336 LICINIUS I, Reduced Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG , Jupiter stg l, with Victory & eagle, ALE;

Choice EF, practically mint state, obv centered & quite sharply struck, rev nrly so, nice silvering with some tone.

(An EF brought $745 -- not even complete lgnds! -- LHS 4/08.) Starting Bid $28

337 Æ3, Radiate bust/IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l, with Victory, eagle & captive, SMALA;

Choice EF+/VF+, well centered & struck, obv particularly sharp with superb portrait; brown with hints of red luster.

(An EF sold for $246, Artemide 9/08) MB $30

338 Æ3, bust left w/mappa & scepter/IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG, Eagle with Ruler on back, STR;

F+/VF, well centered, medium brown, minor hint of graininess. Very scarce type. With Christian Blom tag $150.

(An AVF/F realized $231, NFA 3/93.) Starting Bid $20

339 CONSTANTINE I, Æ3, CONSTANTINIANA DAFNE, Constantinopolis std with trophy & captive, CONS;

Choice VF-EF, well centered & struck, glossy dark brown patina, excellent sharp portrait.

Blom tag says Ex Oman collection (Charles Oman, 1880-1946, famous historian).

(A VF-EF brought $224, Emp. Hamburg 5/14.) Starting Bid $25

340 Æ3, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 standards betw soldiers, SMAN-Gamma; EF, well centered & struck,

dark brown patina, sharp portrait detail. (An EF brought $200, Gorny 3/09.) MB $20

341 Follis, MARTI PATRI CONSERVATORI, Mars stg r, PTR; EF, well centered, silvered surfaces with lt porosity,

strong details. Rare. (An EF/VF [rough area on rev], same variety, brought $417, CGB 6/07.) Starting Bid $35

342 Æ3, PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, Camp gate, ARLA (rare mintmk) Choice EF+, virtually as struck, centered & sharp,

toned silvered surfaces; superb portrait detail. (An EF of the type literally sold for $365, DNW 4/08.)

Starting Bid $40

343 Same but SMNE, Choice EF+, well centered & sharply struck, lustery dark tone with underlying silvering.

Start Bid $25

344 Æ3, SARMATIA DEVICTA, Victory adv r, captive, PTRU; VF-EF, well centered & struck,

medium greyish-brown. (A VF+ brought $41 on $76 bid in my 9/93 sale.) Starting Bid $18

345 Reduced Follis, SOLI INVICTO COMITI, Sol stg l, F-T/PLC; EF, well centered,

Sol's body undetailed but otherwise well struck, sharp portrait detail; nice glossy dark surfaces.

(An AEF brought $250, Emp. Hamburg 5/07.) Starting Bid $28

346 Æ3, VOT XX in wreath etc, PT; EF, centered, sharply struck, sl glossy dark patina.

(A VF/VF+ brought $190, iNumis 3/07. Must've been on account of that "plus.") MB $20

347 POSTHUMOUS, Æ4, Veiled bust r/IVST VENER MEMOR, Aequitas stg l, SMAL; F, obv sl off-ctr, rev more so;

fleshy brown from past cleaning, dark tone in recesses. Rare type! MB $25

348 COMMEMORATIVE, Æ4, VRBS ROMA bust l./GLORIA EXERCITVS, standard betw soldiers, CONS?;

VF+/AVF, some lgnd crowding, rev softly struck, mintmk mostly off; sharp obv detail; greenish-brown patina.

Actually far above average for this scarce mule type.

(A VF, small flan, brought $61 on $126 bid in my 6/97 sale.) Start Bid $20

349 Æ4, POP ROMANVS ("Father Rome") bust left/CONSA & star in wreath; VF, well centered, dark patina,

minor traces of roughness, head well detailed. Scarce & decent for this; Christian Blom tag $125.

(A GVF brought $356, Kunker 11/13.) Starting Bid $40

350 HELENA, Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE, Securitas stg l, T-crescent-T; Mint State & choice, nrly centered,

sharply struck, good silvered surfaces with luster & lt tone. Superb portrait.

