352 GIBRALTAR, 2 Quart, 1820 James Spittles, AF, tiny rim bump, good

surfaces, quite decent. Starting Bid $12

353 GREECE, 5 Lepta 1838 Nice Fine, medium brown, problem-free, good for

this. (A VF+ with striking wkness brought $425, Rauch 7/21.) Start Bid $25

354 GREECE, 10 Lepta 1844, KM25, VG+/AF, some modest planchet

imperfections on obv. Starting Bid $15

355 GUATEMALA, 4 Reales 1867, VG-F. Starting Bid $10

356 HAITI, 12 Centimes An 14 (1817), Sm Head, F+, tiny edge crack, good

metal, lt tone. (A F realized $66, D'Antan 11/19.) Starting Bid $10

357 HAITI, Centime 1846, KM24, VF-EF. Starting Bid $5

358 HUNGARY, Leopold the Hogmouth, Ar 6 Kreuzer, 1670-KB, 26 mm,

Bust r/Madonna & child; VF-EF/F-VF, well struck, lt tone, nice.

Starting Bid $15

359 HUNGARY, Ar 15 Kreuzer 1745-KB, 27 mm, Maria Theresa bust r/Madonna

& child, Nice bold VG-F. Start Bid $8

360 INDIA, 8 diff coins, a decent variety, c.200-1687, identified, some silver,

Meh condition. Starting Bid $8

361 INDIA, Delhi Sultans, Muhammad, 1296-1316, Billon Jital, 18 mm, VF, dark

tone. Starting Bid $1

362 INDIA, Mughals, Humayun, 1530-56, Ar Tankah, 30 mm, Agra Mint, AVF,

somewhat bendy, lt tone. Seems quite rare, I could not find a match online.

Starting Bid $10

363 INDIA, Mughals, Rupee, Shah Jahan I, 1628-58, Multan mint, KM 235.19, Yr 21,

AEF, well struck, lt tone, very nice.

(Same but diff year, VF, brought $433, Leu , T2/21.) Starting Bid $40

364 INDIA, Mughals, Muhammad Shah, 1719-48, Rupee, Shahjahanabad, Yr.11,

AVF, 2 tiny punchmks. Starting Bid $10

365 INDIA, Madras Pres., 1/96 Rupee, 1794, KM392, Arms/ balemark, AVF.

(An AVF sold for $93, Heritage Europe 11/14.) Starting Bid $20

366 INDIA, ASSAM, 1/2 Rup, 1780-96, Octagonal, KM204, EF well struck, lt tone,

very nice. (A VF brought $46, M&M 1/23.) Starting Bid $12

367 INDIA, 3 silver Temple Tokens, Rama-Laksmana/Rama-Sita type, 2 are 29 &

30 mm, sl diff varieties, AVF, the other dumpy flan type, 23 mm, much scarcer, F.

Starting Bid $12

368 IONIAN ISLS. Lepton 1851, VF, a few tiny rim nicks. Starting Bid $10

369 IRELAND, Gun Money Shilling 1689 Nov, Choice F-VF, perfect lt tan surfaces,

good strike, preternaturally free of faults! (An AVF realized $401, Spink 3/21.)

Starting Bid $60

370 IRELAND, Ar 5 Pence 1805, F/VF, well struck, problem-free.

(A VG in my last sale brought $21.) Starting Bid $10

371 ISLAMIC, Seljuks, Ar Dirham, Kay Ka'us II bin Kay Khusraw, 1249-49, Qonya

mint, Alb. 1231; Choice EF, well struck, good lustrous silver. Starting Bid $20

372 ISLAMIC, Abbasid Caliphs of Baghdad, Al Mansur, 754-75 AD, Ar Dirhem,

26 mm; VF, centered, good strike without wkness, lt tone. Starting Bid $10

373 ISLAMIC, Rasulids (Yemen), Al Ashraf 1377-1400, Ar Dirham, Al-Mahjam AH 785,

26 mm, Lion attacking bull; F or better but much striking wkness as typical.

