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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 ABYDOS, Obol, c.450 BC, Eagle stg l/Facg Gorgoneion in incuse square, S40045 (£125);

VF or so, nrly centered, bright with only minimal granularity; Gorgon face somewhat crude

but reasonably clear. (A VF of the type brought $356, CNG eAuc 9/04.) Starting Bid $35

2 AKANTHOS, Tetrobol, 470-439 BC, Forepart of bull kneeling, A above/4-part incuse square;

Nice VF, obv well centered & bold on elongated flan, rev somewhat off-ctr; good metal with

lt tone. (Same variety, GVF, brought $381, CNG eAuc 10/10.) Starting Bid $70

3 R AKRAGAS, Æ20, Trias, 425-406 BC, Eagle r, on hare/crab, crayfish & 3 pellets below, S1023;

VF+, good centering & detail, brown-green patina with only very sl roughness. Very nice for this.

(A VF realized $660, Kunker 3/11.) Starting Bid $100

4 AMISOS, Æ23, c.100 BC, Dionysos head r/Cista mystica & monogram, S3640; AEF, well centered

& struck on large flan, golden orichalcum color with some darker tone in recesses accentuating
features. Well detailed & nice. Note, I try to make the photos unattractive so you'll be pleased

when you receive your lots. (An AEF brought $126 in my 9/11 sale; A VF $193, NFA 3/93.)

Starting Bid $30

5 AMPHIPOLIS, Tet, 158-149 BC, Artemis bust rt in Macedonian shield/club in wreath,

monograms, as S1386 SNG Cop 1315; VF, minimally off-ctr, outer shield details weak,

otherwise bold features. (Same variety, GVF, brought $805, CNG 5/11.) Starting Bid $160

6 ARMENIA , Æ19+, Tigranes II, 95-56 BC, Bust r in tiara/ Tyche std r, river god swimming below;

F+, nrly centered, medium brown, faintly grainy but decent with everything clear.

(An F-VF/AF brought $111 on $120 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Starting Bid $35

7 ASPENDOS, Stater, 465-430 BC, Warrior adv rt with spear & shield/triskeles in incuse

square, S5381 (£750). F-VF, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr, decent metal with clear features

incl several rev letters. This early type was never seen till recent hoard.

(A VF brought $1119, Roma 6/15.) Starting Bid $75

8 ATHENS, Tet, 465-460 BC, Athena head r/owl stg rt, Starr V.B, early transitional type

with distinctively different owl head, much scarcer than the later "mass coinage" type;

AEF, obv beautifully centered & well struck with Athena's hair waves sharp; rev nrly centered

& complete. Good metal with lt tone. Highly desirable.

(A GVF, this exact variety, brought sold for $2704, Nomos 12/17.) Starting Bid $1100

9 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; Choice Mint State, obv well

centered, rev nrly so, on somewhat elongated flan; Great metal with flashy mint luster.

Very sharp strike with the obv hair waves incredibly crisp. That's what I look for on these.

Most examples from recent hoard lack this. (An EF brought $9200, Triton 1/12.)

Starting Bid $1000

10 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; Choice EF/AEF, well centered,

metal (hint of die rust on rev); Very bold strike on obv struck with, again, Athena's hair waves so

sharp they just jump out at you. (Compare a GVF bringing $4600, CNG 9/12.) Starting Bid $750

11 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/Owl stg r; bought from Heritage attributed as

Egyptian local coinage, citing P. Van Alfen, AJN 14, 2002, pl.11, 2. Coins on the market similarly
attributed are extremely close in style to regular Athenian ones. This specimen I've puzzled over

a lot and I doubt Heritage is correct, looks to me like normal Athenian. It is EF, well centered

on somewhat unround flan with full Athena head. And, yes, those hair waves are sharp as heck,

the way I like them. Starting Bid $700

12 BAKTRIA, Euthydemos II, 190-171 BC, Tet., Diademed bust r/Herakles stg, S7536 (£1500);

EF, centered, well struck with superb portrait detail; traces of smoothing in fields with darkish

tone. Only very minor imperfections. (A VF-EF realized $3579, Gorny 10/13.)

Starting Bid $1000

13 BAKTRIA, Euthydemos II, 27 mm Nickel, Apollo hd/tripod, S7540. A cast FAKE, VF, tan color,

sl granular surfaces. Sure looked good on the eBay photo! Beware! Starting Bid $3

14 BAKTRIA, Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Obol, Helmeted head r/caps of the Dioscuri with

palm branches, S7578; EF, nrly centered, quite well struck with bold portrait detail;

teensy edge irregularity or chip, otherwise good bright metal.

