Graduate of Queens College (1967), NY Law School (1970)


New York State Public Service Commission, Staff Counsel 1970-77, Administrative Law Judge 1977-97


Since 1997, occupied full time dealing in rare coins.


Married to poet Therese Broderick; daughter Elizabeth Robinson


Author of: Albany’s O’Connell Machine (republished as Machine Politics); Children of the Dragon (novel); Confessions of a Numismatic Fanatic: How to Get the Most Out of Coin Collecting); Life, Liberty, and Happiness: An Optimist Manifesto; The Case for Rational Optimism; and Angels and Pinheads: A Guide to Which is Which and What’s What


I consider myself a humanist, and a classical John Stuart Mill type liberal, believing that people can flourish best when given the most freedom over their own lives and endeavors.