(Same variety, Ch VF, brought $660, Album 9/22..) Starting Bid $15

374 ISLAMIC, Rasulids (Yemen), Al Ashraf 1377-1400, Ar Dirham, 25 mm, Zabid,

AH 781, Alb.1110; VF+, good bright silver, excellent strike, only minor wkness.

Starting Bid $20

375 ISLE de France et Bourbon, 3 Sous, 1781, AG, better in parts but partly wk,

most lettering present. Starting Bid $3

376 ISLE of MAN, Penny 1758, 28+ mm, Crowned mono-gram/triskeles, Nice strong

F, medium brown, bold & pleasing. (A G-VG in my last sale realized $26.)

Starting Bid $15

377 ITALY, Emilia (Tuscany), Lira 1860, Victor Emanuel bust r/Arms, KM9,

Nice F+, nicely toned, very pleasant. (F cat $40) Starting Bid $25

378 ITALY, Kingdom, Soldo, 1810M, Napoleon bust r/crown, Nice strong AVF.

Starting Bid $10

379 ITALY, Naples, 10 Tornesi, 1825, big copper 39 mm, Francis bust r/crown

over lgnd; VG/F, very decent for this. (KM F=$45; a GVF brought $445, Leu 8/22)

Start Bid $20

380 ITALY, Papal States, Ar 10 Soldi 1869, F. Start Bid $4

381 ITALY, Sardinia, Ar 20 Soldi 1794, 26 mm, Bust r/arms, VG-F, well struck,

medium tone, nice for this. Start Bid $10

382 ITALY, Tuscany, Quatt, 1847, AVF, sl crude. (KM VF $50) Starting Bid $10

383 JAPAN, 100 Mon "Tempo Tsuho" 1835-70, C7, Oval 32x50 mm, VF.

Starting Bid $7

384 KOREA, 1 Mun, "Court Guard Military Unit," 1823, M27.1A.6, VF/F, lt tan, fully

clear. (KM VF=$12). Start Bid $4

385 KOREA, 100 Mun, 1866, KM143, 40 mm, EF, virtually as made & unusually nice,

lt tan, problem-free. (An AVF with rim nicks brought $198, Teutoburger 2/16.)

Starting Bid $40

386 LAHEJ, (Yemen), 1/2 Pesa (Baiza), ND (1860), KM1, VF, sl faults, lgnds fully bold.

(A VF brought $83 + buyer fee, Heritage Europe 5/16.) Starting Bid $25

387 MALTA, Scudo, 1776, Bust r/arms, VG (cat $100), good metal, 6 in date wk but

this type struck only 1776. (A Fine brought $212, Hess-Divo 7/13.) Starting Bid $50

388 MEXICO, 2/4 Real 1814 AG+/VG+; 1815 VG+/F-VF but some roughness;

1816 AG/Fair, murky looking. KM64, all three. Starting Bid $13

389 MEXICO, 2 Reales, 1782FF, Strong VG/AF, nicely toned, tiny dig below

GRATIA. Starting Bid $15

390 MEXICO, 8 Reales Pillar, 1752, Fine. Starting Bid $110

391 MEXICO, 8 Reales 1801-FT, F, but rather corroded surfaces, probably sea

salvage. Starting Bid $25

392 MEXICO, 8 Reales 1813 Oaxaca "Sud" Copper, Plain fields, VF, borders weak,

brown patina, mildly coarse surfaces. (A VF realized $112, CNG eAuc 5/11.)

