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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 AKANTHOS, Tet, 480-465 BC, Bull kneeling l., attacked by lion on his back, floral ornament below/quadripartite incuse square with lgnd, as S1367 (£1250) but squiggly linear design (grass?) in exergue, unpublished & rare thus; AEF/VF, generally good metal, only traces of porosity with one porous spot at obv top; moderately toned. Much detail visible. (A GVF with similar squiggly feature brought $8338, Triton 1/05.) Starting Bid $1100

2 Tetrobol, c.470-390 BC, Forepart of bull kneeling, Pi-E above/ square, as S1369 (£75); F+, centered, good bright metal, rev center weak. Minimum Bid $65

3 AKRAGAS Æ21 (Tetras) 425-406 BC, Eagle eating hare/crab & crayfish, S1023 var; F, nrly centered, darkish green-brown patina, very thick flan, rev a trifle rough; everything clear. (A F brought $119, CNG eAuction 2/06.) Minimum Bid $18

4 AMISOS, Æ22, c. 1st cent BC, Dionysos hd r/Cista mystica & thyrsos, S3640; Choice EF, nrly centered, smooth dark patina, rev a mite crude, superb detailed Dionysos head of fine style.

(An AEF brought $126 in my 9/11 sale; EF $313, Tradart 12/85.) Minimum Bid $95

5 AMBRAKIA, Corinthian type Stater, 404-360 BC, Pegasos l., A below/Athena head r, thistle branch behind, AH below, A above; VF+/AEF, obv centered a little high but complete; rev centered; excellent metal quality with lt tone. Particularly attractive rev style. Very rare. (A GVF, same rev die, obv clearly weaker, brought $2060, NAC 5/16.) Minimum Bid $450

6 APAMEIA, (Phrygia), Æ22, 100-50 BC, Helmeted Athena head r/Eagle above maeander pattern & Dioskuroi caps, S5120; AEF/VF, nrly centered on generous flan, olive-brown patina, smooth obv, rev just a touch grainy; Very attractive Athena head. (Ungraded but looks VF, brought $612, Tradart 12/14.) MB $75

7 APOLLONIA PONTIKA, Obol, 8+ mm, .53 gm.; Medusa hd facg 3/4 l./Anchor, A & crayfish; VF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, decent metal, nice clear face of fine style. Rare. (a F [very weak!] brought $161, Naumann 6/15.) Minimum Bid $40

8 ARADOS, Tet, dated 122/1 BC, Tyche head r/Nike stg l, in wreath, as S5992; F-VF, nrly centered, some rather minor scrs &/or flan faults in obv right field, otherwise decent metal; a bit weakly struck at obv top & bottom. (An F-VF realized $200, Album 9/14.) Minimum Bid $95

9 ARMENIA, Tigranes II, 95-56 BC, Æ14, Bust r in tiara/Grain ear; F/F-VF, sl off-ctr, medium olive-green patina, most of rev lgnd incl name clear; reasonable portrait. Rare. (Compare a GVF bringing $564, CNG 9/10.) Minimum Bid $45

10 ASPENDOS, Stater, 420-410 BC, earliest type with right wrestler punching the other in stomach/Slinger & triskeles, lgnd E-Sigma-TEE, S5386 (£275); VF, sl off-ctr, several edge splits; quite nice for this, only minor crudeness with wrestlers fully clear, much detail on slinger. Good metal. Rare! (A GVF, same var, brought $828, CNG 6/05.) Minimum Bid $190

11 ATHENS, Tet, 300-262 BC, Athena hd r/owl, S2547, profile eye; VG/F, centered on sl triangular flan, obv somewhat mushy but head discernable, rev sl grainy but bold. A bargain basement budget bird. At least no test cut! Minimum bid a piffling $35

12 BAKTRIA, Euthydemos II, 190-171 BC, Æ24, Herakles hd r/Prancing horse r, KP monogram, S7523var; AEF/VF, centered on large flan, medium brown, only sl surface disturbances; excellent sharp Herakles head. Scarce. (A GVF (no monogram) brought $1686, CNG eAuct 3/11.) Minimum Bid $95

13 Apollodotos I, Square Drachm, elephant/humped bull, S7591; AEF, well centered & struck, excellent metal with pleasant tone, unusually good quality. (A VF+ brought $690, H&A 3/06.) Minimum Bid $130