(A VF sold for $885, Gorny 3/11.) Starting bid $110

15 R BAKTRIA, Menander, 160-145 BC, Æ17 Square, Elephant head r/club, S7616;

AEF, centered on large flan with full lgnds, green patina with only slightest touches of

roughness. Unusually nice for this. I look at it now and say, "Do I really want to part with this?"

But there's no turning back. (A VF, off-ctr & crude brought $170, DNW 6/07.)

Starting bid $60

16 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes VII, Drachm, 116-101 BC, M left, Year IB below, S7292; Choice VF,

well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone, problem-free.

(A VF brought $185, Gorny 4/01; VF $279, Emp. Hamburg 11/12.) Starting bid $50

17 R CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes IX, 101-87 BC, Drachm, Bust r/Athena stg l, Monogram, Year 4;

EF, nrly centered, well struck with quite strong detail on head & Athena; minor crudeness in

fields; medium tone. (An EF/GVF brought $475, Kunker 9/09.) Starting bid $150

18 R CARIAN Satraps, Hekatomnos, 395-377 BC, Trihemiobol, Lion head l./star pattern in

incuse square, SNG Kayhan 864; Choice EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr; superb detail;

excellent metal with lt tone. Ex Hirsch as EF-Unc. (Resembles Miletos 1/12 stater but star differs.)

(A GVF brought $437, CNG 6/05.) Starting bid $165

19 R CARTHAGE, Æ16, c. 3rd cent BC, Pegasos l., Punic letter below/Palm tree betw pellets;

VF-EF/VF, nrly centered & complete, slate green patina with sl paler cover on rev; all features

bold; strong horse detail. (An off-ctr GVF of the type brought $368, CNG eAuc 1/15.)

Starting Bid $70

20 CARTHAGE, Æ15x17, 3rd cent BC, Tanit head l./Horse stg r, palm behind; Choice VF+/VF,
centered, smooth dark green patina with strong earthen hilighting; excellent detailed head.

Attractive. Carthaginian coins always have a bizarre romance.

(A GVF actually made $472, Gemini 1/11.) Starting Bid $70

21 CELTIC, GAUL, Senones, cast Potin, 18 mm, 1st cent BC, Helmeted head l/horse l., LaT 7405;

F-VF, centered, crude of course, smooth dark patina with some earthen cover in rev fields;

features fully clear. Very scarce type.

(A VF, exactly like this & not better, brought $145, Rauch 11/07.) Start Bid $65

22 EGYPT, PHARAOH NEKTANEBO II, 361-343 BC, Æ15, Leaping ram/scales, F or so, somewhat

off-ctr, olive brown patina, sl grainy, obv ill struck with crude ram. The only coin attributed to

the Egypt of the Pharaohs (there's also a rare gold version), tho some evidence suggests a more

prosaic Syrian attribution; take your pick. (A VF sold for $5423, Gorny 3/07.) Starting Bid $60

23 R EGYPT, Ptolemy II, 285-246 BC, Æ46, Zeus head r/Eagle stg l, head r, E betw legs;

AVF/F+, centered, smooth warm reddish-brown patina; very decent example of this really massive

coin. (An F-VF brought $375, Munz Zentr 1/07; VF/AVF $1000, Rauch 6/07.) Starting Bid $160

Bidding early adds years to your lifespan

24 R EGYPT, Ptolemy III, Æ16, Zeus Ammon head r/Eagle stg l, no symbols; VF, a hair

off-ctr, greenish-brown patina, quite strong detail. Die break on lower rev. Actually rare!

Starting Bid $30

25 EGYPT, Ptolemy IV, Æ43, Zeus Ammon head r/Eagle stg l, Delta-I betw legs, S7841, Sv.1125;

VF, dark brown patina, infinitesimal porosity, but a nice bold coin with lots of detail.

(A GVF brought $1265, Gemini 1/11.) Starting Bid $150

26 R EGYPT, Ptolemy V, 204-180 BC, Æ29, Head of Cleopatra I as Isis r/Eagle stg l, Choice VF,

well centered & struck, medium greenish-brown, strong details. Very nice.

(A GVF realized $275, CNG 3/98.) Starting Bid $65

27 EGYPT, Ptolemy IX, Tet, Ptolemy I head r/Eagle l, LC= Year 6, Svor. 1677; Nice VF,

obv well centered, rev nrly so; quite good metal for this; portrait of good style.