Starting Bid $30

393 MEXICO, 8 Reales 1821-ZsRG, Choice VF+, good metal, lt tone.

(An AVF brought $150, Stack's 12/09.) Start Bid $65

394 MEXICO, Guanajuato 1/8R 1857, AF/F, well struck, glossy brown tone, very nice

for this. (F=$48) Start Bid $20

395 MOMBASA, Pice 1888, H & CM mints, Sm & Lg letters, all 4 varieties, all

VF. Starting Bid $10

396 MUSCAT & OMAN, 1/4 Anna 1315 VF. Starting Bid $3

397 NEPAL, Ar Mohar, NS 816 = 1696, VF, as KM816 (cat $125) but octagon design,

not listed; VF minor crudeness/ weakness. Starting Bid $40

398 NETHERLANDS, Historical Jetons, lot of 7 diff, 1551 to early 1600s, 27-30

mm, four dated, generally low grades, a few better but with problems.

Starting Bid $18

399 NETHERLANDS, Holland Gulden 1792 F but messed up with corrosion

& encrustation. Starting Bid $8

400 NETHERLANDS, 2-1/2 Gulden 1847 AVF. Start Bid $25

401 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, 1857, Somerville, Family Grocer, 35 mm,

Flower bunch/lgnds, F-VF (F cat $100, VF $220). Starting Bid $25

402 PERSIA, Fath Ali Shah, Ar 1/5 Rial, Yazd, AH 1234, KM693, Nice VF (cat $25)

date clear. Starting Bid $8

403 PERU, 1/2 Real 1759 Pillar, F+, bold, ltly toned, very nice. Starting Bid $25

404 PERU, 2 Reales 1785-MI, VG, bold, sl uneven but pleasant tone.

Starting Bid $15

405 PERU, 8 Reales, 1805-JP, F, a few tiny chopmarks each side. Ltly toned.

Starting Bid $45

406 PERU, 1/2 Real 1858/68 Fine. Starting Bid $5

407 PERU, 2 Reales 1849-MB G/VG, nice. Starting Bid $5

408 PERU, North, 8 Reales 1837-TM KM155, Nice F/AVF, ltly toned, free of faults.

(An AVF with flan flaw & graffiti brought $117, Heritage Europe 5/22.)

Starting Bid $35

409 PHILIPPINES, Quarto 1829, F-VF/G, medium brown, rev center weak, otherwise

bold & decent, unusually nice obv. (A F, crudely struck with weak date brought

$132, Album 9/20.) Starting Bid $15

410 POLAND, Ar 3 Gros, 1622, Sigismund bust, 20 mm, VG-F, ltly toned, bold,

clear & decent. Starting Bid $7

411 POLAND, 2 Zloty 1839-MW, AF. Starting Bid $10

412 POLAND, 5 Zloty 1816 VG once clnd. Starting Bid $30

413 PORTUGAL, 10 Reis 1752, 34 mm, sl wkness at one edge, otherwise nice bold

F+. Starting Bid $5

414 PORTUGAL, 10 Reis 1846 F. Starting Bid $3

415 PORTUGAL, 20 Reis 1848, 36 mm, F. Starting Bid $5

416 PORTUGAL, 50R 1879 Nice toned EF-AU. Start Bid $7

417 RUSSIA, 5 Kop copper, 1789-AM, big 41 mm, F+/VF, medium brown, nice.

Scarce mint. Starting Bid $20

418 SCOTLAND, Conder Token 1/2d 1794, Inverness D&H 2, Strong F-VF, brown

tone, nice. Starting Bid $12

419 SCOTLAND, Conder Token, Edinburgh, 1791, Lothian D&H 40b (rated as RARE),

St Andrew hldg big cross/shield; Nice strong VF-EF, rich chocolate color.

Starting Bid $20

420 SPAIN, Real, 1770-Madrid, Shield/lions & castles, AG/VG, peripheries wk,

centers better. Starting Bid $3

421 SPAIN, 4 Maravedis 1781, Charles III bust/lions & castles, VF, medium brown,

lt scr on nose. Strong details.

(A VF+ realized $124, Aureo & Calico 2/14.) Starting Bid $15

422 TABARISTAN, Khurshid, 740-61, Sasanian style Ar Hemidrachm, Bust/fire altar

etc, Year 100; 24 mm, VF, actually almost as struck but a little crude, good bright silver.