14 Menander, 160-145 BC, Drachm, Diademed bust r/Athena stg l, S7600; EF, obv centered, rev somewhat off-ctr, good metal, portrait with unusually sharp detail. (An EF brought $472, F&S 6/09.) Minimum Bid $100

15 -- Same but heroic bust l, thrusting spear, S7602, EF, well centered on large flan with full lgnds, sharply struck, again with exceptionally sharp bust detail for this. Medium tone. (A GVF realized $370, Gorny 10/99.) Minimum Bid $125

16 Eukratides II, 145-140 BC, Tet, Diademed hd r/Apollo stg l; F-VF, well centered, sl surface disturbances with dark tone in fields, bold features. This ruler strangely not in Sear book. (A Ch. F brought $823, Heritage 9/14.) Minimum Bid $170

17 Apollodotos II, 110-80 BC, Drachm, Bust r/Athena stg l, S7672; F, good metal, smoothly worn, obv lgnd partly crowded, full rev lgnd. (A F brought $62, M&M 11/16.) Minimum Bid $17

18 BRETTIAN League, Æ28, 211-205 BC, Helmeted Ares hd l./Nike crowning trophy, S701 (£20); AVF, nrly centered, medium brown patina, decent surfaces with only insignificant imperfections. (Larger & stronger than a VF [very weak rev] bringing $420, Naumann 11/14.) Minimum Bid $90

19 BYBLOS, Adramelek & Iyyenad, 348-332 BC, 1/16 shekel, Galley & hippocamp/lion attacking bull, S6010 (£75); VF, obv somewhat off-ctr, rev nrly centered with clear lgnd; decent metal. (A GVF with soft obv brought $230, CNG eAuction 7/08.) MB $35

20 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes VII, 112-100 BC, Drachm, Head r/Athena stg l, H below, S7291; Choice AEF, well centered & struck, full lgnds, medium topne; lovely portrait of refined style.

(A VF-EF brought $325, Gorny 3/08.) Minimum Bid $150

21 CARIAN Satraps, Hekatomnos, 395-377 BC, Tet, Zeus Labraundos stg r;/lion r, S4952 (£1750); VF, sl irregular elongated flan; obv off-ctr to rt, figure crowded but virtually complete; rev centered with only lion's back feet off . Just the slightest hint of porosity; deeply toned. Much detail visible. (Compare a VF-EF/VF with lion's head off & lt corrosion bring $3450, Rauch 5/09.) Minimum Bid $275

22 CARTHAGE, Æ15, Tanit hd l./horse stg r, palm behind; VF+/F, centered & complete, grey-brown tone, touches of roughness mainly on rev, excellent Tanit head with strong detail. (A GVF sold for $719, CNG 5/08.) Minimum Bid $40

23 CELTIC, Tet., Danubian region, imitating Philip III of Macedon, obv head reduced to a blob, on rev std Zeus clear with degraded lgnd; VF for this, good metal with tone. (A VF brought $250, Emporium Hamburg 11/12.) Minimum Bid $45

24 GAUL, Leuci, cast Potin 19 mm, 1st cent BC, Head l./boar stg l, "mountains" below; VF, typically somewhat crude but centered with quite clear features, smooth grey-green patina. (An AVF brought $78, Agora 10/15.) Minimum Bid $35

25 CHALKIS (Euboia), Drachm, 340-294 BC, Hera hd r/Eagle flying r, with snake, S2483; VF+/AVF, centered, good metal with medium tone, quite nice, with a very bold obv head.

(A GVF brought $748, Triton 1/08). Minimum Bid $90


26 DARDANOS, Obol, 5th-3rd cent BC, Horseman l./rooster stg l.; F+, nrly centered, clear features, decent metal. Rare. (Looks nicer than a granular VF bringing $425, CNG eAuc 1/09.) MB $50

27 DIOSKOURIAS, Æ17, c. 100 BC, Caps of Dioskuroi topped by stars/Thyrsos & lgnd, S3629 (£25); VF-EF,. smooth greyish-green patina; only sl off-ctr, on obv just a corner of one cap off; very nice for this, selected from hoard. (A VF but weak & ugly brought $282, Album 9/14.) Minimum Bid $60