(An EF realized $748, Stack's 1/09.) Starting Bid $120

351 Same but SMANTS-Gamma; AEF, nrly centered, some softness in lgnds,

lustery silvered surfaces with greenish & grey tone. (A Ch. VF+ brought $96 in my 10/08 sale.) MB $40

352 FAUSTA, Æ3, SPES REIPVBLICAE, Fausta stg w/babies, SMTSB; EF, centered, sl lgnd wkness,

portrait & rev figure sharply detailed; glossy smooth dark greenish patina. (An EF brought $940, CNG 5/13.)

Starting Bid $85

353 Same but SMKA, EF/VF, well centered, dark green patina, trace of coarseness mainly on rev,

obv quite sharply struck with superb portrait detail. (A VF with hairlines [ugly] sold for $200, Berk 11/12.)

Starting Bid $65

354 CRISPUS, Æ3, bust left/PROVIDENTIAE CAESS, camp gate, SMALA; Choice EF+, centered, well struck,

lustrous silvered surfaces with lt toning; superb portrait detail. (An AEF brought $172, Kunker 10/14.)

Starting Bid $35

355 CONSTANTINE II, Æ3/4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 standards betw soldiers, SMAN-Theta;

Choice EF, sl off-ctr but complete, sharply struck throughout, smooth 2-tone black-&-orange patina.

(A Ch. EF realized $176 on $250 bid in my 12/11 sale.) Starting Bid $25

356 Æ3, Mantled bust left/IOVI CONSERVATORI CAESS, Jupiter stg l, wreath, SMK; EF, well centered,

obv lgnd sl crowded but complete, smooth brown patina; portrait with unusually sharp detail.

(An EF brought $175, Rauch 9/03.) Starting Bid $25

357 CONSTANS, 1/2 Cent., FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler on gallery steered by Victory,

ESIS? (first letter blobby); AEF/VF, centered, lgnds a mite soft, medium brown, sharp portrait detail.

Actually much scarcer than the centenionales. (A GVF, same mint, brought $190, CNG eAuc. 10/13.)

Starting Bid $18

358 CONSTANTIUS II, Æ4, VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath, SMANH; Mint State, centered on large ragged flan,

good strike, portrait fully sharp; lustrous brown surfaces. Exceptional for this. (An EF sold for $180, Lanz 5/08.)

Starting Bid $30

359 Æ4, VIRTVS AVGG NN, Soldier stg r, TRS; F+, nrly centered, lgnds complete (partly wk on obv),

dark greenish patina, a bit rough but clear. Rare type!

(A VF brought $85, Roma 7/18, the lone example on acsearch.) Starting Bid $15

360 Siliqua, VOTIS XXX MVLTIS XXXX in wreath, SCON, VF, tered & complete (not clipped),

good metal with lt tone, a few tiny dings on obv hardly noticeable. (A GVF brought $470, CNG eAuc 10/10.)

Starting Bid $95

361 GOLD Solidus, Facg bust w/spear & shield/GLORIA REIPVBLICAE,

2 figures hldg shield inscr VOT XXX MVLT XXXX, SMLVG; F+/VF, probable trace of former mount at rev top;

face weak but visible; 4.41 gms. VERY RARE with this mintmk, none found on acsearch.

(Compare a VF, diff mint, holed bringing $680, Leu 9/17.) Starting Bid $300

362 VETRANIO, Cent, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler w/2 labara, A-B/TSA; Choice EF,

centered on large sl ragged flan, well struck, lustrous olive-brown surfaces with underlying silvering.

Hair & beard detail quite sharp. Ex German auction, "Prachtexemplar, EF+."(An EF sold for $1210, Rauch 4/14.)

Start Bid $250

363 MAGNENTIUS, Cent, 2 Victories hldg shield, AMB; barbarous, VF+, smallish oval flan,

most of lgnds off, sl rough green patina, folk-art portrait with sharp hair detail. MB $5

364 JULIAN, Æ1, SECVRITAS REIPVB, Bull stg r, TES-Delta betw branches, Choice VF, well centered & struck,

greenish-brown patina, obv particularly attractive.