(A GVF (diff year) brought $159, Triskeles 4/18.) Starting Bid $25

SASANIAN (Drachms unless noted)

423 Yazdgard I, 399-420, Ahwaz Mint, Choice virtually Mint state, bright lustrous

silver, good strike without wkness, sharp portrait.

(A GVF realized $730, Kunker 9/06.) Start Bid $60

424 Varhran V, 420-38, Bishapur mint; Choice Mint State, well struck with only

sl crudeness, good human portrait. Bright lustrous silver.

(An EF brought $126 on $150 bid in my 11/05 sale; EF $546, Triton 1/11.)

Starting Bid $60

425 Varhran V, 420-38, Shiz mint, Choice Mint State, well struck for this with

a particularly good rev; Bright lustrous silver. Ex Pars Coins as Choice FDC.

Starting Bid $60

426 Yazdgard II, 438-57, Clear mint (Ram Auhrmazd?) on altar base, "nwky" in

Pahlavi at rt; Choice EF, quite well struck, good style, nice bright metal.

(This exact variety, NEF, realized $489, CNG 5/04.) Starting Bid $55

427 Peroz I, 457-84, scarcer first type crown without wings, Ahwaz mint, "M" left,

Choice EF, quite well struck for this with good portrait & especially strong rev.

Somewhat short of flan at obv bottom. Nice bright silver. Starting Bid $30

428 Peroz, 457-84, scarce first type crown, no wings; Kirman mint; Choice VF+,

decent strike, excellent bright silver.

(Same var., VF, brought $104, CNG eAuc 9/16.) Starting Bid $35

429 Peroz, 457-84, crown with wings; Darabgird, EF, strong strike with particularly

good rev; bright silver. (A VF, same type & mint, brought $381, CNG eAuc 9/12.)

Start Bid $45

430 Peroz, 457-84, crown with wings; Asurestan mint, EF, sl crude but decent

strike, clear portrait & good rev, bright silver, minor coarse area at obv bottom

margin. (Same mint, Superb EF, brought $216, Elsen 12/18.) Start Bid $35

431 Peroz, 457-84, crown with wings, Azerbaijan mint, EF, sl crude but decent

strike, bright lustrous silver. (A Near EF brought $84, Leu 8/20.) Starting Bid $35

432 Peroz, 457-84, crown with wings, Istakhr mint, Choice EF, quite good strike for

this, strong portrait & especially good rev; bright lustery silver.

(A GVF, same mint, rusty obv die, brought $98, Kunker 10/20.) Starting Bid $40

433 Kavad I, 488-97, Airan Mint, EF, minor rev crudeness, portrait quite sharp

& humanlike; good lustrous silver. Ex Pars Coins as Superb EF. Starting Bid $35

434 Hormizd IV, 579-90, mint WYHC, Yr 3, VF, strong strike with clear portrait,

good metal with lt tone. Ex Pars as Ch. AEF.

(Same mint, VF, sold for $69, CNG 3/14.) Starting Bid $20

435 Khusru II, 590-628, Artashir-Khurrah mint, Yr. 35; Choice EF, well struck with

fine style portrait. Good bright metal.

(A VF+, same mint, brought $146, CGB 6/04.) Starting Bid $35

436 Khusru II, 590-628, Meshan, Yr. 37; EF, well struck, sharp fine style

portrait, textured metal in peripheries.

(An AEF, same mint, brought $91, Elsen 9/22.) Starting Bid $20

437 Khusru II, 590-628, Yazd, Yr. 31; EF, strong strike, fine style portrait, good

metal. Scarcer mint. (An EF, same mint, realized $435, Gorny 10/07.)

