115 PERSIS, Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, 2nd cent BC, Tet, Head r wearing kyrbasia & diadem/

Fire temple betw king & standard, above half-figure of Ahura-Mazda; S6193, Alram 546;

EF, sl off-ctr, minor crudeness, good high-relief portrait, excellent metal with luster. Ex Triskeles as EF.

Four Persis kings struck Tetradrachms, all fairly rare, but this is actually much the rarest.

(GVFs brought $10,200, CNG 9/17; $7794, Leu 5/18.) Starting Bid $1800

116 -- Autophradates II, Obol, Head r in satrapal headgear, eagle atop/fire altar etc, S6200 (Darius I),

Alr. 549; Nice VF, centered, sl rev crudeness, good metal & strong portrait.

(A GVF brought $246, VAuctions 6/11.) Starting Bid $40

117 Darius I, c.110-80 BC, Drachm, King's head in satrapal headgear, eagle atop/fire altar etc, S6194 (£90);

Choice VF, obv well centered & struck, rev a little off-ctr; excellent bright metal.

Portrait of unusual interesting fine style, very rare thus. (A VF brought $730, Elsen 2/94.)

Starting Bid $80

118 Napad, 1st cent AD, Obol, bust in tiara l., dot in crescent in front/Diademed bust l, Alr.614var;

EF, rev sl off-ctr, but sharply struck with lgnd fairly clear, portraits strongly detailed. Good metal, deeply toned.

RARE variety with crescent & dot. (Sharper portraits than on an EF, same variety, bringing $201, CNG 5/12.)

Starting Bid $50

119 "Unknown King" or "Prince Y," 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust l. in Parthian headgear/double diadem,

AEF, obv centered & nice with good detail, rev somewhat off-ctr & crude; deeply toned.

Starting Bid $28

120 PHERAI, Hemidrachm, 4th cent BC, Hekate head l./Nymph Hypereia stg l, S2204 (£300);

VF/AVF, centered, good metal, well struck; much above average quality for this. Ex CNG as VF;

Ex BCD with his tag & photos. (A VF sold for $3,819, Triton 1/12.) Starting Bid only $100

121 PHOKIS, Hemidrachm, c. 449-447 BC, Bucranium/Artemis head r, S2348 (£120); Ex CNG as "Nice VF,"

I call it VF/F+, with obv a good bit off-ctr & a hit on edge; good bright metal. But that's just my opinion.

(A VF , this exact style, brought $734, Peus 4/10; another VF $823, Triton 1/17; and a GVF $2850, Leu 4/07.)

Starting Bid a paltry $60

122 RHEGION, Æ19, c. 400 BC, Facg lion scalp/PH in olive spray; VF-EF/VF, flan sl ragged at rev bottom,

excellent sharp lion scalp. Nice olive green patina.

This coin ex Roma 9/12 auction graded GVF where it realized $420. Starting Bid $100

123 RHODES, Hemidrachm, 167-88 BC, Helios hd 3/4 rt/Rose in incuse square, magistrate Menodoros, star,

as S5065; VF, a touch off-ctr but complete, teensy edge splits, minor rev crudeness, good strong face.

(A VF of the type brought $210, Astarte 12/02.) Starting Bid $50

You can bid with a budget limit or alternates

124 Didrachm, 387-304 BC, Helios hd facg sl rt/rose, grape bunch at left, E, S5037 (£300);

VF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, good metal, minor crudeness, but a good strong face in high relief.

(GVFs with this exact rev brought $1495, CNG 9/01 and $2530, CNG 5/07.) Starting Bid $185

125 Pseudo-Rhodian Macedonian issue of Perseus, 179-168 BC, Drachm, Helios head sl rt/

Rose, grape bunch, Magistrate GORGOS; Mint State, centered, well struck for this with good strong face & rose;

good metal with brilliant mint luster.

(Same variety, EF, brought $511, CNG 9/06; AEF/VF-EF $460, Rauch 9/08.) Starting Bid $170

126 SELGE, Æ13, 2ns-1st cent BC, Herakles head r/ thunderbolt & bow, S-5491; VF, moderately off-ctr,

dark brown patina, minor edge split, strong detail on head. (A VF brought $69, CNG eAuc 10/16.)

Starting Bid $15

127 SINOPE, Drachm, 415-365 BC, Sinoppe head l./Sea eagle riding dolphin l., AGPE, as S3692;

EF, obv nrly centered, rev well centered but a little crowded; excellent metal with lt tone.

