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My lifetime collection of early INDIA:

1 TAXILA, Ar 1/8 Satamana, 500-300 BC, Radiate symbol/ blank, 16 mm;

VF, sl off-ctr, symbol nrly complete & clear. Minimum bid $20

2 MAGADHAN Empire, Ar punchmark karshapana, c. 5th-4th cent BC,

lot of 5 diff in descriptive envelopes, F-VF. Min bid $35

3 MAURYAN Empire, Ar punchmark karshapana, c. 3rd-2nd cent BC,

lot of 5 diff., with some attributions, VF. Min bid $40

4 ANDRABHRITYAS, Southeastern Deccan, 2nd cent AD, Lead karshapana (80 Rattis),

Horse stg r, wheel in front/blank, 28 mm, F+, horse centered low but fully clear.

Rare? Minimum bid $10

5 GANAPATI Nagas of Narwar, Æ 10 Rattis, c.340 AD, Humped bull/inscr, 9 mm;

EF, centered, well struck, brown, exceptionally nice for this. Minimum bid $5

6 WESTERN SATRAPS, all Ar Drachms: Nahapana, 119-24 AD, bust r with flat top/

Arrow & thunderbolt; Choice VF+, rev sl off-ctr & crude, obv very nice, good metal with rich tone.

I noted "selected as best of a large hoard." (A VF brought $250, Berk 5/07.)

Minimum bid $20

7 Rudradaman, 130-150 AD, Bust r/dynastic symbol of hill, sun & crescents, lgnds around;

EF, centered with most of lgnds present, medium dark toning, superb sharp portrait.

Min bid $18

8 -- Rudrasimha I, 180-97 AD, VF, centered, decent. MB $10

9 -- Damasena, 223-36 AD, EF/VF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr,

good metal with lt tone. Trace of double strike on profile, still a great portrait.

(A VF brought $113, M&M 5/11.) Min Bid $12

10 -- Viradaman, 234-39 AD, VF, rev sl off-ctr & partly crude, portrait very sharp & nice.

Minimum bid $10

11 -- Vijayasena, 238-50 AD, EF, nrly centered, date 161 visible;

excellent metal with lt tone, superb portrait. Min bid $18

12 -- Damajadashri III, 250-55 AD, EF, centered, rev a little crude,

good metal with lt tone, excellent sharp portrait. MB $15

13 -- Rudrasena II, 256-78 AD, EF, date 190 visible, rev somewhat off-ctr;

good metal with lt tone, great portrait. MB $15

14 -- Visvasimha, as Kshatrapa, 277-90 AD, VF-EF, well centered,

good metal with lt tone. Portrait of Mister Magoo. Minimum bid $12

15 -- Visvasimha, as Mahakshatrapa, VF, rev wk at left edge, good metal, strong portrait.

Rare. Minimum bid $10

16 -- Bhartrdaman, 278-95 AD, EF, nrly centered, excellent metal with lt tone.

Minimum bid $15

17 -- Vishvasena, 294-304 AD, EF, nrly centered, portrait very sharp,

rev a trifle crude. Minimum bid $12

18 -- Rudrasimha II, 305-13 AD, EF, nrly centered, good strike, another sharp portrait.

Minimum bid $15

19 -- Yashodaman II, 317-32 AD, VF+, centered, good metal with lt tone.

Scarce. Minimum bid $15

20 -- Swami Rudrasena III, 348-90 AD, EF, well centered & struck, lt tone, great portrait;

outstanding example. (An EF/VF-EF, off-ctr with corr., brought $140, Hirsch 5/04.)

Minimum bid $20

21 GUPTAS, Kumaragupta I, as Kshatrapa, 414-55 AD, Ar Drachm, Bust r/

Garuda bird & lgnd; EF; a little off-ctr, but excellent metal with lt tone.

Minimum bid $15

22 Skandagupta I, 455-80 AD, as last, EF, sl off-ctr, good metal with medium toning;

sharply struck. Nice for this. Min bid $15

23 -- Same but rev bull type; Mint State, nrly centered, good style,

picked as best of a hoard. Scarce. Minimum bid $20

24 MAITRAKAS of Valabhi, Ar Drachm, c. 500 AD, Bust r/trident symbol;

EF, rev sl off-ctr & sl crude but exceptional style & quality for this. Strong portrait.

(Better than an EF, rev off-ctr, bringing $39 on $50 bid inmy 12/11 sale.)