28 -- From same hoard, Æ13, 6-pt star on one cap/8-pt star; EF, nrly centered, smooth grey-green patina, very nice. I could find no reference or sale record. Minimum Bid $50

29 EGYPT, Ptolemy II, Æ27, Zeus head r/Eagle stg l, shield at left, Sigma monogram, S7779; VF-EF/VF, nrly centered, olive-brown patina, die break on eagle's neck but strong feather details; Zeus head beautifully detailed. (A GVF brought $527, Kunker 9/11.) Minimum Bid $70

30 Ptolemy III, Æ40, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle l, looking back at cornucopiae, E betw legs; S7815; VF/F-VF, centered, lt tan patina, minor granularity & crudeness mainly on rev; Zeus head well detailed. A really big coin; put in a sock it would make a lethal weapon. (A VF/AVF brought $180 in my 7/07 sale.) MB $120

31 Ptolemy VI, Æ21, Zeus Ammon head r/twin eagles l, S7901; AVF, nrly centered on unround flan, smooth greyishj-brown patina, a little crude but much detail. (A VF brought $97 on $125 bid in my 9/00 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

32 Ptolemy VIII, Æ17, Zeus Ammon head r/Eagle stg l, lotus to left, Sv.1639; VF+, nrly centered, sl crudeness, good detail; dark green patina with sl hilighting. Rare and good for this. MB $65

33 Cleopatra VII, Æ10 of Cyprus, Her bust r/cornucopiae; F/G, centered, dark green patina, clear little portrait of the famous queen. (A VG brought $151 on $175 bid in my 1/15 sale.) MB $35

34 EION, Trihemiobol, c.460-400 BC, Goose stg r, hd l., sala-mander above, N below/incuse square; VF, well centered, decent metal, strong feather detail on goose. Normally has H on obv; the N wholly clear & unpublished thus. With Herb Kreindler tag $350. (A VF with normal H brought $160 on $250 bid in my 11/04 sale; VF/F $500, Lanz 6/11.) Min Bid $100

35 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires II & Queen Anzaze, c.82-80 BC, Tet, Conjoined busts l./Zeus std l, lgnd around, S6171 (£1250); VF, centered, rev lgnd crude & weak, sl touches of corrosion, the obv decent looking with strong portraits. A major rarity, most are from a high grade hoard, this among the cheapest available. (At least equal to an F-VF/VF-EF with various problems bringing $1280 on $1500 bid in my 1/15 sale.) Minimum Bid $675

36 Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5892, bust l./Artemis bust r; Choice VF+/VF, well centered, pale brown patina, rev lgnd clear; quite good for this. (A Nice VF brought $67 on $100 bid in my 11/13 sale; VF $95, Pegasi 11/11.) Minimum Bid $20

37 -- GIC-5893, Rev Artemis bust l, cornucopiae; VF-EF/AVF, smooth pale green & brown patina with dramatic contrast; scarce type. (A GVF brought $156, Gorny 3/04.) Minimum Bid $20

38 -- GIC-5894, Same but rev type to rt, scarcer; EF/VF, nrly centered, rev somewhat crude, nice 2-toned green patina. (A VF brought $59 on $90 bid in my 3/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

Please bid early, it keeps the bogeyman away.

39 -- GIC-5895, Drachm, Bust l//anchor & dashes; Choice VF, well-centered, nice two-toned green & brown patina. (A VF+ brought $56 on $85 bid in my 6/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $15

40 -- GIC-5896, same but no anchor; Choice VF, attractive 2-toned green & brown patina. All these Elymais bronzes are carefully selected from a large hoard. (A Ch. VF brought $42 on $47 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Minimum Bid a giveaway $15

41 Phraates, Æ Drachm, GIC-5898, Facg bust/Artemis stg r; VF, sharp facial details, rev lgnd clear; pale brown patina. (A VF+ (rough) brought $145, Pegasi 4/11.) Minimum Bid $15

42 -- GIC-5899, same but bust l.; VF, lt brown with green hilighting, rev lgnd fully clear. (A VF brought $120, Peus 4/13.) Minimum Bid $15

43 -- GIC-5902, rev dashes; Choice VF, nice hilighted patina, bold features. (A VF realized $120, Peus 4/13.) Min. Bid $15

