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GREEK etc., listed alphabetically


1 ABYDOS, Hemidrachm, 400-335 BC, Apollo hd l/

Eagle stg l, ramÕs head? at left, magistrate ARMOS; as S4012 (£140); F, centered, decent metal with some darkish tone, everything clear. There -- now IÕve got this catalog started, overcoming procrastination. (A similar type, F+/AF brought $66 in my sale (ÒFSRÓ) 12/02.)


2 AIGINA, Stater, 510-490 BC, smooth shell turtle/5 sunken triangles, S1851 (£300); F, obv centered, turtle has part of head & all 4 flippers, rev sl off-ctr; good metal quality; a couple of banker marks in obv center, one is a raised ÒKÓ in oval indent. (A similar piece, F+ with c/mk obv center, was sold for $575, Berk 5/05.)


3 AKANTHOS, Tetrobol, 470-390 BC, Forepart of bull kneeling, above P (weak) + swastika + leaf/4-part square; sim S1369; F-VF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, on a ragged flan, good bright metal. Swastika symbol is common, but not with leaf, and rare with the added P. (A VF with P and leaf brought $448, CNG eAuction 1/12.)


4 AKRAGAS, ®28 (Hemilitron), 426-306 BC, Eagle

with hare in talons/crab, crayfish below; F, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, smooth dark green patina with some earthen hilighting; nice for the grade. (A GF brought $200, CNG eAuction 12/10.)


5 AMISOS, Reduced Drachm or Siglos (3.83 gm), 4th cent BC, Tyche hd r./Owl facg, monogram at lower left; See S3634, but this later reduced issue not listed & actually quite rare as a type, and apparently unpublished with this monogram. EF, well centered, lustery silver with only slightest trace of granularity. (Nicer than the VF-EF

in my last sale which brought $301.)


6 AMPHIPOLIS, Tet., 158-150 BC, Artemis bust r within Macedonian shield/club in oak wreath, S1386, AMNG III/I S.56 #68; Superb EF, centered, quite sharp-ly struck in high relief, with portrait exceptionally well detailed and in fine style. Good bright silver, lustery, ab-solutely free of faults. Moreover, rare with these mono-grams; not a single one in CNG archive. Obv detail actually stronger than in photo.(EFs, diff monograms, brought $2185, Triton 1/05 & $2150, Gorny 10/02.)


7 ANTIOCH, ®18, 1st cent BC, Zeus hd r/Zeus std l, S5860, VF, somewhat off-ctr, obv to bottom, rev to rt;

dark brown patina; good detail on Zeus head. (A VF sold

for $48 reduced from $60 bid in my 11/12 auction.)


8 APOLLONIA Pontica, Drachm, 450-400 BC; Anchor with crafish & A/Facg Gorgon head surrounded by snaky ringlets; S1655; VF, obv sl off-ctr, but rev well centered & struck with an excellent Gorgon face. Good metal with lt tone. (A VF brought $315, DNW 3/07; if you think that was high, a VF also sold for $488, CGB 4/10;

and if ... well, a GVF realized $920, CNG 5/11.)


9 ARGOS, Stater, Hera hd/wolf & dolphins; extr rare; copy, struck in silver, choice EF, trace of double- or overstrike on rev, well toned, a lovely old piece.


10 ATHENS, Tet, 406-404 BC, Athena hd/owl, S2535, the famous (and actually quite rare) plated emergency issue memorialized in AristophanesÕ The Frogs; VF, cent-ered, quite nice for this with some dark tone, a little core exposure mainly on rev. (A VF, plated, brought $1840, Triton 1/09; a plated VF, much rougher, $1591, M&M 404.)


11 Tet, 393-300 BC, Athena hd with profile eye/owl, S2537; AEF, nrly centered on a sl oval & ragged flan, head com-plete with a little crowding at chin but full helmet crest (rare & desirable thus); rev also unusually complete; decent metal with only minor hints of crudeness/porosity. (A GVF of this same issue brought $1093, Triton 1/05; VF on small flan $1200, Kunker 3/11.)


LOTS 1-23                OBVS REVS


12 BAKTRIA, Diodotus I, Tet, as satrap in name of Antiochos, before 256 BC, His head r/Zeus stg l; S7498 (£750); F, but considerable porosity, sl off-ctr; rev lgnd at left weak, but X of name visible to secure attribution. Portrait reasonably clear. Rare! (A similar F with moderate porosity & rough rev brought $211 in my 9/02 sale.)


13 Demetrios I, Tetradrachm, Bust r in elephant scalp/ Herakles stg, S7526 var; Choice VF-EF, nrly centered on a broad flan, well struck, good metal with excellent surfaces & contrasting tone; a splendid detailed portrait. Great coin. (A GVF with lt scrs brought $5175, CNG 6/06.)


14 Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Drachm, Diademed bust r/Dioscuri on horseback, ÒMIÓ monogram, S7573; AEF/VF, obv well centered & struck, rev sl off-ctr to left with sm flan flaw at 9:00 at edge; bright metal with only slightest hint of porosity. Excellent portrait. Much rarer than the Tets.

(A GVF brought $575, CNG 5/07; VF $637, Album 5/12.)


15 Antimachos, Drachm, Horseman r/Nike stg l, S7546; AEF, obv centered with full lgnd, rev sl off-ctr with lgnd wk at left; good metal with medium tone; strong detail. Very nice for this. (A GVF brought $345, CNG 5/08.)


16 Apollodotos I, Square Drachm, elephant/humped

bull, S7591; F-VF/VF, well centered, full lgnds, very sl porosity, lt tone, bold & decent. (An F-VF brought $312 in my 1/11 auction.)


17 Menander, 160-145 BC, Drachm, Diademed bust r/ Athena stg l, S7600; Choice EF, lt tone, nrly centered with full lgnds, well struck, excellent details; portrait of unu-sually fine style in high relief. (An EF brought $472, F&S 6/08; EF/VF+ $360, CGF 6/07.)


18 Same but Heroic bust left thrusting spear/Athena stg r, S7604; EF/VF-EF, perfectly centered & well struck, ltly toned; teensy pit at 9:00 near rev edge might be mentioned, or not; but this is an excellent coin with a particularly attractive obv. (A Near EF brought $352, F&S 6/08; VF+ $295, CGB 4/10; EF $1500, Kunker 3/13.)


19 Heliokles, 135-110 BC, Tet, Bust r/Zeus stg l, S7634; VF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, on a sl tight flan; good metal with lt tone; faint scr or flaw before face. Ex my 3/03 sale @ $361 on $550 bid (An AVF brought $630, Elsen 3/02)


20 Philoxenos, ®21 Square, Tyche stg l./humped bull r, S7666; F-VF, a little off-ctr losding obv lgnd at rt; dark greenish patina with lt roughness. (In my 3/03 sale a F/F-VF sold for $121.)


21 Zoilos II, 50-40 BC, Drachm, bust r/Athena stg l, S7709; EF, well centered with full lgnds, good metal, minor crude-ness, portrait sharp & less crude than usual. Top quality for this. (A VF brought $345, CNG 9/06; EF $620, Gorny 10/07)


22 Hermaios, Drachm, bust r/Zeus std l, S7741; AEF/VF, obv centered with full lgnd, portrait unusually sharp; rev crude; toned. (A VF brought $154, Peus 4/10.)


23 Maues, 90-57 BC, ®26, Elephant hd r/caduceus, Kohat mintmk; F, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, thick green

& brown patina. (A VF brought $302, CNG 10/10.)


24 BYZANTION, Tetrobol or 1/2 siglos, 357-340 BC, Cow stg on dolphin/millsail pattern, S1582; EF, nrly centered, cow complete, good metal with luster hints,

very sl crudeness; rev seems to have only two compartments. (A GVF brought $299, Gemini 1/09.)


25 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes V, 163-130 BC, Drachm, His hd r/Athena stg l, S7286; EF, obv perfectly centered, rev centered a touch low with year (which is 33) off; good metal; teensy edge crack at 3:00 obv; sharp portrait in high relief. (A NEF brought $460, F&S 10/05;

VF-EF $269, Gorny 10/12.)


26 Ariarathes VII, Drachm, Head r/Athena stg l, Year H, S7291; EF, well centered & struck, bright untoned metal, nice sharp portrait. Ex Pars Coins as Choice EF. (An EF brought $489, Triton 1/06; VF-EF $325, Gorny 3/08.)


27 Ariobarzanes III, 52-42 BC, Drachm, His hd r/Athena stg, S7304; F-VF, sl off-ctr, tiny edge splits, rev a bit

crude with partly wk lgnd, portrait has much detail. A scarcer coin nearing the end of this long series.

(A F+ brought $86 in my famous 3/07 sale.)

28 CARIAN Satraps, Maussolos, 377-353 BC, Drachm, Apollo hd 3/4 rt/Zeus stg r, wreath, S4957 (£160); VF/F, well centered, lt toned, rev has touch of porosity & wk lgnd, obv quite nice with a clear bold portrait. (A F+

was sold for $300, Berk 11/12; VF $600, NAC 4/95.)


29 CARTHAGE, ®17, Tanit hd l./Horse stg r, palm behind, 3 pellets in front; AVF, obv centered a little low,

rev nrly centered, green-brown patina with sl hilighting; reasonable amount of detail visible, and more can be obtained in trade for World of Warcraft gold. (A VF sold for $261, CGB 6/11.)


30 CELTIC, Gaul & Channel Islands, Armorican billon stater (21 mm), 75-50 BC, Head rt with anchor-shaped nose/horse r, Seaby (British)-16; EF, well centered, obv with just a little striking wkness at lower rt edge but otherwise very sharp, rev with a bit more flatness at lower left; dark greenish-brown, obv particularly glossy-lustrous. Choice! (A VF, S-16, with chip, brought $410, DNW 6/07.)


31 CHALKIS, Drachm, 340-294 BC, Hera hd r/Eagle & snake r, S2483; F-VF/F, well centered on a large sl oval flan, good metal with lt tone, nice strong head. Pleasing. (A GF brought $170, Downie 6/03.)


32 CHARACENE Kingdom, Attambelos I, 47-24 BC, Tet., Head rt/Herakles std l, S6182 (£250); VF/F, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, silver color with mostly battleship grey tone, some light overall graininess; portrait decent with a lot of detail. (VFs brought $690, Ponterio 1/09 & $759, Hess-Divo 5/06.)


33 CHERRONESOS, Hemidrachm, 400-350 BC,

Lion forepart/4-part square, X & pellet in one sunken quarter, Gamma & pellet in other; EF, obv well centered & struck with strong detail, thus good for this; rev sl off-ctr; good metal with lt tone. (A VF-EF of this type brought $160 on $226 bid in my 1/11 sale; Near EF $397, Noble 7/11.)


34 CORINTH, Stater, 375-300 BC, Pegasos flying l. /Athena head l, D-I, Artemis running behind head, Ravel 1076; VF, decent centering for this, just a little high with tip off wing off (but the horse can still fly); good 2-toned metal.

(A VF, this exact variety, brought $756, CNG eAuc 12/10.)


35 EGYPT, Ptolemy I, 323-283 BC, ®27, Zeus hd r/ Eagle stg l, 2 monograms, Sv.300, SNG Cop 80; F-VF/AF, centered, mostly glossy olive green with traces of maroon crust, rev lgnd wk,nice head. Scarce. (A VF, this exact variety (IÕd grade AVF/F+) brought $336, CNG eAuct 1/11.)


LOTS 24-46              OBVS REVS


36 Ptolemy II, Tet, Ptolemy I head r/Eagle l, in field H (Yr 8) above club), Sv.637; VF+, a little off-ctr to left, rev left lgnd mostly off; bright silver with very sl porosity; strong detail. (A GVF, this exact variety, brought $351, CNG 5/07.)


37 Ptolemy III, ®43, Zeus hd r/Eagle l, PX monogram bet-

ween legs, S7814; AVF/F-VF, well centered & struck, generally smooth chestnut brown patina, slight roughness at edges mainly on rev; nice strong head. A child-safe coin: too big to swallow. Poor photo. (An AVF brought $351 on

$420 bid in my 8/03 sale.)


38 Ptolemy IV, ®33, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle stg l., LI

betw legs; nice VF/F-VF, well centered & struck, good smooth medium brown surfaces with some pale green hilighting; strong detail on head. (An AVF realized $116 on $125 bid in my 3/03 sale; AVF $350, Berk 9/11.)


39 -- ®37, Zeus hd/Eagle l, open wing, head rt, DI betw legs (weak), F-VF for wear but considerably grainy medium brown surfaces. Not too bad looking, especially if you view it from 20 feet away, and squint your eyes.


40 Ptolemy VI, ®21, Zeus Ammon hd r/2 Eagles l, S7901; Choice VF, nrly centered & well struck, rev lgnd somewhat sloppily engraved but otherwise not as crude as this type often comes, the portrait indeed in particularly fine style with strong detail. Smooth medium brown patina. Excellent quality for this. (Nicer than a GVF with irregular flan bring-ing $179, CNG eAuct 5/09)


41 Ptolemy IX, Tet, Ptolemy I head r/Eagle l, Year Theta, as S7922; Choice VF+, perfectly centered with full lgnd & well struck, portrait in nice style; good silver with tone in recesses. Excellent quality; theyÕre not making them like this any more. (A VF+ brought $374, Kunker 10/13.)


42 Cleopatra VII, ®11 of Cyprus, Her bust r/double cor-nucopiae; F-VF, quite well centered, dark greenish patina with hilighting, glossy with sl crusting; rev lgnd crude in tiny letters; clear portrait. (A F-VF/F brought $251, FSR 11/04.)

43 ELYMAIS, Orodes I, ® Drachm, GIC-5892, bust l./ Artemis bust r; Choice VF, nrly centered & well struck with

a particularly good rev having most of lgnd clear; nicely two toned green & brown. (A VF brought $95, Pegasi 11/11.)


44 -- GIC-5895, Rev anchor & dashes; Choice VF, medium brown, obv sl off-ctr but has very strong detail. Rev a bit crude. (A VF+ brought $56 on $85 bid in my 6/13 sale.)


45 -- GIC-5896, rev dashes, Choice VF, nice smooth two-toned green & brown patina, centered & bold. (A Ch. VF brought $42 on $47 bid in my last sale.)


46 Phraates, GIC-5898, ® Drachm, Facg bust/Artemis stg r; Nice VF, centered & well struck with good bold rev; smooth dark brown with sl hilighting. (A VF+ [but rough] brought $145, Pegasi 4/11.)


47 -- GIC-5899, Bust l./Artemis stg r, Nice VF, well center-ed, medium brown, rev much better than usual with lgnd clear. Poor photo.(A VF brought $63 on $125 bid in my 6/13 sale.)


48 -- GIC-5902, bust l./dashes, Choice VF, well centered, attractive 2-toned green & brown patina; sharp & nice.

(A VF brought $120, Peus 4/13.)


49 -- Same except rev dashes look like theyÕre trying to form an inscription; worth study; Choice VF, well centered

& struck with nice contrasting green-&-brown patina.


50 Orodes II, GIC-5904, Facg bust/Facg Artemis bust;

Nice VF, 2-toned green & brown patina, smooth surfaces, well centered, full face; rev lgnd a little crude but complete.

(A Ch. VF in my 6/13 sale realized $65 on a $100 bid.)


51 -- GIC-5905, rev Dashes, Nice VF, well centered, smooth 2-toned green & brown patina with bold features.

(A VF+ [looks F-VF] brought $130, Pegasi 11/09.)


52 Orodes III, GIC-5910, ® Drachm, Facg bust/dashes, VF+, smooth brown with pale green hilighting, clear face on portrait. (A VF brought $48 in my 3/04 sale.)


Never fear sending cheap bids. Better cheap than none.


53 EPHESOS, Drachm, 202-133 BC, Bee/Stag stg r, palm behind, magistrate LIXAS as S4387; AEF, obv somewhat off-ctr to top, rev nrly centered, good bright silver with very minor crudeness; much bold detail on bee. (Clearly stronger than a VF-EF/VF, same magistrate, bringing $613, Rauch 12/10. )


54 HIMERA, ®16 (Hemilitron), 420-408 BC, Nymph hd l./6 pellets in wreath, S1110; VF, obv nrly centered on a somewhat irregular flan, rev considerably off-ctr; good smooth dark green patina; nice strong head. (A VF sold

for $57 on $71 bid, FSR 8/03; VF $173, Ponterio 4/08.)


55 HIMYARITES, (Arabia Felix), Ar Quinarius? Amdan Bayyin, around 100 AD, bust r, monogram behind/small bust r, lgnd, monogram, GIC-5718; VF+/EF, well centered & struck for this, cupped fabric, good metal with lt tone. Some sl scrs on obv visible with magnification. (A VF sold for $150, Berk 5/03; EF $410, Gorny 10/05.)


