114 PERGAMON, Æ17, 2nd-1st cent BC, Athena head r/ trophy, as S3960; Choice VF, well centered & struck,

smooth dark greenish patina with strong earthen hilighting. (A nice VF brought $81 in my 5/99 sale.)

Starting Bid $25

115 PERGAMON, Æ21, 133-27 BC, Asklepios head r/Eagle stg on thunderbolt, S3976; Choice VF/AVF,

nrly centered, smooth dark green patina with pale earthen hilighting. Quite bold & attractive.

(A VF brought $156, Savoca 1/18.) Starting Bid $35

116 PERSIA, Siglos, 450-330 BC, King rt with dagger & bow/ punch, S4683 (£85); AVF, well centered,

clear figure with some detail, nice for this. (A VF realized $775, Kunker 9​10. Not a typo, $775.) Starting Bid $65

117 PERSIS, Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, 2nd cent BC, Tet, Head r wearing kyrbasia & diadem/

Fire temple betw king & standard, above half-figure of Ahura-Mazda; S6193, Alram 546; VF-EF/VF,

well centered & good strike for this with rev less crude than usual, portrait nicely detailed & in fine style.

Excellent bright silver. Four Persis kings struck tetradrachms, all fairly rare, but this is much the rarest &

a superior example. (GVFs brought $10,200, CNG 9/17 and $7794, Leu 5/18..) Starting Bid $1450

118 R PERSIS, Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, 2nd cent BC, Drachm, Head r in satrapal headgear, eagle atop/

fire altar etc, S6194 (Darius I), Alr. 547; Virtually mint state, centered on large flan, choice detailed portrait,

rev typically somewhat crude; quite lustrous silver. (A Ch. VF realized $400, NY Sale 1/16.) Starting Bid $120

119 PERSIS, Darev (Darius) I, c.125-100 BC, Drachm, Head r, headdress topped by eagle/fire altar etc, S6195,

Alram 557; AEF/VF, well centered & struck, rev less crude than usual; darkish tone in recesses;

in obv right field there's a surface break with green patina suggestive of a fourree, but the style is excellent.

(A VF brought $730, Elsen 2/94.) Starting Bid $55

120 PERSIS, Darev II, 1st cent BC, Obol, Head left in tiara/ king stg left at altar; Alr 566; VF, nrly centered,

rev typically crude, nice clear portrait, good bright metal. Ex Pars auction as Choice GVF.

(A Near VF brought $72 + buyer fee, London Ancient Coins 6/13.) Starting Bid $30

121 PERSIS, Artashir (Artaxerxes) II, c.60-50 BC, Drachm, King with 3-pronged crown, monogram behind (weak)/

King at altar, S6212, Alr 570; VF/AEF, well centered, obv faintly grainy with flan flaw behind crown, portrait nice;

rev much better struck than usual with fully clear lgnd. Contrasting tone in recesses.

(A VF realized $332, Peus 10/07.) Starting bid $70

122 PERSIS, Pakor I, 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust l./triskeles & lgnd. Alr. 598, GIC-5946; VF-EF, well centered,

decent metal, some crudeness of course but less than usual, good for this.

(A "bold VF" brought $129, Album 1/14.) Starting Bid $40

123 PERSIS, Namopad, 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust l./Bust of king left facing star in crescent,

as Alr 602 but apparently unpublished with rev type to left; VF, centered, good metal, obv reason-ably struck,

rev rather crude, you have to peer at it to figure out what you're looking at. No sale record found. Start bid $35

124 PERSIS, Napad (a/k/a Kapat), 1st cent AD, Obol, bust in tiara l./ Diademed bust l, Alr.614, GIC-5952;

VF/F, centered, good metal, obv portrait clear, rev typically crude. (A GVF brought $224, Bertolami 9/19.)

Starting Bid $28

125 PHALANNA, Æ18, c.350 BC, Youthful male hd r/Female head in sakkos r, S2180; AVF/VF, rev sl off-ctr,

glossy brown patina, nice, with a particularly good rev head. (A VF sold for $1725 (yes), Triton 1/12.)