(Same variety, EF, same rev centering, brought $828, Spink 12/13.) Start Bid $320

128 SPAIN, CASTULO, Æ26+, 120-20 BC, Diademed head r, with hand/Sphinx r, star in field;

VF/AVF, slate green patina with strong whiteish hilighting, excellent obv head with much hair detail.

(A VF realized $471, Teutoburger 12/10.) Start Bid $90

129 OBULCO, Æ25, Head r/lgnd betw plow & wheat ear; VF+, smooth dark brown patina,

rev wkness at one edge, obv sl off-ctr, crude weird style on face, hair detail very strong.

(A VF brought $332, Rauch 12/13.) Starting Bid $70

130 SYRACUSE, Æ16, Hemilitron, 410-405 BC, Arethusa head l, dolphin behind,

engraver signature Phi-RY at back of sphendome/Wheel, dolphins in lower quarters, S1186;

AEF, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr with sl roughness; dark greenish patina; good detail on head.

Rare with signed obv die, and on this example the signature is unusually clear.

(An EF of the type, no signature, with encrustation, brought $1982, Roma 4/14; GVF, sl off-ctr, $863, CNG eAuc 5/15.)

MB $150

131 Hieron II, 275-215 BC, Æ19, Poseidon head l./trident, S1223; F-VF, nrly centered,

some weakness in places, reasonable head with some detail;' dark greenish patina.

(A F+ brought $45 on $89 bid in my 4/91 sale.) Starting Bid $15

132 Fifth Democracy, 214-212 BC, Ar 12 Litrae, Athena head left, AG monogram behind/

Artemis stg left with bow, hound, Sigma-Omega at left;

S997 (£325; remember these Sear valuations are now over 40 years old);

VF, well centered, minor traces of smoothing & other insignificant surface quibbles; a decent bold coin.

(This exact variety, VF with lt porosity, brought $2240, CNG eAuc 4/11.) Starting Bid $400

133 SYRIA, Seleukos I, 312-280 BC, Tet, Herakles head r/Zeus std l, monogram at left, Delta-I below seat,

S6829, SC-117(1)c; VF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, a little mild porosity, dark tone in recesses;

good detail on head. (Same variety, VF brought $707, Kunker 9/04.) Starting Bid $140

134 -- Æ14, Medusa head r/bull butting rt; as S6852; AVF/F+, centered,

steely-brown patina with only slightest porosity, much detail on obv head.

(A VF brought $136, Leu Web auc 6/17.) Starting Bid $15

135 Antiochos I, 280-261 BC, Æ14, Facing Athena head/Nike stg l, monogram M in circle left, S6883;

VF, nrly centered, glossy dark patina, clear face on Athena. (A GVF brought $276, CNG 6/05.)

Starting Bid $30

136 Antiochos II, Æ17, Apollo hd r/tripod, anchor below; Choice AEF, nrly centered, lustery dark patina,

great quality. Ex Triskeles auction 3/17 where it brought $115. Starting Bid $70

137 -- Tet, His head r/Apollo std l, on omphalos, hldg arrow, monograms left & right, S6886 (£400);

VF+/VF, centered, good metal with only insignificant surface quibbles, excellent portrait.

Attributed by Berk as SC-587.4b but this is incorrect, monogram at right is different

& in fact is one I could not find altogether. Needs more research but certainly very rare.

(A VF of the type brought $920, CNG 7/09.) Starting Bid $220

138 Antiochos III, Drachm, 223-187 BC, His head r/Apollo std left on omphalos, S6939 (£90);

VF, good metal with lt tone, minor edge split, a little off-ctr, obv nice with strong high relief head,

rev somewhat crudely struck. (A GVF brought $748 + buyer fee, Auct GmbH 1/16.) Starting Bid $40

139 Seleukos IV, 187-175 BC, Tet, Head rt/wreath behind/ Zeus std l on omphalos,

monogram below appears to be plain "O"; as S6966 (£300); VF, well centered & struck,

good metal with medium toning, modest test cut above ear; not that you'd fail to notice it,

but this is still actually a very appealing coin. Very rare with wreath behind head ("Wreath mint," Damascus?).

Not found with "O." (Same but with diff rev monogram, GVF with lt porosity, brought $978, CNG 9/11.)

Starting Bid $90

140 Alexander II, 128-123 BC, Tet, Head r/Zeus std l, monogram at left, Delta under seat; S7115 (£200);

Choice strong VF, well centered & struck, teensiest porosity, nicely toned.