44 Orodes II, Æ Drachm, GIC-5904, Facg bust/Artemis bust; Choice VF, lt brown patina, sl green hilighting, strong face, full rev lgnd. (A Ch. VF brought $65 on $100 bid, FSR 3/13.) MB $18

45 -- GIC-5905, rev Dashes, Choice VF, hilighted green patina, strong face. (A VF+ [looks F-VF] brought $130, Pegasi 11/09.) Minimum Bid $15

46 Orodes III, Æ Drachm, GIC-5907, Facg bust/Artemis bust, scarce; Choice VF, nice hilighted green patina, clear face, rev better than usual with nrly full lgnd. Minimum Bid $20

47 -- GIC-5910, Æ Drachm, Facg bust/dashes, Choice VF, hilighted patina, strong face & rev. (A VF brought $48 in my 3/04 sale; GVF (rev very wk) $101, M&M 11/13.) Minimum Bid $15

48 GELA, Litra, c. 430-425 BC, Horseman l./forepart of man-headed bull r; S797 (£150); F+/VF, centered on a large flan, obv a little crude, rev strong; decent metal with somewhat uneven tone. (Nicer than a F/VF [very weak obv] bringing $255, CGB 1/06.) Minimum Bid $80 (note, when I made the photos, the rev slipped with another coin overlapping it at the bottom!)

49 HERMOCAPELIA, Æ16, time of Hadrian, Bust of Senate r/bust of Roma r; VF, nrly centered, dark greenish patina, sl crudeness but both heads strong. (Better than a VF with roughness sold at $67, CNG eAuction 10/07.) Min Bid $25

50 HIMERA, Æ15 (Hemilitron), 420-408 BC, Nymph hd l./6 pellets in wreath, S1110; EF, a touch off-ctr, head complete & well-detailed; smooth deep green patina with sl hilighting. Nice.

(A VF sold for $273, Peus 11/10.) Minimum Bid $85

51 -- Same, F+, centered, brownish-green patina, bold clear head. Minimum Bid $17

52 HIMYARITES, (Arabia Felix), Ar Quinarius, Amdan Bayyin Yanaf, 1st cent AD, Male head r within torque/Small male hd r, symbol; at rt, lgnd; GIC 5717; AEF, centered, well struck, good bright metal, quite nice. (An EF brought $180, Pegasi 11/10.) Minimum Bid $70

53 HISTIAIA, Tetrobol, 196-146 BC, Nymph hd r/Nymph on prow, 11 mm, 1.72 gm, distinct provincial (?) style; EF/AEF, well centered & struck, excellent metal with lt tone. Great detail on head. Minimum Bid $75

54 INDO-GREEK, Indo-Skythians, Azes I, Drachm of Bannu, Zeus stg l/Nike stg r; Virtually mint state, nrly centered, some of lgnds partly off, figures well struck, good lustery silver. Scarce. (An EF/VF brought $480, Peus 11/96.) Minimum Bid $70

55 Rujuvula, Skythian Satrap in Chach, Jammu, 10 BC - 10 AD, Billon drachm, 12 mm, Crowned bearded bust r/Athena stg r, Karosthi lgnd, Mitch.2498. Crude F-VF or so, lt coppery tone, portrait fully clear. No sale record found, must be pretty darn scarce. Minimum Bid $20

You can ask me any time where bidding stands.

56 ISTROS, Stater, 2 male heads, left inverted/eagle on dolphin left, QY, as S1669 (£225); Choice VF-EF, obv quite well centered & struck with both heads complete & nice; rev a hair off-ctr; excellent metal with attractive toning. Some scholars identify the heads as the Dioskuroi. Others say it's the Blues Brothers. (A VF+ realized $926, CGB 11/11.) Minimum Bid $135

57 JUDAEA, John Hyrcanus I, 135-104 BC, Æ Prutah, Paleo-Hebrew lgnd in wreath/ Pomegranate betw cornucopiae, Hend. 1132; F+, centered, 2-toned green patina, all the legend is visible tho it is crude. (A GVF brought $518, Heritage 3/12!) Min Bid $15

58 Pontius Pilate, Prutah, Simpulum/3 grain ears, Hend.1341; Overall F, better in parts but somewhat off-ctr & partly wk; much of lgnds visible; medium brown patina. (A F/AF brought $67 on $100 bid in my 11/07 sale; AVF/F [I'd grade F/G] $319, Schulman 7/15.) Minimum Bid $40