Starting bid $25

126 PHERAI, Hemidrachm, 4th cent BC, Hekate head l./Nymph Hypereia stg l, S2204 (£300); AVF/F,

well centered, good metal on obv, rev with just the slightest roughness. Ex BCD with his tag & photos

(A VF sold for $3,819, Triton 1/12.) Start Bid $75

127 PHOKIS, Triobol, c. 480 BC, Facg bull head/Artemis head r, letters around, in incuse square, S2346 (£140);

AVF/F, obv centered on teardrop shaped flan, rev centered sl low, excellent metal with lt tone. Scarce.

Note, clear letters IK before rev head, should be KI (in FOKI); I could not find another example online with IK.

(A GVF brought $3105, NAC 10/10.) Starting Bid $70

128 RHODES, Hemidrachm, c.170-150 BC, Helios hd facg sl rt/Rose, MNEMON above, thyrsos, in incuse square;

EF, obv well centered, rev off-ctr but complete; good metal; well struck with nice strong face in fine style.

(Compare a VF, this exact variety, bringing $224, CNG eAuc 11/11.) Starting bid $110

129 RHODES, Didrachm, c.340 BC, Helios head facg sl rt/Rose, grape bunch on vine & E; F+/AVF,

centered on tight flan, decent metal with lt tone. metal with accentuating tone.

(Same variety, AVF, brought $222, UBS 3/12.) Starting Bid $90

130 R SELINUS, Didrachm, 540-515 BC, Selinon Leaf/ Incuse square with 12 compartments;

VF, sl off-ctr but complete, fairly bright metal with lt tone and only niggling surface imperfections;

lots of leaf detail. Note the leaf format, somewhat like a Christmas tree on this coin, is quite distinctive and

much rarer than the usual ones. (A GVF, similar leaf shape, rev double struck, brought $1,140, CNG 5/19.)

Starting Bid $450

131 SICILY, Uncertain (Panormos?), Æ23, c. 200 BC, Janus head/NASO in 2 lines in wreath; VF+/F,

centered on unround flan, olive green patina, rev a bit weak hence my careful split grading;

the Janus head exceptionally well detailed. Quite scarce. (A VF brought $684, Gorny 3/11.) Starting Bid $60

132 SIKYON, Hemidrachm, c.330-280 BC, Chimaera adv l./dove flying l; F+, sl off-ctr, good metal with medium

tone, minor spot of corrosion on edge. (A F brought $01 on $155 bid in my 3/08 sale; F $150, Berk 8/04.)

Starting Bid $40

133 R SOLOI, Stater, 390-375 BC, Athena head r/Grape bunch with vine & leaf, VF/AEF, sl off-ctr on

elongated unround flan, very sl surface imperfections under darkish tone, Athena face very nice, every little

grape visible on rev. (A GVF with a few pits brought $1035, Freeman & Sear 6/07.) Starting Bid $300

134 SOLUS, Æ13, 4th cent BC, Athena head facg 3/4 left/ archer kneeling rt, S1181 (£25); F+, small chiplike

edge irregularity, smooth dark brown, face & rev figure clear. Rare!

(A Nice VF was reported sold for $650, CNG Web Shop #251598.) Starting Bid $20

135 SPAIN, CASTULO, Æ26, 120-20 BC, Diademed head r/ Sphinx r, star; Choice AEF/VF+, a bit off-ctr but

complete, with even rev lgnd clear (unusual); smooth dark green patina with dramatic whiteish hilighting;

great detail on head & sphinx. (Much nicer than a VF bringing $480, iNumis 3/14.) Starting Bid $150

136 SYBARIS, Drachm or 1/6 Stater, 530-510 BC, Bull stg l., head rt/incuse of same; F, centered, good metal

with medium tone, fully clear, the rev incuse well defined with detail. Quite good for the grade.

(A VF brought $1674, Peus 11/17; also compare a "Fair, rough surfaces, broken & repaired" bringing $192,

CNG eAuc 5/13.) Start Bid $100

137 SYRACUSE, Ar Litra, 474-450 BC, Artemis-Arethusa head r/cuttlefish (octopus), S929; VF, centered,

sl rough surfaces; two pieces broken off edge & glued back, tiny piece still missing. (A GVF, porous, also broken &

with significant pieces missing, brought $81, CNG eAuc 10/15; VF $632, Naumann 9/18.) Starting Bid $30

138 SYRACUSE, Tet, 466-405 BC, Quadriga l, Nike above, sea serpent below/Artemis-Arethusa head rt,

4 dolphins around, Boehr.595; AVF/VF, obv centered, rev a bit off-ctr losing only (most of) one dolphin;

bright silver, slight touch of porosity, flan flaw on dolphin at lower right. Nice head with good detail.

