234 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, FELICITAS PVBLICA, Felicitas std l; EF, well centered on

sl ragged flan, minor rev lgnd crudeness but on the whole quite well struck with

sharp portrait & rev figure; good metal with lt tone.

(A Near EF realized $493, CNG eAuc 2/09.) Starting Bid $100

235 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, VESTA stg l, Virtually Mint State, nrly centered &

nicely struck, good lustrous silver, portrait detail very sharp. Ex Pars Coins as

Choice Superb. (An AEF sold for $366, Kunker 10/22.) Starting Bid $140

236 MAXIMUS, Sest, PIETAS AVG, Jug etc, AEF/VF, well centered & struck, glossy

dark green patina, strong hair detail. Scarcer type, very nice.

(A GVF realized $1200, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $425

237 GORDIAN III, Ant, ORIENS AVG, Sol stg l; VF, centered, lgnd somewhat crude,

good silver, strong portrait. (A VF brought $63, Savoca 8/15.) Starting Bid $15

238 GORDIAN III, Den, IOVIS STATOR, Jupiter stg r; AEF/VF, centered, sl lgnd

crudeness, good silver. (A VF brought $109, Savoca 5/21.) Starting Bid $35

239 GORDIAN III, Sest, PM TRP VI COS II PP, Ruler stg r; VF/F, centered on sl

squared flan, brown patina, rev sl rough with some lgnd wk, strong portrait detail with

full laurel wreath. (A GVF realized $414, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $25

240 GORDIAN III, Antioch, Tet., Eagle facg, hd l, ram below, Pr.295; AEF, centered,

full lgnds, touches of granularity with moderate tone, portrait detail very sharp.

(Same variety, GVF with sl porosity brought $362, CNG 5/09.) Starting Bid $100

241 GORDIAN III, Antiochia, Æ34, Wolf & twins, fig tree; AVF, obv nrly centered,

rev well centered, dark greenish patina, fairly decent surfaces, laurel wreath visible

on portrait. Rev scene fully bold. Ex Roma as GVF.

(A GVF brought $575, Davisson's 8/22.) Starting Bid $90

242 PHILIP I, Sest, FIDES EXERCITVS, 4 standards, EF/VF, centered, lgnds complete

tho somewhat crude mainly on rev; hilighted green patina; outstanding portrait

with every hair sharp. (A GVF realized $1437, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid $180

243 PHILIP I, Antioch Tet, Bust rt/Eagle stg r, ANTIOXIA SC below, Pr.445; Choice

EF, well centered & an excellent strike throughout; good bright silver surfaces.

Very nice quality. (An EF brought $524, Lanz 12/11.) Starting Bid $110

244 PHILIP I, Egypt Tet., LE, Eagle stg l, head r; Choice VF-EF, well struck with

strong obv lgnd, detailed portrait, fully silver with lt tone.

(A GVF realized $633, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid $100

245 PHILIP II, As Aug., Antioch Tet, laur hd r/Eagle l, ANTIOXIA SC, Choice EF,

well centered & struck, good bright silver. (An EF realized $822, Gorny 10/12.)

Starting Bid $100

246 TRAJAN DECIUS, Ant, VBERITAS, Uberitas (the god of chariot hailing) stg l;

Choice EF, centered & well struck for this with unusually sharp portrait detail; good

silver with lt tone on luster. (An EF brought $367, Roma 11/13.) Starting Bid $80

247 TRAJAN DECIUS, Antioch, Tet, Laureate bust r, S below/ Eagle stg left, SC;

Pr. 586; Choice EF, nearly mint, full lgnds, bright lustrous silver, sharp portrait of

fine style. (An EF realized $584, ACR 4/15.) Starting Bid $100


centered, some uneven coppery stain/tone. Good strong portrait unscathed.

(A VF brought $126 on $141 bid in my 4/91 sale.) Starting Bid $30

249 HOSTILIAN, Viminacium Æ28, Moesia stg betw bull & lion, ANXII; Nice F-VF,

obv perfectly centered & well struck with full bold lgnd; rev also bold; smooth

deep green patina. Excellent for this. (A F+ realized $89 on $%160 bid in my

3/04 sale; F/AVF $335, Varesi 4/07.) Starting Bid $50


obv well centered with full clear lgnd, rev sl off-ctr, grey tone on decent surfaces but

for a patch of erosion on neck, not terribly noticeable. Portrait has strong detail.