(A Ch. VF+ brought $330 reduced from $80 bid in my 2/19 sale.) Starting bid $120

28 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires III & Queen Anzaze, c. 82-80 BC, Ar Tet, Conjoined busts left, '

anchor behind/Zeus std l., lgnd around, S6171 (£1250); EF, obv well centered & sharply struck

with great portrait detail, good bright metal; rev sl off-ctr with typically crude lgnds, some sl

planchet imperfections at edge. Rare.

(A GVF with lt porosity & wk rev strike brought $4,700, Triton 1/14.) Starting Bid $800

29 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires V, 54-33 BC, Ar Tet, Bearded bust l., anchor at rt, star above/

lgnd & bearded bust left, GIC 5884 (£250); VF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr & somewhat crude

as always but most of lgnds, and the bust, are clear. Base silver with olive-brown patina.

(A Nice VF brought $1725, Triton 1/04) Starting bid $90

30 R ELYMAIS, Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5896, Bust l., anchor/dashes; VF-EF, dark brown patina

with strong pale green hilighting, very nice.

(A Ch. VF brought $42 on $47 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Starting Bid $25

31 ELYMAIS, Phraates, Æ Drachm, GIC-5902, Bust l., anchor/ dashes; Choice VF, pale brown

with strong green hilighting, very bold. Note the rev dashes are not random but form a pattern.

(A VF realized $120, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $18

32 ELYMAIS, Orodes II, Æ Drachm, GIC-5905, Facg bust/ dashes, Nice VF, highlighted green

patina, good strong face. (A VF brought $33 on $39 bid in my 2/09 sale.) Start Bid $15

33 ELYMAIS, Orodes III, Æ Drachm, GIC-5910, Facg bust with bushy hair/dashes; VF,

pale brown patina, face quite strong. (A VF brought $48 in my 3/04 sale.) Starting Bid $15

34 HERAKLEIA, Nomos, c.330-280 BC, Athena head r, Skylla on helmet/Herakles stg l, with club,

lion skin & bow, Nike above left, aryballos (cup) to rt (very rare thus; normally the cup is at

upper left); AVF/VF, quite well centered with Herakles fully complete & well struck; sl touch of roughness on obv. (A VF, the common variety with cup at top, and various faults,

realized $1534, CNG eAuc 5/20.) Starting Bid $200

35 HIMERA, Æ16+ (Hemilitron), 420-408 BC, Nymph hd l./6 pellets in wreath, S1110; VF-EF,

sl off-ctr, deep green patina with touch of roughness on obv, but the head has sharp detail.

(A GVF brought $374, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $50

36 R HIMYARITES, (Arabia), Amdan Bayyin Yanaf, 1st cent AD, Ar Quinarius, Head r in torque/

Male hd r betw monograms, lgnd around, GIC-5717; Choice EF/virtually mint, nrly centered,

well struck, excellent bright metal, rev lustrous.

(An AEF/EF brought $310, Hauck & Aufhauser 3/06.) Starting Bid $85

37 HISTIAIA, Tetrobol, 3rd cent BC, Nymph head r/Nymph std r on galley. as S2496; VF, oval flan,

obv much off-ctr to SW, head partly off, face clear; moderately toned.

(A VF of the type brought $335, Lanz 12/10.) Starting Bid $15

38 INDO-GREEKS, KUSHANS, "Soter Megas" (Vima Takto, enigmatic ruler, son of Tik Takto),

c.55-1095 AD, Æ Tetradrachm, bust r hldg scepter in front/king on horse r; VF, lt brown, rev

somewhat off-ctr, a few sl porous spots. (A Ch VF brought $121 in my 11/12 sale.) Starting Bid $10

Starting bids are intended to be cheap

39 JUDAEA, Alexander Jannaeus, 103-76 BC, Double cornucopiae/Hebrew lgnd in wreath,

Hen.1145; Choice VF or better, well centered on a sl unround flan, brown patina with pale

greenish hilighting, particularly strong on rev with the Hebrew lgnd complete & unusually

legible. Start Bid $35

40 KAMARINA, Æ14 (Tetras), c.420-405 BC, Facg Gorgoneion/owl stg r, hldg lizard; VF,

obv sl off-ctr but face complete & fully clear, rev well centered; dark brownish patina.

(A VF sold for $386, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $50

41 KELENDERIS, Stater, c.425-400 BC, Dismounting horseman l./goat kneeling rt, head left,

lgnd above; F-VF, well centered on a smallish oval flan, both sides just about complete;

good metal with contrasting tone in fields. Quite good for the grade.

