80

64 LOKRIS Opuntia, 1/4 Stater, 369-338 BC, Persephone hd r/Ajax stg r, UPO monogram bew legs, BMC 39, rare variety, general type of S2330 (£125); F+, obv sl off-ctr to left, rev centered, good metal, problem-free. (A VF of this variety sold for $608, Gorny 9/06.) Minimum Bid $90

65 MACEDON, Philip II, Tet, Zeus hd l./youth on horse r, COPY, by Slavei (signed in micro letters behind head), EF+, struck in silver, a beautiful piece with fantastic high relief detail. MB $25

66 Alex. the Great, Tet, Western Asia Minor, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l, in field snake within wreath; Pr.2820A; VF/AVF, well centered & struck, excellent metal with dark tone in recesses accentuating features. A few almost invisible scratches. A rare & distinctive issue. (An EF brought $2024, Gorny10/13, the only sale record I could find online.) Minimum Bid $230

67 Drachm, Kolophon, struck by Antigonos I, Herakles hd/Zeus std, at left cresc, below throne Pi, Pr. 1813; Nice VF-EF, well centered & struck, good metal with medium tone. (A GVF, this exact variety, brought $179, CNG eAuction 7/12.) Min. Bid $100

68 Same except Phi at left, Pr.1817; F+, perfectly centered, good metal pleasant for grade. Minimum Bid $30

69 Drachm of Lampsakos, by Antigonos I, Herakles hd/Zeus std, amphora at left, ME monogram below throne, Pr. 1417; F-VF/F, well centered, good clean metal, nice. While the coin is worn on the surface, the interior is pristine. (A GVF, this variety, brought $196, CNG eAuct 7/06.) Minimum Bid $35

70 Æ15, Herakles hd r/Eagle r, head left, S6743; F-VF, sl off-ctr, dark green patina; not at all common. (A VF brought $633, CNG 9/07.) Minimum Bid $25

71 Philip III, Tet, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l, prow at left, Pr.P158; F+/VG-F, centered, good metal, just well worn, the obv quite bold. Ex German auction as F-VF. (A VF, same variety, realized $402, CNG 5/09.) Minimum Bid $90

72 Demetrios Poliorketes, 294-288 BC, Tet, His head with horn/ Neptune stg l, S6764 (£650); VF, centered, bright metal with some sl surface imperfections mainly on rev. (A VF realized $2415, Peus 11/10; VF $2645, Triton 1/03.) Minimum Bid $385

73 Autonomous (Amphipolis), Tetrobol, MA-KE & club within Macedonian shield/Helmet, monograms above, below trident, as S1387; Choice EF, well centered & struck, moderate grey tone, bold & very nice. (A VF of the type brought $415, Peus 4/14; EF $650, Gorny 10/01.) Minimum Bid $100

74 MARONEIA, Tetrobol, 398-385 BC, Horse forepart l./grapes & vine in dotted square, S1632 (£150); AF/F+, rev sl off-ctr, slightest obv porosity, ltly toned. Rare in this condition; usually it comes better. (A F was sold for $150, Berk 11/12.) Min. Bid $40

75 MASIKYTES, Lycian League Hemidrachm, after 168 BC, Apollo hd r/Lyre, tripod, in incuse square, S5295; AEF/VF, centered, sl surface imperfections, dark patina, strong detail on head. (A GVF brought $290, Gorny 3/08.) Minimum Bid $65

76 MAURITANIA, Juba II, 25 BC - 23 AD, Denarius, His head r/cornucopiae & scepter; EF, significantly off-ctr but types complete, sharply struck, good metal with lt tone. Nice. (an EF realized $2585, Triton 1/13.) Minimum Bid $235

77 METAPONTUM, Nomos, 510-470 BC, 25 mm, Barley ear/ incuse; VF, centered, a little short of flan at upper rt, sm edge irregularity + crack at left; somewhat uneven grey tone; a touch of granularity at obv rt (thus META not visible); barley ear quite strong. This coin has a lot of "character" and isn't bad overall. Ex Pegasi $595. Minimum Bid $185

78 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th century BC, Lion forepart, head l./star pattern in square, S3532 (£65); F/VF+, elongated flan, obv off-ctr but lion face clear; rev bold; good bright metal. (A F-VF/VF brought $126 on $144 bid in my 3/07 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

79 Same but head r, S3533 (£75), VF+, obv centered sl low, strong detail on mane. Good metal with lt tone. (A VF sold for $175, Berk 11/11.) Minimum Bid $40

80 MYRINA, Tet, Apollo head r/Apollo adv r, amphora, within wreath, S4216; VF-EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, a few small pits in obv field which has been maybe a little smoothed; dark tone in recessed areas. (A VF + brought $1520, iNumis 10/09; NEF/VF $1265, Noble 3/14.) Minimum Bid $375

81 NABATAEA (Arabia), Aretas IV, 9 BC - 40 AD, Æ18, Con-joined hds of Aretas & Queen Shaqilath/crossed cornucopiae & lgnd, GIC-5699, Choice EF, obv a little off-ctr but portraits have exceptional detail; smooth dark patina with dramatic earthen hilighting. Great quality. (A GVF brought $551, M&M 5/11.) Minimum Bid $100