(A Ch. VF brought $286 on $320 bid in my 1/95 sale; GVF $582, CNG 6/06.) Starting Bid $100

365 Æ3, Helmeted bust left with spear & shield/VOT X MVLT XX in wreath, BSIRM; Choice EF, nrly centered,

glossy smooth dark green patina, fully sharp portrait detail. (An EF brought $609, Nomos 5/16.)

Starting Bid $60

366 JOVIAN, Æ3, VOT V in wreath, BSISC, EF/VF, well center-ed, just a couple of obv letters wk,

portrait fully sharp; good olive green patina. (A NEF/GVF brought $183, Noble 4/11.) Starting Bid $35

367 Æ3, Bust left/VOT V in wreath, HERACA; VF, well centered on large ragged flan, dark greenish-brown patina,

Nice boldly detailed portrait. (Nicer than a VF+ bringing $109, same variety, CGB 6/04.) Starting Bid $30

368 VALENTINIAN I, Siliqua, VRBS ROMA, Roma std l, RP; Choice VF, well centered,

excellent metal with nice old blue & russet toning. (A GVF brought $529, CNG 5/10.) Start Bid $100

369 GRATIAN, Æ2, REPARATIO REIPVB, Ruler hldg Victory, kneeling female, TCON; VF+/VF, centered,

part of rev lgnd wk, smooth greenish-brown patina, portrait strongly detailed, quite nice for this.

(A VF+ brought $119 on $235 bid in my 1/01 sale; VF $630, Gorny 3/08.) Starting Bid $30

370 VALENS, Siliqua, VRBS ROMA, Roma std l, TRPS•; Choice EF, well centered & struck, full unclipped flan,

excellent metal with deep toning. Ex E. Harptree hoard. Ex Pegasi as Mint. (An EF brought $632, NAC 5/14.)

Starting Bid $200

371 Siliqua, RESTITVTOR REIP, Ruler stg with labarum & Victory, PLVG•; AVF, centered on full flan,

good metal with deep tone, ex E. Harptree hoard. (Same variety, VF, brought $401, Bertolami 1/19.)

Starting Bid $100

372 Æ3, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler with labarum dragging captive, •BSISC, EF,

nrly centered on sl ragged flan, smooth dark green patina, sharp detail on portrait & rev figures.

(An EF brought $101 on $137 bid in my 3/07 sale.) Starting Bid $30

373 VALENTINIAN II, Siliqua, VRBS ROMA, Roma std l, AQPS•; Choice AEF,

well centered & nicely struck on a large unclipped flan; excellent metal with moderate toning.

(A Near EF brought $470, Roma 1/16.) Starting Bid $150

374 THEODOSIUS I, Æ3, CONCORDIA AVGGG, Constantin-opolis std facg, ANT-Gamma; EF/VF,

centered, medium brown, minor granularity, nice sharp portrait of fine style.

(An AEF/VF brought $76 on $137 bid in my 11/12 sale.) Starting Bid $22

375 Æ2, Helmeted bust rt with spear & shield/GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler on galley with Victory,

ANT-Gamma; Choice VF, perfectly centered & well struck, dark patina with sl earthen hilighting.

(An AVF/F+ sold for $111 on $200 bid in my 3/06 sale; VF $290, Gornyu 3/08.) Starting Bid $25

376 ARCADIUS, Æ4, VOT V in wreath, SMKA; VF, nrly centered, full lgnds, dark greenish patina,

detailed portrait, nice for this. (A VF brought $19 on $40 bid, FSR 9/95.) MB $10

377 HONORIUS, Siliqua, VIRTVS ROMANORVM, Roma std l, MDPS; Nice VF/AEF, nrly centered,

unclipped, well struck for this, excellent metal with deep tone.

(A VF-EF, sl off-ctr brought $553, Gorny 3/10..) Starting Bid $100


378 ANASTASIUS I, Follis, S21-var, Bust with star on shoulder (very clear)/Large M, pellets above & below stars,

Offic. E, F, 2-toned brown, some flatness at obv top & rev bottom, portrait quite bold with some detail.

RARE variety. (Same variety, VF, looks no better, with similar flatness, brought $255, CGB 5/04.)