Minimum bid $30

25 -- Saurashtra, Ar Drachm, similar but diff style with abstracted face,

AEF/VF, sl off-ctr, good metal. Minimum bid $10

26 YAUDHEYAS, Æ 25 mm, c. 3rd-4th cent AD, Karttikeya stg/Devasena stg;

pair of 2 diff types, one with doodads added at rev rt & left;

both VF, brown patina, centered & strong for these.

(One, F-VF, brought $31 on $67 bid in my 2/14 sale.) MB $30

27 KIDARITES of Kashmir, Vinayaditya, late 5th cent AD, base Electrum stater,

King stg/goddess Ardoksho std; VF-EF, bold strike,

silver color with some reddish tone in recesses.

(An EF brought $208 + buyer fee. Heritage Europe 5/13.) Min bid $60

28 GADHAIYA Paisa, Indo-Sassanians of the Chavluka-Paramara nexus, c. 800-953 AD,

Superb EF, virtually Mint, centered & well struck, bright silver.

I picked as best of a big sackful. (A VF brought $103, Munz Zentrum 1/12.)

Min bid $15

29 -- Later simplified style, Mint state, good bright silver. MB $10

30 INDO-Sassanian, Pratihara-Pala period, c. 750-950 AD, Ar Drachm, 25x27 mm,

F-VF, sl wkness, good silver with lt tone. I picked this as the clearest of 300+ pcs.

Minimum bid $8

31 CHOLA, Ar 1/3 Kahavanu, c. 1018-52, Lion l, in 2 circles/ Rajadhiraja lgnd, M. 746;

VF, edge split, toned, rev sl crude but clear. Quite scarce I think.

Minimum bid $12

32 AMIRS of SIND, Ar fractional dirhem, c.1000 AD, 9 mm, Arabic inscriptions;

Superb EF+, well struck, nicely toned. Common coin but not like this;

I chose it as best of about 1000 pieces. Minimum bid $8

33 AMIRS of Kurraman & Sind, Nasr al-din Muhammad ibn Hassan Qarlugh, 1249-59,

Billon jital, Horse/inscr; Choice EF, brown patina with nice green hlighting. Mitch. 951-52.

Best of 164-pc hoard. Minimum bid $5

34 LAKSHMI Chahmbras of Sakambhar, Ajayaraja, c.1110-25 AD,

Ar Stater, 14x16 mm, crude hd?/lgnd, VF. Rare? Min bid $7

35 "SAMANTA Deva," Ar bull & horseman jital, c. 1000 AD, AEF, obv sl off-ctr,

still very choice with fine style & good strike, good silver with lt tone.

Minimum bid $10

36 GWALIOR region bull & horseman jital, c. 1300, VF-EF, very abstracted designs,

good silver. Best of 70-pc group. MB $4

37 SULTANS of Delhi, Mohammad bin Sam, 1193-1206, Ar horse jital,

VF-EF, nrly centered, good sil, well struck. MB $5

38 Shams al-din Iltutmish, 1210-36, Ar Jital, VF+. Min Bid $4

39 Nasir al-din Mahmud I, 1246-66, Ar Tankah 27 mm, VF+, well struck, bright metal.

(A VF brought $69, CNG eAuc 6/16.)MB $20

40 Balban, 1266-87, Billon Jital, 16 mm, EF, obv sl off-ctr, bold strike,

grey-brown tone. Minimum bid $4

41 -- Ar Tankah, 29+ mm, EF, good bright silver, well struck.

(A VF/EF brought $157, Emp. Hamburg 11/10.) Min bid $20

42 Firuz II, 1290-96, Ar Tankah, 29 mm, Choice EF, good silver with lt tone,

well struck. Minimum bid $20

43 Muhammad II, 1296-1316, Ar Jital, 18+ mm, EF, good 2-toned silver,

well struck on broad flan. Minimum bid $6

44 -- Ar Tankah, 28+ mm, VF-EF, good silver, lt tone, nrly centered & well struck.

(A VF/EF brought $141, Emp. Hamburg 11/10.) Minimum bid $20

45 Muhammad bin Tughluq, 1325-51, Ar Tankah, small thick fabric, 17 mm,

EF, well struck, lusterlike metal. Minimum bid $8

46 Muhammad III, 1325-51, Billon 10 Ghani, 15+ mm, Tye 441,

VF-EF, well centered & struck, grey-brown tone, choice.

(A VF brought $69, CNG eAuction 9/15.) Minimum bid $12

47 -- Æ Tankah, 22 mm, VF+, good centering & strike. MB $8

48 Firoz Shah III, 1351-88, Ar Tankah, 16 mm, very thick (4 mm), dated AH 778;

EF, toned, luster hints, well struck MB $8

49 Sher Shah, 1540-45, Ar Rupee or Tankah, 27 mm, lgnds w/in square borders,

EF, well centered & struck, good bright silver.