56 HISTIAIA, Tetrobol, 3d cent BC, Nymph hd r/nymph on galley,VF, obv somewhat off-ctr to NW on a sl ragged flan, rev centered, decent metal with sl crudeness, lt tone. (A VF brought $335, Lanz 12/10.)


57 INDO-GREEKS INDO-PARTHIANS, Orthagnes, 35-55 AD, ® Tet, lust l./Nike adv r, Mitch 1096; F-VF,

well centered, smooth brown, nice bold portrait. Scarce.

(A VF brought $290, Peus 11/95.)


58 KUSHANS, Huvishka, c. 152-192 AD, ®22 (Tet), Figure std cross-legged/Deity (moon goddess?) stg l, Mitch ACW 3357-65; contemporaneous imitation by the Jouan-Jouan, Crude VF, probably almost as struck, sl off-center, medium brown, nice for this. (A similar Jouan-Jouan piece, VF, brought $196, CNG eAuction 5/06.)


59 ISTROS, Stater, 2 male heads, left inverted, as S1669 (£225); EF, obv sl off-ctr but both heads complete

& in unusually bold relief; a few surface imperfections mostly on rev, otherwise good metal with medium tone. Much better than usual. Some scholars believe the heads represent Castor & Pollux; others say Asterix & Obelix.

(An EF brought $411 on $500 bid in my 8/03 sale; AEF $1400, Lanz 11/94; VF+ $926, CGB 11/11.)


60 Same, F, obv sl off-center but heads complete with partial facial features visible; rev well centered; good clean metal. (A F brought $201 on $233 bid, in my sale, 12/91.)


61 JUDAEA, Herod Archelaus, 4 BC - 6 AD, ® Prutah, Hen.-1197, Galley prow/EQN in wreath; overall at least F, weak in parts, irregular flan, smooth dark green patina. (About equal to an AVF bringing $220, Coin Gall. 3/08.)


62 First Revolt, Prutah, Yr 2, Amphora/vine leaf, Hend. 1360; VF, rev sl off-ctr, some flatness at edges but amph-ora & leaf show good detail; slate green patina. Ex Pegasi as AEF. (A VF, part weak, brought $305, CGF 6/04.)


LOTS 47-77              OBVS REVS


63 Tessera? Circa First century? 11 mm Lead, crossed cornucopiae/branched plant; VF, sl crude but almost as made, smooth grey patina with orangy hilighting. Years ago I acquired a hoard. Finally, this is the last of them.


64 KALLATIS, Octobol, after 281 BC, Herakles hd r/lgnd, corn ear & club above, bowcase below, S1659 (£225); F, centered, decent metal with medium tone, clear features. (A F-VF brought $116 on $125 bid in my 9/00 sale; VF fourree $285, CNG eAuct 9/09.)


65 KELENDERIS, Stater, 430-420 BC, Naked youth dismounting from horse l./goat kneeling l., hd r, KELEN above, retrograde (rare thus); sim. S5529 (£300); VF, well centered for this with features complete (unusual); decent metal with lt tone, just a hint of porosity & crudeness, lt tone. Much better than usual. First IÕve had because I always find them either too ugly or too costly. (A VF brought $1280, Peus 4/95.)


66 KNIDOS, ®12, c. 400 BC, Aphrodite hd r/tripod, VF, sl off-ctr, head complete with much detail; sl irregular flan; smooth dark green patina; a little crusting within tripod legs. Actually rare, much more so than the big-ticket silver coins; try to find another.


67 KOSON, Ar Drachm, mid 1st cent BC, Roman consul & 2 lictors, monogram/eagle hldg wreath l; unpublished silver version ofthe famous Brutus-related gold coins & much rarer. EF, obv a touch off-ctr with lgnd partly off, rev well centered, minor crudeness but good detail on figures & eagle, nice metal with lt tone & luster hints. (An EF, also slightly crude, realized $1,760 on $2525 bid, FSR 3/13.)


68 KROTON, Stater, 510-480 BC, Tripod, heron at right /incuse tripod, S256 (£175); AVF, well centered & struck, not as crude & ugly as usually seen. Very sl granularity, lt tone. (A Near VF brought $336, CNG eAuction 8/12; VF $1120, Peus 4/04.)


69 KYME, Tet, 2nd cent BC, Head of the Amazon Kyme r/Horse r, vase at feet, within wreath, magistrate STRATON, as S4183 (£375); VF+/VF, centered, a little wkness at rev bottom, hints of careful smoothing, dark tone in recesses accentuates features. Obv quite bold & attractive. (A GVF sold for $1380, CNG 6/05.)


70 LAMPSAKOS, Trihemiobol, Apollo hd r/Pegasos with curled wing r, star below, as S3893-94; VF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, chin & horse head crowded; uncleaned dark patina; good detail on ApolloÕs head.

(A Similar Near VF Obol (IÕd grade F+) brought $146, CNG eAuction 11/06.)


71 LARISSA, Drachm, c. 400 BC, Naked youth restraining bull r, horse prancing r, LAPIS, partly retrograde, sim. S2106 (£275), SNG Cop 99; F+/F-VF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone. (Similar, F-VF/AF brought $151 on $206 bid in my sale 12/87 (ancient history); a GVF, this exact variety, brought $3,163, Triton 1/12.)


72 Drachm, 350-325 BC, Larissa head 3/4 left/horse grazing rt, S2120 (£175); VF+, obv nrly centered with head complete, rev well centered, bright silver with touch of granularity mainly on rev; lovely head in fine style & high relief. (A VF brought $800, Peus 11/06.)


73 LYCIAN Kingdom, Stater, 540-480 BC, boar forepart l./segmented incuse square, sim. S-3577 (£300); crude F

or so, perhaps technically better but rather poorly made with indistinct obv, though the boarÕs image is fairly clear once you know what youÕre looking at. Ex my 3/06 sale where it realized $166 on $200 bid.


74 MACEDON, Philip II, ®18, Apollo hd r/horseman, spearhead below; S6698; VF, obv centered sl low but head complete, rev well centered, sl 2-toned medium brown, generally glossy with minor traces of porosity. Much detail showing. (A VF brought $101 on $110 bid in my 5/09 sale.)


75 Alex. the Great, Tet, of Tyre, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l,

Phoenician date below arm; F-VF, fourree, with core exposed at a couple of small spots on rev, otherwise bright looking silver & nice with clear date. (A VF of this type, diff date, brought $489, CNG 9/13.)


76 -- Tet, copy, by Slavei, struck in silver, EF+ lt tone, a lovely piece with more detail than you ever get on real ones.


77 Posthumous Tet, of Perge, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l,

KH, Pr. 2942; EF, well centered on large flan, well struck, good bright silver, an attractive piece with well styled portrait. (An EF also from Perge (Theta instead of H) brought $1,955, Triton 1/11.)


78 Drachm, Herakles hd/Zeus std, Kolophon, EAI at left, lion head below throne, Pr. 1776; Virtually mint state, obv centered somewhat low crowding chin, rev well centered; sharply struck with well-detailed portrait in fine style; good lustery metal with hint of tone. (This exact variety, only VF, brought $179, CNG eAuc 12/09; Near EF, same mint, different var, $442, CNG 5/09.)


79 Obol, Herakles hd/Zeus std, Theta in field (possibly Carrhae? Cf Pr. 3794); AEF, nrly centered, sl crudeness, lt tone, very rare,and unusually good condition for these. (No sale record found, but compare a sl porous VF obol from Arados bringing $370, CNG eAuction 12/08.)


80 Antigonos Gonatas, 277-239 BC, Tet, Pan hd l, in shield/Athena stg l, HP monogram, S6783 (£300); Nice VF, perfectly centered & well struck, good metal with lt tone. Ex Pegasi $1500. (A VF brought $1800, Peus 4/13.)


81 Demetrios Poliorketes, 294-288 BC, Tet, Diademed hd r/Poseidon stg l, foot on rock, S6764 (£650); VF/F, well centered, obv quite nice with good metal & lt tone, rev has touches of porosity & lt marks, and a patch of dark corrosion at 2-3:00 at rim. Rev not as bad looking as photo. (A Fine brought $495, ChristieÕs 12/95; VF $2415, Peus 11/08.)


82 MASSALIA (Modern Marseilles), Obol, after 400 BC, Apollo hd l./MA in wheel, S72; EF, well centered on a small flan, head crowded at top, MA complete; excellent metal with lt tone; and ApolloÕs head unusually well de-tailed. Ass-kicking quality for this. (For my few lady cust-omers, thatÕs a reference to the animal, not the body part) (A VF sold for $385, Berk 7/09; EF $540, Helios 4/08.)


83 MEGARA, ®15, 275-250 BC, Prow left/tripod betw dolphins, S2591, said to be ex H. Wallace collection; Nice VF, good dark greenish brown patina virtually free of porosity; well centered with bold features. (At least equal to a VF with encrustation bringing $345, CNG 5/09.)


84 METAPONTUM, Stater (or Nomos), 470-440 BC, Corn (wheat, actually) ear, MET retrograde/corn ear incuse, compact fabric, as S238; VF, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr; decent metal with some dark toning, sl patchy at obv left; both corn ears fully detailed. (Compare a VF just like this, but less detailed, sl granular & with lt scrape, bringing $460, CNG 9/09.)


85 Diobol, 325-275 BC, Zeus Ammon hd r/corn ear, tripod; VF, well centered, lt tone, minor mark at rev left, nice.

From an auction group lot deemed a copy, tho frankly itÕs hard to see anything wrong with it except being too good

to be true. Sold as is! (A GVF brought $1150, Triton 1/04.)


86 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th century BC, Lion hd r/ star pattern in square, S3533 (£75); VF, well centered

with lionÕs head complete, decent metal with it tone. One

of the earliest coins you can get without selling vital organs. (An F-VF/VF brought $126 on $144 bid in my 3/07 sale; VF $175, Berk 11/11.)


87 ELECTRUM 1/12 Stater (or Hemihekte,7 mm, 1.06 gm), 600-550 BC, Lion head left/patterned incuse with pellet, Cf. Rosen 275; around F,crude, type hard to make out, but the outlined circle is the lionÕs ear. (A GF looking fairly similar brought $422, CNG eAuction 4/11.)


88 NABATAEA (Arabia), Aretas IV, 9 BC - 40 AD, ®17, Conjoined hds of Aretas & Queen Shaqilath/crossed cornucopiae & lgnd, GIC-5699; VF/F, centered, smooth dark green patina with strong earthen hilighting. Portraits quite bold. (A VF brought $145 on $200 bid, FSR 9/09.)


89 Malichus II & Shaqilath, ®13x17, Conjoined hds/cros-sed cornucopiae, GIC5703; F-VF, well centered on an unround flan (seeming straight clip at top), strongly two toned brown, portraits quite strong; nice, and scarcer.

(An AVF brought $111 in my 1/99 sale.)


90 Rabbel II & Queen Gamilath, 70-106 AD, Silver Drachm, Laur hd r/Veiled hd r, Petra mint, GIC-5705; F, centered on a typically small thick flan, partial lgnds, good silver with some darker tone in recesses, portraits clear. Not bad for this; Nabataean silver is not much seen.

(A VF brought $375, CNG eAuct 8/08.)


91 NEAPOLIS (Campania), Didrachm, 275-250 BC, Nymph hd l., small Helios head behind/Nike above man-headed bull r, sim. S309; VF/F-VF, well centered & com-plete, good metal with tone in recesses, very decent for these. (A VF, this same type, brought $3680, CNG 9/08.)


Bidding early makes the world a better place. You can bid with a budget limit or alternate choices.


92 NEAPOLIS (Macedon), Hemidrachm, 411-348 BC, Facing Gorgon head/Female hd r, S1417 (£125); F+, well centered, good metal with lt tone, Gorgon face has reasonable detail. Nice for grade. No rev photo, sorry, I forgopt to turn it over. (A F-VF sold for $264 on

a $450 bid in my 5/10 hucksterfest.)


93 NUMIDIA, Micipsa, 148-118 BC, ®25, Head l./horse leaping left, pellet below, S6597; F-VF/F, centered, smooth dark patina, good portrait with laurel wreath visible. (A F-VF (looks F to me) brought $120, Elsen 9/05.)


LOTS 78-109                        OBVS REVS


94 OLBIA, Arrowhead shaped coin, 38 mm, around 2nd cent BC, VF, olive patina, minor roughness, but a decent well-formed piece.These were clearly money as they could not work as arrowheads. (A VF brought $315, Lanz 6/93.)


95 Dolphin shaped coin, c. 2nd cent BC, as S1684 (£200) but smaller 21 mm; decent F-VF, dark green-brown; unusu-ally, the eye on one side is a dot in a raised circle, on the other an incuse circle (normally theyÕre raised dots).

(At least equals a crappy F+ bringing $293, iNumis 3/11.)


96 PANTIKAPAION, ®12, 1st cent BC, Pan hd r/ bowcase; VF+/F, brown patina with pale green earthen hilighting, obv well centered & quite nice with attractive head; rev significantly off-ctr. (A VF with rev off-ctr sold

for $62 on $70 bid in my 3/13 sale; VF $138, CNG 5/10.)


97 PARION, Hemidrachm, 350-300 BC, Gorgoneion facg/bull stg l, looking back, P-I & laurel branch below, as S3919; EF/VF, sl off-ctr but everything complete, decent metal with lt tone, nice sharp detail on Gorgon face. Minor rev surface quibbles. (A GVF realized $518, Gemini 1/11.)


98 PARTHIA, Artabanus I, 127-124 BC, Drachm, Bust left/Archer std r, Sellw. 20.1; EF, obv centered sl low on a large flan, rev well centered; hint of smoothing under medium tone; two small faults at obv top edge; well struck with portrait exceptionally sharp. (A GVF brought $633, Triton 1/10; VF with sl pits & scrs $920, CNG 9/11.)


99 Mithradates II, Drachm, unlisted mule, obv is Sellw 28.5 (tiara with squiggly line) but rev is Sellw 29 type (2 lines at rt); VF-EF/AVF, centered, rev sl crude, good metal with minor smoothing in fields. Probably very rare.


100 Gotarzes I, Drachm, Sellw 33.1 (Now considered to be Sinatruces I), Bust in tiara decorated with stags; AEF/VF, centered, good metal with lt tone, couple almost invisible scrs in obv field; nice sharp portrait. (A VF brought $214, CNG eAuc. 7/09.)

101 Orodes II, Drachm, Sell. 43.1,Bust l./archer r; VF, centered, decent metal with tone in recesses, nice strong portrait. Scarce. (A GVF brought $155, Gorny 3/04.)


102 Phraates IV, Tet., Sellw. 51.41, bust l./Tyche giving palm to std ruler; VF, well centered with clear month, de-cent metal with medium grey tone, some minor graffiti in

obv fields. Portrait very strong. Nice for these. (A VF of

this type realized $585, Peus 11/06.)


103 Phraatakes, Drachm, Sellw 57.13, quite scarce type with bust betw 2 Nikes; VF, centered, sl ragged edge, good metal with bluish-grey toning; obv very pleasing, rev has a die failure bulge in center. Ex my 3/04 auction where it realized $197 on $230 bid.


104 Vardanes II, Drachm, Sell 69.14, scarcer type with 5 Diadem ends; VF-EF, usual low obv centering, rev centered, medium tone, well detailed & nice. (A GVF brought $173, Triton 1/10.)


105 Pacorus II, Tet., Sell 73.1-2, beardless bust l./Tyche giving diadem to King; AVF, well centered, bright silver with very sl surface imperfections; nice portrait with much detail.Rare. Ex my 3/03 sale where it brought $426.


106 Artabanus III, Drachm, Sellw. 74.6, Bust l./archer; Choice EF, usual centering, very sharply struck, good silver. Exceptional example of a scarce type (distinguish-ed from common Artabanus II by legend details). (An EF brought $275, Peus 11/06; GVF $345, Triton 1/10.)


107 Parthamaspates, 116 AD, Drachm, Sell 81.1, bust in distinctive tiara; nice VF, nrly centered, excellent prob-lem-free surfaces with lt tone. Another scarce guy.

(VFs sold for $341, Kunker 9/10 and $255, Peus 4/13.)


108 Osroes II, Drachm, Sell. 85.3, Virtually mint state, perfectly centered (full obv border of dots), quite deeply struck with rev less crude than most; bright minty silver with touches of toning. (An EF realized $283, Rauch 5/09; Superb EF $431, Triton 1/10.)


109 Vologases VI, Drachm, Sellw. 88.19, Nearly mint state, somewhat off-ctr but on a large flan so portrait fully complete, and very sharply struck; rev somewhat crude mainly due to double striking. Bright lustery silver.

(An EF brought $275, Peus 11/06.)