Starting Bid $22

379 JUSTIN & JUSTINIAN, Follis, S125-126, Offic. A; AF, greenish-brown patina, sl earthen encrustation,

partial lgnd, crude, portrait clear. Rare.

(A VG brought $72 on $100 bid in my 8/06 sale; VG $121, Kovacs 10/98.) Starting Bid $25

380 JUSTINIAN I, 5N, S244, Antioch mint, star on rev, VF, centered, lgnd complete tho crude as always,

portrait strong but also crude; smooth dark patina with earthen hilighting.

(A VF brought $65, Davisson 8/96.) Starting Bid $15

381 Ar 1/3 Siliqua, Helmeted Constantinopolis bust r/Large K, around F-VF/VF,

sl off-ctr on quite elongated flan, head crudely struck, sl grainy, a trifle bent. Astonishing in its wonderfulness.

(A Near VF with ragged flan & lt porosity brought $269, CNG eAuc 5/13.) Starting Bid $35

382 Follis, S158, Offic A, F-VF, centered on ragged elongated flan, 2-toned brown,

minor touches of roughness, portrait shows much detail, rev quite bold. Good for this.

(F/F-VF realized $26 on $40 bid in my 9/10 sale; VF $180, Pegasi 11/09..) MB $17

383 Follis, S163, Facing bust, CON-XuIII-Delta; VF, centered, dark olive brown patina, minor crudeness,

quite strong face on portrait. Ex Euopean auction as VF-EF. (A GVF sold for $529, CNG 5/15.) Starting Bid $70

384 JUSTIN II, Follis, S369, NIKO-IIII-B; Choice VF, nrly centered, warm brown patina, full clear lgnd,

unusually strong detail on figures. (A GVF, same year, brought $460, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $35

385 Follis, S372, KYZ-uII-A, VF, well centered, smooth two-toned brown, much detail on figure,

rev particularly bold & nice. (A VF brought $121 on $131 bid in my 5/09 sale; VF $300, Lanz 11/07.)

Starting Bid $30

386 TIBERIUS II, 5N, S438, bust r/u in circle; F-VF, a bit crude, sl off-ctr, brown patina. Scarce.

(A VF realized $120, Argenor 4/05.) Starting Bid $12

387 MAURICE, Follis, S494, CON-u-E, VF, centered, brown patina with sl crusting mainly on rev, sl wkness,

strong full face on portrait. (A GVF brought $322, CNG 9/11.) MB $20

Please bid early, and with NO COLLUSION!

388 Follis, S512, NIKO-u-A; AVF, sl irregular flan, dark greenish patina with sl crusty earthen hilighting;

fully clear face on portrait. (A VF with face flat realized $120, Rauch 12/04.) Starting Bid $18

389 PHOCAS, GOLD Solidus, Facg bust/VICTORIA AVGUS, Angel stg, S620; EF, centered, sl wkness at left edge,

almost invisible scuff on rev, faintly bendy, portrait very sharp. (A GVF brought $604, CNG 5/12.)

Starting Bid $325

390 HERACLIUS, GOLD Solidus, S758, 3 Rulers facg/VICTORIA AVGUB, cross on steps; VF, sl striking wkness,

die clash marks at rev right; ex Heritage as AXF. (A VF [areas of wkness] brought $552, Elsen 3/10.)

Starting Bid $300

391 CONSTANS II, Follis, S1001, Ruler stg/Large M, AII below; Nice F-VF for this, lgnds nrly complete,

smooth brown patina with orangy hilighting. (An AVF sold for $46 on $50 bid in my 1/10 sale.)

Starting Bid $12

392 CONSTANTINE V, Fol, S1569, Nice VF-EF, centered on usual small oblong flan, medium brown patina,

all 3 portraits strong; good for this. (A GVF brought $230, CNG 5/09.) MB $40

393 IRENE & CONSTANTINE VI, Follis, S1598, Irene bust facg/Bust of Constantine above M;

VF, centered on smallish flan, sl ragged, dark brown patina, sl porosity at obv left edge;

top of Constantine's head off; Irene's portrait quite strong with full facial features. Rare.