(And AVF just like this brought $1311, Baldwin's 9/06.) Starting Bid $150

42 KOLOPHON, Æ13+, 4th-3rd cent BC, Apollo head r/Horse forepart r, magistrate

Leodamas, S4353; F-VF, nrly centered, glossy dark patina with some earthen hilighting;

bold & pleasant. (Same variety, GVF, brought $414, Naumann 8/16.) Starting Bid $25

43 KYME, Æ15, c.250-200 BC, Horse forepart r, KY, EUBIOS (in Greek) below/Oinochoe,

EYB monogram, S4188; AEF/VF, nrly centered, good brown patina, nicely detailed horse.

(Better than an AEF bringing $248, Roma 2/14) Start Bid $80

44 KYZIKOS, Tet, 390-330 BC, Persephone hd l/Lion head l, tunny below, oinochoe behind

(scarcer variety), S3855 (£850); F-VF/VF, obv nrly centered, rev well centered, decent metal

with only very minor surface misdemeanors; 2 small edge splits. Rare.

(A VF/F+ of the type brought $4566, iNumis 3/11.) Starting Bid $375

45 LARISSA, Drachm, c.400-350 BC, Head of Nymph Larissa facing virtually full front/horse

grazing rt, lgnd above, as S2123; AEF, well centered & complete on sl ovoid flan, two-toned

metal with some very sl granularity in fields; quite a strong head.

(A Near EF, typology very close to this, brought $4688, Roma 3/14.) Starting Bid $200

46 R LESBOS, billon Obol or 1/10 Stater, 1.34 gms, c.500-450 BC, 2 boar hds face-to-face,

LES (in Greek) above/rough incuse square, S3488 (£140); VF+, well centered & strongly struck,

good metal, unusually nice for this, and rarer with the ethnic.

(At least as good as a VF with sl porosity bringing $305, CNG 9/06; one only F-VF realized

$216 in my 12/91 sale.) Starting Bid $195

47 LYCIAN Dynasts, Stater, 490-430 BC, Pegasos left, T on rump/bull forepart l, in incuse

square; F/VG or so, somewhat oval flan, obv well centered & clear with some detail, iridescent

tone; rev sl off-ctr, crude & indistinct, with scrape on bull's face. Rare.

(Overall equal to a F from worn dies bringing $207, CNG eAuc 3/06.) Starting Bid $60

48 MACEDON, Alexander the Great, Tet, of Amphipolis, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l, Phrygian

helmet at left, Pr. 112, VF, centered, very mild obv porosity, ltly toned, bold & decent.

(Same variety, GVF brought $814, Roma 8/15) Start Bid $130

49 MACEDON, Alexander the Great, Drachm, of Kolophon, Herakles head r/Zeus std l, crescent left,

K monogram under seat; Pr. 1827; Choice EF, well centered & struck, good bright metal with

sl tone, sharp detail on head. (Same variety, EF, realized $406, Roma 8/20.) Starting Bid $160

50 R MACEDON, Autonomous, 187-168 BC, Tetrobol, MAKE around club in center of shield/

Helmet surrounded by 3 monograms & trident, as S1387; SNG Cop 1283; Choice VF-EF, well

centered & struck, good metal with lt tone. (Same variety, GVF, brought $306, Gorny 3/11.)

Starting Bid $100

51 MACEDON, Autonomous, 187-168 BC, Tetrobol, MAKE around club in center of shield/

Helmet, 3 monograms & thunderbolt, as S1387; Nice EF, centered, quite sharply struck,

good metal with lt tone. (An EF realized $884, Roma 9/17.) Start Bid $140

52 R MASIKYTES, Lycian League Hemidrachm, c. 48-20 BC, Apollo head r/M-A, Lyre, at lower

left omphalos with coiled serpent, all in incuse square; EF, somewhat off-ctr, obv to left with

head virtually complete and with very sharp detail. Rev particularly well struck for these with

no wkness. Good bright metal. (An EF, same variety, realized $358, CNG eAuc 3/14.)

Starting Bid $170

53 MASIKYTES, Lycian League Hemidrachm, c. 27-20 BC, Apollo head r/M-A, Lyre in incuse

square, no symbol; EF, well centered (a bit tight on obv but head complete), well struck with

strong detail. Good metal. Two small incuse lines behind head seem to be as made? In any case,

not really worth mentioning, forget I did so. (A GVF brought $290, Gorny 3/08.)

Starting Bid $120

54 R METAPONTUM, Æ13, c. 225-200 BC, Hermes head r/3 barley grains, caduceus,

AEF, well centered, tan patina, fine style with excellent detailed head.