(A VF, same monograms realized $697, CGB 3/11.) Starting Bid $200

141 Demetrios II, 2nd reign, 129-125 BC, Bearded Bust r/Zeus std l, below date E-Pi-R = 185 = 128/7 BC,

S7103 (£375); VF, obv sl off-ctr, sl surface faults, toning in recesses, strong portrait detail.

Scarce with bearded bust. (A VF of the type brought $1300, Spink 3/09.) Starting Bid $265

142 Antiochos VII, Tet, Head rt/Athena stg l, as S7092; Nice VF-EF/VF, centered, well struck,

good metal with medium tone. Almost invisible mark behind mouth does not detract from a very attractive piece

(A VF sold for $995 Kunker 3/14) MB $160

143 Cleopatra & Antiochos VIII, 125-121 BC, Jugate heads r/Nike stg l, S7138; AVF, centered a mite low,

brown patina, some lt roughness, but much detail on portraits, rev lgnd almost fully legible.

Very Rare. (Actually better than a VF, off-ctr, weak & sl rough, which brought $705, CNG 9/11.)

Starting Bid $60

144 TARENTUM, stater, 500-473 BC, Taras on dolphin left, scallop shell below, lgnd at rt, all in ring/

4-spoke wheel, dolphin (?) in one quarter, sim S223 (Obv right, £350); F/AF, thick flan,

obv well centered & clear (lgnd wk), rev somewhat off-ctr & crude with touch of porosity. Ltly toned.

Very rare & desirable early issue, much more so with obv to left.

(A GVF with usual obv right brought $4025, CNG 9/13.) Start Bid $90

145 Nomos, 302-2380 BC, Rider crowning horse r/Phalanthos on dolphin left, hldg grape bunch, Vlas.673;

VF, good centering with only top of rev head off, ltly toned, insignificant surface quibbles.

(Same variety, VF, brought $692, CNG 9/13.) MB $140

146 TARSOS, Tetartemorion (.14 g), 384-361 BC, Female head r/helmeted head r, SNG Lev 82;

F-VF/AF, centered, toned, sl roughness on rev. (A GVF brought $215, NAC 3/10.) MB $20

147 TENEDOS, hemibol (.42 gm), 5th cent BC, Janiform heads of Zeus & Hera/double axe in square,

VF, obv sl off-ctr but faces clear, rev flatly struck at right, good metal with lt tone. Quite good style for this.

(Cruder style, VF, "typical porosity" brought $179, CNG eAuc 6/11.) Starting Bid $25

148 THASOS, Stater, 510-480 BC, ithyphallic satyr carrying struggling nymph, who is shouting "#MeToo")/

4-part square; S1746 (£425); Choice VF, well centered & struck, excellent archaic style in high relief.

Light mattelike tone. The all-important thing between satyr's legs is unusually clear. (

A VF realized $4500, Peus 10/07.) Starting Bid $260

149 Same but Drachm, F, nrly centered, decent metal, a little crude but clear. Ex European auction as F-VF.

(A F+ brought $351 on $380 bid in my 8/91 sale.) Starting Bid $45

150 Tet, after 148 BC, Dionysos hd r/Herakles stg l, M mono-gram, Choice AEF, well centered on broad flan,

style perhaps just beginning to be Celticized; excellent fresh metal with lt tone. Very nice.

(A GVF brought $1250, Davisson 11/12; NEF $6325 (yes), F&S 1/11.) Starting Bid $200

151 THESSALIAN League, Hemidrachm, 196-146 BC, Zeus head r/Athena Itonia stg r, magistrate POLY,

as S2236 (£65); AVF/F-VF, nrly centered, good metal. Actually far scarcer than the larger denominations;

when have you seen this? Ex European auction as VF.

(Same magistate, GVF, "a little porous," brought $219, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $60

152 THRACE, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, Tet, Alexander head with horn/Athena std l,

Monogram & herm left, Lampsakos, Thomp.50; EF, nrly centered, slightest porosity & smoothing, ltly toned,

finest style portrait with great detail in high relief; A very handsome looking coin.

(This exact variety, EF, sold for $12,169, Nomos 10/17; EF $11,500, Triton 1/08; GVF $2,312, CNG 5/09.)

Starting Bid $750

153 THURIUM, Stater 350-281 BC, Athena head r, Skylla on helmet/Bull butting r, tunny fish below;

AVF, broad flan, decent centering for this with bull fully complete, minor striking crudeness,

slight trace of rev roughness; ltly toned. (A VF, same variety, brought $792, CGB 11/04.)