(A VF-EF brought $46 in my 11/05 sale.) Minimum bid $25

50 -- Same but circular borders, scarcer; dated 949 AH, mintless type;

EF, bright lustrous silver, well centered & struck, few sm hidden punchmarks.

(A VF, this exact type, diff date, brought $115, CNG eAuc. 11/17.)

Minimum bid $25

51 Islam Shah, 1545-54, Ar Rupee, 27 mm, VF, good metal, well struck, lt tone.

Minimum bid $20

52 -- Ar Tankah, 31 mm, VF-EF, well centered & struck, good bright silver.

Couple tiny punchmarks, Large & scarce. MB $25

53 SULTANS of BENGAL, Shams al-Din Ilyas, 1342-57, Ar Tankah, 26 mm,

F-VF, a little crude, sl horn silver. MB $10

54 Sikandar Shah, 1358-89, Ar Tankah, 28 mm, VF, centered, bright silver,

minor crudeness, one punchmk in center. MB $15

55 Nasir al-Din Nusrat, 1519-31, Ar Tankah, Khalifatabad; 23 mm;

VF-EF, well centered & struck, a little horn silver, ltly toned.

(Similar, diff mint, VF, c/mk, brought $142, Elsen 12/11.) MB $18

56 Bahadur Shah, 1555-61, Ar Rupee, 31 mm, VF, good bright metal, lt tone,

one small punchmk. (A VF brought $69, CNG eAuc 6/16.)

Minimum bid $20

57 SULTANS of MALWA, Ghiyath Shah, 1468-1500, Square Ar 1/2 Tanka,

16 mm, Choice EF+, sharply struck, good silver.

(An AEF brought $200 + fee, Todywalla 3/13.) Minimum bid $20

58 Lot of 3 square Æ coins: Nasir 1500-1511, 19 mm; Mahmud Shah II, 13 mm & 19 mm.

All VF & nice. Minimum bid $10

59 SULTANS of JUANPUR, Hussain Shah, 1459-99, Billon Tankah, 19 mm, thick;

AEF, well struck, billony color.

My env notes "Far the best of a hoard of abt 250." M.2890-93. MB $10

60 Same but 1/2 Tankah, 15 mm; the only one found in same hoard as above;

VF-EF, nice. Rare?? Minimum bid $10

61 SULTANS of GUJARAT, Mahmud Shah III, 1537-54, Ar Tankah, 17 mm;

EF, tiny scuff at edge; M.2938. Min Bid $10

62 Shams al-Din Muzaffar III, 1571-72, Ar 1/2 Tankah, 16+ mm; date 979 AH;

Ch EF, well struck & bright. Minimum bid $10

63 MUGHAL Empire, Akbar the Great, 1556-1605, Ar Rupee, Anhirwala Patan,

AH 984, 25 mm; KM 804.4 (VF=$300);

VF+, nrly centered, well struck, a few hidden punchmks, trace roughness.

(VF, "very rare" est. $300-350, Baldwin 9/05; not sold.) MB $50

64 -- Square Rup, Dated RY39, 3rd month Khurdad; mint??; VF, touch of tarnish, bold.

Probably worth much more than MB $15

65 Shah Jahan I, 1628-58, Ar Rupee, 23 mm, Surat mint, Yr 6, KM235.23;

EF, fully struck, bright, lt tone. (An EF, same but Yr 12, brought $252, VAuctions 7/11.)

Minimum bid $30

66 Muhammad Shah, 1719-48, Ar Rupee, 22 mm, date 115(0)/20; Bidrur mint,

KM436.19 (VF $120); VF, good metal with toning, slightest weak area. Rare.

Minimum bid $20

67 Shah Alam II, 1759-1806, Ar Rupee, 18 mm, thick, VF-EF, richly toned, nice.

Clear date 1212 but I could not find this mint in KM or online. (Someone has informed me it's Chhatrapur). Rare??

Minimum bid $20

68 COOCH-Behar, Nara Narayan, 1487-1555, Ar Tanka, dated SK 1477, 25 mm;

VF+, nearly as struck, minor crudeness, everything clear, ltly toned. Nice coin.

Minimum bid $20

69 BAHMANI Sultanate, Ar Rupee or Tanka, c. 1400 AD, 27 mm, a very nice well-made coin,

Choice EF, ltly toned.