(A VF with lt encrustation brought $291, CNG eAuc 9/09.) Starting Bid $100

55 METAPONTUM, Nomos, 330-300 BC, Demeter head l/ Corn grain, META at right, rake left

above DA, HN 1582; VF-EF, nrly centered, sl touch of roughness in hair & at edge above,

otherwise good metal & a nice detailed head. Rev well struck & particularly attractive.

(Same variety, NGC Ch. VF, brought $1152, Heritage 7/20.) Starting Bid $250

56 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head l./ star pattern in square,

S3532 (£65); Choice EF, nrly centered with lion head fully complete & sharply detailed.

Good bright metal. This is the earliest coin you can get at a reasonably cheap price.

(An AEF brought $301 on $340 bid in my 1/19 sale.) Starting Bid $110

57 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head l./ star pattern in square, S3532 (£65);

EF, obv off-ctr to left losing front of lion head, otherwise very sharply struck with great detail;
excellent metal with lt tone. (A VF/AEF brought $156 in my 7/07 sale.) Starting Bid $40

58 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head left/star pattern in square, S3532 (£65);

F, obv much off-ctr to rt, rev with typical die blob at one edge. Good metal with old tone.

(A VG-F, sl off-ctr, brought $29 on $66 bid in my last sale.) Starting Bid $18

59 MYLASA, (Rhodian Peraia) Drachm, 170-130 BC, Helios head facg, eagle in front/Rose & bud,

Xi-A/M-A, Cf. S-5088; AVF, rev off-ctr, good metal, obv quite decent for these.

(A VF of the type sold for $113 on $140 bid in my 3/06 sale; another VF $2000, Berk 3/11.)

Starting Bid $45

60 NEAPOLIS (Macedon), Hemidrachm, 424-350 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/nymph head r,

lgnd at rt, S1417; AEF, centered & well struck with strong detail, a bold gorgeous Gorgon;

good metal with lt tone; fine style. (A GVF brought $879, Kunker 3/11.) Starting Bid $180

61 NEAPOLIS (Macedon), Hemidrachm, 424-350 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/nymph head rt, as

previous but lgnd surrounding head; EF, centered, well struck, fine style, with excellent detail.

Good metal with lt tone. Lovely quality. Starting Bid $200

62 OLBIA, Arrow shaped coin, c. 550-450 BC, 42 mm, EF, quite well formed, even dark

green patina with some earthen cover in recesses, very nice example. These were obviously

made for use as currency since they could not have served any other function one can think of.

(A VF realized $315, Lanz 6/93.) Starting Bid $25

63 PANORMOS, Æ14x16, 336-330 BC, Apollo head l., dolphin behind/Pegasos l, lgnd below,

S1158; VF, sl off-ctr on sl unround flan, dark green patina, sl touches of roughness, shallow

surface concavity on cheek. Very strong hair & laurel wreath detail on Apollo.

(An AVF brought $191, Bertolami 3/19.) Starting Bid $35

64 R PANTIKAPAION, Æ18, 3rd-4th cent BC, Pan head l./Head & neck of bull l., S1699;

AEF, centered & well struck, obv somewhat crude but well detailed; good medium brown patina.

(A GVF brought $352, CNG 5/09.) Starting Bid $60

65 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Æ14 (Chalkos), Bust l./bow in case, as Sellw 24.40

but appears to have nothing behind bust; VF, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr but most of

lgnd clear, good dark brown patina, portrait quite strong. Very nice for Parthian bronze.

(Sellw 24.40, VF [looks grainy] brought $138, CNG eAuc 10/16.) Starting Bid $40

66 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, Drachm, Sel.28.3, Mint State, well centered & sharply struck with

superb portrait. Bright lusterlike metal, perhaps subtly smoothed in fields.

(An EF realized $731, NY SAle 1/16.) Starting Bid $125

67 R PARTHIA, Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Drachm, Sellw 28.7 var, tiara with 7-point star,

Choice EF+, well centered & quite sharply struck, superb detailed portrait; good metal with tone,
lustery obv with sl signs of smoothing in fields. (An EF (28.7) brought $775, CGB 11/09.)

Starting Bid $140

68 PARTHIA, Orodes I, 90-80 BC, Drachm, Sellw 31.5, Choice Mint State, well centered &

sharply struck with superbly detailed portrait in fine style. Bright lustery metal. Interestingly,

while there is normally a horizontal ground line beneath archer, on this coin it's a transverse line

just under his feet, like he's pushing on a gas pedal. (An AEF realized $936, NY Sale 1/15.)

Starting Bid $150

69 R PARTHIA, Orodes I, Drachm, Sel.31.6, EF, nrly centered on a broad flan, well struck

with exceeeedingly sharp portrait details. Moderate toning.