Starting Bid $150

154 TYRE, Dishekel or Stater, 400-360 BC, Melqarth on hippocamp, waves & dolphin below/

Owl with crook & flail; S5012 (£450); Choice VF, nrly centered & complete, well struck,

only minor traces of porosity with medium contrasty tone; very bold & pleasing for these.

(Compare a VF with big test cut bringing $805, Gemini 1/10.) Starting Bid $250

155 VELIA, Nomos, 350-281 BC, Athena hd l, Centaur on helmet, EK monogram behind/lion munching left;

F-VF/AF, nrly centered, good metal apart from some very sl grainy spots at edge.

(Same variety, F+, brought $219, CGB 1/04.) MB $85


156 BRONZE Quadrans, M. Aburius Geminus, Cr. 250/2, Sy.488a; Hercules head r/prow r;

F-VF, sl off-ctr, moderately rough dark greenish patina. "GEM" above prow clear. Scarce.

(A F brought $86, Triskeles 3/17.) Starting Bid $12

157 As, Cn. Lentulus, Cr. 345/3, Sy.704, Janus head/prow, F, somewhat crude & partly weak,

reasonably clear Janus, glossy dark patina. Ex Pegasi as VF.

(A VF with roughness realized $391, CNG eAuc 10/14.) Starting Bid $35

158 Semis, L. Piso Frugi, Cr.340/5b, Sy.677b; Saturn head r/ prow r, VF, a touch off-ctr on sl ragged flan,

dark brown patina with some mild roughness, much detail both sides; L PISO clear. Ex Roma as VF.

Rare! (Actually clearly nicer than a GVF bringing $390, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $65

SILVER (All Denarii unless noted, by Crawford & Sydenham #s):

159 Quadrigatus, Cr. 28/3, Janus head/Jupiter in quadriga, VF/F-VF, nrly centered on sl small flan,

trivial surface imperfections, good strong detail on Janus. (A Near VF brought $511, Spink 3/16.)

Starting Bid $150

160 Quinarius, 44/6, Sy.141, Roma head r/Dioscuri on horses r; VF-EF/EF, centered, hint of porosity on obv,

sl uneven tone on rev; strong details. (A VF+ realized $564, CGB 2/12.) MB $100

161 L Saufeius, 204/1, Sy.384, Roma head r/Victory in biga r; EF/VF, centered, sharp detail,

mild porosity under moderate toning. (A GVF realized $280, CNG eAuc 8/07.) Start Bid $75

162 Spurius Afranius, 206/1, Sy.388, Roma head r/Victory in biga r; EF, centered & well struck on a broad flan;

faint porosity, lt tone; quite good looking. (A GVF brought $529, CNG 9/14; EF $2350, Triton 1/14..)

Starting Bid $200

163 Ti. Veturius, 234/1, Sy.527, Roma head r/Youth kneeling betw warriors;

AEF/VF, well centered on sl ragged flan, excellent bright metal. Nice quality for this distinctive type.

(A GVF with sl scrs brought $705, Triton 1/14.) Starting Bid $110

164 L. Antestius Gragulus, 238/1, Sy.451, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r;

F-VF, flatly struck at obv top edge & rev lower left, also some lt scrs in that area of rev.

Otherwise good metal with medium tone. (A F+ brought $68 in my 9/15 sale.) MB $35

165 -- Same, F, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, good metal with medium tone. Starting Bid $35

166 L. Caecilius Metellus, 262/1, Sy.496, Roma head r/Pax in biga, elephant head below;

VF, nrly centered & well struck, good metal, pleasant. (A VF sold for $245, Berk 11/06.) MB $80

167 M. Caecilius Metellus, 263/1a, Sy.480, Roma head r/ elephant head in shield; EF, centered & sharply struck,

shield detail fully clear, unusual for this. Good metal with lt tone.

(A GVF sold for $375, NAC 10/11; EF $1020, Varesi 4/11.) Starting Bid $220

168 Q. Fabius Labeo, 273/1, Sy.532, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r, foot below; VF, obv nrly centered,

rev sl off-ctr, good metal with pleasant lt tone. Ex European auction as VF+.

(A VF brought $207, CNG eAuc 3/12.) Starting Bid $80

Most coins will sell above the low starting bids. I hope.

169 M. Furius, 281/1, Sy.529; Janus head/Roma, trophy & arms; VF, obv nrly centered, rev just sl off-ctr;

well struck for this with strong detail on Janus. Decent two-toned metal.