(A VF, this exact variety (same dies?), realized $3,640, CNG eAuc 1/13.) Starting Bid $500

139 SYRACUSE, Dekadrachm, copy, the famous one by Stearns Bicycle Co., Syracuse, NY, their name in

Greek in obv exergue, with date in Roman numerals 1898; cast in bronze; VF, actually almost as made,

good bronze patina. (A VF of this same copy brought $189, CNG eAuc 6/19.) Starting Bid $30

140 R SYRACUSE, Æ16x19, 357-344 BC, Artemis-Arethusa hd l./dolphin over scallop shell, S1187; EF/AVF,

centered on large ragged flan, brown patina, sl crudeness on rev, head in beautiful style with superb detail.

(A VF brought $402, Peus 11/10; VF-EF $463, Gorny 10/18.) Starting Bid $135

141 SYRACUSE, Æ14, 344-317 BC, Apollo head l./Pegasos r, A below; AVF, centered, dark greenish-brown patina, mildly rough. Actually very scarce.

(The only other example I found was a VF with deposits, about equal, bringing $76, CNG eAuc 9/09.) Starting Bid $20

142 SYRIA, Antiochos I, 281-261 BC, Tet, in name of Seleukos I, Herakles head r/Zeus std l, dolphin

above M monogram in circle, under seat T in circle, Laodicea mint; VF/VF-EF, well centered, bright silver,

a nice bold coin. (Better than a VF, sl rough, same variety, bringing $291, CNG eAuction 3/08.) Starting Bid $170

143 SYRIA, Antiochos II, Æ13, Apollo head r/lyre, anchor below, VF, immaterially off-ctr, olive green patina

with some hilighting; nice. (A VF sold for $123, CNG eAuc 3/08.) Starting Bid $20

144 SYRIA, Demetrios I, 162-150 BC, Drachm, Head r/ cornucopiae, S7019; F, centered, grainy surface mainly

on obv; darkish toning. Starting Bid $20

145 R  SYRIA,  Antiochos IX, Æ18, Young head r/Thunderbolt, VF+/VF, obv sl off-ctr to left
but head complete, dark greenish patina, minimally grainy, nice strong portrait. Scarce!
(A VF brought $252, CNG eAuc 12/08.) Starting Bid $35

146 SYRIA, Antiochos VIII, 121-96 BC, Tet, Head r/Zeus stg l, in wreath; AEF, well centered on broad flan,

very sl field imperfections, contrasting tone, excellent detailed portrait.

(A VF+ sold for $684, CGB 6/14.) Starting Bid $150

147 TARENTUM, Nomos, c.380-440 BC, Youth on horse racing rt/Taras on dolphin l, hldg akrostolion; Vlas.368;

AVF, well centered & complete, bright freshly cleaned metal, circular banker mk above horse's tail. Rare variety.

(A NVF, same variety, not as nice, brought $340, Roma 6/18..) Starting Bid $110

148 TARENTUM, Nomos, 332-302 BC, Youth on horse r, with 3 spears/Taras on dolphin l, hldg kantharos;

AVF/F+, centered, decent bright metal, minor crudeness, lettering not visible.

(Same var., VF brought $805, CNG eAuc 11/14) Start Bid $100

149 TARSOS, Datames, 384-360 BC, Stater, female head facg 3/4 left/Helmeted Ares (?) head r, lgnd at rt,

S5644; F+/AVF, a hair off-ctr, minor touches of roughness, obv nose & mouth wk.

(A VF brought $820, Naumann 4/15.) Starting Bid $120

150 TEOS, Æ18, 370-330 BC, Griffin std r/Kantharos, magistrate Metrodoros; Nice F, smooth deep green patina,

some earthen hilighting, well centered, full rev lgnd. (A VF (diff magistrate) brought $207, CNG eAuc 11/08.)

Starting Bid $20

151 THASOS, Stater, 510-480 BC, ithyphallic Satyr carrying struggling nymph, previous to his conviction for

sexual assault/ 4-part square; S1746 (£425); EF, obv centered just sl low, some minor edge notches,

rev darkly toned with some metal flaws. The obv lustrous with unusually strong detail as befitting the EF grade.