59 KELENDERIS, Stater, 425-350 BC, Horseman l., dismount-ing/recumbent goat l, head r, lgnd above, sim. S5533 (£325); in NGC slab as CH XF, my conservative grade VF/EF, but virtually no wear, both sides well centered & complete (unusual for these); obv a bit crude but rev sharp with great goat detail; good fresh metal. Really excellent for this. (Clearly better than a VF just like this bringing $920, CNG 9/03; a VF-EF (minor variant) realized $12,121, Kunker 10/14.) Minimum Bid $500

60 KLAZOMENAI, Diobol, 6th cent BC, Forepart of winged boar r, A above/incuse square; as S3503 (no A, £150); rare, much more so with the A; VF, centered on a tight flan, boar's snout off, but good metal & good detail. (A GVF (no A) sold for $1058, CNG 9/14.) Minimum Bid $60

61 KOSON, GOLD Stater, 60-40 BC, Consul & 2 lictors walking l., monogram at left (copying Brutus denarius)/Eagle hldg wreath l.; EF, well centered & a good strong strike. A hoard of these flooded the market some years ago but now they've been absorbed & are becoming less common again. Still cheap for a nice substantial ancient gold coin. (Nicer than the AEF in my last sale realizing $1025; an AEF, same variety, brought $3958, NAC 10/12, but that was out of line.) Min. Bid $800

62 KRANNON, (Thessaly), Æ15, c.350 BC, Horseman r/bull butting r, trident above, S2074; VF, nrly centered, dark greenish-brown patina with sl hilighting, strong features, an uncommon coin. (A GVF brought $291, CNG eAuction 9/13.) Min Bid $40

63 KROTON, Diobol (or Triobol? .91 gm) c.300-250 BC, Athena head r/Herakles stg r; S480 (£110). F-VF, well centered & struck, good metal, nice. Ex European auction typically graded VF. Quite scarce. (A VF of this type (triobol) brought $690, Stacks 1/08.) Minimum Bid $60

64 KYZIKOS, Obol, 480-450 BC, Boar forepart l, tunny/lion hd l, K retrograde above (or maybe it's a regular K with upside-down lion head above), S3848, .79 gm; VF, nrly centered, essentially complete, decent metal with only a rumor of granularity. (A VF, porous, same var., brought $157, CNG eAuc 3/11.) Min Bid $35

65 LARISSA, Drachm, 350-325 BC, Nymph head 3/4 rt/ horse rt, S2123; VF+/EF, nrly centered, horse complete tho head crowded; excellent metal quality with luster hints & lt tone; good style head with extravagant hair. Below horse is what could be a die flaw but it sure looks like a bird standing left. I could find nothing like this. (A Near EF, this exact style (no symbol), brought $2330, Nomos 5/11.) Min Bid $275

66 LEONTINOI, Litra, 466-425 BC, Lion hd r/Naked river god stg at altar, corn grain behind, S837 (£150); VF/F, well centered on large flan, lt porosity, trace of bend. (A GF realized $332, Roma 5/13.) Minimum Bid $40

67 LESBOS, 1/24 Stater, 6th cent BC, 2 boars' heads face-to-face/incuse square, .39 gm, as S3488 (1/10 stater, £140); VF-EF, centered, well struck & bold, excellent metal for this with original brownish tone. (An EF brought $1209, Roma 9/12.) Min Bid $90

68 LOKRIS Opuntia, Stater, 369-338 BC, Persephone hd l./Ajax stg r, helmet below, as S2326 (£550); VF, well centered, minimally grainy mainly on rev, lovely detailed head of fine style in high relief. (A VF brought $2797, Peus 11/04; AVF $2575, Palombo 6/09.) Minimum Bid $550

69 MACEDON, Philip II, 1/5 Stater, Apollo head r/Horseman r, trident below, as S6691; Nice VF+/AVF, obv a touch off-ctr but no crowding, excellent two-toned metal, bold & attractive. (A VF of the type brought $311, Gemini 1/09.) Minimum Bid $60

70 Alexander the Great, Tet, Myrina, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l, MP monogram & amphora at left, Pr.1659; AEF/VF, nrly centered on large flan, bright silver with micro granularity under magnification. Attractive. (A GVF, same variety, brought $771, London Ancient Coins 6/13.) Minimum Bid $250