(A VF brought $492, Gorny 3/12.) Starting Bid $85

170 M. Aemilius Lepidus, 291/1, Sy.554; Wreathed Roma head r/Equestrian statue on arch;

VF, just sl off-ctr, decent metal with lt tone, good strike with sharp detail on head.

(A GVF with lt scrs brought $326, Hirsch 9/12.) Starting Bid $80

171 Mancinus, Pulcher & Urbinus, 299/1b, Sy.570a, Roma head r/Victory in tricycle;

Nice VF, centered & well struck; excellent metal with pleasant tone. (A VF sold for $275, Berk 7/11.)

Starting Bid $80

172 L. Flaminius Chilo, 302/1, Sy.540a, Roma head r/Victory in biga r, AVF, just a touch off-ctr,

excellent metal with nice old tone, almost invisible scratch in obv field. (A VF brought $186, Peus 10/14.)

Starting Bid $60

173 Q. Lutatius Cerco, 305/1, Sy.559, Mars head r/galley in wreath, AEF/VF, nrly centered,

obv sharply struck with unusually strong detail on head, rev has area of wk strike on wreath (as usual);

very sl surface imperfections under deep tone. Good for this scarcer issue.

(A VF+ brought $569, Munz Zentrum 12/13; AEF $1565, Kunker 10/14.) Starting Bid $130

174 L. Thorius Balbus, 316/1, Sy.598, Hd of Juno of Lanuvium r/bull charging r, O above;

Nice VF/AVF, obv well centered, rev minimally off-ctr; well struck, good metal with pleasing lt toning.

(A VF brought $310, CGF 6/04.) Starting Bid $85

175 L. Appuleius Saturninus, 317/3a, Sy.578; Roma head l./ Jupiter in quadriga r, D & pellet above;

VF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, bold strike, good metal, almost invisible scrs below chin. Nice.

Ex European auction as GVF. (A VF, sl off-ctr, brought $270, Noble 4/13.) Starting Bid $75

176 L. Piso Frugi, 340/1, Sy.663, Apollo head r, curled snake behind/horseman r, XX below;

VF/AEF, obv centered sl low, rev well centered; quite well struck for this issue;

good metal with accentuating tone in fields. (A VF/GVF realized $223, Noble 7/14.) Starting Bid $80

177 Q. Titius, 341/2, Sy.692, Bacchus head r/Pegasus, name on tablet below; VF, obv nrly centered,

rev well centered, on sl narrow flan, good metal with lt tone. (A VF brought $432, Gorny 10/11.)

Starting Bid $70

178 C. Vibius Pansa, 342/5b, Sy.684, Apollo head r/Minerva in quadriga r; AVF/F, quite small flan,

obv well centered with head actually complete, sl hints of porosity, ltly toned.

(An F-VF/AF brought $51 on $70 bid in my 6/08 sale.) Starting Bid $22

179 Anonymous, 350A/2, Sy.723, Apollo head r/Jupiter in quadriga r, F+/F; obv sl off-ctr, rev more so to bottom;

good metal with lt tone. Starting Bid $30

180 L. Julius Bursio, 352/1c, Sy.728b, Apollo hd r, trident & two-turreted fort symbol behind/Quadriga r;

F-VF/F, centered, some uneven dark tone in recesses, slight dent on lower rev not obvious.

(A F+/F brought $51 in my 7/07 sale.) Start Bid $20

181 Q. Antonius Balbus, 364/1d, Sy.742b; Jupiter head r/ Victory in hotrod r; serrate issue;

EF, obv sl off-ctr, rev a bit more so; good metal quality with medium toning; well struck with sharp detail on head.

(A VF+ brought $242, Gemini 4/11; EF $720, CNG 9/18.) Starting Bid $170

182 L. Rutilius Flaccus, 387/1, Sy.780, Roma head r/Victory in biga r; VF+/VF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr;

good metal, deeply toned. Obv particularly bold. (A VF+ brought $244, CGB 4/10.) Starting Bid $75

183 L. Lucretius Trio, 390/1, Sy.783, Sol head r/Crescent & 7 stars; AVF, very sl off-ctr,

decent metal with a few teensy surface marks. (A VF, more off ctr, brought $486, Gorny 3/13.)

Starting Bid $85

184 L. Farsuleius Mensor, 392/1a, Sy789a, Libertas head r/ Roma in biga helping citizen, scorpion below;

VF+, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr; good metal with lt tone. (A VF sold for $440, Peus 11/09.)