(A GVF brought $306, Gorny 3/11; EF $460, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $120

70 PARTHIA, Sinatrukes (Used to be Gotarzes I), Drachm, Sel. 33.3, bust in tiara with stags;

Virtually mint state, obv off-ctr to left, portrait complete & quite sharply struck. Rev centered &

also sharply struck. Good bright lusterlike metal. (An EF realized $460, Triton 1/10.)

Starting Bid $110

71 R PARTHIA, Gotarzes I (or now Sinatrukes), Drachm, Sellw 33.4, Choice EF+, virtually mint

state, obv centered a bit to rt but complete, rev well centered; very sharp strike with

unbelievable portrait detail; nicely toned. (An EF realized $620, Spink 3/09.)

Starting Bid $135

72 PARTHIA, Sinatrukes, c.75 BC, Drachm, Sellw 34.2, Bust l., in tiara with lis, anchor behind,

VF+/VF, obv centered on large flan, rev sl off-ctr but complete; hint of pebbliness in field;

good appearance with moderate tone & bold portrait detail. RARE type.

(Better detail than on a VF sold for $588, CNG eAuc 1/14.) Starting Bid $165

73 R PARTHIA, Phraates III, 70-57 BC, Drachm, Sellw. 39.8, Bust l in tiara with stags & horn/

Archer rt, K = Kangavar mint (rare!); AEF/VF, obv nrly centered & sharply struck on large flan,

good metal with lt tone, rev somewhat double struck, the K clear.

(An AVF realized $585, NY Sale 1/15.) Start Bid $95

74 R PARTHIA, Phraates IV, Drachm, Sellw.54.9, EF, centered on oval flan, a little crude of

course on rev, bright lustery silver unusually good for this.

(A VF-EF brought $170, Gorny 3/04.) Starting Bid $75

75 PARTHIA, Vonones I, 8-12 AD, Drachm, Sellw.60.5, Bust l, lgnd around/Nike adv r;

a completely unique type in the Parthian series; AEF/VF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, two toned

with very sl surface quibbles, nothing to get your knickers in a twist over. Nice strong portrait.

(A GVF brought $702, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $60

76 PARTHIA, Gotarzes II, 40-51 AD, Drachm, Sel.65.33 (no royal wart but identifiable by legend);

EF, obv centered somewhat low as usual but portrait about as complete as they get on this,

with sharp detail; upper part of rev crude looking due to double strike.

(A GVF brought $702, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $40

77 PARTHIA, Vologases I, 51-78 AD. Drachm, Sel.71.1, EF, somewhat off-ctr with obv low

as usual, decent metal with moderate tone, portrait detail very sharp. Scarcer issue.

(A VF realized $286, CNG 12/92.) Starting Bid $75

78 R PARTHIA, Pakoros II, Æ14 (Dichalkon), Sellw. 75.9 var?; Bust left, date at left [C?]QT/Tyche

bust r; F+/AVF, centered, brown patina, obv a little rough, date weak; rev quite decent. Very rare.

(A GVF brought $535, CNG 6/06, the lone example on acsearch.) Starting Bid $50

79 PARTHIA, Vologases III (now he wants to be called Pakoros I, with the pronoun "they"),

105-147 AD, Drachm, Sel. 78.3, EF, usual low obv centering, rev centered, good metal with dark

tone in recesses accentuating features. (An EF brought $320, Hess-Divo 10/08.) Starting Bid $55

80 PARTHIA, Vologases III (or Pakoros I), Drachm, Sellw. 78.4, EF, nrly centered, bright but sl

frosty looking metal. (An EF realized $253, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $50

81 PARTHIA, Vologases III (or Pakorus I), Drachm, Sel. 78.5 (archer's seat shown as line),

Choice EF, obv centered sl low as usual, quite sharply struck with strong portrait detail;

good metal with unusual coppery tone. (An EF realized $234, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $60

82 R PARTHIA, Vologases IV, Tet, Sellw 84.107; Bust l./Tyche giving wreath to std ruler; EF/VF,

nrly centered, silver color with lt tone, portrait sharp, rev more detailed than usual,

Year and month fully clear. (An AVF with month off brought $585, NY Sale 1/15.)