71 -- Drachm, Kolophon, on rev K left, Phi below; by Antigonos Monophthalmos, Pr. 1823; AEF, well centered & struck with good detail, decent metal with medium grey tone; nice. (A GVF, this exact var., brought $242, Gorny 10/14.) Starting Bid $100

72 -- Same, Kolophon, lyre at left, B below, Pr.1770; VF/AVF, well centered & struck, good metal with moderately dark tone, bold & nice. (This var., ungraded but appears VF, brought $242, Elsen 12/13.) Minimum Bid $50

73 -- Another, no rev symbols, copy, struck, in silver, AEF, dark tone in recesses, nice. Holder says bought at Greek pavilion, 1964 NY world's Fair. Minimum Bid $7

74 Antigonos Gonatas, Æ18, Athena head r/Pan erecting trophy, as S6786; AVF, centered, dark olive green patina, fully clear. Better than the one in my last sale bringing $56 on $65 bid. Nevertheless Minimum Bid $25. What a sport I am.

75 Philip V, Æ16, Herakles hd r/Youth on horse r, B-A/Phi-I, as S6799; VF/F-VF, brown patina, obv well centered & nicely detailed, rev sl off-ctr. Scarce. (About equal to a VF, this exact var., bringing $129, CNG eAuc 8/10.) Minimum Bid $30

76 MALLOS, Tetartemorion (.20 g), 4th cent BC, Swan l./astragalos; VF, centered, a little porous, types very clear. Rare. (Same types but obol, VF, brought $805, Triton 1/04.) MB $45

77 MASSALIA, Obol, after 400 BC, Youthful hd l./MA in wheel, S72; F, well centered, good metal, fully clear, nice for grade. (A F brought $43 reduced from $88 bid in my 3/07 sale.) Min Bid $22

77A MESSANA, The Mamertini (a bunch of really nice fellows. Not); Æ26, 220-200 BC, Ares hd l./Man stg with horse, S1143 (£20); F+/F, centered, somewhat rough dark greenish patina, much detail on head. (A F+ brought $219, CGB 1/04.) MB $20

78 METAPONTUM, Nomos, 330-300 BC, Helmeted Leukippos hd r, lion head behind/Grain ear, AMI & club left, Cf. S415 (£250); VF/F-VF, well centered, fourree with core exposed at one small spot on rev edge; otherwise nice metal with lt tone, portrait of fine style. (A GVF, this exact var, brought $1840, CNG 5/07.) Minimum Bid $135

79 METHYMNA, (Lesbos), Æ15, 330-280 BC, Hera? head r/ Thunderbolt & grapes; AVF, well centered, smooth dark green patina with only micro imperfections. Bold features. (A VF, no better, brought $504, Naumann 2/14.) Minimum Bid $25

80 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion head l./star pattern in square, S3532 (£65); EF, nrly centered with lion head complete, only chin crowded, sharp detail on mane; excellent metal quality. (An EF realized $489, CNG 9/11.) Min Bid $65

81 Same, EF, obv somewhat off-ctr with lion's snout & chin off, but mane has great detail, good metal; rev weak with some sandy encrustation. These are the earliest inexpensive coins. MB $35

82 MYTILENE?, Hemiobol (.34 g,), Female head r/Lion head r, MV above, IT below, in incuse square; VF, well centered, minor granularity, very nice head with good detail. I could not find this, presumably rare. Minimum Bid $30

83 NEAPOLIS (Macedon) Hemidrachm, 424-350 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/nymph head r, lgnd at rt, S1416 (£300); Choice AEF, nrly centered, well struck, good metal, lt tone, great detail & wonderful style. (An AEF brought $1438, Goldberg 6/10; GVF $879, Kunker 3/11; EF $2990, Nomos 5/12.) Minimum Bid $250

84 OLBIA, Dolphin shaped coin, c. 2nd cent BC, as S1684 (£200) but smaller 25 mm; EF, brown patina with a little green hilighting, well formed & with strong clear eye both sides; very nice for these. (Much better than a crappy F+ bringing $293, iNumis 3/11. That's not an "alternative fact.") Minimum Bid $25