Starting Bid $45

438 Artashir III, 628-30, Airan, Year 2, VF-EF, decent strike with only sl crudeness;

good bright silver. Scarce late ruler, rare mint for him! (Diff mint, crude VF or +

brought $186 in my 8/03 sale; GVF $460, CNG 9/05.) Starting Bid $75


439 Richard I, 1196-99, Penny, S1347, Canterbury, moneyer Meinir; F or so,

somewhat off-ctr on a full flan, sl crude, some of lgnds wk, sl bendy, portrait

reasonably visible. (Same moneyer, GF, realized $220, Davisson 4/145.)

Start Bid $45

440 Henry III, 1216-72, Long Cross Penny, S1373, RENAVD ON LVND; VF+,

some flatness in lgnds, portrait quite sharp, excellent metal with nice bluish tone.

(A GVF S1373, same mint, realized $204, Baldwin's 3/22.) Starting Bid $60

441 Edward I, Penny, S1416, Bristol, AF, sl uneven with right side of face

(Ed's left!) weak, sl small but most of lettering present, good metal with bluish tone.

(A F, wavy flan, brought $130, CNG 5/21.) Starting Bid $20

442 Edward III, Groat, London, mm Broken Cross, S1566; F, portrait clear tho

facial features weak, decent metal with some sl surface faults, lt tone.

(A F with sl wavy incomplete flan, lt scrs, brought $168, CNG eAuc 5/21.)

Starting Bid $80

443 Henry VI, Half Groat, S-1840, Calais, F, somewhat uneven, flan crack,

significant edge chip. King's face clear. (A VF brought $420, Munz Zentr 4/09.)

Starting Bid $15

444 Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, Ar Half Groat, mm 2 (1602), S2586, F-VF, centered on

sl irregular flan, obv lgnd crude, portrait well detailed; good metal with bluish tone.

Rare! (A GVF brought $259, CNG 3/99.) Starting Bid $40

445 Elizabeth I, Shilling, mm martlet, S2555; VG, full flan, full lgnds, sl

straightened bend, very sl scrs, portrait weak; good metal with old tone.

( A VG/F realized $150, Noble 4/09.) Starting Bid $35

446 James I, 6 Pence, 1606, escallop, S2657; VG+, better at peripheries but wkness

in centers, portrait outlined but little detail; faint scr; otherwise good metal with

lt tone. (An AF, dark uneven tone brought $434, Spink 4/21.) Start Bid $40

447 Charles I, 1625-49, Ar 2d, bust l./shield, mm Portcullis, S2830, F-VF or

so, somewhat crudely struck on irregular flan, portrait shows quite a bit of detail;

good silver, well toned. Starting Bid $25

448 Charles II, Farthing, 1672, Bust l./Britannia, strong VG+, lt brown, pleasing.

Starting Bid $15

449 Charles II, Ar 4 Pence, 1677, Bust r/interlocked C's, Nice F, ltly toned, problem-

free. Starting Bid $20

450 Charles II, 1/2 Crown, 1671, Bust r/4 shields, rev center wk/worn, otherwise

VG-F, deep old tone, nice bold obv.

(A "Near F/AF" with rev wkness realized $379, London Coins Auc. 6/22.)

Starting Bid $60

451 Charles II, Crown, 1681, Bust r/4 shields, AG-G/AG, basically just well worn,

ltly toned, date wk but dated by edge. (A VG brought $228, Noble 3/17.)

Starting Bid $30

452 William & Mary, 1/2 Penny 1694, Conjoined busts/ Britannia, end of obv lgnd

wk, otherwise VG/VG+, darkish brown with only slightest hint of porosity.

Starting Bid $25

453 William III, 6 Pence 1697, 3rd bust, sm crowns, S3542; Nice strong F-VF,

good metal, bold features, pleasing tone. Faintest hint of bend. Starting Bid $35

454 George I, Farthing 1717, the scarce "dump" 1-year-type; AF, medium brown,

some lt obv scrs & marks, not bad. (A F brought $278, St. James 10/12.)