Starting Bid $100

185 C. Postumius, 394/1, Sy.785, Diana head r/hound racing rt; EF, obv well centered, rev nrly so;

excellent metal with lt tone; strong hair detail on Diana.

(EFs realized $1662, NAC 5/14 and $2601 (yes), Tradart 12/14.) Starting Bid $220

186 IMPERATORIAL. JULIUS CAESAR, Den, Venus head r/2 Gaulish captives beneath trophy, Sy1014;

Strong AVF, nrly cen-tered on sl oval flan, good metal with deep tone, banker mark "M" behind head;

couple very teensy marks in obv field un-worthy of mention.(A VF brought $910, Kunker 3/18.) MB $260

187, MARK ANTONY, Legionary Denarius, Galley/Eagle betw standards, LEG VI;

G, well worn (these circulated for centuries), galley & lower obv lgnd nrly complete, legion number clear.

Starting Bid $20

188 OCTAVIAN, Den, Bare head r/IMP CAESAR, Trophy, rudder & anchor, all piled atop prow, RIC 265a;

AEF/VF, nrly centered on a broad flan, excellent metal with pleasant russet & grey toning; lovely detailed portrait.

But prominent banker mark in obv right & left field.

(A GVF brought $2938, CNG 5/14; GVF $5581, Heritage 5/08.) Starting Bid $275

189 LABIENUS, Den, Head r/horse r; COPY, appears struck, in silver, EF, lt tone, high relief,

sl die break on rev. Start Bid $12


190 AUGUSTUS, Den., Caius & Lucius stg with shields & spears; EF/VF+, sl oval flan,

obv nrly centered with a little of lgnd off, rev lgnd off at rt; decent bright metal; very sl surface crack on obv.

Sharp hair & wreath detail on portrait. (Compare a GVF with lt porosity bringing $1175, CNG 5/13.)

Start Bid $220

191 Dupondius, AVGVSTVS TRIBVNIC POTEST in wreath/SC, lgnd around naming Q AELIVS LAMIA;

F/VF, quite well centered, obv lgnd weak, rev lgnd full & clear. Medium brown patina.

(A Near VF with scrs brought $207, CNG eAuc 5/08.) Start Bid $25

192 AUGUSTUS & LIVIA, Antiocheia ad Maeander, Æ18, His bust r/hers r; F, obv somewhat off-ctr,

lgnds mostly wk, smooth dark patina with earthen hilighting outlining portraits. Ex Savoca as Near VF.

(A F brought $90, Rauch 3/13.) MB $30

193 AGRIPPA, As, His bust l./SC, Neptune stg l; Barbaric imitation, AVF/VG, medium brown patina,

centered on a smallish flan, obv lgnd crowded but mostly there, portrait in provincial style with much detail;

rev crude & rough. Starting Bid $25

194 TIBERIUS, Den, PONTIF MAXIM, Livia std r; VF/F+, obv a little off-ctr, lgnd crowded,

sl scrs in obv field not noticeable without magnification, otherwise good metal, nicely detailed portrait.

The famous Biblical "Tribute Penny," accompanied by a parchment certificate stating that this one is the actual coin Jesus held up. At least that's what the eBay listing said; the certificate is in Aramaic, so I can't read it myself.

(A F-VF with lt scrs brought $311 on $350 bid in my 1/11 sale..) MB $150

195 NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS, Sest, head left/Claudius std on pile of arms (that's weapons, not limbs);

VF-EF/VF, centered, full lgnds, good darkish greenish-brown patina, glossy, possibly sl smoothed;

portrait in nice style with very strong hair detail. (A VF brought $4500, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $850

196 CALIGULA, As, VESTA std l; Choice EF, centered, full sharp lgnds,

dark green patina with paler green hilighting; only a trace of roughness on rev;

superb portrait with exceptionally strong hair detail.

(Compare a GVF bringing $2000, Davisson 2/16; EF $9200, Triton 1/07.) Starting Bid $750

197 CLAUDIUS, As, LIBERTAS AVGVSTA, Libertas stg r, VF/F-VF, obv sl off-ctr on unround flan short at 1-3:00,

thus some lgnd off; pale fleshy brown with sl porosity mainly on rev; portrait nice with much hair detail.

(A GF with smoothing brought $288, CNG 6/05.) Starting Bid $60

198 Lakedaimon (Sparta), Æ23, bust r/Apollo Karneios stg at column, hand over head;

F+, sl off-ctr, sl rough dark greenish patina, strong portrait with centration dimple on neck; thick flan. Rare.