85 PAEONIA, Patraos, 340-315 BC, Tet, Apollo head r/horse-man spearing fallen foe, S1520; Choice Mint State, well centered, head sharply struck in high relief; rev sl crude but less so than usual; excellent metal with abundant luster. A truly superb coin. Unlike some dealers, I don't throw around the term "mint state" loosely. (An AEF brought $1932, Gorny 3/11.) MB $700

86 PANTIKAPAION, Æ20, 4th cent BC, Pan head r/Forepart of griffin l., fish below; S1700; AEF/VF, well centered & struck, generally smooth deep brown patina with only a touch of roughness on rev; wonderful detailed Pan head. (A GVF brouight $443, CNG 9/04.) Minimum Bid $55

87 PARION, (Mysia) Hemidrachm, 350-300 BC, Gorgoneion facg/bull stg l, looking back, corn grain below, as S3919 (£85); EF/VF-EF, sl off-ctr, obv crowded to left but face complete & superbly detailed; excellent bright metal. (A VF+ brought $430, CGB 11/11.) Min Bid $100

88 Ar 3/4 drachm, c. 480 BC, Facg Gorgoneion/cross pattern in incuse square, S3917 (£200); VF, nrly centered, good metal, obv softly struck as always but better than most with a fully clear face. (A VF brought $131 on $256 bid in my 3/06 sale.) Min. Bid $40

89 PARTHIA, Mithradates I, 171-138 BC, Drachm, Bust l./Archer r, Sellw.11.1; VF/AVF, only sl off-ctr, a few sl surface imperfections on obv; ltly toned. Much portrait detail. Scarce.

(A VF brought $489, Triton 1/10.) Minimum Bid $70

90 Phraates II, Tet, Sellw 17.1var, single monogram in exergue; VF, nrly centered, some shallow depressions near obv right edge; dark tone in fields; this type is a major rarity. (Different mono-gram variety, AVF, brought $4680, NY Sale 1/15.) Min Bid $825

91 Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Drachm, Bust l./Archer rt, Sellw. 27.1, Mint State, obv nrly centered & sharply struck with great portrait detail; rev a little double struck at bottom; good lustrous silver. (An EF brought $1530, Tradart 12/14.) Minimum Bid $125

92 -- 28.3, bust in high tiara, Superb EF, perfectly centered, bust complete & sharply detailed, good metal with lt tone. (An EF realized $731, NY Sale 1/16.) Minimum Bid $135

93 Orodes I, 90-77 BC, Drachm, Sellw 31.6, EF, obv nrly centered with quite sharp portrait, rev well centered & a trifle crude; lustery silver. (A GVF sold for $306, Gorny 3/11.) MB $90

94 Sinatrukes (formerly identified as Gotarzes I), Drachm, Sellw 33.4, Bust in tiara with horn & stags; Ex Pars Coins as Superb EF, it is quite choice, nrly centered & sharply struck, excellent metal with lt tone. Scarcer issue. (A GVF with lt scrs brought $468, CNG 12/95.) Minimum Bid $150

95 Orodes II, Drachm, Sellw.48.9, EF+, practically mint state, obv centered quite low on large flan, rev double struck at bottom, good metal with luster & lt tone. Portrait details quite sharply struck. (A VF+ sold for $500, CGB 11/09.) Minimum Bid $65

96 Phraates IV, Drachm, Sellw.52/16, Laodicea mint, EF, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr, excellent metal quality with pleasant toning. (An EF realized $374, Triton 1/10.) Minimum Bid $70

97 Vonones I, Drachm, Sellw.60.5. Lgnd above bust/Nike adv r; EF/VF, obv llgnd partly wk/off, rev somewhat off-ctr to top, good metal with lt tone. Portrait sharp. Scarce distinctive type.