MB $18

70 Rest of the collection, 21 diff coins, all nice, mainly VF or better,

ID'd in envelopes as shown in photos. Minimum bid $80

GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

71 AEGEAI, Æ21, 2nd-1st cent BC, Tyche head r/horse head l, monogram at rt; S5513;

VF, dark greenish patina with paler hilighting, a little rough, rev centered sl low.

(A GVF brought $190, CNG eAuc 7/12.) Minimum Bid $15

72 AKANTHOS, Tetrobol, c.470-390 BC, Forepart of bull kneeling, nothing above/square, as S1369 (£75);

VF, centered, good metal with lt tone. (Same var, VF brought $226, Elsen 9/17.)

Minimum Bid $75

73 AKRAGAS, Æ28 (Hemilitron), 338-287 BC, River God head l./Eagle stg on capital, crab left,

S1027 (£65); F+, centered, smooth dark greenish patina, eagle's head weak but present.

Quite decent for this scarce issue. Ex Jack Capello. (A VF brought $1550, Kunker 9/11.)

Minimum Bid $45

74 AMISOS, Æ21, 85-65 BC, Hd of Mithradates VI as Dionysos r/Thyrsos & cista mystica etc, S3640;

AEF, obv centered sl low but head complete & well detailed, decent dark brown surfaces.

(An AEF brought $126 in my 9/11 sale.) MB $45

75 AMPHIPOLIS, Tet, 158-149 BC, Artemis head in shield/club in wreath;

EF, well centered & struck, good bright metal, nice style. Wonderful example.

(An EF brought $5508, Tradart 12/14; EF $2185, Triton 1/05.) Minimum Bid $475

76 APOLLONIA PONTIKA, Drachm, 450-400 BC; Anchor, A & crayfish/Facg Gorgon head, hair in ringlets, S1655; AEF, obv centered somewhat low crowding chin, but a nice strong face;

good bright silver. (A VF brought $488, CGB 4/10.) MB $45

77 ARMENIA, Tigranes II, 95-56 BC, Æ16x18, Bust r in tiara/ Tyche std r;

F+, thickish dark greenish patina with sl hilighting; portrait fully clear.

(A VF brought $322, CNG 9/10.) Min Bid $45

78 ARPI, Æ16, 325-275 BC, Zeus hd l./horse l., star above, monogram;

VF, obv sl off-ctr to left crowding bottom of beard; smooth dk greenish-brown patina;

head quite strongly detailed. Ex European auction as VF+.

(A GVF ("very rare") brought $441, Roma 3/12.) Minimum Bid $45

79 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl, S2526; AEF/VF+, unround flan,

obv centered with head complete, rev sl off-ctr; Traces of granularity; medium tone.

The classic Athenian owl. (A VF, mounted, brought $1001, FSR 6/08.) MB $350

80 BAKTRIA, Eukratides I, 170-145 BC, Obol, Helmeted head r/caps of Dioscuri, S7578;

Choice AEF, centered & well struck, good metal, strongly 2-toned hence very bold.

Excellent specimen. (A VF realized $885, Gorny 3/11.) Minimum bid $110

81 Apollodotos I, 160-150 BC, Æ23 Square, Apollo stg l./tripod, S7694;

VF, nrly centered, sl hilighted dark patina, minor roughness, quite bold & decent for this.

Old Christian Blom tag, $150. (A VF brought $225, Gorny 10/02.) Minimum Bid $45

82 Menander, 160-145 BC, Drachm, Diademed bust r/Athena stg l, S7600;

Choice VF, well centered & struck on broad flan, good metal with nice deep toning.

(A VF sold for $292, Peus 4/10.) Minimum Bid $35

83 Zoilos II, c. 50-40 BC, Drachm, Bust r/Athena adv l; Choice EF, obv nrly centered,

rev unusually well centered; superb metal & strike, ltly toned.

(A VF brought $345, CNG 9/06; EF $625, Gorny 10/07.) Minimum Bid $120

84 BYZANTION, Hemidrachm, c.350 BC, Bull standing rt on dolphin/trident;

F-VF, somewhat off-ctr on oval flan with flattened edge; toned. RARE with bull right.

Minimum Bid $20

85 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes VI, 130-116 BC, Drachm, His bust r/Athen stg l,

EF, centered, bright metal, minor crudeness, portrait well detailed.