Starting Bid $110

83 PARTHIA, Osroes II, c.190 AD, Drachm, Sel.85.3, EF, centered, well struck with rev less

crude than usual; moderately deep tone. (A GVF brought $226, Noble 7/15.) Starting Bid $50

84 R PARTHIA, Osroes II, c. 190 AD, Æ10, Chalkos, Bust l./horned sheep galloping l, Sellw 85.5;

VF+, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr, smooth brown patina with sl hilighting; well

detailed portrait. (Much nicer than a Near VF bringing $183, Bertolami 3/18.) Starting Bid $50

85 PERGAMENE Kingdom, Attalos I, 241-197 BC, Tet, Bust of the eunuch King Philetairos rt/

Athena std l, bow at right, monogram left; VF+/F-VF, centered, good bright metal, nice

powerful portrait with strong detail. (Same monogram, VF brought $1538, Roma 9/13.)

Starting Bid $300

86 PERSIA, Siglos, 485-420 BC, King rt with dagger & bow/ punch, S4683 (£85); F-VF,

centered, good metal quality, flatly struck at right & left edges but king's clothing shows much

detail, face on portrait quite clear. (A F+ brought $96 on $197 bid in my 5/01 sale.)

Starting Bid $45

87 PERSIS, Vadfradad (Autophradates) I, 3rd-2nd cent BC, Tet, Head in kyrbasia rt/fire altar
betw King w/bow & standard, Ahura-Mazda above, S6191; Choice EF, nrly centered on a broad

flan, cupped fabric as made, excellent metal, probably some invisible field smoothing. Great

portrait quality for this without the customary messed up crudeness. Also rev lgnd beside

standard clear. A wonderful coin. (Much nicer than a VF with smoothing & marks bringing $2818,

CNG 5/08; an EF sold for $6756, NY sale 1/16; GEF $13,800, Heritage 4/14.) Starting Bid $1250

88 PERSIS, Vahbarz (Oborzos) Obol, c.175-150 BC, Head rt in satrapal headdress/fire altar etc,

Alram 529; VF, well centered, obv somewhat crude (die match to most examples seen online);

rev well struck for this; good bright metal. Rare. (A VF brought $544, Peus 4/06.) Starting Bid $80

89 R PERSIS, Pakor II, 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust l./bust l, Alr.594 (Pakor I), GIC-5947; EF, nrly

centered, less crude than usual with both portraits quite well detailed; good metal.

(A VF-EF brought $300, Gorny 3/05.) Start bid $60

90 PERSIS, Namopad, 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust l./king stg rt facing crescent, Alr 602 variety

(not star & crescent); AVF, centered, somewhat crudely struck as usual but portrait & much of rev

lgnd clear; good metal. (A VF, Alr. 602, brought $117, Peus 11/06.) Starting bid $30

91 PERSIS, Napad (a/k/a Kapat), 1st cent AD, Hemidrachm, Bust left in tiara with crescent/

bust l., lgnd around, Alram 613; EF/VF+, quite well centered, strongly detailed obv, rev typically a

mite crude; excellent metal with lt tone. (A VF-EF realized $248, Hirsch 9/13.) Starting Bid $40

92 PERSIS, Unknown King (Nambed?), Hemidrachm, Bust l., in 3-pronged crown/double

diadem, Alram 621; VF, well centered, faintly grainy with lt tone, fully clear. Start Bid $20

93 PHALANNA, Æ11 (Chalkous), c.350 BC, Youthful male hd r/Female head in sakkos r,

as S2180; Nice VF, smooth medium brown patina, well centered, both heads quite strong.

Note this type is normally around 18 mm (Di- or Tri-chalkous); this smaller version is quite rare.

(A Near VF with obv softly struck brought $1265 (yes), Triton 1/12.) Starting bid $45

94 PHERAI, Hemidrachm, 4th cent BC, Hekate head l./ Nymph Hypereia stg l, S2204 (£300);

F+/AF, nrly centered, one edge very sl chipped, some scattered surface faults. Ex BCD with his tag.

(A VF sold for $3,819, Triton 1/12.) Starting Bid $30

95 R RHODES, Hemidrachm, c.125-88 BC, Helios hd facg sl rt/Rose, ANTIPATROS above, Isis

crown at lower rt, all in incuse square; Ex CNG as EF, it is EF, obv well centered & struck with

nice style face, rev sl off-ctr but complete; good metal with sl tone. Rare variety.

(An EF of the type brought $301 on $450 bid in my 6/04 sale.) Starting bid $135

96 RHODES, Didrachm, c.340 BC, Helios head facg sl rt/ Rose & bud, grape bunch & E to left;

VF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone, nice bold face with a pensive expression, wondering

how much it will sell for and what its new home will be like. With an NGC slab tag as VF.