110 -- Tet, Sellw. 88.11, King std with Nike; VF-EF/F-VF, well centered on a tight flan, rev lgnd & month off, but

Sellw lists only one month for this year; silver with deep grey tone, portrait well-detailed. Ex Pars Coins as Choice aEF/Good VF. (A VF of this type with no month sold for $290, Peus 11/06.)


111 PERSIS, Darius I, 2nd cent BC, Obol, KingÕs hd r

in satrapal head-dress topped by eagle/Fire altar, S6200; EF, virtually as struck, nrly centered, good bright silver;

sl crudeness of course but portrait nicely detailed. Selected as best of a sizable group. (Better than an EF with sm flaws bringing $323, Lanz 6/11.)


112 Nambed (Namopat), 40-60 AD, Obol, Bust l., in mural crown/king stg r, star & crescent, GIC-5939, Alr.602; Virtually as struck, minty metal with lt tone, but typically crude, especially the rev; portrait reasonably well detail-ed; call it net VF. (A VF brought $117, Peus 11/06.)


113 Artashir (Artaxerxes) IV, c. 200 AD, Hemidrachm, Bust l, monogram behind/crowned bust left with rays above, as GIC-5970 (£70), Alr. 648; AEF, well centered & struck, excellent metal with lt tone, portraits nice & not crude. (A VF brought $257, Peus 4/06.)


114 ÒUncertain King,Ó Hemidrachm, bust l/double diadem, as GIC-5956 but no triskeles; EF, obv well centered, rev somewhat off-ctr, good fresh metal with lt tone, nice for this. (A VF brought $112, Peus 4/94.)


115 PHALANNA, ®18, c. 350 BC, Young male hd r/ Nymph Phalanna hd r, in sakkos, S2180; VF+/EF, well

centered, glossy dark brown patina, obv portrait quite nice with strong hair and rev portrait exceptionally well detailed. A choice and desirable piece. (VFs brought $920 & $1725, both in Triton 1/12.)


116 PHILADELPHIA (Cilicia), ®17, Athena bust r/ vine spray w/2 grape clusters, SNG Levante 574 (this coin); Choice F, nrly centered, smooth 2-toned brown, clear lgnd. Not at all common; quite possibly rather rare.


117 PHISTELIA, Obol, 380-350 BC, Female hd 3/4 left/lion l.,F, centered, very sl grainy, toned, face weak.

(A F-VF brought $161 reduced from $200 bid, FSR 11/06.)


118 POSEIDONIA, Stater, March 26, 439 BC; Posei-don adv r/bull stg l, S424; AF/F, well centered on a sl oval flan, good metal with lt tone, clear features, faint Delta graffito above bull. A very acceptable budget specimen

for the proletarians who cannot plunk down a couple grand for a nice one. (A F brought $290, Astarte 12/02.)


119 RHODES, Hemidrachm, 125-88 BC, Helios hd facg sl rt/Rose & bud in incuse square, magistrate Antipatros (weak) as S5065; AEF/VF, obv centered sl high with

strong face, rev centered & a little crude. Good silver with lt tone. (A VF+ brought $185 in my 6/04 sale.)


120 Didrachm, 304-167 BC, Radiate Helios hd 3/4 r/Rose & bud, Artemis running at left, magistrate Agisidamos, S5048; AEF/VF, well centered, rev has a sl touch of crudeness/roughness mainly at top, medium tone, obv particularly bold & attractive. (A Ch. VF, same variety, brought $376, FSR 6/05; ditto, GVF $725, CNG 9/08.)


121 SELINOS, Tetradrachm, 466-415 BC, Apollo & Artemis in quadriga r/Selinos stg betw rooster & bull, sim S907 (£1250), SNG ANS 696; VF, centered, edge sl ragged in a few places, excellent metal with lt tone; minor wkness at obv lower rt edge; and SelinosÕs head not struck up.

Note that Selinos is clothed, not naked as usual, a much scarcer variant. (A VF of this exact variety, sames dies, brought $6,253 + buyer fee, Peus 10/01.)


122 SIKYON, Obol, 340-320, Apollo hd r/dove flying r,

SI above tail, S2776, VF, well centered, rev sl crowded, faintest granularity with lt tone, obv particularly nice with strong detail. Ex BCD with his tag. (A GVF, this exact variety, brought $546, CNG 5/09.)


LOTS 110-135         OBVS REVS


123 SMYRNA, ®20, 2nd-1st cent BC, Apollo hd r/ Homer std l, S4571; F-VF, nrly centered on a smallish flan, top of HomerÕs head crowded; smooth brown patina. (A VF brought $151 in my 10/92 sale; VF $265, Gorny 10/07.)


124 SPAIN, OBULCO, ®27, Female head r Òwith huge noseÓ it says on the flip; lgnd betw plow & grain ear; AVF, centered, brown patina, rev crude with maybe a little smoothing. Obv has clear head & lgnd. And that nose is indeed pretty imposing. (A F+ sold for $150, Berk 3/06;

VF/F deGeus 11/09.)


125 SYRACUSE, ®16. before 357 BC, Arethusa hd l., dolphin behind/dolphins within wheel, S1186; VF, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr, somewhat thick dark green patina; nice looking, with a bold obv. (VFs brought $230, Gorny 10/06 and $245, Peus 4/09.)


126 Agathokles, ®22, Artemis hd r/thunderbolt, S1200; AEF, nrly centered on a sl oval flan (Òfavoring the typesÓ as Coin Galleries inimitably used to say), everything complete; medium brown patina, slightest traces of roughness, lgnds are clear, and the head shows great hair detail. Nice coin. (A GVF sold for $550, CNG 3/97; GVF $430, Gorny 10/08.)


127 Hiketas, 288-279 BC, ®17 (5.15 gm), Demeter hd l./ Chariot r, as S1209; F-VF or better, sl ragged flan, obv off-ctr to left, head complete, dark greenish-brown patina, a little roughness including on cheek. Rare in this smaller half-unit denomination. (A VF brought $230, CNG 9/07, the only one in CNGÕs archive.)


128 -- ®22, Zeus Hellanios hd l./Eagle l, S1211; VF-EF/VF, centered on a sl small flan, types complete, minor edge split, nice smooth green patina with earthen hilighting;

head well-detailed & quite attractive. (A GVF realized $400, Davisson 11/12.)


129 Hieron II, 275-215 BC, Ar 16 Litrae, Veiled hd of Queen Philistis/Nike in quadriga, S988; AEF, centered & well struck; a few nearly invisible spots of surface flaking sug-gest possible fourree, yet the style is lovely & 13.06 gram weight is perfect for this. Very pleasing coin. (A GVF/EF sold for $2720, M&M 5/09; GVF $2530, Triton 1/09.)


130 SYRIA, Seleukos I, 312-280 BC, Tet, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l hldg Victory, monograms NK in circlket at left, AI below throne, Tarsos mint; Choice VF+, obv well centered on a large flan, rev nrly centered; bright silver with hints of granularity but lustery. Quite bold & attractive. Rare. (Clearly nicer than a porous VF, this exact variety, bringing $560, CNG eAuction 11/11.)


131 Antiochus I, 280-261 BC, Drachm, His hd r/Apollo std l, betw monograms; F+/F, nrly centered, good metal, bold & problem free, nice for grade with excellent portrait. Actually rare.(A VF, same monograms, brought $253, CNG 5/03, the only one of the type in CNG archive.)


132 Seleukos II, Tet, His head r/Apollo stg l,by tripod, S6896 (£400); Nice VF/AVF, well centered & struck, some very sl surface faults in fields with almost invisible smooth-ing; dark tone in fields highlights the bold features. Excel-lent portrait with strong detail. (A VF with some surface marks realized $1265, CNG 9/12; AVF $1330, Elsen 12/05.)


I can provide bidding guidance upon request, and let you know where bidding stands once youÕve bid.


133 Demetrios II, Tet, 1st reign, 145-140 BC, His hd r/Tyche std l, winged monster on throne, S7053 (£300), VF/AVF, obv a little offf-ctr but head complete, rev signi-ficantly off-ctr to bottom; good silver with faint rev scrs. faults on rev. Scarce type. (An AVF/F+ with sl faults brought $236 in my 9/00 sale; GVF $1200, Spink 12/09.)


134 Antiochos VII, Tet, bust r/Zeus stg l; 138-129 BC, Cappadocian issue; Virtually Mint State, centered, a little striking flatness at obv left edge & rev edges; bright lustrous silver; excellent sharp portrait. (An AEF brought $800, Nomisma 3/08; GVF $715, Kunker 9/09.)


135 Philip Philadelphos, his hd r/Zeus std l, with XAT monogram, issue under Romans, S7214; F, well centered on typical small flan, decent silver, PhilÕs eye weak but much hair detail. (A F with this monogram brought $93, CNG eAuction 10/06.)


136 Antiochos XII, 88-84 BC, ®19, His hd r/Apollo stg w/tripod, S7200 (£20); AVF/F+, obv centered, rev some-what off-ctr, most of extensive lgnd present (tho crude); warm medium brown, no porosity. Portrait quite decent. Scarce! (An AVF, off-ctr with much pitting, brought $305, Elsen 9/07. But donÕt let that scare you from bidding less.)


137 TARAS, Nomos or Didrachm, 272-240 BC, Warrior on horse zipping r/Taras on dolphin hldg kantharos, DI behind; Vlas 904-05; VF, well centered on a sl small flan, heads softly struck, nice bright metal with lt tone. (An

AVF, this exact variety, brought $374, Ponterio 11/12.)


138 TARSOS, Datames, 378-372 BC, Stater, Baal std r/Sky-God Ana facg Datames, S5646 (£275); EF, obv nrly centered, rev well centered; bright silver; obv a bit crude looking with sl horn silver & some smoothing; rev well struck & nice. (A GVF, obv off-ctr, brought $2185,

CNG 5/11; EF, short flan, $1568, NY Sale 1/06.)


139 TEOS, Diobol, 320-294 BC, Griffin std r/Lyre, magistrate Diouches (his political opponents called him Diouches the Douchebag); VF, centered a little high but features complete, good metal with deep bluish-grey tone. Nice clear griffin. Poor photo. (This same coin was reported sold at $175 in Pegasi 11/12 auction, graded VF+, but since

which I removed the ugly obv crud visible in their picture!)


140 THASOS, Stater, 463-411 BC, Ithyphallic satyr raping nymph/4-part incuse square, S1746 (£425); Strong VF, large flan, obv a hair off-ctr but complete, decent bright metal, nice archaic style. The ithyphallic feature is quite clear. ÒIthyphallicÓ (ladies, close your eyes here) means his pee-pee is erect. Always a popular item due to this wonderful detail. (A VF sold for $560 on $650 bid in my 5/01 auction; VF $4500, Peus 10/07.)


141 Trihemiobol, 411-350 BC, Satyr running rt, with kantharos/amphora, as S1755 (satyr left, the more usual type); VF, well centered, good metal with deep old grey toning, well struck. Very old tag included. (A VF/AVF brought $211 in my 7/12 sale; GVF $863, Gemini 1/11.)


142 THESSALIAN League, ®18, 196-146 BC, Apollo hd r/Athena stg r, S2237; AVF/F-VF, centered on a smal-lish flan, sl thick olive-green patina, nice strong Apollo hd.


143 THOURIOI, Nomos, 400-350 BC, Athena hd r, Skylla on helmet/bull butting r, tunny below, HP mono-gram, as S442 (£250); Nice F+, well centered on a large flan, excellent metal with lt tone. (A F+/F brought $180 on $230 bid, in my 4/91 sale; VF $1150, Gemini 1/11.)


144 THRACE, Byzantion, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, Tet., Alex III bust with horn/Athena std l, trident below; SNG Cop 1138; F-VF, centered & well struck on a broad flan, good bright metal with lt tone, somewhat cheesy style of portrait & lettering. (A VF, this exact var., brought $307, Heidelberger 11/12.)


145 TRIKKA, Hemidrachm, 480-420 BC, Youth restraining bull r/horse forepart r, S2226 (£140); F/F-VF, large oval flan, obv somewhat off-ctr but has complete border, rev well centered; decent metal with dark tone in recesses; nice for grade. (A F/VF sold for $325, Berk 5/09.)


146 TYRE, ®13, 1st-2nd cent BC, Tyche hd r/Astarte

stg on galley; Choice VF, centered, smooth dark patina

with touch of hilighting, good detail. Not in Sear.


                 ROMAN REPUBLIC


147 BRONZE, Litra, 234-231 BC,Apollo hd r/horse l, Cr. 26/3; VF, well centered, dark green patina, minor granula-rity, well detailed & nice. (A GVF brought $260, NAC 5/07.)


148 Triens, Minerva hd r/prow r, 4 pellets each side, 24

mm, Cr.56/4, Sy.143b; F-VF, centered on large flan, dark-ish green patina, ltly porous, strong features. (Obviously

better than an AF/F+ bringing $61 on $100 bid in my 3/08 sale; VF $471, Kunker 3/10.)


SILVER (Denarii unless noted, Crawford & Sydenh #s):

149 Nata, 208/1, Sy.390, Roma hd r/Victory in biga r;

Choice EF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, sharply struck with good detail; nice bright metal with luster. Ex European auction graded ÒSPL.Ó (An EF brought $495, CNG 9/10.)

150 Q. Marcius Libo, 215/1, Sy.395, Roma hd r/Dioscuri r; apparently a fourree evidenced by one sizeable deep pit in rev ctr; otherwise a nice well-centered & struck VF-EF with medium grey tone. (A GVF brought $552, CNG 9/10.)


LOTS 136-165         OBVS REVS


151 M. Junius Silanus, 220/1, Sy.408 & 412, Roma hd r, donkey head behind/Diocuri rt; Choice EF, nrly centered & complete, minor edge irregularities, bright metal, sharply struck with crisp detail. Ex European auction as SPL (and that doesnÕt mean ÒspliffÓ). (EFs brought $630, Leu 5/04; $654, NAC 5/13; and $586 CNG 5/09. )


152 Same, VF, nrly centered, one Diosc hd crowded, good metal with lt tone, well detailed. (VF $150, Berk 2/06.)


153 C. Titinius, 226/1, Sy.445 (Rarity 4), Roma hd r/Victory in biga; AEF, fourree, plating 100% intact but low weight at 1.37 gram; obv nicely centered, rev somewhat off-ctr to top, sharply struck, rev die sl bulged in lower center; app-earance of good silver with lt tone. Extremely nice for a fourree, & a rare type. (An AEF brought $390, Varesi 4/02.)


154 C. Renius, 231/1, Sy.432, Roma Hd r/Juno Caprotina

in biga of goats; VF, nrly centered; this issue always has rev crowding due to die too large, but this specimen boasts features practically complete; well struck & detailed, grey tone with hints of russet & blue. (A VF brought $200, Berk 7/09; VF+ $460, CGB 2/12.)


155 Sex. Pompeius Fostlus, 235/1a, Sy.461, Roma hd r/ Wolf & twins with birds on tree & shepherd; AVF, well centered on sl ragged flan, minor grainess with lt tone.

(An AVF/F+ brought $112 on $125 bid in my 4/02 sale.)


156 M. Marcius, 245/1, Sy.500, Roma hd r, modius/Victory in biga r, 2 corn grains; EF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, sharply struck with crisp details; good metal with lt grey-brown tone. Nice. (An EF sold for $920, Triton 1/11.)


157 Same, choice AVF, perfectly centered & well struck, excellent metal; like, you know, totally problem-free.

(A VF brought $210, Peus 4/05.)


158 M. Vargunteius, 257/1, Sy.507, Roma hd r/Jupiter in triumphal quadriga; Strong VF, nrly centered, minor crudeness but bold details, ltly toned. (A VF brought $200, CFG 11/04; GVF $575, Gorny 10/10.)


159 C. Cato, 274/1, Sy.417, Roma hd r/Victory in biga r, VF+/AEF, only a hair off-center, less than usual for this, with all features complete & well detailed; good metal with nice lt toning. Excellent for type. (A GVF, off-ctr, brought $185, Noble 4/08; VF $228, CGB 11/09.)


160 M. Aurelius Scaurus, 282/1, Sy.523, Roma hd r/ Bituitus in biga r, serrate issue; F-VF, centered, well

struck, good metal with medium grey toning, nice for the grade. The serrations on this coin are particularly promi-nent. (A VF with lt scrs brought $170, Astarte 11/04.)


161 M. Cipius, 289/1, Sy.546, Roma hd r/Victory in biga, rudder below; Choice VF, quite well centered on the usual small flan, obv lgnd partly off, rev complete; sharp details; old blue-grey & pink toning. (A VF brought $190, Loiseau 4/95; GVF $175, NAC 6/03.)