(A GVF brought $260, CNG eAuc 7/19.) Start Bid $35

251 CORNELIA SUPERA, Parium Æ20, Capricorn r; F, centered, full clear lgnd,

dark green patina with some paler green in recesses. In ANACS slab as F15.

(A Fine realized $1132, Roma, Roma 3/12; Fair, rough surfaces, $347,

CNG eAuc 5/06.) Starting Bid $250

252 VALERIAN I, Egypt Tet, LE, Tyche stg l; VF, full clear lgnd, a few sl

surface blemishes but fully silver, unusual thus. With Economopoulos tag $425.

(Same variety, VF+, brown patina, brought $287, Kolner Auc 10/22.)

Starting Bid $60

253 GALLIENUS, Ant, FORTVNA REDVX, Fortuna std l; EF/AEF, centered on

full flan, decent strike with full clear lgnds, good portrait detail; warm smooth brown surfaces. Ex Cayon auction as EF+/EF. (An EF realized $215, M&M 5/06.)

Starting Bid $30

254 GALLIENUS, Sest., VIRTVS AVGG, Virtus stg l; F-VF, smallish squared flan,

much of lgnds wk/off, medium brown with lt porosity, one pit below ear; strong

laurel wreath on portrait. (A VF brought $900, Kunker 3/06.) Starting Bid $50

255 SALONINA, Ant, AEQVITAS AVG, Aequitas stg l, VIIC; Choice EF/VF+, well

centered & struck, good toned silver surfaces, well-detailed portrait. Nice for this.

(An EF realized $282, iNumis 10/10.) Starting Bid $50

256 VALERIAN II, Ant, PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Val crowning trophy; VF+, actually almost

as struck, bright lustery silver, but a little crude & sl rough looking; obv sl off-ctr,

full lgnds. (An EF brought $1050, Hirsch 9/20.) Starting Bid $60

257 MACRIANUS, Ant, AEQVTAS AVGG, Aequitas stg l, F, well centered, full lgnds,

brown patina, mostly smooth, but mucked up at obv face & adjacent field.

(A F-VF moderately granular brought $111 on $125 bid in my 9/01 sale.)

Start Bid $30

258 POSTUMUS, Ant, SAECVLI FELICITAS, Ruler stg r, VF+, sl ragged flan, tops of

some lettering off, good silver color, well detailed portrait.

(A VF-EF brought $179, Heidelberger 5/13.) Starting Bid $25

259 POSTUMUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, EF, centered, sl ragged flan, toned silver

color, minor obv lgnd crudeness, rev better struck than usual. Sharp portrait.

(A Near EF brought $345, CNG 5/09.) Starting Bid $55


centered, full lgnds, lustery silvery-brown, minor traces of porosity on obv; good for

this & actually scarce. (A VF realized $92, Agora 5/16.) Starting Bid $20

261 QUINTILLUS, Ant, VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv r, F, technically better but

major wkness in centers, especially rev; lgnds crowded but complete; brown with

silvering traces. (Same variety, F, brought $77, Bucephalus 2/23; NGC Choice

VF $1140, Heritage 2/22.) Starting Bid $22

262 AURELIAN, Denarius, VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv l, captive, A; Choice EF,

perfectly centered & well struck, glosdsy dark olive patina, portrait fully sharp.

(A VF brought $387, Kunker 3/09; EF $604, NY Sale 1/09.) Starting Bid $160

263 AURELIAN & VABALATHUS, Ant, Vab Bust r/Aurelian Bust r, A below;

VF-EF/AVF, well centered, lusterlike dark greenish patina, rev sl soft, obv well struck

with quite sharp portrait of Vabalathus. (A VF realized $201 on $250 bid in my

9/09 sale; GVF $690, CNG 5/10.) Starting Bid $50

264 SEVERINA, Ant, CONCORDIAE MILITVM, Concord stg w/2 standards; VF+/VF,

full lgnds, teensy edge irregularity, much silvering in protected areas; strong

portrait detail. (A VF sold for $306, Peus 4/11.) Starting Bid $25

265 TETRICUS I, Ant., FIDES MILITVM, Fides hldg 2 standards; AEF/VF, nrly centered

on a good sized, sl ragged flan, virtually full lgnds, medium brown, sharp portrait.