(Much better than a F bringing $200, Naumann 12/15.) Starting Bid $50

199 BRITANNICUS, Smyrna, Æ16, head rt/Nike adv r, F+, well centered, dark greenish patina,

sl roughess mainly on rev, obv nice with a bold strong portrait. Ex European auction as VF.

(A F, "a little rough" brought $251 in my 8/16 sale) Start Bid $120

200 NERO, Den, SALVS std l; Nice F/AF, nrly centered, excellent problem-free silver, even wear, bold portrait.

(A F/VG sold for $450, Berk 5/12.) Starting Bid $110

201 As, Laur head l/PACE PR etc, Temple of Janus; F-VF,

full tho partly wk obv lgnd, brown patina with a little roughness, portrait has much detail;

rev a bit off-ctr with partial lgnd, but pretty good surface & much detail on temple. Ex Nilus Coins $185.

(A F-VF brought $128 on $175 bid in my 2/05 sale.) Starting Bid $30

202 Egypt, Tet, Bust left, Year 13/Galley; overall F, no obv lgnd & little on rev, silver-grey,

traces of maroon on rev, portrait actually has much detail, galley clear. Scarce & desirable type.

(A F-VF brought $201 on $255 bid in my 3/08 sale.) MB $30

203 NERO & POPPAEA, Egypt Tet, Nero hd r/Poppaea hd r, LI = Year 10; VF, nrly centered on a broad flan,

most of lgnds present, brown patina with strong hilighting; both portraits have much detail.

(A VF brought $750, Kunker 3/07; VF, flaws & sl rough, $520, Rauch 11/06.) Starting Bid $135

204 GALBA, Den, CONCORDIA PROVINCIARVM, Concordia stg l; AEF/VF, obv centered with complete lgnd,

rev sl off-ctr, good metal with lt tone; portrait quite strong. (A VF realized $1680, UBS 9/08.)

Starting Bid $600

205 Sest, Libertas stg l., COPY, struck on a hefty flan, EF, toned, style not right yet a nice attractive piece.

Start Bid $15

206 VITELLIUS, Den, PONT MAXIM, Vesta stg r; AEF/VF, obv nrly centered with sl lgnd crowding,

rev sl off-ctr with lgnd fading out at rt; quite good metal with mellow old toning;

excellent portrait with very bold detail. (A GVF sold for $1466, CNG 9/09.) Starting Bid $500

207 VESPASIAN, Den, CONCORDIA AVG, Concordia std l., star below, Ephesos Mint;

EF, obv sl off-ctr with a little of lgnd partly off, rev nrly centered with full lgnd; some teensy edge irregularities.

Good metal, portrait very sharp. Excellent quality for this. Ex CNG auction 9/05 (unsold).

(An AEF brought $1526, Helios 4/09.) Starting Bid $200

208 Egypt, Æ25, Diobol, Rev Isis bust r, Year Delta; nice F/AF, nrly centered, most of obv lgnd present,

smooth brown surfaces, portrait has some detail. (A GF with "some roughness" brought $94, CNG eAuc 10/08.)

Starting Bid $18

209 TITUS, Caesarea Hemidrachm, Nike adv r; F+, obv nrly centered with most of lgnd, rev sl off-ctr;

thickish patina but clear & decent. (A VF with "areas of roughness" brought $168, CNG eAuc 8/13.)

Starting Bid $25

210 DOMITIAN, As, MONETA AVGVSTI, Moneta stg l; VF, obv centered, rev nrly so, full lgnds;

sl thick dark green patina; strong hair & laurel wreath detail. A nice coin.

(A GVF rwith lt scrs brought $863, CNG 6/06.) Starting Bid $65

211 Antioch, Æ22, Bust left/SC in wreath; VF+, nrly centered, brown patina, obv lgnd flatly struck at left,

very strong portrait detail. (Much nicer than a VF bringing $110, Pegasi 11/13.) Starting Bid $45

212 DOMITIAN & DOMITIA, Koinon of Thessaly, Æ19x22, His bust r/Hers r;

F+, somewhat off-ctr on crude elongated flan with some metal faults at edges; medium brown patina;

both portraits strong. Ex German auction as VF. (A Near VF brought $403, Triton 1/12.) Starting Bid $55

213 NERVA, Den, AEQVITAS AVGVST, Aequitas stg l; EF/VF-EF, well centered,

decent metal with deep old toning, almost invisible flan crack. Portrait particularly well struck with great detail.