(A VF brought $2618, Gorny 10/08.) Starting Bid $80

394 LEO V, Follis, S1635, Facg busts of Leo & Constantine/ Large Lambda-K & cross;

VF, centered on typical smallish flan, smooth dark brown patina, both faces fully clear.

(An AVF sold for $64 on $116 bid, FSR 6/04; VF $305, Gorny 3/07.) MB $35

395 Follis, facg bust/facg bust, as S1638 but rev has clear ONC, not just ON;

AVF, sl off-ctr on usual small oblong flan, good green patina, both portraits reasonably clear.

(Regular 1638 VF brought $125, Pegasi 11/12.) Starting Bid $20

396 BASIL I, Cherson cast Æ, S1719, Large B/cross on steps; F or better, decent clear cast,

brown patina with pale greenish cover in recesses. ("At least F" brought $46 on $61 bid in my 8/94 sale.)

Starting Bid $20

397 LEO VI, Follis, S1729, facg bust/4-line lgnd, VF, nrly centered on broad flan,

glossy deep green patina with minimal roughness, good portrait detail, rev boldly clear.

(A VF realized $110 on $216 bid in my 10/08 sale.) Starting Bid $25

398 ROMANUS II, Cherson cast Æ, S1775, Monogram/cross on steps; AF or better, reasonably clear cast,

dark patina with earthen hilighting. The only collectible coin for this ruler. (A F brought $47 in my 1/98 sale.)

Starting Bid $15

399 ANONYMOUS, Follis, S1813, Christ bust facg/4-line lgnd; EF, centered,

dark brown patina with some green hilighting mainly on rev; some crudeness/flatness at edges,

but rev lgnd just about complete; Superb Christ portrait, with sharp detail on face and the rest of him.

(A GVF brought $420, DNW 10/09; EF $826, Gorny 3/17.) Starting Bid $195

400 -- S1825, Christ stg facg/IC-XC/NI-KA in cross; F+, rev sl off-ctr,

generally smooth dark patina with some earthen hilighting, Christ figure shows much detail.

Starting Bid $10

401 Manuel I, Æ Tetarteron, S1975, St. George bust facg/Man-uel bust facg; VF,

chiplike edge irregularity taking a piece out of Manuel's head; George's portrait well detailed;

dark greenish patina. (A VF/F brought $89 in my 5/09 sale.) Start Bid $15

402 TREBIZOND Duke Constantine Gabras, 1126-40, Follis? 14 mm, Cross potent/same, VF, very crude,

sl off-ctr on unround flan, dark brown patina. Resembles Wroth Pl. XLII, 9 (last coin in the book); as DOC 4.1.

Ex Robert Hazen collection. VERY RARE. (Same but 19 mm, Fine, realized $503, Naumann 5/17.) MB $90

403 BYZANTINE Lead Seal, 19 mm, Winged angel stg hldg staff/5-line lgnd; F/VF or so, a little crude,

sl roughness, grey patina with some earthen hilighting; lgnd nrly all legible (top line NIKA) Starting Bid $20


404 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (31 mm), Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad, 674-83 AD, Basra, Year 56;

types as Sasanian but Arabic lgnds; Choice EF, very well struck with no wkness, good bright silver.

(This exact type, only diff year, AEF brought $575, Baldwin's 9/11.) Starting Bid $100

405 ARAB-BUKHARAN, Al-Mahdi, Abbasid Caliph 775-85, Ar Drachm, 26 mm, Crowned head r/altar & attendants,

all rather abstracted; AF/F, good silver with old toning. Fully clear. (A VF brought $345, CNG 5/10.)

Starting Bid $20

406 ARMENIA, Levon I, 1198-1219, Ar Tram, 22 mm, King facg on lion throne/cross betw lions;

EF, nrly as struck, good lustery silver, well struck for this with less than the usual crudeness/wkness.

(A Nr EF brought $270, CNG 9/10.) MB $25

407 AUSTRIA, Joseph II, Ar 20 Kreuzer, 1785-A, 27 mm, VG/AF, toned, a few tiny marks. Starting Bid $5

408 BOHEMIA, Wenceslas II, 1278-1305, Ar Prager Groschen, 27 mm, Lion/crown, lgnds;

call it VG, not so much worn as crude shallow strike with much wkness; good silver with moderate tone.