Good for this & a scarcer rev type. (Same var., EF, brought $863, CNG 10/15.)

Starting Bid $35

266 PROBUS, Ant, RESTITVT ORBIS, Victory giving wreath to Ruler, XXIB; Choice

EF, well centered & struck, good lt brown surfaces, sharply detailed portrait.

(An EF realized $220, CNG 9/97.) Starting Bid $40

267 PROBUS, Ant, CLEMENTIA TEMP, Jupiter handing globe to Ruler, B•/XXI;

EF, well centered & struck, fully silvered with small obv area of grainy tone.

Fully sharp portrait. (An EF sold for $375, Gorny 10/06.) Starting Bid $40

268 CARINUS, As Aug, Ant, VOTA PVBLICA, Carinus & Numerian stg at altar

with standards, SMSXXIB; Choice EF+, virtually Mint State, well centered & sharply

struck, lustrous silvering with lt tone on high points. Outstanding portrait.

(An EF brought $575, Gorny 3/08.) Starting Bid $125

269 CARINUS, As Aug., Ant, VIRTVS AVGG, Jupiter giving Victory to Ruler,

E-Delta/XXI; EF/VF, obv well centered & struck, rev sl off-ctr & a bit softly struck;

much silvering in protected areas; strong portrait detail.

(A GVF realized $226, CNG eAuc 9/10.) Starting Bid $45

270 DIOCLETIAN, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, K-Gamma, EF,

well centered, excellent medium brown surfaces, a bit soft on Genius, obv quite

sharply struck with a great portrait. (A VF-EF brought $76 on $90 bid in my 10/18 sale;

EF black patina $400, Gorny 10/10.) Starting Bid $45


centered, Prov's head weak, otherwise well struck with strong detail; lustery

silvery-brown, only slightest hint of porosity. RARE.

(An AEF brought $560, Gorny 10/10; GVF $377, M&M 6/14.) Starting Bid $150

272 MAXIMIAN, Ant. CONCORDIA MILITVM, Jupiter giving Victory to Max,

K-Gamma; Choice EF, perfectly centered & sharply struck, glossy smooth deep

green patina. (An EF realized $240, Gorny 4/21.) Starting Bid $45


EF, full lgnds, olive-brown patina, sharp portrait with every little hair on his beard so

crisp it's actually painful. Scarcer type.

(Same variety, EF, brought $426, Gorny 10/09.) Starting Bid $65

274 CONSTANTIUS I, As Augustus, AD 305-06, short brief issue: Follis, GENIO

POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, SMSD; EF, full tho sl crude lgnds, smooth medium

brown. Figure of Genius kind of weird, like something out of a Marvel comic.

(A VF-EF brought $145 on $160 bid, FSR 4/19.) Start Bid $60

275 GALERIUS, As Caes, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, HT-Delta;

EF, practically mint state, well centered, strong detail on portrait & genius;

glittery silvered surfaces with to toning. (An AEF realized $413, Gorn y 4/21.)

Starting Bid $65

276 MAXIMINUS II, As Aug, Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Genius stg l, wreath,

SMTS; Choice EF, well centered & struck, glowing lustery brown surfaces. Portrait

detail just jumps out you. Scarce issue by Licinius.

(An EF brought $293, Helios 11/08) Start Bid $55

277 MAXIMINUS II, As Aug., Reduced Follis of London, GENIO POP ROM, Genius

stg l, PLN; Choice VF, almost no wear, nrly centered, full lgnds, glossy brown patina

with slightest hint of graininess. (A VF realized $213, CNG eAuc 10/13.)

Starting Bid $35

278 ANONYMOUS ("Anti-Christian" issue), Æ3, GENIO ANTIOCHENI, Genius of

Antioch facg, River God swimming below/APOLLONI SANCTO, Apollo stg l, Z/SMA;

Choice AEF, centered, full lgnds, smooth dark patina with strong earthen

hilighting, unusually good detail on figures. (A VF realized $188, Peus 10/13.)