82 NEAPOLIS, Didrachm, 340-241 BC, Nymph head l., trophy behind/Nike above Man-headed bull r; sim S309; AVF, nrly centered, everything fully complete; good metal with lt tone. (A VF same variety, brought $2013, Triton 1/09.) Minimum Bid $60

83 ODESSOS, Mithradates VI of Pontos, Tet., Alex the Great type but face of Mithradates, Pr.1191; Choice VF-EF, well centered & struck, portrait not crude as often. Good metal with lt tone. Very nice. (A GVF brought $935, CNG 9/96.) MB $250

84 OLBIA, Æ8, 35-330 BC, Apollo hd r/dolphin & barley ear, VF, brown patina, a touch of roughness mainly on rev, strong hair detail. (A GVF [I'd grade it F/AVF] brought $92, CNG eAuc 9/07. Mine has a much better obv.) Minimum Bid $15

85 Arrowhead shaped coin, 40 mm, around 2nd cent BC, EF, well formed, smooth dark greenish patina, very nice for these Clearly money as they could not work as arrowheads. (A VF brought $315, Lanz 6/93.) Minimum Bid $25

86 Dolphin shaped coin, c. 2nd cent BC, as S1684 (£200) but smaller 26 mm; probably actually EF, it has a strong raised eye each side; greenish patina. (Much better than a crappy F+ bringing $293, iNumis 3/11.) Minimum Bid $17

Please bid early, like your mother always told you.

87 PARION, Hemidrachm, 350-300 BC, Gorgoneion facg/bull stg l, looking back, PA above, PI below, corn-grain on exergual line, as S3922; VF-EF, a little off-ctr, head complete & well detailed, rev crowded at left; lt tone. (A VF-EF of the type brought $918, Tradart 12/14; VF with test cut, this exact variety, $195, CNG eAuct 3/15.) Minimum Bid $80

88 PAROREIA, Æ20x23, 185-168 BC, Zeus hdr/Eagle r, hd left; VF, centered, good dark greenish patina, strong detail. No coins of this city in Sear. (A GVF brought $240, Gorny 3/13.) MB $60

89 PARTHIA, Arsaces II, 211-191 BC, Drachm, Bust l., in bashliq/archer r, Sellw.6.1; Virtually mint state, good bright metal, well struck & choice with superb portrait. (A Near EF brought $1763, CNG 5/13; EF $2633, NY Sale 1/15.) Minimum Bid $750

90 Mithradates I, 171-138 BC, Drachm, Bust left/Archer std r, Sellw. 11.1, Shore 24; VF/VF-EF, centered on a broad flan, obv border crudely struck but portrait well detailed; good metal with lt tone. Very scarce. (A GVF with sl porosity brought $823, CNG 5/13.) Minimum Bid $100

91 Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Drachm, Sellw. 27.1, Bust l./archer r; Choice EF, quite well centered & struck, good bright metal, strong detail. (An EF brought $1530, Tradart 12/14; Near EF $405, Noble 11/11.) Minimum Bid $145

92 -- Sellw. 28.7, bust in high tiara, Virtually Mint State, just a touch off-ctr but well struck with great portrait detail; good metal quality with luster & lt tone. (A Ch. EF brought $437, Triton 1/03; EF $775, CGB 11/09.) Minimum Bid $135

93 "Unknown King" (Sellwood), Arsakes XVI (current attribution), 78-61 BC, Drachm, Sellw. 30.16; F-VF/F, centered, bright silver. (A VF brought $175, Peus 11/06.) Minimum Bid $25

94 Gotarzes I, Drachm, Sellw.33.4, bust in tiarawith stags/archer, EF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone, portrait very sharp. (An EF brought $620, Spink 3/09; GVF with lt scrs $468, CNG 12/95.) Minimum Bid $90

95 Phraates III, Drachm, Sellw. 39.7, bust in tiara with stags/ archer, F+, nrly centered, a few minor marks & scrs but otherwise decent metal with medium tone, much portrait detail. Rare from this mint. (A VF brought $207, CNG eAuc 3/09, the only sale record I could find online.) Minimum Bid $30

96 Orodes II, Drachm, Sellw.47.29, VF/F-VF, nrly centered, good metal. (A VF brought $340, Gorny 3/12.) Minimum Bid $35

97 Artabanus II, Drachm, Sellw.63.6, VF-EF, usual low centering, good metal with lt tone; edge may have been rounded to fit in jewelry. (A GVF realized $276, Triton 1/10.) Minimum Bid $35

98 Vardanes I, Drachm, Sellw.64.31, virtually Mint State, usual low obv centering, trace of double striking on rev; bright lustery silver; portrait sharp with "royal wart" visible. (A VF brought $468, NY Sale 1/15; EF $341, CNG 9/99.) Minimum Bid $110