(A GVF realized $748, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $260

214 Den, LIBERTAS PVBLICA, Libertas stg l; VF, centered, full lgnds,

moderate tone; decent metal with practically invisible scrs; strong portrait detail.

(A F+ sold for $300, Berk 11/12; VF $354, Noble 4/16.) Starting Bid $90

215 TRAJAN, As, TR POT COS IIII PP, Victory ad l, hldg shield inscr SPQR; EF, well centered, full lgnds,

dark greenish brown patina with some smoothing/tooling marks mainly in obv right field;

very sharp hair & laurel wreath detail. (A VF+/VF realized $374, Vico 3/12.) Starting Bid $180

216 Egypt, Tet, Bust r, star to rt/Nilus bust r, cornucopiae, LIH; F+, a hair off-ctr, obv lgnd crowded/wk at rt,

silvery-grey with somewhat uneven coloration, minor touches of graininess. Ex both CNG & Agora as VF.

(A VF (diff year) brought $314, CNG eAuc 12/11.) Starting Bid $30

217 Tyre, Tet, Bust rt above club & eagle/Tyche std r, river god swimming below;

F+/VF, sl off-ctr, lgnds nrly complete; uncleaned original dark brownish patina, appearance of a bronze coin.

(A VF brought $518, CNG eAuc 5/11.) MB $75

218 HADRIAN, Den, AEGYPTOS, Egypt recl l., Ibis; VF/F-VF, well centered, excellent metal with lt tone, nice.

With CNG tag as VF. (A VF brought $748, CNG eAuction 1016.) MB $110

219 Sest, PONT MAX TR POT COS III, Roma std l; VF, nrly centered, lgnds partly crowded/wk,

dark greenish-brown patina, minor traces of roughness, heroic style portrait with quite strong hair

& laurel wreath detail. (Nicer than a VF with encrus-tation spots bringing $414, CNG eAuc 1/16.)

Starting Bid $160

220 As AEQVITAS AVG, Aequitas stg l; EF/VF, sl off-ctr on oval flan, some of lgnds crowded/wk,

chestnut brown patina, sl granularity mainly on rev; great portrait detail as you'd expect for EF.

(Certainly superior to a VF bringing $299, Peus 10/07.) Starting Bid $85

221 Egypt Tet, LDEKATOV, Elpis stg l; VF, well centered, silvery-grey, sl uneven color,

slightest touches of porosity; much detail, decent. Ex Dattari collection.

(A VF, same year, brought $267, Kunker 10/01.) Start Bid $80

222 Egypt, Æ13, Dichalkon, Bust r w/out lgnd/LIA, Elpis adv l; F. sl off-ctr, brown patina, minor obv porosity,

rev somewhat crude & rough. Rare. (A VF brought $115, Coin Galleries 4/10.) Starting Bid $10

223 SABINA, Den, PVDICITIA stg l; Choice VF+, centered on a sl egg-shaped flan, good strike,

nice metal with pleasant tone. Strong detail on portrait & Pudicitia. (A VF brought $460, CNG eAuc 10/16.)

Starting Bid $100

224 Den, CONCORDIA AVG, Concord stg l; VF, somewhat off-ctr, obv lgnd wk/off at left, full rev lgnd;

bright lustery metal; well-detailed portrait (A VF realized $430, Lanz 11/07) MB $70

225 AELIUS, Egypt Tet, Homonoia stg l; VF, nrly centered, silver-grey, very sl roughness mainly on rev,

obv lgnd rather wk, portrait has very strong detail. (A VF with crack brought $626, Emp. Hamburg 5/12.)

Starting Bid $135

226 ANTONINUS PIUS, Den, Bare head r/APPOLLINI AVGVSTO, Apollo stg l, with lyre;

Nice F-VF, nrly centered on sl ragged flan, excellent metal with nice tone, bold early portrait. Scarce.

(A GVF brought $388, CNG eAuc 7/16.) Starting Bid $28

227 Den, COS IIII, Annona stg l, EF, virtually mint state with bright luster, obv centered, lgnd somewhat crude,

rev sl off-ctr; sharp portrait. (An EF sold for $277, Helos 12/11.) MB $55

228 Den, SALVTI AVG COS IIII, Salus stg l, at altar; VF+, well centered & struck, decent bright metal; nice.

(A GVF (rev off-ctr) brought $146, CNG eAuc 6/11.) Starting Bid $40