162 Cn. Blasio, 296/1, Sy.561 (Rarity 4), Helmeted hd of Scipio or Blasio r, wreath symbol/Jupiter stg w/Juno & Minerva; F-VF or so, obv sl off-ctr to rt losing lgnd, rev centered bu somewhat crude with touch of roughness. Nice strong head. I can see no symbol on rev. (A F of this type brought $61 on $70 bid in my 11/05 sale.)


163 L. Memmius Galeria, 313/1b, Sy.574, Saturn hd l./ Venus in biga r; serrate issue; VF-EF, obv well centered, rev nrly so; very sl granularity mainly on obv, but luster traces in recesses; ltly toned. (A VF brought $267, Gorny 10/11; VF with asstd faults $219, Rauch 9/08.)


164 L. Thorius Balbus, 316/1, Sy.598, Hd of Juno Sos-

pita in goat scalp/bull jumping r; VF, nrly centered & complete & well struck for this; good metal with lt tone; couple faint unnoticeable scrs at obv rt neednÕt be noted.

Very nice. (A VF realized $310, CGF 6/04.)


165 Q. Minucius Thermus, 319/1, Sy.592, Mars head l./ battle scene; AEF/VF, very sl off-ctr, good metal with lt tone, well struck. Head particularly sharp & nice.(A GVF brought $506, F&S 11/04; GVF $661, CNG 9/11.)


166 D. Junius Silanus, 337/3, Sy.646, Roma hd r/Victory in biga r; F, centered on sl oval flan, good metal, some strike wkness at rev lower rt, otherwise problem-free.


167 L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, 340/1, Sy.663e, Apollo hd r/horseman r; EF+, obv well centered, a touch crude but well-detailed, and lustrous; rev sl off-ctr affecting horseÕs head, but sharply struck, ltly toned. (An EF brought $661, Goldberg 6/10.)

168 Anonymous, 350A/2, Sy.723, Vejovis hd r/Jupiter in quadriga r; AVF, actually almost as struck with virtually

no wear but striking wkness on obv hair & left horse; good silver with lt tone & luster hints. (A VF/F brought $182, Munz Zentrum 9/13.)


169 L. Procilius, 379/2, Sy.772, Hd of Juno Sospita in goat scalp r/Juno in biga r; serrate issue; VF, a little off-ctr, obv high & rev low; good metal quality with lt tone.

(A VF sold for $310, Peus 11/05.)


170 Scribonius Libo, 416/1a, Sy.928, Bonus Eventus hd r/well-head & lyres; Mint State, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr; quite sharply struck; excellent fresh metal with lt toning. Choice. (An EF brought $864, Kunker 3/10; EF with lt scr $575, CNG 5/09.)

171 M. Aemilius Scaurus & P. Hypsaeus, 422/1b, Sy.913; King Aretas & camel/quadriga; EF+, virtually mint state, obv considerably off-ctr, rev less so & complete; excellent metal with luster & some lt russet toning mainly on obv. Popular type due to Biblical connection, Aretas was supposedly one of the Three Wise Guys. (A VF brought $426, CNG 9/08; EF $1062, Helios 6/10.)


172 P. Clodius Turrinus, 494/23, Sy.1117, Apollo hd r, lyre/Diana Lucifera stg with torches; VF/AEF, obv a touch off-ctr, rev centered but sl wk at bottom edge; bright silver with asstd sl surface improprieties. Strong details. (Comp-are a VF with scrs & banker mk bringing $178, CNG 10/09.)


173 IMPERATORIAL. JULIUS CAESAR, Den, Venus head l, with cupid & scepter/2 captives at foot of trophy, S-1405, Sy.1015, Cr.468/2; VF, a hair off-ctr, very lt granularity & traces of horn silver under medium grey tone. Small coarse spot at 4:00 rev edge suggests pos-sible fourree, but weight of 3.69 grams is normal for silver. Decent looking. (A VF sold for $1782, Kunker 11/13.)


174 AHENOBARBUS, Den, Bust r/trophy on prow, copy, struck in silver, VF+, quite nice in faithful style with lt tone; rather small word ÒCOPYÓ stamped on rev.


175 MARK ANTONY, Legionary Den, Galley, Eagle betw standards, LEG V; F, obv considerably off-ctr, rev nrly centered & complete, trace of graininess. (An AF/F, same legion, realized $141 in my 12/11 sale.)

                                    ROMAN EMPIRE


176 AUGUSTUS, Den, Caius & Lucius Caesars with 2 shields; AVF/F+, not badly centered, obv lgnd nrly com-plete tho part wk, rev lgnd off at left; decent metal with lt tone; nice portrait with much detail. (A F-VF brought $151

on $220 bid in my 3/06 sale; F $225, Berk 2/04.)


LOTS 166-187         OBVS REVS


177 Quadrans, Altar/C RVBELLIVS BLANDVS around SC; VF-EF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, full lgnds with only couple obv letters wk; nice chestnut brown, quite pleasant, and a scarcer issue. (Far nicer than a VF/F [somewhat rough] bringing $130, Heidelberger 11/11)

178 Philippi, ®18, Victory stg l./3 standards; VF or better, obv sl off-ctr on a ragged flan, a little crude with touches of roughness, 2-toned green patina. (A VF sold for $96 on $150 bid in my 9/11 auction.)


179 Posthumous Dupondius, Radiate hd l./S-C, thunder-bolt; AEF/VF, obv well centered, rev inconsequentially off-ctr, fairly smooth brown patina, wonderful detail on portrait. Quite pleasing quality. (GVFs brought $690, Triton 1/06, and $910 M&M 4/04.)


180 LIVIA, Dupondius by Tiberius, Bust r of Livia as Salus/SC in lgnd, RIC 47; VF/VF-EF, centered on a large flan, dark brown patina with only minor surface irregu-larities; full crisp lgnds; pleasing portrait with plenty of hair detail. (A GVF with lt scrs brought $2400, NAC 5/12; VF $2100, Kunker 3/07.)


181 AGRIPPA, As, Bust left/SC, Neptune stg l; VF+/VF, obv nrly centered, few letters crowded, rev somewhat off-ctr; good steely-brown surfaces with hints of Òluster;Ó great detail on the portrait. Style just a bit unusual, possibly a high-end barbarous production. (Compare a VF bringing $1100, CNG 3/00; VF $1000, Lanz 11/07.)


182 TIBERIUS Caesarea, Drachm, Laur. head r/Statue atop Mt. Argaeus; Overall F, nrly centered, lgnds partly wk & partly off, minor traces of porosity, portrait decent with reasonable detail. The first Roman issue from Caesarea; usually wth Drusus bust on rev, actually rare without. (A VF with lt porositybrought $476, CNG eAuction 11/12.)


183 DRUSUS, As, bust l/SC in lgnd; VF, well centered with full clear lgnds, warm 2-toned brown patina with slight roughness but glossy surface; good portrait with reasonable hair detail. (Compare a F sold for $300, Berk 5/03, and VF at $950, Lanz 12/12.)


184 NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS, Sest, bust l./Clau-dius std on armaments, struck copy, EF, very nice quality piece, well made, light brown with sl toning.

185 CALIGULA, As, VESTA std l; AEF, nrly centered, full lgnd with only tops of few letters crowded; dark glossy green patina with perhaps some careful smoothing, minor roughness mainly on rev; portrait quite strong with good hair detail. Nice. (A VF-EF brought $530 on $650 bid in my 9/99 sale; GVFs $1200, Sternberg 10/95 & $1675, NAC 4/08.)


186 Lydia, Philadelphia, ®18, bare head r/capricorn with cornucopiae, GIC-392; F, deep green patina, centered,

obv lgnd wk, most of rev lgnd visible, portrait fairly bold.

(A Near VF brought $302, CNG eAuction 7/08.)


187 CLAUDIUS, As, SC, Minerva adv r; F+, nrly centered, lgnd complete, sl thick & sl rough greenish-brown patina. (A F brought $81 in my 5/99 sale.)


188 Sest, SPES AVGVSTA, Spes adv l, VF/F, sl off-ctr on a sl small flan, end of obv lgnd wk, ÒSPESÓ wk on rev; tan-brown patina; trace porosity on rev; interesting good pro-vincial style; portrait quite nice with strong detail including full laurel wreath. (A GF of the type brought $564, CNG 12/09; F+ $450, Berk 2/04.)


189 Same but with c/mk ÒDVÓ in indent on neck (reval-uation as Dupondius); coin VG with partial lgnds each

side, basically smooth dark green patina, strong portrait, good style; test nick at 3:00 obv edge apparently done officially as it appears on other similar pieces. The c/mk is VF+, clear & bold. Nice for this. (One with VF c/mk on F coin, about equal, brought $146, CNG eAuct 11/05.)


190 NERO, Den, CONCORDIA AVGVSTA, Concord std l, EF/VF, sl off-ctr losing most of lgnds at right each side; faintest granularity with lt tone; sharp portrait of interesting tall style thatÕs actually correct for this, the rare earliest reformed silver coinage of Nero; none in the vast Reka Devnia hoard. (A VF brought $979, BaldwinÕs 6/11.)


191 Sest, ROMA std l, AF/F+, nrly centered, most obv lgnd wk, brownish-green patina with lt to moderate poro-

sity, portrait fully clear & rev quite bold. (A F+/F brought $220 on $325 bid, FSR 2/05; F (rough!) $248, CNG 9/96.)


192 As, PARTA IANVM etc, Temple of Janus with closed doors; F+/AF, obv sl off-ctr with lgnd partly off at left, rev nrly centered with full tho partly wk lgnd; dark green patina with sl roughness mainly on rev; nice bold portrait.

(A rough F+ sold for $71 on $98 bid in my 9/89 sale; F, heavy patina, $127, Coin Galleries 8/89.)


193 Egypt Tet, Bust l, Yr 14/Apollo bust r with quiver;

F-VF, edge split, well centered with lgnds practically complete, fully silver color with sl toning, both portraits with much detail. Most would grade VF, as did the well-known dealer whose tag accompanies it. (A F-VF brought $77 in my 1/99 sale; VF $240, Kunker 3/07.)


194 Antioch Tet, Bust r/Eagle left on thunderbolt, palm, dated 7/109 = 60/61 AD, Pr.81; VF/F-VF, nrly centered on a sl tight flan, but obv lgnd practically all present (unu-sual); good silver with lt tone; full laurel wreath on portrait. (A F sold for $250, Berk 3/08; VF $407, Rauch 5/10.)


195 Holyland, Decapolis-Gadara, ®18, bust r/crossed cornucopiae, Rosenberger 29; VF+/F, obv nrly centered with lgnd clear, rev sl off-ctr & crude; dark greenish-brown; well-detailed portrait.Rare. (Much better portrait than on a VF bringing $146, CNG eAuct 2/12.)

196 NERO & POPPAEA, Egypt Tet, Bust r/Her bust r, LI; F-VF, obv sl off-ctr, rev centered, on unusually large flan with ragged edge; lgnds virtually complete; silver-

grey with lt overall granularity; both portraits show much detail. (A F/F+ brought $191 on $250 bid in my 5/10 sale; VF $750, Kunker 3/07.)


LOTS 188-205         OBVS REVS


197 GALBA, As, SPQR OB CIV SER in wreath, VG, centered, brown patina with considerable roughness (not Òslight,Ó one of the most over-used words in numismatics. Too often ÒslightÓ really means Òhorrible.Ó But NOT in my sales.) Obv lgnd mostly wk, rev lgnd reasonably clear; portrait OK. Much rarer than the sestertius of this type.

(A F brought $289, CGB 7/01.)


198 VITELLIUS, Den, rev anepigraphic, Victory std l; F-VF, nrly centered, lgnd complete with tops of some letters off; slight (yes) traces of granularity on rev; purplish-grey tone; nice strong portrait with much detail. Scarcer type. (A F+ brought $318 in my 4/91 sale.)


199 VESPASIAN, Den, IVDAEA, Jewess std beside trophy; Choice VF, obv sl off-ctr with part of lgnd off, rev nrly centered & complete; small die break below bust; ex-cellent metal quality with blue & russet toning. Strong por-trait with full laurel wreath. Ex Swiss auction as GVF/VF. (VFs brought $965, Lanz 12/12 and $1202, CNG 9/09.)


200 Den, PONTIF MAXIM, Ruler std r; VF, obv centered, rev nrly so, lgnds nrly complete, trace of scrs at rev bottom, deep gunmetal grey toning. Full laurel wreath on portrait. (A GVF brought $414, CNG 5/08.)


201 As, SC, Spes adv l; VF-EF, well centered, full lgnd, good glossy dark brown patina, lighter at highest points of portrait, which is quite bold with strong laurel wreath. Very nice (A VF brought $460, CNG 5/09; VF+ $800 H&A 10/07)

202 TITUS, Den., PONTIF TRP COS III, winged cadu-ceus; VF+, lustrous gunmetal toning. Nice, with only one wee problem: itÕs a struck copy.


203 DOMITIAN, As Caesar, Den, COS V, wolf & twins, boat below; F+, sl off-ctr, partial obv lgnd, excellent metal with some lt golden toning, bold portrait. Utterly insignifi-cant scratch at rev left (why do I insist on noting such things?) Very nice for grade. (A F brought $59 on $115

bid in my 1/99 sale; F $175, Berk 3/06.)


204 As Augustus, Den, IMP XXI COS XVI CENS PPP, Minerva stg l; EF, well centered, full lgnds, gunmetal toning, excellent sharp portrait. (A GVF brought $313, CNG eAuction 6/13; Near EF brought $770, Coin Galleries 7/98.)


205 As, Bust with aegis/FIDEI PVBLICAE, Fides stg r;

VF-EF/VF, perfectly centered on large round flan; full clear lgnds; obv greenish-brown with sl porosity spots, portrait has strong hair detail; rev reddish-brown & basically smooth. (A GVF, this exact variety, was sold for $1250, CNG ÒCoin ShopÓ #155390; VF with (bad) obv roughness, $258, CNG eAuc 10/10; mine much nicer.)


206 Sest, SC, Victory crowning ruler; F+, nrly centered on large flan, full lgnd, deep green patina, sl spot of roughness at top ofhead & a few minor imperfections on rev; still a nice strong portrait with aegis. Scarcer rev type. (A F+ realized $510, iNumis 10/10.)


207 DOMITIA, Lydia, Philadelphia, ®20, bust r/3-line lgnd in wreath; VG/AF, nrly centered, lgnds wk, sl rough but glossy dark green patina, portrait reasonable. (A VF with ÒlightÓ [heavy] corrosion brought $276, Rauch 5/11.)


208 NERVA, Den, COS III PATER PATRIAE, pontifical implements, F-VF, well centered, full lgnds, good bright silver. (A VF sold for $510, Rauch 9/03.)


209 As, FORTVNA AVGVST, Fortuna stg l; VF, perfectly centered on round flan, steely-brown; obv has sl rough-ness, outstanding portrait with bold detail; rev has significant roughness. (A F-VF/F brought $110 on $122 bid, FSR 3/13; VF $251, FSR 11/03; VF $575, Vinchon 11/01.)


210 TRAJAN, Den, SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Dacia std below trophy; EF, centered with full lgnds, minor uneven-ness & conceivably smoothing in fields; deeply toned; sharp features. Scarce & desirable type. (A GVF brought $392, CNG eAuction 1/09.)


211 As, TR POT COS III PP, Victory adv l, with shield inscr SPQR; EF/F-VF, centered, end of obv lgnd wk, rev complete; obv dark brown with lt porosity; rev a little more grainy & partly smoothed in fields giving them a lighter color. Great portrait with excellent high relief hair & laurel wreath detail. Somewhat scarcer with COS III, as if anyone might care. (A VF with rough surfaces brought $151, CNG eAuc 4/10; VF+/VF (COS IIII) $374, Vico 3/12.)

212 Quad, Hercules bust r/SC, boar r; F/AVF, brown patina, darker tone in fields, sl surface imperfections, obv lgnd mostly wk. (A VF brought $375, Lanz 5/08.)


213 Sest, TR POT COS II, Pax std l; VF+, nrly centered on a big flan, full clear lgnds, teensy edge split; olive-brown patina; overall sl granularity with a few minor surface disturbances in rev left field; strong detail on portrait & rev figure. (A GVF realized $1150, Triton 12/98.)


214 Tyre, Tet, Eagle facg on club; VF/F-VF, obv sl off-ctr, tops of lgnd at rt crowded, rev lgnd complete; good bright silver; faint rev scrs; nice detailed portrait. (A VF brought $414, CNG 6/06; AVF $151 on $225 bid, FSR 7/07.)

LOTS 206-222         OBVS REVS


215 MARCIANA, Sest, rev Chariot drawn by elephants; G/Poor, just very worn with smooth green patina, obv has

sl lgnd, portrait fully outlined; on rev an elephant is just discernable (when I showed this to my wife, she imme-diately said, Òelephant!Ó). Normally I try to quote high realizations, but in this case IÕll do the opposite and cite the cheapest Marciana sestertius I could find: $291 for a Fair with obv test marks, CNG eAuc 10/07. Mine clearly nicer.