(A VF brought $165, Album 9/16.) Starting Bid $12

409 CHINA, Western Han Dynasty, c.175-119 BC, Pan-liang, Hartill 7.16, Schj.94 (trace of rim), 23 mm,

VF, green patina, sl earthen encrustation, nice. (A VF brought $77, Artemide 12/11.) Starting Bid $4

410 Wang Mang, 7-22 AD, Huo-chuan, 23 mm, Schj.149, Hart.9.32, VF-EF, greenish & brown patina, sharp.

MB $3

411 T'ang Dynasty, Kai-yuan, 621-718 AD, Schj.312, Hart.14.1, Choice VF, contrasting green & brown patina.

Starting Bid $3

412 Northern Song Dynasty, Large 10 Cash, 35 mm, Chong-ning, 1102-06, Hartill 16.400, Schj.621;

EF, pale olive patina, sharp & nice. (An EF brought $153, Munz Zentr 5/14.) MB $18

413 Ming Rebel, Wu Sangui, 1674-78, Schj. 1335, Hart.21.85, 20 mm, VF, green patina.

Starting Bid $3

414 DENMARK, 1644 4-Mark, silver, 31 mm, medallic restrike dated 1944,

looks to be official with crossed hammers mintmk. Unc, sl matte, lt tone. Nice. Starting Bid $10

415 ENGLAND, Northumbria, Æ Sceat, time of Aethelred II & Osbert, c.860 AD, cross/

dots, lgnds around each side, quite blundered; VG or so, crude, pale brassy color, some dark spots.

However, it's fat-free, gluten-free & organic. Starting Bid $22

416 Edward III, 1327-77, Ar Penny, S1587, London, pre-treaty, Facg bust/cross,

F-VF, somewhat off-ctr losing some of lgnds; good metal with moderate tone; face on portrait clear. Scarce.

(Better portrait than on a GF bringing $127, CNG eAuc 2/16.) Starting Bid $45

Following 6 lots are ex my fabulous personal collection:

417 Charles II, Farthing, PATTERN in silver, 1665, Bust l. (long hair type)/Britannia std l, Peck-442 (VS);

AF-F, excellent metal with old toning, tiny edge crimp. (An "AGF" brought $200, Croydon 11/05.)

Starting Bid $90

418 William III, Farthing, 1695, Peck 653 (Rare), F-VF/F, medium brown with fine porosity,

but quite good for this with much portrait detail.

(A "bold VF" with a little porosity brought $559, Baldwin's 9/07.) Starting Bid $35

419 -- 1/2 Crown 1697B, Bust r/4 shields, ESC543; Nice VG, good metal with old toning, problem-free.

Scarce Bristol mint. Starting Bid $50

420 George I, Farthing 1719, Variety with legend continuous over bust, Peck 815 ("Very rare");

Nice bold AF, excellent problem-free surfaces. (Compare a GVF bringing $2985, Baldwin's 9/12.)

Starting Bid $50

421 George II, Farthing 1744, VF, faintest granularity, a nice bold coin.

(A VF35 brought $92, Coin Galleries 9/05.) MB $30

422 George III, Farthing 1773, Obv 1, P-911; AU, quite sharply struck,

excellent lustery surfaces with pinkish & bluish toning. Quite choice & rare thus. (Photo doesn't do the coin justice) Spink EF catalogs £275.

(Compare an EF/GVF bringing $295, Lockdale's 7/06; EF $344, Kunker 10/14.) Starting Bid $125

423 -- Shilling 1787 No Hearts, EF, sharply struck, nicely toned, almost invisible trace of haymarking on cheek.

Spink EF £150. (An AEF/EF brought $190, UBS 9/08.) Start Bid $60

424 -- 1/2 Penny, 1799, 31 mm, EF (Spink £60), but some crudeness at edge & in part of lgnds,

scattered traces of porosity; brown, strong detail. Starting Bid $7

425 Conder Token 1/2d 1793, Shropshire, Shrewsbury D&H 22, Salop Woollen Manufactory,

Shield with 3 panther heads/woolpack; VF or better, lustrous glossy surfaces, faint oxidation on rev.