(An AEF brought $370, Hirsch 5/09.) Min Bid $125

86 CARTHAGE, Ar 1-1/2 Shek or Tridrachm, c.215-201 BC, Tanit hd l./horse stg r, palm behind,

S6496 (£300); F-VF, rev sl off-ctr losing top of horse's head; clearly silver, purplish-grey tone,

minor touches of porosity. (Nicer than a dark brown NVF bringing $300, CNG eAuct 9/08.)

Minimum Bid $130

87 CELTIC, GAUL, Leuci, cast Potin, 17 mm, 1st cent BC, Diademed Head l./boar stg l, loop below;

VF, incomplete flan with seeming straight edge clip as made; features virtually complete;

dk green patina w/earthen hilighting. Quite bold features. MB $25

88 -- Senones, cast Potin 15 mm, 1st cent AD, Head r/"YLLY-CCI," bird l., pentagram;

AVF/F, strongly 2-toned green patina, very clear. (A VF brought $146, Rauch 12/11.)

Min Bid $25

89 -- ?? Æ22x25, very abstract head?/sunburst?; crude VF, pale brown, sl roughness.

Dealer who sold it to me insisted it's Celtic. That's all I know. Minimum Bid $15

90 CHALKIS, Coele-Syria, Ptolemy, 85-40 BC, Æ22, Zeus hd r/ eagle flying r;

obv c/mk (male head rt, of Lysanias, 40-36 BC) at right edge;

F+, brown patina, a little crude, minor edge splits.

(VF, same c/mk, rev rough, brought $291, CNG eAuc 2/10.) MB $28

91 CHARACENE Kingdom, Attambelos III, 53-72 AD, Billon Tet, Hd r/Herakles std l, GIC-5924;

F+, silvery-brown, minor encrustation & roughness mainly on rev, strong portrait.

(A VF, ltly corroded, brought $252, Hirsch 9/11.) Minimum Bid $30

92 CHERRONESOS, Hemidrachm, 400-350 BC, Lion forepart/ rev divided in four,

in alternate quarters a pellet, S1602; F-VF, well centered, good bright metal, minor edge split,

very decent for grade. (A VF of the type brought $212, CGB 10/08.) Min Bid $25

93 DYRRHACHIUM, Drachm, c.200 BC, Cow & calf, grape bunch below, magistrate Philotas/

double stellate pattern, as S1899; VF, typically somewhat off-ctr & partly wk, good metal

with nice lt tone. Minimum Bid $22

94 EGYPT, Ptolemy III, Æ35, Zeus hd r/Eagle l., Chi-Rho monogram betw legs;

AEF/VF, well centered & struck, darkish brown patina, obv lovely with exceptional detail,

rev has a little roughness in lgnd at left. (A VF brought $518, CNG 9/06.) MB $135

95 Ptolemy IV, Æ38, Zeus head r/Eagle looking back, Sigma-E monogram;

in rev field c/mk of cornucopiae in indent; Nice VF, good smooth reddish-brown patina,

well detailed head. (An AVF (no c/mk) brought $181 in my 11/04 sale.) Min Bid $90

96 Ptolemy VI, Æ30, Zeus head r/2 Eagles, S7900; AVF/VF+, olive green patina with nice strong

earthen hilighting. (A VF brought $163 in my 2/09 sale; VF $460, F&S 6/09.) Min Bid $45

97 Cleopatra VII, Æ11, Cyprus, Her bust r/cornucopiae; F/VG, smooth dark greenish patina,

sl hilighting, reasonably clear portrait of the famous queen.

(A VG brought $151 on $175 bid in my 1/15 sale.) Minimum bid $35

98 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires V, 54-33 BC, Ar Tet, Bearded bust l., anchor at rt/lgnd & bearded bust l;

Choice VF-EF, centered & well struck with an exceptional reverse (clear lgnd & good style portrait);

fully silver. Quite rare this good. (A Nice VF brought $1725, Triton 1/04.)

Minimum bid $350

99 Kamnaskires VI, Æ Tet, as above, rev degenerated, GIC-5889 (£100); F, unround flan,

brown patina, rev shows partial lgnd & vestige of head.

(A VF brought $555, Emp. Hamburg 11/08.) Minimum bid $25

100 Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5892, bust l./Artemis bust r, GIC-5892;

VF-EF/VF, lt brown with green hilighting, sharp portrait, rev a bit off-ctr.

(A Nice VF brought $67 on $100 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $15

101 Phraates, Æ Drachm, bust l./rev dashes, as GIC-5902

but note dashes form a distinct pattern exactly as on GIC plate, unusual thus;

VF/AEF, strongly 2-toned green patina.

(A VF realized $120, Peus 4/13.) Minimum Bid $15