216 HADRIAN, Den, FIDES PVBLICA, Fides stg r; EF, centered on a sl raggy flan, bright silver, minor crudeness on rev; extremely well detailed bare-headed portrait. The portrait detail does not fully show up on photo.

(An EF with black patina brought $364, UBS 1/10.)


217 Den, COS III, 8-pt star within crescent; F+, centered on large flan with tiny edge splits, good bright silver, strong portrait. Better type. (A VF brought $250, Kolner 10/09.)


218 Sest, PONT MAX TR POT COS III, Fortuna std l, FORT RED below; VF, well centered, small edge split, a little lgnd wkness; deep green-brown patina with sl surface blemishes but mainly glossy; good detail on portrait of fine style with big chest. (A VF (same but COS II) brought $805, CNG 6/05; VF with obv roughness sold for $975, CNG ÒCoin ShopÓ #923988.)


219 Egypt, Tet, Dikaiosyne stg l, L.DEKATOY; VF+, centered & well struck with full clear lgnds & good detail both sides; portrait finely styled. Silver-grey with hint of granularity & lt toning. Very nice for these. (A VF sold for $235, Kunker 9/06.)


220 SABINA, Den, VENERI GENETRICI, Venus stg r;

F-VF, nrly centered, good full lgnds, modest edge split, lt bluish-grey tone, portrait quite bold. (A VF brought $156 in my 3/97 sale; VF $252, Gorny 11/10.)


221 ANTONINUS PIUS, Den, TR POT XVII COS IIII, Pax stg l, PAX below; EF, well centered, few sm edge splits, rev just sl softly struck, obv sharp with superb portrait detail. Nice. (An EF brought $258, Lanz 12/12.)


222 As, TR POT XIX COS III, Pax stg l; VF, centered, obv lgnd complete, rev lgnd wk/off at rt; dark green patina, lt to moderate roughness, portrait has strong detail.


223 Sest, INDVLGENTIA AVG COS IIII, Indulgentia std l; VF, centered, obv lgnd virtually complete, rev lgnd crowded/wk at left; darkish brownish green patina, mostly smooth & glossy, sl traces of surface blemishes & smoothing. Full sharp laurel wreath on portrait.

(A VF realized $460, CNG 9/07; VF $702, Vico 3/12.)


224 Egypt ®32 Drachm, bust l., Nilus std (not recl) on rocks, crocodile; A? at rt; VF, centered, several edge splits, warm brown patina with sl roughness mainly on rev; lots of detail visible each side. (A similar type, Nice VF brought $331 on $400 bid in my 2/09 sale.)

225 Posthumous Antoninianus, CONSECRATIO, large altar; EF/VF, nrly centered on large ragged flan, some minor blemishes at edges, lusterlike fields, portrait detail unusually sharp. In NGC slab graded XF. (A sl rough VF brought $240, Rauch 9/05; EF $775 Aureo-Calico 2/12.)

226 FAUSTINA SR, Den, AETERNITAS stg l; Mint State, centered on a somewhat ragged flan, bright lustrous silver; rev softly struck due to worn die, but portrait excep-tionally sharp& nice. (An EF brought $544, Kunker 3/12.)


227 As, AVGVSTA, Vesta stg l; VF-EF, obv well centered wth strong lgnd, rev a hair off-ctr with AV mostly off; dark green patina with sl mattelike surface mainly on rev; great coiffure detail on portrait. Not a common rev type. (A VF brought $224, CNG eAuction 3/11.)


228 Sest, IVNO stg l, VF, well centered on a big thick flan, medium brown, minor granularity & a few very shallow surface irregularities on rev & at 9:00 obv edge. Good detail on portrait & Juno. (A VF brought $520, CGF 6/04.)


229 MARCUS AURELIUS Den, As Caesar, COS II, Honos stg l; VF/AVF, nrly centered, obv lgnd partly crowded/wk, good metal, nice youthful portrait. (A VF sold for $191, Peus4/10.)


LOTS 223-235         OBVS REVS


230 Sest, CONG AVG etc, platform scene w/5 figures; struck copy, EF, high relief, brown patina with silvery toning; big thick flan, a nice well-made piece.


231 Philippopolis ®28, Tyche stg at flaming altar; VF+, sl off-ctr, obv lgnd complete, rev lgnd partly wk/off; golden brassy color; very sl granularity; but some noticeable surface blemishes in obv right field. Great portrait of fine style with near EF detail. This is a rare coin.


232 FAUSTINA JR, Den, SALVS stg l, EF, obv sl off-ctr, rev centered, lgnds complete tho somewhat blurrily struck but strong detail on hair & Salus; good bright silver.

(A GVF brought $151, VAuctions 9/11.)


233 Sest, VENVS VICTRIX, Venus stg l, hldg shield with Dioscuri (rare thus & clear here); VF, centered on a thick squared flan, full lgnds, dark greyish-green patina, obv sl grainy, portrait has coarse spot on neck but very strong hair detail; rev surface moderately granular. (A VF (mottled patina, looks about equal) brought $447, Gorny 10/12.)


234 LUCIUS VERUS, Den, PROV DEOR TRP III COS II, Providentia stg l, EF/VF+, nrly centered, full lgnds; letter S on obv mushy, otherwise sharp with great portrait detail. Good silver with lt tone. (A VF+ realized $245, CGF 11/04.)


235 LUCILLA, Den, VENVS VICTRIX, Venus stg l; F-VF, sl off-ctr, full lgnds, excellent bright metal with lt tone.

(An AVF/F+ sold for $66 on $72 bid in my 6/92 auction.)


236 COMMODUS, Den, PM TRP XIII IMP VIII COS V PP, Libertas stg; F-VF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr with lgnd partly off at left; good silver with lt tone. (A VF brought $185, Peus 11/09.)


237 Posthumous Ant., CONSECRATIO, large altar; VF/AF, centered on large ragged flan with 2 notable edge splits; sl grainy surfaces; rev lgnd weak; portrait nice. Scarce. (A VF brought $290, Peus 4/04; VF $325, Emp. Hamburg 11/11.)


238 DIDIUS JULIANUS, Den, PM TRP COS, Fortuna stg l; F/AF, centered, several small edge splits, obv lgnd

wk at left, decent silver; portrait good with some detail. A reasonable budget example. (A VF (IÕd grade F-VF) sold

for $2250, Pegasi auc 5/12; a Fine (ÒRECTORÓ rev) $1425, Argenor 4/04.)


239 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Den, INVICTO IMP, Trophy,with severed helmeted head & shields below, Emesa mint; F, technically better but partly weak strike, sl off-ctr, most of lgnds present, good metal. (A VF with lt roughness brought $84, CNG eAuction 7/12.)


240 Den, PM TRP VIII COS II PP, Victory flying l, shield; EF/VF, nrly centered, full lgnds, obv sharply struck with crisp portrait detail, rev less well struck hence the split grade. Good bright metal with lt tone. (A VF brought $61 on $95 bid in my 11/04 sale; EF $275, Gorny 3/09.)


241 Den, PM TRP XIIII COS III, PP, Annona stg w/modius; EF, nrly centered on a full flan, teensy edge split, obv particularly sharp with excellent portrait, good silver. (A Near EF (same but XIII) brought $174, CNG eAuc 8/11.)


242 Den,VOT SVSC DEC PM TRP X COS III PP, Veiled Ruler at altar; VF, well centered, sl ragged flan, full lgnds, good bright silver. Very scarce with this lgnd.


243 JULIA DOMNA, Den, MATER DEVM, Cybele std l, with lion; VF, nrly centered, full lgnds, faintly granular but lusterlike surfaces. Scarcer type. (A GVF brought $163,Roma Numismatics 9/12.)


244 Den, PVDICITIA std l, Laodicea mint; Choice EF, obv centered sl low but complete, full lgnds, well struck; excellent metal with lovely iridescent blue & russet toning. (A Superb EF brought $356, Goldberg 9/12.)


245 Ant, VENVS GENETRIX, Venus std l; EF/VF, center-

ed on a large flan, sl ghosting & crudeness on rev, portrait very sharp; good silver with lt tone. (A VF brought $241 in my 5/98 sale; EF-/VF+ $775, Aureo & Calico 2/12.)


246 CARACALLA, Den, ChildÕs head/PIETAS stg at altar; EF, centered, obv lgnd crowded at left, rev field a little uneven; good silver with medium bluish-grey toning; portrait exceptionally well struck & detailed for this scarce issue.

(A GVF with sl porosity brought $86, CNG eAuction 6/09.)


247 Den, PM TRP XVI COS III PP, Libertas stg l; EF, nrly centered, full lgnds, well struck, good metal with lt tone. Sharp bearded portrait. (An EF brought $225, Astarte 4/04)


248 Den, same lgnd, Serapis stg l; Choice EF, centered, bearded portrait very sharp; excellent metal quality with pleasant toning. (An AEF brought $250, Gorny 3/06.)


LOTS 236-261         OBVS REVS


249 ® ÒlimesÓ Den, PROFECTIO AVG, Ruler & soldier stg

rt together; VF, well centered, brown patina with some green hilighting, very nice for these & a scarcer rev type.


250 As, PM TRPXVI IMP II COS IIII PP, Ruler in quadriga r; VF/AVF, well centered, lgnds complete tho partly wk on rev, dark green patina with earthen hilighting, sl rough-ness; good bearded portrait with much hair & beard detail. Rare type, I could not find a sale record.


251 Pontus Amasia, ®28, Tyche stg l; F/AF, obv cent-ered, rev sl off-ctr, lgnds partly wk, dark brown patina, minor graininess, strong portrait with much detail.


252 PLAUTILLA, Den, PROPAGO IMPERI, Ruler & wife shaking hands; EF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone & luster, nicely struck with sharp portrait. (EFs brought $570, NAC 3/07, and $576 Helios 3/11.)


253 GETA, As Caesar, Den, NOBILITAS stg r; AEF/VF, well centered, tiny edge irregularity, medium tone, nice strong portrait. Better rev type. (A VF-EF brought $275, Gorny 3/07.)

254 Den, PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Geta stg left by standard;

VF-EF/VF, obv sl off-ctr, full lgnds, good silver with lt tone, sharp hair detail. (A VF+/VF brought $274, iNumis 10/10.)


255 As Aug., Den, PONTIF TRP II COS II, Genius at altar; VF+, nrly centered, full lgnds, good metal with lt tone, strong bearded portrait. (VF+ $150, Pegasi auc 5/12.)


256 MACRINUS, Den, SECVRITAS TEMPORVM, Securitas stg l; VF-EF, nrly centered on full flan, good silver with nice lt tone, sharp portrait. (A Ch. VF brought $670, Kunker 3/06; VF-EF $170 on $250 bid, FSR 9/95.)


257 ELAGABALUS, Den, Bust with horn/PM TRP IIII COS III PP, Ruler at altar; EF, centered, minimally grainy but lusterlike surfaces with lt golden-grey tone. Portrait exceedingly sharp. (An EF brought $210, Gorny 10/07.)


258 Den, SECVRITAS SAECVLI, Securitas std r; VF, centered, full lgnds, bright silver. Scarcer rev type.


259 Egypt Tet, LA, Nike adv r, palm; AVF/VF, nrly centered, partial obv lgnd, medium brown, sl roughness, laurel wreath visible. All Egyptian of this reign are scarce, and Emmett rates this one Rarity 5, the highest.


260 JULIA MAESA, Den, PVDICITIA std l, VF+, sl irregular flan, obv nrly centered with lgnd crowded/wk at top; rev off-ctr with some lgnd off; faintest granularity, lt tone; hair detail quite sharp. (VF $170, Peus 4/11.)


261 JULIA SOAEMIAS, Den, VENVS CAELESTIS , Venus std l, with cupid; EF/VF, somewhat ragged flan, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr, full lgnds; good metal with lt tone, luster on obv. (A VF brought $195, Kunker 3/07.)


262 JULIA PAULA, Den, CONCORDIA std l, EF/AEF, nrly centered on sl oval flan, full lgnds, portrait fully sharp, rev better struck than usual; decent metal with lt tone.

(An EF brought $281 on $550 bid in my 1/94 sale; VF+ $351, Rauch 9/06.)


263 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, SALVS PVBLICA, Salus std l; EF/VF, sl off-ctr, obv lgnd crowded/ wk at rt, rev crudely struck but with lgnd complete; good metal with deep grey toning; sharp youthful portrait.


264 Same, AEF/VF+, centered on a full flan, obv lgnd fuzzily struck, but rev well struck, as is the portrait; nice bright silver.


265 Caesarea, ®27, Mt. Argaeus on platform; F, centered, full lgnds, smooth dark greenish patina with paler geen hilighting; small c/mk (bullÕs head?) on truncation.


266 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, IVNO CONSERVATRIX, Juno stg l; EF, centered, obv well struck & nice with lt tone; rev ltly granular with some lgnd crudeness (A sl grainy AEF brought $91 on $130 bid, FSR 11/07; EF $616, Lanz 12/11.)

267 MAXIMINUS I, Den, PAX AVGVSTI, Pax stg l; Choice EF, well centered & struck on oval flan, excellent lustrous metal with lt toning, very pleasing. (An EF brought $395, Rauch 12/10; GVF $250, M&M 4/04. )


268 PUPIENUS, Ant, PATRES SENATVS, clasped hands; VF, well centered on a large round flan, well struck, sl uneven grey toning. (A VF brought $760, Gorny 3/07.)


269 GORDIAN III, Ant, LAETITIA AVG N, Laetitia stg l; EF+, virtually as struck, well centered, obv quite sharply struck with crisp portrait detail; rev stronger than usual with only few letters crude; bright silver with luster. (An EF/AEF brought $77 on $125 bid, FSR 6/08; EF $225, Titano 10/04.)


270 Ant, ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma std l; Choice VF, centered & nicely struck, deep old collection toning. Plenty of hair detail. (A VF+ brought $36 in my 2/05 sale.)


271 As, AETERNITATI AVG, Sol stg l; VF, centered on

oval flan, lgnds complete tho sl crude on rev, dark green patina with lt to moderate roughness, but glossy. Portrait nice. Scarce! (A VF brought $138, Kunker 10/01.)


272 Sest, SECVRITAS AVG, Securitas std l; VF/AVF, well centered, full lgnds, smooth dark green patina with some earthen hilighting, obv particularly attractive with full laurel wreath on portrait. (A VF sold for $280, Vinchon 10/00.)


LOTS 262-281         OBVS REVS


273 Caesarea, Drachm, Mount Argaeus, ETD; VF-EF/EF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, lgnds complete, well struck, excellent metal with lt tone. Rare in this quality. A group of these has come on the market; I picked the best with utmost care. (A VF brought $483, Lanz 5/09.)


274 Hadrianopolis ®25, Diana stg l, w/stag; Nice F+, well centered & struck, full lgnds, modest centration dimples, smooth medium brown. This rev seems to be rare.


275 PHILIP I, Ant, AEQVITAS AVGG, Equity stg l; Virtually Mint State, well centered & sharply struck with a much better rev than usual; lustrous silver with hint of tone. Choice coin. (Mint with weak rev sold for $350, Berk 9/11; AU $290, Rauch 4/08; my records also show an ordinary EF/VF bringing $550, NFA 5/94, but that canÕt be true.)


276 Ant, ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma std l; VF, well cent-ered on large flan, good silver, obv well struck & nice with luster hints & lt tone; rev from very worn die. (A VF sold for $45, Phillips 2/02.)


277 Egypt Tet, LB, Eagle stg l, hd r; VF/VF+, well centered, sl ragged edge, full lgnd, medium brown patina, very sl grainy; nice. (An AVF/VF brought $60 in my 7/07 sale; VF $145, CGF 6/04; GVF $633, CNG 9/08.)


278 Antioch, Tet, bust r/Eagle stg l, ANTIOXIA SC below; EF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, full lgnds; good strike; bright lustery silver with minmal granularity. (Compare a GVF bringing $316, Gorny 3/10.)


279 OTACILIA Severa, Ant, CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia std l, Choice EF, well centered & nicely struck

for this; good lustrous silver with some lt toning. (Another Ch. EF sold for $271 on $297 bid in my 11/12 sale.)


280 Same but somewhat strange style, looks ancient & struck in good silver but darkness inside edge cracks suggests a plated contemporary counterfeit; EF, see photo


281 PHILIP II, As Caesar, Ant, PRINCIPI IVVENT, Phil stg l; Choice VF, well centered & struck on a large round flan, rev lgnd only sl soft, excellent metal with touches of golden tone. Very nice. (A VF brought $61, Phillips 8/01.)