99 -- Tet., Sellw.64.28-30; Bust l./Std Ruler receiving wreath from Tyche; F-VF, a little off-ctr, good two-toned metal thus bold features. Month off as usual. (An AVF of this type brought $1170, NY Sale 1/15; VF with no month $460, Kunker 3/08.) Min Bid $70

100 Gotarzes II, Drachm, Sellw 65.33, bust l/archer r; EF, usual low obv centering, good metal with lt tone. A few minor die breaks. Portrait exceptionally sharp. (A GVF brought $702, NY Sale 1/15. No kidding. Check out the incredible prices Parthian coins realized in that auction.) Minimum Bid $60

101 Vardanes II, Drachm, Sellw. 69.14, scarcer type with 5 diadem ribbons; AEF, usual low obv centering, good metal, lt tone. (A VF sold for $200, Peus 11/06.) Minimum Bid $70

102 Pacorus II, Tet., Beardless bust l., E behind/King & Tyche std, Sellw.73.10; VF, rev sl off-ctr, 2-toned silver with touches of roughness but portrait sharp & nice. The obv E is almost com-pletely off, but this date only comes with E, and indeed it's the only variety Sellwood lists with E. Rare. I could not find a single sale record. (An AVF of type 73, no month, brought $426 on $450 bid in my 3/03 sale.) Minimum Bid $130

103 Vologases III, Drachm, Sellw. 78.3 or .4; Choice EF, cen-tered just a tiny bit low, good bright metal, sharp. Min. Bid $45

104 Parthamaspates (or maybe now called Sanatrukes), 116 AD, ephemeral Roman puppet ruler, scarce; Drachm, Sellw. 81.1, Bust l., in distinctive tiara/archer std r; AEF/VF, usual sl low obv centering, trace of scratch in field; rev somewhat double struck & crude. (A VF-EF brought $580, Kunker 3/08.) Min. Bid $90

105 Vologases IV, Drachm, Sellw.84.128, VF-EF, nrly centered, excellent metal with contrasting tone in recesses. Nice. (A VF-EF brought $190, Munz Zentrum 12/13.) Minimum Bid $35

106 Osroes II, c.190 AD, Drachm, Sellw.85.3, Mint State, nrly centered, good strike for this; lustrous with lt toning. (A Superb EF brought $431, Triton 1/10; EF $283, Rauch 5/09.) Min. Bid $90

107 Vologases VI, Drachm, Sellw.88.19; EF, nrly centered on a large flan, obv complete & well struck, rev typically a mite crude. Good metal. (EFs brought $275, Peus 11/06 and $299, Triton 1/04.) Minimum Bid $75

108 PERGAMON, Cistophoric Tet., Cista mystica with snake in wreath/bowcase betw snakes, exactly as S3948; VF, obv sl off-ctr but complete, small area of weak strike each side, excellent metal with lt tone. (A VF brought $309, iNumis 3/11.) Min Bid $85

109 PERRHAIBOI, Obol, 450-400 BC, Horse l./Athena kneeling r, sim. S2171 (£150); VF/F+, nrly centered, good metal with dark tone in fields. (A Near VF "surfaces a little rough" brought $575, Triton 1/12 .) Minimum Bid $95

110 PERSIA, Siglos, 450-320 BC, The Great King adv rt, with spear & bow/incuse punch, S4682; Nice F+, well centered with figure nrly complete (bow weak) & clear, nice metal with lt toning. (A F+ brought $380, CGB 11/09.) Minimum Bid $50

111 PERSIS, Darius I, 2nd cent BC, Hemidrachm, King’s hd r in satrapal head-dress topped by eagle (much scarcer than type with crescent)/Fire altar, etc, S6197 (£75); EF, sl off-ctr, a little crude, high relief portrait; good lustery metal. (With crescent, VF, brought $215, CNG eAuct 7/09.) Minimum Bid $100

112 – Drachm, types as last, S6194, EF, obv centered sl low as usual but head complete; high relief portrait with strong detail, including the spindle-shaped feature on cheek which depicts the king's scar. Good metal with luster; sm edge split. (A VF brought $730, Elsen 2/94; EF $532, Hirsch 2/14) Minimum Bid $125

113 -- Obol, types as last, S6200, VF-EF, centered, minor typical crudeness, good bright metal. (A VF brought $200, Peus 4/06.) Minimum Bid $60

114 Darius (Darev) II, c.70-60 BC, Obol, Bust l, in tiara/king stg l, at altar, S6208, VF-EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, good metal, nice strong portrait in fine style. (A VF realized $126 on $150 bid in my 10/08 sale.) Min Bid $40

115 Oxathres (a/k/a Vahsir), Hemidrachm, Bust l./King left at altar, S6211; VF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, decent metal. (A VF brought $210, Peus 4/06.) Minimum Bid $35

116 Artashir (Artaxerxes) II, c. 60-50 BC, Obol, Bust left/King at altar l, S6215; VF+,, a little crude but less so than usual, with much clear rev lgnd. (A GVF with lt porosity brought $81, CNG 5/12.) Minimum Bid $35