Starting Bid $45

279 LICINIUS I, Reduced Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l, with Victory &

eagle, SMK; Choice EF, practically as struck, well centered, lustery silvery-brown,

portrait exceptionally sharp. (An EF brought $61 on $150 bid in my 9/00 hucksterfest;

EF $170, Gorny 11/90.) Starting Bid $45

280 LICINIUS I, Reduced Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter stg l, Victory

& Eagle, SMHT; Choice EF, well centered & struck, lustrous toned silvered surfaces.

(An EF, not even full lgnds, brought $745, LHS 4/08.) Starting Bid $40

281 LICINIUS II, Æ3, VOT V in wreath, lgnd around, AQ-Gamma; EF, well centered

& sharply struck, dark greenish patina with silvering evident on rev, scarce type.

Fine style portrait. (An EF realized $160, Rauch 5/05.) Starting Bid $35

282 CONSTANTINE I, Reduced Follis, MARTI CONSERVATORI, Mars stg r, T-F/PTR,

RIC 862; Mint State, centered on a quite large flan, good strike, lustrous silver-

brown surfaces. Scarce & choice! (A VF+/EF brought $435, iNumis 3/07.)

Starting Bid $120


Choice EF, centered, well struck, glossy dark brown surfaces.

(An EF brought $81 on $90 bid in my 6/05 sale; EF $365, DNW 4/08.)

Starting Bid $30

284 CONSTANTINE I, Æ3, VOT XX & cresc in wreath, lgnd around, ST; EF/VF+,

well centered & struck, smooth near-black patina with some earthen hilighting.

(A VF/VF+ realized $190, iNumis 3/07.) Starting Bid $18

285 COMMEMORATIVE, Æ3/4, CONSTANTINOPOLI bust l./Victory on row l,

SMH-Delta; Choice EF, well centered & struck, minor rev crudeness, lustery silvery-

brown. Scarcer than "Constantinopolis."

(An AEF of the latter brought $131 in my 11/12 sale.) Starting Bid $30

286 FAUSTA, Æ3, SPES REIPVBLICAE, Fausta stg l, w/babies, SMKA; Choice

EF+, practically mint state, perfectly centered & well struck; superb sharp portrait

detail; lustrous silvering with sl speckly tone mainly on rev. A Fausta that knocks

your socks off. (A Ch. EF+ realized $369 in my 12/11 sale; EF $940, CNG 5/13.)

Starting Bid $170

287 CRISPUS, Æ3, Helmeted bust l./BEAT TRANQLITAS, globe on altar inscr

VOTIS XX, PLON (London); Choice EF, sl off-ctr but complete, quite well struck for

this, nice steely-brown surfaces. Scarce!

(Same variety, GVF realized $196, CNG eAuc 10/09; Nr EF $287, Roma 6/22.)

Starting Bid $60

288 CONSTANTINE II, Æ3/4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 stand-ards betw soldiers,

SMANS; Choice EF, perfectly centered & sharply struck, excellent detail, smooth

dark green patina. (A Ch. EF brought $176 on $250 bid in my 12/11 sale.)

Starting Bid $35

289 CONSTANS, Æ Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler hldg labarum & Phoenix

on galley steered by Victory, TESB; EF, centered, a tiny bit of wkness here & there

but sharp hair detail; well silvered with lt tone.

(An EF brought $732, Nomos 10/16.) Starting Bid $50

290 CONSTANTIUS II, As Caesar, Æ3, Bust l./PROVIDENTIAE CAES, camp gate,

MHB; Choice EF, well centered & sharply struck, smooth brown surfaces.

Portrait particularly well detailed. (A Superb EF realized $288, Triton 1/07.)

Starting Bid $30

291 CONSTANTIUS II, As Augustus, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier spearing

fallen horseman, TS-Delta; EF, perfectly centered & well struck with sharp detail,

silvery greenish-brown with just a hint of granularity but quite lustrous.

(A VF realized $205, Peus 5/07.) Starting Bid $50

292 CONSTANTIUS II, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler hldg labarum &

Phoenix, TES-Gamma; EF, virtually mint, centered, good strike, lustery silvered

surfaces with lt tone. (An EF brought $558, Kunker 3/09.) Starting Bid $75

293 VETRANIO, Cent, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler hldg 2 labara, BSIS*; F-VF

greenish-brown patina, minor bend; looks OK but I believe it's a cast fake.