Starting Bid $12

426 FRANCE, LOT of 7: 1600s Double Tournois (2); Liards (2); 12 Deniers 1792 type;

Revolutionary 1790s 5 Cent (2). One Liard is 1696, other dates not visible. Starting Bid $6

427 GERMANY, Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenburg, Ar 2 Mariengroschen, 1656, 19 mm,

Crowned monogram/lgnds; VF, good metal with darkish tone in fields, minor crudeness but bold and appealing.

Starting Bid $10

428 Hesse, Silver medal 1890, Private Shooting Business, 34 mm, Ludwig IV bust r/city view;

AU, beautiful multicolor toning. Nice! (An Unc/EF brought $256, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $25

429 Mansfeld-Eisleben, 1/3 Taler, 1672, St George & Dragon/crowned shield;

F, sl tooling marks in fields, rev somewhat messed up from mount removal. Starting Bid $15

430 Stolberg-Stolberg, Æ Pfennig 1722, Deer/lgnd, 19 mm; F, brown, teeny damage on edge.

Starting Bid $3

431 HUNGARY, Bela III, 1172-96, Æ Scyphate follis, 27 mm, Virgin facg/2 kings std facg;

VF-EF, brown, very lt granularity, minor edge crack; strong details. (A VF-EF brought $198, Sincona 10/11.)

Starting Bid $25

432 INDIA, Sultans of Gujarat, Mahmud Shah III, 1537-54, Ar Tankah, 18 mm, thick flan,

bold VF-EF, small test mark on edge. Starting Bid $7

433 ISLAMIC, Seljuks of Rum, Ar Dirham, 22 mm, 'Izz al-Din Kay Ka'us II bin Kay Khusraw, 1246-49,

Qunya mint, Alb.1223.1; Choice EF, well centered & struck, good bright silver.

(A GVF brought $81, CNG eAuc 9/17.) Starting Bid $25

434 Islamic/Indian/Ottoman silver lot, 13 coins, very assorted,

one Islamic Dirham holed & another broken & bent, smallest piece crude & crappy,

the rest close to F or better with some typical wkness but should be identifiable. Starting Bid $18

435 ITALY, Venice, Pietro Gradenigo, 1289-1311, Ar Grosso, Christ std facg/Christ & Doge stg, 18 mm,

VF, small flan or clipped, much of lgnd off, nice metal with electric blue toning; good detail.

(A GVF brought $299, CNG eAuc 3/17.) MB $15

436 LITHUANIA Ar 1/2 Groschen, 1511, Knight on horse l./Eagle, 20 mm, F-VF or better,

actually not much worn but typical partly wk strike, good metal with luster & lt tone. Horseman clear.

(A VF realized $100, Pegasi 11/18.) MB $12

437 NETHERLANDS, Westfriesland, Ar 6 Stuivers, 1678, Ship/ crowned shield, 24 mm; F, good silver,

evenly struck & nice, reasonable detail on ship. (FWIW, a VF-EF sold for $144, Sincona 5/13.) Starting Bid $8

438 PAPAL, Medal 1721, Innocent XIII accession, by Hamerani, 32 mm, Crowned bust r/

St. Michael drives Devil in seroent form out of Heaven; Choice VF-EF, rich lustery chocolate brown surfaces.

Appears to me original. Start Bid $20

439 POLAND, Sigismund III, Ar 3 Groschen 1596, Crowned bust r/shields, lgnds, horseman, etc;

AVF/F, good metal with nice lt tone, minor wkness on rev. Starting Bid $10

440 RUSSIA, Catherine the Great, Rouble, 1763-HK, St. Petersburg (Russia, not Florida)

Her bust r/2 headed eagle; AF/VG+, good for grade with only insignificant marks or flan flaws.

(Equal to a F bringing $160, Elsen 3/15.) Start Bid $85

441 5 Kop copper, 1772-EM, big 43 mm, Strong VF/F-VF, medium brown,

good detail with horseman on eagle's breast fully clear; rev somewhat crudely struck. Starting Bid $22