282 As Aug, Ant, AEQVITAS AVGG, Equity stg l; Antioch mint; Mint State, centered on a large sl ragged flan, well struck with sharp portrait, bright lustrous silver. (An AEF brought $229, Rauch 9/08; virt as struck $368, NAC 4/08.)


283 TRAJAN DECIUS, Ant, VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv l, EF, well centered, good strike for this with strong portrait detail & rev better than usual; nice bright silver. (EFs brought $160, Gorny 10/10 and $270, Kunker 3/13.)


284 Ant, DACIA stg l; AEF, large flan, minor edge split, obv well centered with typical lgnd softness, sharp hair detail on portrait; rev from worn die with lgnd very wk.

Good silver.(A GVF brought $145, CNG eAuct 6/12.)


285 Sest, DACIA stg l; EF/VF, well centered on an almost fully round flan, lgnds complete (though somewhat crude/wk), olive-brown patina with only very sl roughness. Great portrait with full sharp hair detail, thus an excellent sestertius of Decius. (Compare a GVF with rev double struck at $644, CNG 5/02; VF $558, Kunker 9/11.)


286 HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA, Ant, PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia std l; EF, centered on a sl ragged flan, decent strike, good silver with much luster & lt golden toning. Nice. (A Ch EF brought $271 in my 3/13 sale.)


287 TREBONIANUS GALLUS, Ant, PIETAS AVGG, Pietas stg, Choice EF, perfectly centered & nicely struck on a good round flan; good silver with luster hints & mellow tone. Unusually pleasant for this (EF/VF $165, Lanz 11/07


288 Ant, FELICITAS PVBL, Felicitas stg l, IIV; F-VF/VF, centered, sl obv lgnd wkness, rev decently struck, good silver with medium golden-grey tone. Antioch mint.


289 VOLUSIAN, Ant, VIRTVS AVGG, Virtus stg l; Virt-ually Mint state, well centered & struck, lustrous. Superb portrait of fine style. Bought from me long ago & kept in paper envelope, resulting in rich colorful toning. Really choice! (EFs brought $275, Berk 10/09 & $296, Gorny 10/13; Choice EF $468, CNG 12/96.)


290 VALERIAN I, Ant, RESTITVT ORIENTIS, Orient gives wreath to Ruler; VF, centered, full lgnds, rev sl crude, grey toning a bit uneven. Ex European auction as AEF. Better rev type. (A VF brought $51 on $80 bid in my 5/01 sale; GVF $215, Gorny 3/08.)


291 Ant, PROVID AVGG, Providentia stg l; F-VF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, full lgnds, good bright silver, portrait quite bold. Some space left on this line, I hate to waste it.


LOTS 282-301         OBVS REVS


292 GALLIENUS, Ant, VICTORIA AVG III, Victory adv l; EF, nrly centered, full lgnds, rev quite softly struck due to worn die; fully silvered with lt tone; excellent sharp portrait of fine style. Rare type. (Much nicer than a mushy ÒVF+Ó bringing $139, CGB sale on acsearch, unknown date


293 Ant, LVNA LVCIFERA, Luna stg r; VF, lustery silvering with moderate tone, obv centered sl low & sl grainy at bottom, full clear lgnds, rev well struck & bold.

(A VF brought $68 on $90 bid in my 3/04 sale.)


294 Egypt Tet, Eagle stg l, hd r, palm, LID; VF, obv centered sl low, full tho weakish lgnd, grey-brown patina, very sl porosity, much detail. (A VF, this exact variety, brought $240, Peus 4/13.)



left w/cupid; F+/F, nrly centered but on a rather small flan with much lgnd off, dark greenish patina with sl hilighting, minor porosity & a touch of smoothing. Portrait quite nice. Rare. (A F (no beauty) brought $336, CGB 6/04.)


296 VALERIAN II, Ant, CONSECRATIO, Eagle stg l; VF+/VF, centered on sl ragged flan, full obv lgnd, rev lgnd partly wk; darkish grey toning; minor tsuris above eagleÕs head; excellent portrait with unusually good style & detail.

(A (weak!) VF+ brought $150, CGF 12/02.)


297 SALONINUS, Ant, PIETAS AVG, sacrificial doodads, F-VF, nrly centered, tops of few obv letters off, sl obv porosity, somewhat uneven grey toning, sm flan

flaw in rev field; decent portrait with detail. (A VF/F brought $46 in my 1/99 sale; VF $130, Kunker 9/06.)

298 POSTUMUS, Ant, MONETA AVG, Moneta stg l, VF, centered/nrly so, on a large ragged flan, silver color with some uneven grey-brown toning; minor lgnd wkness; much portrait detail. (An AVF brought $51, Phillips 8/02.)


299 Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l; EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr with full lgnd; silver color with some lt tone & luster hints; strong detail on portrait & Pax. Nice. (An AEF brought $160, CNG 6/97; EFs $540, Lanz 11/09 & $491, Gorny 3/12


300 Ant, SALVS AVG, Aesculapius stg l; EF, nrly centered on oval flan, full lgnds, decently struck with good detail on portrait & rev figure; silver color with medium grey toning.

(A VF+/EF sold for $196, Munz Zentrum 9/12.)


301 MARIUS, Ant, SAEC FELICITAS, Felicitas stg l; VF, sl ragged flan, obv off-ctr losing lgnd at left, rev nrly center-ed with lgnd crowded/wk at rt; grey-brown tone with touches of porosity, some patchy silvering on rev; decent detailed portrait. (A VF, also off-ctr on a ragged flan, brought $207 on $225 bid in my 11/06 sale; VF $435, Peus 10/07.)


302 CLAUDIUS II, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax adv l, T; EF, centered on oval flan, sm edge split, flatly struck at left edge each side; good grey-brown surfaces with hints of silvering; portrait & Pax sharply struck. (A VF+ realized $125, Emporium Hamburg 11/03.)


303 Posthumous Ant, CONSACRATIO, flaming altar, Q; VF/EF, obv sl off-ctr losing few letters at left, rev centered, grey-brown tone with some patchy silvering mainly on rev. Oddly, while this issue is common when barbarous, not so at all for non-barb ones, as this is. (A VF-EF/VF brought $185, Emp. Hamburg 5/07.)


304 QUINTILLUS, Ant, MARTI PACI, Mars adv l;

VF-EF/VF, quite unusually for this itÕs well centered on a nrly round flan with full lgnds; smooth olive brown patina; obv well struck with excellent portrait detail; rev lgnd softly struck. (A GVF brought $179, CNG eAuc 8/13.)


305 VICTORINUS, Ant, INVICTVS, Sol adv l; AEF, nrly centered on sl oval flan, few obv letters mostly off at left; glittery silvered surfaces with medium toning; portrait sharp, rev much better struck than usual. Nice quality for this. (A VF brought $140, Peus 4/09.)


306 AURELIAN, Ant, IOVI CONSER, Ruler & Jupiter stg; EF, nrly centered, sharply struck, much silvering in protected areas. Needle-sharp portrait, unusually good quality for this pre-reform issue (bust resembling Claudius II). (EFs brought $176, F&S 1/96 and $250, CGF 4/07.)


307 Ant, RESTITVTOR ORBIS, Female giving wreath to

Ruler; EF, perfectly centered & nicely struck on a full flan, bright silvering with sl tone only at highest points. Actually scarce with RESTITVTOR spelled out.(EFs (with RESTI-TVT) brought $450, Gorny 10/07 and $274, Peus 11/10.)


308 Den, VICTORIA AVG, Victory & captive, F+, well cen-tered, warm 2-toned brown, a few minor scrs but a nice bold coin. (A F brought $50, FSR 3/07; VF $387, Kunker 3/09.)


309 Egypt Tet, ETOYC S, Eagle r; VF, well centered & struck on sl ragged flan, smooth brown with nice green hilighting. Full clear lgnd. (A VF sold for $40 in my 1/00 auction; VF (Eagle left) $150, Peus 4/13.)


310 SEVERINA, Ant, CONCORDIAE MILITVM, Concord w/2 standards; EF, nrly centered on oval flan, decently struck, full lgnds, mostly silvered with touch of wear only at highest points; sharp hair detail; minor grainy patch at rev upper left which no other dealer in the Galaxy would men-tion. (A VF brought $306, Peus 4/11; EF $385, H&A 3/09.)


311 VABALATHUS, Ant, His bust/Aurelian bust, S below; VF, nrly centered, sl crudeness, highly lustery silvery-grey surfaces with only minor blemishes.

(A VF brought $201 on $250 bid in my 9/09 sale.)


312 TETRICUS I, Ant,. HILARITAS AVGG, Hilaritas stg; VF+, obv well centered, rev nrly so, with full lgnds on

a round flan, well struck, unusual thus; glossy brown surfaces free of faults. Very nice for these. (A VF (with horribly struck rev) brought $117, Peus 11/12.)


313 TETRICUS II, Barbarous radiate, VIRTVS AVGG, VF+, somewhat off-ctr on large oval flan, some flat striking at edge, partial lgnds, smooth brown patina, well-detailed portrait of surprisingly good style. Poor photo.


LOTS 302-324         OBVS REVS


314 TACITUS, Egypt Tet, ETOYC A, Eagle stg r, hd l; VF-EF, nrly centered, full lgnds, lt brown, microscopically granular, well-detailed. (Nicer than a VF-EF (Eagle left;

IÕd grade VF) bringing $155, Emp. Hamburg 5/08.)


315 FLORIAN, Ant, CONCORD MILIT, Ruler & Concord stg; EF/AEF, well centered & struck on a full round flan; Finely styled portrait with good detail; has the appearance of a fully silver coin, with toning in recesses. A specially made piece? (A GVF brought $325, Gorny 3/08.)

316 PROBUS, Ant, CLEMENTIA TEMP, Jupiter stg with Ruler; EF, centered on a round flan, decently struck, good bright silvering rubbed off only on highest points. (VF/EF brought $76 on $91 bid, FSR 5/09; EF $375, Gorny 10/06.)


317 Ant, Helmeted bust l., with spear, Pegasus on shield (quite clear)/SOLI INVICTO AVG, Sol in quadriga left; VF, centered, good strike, smooth dark brown with slightest traces of porosity on rev. RARE with AVG in rev lgnd, I could not find a sale record; even sexier with Pegasus.


318 Ant, VIRTVS AVG, Virtus stg r, XXIC; AEF/EF, per-fectly centered & well struck, obv with much silvering in fields, rev almost fully silvered. Nice. (An EF with crack brought $150, Gorny 3/00.)


319 Ant, Helmeted bust left with spear & shield/VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Ruler on horse spearing fallen enemy, KAG; Virtually Mint State, perfectly centered & sharply struck

on a full round flan; fully silvered surfaces with some lt toning, a bit coppery in places on rev. Obv particularly stunning. Ex Henry Hall Wilson collection. (A ÒSPLÓ (no silvering) brought $500, CGF 6/07; EF $350, Lanz 11/07; Superb EF $477, CNG 9/08.)


320 Egypt Tet, Eirene stg left, Year 4; nice VF, smooth brown patina, full clear lgnd. (VF+ $168, Vico 6/12.)


321 CARUS, Ant, PAX EXERCITI, Pax stg w/standard; VF-EF/VF, perfectly centered on a full round flan, decent strike, grey-brown tone with a good bit of silvering evident. From a prominent dealer as AU. Scarcer type.

(A VF+ brought $194, iNumis 3/11.)


322 NUMERIAN, Ant, VIRTVS AVGG, Ruler & Jupiter stg, F+/AVF, rev sl off-ctr, brown, lt porosity on obv.


323 CARINUS (As Aug.), Egypt Tet, LB, Elpis stg l; F+/AVF, full obv lgnd, smooth dark brown.


324 DIOCLETIAN, Ant, IOVI AVGG, Jupiter std l,

EF, perfectly centered & well struck, lt brown with what appears to be mint red in recesses. Scarce & nice.

(An EF was sold for $165, CNG ÒCoin ShopÓ #829208.)


325 Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, no mintmk = London, Choice EF, centered & well struck for these, glossy dark chocolate surfaces. Scarce & nice.

(A VF+ sold for $290, CGB 11/09.)


326 Argenteus, VIRTVS MILITVM, Tetrarchs sacrificing before city gate, SIS; AEF, well centered & decently struck, some very fine porosity with lt grey tone, and a modest edge bend (combined with tiny crack) at obv 1:00. Scarcer with mintmark. (A VF brought $690, Kunker 3/07.)


327 MAXIMIAN, Follis, SALVIS AVGG ET CAESS FEL KART, Carthage stg l, B; EF, well centered & struck, grey-brown tone with some silvering evident. Unusually nice quality for this scarce Carthage issue. (An AEF brought $250, Munz Zentr 4/08; EF $448, NY Sale 1/08.)


328 Egypt Tet, LS, Nike adv l; Nice VF-EF/VF, well centered, full lgnd, smooth brown. (A GVF, this exact variety, sold for $65, CNG ÒCoin ShopÓ #753589.)


329 CARAUSIUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, F-O/ML; VF, nrly centered on a large, sl ragged flan; full lgnds; glossy dark greenish patina with some crusty deposits mainly on rev; obv fairly nice with a strong portrait. Scarce variety. (A VF [looks rough] brought $293, Gorny 3/09.)


330 CONSTANTIUS I, (Caes), Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, HT-Gamma; EF, nrly centered on a round flan, well struck with no wkness, lt brown tone with silvering evident especially on rev. Slightest trace of obv porosity. Sharp portrait detail. (An AEF brought $95 on

$136 bid in my 12/02 sale; AEF $255, Thesaurus 12/07.)


331 GALERIUS (As CAES), Follis, GENIO POPVLI RO-MANI, Genius stg l, HT-Gamma; EF,well centered, obv boldly struck, rev just a tiny bit soft; nice full silvering with only lt toning. Pleasing. (A Ch. EF realized $212 on $250 bid, FSR 3/08; EF $340, Peus 4/11.)


332 Argenteus, VIRTVS MILITVM, Tetrarchs before city gate, Gamma below ; Choice EF, well centered (just a few obv letters crowded) & struck with a particularly nice rev; pleasant blue and grey toning; without usual flan crack.

(A Ch. EF, this exact variety, brought $1208, CNG 9/10.)


333 (As Aug.) Follis, VIRTVTI EXERCITVS, Mars adv r, MKV; Choice EF, virtually as struck, well centered & struck, highly lustrous silvery-brown surfaces. (An EF brought $375, Lanz 5/06; EF , sl. corrosion, $368, Hirsch 9/07.)


LOTS 325-342         OBVS REVS


334 SEVERUS II, As Caes, Follis, VIRTVS AVGG ET CAESS NN, Mars adv r, AQ-Gamma; VF, well centered, obv sharply struck, rev weak on Mars, dark brown with touch of granularity. Scarcer type. (A VF brought $154, CNG 9/94.)



in 6-column temple, RBS; VF-EF, perfectly centered, well struck, good detail, considerable silvering in fields.

(A GVF brought $357, CNG 5/10.)


336 MAXIMINUS II, As Caesar, Follis, GENIO CAES-ARIS, Genius stg, ALE; EF, nrly centered, lgnd sl crowded at rev left, well struck with sharp detail, smooth brown patina with some pale green hilighting on obv. Nice.

(An EF brought $190, Artemide 3/09.)


337 Follis, Consular bust l., hldg Victory & large shield dec-orated with elaborate scene/VIRTVS EXERCITVS, Mars adv r, altar, ANT; F, nrly centered, brown patina, considera-bly rough surfaces. Very rare with this special bust.(A VF with same bust brought $1451 on $2700 bid, FSR 4/12.)


338 LICINIUS I, Reduced Fol, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l, eagle, SMN; Mint State, perfectly centered & well struck, immaculate lustrous bluish-brown surfaces.

(An EF brought $170, Gorny 11/90.)


339 LICINIUS II, ®3, Helmeted bust l., spear & shield/ IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg; VF-EF, obv sl off-ctr but full lgnds, nice smooth medium brown; mintmk ill-struck but probably SMNB. (An EF/VF brought $99, in my 7/12 sale; VF $123, Davisson 10/11. Which would Jesus buy?)


340 CONSTANTINE I, ®3, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 standards betw soldiers, SMAN-Delta; Choice EF+, nrly centered, well struck & sharp, lustery steely-brown surfaces. (A Ch. AEF/VF brought $54 on $80 bid, FSR 11/07; EF $200, Gorny 3/09.)


341 Reduced Follis, MARTI CONSERVATORI, Mars stg r, PTR; Choice EF, perfectly centered & nicely struck,

smooth dark brown, rev particularly well detailed. Scarce type. (A VF+/EF sold for $435, iNumis 3/07.)


342 ®3, PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, camp gate, SMANTA; Choice EF, well centered & struck, toned, with much

glittery silvering in protected areas. (An EF sold for $77 on $150 bid in my 11/06 auction.)