Good archaic style. (A VF realized $655 on $1500 bid in my 2/14 sale; VF $4500, Peus 10/07.)

Starting Bid $500

152 THASOS, Stater, 510-480 BC, ithyphallic Satyr carrying struggling nymph/4-part square; S1746 (£425),

AVF, nrly centered, decent metal, couple sm edge cracks, features quite clear.

(An AVF brought $510 on $560 bid in my 9/98 sale.) Starting Bid $200

153 THASOS, Tet, Dionysos hd r/Herakles stg l, M monogram, S1759; VF/F-VF, well centered & struck,

good style head, not Celtic; decent metal with very sl surface marks, only a small nick on nose at all noticeable.

(An F+/AVF brought $308 on $456 bid in my 8/90 sale.) Starting Bid $110

154 THOURIOI, Distater or Tetradrachm, 400-350 BC, Athena hd r, Skylla on helmet/bull butting r, fish in exergue;
S440 (£700); VF, good bright metal, quite good centering for this with full helmet crest & bull complete.

Rare & desirable thus. (A GVF, "somewhat lightly struck" brought $2677, Nomos 5/16.) Starting bid $650

155 THESSALIAN League, Stater or Double Victoriatus, 196-146 BC, Zeus head r/Athena stg r, magistrates

Nikolaos & Gorgias; EF, centered, obv subtly grainy in places, rev has a little roughness in field; dramatic portrait in

high relief. (A VF, same magistrates, brought $276, CNG eAuc 6/16.) Starting Bid $135

156 THRACE, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, Tetradrachm of Byzantion, Alexander head with horn r/Athena std l,

trident below, Delta-P monogram at left; AEF, well centered & struck, very mild porosity under medium toning;

very bold & attractive.

(Same variety, VF with cleaning marks brought $425, CNG eAuc 6/19; AEF $1069, Gorny 10/16.) Starting Bid $340

157 VELIA, Nomos, Athena head r, griffin on helmet/Lion adv r; F, obv well centered, rev nrly so, sl uneven

darkish tone, some lt porosity & surface imperfections mainly on rev. Obv not bad; rev could be worse.

(A F of the type brought $190, CNG eAuc 6/13.) Starting Bid $75

You can find out bid status just by asking.


158 BRONZE AES GRAVE, Quadrans, 270 BC, Boar running rt, 3 pellets below/same to left; Cr.18/4; huge coin,

41 mm & 70.8 grams; F-VF or so, brown patina, planchet irregularity at top where broken out of mold;

also some roughness in that area on rev; otherwise largely smooth surfaces; features fully clear.

(A VF brought $2,645, CNG 9/11. ) Start bid $275

159 R STRUCK, As, L. Sempronius Pitio, Janus head/Prow r, L SEMP above, Cr. 216/2a, Sy.403; VF, nrly centered,

a little crude/wk in places, but Janus faces strong, as is name on rev; dark green patina with some earthen hilighting

& only minor roughness. (Much more detail than on a VF bringing $214, Peus 4/10.) Starting Bid $150

160 Sextans, Mercury head r/prow r, 2 pellets below, Cr.56/6, after 211 BC; VF, flan with straight break behind

head & at rev top; obv centered, rev sl off-ctr; medium brown; almost no porosity; head & prow detail quite strong.

(A VF, sl rough, brought $202, CNG eAuc 9/09.) Starting Bid $30

SILVER (All Denarii unless noted, by Crawford & Sydenham #s):

161 Anonymous, Cr.197/1, Sy.431, c. 157-156 BC, Roma head r/Victory in biga r, F-VF, obv a hair off-ctr tiny

mark at edge, rev well centered, good bright silver; ex Noble auction as VF.

(A VF realized $276, CNG eAuc 6/14.) Starting bid $50

162 Cn. Lucretius Trio, Cr.237/1, Sy.450, 136 BC, Roma head r/ Dioscuri r; AEF, well centered & struck,

sharp details, very sl traces of porosity, ltly toned. (A VF+ brought $863, Gemini 4/11; VF $250, Berk 11/11.)

Starting bid $135

163 L. Antestius Gragulus, Cr.238/1, Sy.451, 136 BC, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r; Nice VF,

well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone. Ex European auction as VF+.