Starting Bid $50

455 George II, Farthing 1739, F-VF, nice strong medium brown.

(A VF brought $100, Davisson 3/16.) Start Bid $15

456 George II, 1/2 Penny 1745, F-VF, dark greenish-brown, with lt

surface imperfections, strong detail. Starting Bid $10

457 George II, 3 Pence 1739, EF, sharply struck, with a small graze in obv field

that minimally bends the coin; otherwise excellent metal quality with nice tone.

Starting Bid $40

458 George III, 1/2 Penny 1771, EVASION (contemporary counterfeit), obv

BRUTUS SEXTUS, bust l/normal rev; VG/G, smooth brown, decent for this.

Starting Bid $8

459 George III, Cartwheel 2 Pence, 1797, EF, some slight marks, none

individually noteworthy; a decent looking coin.

(A GVF brought $380, DNW 12/05; NEF $900, Noble 11/07.) Starting Bid $135

460 George III, Shilling 1787 No Hearts, AEF/EF, obv has some unsightly

dark haymarking; otherwise ltly toned with a nice rev.

(A GVF brought $120, CNG 9/21.) Starting Bid $30

461 George IV, Farthing, 1827, Choice EF, well struck, delicious brown surfaces.

Ex my collection. (Spink EF £70; A GEF realized $135, Noble 3/04.)

Starting Bid $40

462 William IV, Farthing 1834, Rev A, P1470; Unc, sharp, reddish-brown toned

luster, faint scr on cheek. Ex my collection. (MS 60 cat $150, Spink £165;

An EF/Near EF brought $125, London Coins Auction 9/08.) Starting Bid $50

463 William IV, Shilling 1835, AEF/EF, pleasant medium tone, sharp & nice.

Ex my collection (I got some never listed coins back from Davisson.)

(EF cat $410; A NEF/GVF realized $283, London Coins Auc 12/17.)

Starting Bid $80

464 Victoria, 1/2 Penny 1841 Proof, ex Noble 7/00 auction as Prf (note medal

turn, confirming its proof status); Peck 1526 (VR) (Cat $1800, Spink £1650); Choice

sharp Mint State, toned in fields, red in recesses. (A Pf 64 with sl hairlines &

verdigris brought $1880, Heritage 1/13.) Starting Bid $800

465 Medal, 1746, Battle of Culloden (Last gasp of Scottish independence),

43 mm, brassy bronze ("pinchbeck"), Duke of Cumberland on horse/battle scene;

VF, some small stains. (A GVF but with obviously rough looking surfaces brought

$325, Davisson 3/17.) Starting Bid $40

466 Conder Token, Anglesey 1d 1788, D&H 206 Rated RRR! (the highest),

Druid head/monogram, AVF, nice strong medium brown, bold features.

Starting Bid $50

467 Conder Token, Hampshire, Portsea, 1/2d 1794, D&H 73, shield/ship, F,

medium brown, nice. Starting Bid $10

468 Conder Token, Middlesex, 1/2d 1795, Richardson Goodluck; D&H 467,

Fortune stg betw lottery wheels/inscr, Choice VF+/EF, lt brown with hints of luster.

(A GVF brought $75, CNG 7/17.) Starting Bid $30

469 Conder Token, Middlesex 1/2d, George Prince of Wales, bust/arms, D&H 952;

F-VF, medium brown, typical die breaks around head. Starting Bid $10

470 Conder Token, Norfolk, Norwich, 1/2d 1792, Castle above lion/shield,

D&H 14; Choice EF+, virtually as struck, lovely lustrous lt brown surfaces.

("Nearly mint state" brought $147, Baldwin's 9/15.) Starting Bid $25

471 Conder Token, Suffolk, Haverhill, 1/2d 1794, D&H 31, Man in loom/wolf's

head above cypher; VF, glossy brown surfaces, a few sl faults. Starting Bid $15

472 Conder Token, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Farthing 1792, D&H481a, John

Howard bust/monogram, Choice VF, good brown surfaces, well-struck, problem-free.

Start Bid $15