343 Red. Fol, SOLI INVICTO COMITI, Sol stg l, PLN (London); VF+/VF, well centered, pretty good strike, medium olive brown with touch of green; nice. (A VF brought $34 reduced from $71 bid in my 2/05 sale.)


344 Same but Helmeted bust left (scarce), PLN; AEF/VF, centered, greenish-greyish patina with hints of silvering; portrait well detailed with fancy helmet; rev has eroded area from 12 to 2:00. (A VF+ brought $345, iNumis 10/09.)


345 ®3 , VOT XX in wreath, lgnd around, TT; Choice EF, well centered & sharply struck, glossy dark patina. (An EF sold for $56 on $70 bid, FSR 3/06; EF $180, Lanz 5/04.)


346 POSTHUMOUS ®4, Veiled hd r/VN-MR, Veiled figure, SMALG; EF, centered, sl ragged edge, obv lgnd partly flat at rt; smooth dark patina with earthen hilighting. Nice for this. (A VF-EF/EF brought $49 on $100 bid, FSR 2/05.)


347 CONSTANTINOPOLIS ®3/4, bust l./Victory

on prow left, TRS¥; VF/AEF, centered, full lgnd, smooth darkish brown. (A VF sold for $96, Schulman 3/12.)


348 HELENA, ®3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE, Securit-as stg l, PTR; Superb EF+/EF, centered, well struck, glos-sy smooth dark brown surfaces; fantastic sharply detailed portrait. Ex Oman collection, via Christian Blom. (An EF brought $211 in my 9/09 sale; EF $748, Stacks 1/09.)


349 FAUSTA, ®3, SPES REIPVBLICAE, Fausta stg w/babies, PTR; Choice AEF, centered, full lgnds, minor edge irregularity, smooth greenish-brown patina, nice bold portrait. (An EF brought $151 on $201 bid in my 3/08 sale; EF/AEF $460, H&A 10/04; EF/AEF $470, Lanz 11/05.)


350 CRISPUS, ®3, bust l./VOT X in wreath, lgnd around, TSDVI; AEF, centered, full lgnds, smooth medium chestnut brown with sl green hilighting, nice. (EFs brought $300, Hess-Divo 5/09 and $255, Varesi 4/11.)


351 DELMATIUS, ®3/4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, Stan-dard betw soldiers, SMANI; AEF/VF, nrly centered, lgnds complete tho partly wk on rev; smooth chestnut brown; nice detailed portrait. (A VF-EF brought $107 on $130 bid

in my 10/08 sale.)


352 CONSTANTINE II, ®4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, standard betw soldiers, SMKS; EF/VF-EF, well centered & struck with full lgnds, smooth darkish brown surfaces.

353 ®3, Bust rt/PROVIDENTIAE CAESS, camp gate, ESIS-cresc; Choice EF+, perfectly centered & sharply struck, toned silvered surfaces. (EF $145, Lanz 5/02.)


354 ®3, VOT X in wreath, lgnd around, PTR; EF, perfect centering, glossy smooth dark brown surfaces, minor lgnd wkness, portrait sharply detailed. (An EF realized $203, CGF 6/04. I donÕt make this stuff up.)


LOTS 343-366         OBVS REVS


355 CONSTANS 1/2 Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Phoenix on pyre, ASISV; AEF, perfectly centered, well struck, smooth brown, bold & unusually nice for this. (A GVF brought $110, Vecchi 10/97; EF $240, Gorny 3/13.)


356 ®4, bust r/brockage of same; F-VF, centered, small flan, lgnd mostly crowded, glossy hilighted dark green patina. Nice mint error.

357 Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler hldg Phoenix

on boat steered by Victory, SMNA; EF, well centered & struck, no wkness, smooth grey-green with much silvering in fields, very nice. (An EF/VF realized $145, Munz Zentr 1/03; EF $340, Kunker 3/95.)


358 CONSTANTIUS II (As Caes) ®3, bust left/PRO-VIDENTIAE CAESS, camp gate, SMANTA; EF, well cent-ered; obv medium brown, very sharp & nice; rev a bit darker with lgnds a little soft & trace of granularity.

(A Near EF of this type brought $121, CNG 3/98.)


359 (As Aug), Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, soldier spearing fallen horseman, ANE; VF-EF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, full lgnds, well struck with particularly strong rev detail; smooth dark slate green patina with some oran-gy hilighting. (A VF+ brought $225, iNumis 3/10.)


360 VETRANIO, 1/2 Cent, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler stg w/labarum, mintmk incomplete but Sisc; F-VF/AF or so, centered, grey-brown, sl grainy overall with a rough area in rev lower center; Sharp laurel wreath & hair detail. Scarcer type (A VF/F, rough rev, brought $200, Lanz 5/87)


361 CONSTANTIUS GALLUS, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier & fallen horseman, SMKD; AEF, centered, lgnds complete (tho sl wk on obv), pale olive toning with underlying silvering, interesting portrait with terrified expression; particularly sharp rev detail.

(A VF+ sold for $560, Nomisma 3/08!!)



AVGG ET CAES, Large Chi-Rho, AMB; VF-EF, sl off-ctr

on a some-what short flan, lgnds partly off; good smooth dark green patina; strong detail on portrait & Chi-Rho.

(A VF-EF with corrosion brought $685, Heidelberger 5/13; GVF $760, M&M 10/06; VF $540, Peus 11/09.)


363 DECENTIUS, Cent, VICTORIAE DD NN AVGG ET CAES, 2 Victories hldg shield, RSLC; VF-EF, well centered, lgnds complete with minor wkness, greenish-brown patina, minimal granularity, every hair on portrait visible.

(VFs brought $320, iNumis 3/11 and $356, Lanz 12/12.)


364 JULIAN, ®3, Helmeted bust l., spear & shield/VOT

X MVLT XX in wreath, TESC; AEF, nrly centered with com-plete lgnds, basically smooth dark greenish patina, strong details, nice. Rare mint for this!(An AEF , diff mint, brought $81 in my 7/12 sale; EF $390, Kunker 10/12.)


365 ®1, SECVRITAS REIPVB, Bull stg r, BSISC; VF, well centered, green-brown patina with some whiteish stuff in recesses, sl surface improprieties. Much portrait detail visible. (An AVF sold for $355, Palombo 6/09.)


366 JOVIAN, ®3, VOT V MVLT X in wreath, BSIRM; Choice EF, perfectly centered, well struck, glossy dark green patina. Portrait & rev quite sharp. From my last sale at $143 on $200 bid, but the winner didnÕt pay. He had a good excuse: death. Enjoy life (and coins) while you can.

(A VF+ sold for $275, iNumis 3/10; GEF $450, Leu 5/95.)


367 ®1, VICTORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler stg, TES-Gamma; F+, nrly centered on sl oval flan, full lgnds, glossy dark greenish patina with minor roughness, portrait shows much detail. (A moderately rough F+ realized $89 reduced from $178 bid in my 8/06 sale.)

368 PROCOPIUS, ®3, bust l./REPARATIO FEL TEMP, Ruler stg, CONSS; VF/AVF, centered, sm edge splits, lgnds wk in parts, generally smooth dark patina with only minor blemishes, reasonable detail on portrait. (A VF brought $228 on $450 bid in my 3/04 sale; VF $1050, Loiseau 4/95.)


369 VALENTINIAN I, ®3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLI-CAE, Victory adv l, DSISC; EF, nrly centered, lgnds complete, nice glossy brown surfaces, sharp portrait.

(A GVF brought $207, NY Sale 1/10.)


370 GRATIAN, ®2, REPARATIO REIPVB, Ruler hldg Victory, kneeling female, SMRA; AEF/VF, centered on oval flan, sl lgnd crowding, green patina with some earthen hi-lights, color somewhat uneven mainly on rev, also sl roughness here and there. Portrait has sharp detail. Not as ugly as the photo! (A VF+ sold for $119 on $235 bid, FSR 1/01; VF $630, Gorny 3/08.)


371 ®3, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler dragging captive, Delta-SISCC; AEF/VF+, perfectly centered, rev lgnd typically somewhat crude, basically smooth dark green patina, sharp portrait. (An EF/VF brought $165, CGF 6/07.)


372 VALENS, ®3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, Victory adv l, ASISCP; EF, perfect centering, obv glossy chocolate brown, rev green, minor crudeness, excellent sharp port-rait. (VF-EF $51/$55, FSR 3/04; EF $130, Gorny 10/03.)


373 VALENTINIAN II, ®2, REPARATIO REIPVB, Rul-er & kneeling female, *ASISC; VF-EF, well centered with full tho partly crude/wk lgnds; glossy brown patina with a little roughness, including a bit on cheek. Still good for this with much detail. (A VF brought $73 on $83 bid, FSR 11/05.)


374 THEODOSIUS I, ®2, VIRTVS EXERCITI, Ruler kicking captive, SMKA; VF/F-VF, centered, rev lgnd soft, near-black with a few small patches of brown patina. (A sl rough VF brought $41 on $560 bid in my 3/04 sale.)


375 ®3, CONCORDIA AVGGG, Constantinopolis std, SMNG; VF/AEF, well centered & struck, lt brown, good detail. (A VF in my last sale brought $27 on $44 bid.)


LOTS 367-384         OBVS REVS


376 AELIA FLACCILLA, ®2, SALVS REIPVBLIC-AE, Victory std r, writing on shield, CONE; F-VF/F, sl off-ctr on ragged flan, smooth dark green patina with orangy hilighting. (A F+ brought $32 on $42 bid in my 9/89 sale;

VF $355, Gorny 10/07.)


377 EUDOXIA, ®3, GodÕs hand above bust/GLORIA ROMANORVM, Eudoxia std facg, CONG; F, nrly centered, lgnds mostly crowded/wk, smooth brown patina, clear por-trait, not bad for this. (A F-VF realized $120, Rauch 3/11.)


378 MAGNUS MAXIMUS ®2, REPARATIO REIPVB, Ruler & kneeling girl, PCON; F, centered, lgnds all there, a little striking flatness, smooth sage green patina wth some whiteish hilighting. (A F+/AF brought $61 on $67 bid in my 7/07 sale; F $150, Asta del Titano 10/04.)


379 HONORIUS, ®3, VIRTVS EXERCITI, Victory crowns Ruler, SMNA; VF+/VF, sl irregular flan, rev somewhat off-ctr, smooth lt brown, portrait unusually strong for this. (An AVF brought $85, Rauch 9/05.)




380 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S163, Facg bust/CON-XII-Gamma, VF/VF+, well centered & struck on a huge 40 mm flan, basically smooth even dark brown patina, face on portrait visible. (A GVF brought $385, F&S 10/00.)


381 16 Nummia, bust r/AISP, TES, as S-175 but with ICT above on rev, not in Sear; AF/F, smooth green patina, obv lgnd visible tho wk, the ICT reasonably clear & certain.


382 JUSTIN II, Follis, S360, Seated rulers/CON-uI-E; Chi-Rho above M; F+/VF, obv sl off-ctr & crude on irregular flan but some detail shows on figures; brown patina with orangy hilighting; rev quite bold. (A F-VF realized $87 on $95 bid in my 9/10 sale.)


383 Follis, S360, CON-X-A; F+/F, centered, smooth 2-toned brown, pleasant. (F+/AF $42 on $76 bid, FSR 2/09.)


384 MAURICE, Follis, S-533, THEUPÕ-XIIII-Gamma; VF, sl off-ctr but complete, steely-brown, insignificant porosity, everything clear including MauriceÕs face.

(A VF brought $290, Gorny 10/07.)


385 HERACLIUS, GOLD Solidus, S738, 2 busts/ cross on steps, offic. E; VF, obv sl off-ctr, somewhat crudely struck with flat areas at edges, portraits strong.

(A VF brought $502, Elsen 3/08.)


386 10 Nummia, S885, Catania, Year V; F-VF, obv somewhat off-ctr, rev centered, somewhat rough olive green patina, clear nose on portrait. Scarce mint. Poor photo.

(A VF brought $118, CNG eAuction 9/08.)


387 CONSTANS II, Follis, S-1110, Sicily; F or better, centered, greenish-brown with sl roughness, clear features. (A F-VF sold for $53 on $107 bid, FSR 6/05.)


388 CONSTANTINE IV, Follis, S1208, Syracuse,

Facg bust with spear; AVF/F or so, small flan, olive green patina, obv centered with bold facial features; rev off-ctr, partly wk, with rough spot at bottom. Scarce. (A VF realized $134, CNG eAuction 6/13.)


389 CONSTANTINE V, Follis, S-1569, 2 busts/1 bust,

AVF, sl off-ctr on usual small oblong flan, right face on obv mostly off, the other 2 portraits nice; smooth dark green patina. (An AVF brought $81 on $100 bid in my last sale.)


390 LEO V, Follis, S1636, Facing bust/facg bust, VF, obv somewhat off-ctr on unround flan, dark green patina, both portraits with virtually EF sharpness. Poor photo.

A GVF sold at $145, CNG ÒCoin ShopÓ #822419.)


391 THEOPHILUS, Follis, S1680, Facg bust/2 busts, VF/AF, dark green-brown patina, obv nrly centered & nice for this with full lgnd, clear portrait; rev somewhat off-ctr, sl grainy & weak, portraits visible. Ex my 5/09 sale at $68.


392 LEO VI, Follis, S1729, Facg bust/4 line lgnd; AEF, well centered & struck on large flan with minor edge splits; dark greenish-brown patina; no wkness; well-detailed portrait. Very nice quality. (A VF brought $280, Lanz 11/07; VF-EF $403, Rauch 9/11.)


393 ANONYMOUS Follis, S1823, Christ bust facg/cross & lgnd; VF, sl off-ctr, trace of overstrike mainly on rev, sizable edge split, dark brown patina, clear face on Christ. (A VF with face flat brought $175, Davisson 6/13.)


394 -- Follis, S1889, Christ bust facg/Jeweled cross; VF, centered, chestnut brown, fairly well struck but with flan flaw on ChristÕs face, not too bad; his eyes are visible.

(A VF with weak portrait brought $100, Noble 7/07.)


395 CONSTANTINE X, Follis, S1853, Christ stg facg/

2 figures; VF/F+, nrly centered, well struck for this with

only minor wkness & no sign of overstrike; smooth 2-toned brown. About as good as this gets. (A F+ brought $55 in my 9/11 sale; VF $197, M&M 5/10.)


LOTS 385-406         OBVS REVS


396 NICEPHORUS III, Electrum Histamenon, S1883, Christ bust/RulerÕs bust facg; VF, well struck with both faces clear, problem-free, pale gold color. (A GVF sold for $1,058, CNG 9/13.)


397 MANUEL I, Scyphate trachy, S1966, Christ facg/ Virgin & Manny; AVF/VF, smooth dark brown, decently struck, especially the obv. (A VF/EF [obv very poorly struck] brought $440, Munz Zentrum 9/09.)


398 ANDRONICUS II, 1282-1328, ® Trachy, S2383, Cross & wing/Ruler stg; F-VF or so, off-ctr & typically quite crude, light green patina with earthen hilighting. Rare.

(A crude F/VF brought $130, Elsen 6/06.)


399 JOHN VIII, 1423-48, Ar 1/2 Hyperpyron, Christ bust facg/John bust, S2564; VF+, sl crude of course but actually quite good for this; only sl off-ctr with fairly minor wk spots, both faces quite bold. Excellent metal with lt tone. (A VF brought $500, Pegasi 11/11; VF-EF/VF $960, Gorny 10/10)




400 BULGARIA, Ivan Alexander & Michael Asen, 1331-71, Ar Grosch, 20 mm, Ivan & Mike stg/Christ stg; EF, as struck with luster, sl touches of crudeness/wklness. (An GVF of this type brought $403, CNG 9/08.)


401 CEYLON, ® Massa (19 mm), Parakrama Bahu II, 1236-71, Monkey God/monkey god & lgnd, EF, once clnd & retoning, well centered & struck, sharp, a nice well-made coin. (An EF brought $38 on $50 bid in my 1/11 sale.)


402 CHACH, (Central Asia), Chanurnak? c. 650-750 AD, 14 mm ®, bust facg sl r/tamga; around F for this, crude, parts wk, dark green with some earthen hilights. Not much to look at, but scarce (a NVF brought $67, CNG eAuc 3/13)


403 ENGLAND, Henry III, 1216-72, Ar Penny, Facg bust/long cross, Moneyer Nicole, Canterbury; S1368; VF, nrly centered, some flat striking at left edge, portrait quite strong with bold details. Good metal. (A VF, same moneyer, brought $123, CNG eAuc 6/12.)


404 Edward I, Ar Penny, London, VG, sl off-ctr, a little flat lgnd each side, portrait visible. (VG+ $81, FSR 3/08.)


405 Elizabeth I, Ar 6 pence, 26 mm, 1578/7, G+, centered, lgnd weak, lt scrs, portrait wk but visible, date clear.


406 James I, 1603-25, Shil, 30 mm, S2654, mm rose, VG/F, a decent coin with clear portrait, good metal with lt tone, very minor scrs. (A VG brought $151, FSR 3/13.)