(A VF-EF brought $459, Rauch 3/08.) Minimum Bid $80

98 Artabanus II, Drachm, Sellw 61.7 (the scarce type), AEF/VF, good centering, uncleaned original dark patination, a trifle crusty in recesses, portrait details strong. (A VF realized $400, Peus 11/05.) I stole this on eBay, so Minimum Bid only $55

99 Vardanes I, Drachm, Sellw.64.34; scarcer Mithradatkert provincial issue, usually base metal but this is in decent bright silver; VF+, usual low obv centering, somewhat crude overall as always, but strong portrait detail. (A VF brought $262, Rauch 9/08.) Minimum Bid $50

100 Gotarzes II, Tet, Sellw 65.6, Bust l./Tyche giving wreath to std ruler; VF+/VF, centered, good bright silver, strong portrait detail. Scarce with month visible; on this coin it is complete! (A GVF with no month brought $600, Kunker 3/13.) Min Bid $160

101 -- Drachm, Sellw. 65.33 (without royal wart but identifiable by legend); Choice EF+, virtually mint state, usual low obv centering, rev nrly centered, portrait exceedingly sharp. (A GVF brought $702, I kid you not, in NY Sale 1/15.) Minimum Bid $70

102 Vologases I, Drachm, Sellw 70.13 (short square cut beard as Shore 375); Choice VF-EF, obv centered low as usual but portrait nevertheless unusually complete for this type; excellent metal with lt tone. Scarce. (A VF brought $164, CNG eAuction 1/11.) Minimum Bid $55

103 Pacorus II, Drachm, Sellw 77.8, bust in tiara with hooks; VF/F-VF, sl off-ctr, decent metal with lt tone, nice. Scarce type. (A VF sold for $290, Peus 11/05.) Minimum Bid $45

104 Vologases III, Drachm, Sellw. 78.3, Superb EF+, good centering for this & beautifully struck on good metal with lt tone. The full Monty. (An EF brought $320, Hess-Divo 10/08.) MB $75

105 -- Sellw.78.5, Choice EF, obv centered only sl low, well struck, good bright metal. (An EF sold for $234, NY Sale 1/15.) Minimum Bid $55

106 -- Tet, Sellw 79.6, scarce type, E behind bust (even scarcer); VF/AVF, obv somewhat off-ctr, sl crude, on large flan, good silver for this with lt tone. Only bare top of month visible but must be 79.6. (A VF of the type brought $840, Peus 4/94.) MB $100

107 Vologases IV, Drachm, Sellw.84.132; Choice EF, good centering on sl ragged flan, rev typically somewhat crude, portrait has superb sharp detail. Good metal with lt tone. (An EF/VF realized $170, Peus 5/96.) Minimum Bid $60

108 Osroes II, c.190 AD, Drachm, Sellw.85.1, EF, obv only sl off-ctr, sharply struck, rev typically a bit crude; good metal. (An AEF sold for $187, Berk 3/95.) Minimum Bid $50

109 Vologases VI, Æ11 (Chalkos), Sellw 88.29, Bust l./Eagle l, VF, nrly centered, brown patina, much detail visible, very nice for Parthian bronze. (Much better than one ungraded (looks F & rough) that sold for $94, Elsen 6/13.) Minimum Bid $40

110 PERGAMON, Cistophoric Tet., after 133 BC, Cista mystica with snake in wreath/bowcase betw snakes, KPI above, as S3948; VF-EF, obv somewhat off-ctr losing part of wreath, rev only sl off-ctr, both sides boldly struck; good metal with somewhat uneven tone. (A VF brought $309, iNumis 3/11.) MB $110

111 PERRHAEBI, Obol, 480-400 BC, horse l./Athena adv r, with spear, in incuse square; S2171 (£150); F+, obv somewhat off-ctr but horse complete, rev well centered; decent metal with lt tone, bold features. Scarce. (A VF (looks rough) brought $373, Lanz 6/11.) Minimum Bid $75

112 PERSIA, Siglos, 450-330 BC, Archer rt with spear & bow/ punch, S4682 (£75); Bold F+, nrly centered, bow off, excellent metal quality with tone in recesses. (A F brought $63 in my 6/08 sale; F+ $380, CGB 11/09. Which would Jesus buy?) MB $40

113 PERSIS, Darius I, 2nd cent BC, Obol, King’s hd r in satrapal head-dress topped by eagle (much scarcer than with crescent)/ Fire altar, etc, S6200; Choice VF, well centered, good metal, nice portrait in high relief. (A VF realized $200, Peus 4/06) MB $60

115 Artashir (Artaxerxes) II, 60-50 BC, Hemidrachm, bust l./king at altar l, S6214 (£65); Nice VF, well centered, only a small part of rev lgnd wk; excellent metal with lt tone. Good portraiit.

(A VF brought $315, Peus 5/07.) Minimum Bid $35