Starting Bid $5

294 MAGNENTIUS, Cent, VICTORIAE etc, 2 Victories hldg shield, AEF/VF, smallish

flan with some of lgnds, incl mintmark, off; medium brown; portrait well detailed.

(A GVF realized $253, Kunker 3/09.) Starting Bid $25

295 JULIAN, Æ1, SECVRITAS REIPVB, bull stg r, CVZB; Choice VF, well centered

& struck, good greenish-brown patina, portrait quite strong; very nice.

(A Ch. VF brought $286 on $320 bid in my 1/95 sale.) Starting Bid $110

296 JOVIAN, Æ3, Bust l./VOT V MVLT X in wreath, BSIRM; Choice EF, perfectly

centered & well struck, glossy deep green patina.

(An EF realized $136 in my 5/01 sale.) Start Bid $65

297 PROCOPIUS, Æ3 Bust l./REPARATIO FEL TEMP, Ruler stg w/labarum, CONS;

overall AF or so, smallish flan, some of lgnds wk/off, sl rough brown & green,

decent portrait. (An AVG brought $103 on $151 bid, FSR 6/92.) Start Bid $30


Victory, SMHA; in ANACS slab as EF40, I grade VF+, ragged flan with some rev

lgnd crowded, dark brown patina, decent surfaces, sharp portrait detail. Very scarce!

(An AVF realized $291 on $600 bid in my 5/99 sale; VF $965, Asta del

Titano 6/03.) Starting Bid $230

299 VALENS, Æ3, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler dragging captive, CONSP-Delta,

VF, centered, dark green patina, strong portrait detail; decent & law abiding.

(A VF realized $21 on $32 bid in my 1/91 sale.) Start Bid $12

300 GRATIAN, Æ4, VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath, SMKA; Choice AEF, well centered

& struck, green-brown patina, strong portrait detail, unusually nice for this.

(An AEF/VF brought $85, Lanz 5/00.) Starting Bid $35

301 VALENTINIAN II, Æ2, Helmeted bust with spear/GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler

on boat steered by Victory, ANTE; VF, perfectly centered & well struck, dark patina

with orangy hilighting, sl touches of roughness, much portrait detail.

(A VF+ realized $240, CGB 11/09.) Starting Bid $50

302 THEODOSIUS I, Æ4, VOT X MVLT XX in wreath, CONE; VF, centered, well

struck, full lgnds, dark brownish patina, quite decent for this. Starting Bid $12


well centered & struck on large flan, medium brown, obv particularly bold & nice.

(An AVF brought $91 on $101 bid, FSR 2/21; VF $413, Munz Zent 4/10.)

Start Bid $60

304 ARCADIUS, Æ2, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler stg w/labarum, SMKB; VF,

well centered, full lgnds, sl murky dark green patina, good strong portrait.

(Same variety, GVF, realized $231, CNG eAuc 3/09.) Starting Bid $30


305 ANASTASIUS I, 1/2 Follis, S25, Offic. Gamma; VF, well centered on large flan,

dark green patina with sl hilighting. (A VF with cln scrs brought $403, CNG 8/12.)

Start Bid $60

306 JUSTIN I, Follis, S-62, CON-Delta, F, greenish-brown, fully clear with

complete lgnd. (A F brought $26 on $100 bid in my 1/20 sale.) Starting Bid $12

307 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S158, Offic. Delta, F+/F, nrly centered, dark brown patina,

obv particularly bold with clear lgnd.

(A F/F-VF brought $26 on $40 bid in my 9/10 sale) Start Bid $20

308 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S-163, Facg bust, CON-XVII-Delta, F-VF, lt brown, many

small obv surface blemishes, face reasonably clear.

(A F+ with weak face brought $81 in my 8/16 sale.) Starting Bid $25

309 JUSTINIAN I, 5N, S243, VF/EF, 2-toned green patina, obv off-ctr but lgnd

clear, much bust detail; rev well centered & quite bold.