(A GVF with sl porosity , this exact variety, brought $999, CNG 5/13.) Starting Bid $160

97 R SARDINIA, under Carthage, Æ23, after 238 BC, Persephone or Tanit head l/3 corn ears,

crescent & pellet above, Punic letters, S1267; VF+, actually better in parts but a little crude,

tho less so than usual, affecting only obv bottom; nrly centered, strong detail on head & rev;

basically smooth olive patina. Quite scarce & exceptional quality for this.

(A VF realized $456, Peus 4/12.) Starting Bid $100

98 R SPAIN, CASTULO, Æ18 (Semis), 1st cent BC, Diademed head r letter in front/Bull stg r,

crescent above, lgnd below; EF, nrly centered & well struck, smooth dark greenish brown patina,

very nice for this. (A GVF brought $661, CNG 5/11.) Starting Bid $100

99 SPAIN, CASTULO, Æ31, 120-20 BC, Diademed head r, with hand/ Sphinx r, star; VF/F,

green patina with some orangy earthen cover in recesses & around obv edge; the head has

strong hair detail; the rev somewhat crude.

(An AVF [looks only F to me] sold for $300, Rauch 11/09.) Starting Bid $60

100 SYRACUSE, Tet, c 405-395 BC, Quadriga l, Nike above, grain leaf below/Arethusa head left,

4 dolphins around, SNG ANS 290, HGC 2, 1342; AVF/F+, obv well centered & complete, rev centered

sl rightward, one dolphin off; faintest porosity obv, rev probably a bit smoothed; medium tone.

(A GVF, same dies, brought $9252, Gorny 3/16.) Starting Bid $400

101 R SYRACUSE, Hieronymous, 215-214 BC, Ar 10 Litrae, Bust l., reversed K behind/

winged thunderbolt, KI above, S994; AEF, a tiny bit off-ctr but complete, excellent metal with

lt tone highlighting features. Wonderful portrait; very nice coin.

(Same variety, EF with die shift & crack, realized $2820, CNG 5/15.) Starting Bid $750

102 SYRIA, Antiochos II, 261-246 BC, Æ17, Apollo head r/ tripod, S6879; VF/F-VF, well

centered, dark patina with earthen hilighting, a little crusty on rev, but who isn't? Strong head.
(Similar, GVF, brought $246, Kunker 11/20) Starting Bid $12

103 R SYRIA, Antiochos III, the Great, 223-187 BC, Tet, Diademed head r/Apollo std l, on

omphalos, monogram left, S6934; VF, nrly centered, sl smoothing in fields mainly on rev,

moderately dark tone, strong portrait of excellent quality.

(A VF of the type brought $1100, Peus 4/04.) Starting Bid $200

104 SYRIA, Demetrios II, 2nd reign, 129-125 BC, Tet, of Tyre, Head r/Eagle stg l, club,

exactly as S7105; F+/F, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, a few sm obv surface faults, lt tone.

Starting Bid $100

105 TARENTUM, Nomos, Youth on horse rt/Boy on dolphin l, hldg spear, rudder below,

Vlas.901; AVF, well centered on a sl tight flan, decent metal with moderately deep toning.

(Same var., VF brought $440, Bertolami 11/17.) Starting Bid $110

106 TEOS, Æ12, 210-190 BC, Griffin rt/lyre, animal leg left, THIAN rt; AVF, centered, dark

greenish patina with some hilighting. Ex European auction as VF.

(Same var., VF brought $235, CNG eAuc 11/08.) Starting Bid $20

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107 R TERINA, Stater, c. 400 BC, Nymph Terina head r/ Nike std l, hldg wreath; VF, centered on

sl unround flan, sl hints of smoothing, moderately toned, pleasant and in fine style. A very good

coin here. (A VF with lt porosity sold for $4,163, CNG 5/09.) Starting Bid $400

108 THASOS, Stater, 463-411 BC, ithyphallic Satyr carrying struggling nymph/ 4-part square;

S1746 (£425); VF, well centered, good archaic style, some shallow scrs on rev, otherwise good

metal. The crucial ithyphallus is clear, but it's a skinny pencil-like thing!

(A VF realized $655 on $1500 bid in my 2/14 sale; VF $4500, Peus 10/07.) Starting Bid $225

109 THOURIOI, Stater, c.350-300 BC, Athena head r, Skylla on helmet/Bull butting r,

Nike above; VF, nrly centered & complete on a broad flan, mild roughness, ltly toned.

Rare type with Nike. (A VF, same dies, brought $495, Roma 3/15.) Starting bid $140

110 THRACE, Lysimachos, Tet, COPY, looks silver, probably plated. Nice intricate detail. EF+

lt tone. Starting Bid $10