407 FRANCE, 1/4 Ecu de Navarre, 1605, crowned arms/ cross fleur-de-lis; VF, sl squared flan, good metal. (Ano-ther 1605, GVF, sold for $295, CNG Coin Shop 884151.)


408 GERMANY, Bruns.-Lune.-Calenberg Ar 2 Marien-groschen 1659, 18 mm, crowned monogram/lgnd, G


409 HUNGARY, Bela III, Byzantine style follis, 26 mm, St. Mary stg facg/Bela & Stephen enthroned; AVF, well centered & struck, scyphate fabric, dark steel-brown.

410 INDIA, Yaudheyas, ® 24 mm, c. 400 AD, Karttikeya stg facg/female stg l, F-VF, obv sl off-ctr, rev well centered, medium brown, a nice substantial coin.


411 Delhi Sultans, Balban, Ar Tankah, 1266-87, 28 mm; VF, well struck, nice bright silver.


412 ISLAMIC, Great Seljuks, Malikshah I, 1072-92 AD, Gold Dinar, 25 mm, 4.92 gms, Herat dated 483 AH; VF, area of weak strike by edge each side; pale yellow gold.


413 Umayyad Caliphs, Hisham, Dirham dated 117 AH, large 30 mm, Wasit mint, Choice Unc, well centered & struck, bright lustrous silver, no wkness. (An EF, sl scrs, same mint, brought $109, CNG eAuction 6/09.)


414 ITALY, Milan, Filippo II, 1556-98, Billon Trillina, 18 mm, Crowned F/arms in cross, EF, small part of lgnds wk, luster in recesses, ltly toned, nice condition.


LOTS 407-421         OBVS REVS


415 KUSHANO-Sasanian,® 14 mm, Hormizd I, 265-95, Bust r/bust atop fire altar; AVF, nrly centered on smallish flan, clear obv lgnd, medium brown, decent for this. (A GVF brought $173, CNG eAuc 9/10.)


416 MEXICO, AR 2 Reales, Ferdinand VII, 1813, bust/ arms betw pillars; G, minor lgnd wkness, but still nice.


417 POLAND, Alexander 1501-06, Ar 1/2 Grosch, 18 mm, crown/eagle, G, some lgnd wkness, good silver.


418 SASSANIAN, Ardashir I, 224-41, Ar Drachm, 25+ mm, bust r/fire altar; AEF/EF, well centered & struck, good bright silver, nice strong details. (VF $403, Ponterio 4/07.)

419 Hormizd II, 302-09, Drachm, 26 mm, Bust r/fire altar; VF-EF, centered & well struck, sl short of flan at 4-5:00 edge; good silver with tone in recesses to accentuate features; odd die pimple in front of beard. (A VF brought $221 on $300 bid, FSR 6/05; VF $604, CNG 9/03.)


420 Varhran V, 420-38, Drachm, 29 mm, F, good silver, reasonable portrait, rev rather crude from flawed die.


421 Yazdgard II, 438-57, Drachm, 30 mm, VF or better, hardly worn but typically crude, portrait reasonable, good bright silver. (A VF brought $575, Ponterio 4/08.)


422 Khusru II, Drachm, Balkh, Year 34, 33 mm, Choice EF, well centered & beautifully struck with no wkness; fine style; nicely toned. (My records show a VF from this mint selling for $690, Ponterio 4/08. You can bid much less.)


423 -- Hamadan, Yr. 35, 32 mm, Choice Mint State, again beautifully struck in finest style, much luster with lt tone.

(A VF+, poor strike & style, brought $115, CGF 12/02.)


424 -- Jay, Year 38, 31 mm, Choice EF, best style & an excellent strike; good silver with lt tone. (An EF, this mint, brought $454, CGB 6/11.)


425 -- Shiz, Yr. 27, 31 mm, one more very well struck Choice EF with fine style bust. (VF $120, iNumis 10/09.)


426 Yazdgard III, 632-51 AD, the last Sassanian ruler, rare; 33 mm, Sakastan, Yr 3; EF, virtually as struck, bright silver; rather crude strike; piece broken off & glued back, still has a sm piece missing. (GVF $460, Triton 1/04.)


LOTS 422-430         OBVS REVS


427 SPAIN, Ferdinand & Isabella, 1474-1504, ® blanca, 18 mm, crowned F/crowned Y; VF, centered, good medium brown, a little lgnd wkness but bold & nice. (A F-VF sold for $41 on $45 bid in my 4/12 sale.)


428 TABARISTAN, Sassanian style Hemidrachm, Hani, 787-91 AD, Bust r/fire altar & attendants; Virtually Mint State, well struck, bright mint luster. (A GVF brought $157, CNG eAuction 8/11.)


429 TRANSYLVANIA, Breitgroschen, 1626-NB, 25 mm, Madonna & child in rays/crowned arms; F+, very sl adj mks on rev, well struck with much detail. (At least equal to a VF reported sold @ $110, Anything Anywhere 12/09.)


430 TURKOMANS, Ayyubids, Yuluq Arslan, 1184-1201 AD, ® Dirhem, 4 figures (ÒMourning of SaladinÓ)/lgnds, S/S Type 35; F-VF/AF, smooth near-black patina with orangy hilighting, obv very bold. (A GF brought $154, CNG 12/93.)



431 Greek, 11 diff coins, all identified but quite low grade, worth $35-40.


432 Roman, Coins of 32 diff rulers. identified by ruler, mostly low grade, worth $95.


433 -- 18 asstd, generally around F, not bad, worth $45.


434 -- 15 pcs, nicer, generally F-VF, identified, worth $55.


435 Byzantine, 15 diff types, identified, from S-62 to 2049; low grade, please believe me, worth $40.


436 England, 7 diff Conder tokens 1788-93, plus one 1813, all AG, one or two approaching G; eight pieces.


437 Germany, 2 uniface lead casts of medieval seals, one 3-3/4 inches with fearsome std ruler, the other 3+ inches with knight on horseback; VF as made. heavy! See photo.


LOT 437                    OBVS





438 Auction catalogs from 35 all DIFF FIRMS! ALL Overseas! All feature ancients. MOST with PRL. All fairly recent. All substantial catalogs with plates. Weight 55 lbs.


439 Boxful of HUGE Ancient art books: Oakeshott, The Mosaics of Rome; Scamuzzi, Egyptian Art; Higgins, Greek Terracottas; Reverdin & Hoegler, Crete & Its Treasures; Bandinelli, Rome: The Late Empire; Richter, The Sculpture & Sculptors of the Greeks; Hanfmann, Roman Art; Megaw, Art of the European Iron Age. Eight hefty tomes weighing

37 pounds, all lavishly illustrated with color, a great lot.


440 Seaby, Roman Silver Coins, complete set of 5 Vol-umes, hardcovers with djs, 1978-87 (most recent editions); some wear to djs, otherwise nice. Highly user-friendly as every variety is included, alphabetical by reverse lgnd.

(A set brought $161 on $176 bid in my 1/98 sale.)


441 Levy, From The CoinÕs Point of View, 1993, 178 pp, large hardcover w/dj, illus, highly readable book of classic ancient coins telling their own stories. Nice condition.


442 Franke & Hirmer, Romische Kaiserportrats im Munz-bild, hardcover, 55 pp + 52 enlargement plates of superb coins superbly photographed, some in color. German text.


443 Head, Historia Numorum, A Manual of Greek Numis-matics, 1887 original edition, 79 + 812 pp, some illus, hardcover, boards reinforced inside, label removed from bottom of spine, still a decent copy, ex ANS Library.

(Same edition, F, brought $138, CNG 9/06.)


444 Kunker (Germany), 3 auction catalogs of ancient coins: 3/12, 10/12, 11/13; all excellent hefty catalogs with color plates & PRLs. Kunker does a nice job.


445 Nat Geog Soc: Everyday Life in Bible Times, 446 pp, & Everyday Life in Ancient Times, 336 pp; both hardcovers w/djs & large enclosed maps, much color illus.


446 Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life, 405 pp, illus, incl coins, softcover; 2010 Pulitzer Prize winning book; Mi-chael Grant, Constantine the Great, The Man & His Times, 1993, 267 pp, hardcover w/dj., some illus incl coins.


447 Bahn, Atlas of World Archaeology, 208 pp, harcover; Amer Heritage, Discovery of Lost Worlds, 352 pp, soft-cover; both oversized books with lavish color illustrations.


448 Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews, 644 pp; Roth, History of the Jews, 440 pp; softcovers; plus Flavius Josephus, Selections from his Works, hardcover, 318 pp.


449 Connolly, The Ancient City: Life in Classical Athens & Rome, 256 pp, some hiliting; Casson, Horizon, Daily Life

in Ancient Rome, 127 pp; hardcovers; plus Boston MFA, Pompeii AD 79, 111 pp; all 3 oversize & well illus w/color.


450 Zahi Hawass (EgyptÕs Antiquities honcho), Mountains of the Pharaohs, about pyramids, 213 pp, some color illus; Time-Life, Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs, 168 pp, large size; hardcovers; + large softcover, Hobson, The World of the Pharaohs, 192 pp.; last two with many color illus.


451 Guhl & Koner, The Greeks: Life & Customs, 300 pp (reprint of 19th cent book); Quennell & Quennell, Every-day Things in Ancient Greece, 256 pp; both hardcovers with illustrations, and quite nice.


452 3 nice matching Penguin classics: Suetonius, The Twelve Caesars; Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome; Polybius, The Rise of the Roman Empire; paperbacks.


453 Herm, The Celts, 312 pp, harcover w/dj; Markale, The Celts, 320 pp, softcover, both with some illustrations.


454 Matching set of 3, Crown Pub, ÒArt of the WorldÓ: The Art of Archaic Greece, 224 pp; The Art of Classical Greece, 294 pp; The Age of Hellenism, 243 pp; hardcovers with many color illus; discarded by philistine librarians!


455 Harold Lamb, The Crusades, 490 pp, hardcover; Reston, Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart & Saladin in the Third Crusade , 410 pp, softcover. Blood-soaked.


456 Will Durant, Caesar & Christ, actually a history of Rome to 325 AD, 751 pp; Zoch, Ancient Rome: An Intro-ductory History, 300 pp, few illus; hardcovers; plus soft-cover, Luttwak, The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire.


457 Ferguson, The Vikings, A History, 451 pp,some illus; Nat Geog Soc, The Vikings, 207 pp, large size, many color illus; both hardcovers with dustjackets, nice.


458 Hourani, A History of the Arab Peoples, 551 pp, hardcover w/dj, some illus; authoritative; Karen Armstrong, Islam, A Short History, 192 pp, softcover.


Multiples available. Order now or add to bids.


459 Frank S. Robinson, Angels And Pinheads: A Guide to Which is Which and WhatÕs What, 226 page book packed with 146 essays on a wide range of topics (selected from my blog), with something sure to offend everybody. Attractively priced at only $9.95 . CLICK HERE


460 CAPPADOCIA, Ariobarzanes I, 95-63 BC, Ar Drachm, Bust r/Athena stg, S7302; F or so, decent portraits, revs somewhat wk or off-ctr 24.50

(A F+ brought $106 in my 3/13 sale.)


ELYMAIS, all ® Drachms, nice F to VF, generally with attractive hilighted green patinas, picked from hoard (catalogued in Sear, ÒGreek Imperial CoinsÓ) Reduced:

461 Orodes I, 2nd cent AD, GIC-5893, bust left/Artemis & cornucopia, scarce 11.95


462 -- GIC-5895, rev anchor & dashes, 9.95, 3/27.95


463 -- GIC-5896, rev dashes, 9.45, 3/26.50


464 Phraates, GIC-5899, rev Artemis stg r, 9.95, 3/27.95


465 -- GIC-5902, rev dashes, 9.45, 3/26.50


466 Orodes II, GIC-5904, bust facg/Artemis bust facg, 8.95, 3/24.95, 10/75.00


467 -- GIC-5905, rev dashes 8.95, 3/24.95


468 Orodes III, GIC-5910, rev dashes, 8.50, 3/23.95, 10/69.75


469 Lot of 11 diff types 99.50


470 Mixed types, 3/22.95, 10/65.00

470A NEWLY ADDED: Elymais Drachms, VG-F, generally attributable, 3 for 11.95, 10/35.95, 30/99.00


471 MILETOS, 600s BC, Ar 1/12 Stater, S3532 (£65),

lion forepart left/star pattern; VG-F, reasonable centering, clear, toned, 19.95. Earliest cheap Greek coin.


472 PERSIS, Ar Hemidrachm, ÒUncertain kingÓ c.1st

cent AD, bust l./diadem, GIC-5956var (no triskeles); VF, good silver, strong portraits, quite nice for these, 32.95.

(A VF brought $112, Peus 4/94.)


473 ROMAN, Theodosius I, ®3, CONCORDIA AVGGG, Constantinopolis std, not common, F or better & decent, medium brown, 5.95


474 INDIA,Gadhaiya Paisa, c.1000 AD, Sassanian style bust r/fire altar, Mitch.424; EF, good silver, excellent quality carefully selected from a hoard. (A VF, this exact type, brought $103, Munz Zentrum 1/12) 10.95


475 Bull & horseman jital, good silver, c. 1000 AD, F-VF sl crude but decent, 4.35


476 Sultans of Malwa, Mahmud Shah II, 1511-31, square

® Fals, large 16-19 mm, F-VF or so, 2.70, 3/7.35


477 Bahawalpur, Square Paisa, Y8, sl crude VF or better (VF cat $20) 3.85, 3/9.50, 10/28.95, 30/76.50, 100/$229


478 10 Rupees, 2010, bimetallic KM363, BU (cat $6) 1.85,

3 for 4.95, 10 for 15.50


479 CHINA, Han Dynasty, Pan-Liang, c. 2nd century BC, Schjoth 93, round coin with 2 characters, AVF 3.75


480 Northern Sung Dyn, ÒHsien-pÕingÓ 998-1004 AD, S-469 VF-EF 1.99


481 -- ÒChih-pÕingÓ 1064-67 AD, S-519, VF+ 1.80


482 -- Northern Sung, Large multi-value coins, VG-F, mostly unclnd green patinas, 10 for 14.50


483 TÕai-pÕing rebellion period, 1851-61, emergency Iron coin, Chihli mint, C5-4a, F crude (cat $30) 8.50


484 VIETNAM, Cash coin, Schj. 32, 1453-59, (Toda 56 cat $18), nice substantial coin VF-EF with lovely 2-tone green patina 2.99, 3/7.95, 10/24.50


485 Schj.34, 1460-97, scarce AEF very nice 5.50


486 Zinc cash, C36, 1739-66, rare, VG-F (KM VG=$18, wrongly listed as copper) nice for this 4.95, 3/13.50


487 FR. INDOCHINA, 1/4c 1942, always with corrosion (F cat $8), typical average pcs, not bad 3/1.99, 10/5.35


488 Same, 1943, scarce, F or better (F=$15) 2.85, 3/6.95


489 BRITISH Empire, fantasy crown patterns of various lands, in various metals, dated 1808, 1830, 1840,1887, 1897, prooflike BU, extremely nice, 3 diff 10.95; 10 diff $36


490 SUDAN, 50G 1972 KM56.1 crown size Unc (cat $7.50) 2.99, 3 for 7.99


491 -- Scarcer KM56.2 Unc (cat $20) 5.95, 3/16.50,10/$49


492 UZBEKISTAN, 100S 2004 BU (cat $15) 3.65, 3/9.95


493 SOMALIA, 25 SH 2004, crown size, Pope JPII, set of 3 KM-155-57, BU (cat $21) 10.95, 3 sets 29.75


494 UKRAINE, 5 Hry, crownsize, plane, 2004, KM362,

PL Unc (cat $13) 5.50, 3/14.95


495 7-pc type set 2009-11 BU (cat $15.25) 3.75, 3/9.95


496 LITHUANIA, 1991 6-pc set, 1 to 50C, BU 2.99, 3 sets 7.95, 10 sets 24.95


497 LIBYA, 1979 6-pc set UNC (cat $32) 12.95, 3/33.95


498 DJIBOUTI, 1999 10-20-50F, BU (cat $9 each, 1800 minted for sets only) all 3 for 11.95, 3 sets $33, 10 sets $99


499 UGANDA, 10 Sh 1987 BU (cat $4.50) 1.55, 3/4.25


500 MADAGASCAR, 6-pc sets 1996-2005, 1-2-5-10-20-50 Ariary, BU (cat $37.50) 11.50, 3 sets 29.95, 10/89.75


Have any surplus coins? I am always keen to buy for future sales. I pay fair and fast, please consider me.