(A VF realized $110, Vecchi 12/97.) Start Bid $20

310 JUSTIN II, Follis, S369, NIKO-XII-A, Choice VF, smooth dark patina with

dramatic hilighting, full lgnds & much detail on figures. Unusually nice.

(An F-VF/VF brought $135 in my 6/13 sale; GVF $460, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $50

311 JUSTIN II, Follis, S360, CON-IIII-Delta, F-VF, somewhat off-ctr, ragged flan,

green-brown partina with some porosity mainly on rev, much detail on figures.

(An F-VF realized $87 on $95 bid in my 9/10 sale.) Starting Bid $15

312 JUSTIN II, 1/2 Follis, S361, Year III-Delta, VF, a little crude, dark green patina

with paler hilighting. (A GVF realized $560, NAC 5/07.) Starting Bid $15

313 MAURICE, 10 Nummia, S537, Facg bust/Large I, Yr Xu; VF+ centered, sl

ragged flan, glossy deep green patina, strong face.

(A GVF realized $207, CNG 9/07.) Starting Bid $25

314 MAURICE., Follis, S532, THEUPo-uIII, AVF, nrly centered, lt brown, sl grainy,

clear face. (An F-VF brought $86 in my 4/11 auction.) Starting Bid $25

315 PHOCAS, Follis, S665, F+/VF, brown patina, evenly granular surface, face

fairly clear, rev quite bold. (A VF [porous] sold for $207, F&S 12/09.)

Starting Bid $25

316 CONSTANS II, Follis, S-1014, F-VF or so, very irregular flan, overstruck

hence garbled & crude looking, smooth dark patina with earthen hilighting.

(An AVF brought $107, Munz Zentrum 9/10..) Starting Bid $12

317 LEO V, Follis. S1638, VF, usual small squared flan, greenish-brown patina,

both portraits quite strong. (Better than a VF bringing $125, Pegasi 11/12.)

Starting Bid $30

318 ANONYMOUS, Follis, S1818, Facg Christ bust/4-line lgnd, F-VF, dark brown

patina, small flan, rev off-ctr & crude, but it does have clear facial features.

(An AVF brought $107 in my 2/16 sale.) Starting Bid $20

319 ANONYMOUS, Follis, S1825, Christ stg facg/Cross & IC-XC/NI-KA; F+,

centered, minimally grainy dark patina with much orangy hilighting.

(A F+ brought $50 in my 7/19 sale.) Starting Bid $10

320 MANUEL I, Tetart, S1975; VF-EF, brown patina, obv off-ctr with sl rough patina

at top, otherwise strong detail both sides, the rev well centered with unusually

sharp Manuel portrait. (A VF brought $248, Gorny 10/04.) Start Bid $40

321 ANDRONIKOS IV, 1376-79, Ar Basilikon, Christ enthroned/Andro stg, S2545;

F, decent & clear, good metal with tiny edge irregularity or chip. Extremely rare.

(A GF realized $5175, Stack's 1/09.) Starting Bid $350

322 LEAD SEAL, 25x28 mm, c. 700?, Cruciform monogram/ similar, F-VF, very

irregular flan, both sides completely clear. Starting Bid $15


323 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (31 mm), Sasanian types, Ubayd Allah ibn

Ziyad, governor, Basra mint, 661-83, Yr 56; Choice EF, quite well struck, good silver.

Rare. (Same but diff year, EF, brought $437, CNG eAuc 11/17.) Starting Bid $90

324 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, Kronenthaler, 1784, Joseph II bust r/Crowns in

cross; AF, polished ex-jewelry, sm mount trace at top. Starting Bid $20

325 BOLIVIA, 2 Reales, 1790, "CAROLVS IV," G/VG, profile weak, otherwise bold,

good metal. Scarce. Start Bid $15

326 BRIT. WEST INDIES, 1/4 Dollar, 1822, "Anchor Money," Choice VF+, ltly toned,

very nice. Starting Bid $25

327 CEYLON, Bhuvanaika Bahu I, 1277-88, Æ Massa, 19 mm, Monkey God/similar,

lgnd; EF, a well made coin with a nice delicate green & brown patina.

Starting Bid $5

328 CHILE, 2 Reales, 1794, G-VG, asstd surface faults incl possible top mount

removal. Darkish tone. Starting Bid $8

329 CHILE, 2 Reales 1834, Volcano/Pillar, 1-year-type with mintage only 3740,

Nice bold F-VF/F, medium tone, absolutely problem-free.

(A VF35 brought $528, Heritage 10/19.) Starting Bid $80

330 COLOMBIA, Decimo, 1854, Nice F-VF/AF. Start Bid $7

331 DANISH W.INDIES, Ar 10 Skilling 1848, Shield/lgnds, Nice AU, well struck,

good metal with luster & lt tone. (In my last sale an EF 1845 brought $136 on

$165 bid) Start Bid $75

332 DENMARK, Skilling 1771, Copper, 28 mm, nice decent F+, only slightest flan

flaws. Starting Bid $6

333 ECUADOR, 2 Reales, 1840, Fasces & cornucopiae/Sun & volcanos, 26 mm;

VG-F. some lt scratches. Starting Bid $25

334 FRANCE, Valence & Die, Ar Denier, 13th cent, Cross/ Angel; VF, ltyly toned,

typical sl crudeness but good for this. (A GVF brought $168, Naumann 7/20.)

Starting Bid $25

335 FRANCE, Æ 2 Sols, 1755A ("Sou Marque" considered a U.S. Colonial) 22 mm,

VG, a little grainy on one side, all lettering clear. Starting Bid $20

336 FRANCE, Ecu 1734, mintmk "9" (Rennes) rev wk in center, otherwise G/VG,

lt adj marks or scrs in obv field. Starting Bid $25

337 FRANCE, Ecu 1786-Cow (Pau mint), rev center worn, otherwise strong VG,

good metal with lt tone, no adjustment marks. Starting Bid $25

338 FRANCE, 15 Sols, 1791-I, Louis VI bust/Angel writing, F-VF but significant

flan flaws (or damage??) in hair, another fault at rev bottom. Toned. Start Bid $10

339 FRANCE, Centime, L'An 6-A, VF, bluish-brown tone, strong detail on Liberty

head. Starting Bid $7

340 FRANCE, Franc 1811M, Napoleon bust, VG+/VG, some sl marks on rev, obv

nice w/strong portrait. Starting Bid $10

341 FRANCE, Decime, 1814-BB, Crowned N, Dot after DECIME, Nice strong

VG, problem-free. Starting Bid $10

342 FRENCH CANADA, Silver Jeton, 1753, Louis XV bust r/ 2 Hemispheres,

29+ mm, Breton 513; Restrike AU/Unc, ltly toned, very nice. Attractive elaborate

art. Starting Bid $25

343 FRENCH COLONIES, 5 Centimes 1843A, Nice EF, well struck, unusual

grade. Starting Bid $40

344 GERMANY, BAVARIA, Taler 1770-A, Bust r/Madonna & child, AVF, ltly toned,

obv quite nice, rev has typical adjustment marks in center. Starting Bid $30

345 GERMANY, Brandenburg-Prussia, 1/12 Taler 1691-LCS, 26 mm, AF, nicely

toned, decent. Starting Bid $10

346 GERMANY, Brunswick-Luneburg, 1/3 Taler, 1804, Arms/ St. Andrew & Cross;

1-year-type; F, decent, slightest trace of possible mount removal at top edge.

Starting Bid $15

347 GERMANY, Mainz, Ar Albus, 1669, 17 mm, VF, short of flan at one edge,

otherwise bold & nice. Start Bid $8

348 GERMANY, Nuremberg, Taler, 1763, Peace of Hubertusburg, Peace stg

at altar/arms, F-VF, nicely toned, but ugly mount removals at rev rt & left.

Starting Bid $45

349 GERMANY, PRUSSIA, Ar 4 Groschen, 1797A, Fredk Wilhelm bust r/crowned

arms; 26 mm; bold VG-F, lt tone. Starting Bid $8

350 GERMANY, SAXONY, Ar Denier, Moritz, 1550, 18 mm, helmet/2 shields, F, ltly

toned, a bold clear decent coin. Starting Bid $8

351 GERMANY, STOLBERG-Stolberg, 1/6 Thaler 1764C, Stag/Arms, F small

damage at rev top rim. Starting Bid $15