(A VF+ sold for $374, Gemini 1/14.) Starting bid $90

164 P. Maenius Antiaticus,, Cr.249/1, Sy.492, 132 BC, Roma head r/ Victory in quadriga r; AEF, perfectly

centered & well struck,. good metal with lt tone. (A VF realized $$418, Peus 11/10.) Starting bid $135

165 R M. Acilius, Den, 130 BC, Cr. 255/1, Sy.511, Roma head r in circle/Hercules in slow quadriga r;

VF, insignificantly off-ctr, well struck, nice metal with flavorful old toning. (A VF realized $633, Gemini 1/14.)

Starting Bid $100

166 R C. Plutius, Denarius, 278/1, Sy.414 (Rarity 4), Roma hd r/Dioscuri rt; AEF, obv centered, rev nrly so,

medium grey tone. (A GVF brought $448, F&S 6/08.) Starting bid $150

167 C. Naevius Balbus, Cr.282/1a, Sy.769, Venus head r, E below chin/Victory in biga r; serrate issue; F-VF,

obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr, excellent metal with deep old toning. Starting bid $40

168 Appius Claudius & T. Mallius, 111-110 BC, Cr.299/1b, Sy570a, Roma head r/Victory in triga r, EF, centered,

minor crudeness on rev; good metal with nice moderate toning.

(A GVF brought $290, Davisson 10/11.) Starting bid $165

169 R L. Flaminius Cilo, Denarius, Cr.302/1, Sy.540, Roma head r/Victory in biga r; VF+/VF, minimally off-ctr

(I really don't know why I even bother saying such things, nobody else does), excellent metal with lt tone.

(A VF sold for $186, Peus 10/14.) Starting Bid $85

170 R C. Allius Bala, 92 BC, Denarius, Cr. 336/1b, Sy.595, Diana head r/Diana in biga of stags, grasshopper below;

VF, centered, very sl roughness on obv but well struck with strong detail on head. Really quite good for this usually

ill-made type. (A VF brought $320, Peus 11/08.) Starting bid $85

171 M. Porcius Cato, Quinarius, Cr.343/2b, Sy.597, 89 BC, Liber head r/Victory std r; F+, obv sl off-ctr with sl

surface imperfections; medium toning. (A F realized $85 on $140 bid in my 9/11 sale.) Starting bid $40

172 Q. Antonius Balbus, Cr.364/1c, Sy.742a, Jupiter hd r/ Victory in quadriga r; serrate issue; VF-EF/VF,

minimally off-ctr, decent metal with deep toning, sl unround edge. Nice bold coin.

(A VF realized $220, Peus 11/05.) Starting bid $95

173 L. Sulla & L. Manlius Torquatus, Cr.367/3, Sy.759, Roma head r/ BROCKAGE of obv; F/VF+,

original grey-brown patination, fairly rough on obv, the incuse rev image beautiful.

(A Near VF brockage of this same type realized $438, Timeline 5/16.) Starting bid $50

174 R Q.C. Metellus Pius, Denarius, Cr.374/2, Sy.751, Pietas head r/Lituus & jug in wreath; VF, very sl off-ctr,

well struck, excellent metal with deep old toning. Tiny edge test notch might be noted, or perhaps that can be

labelled a hoax and a witch-hunt. Nice bold coin. (A VF realized $690, Gemini 4/11.) Starting bid $110

175 Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, 393/1a, Sy.752, Genius head r/ globe betw scepter & rudder; EF/VF-EF,

not quite centered, good bright silver, very sl crudeness on rev, sharp detail on head. Scarce.

(A VF-EF realized $657, Kunker 10/14.) Starting bid $190

176 C. Memmius, Cr.427/2, Sy.921 (Rarity 3), Quirinus head r/ Ceres std r; AEF/VF, well centered,

modest area of crudeness on obv rim, otherwise well struck with quite strong portrait detail. Pleasantly toned.

(A Nice VF brought $660, CNG 6/96.) Starting Bid $225

177 R T. Carisius, 46 BC, Denarius, Cr.464/5, Sy.985, Bust of Victory r/Victory in quadriga r; VF, not quite centered,

sm banker mark below jaw, sl striking wkness; nice metal with lt tone. Actually rather good for this.

(A VF with lt scrs realized $345, CNG 9/08.) Starting bid $85

178 IMPERATORIAL. POMPEY, Den, His head r/PRAEF CLAS etc, Neptune stg betw Catanaean brothers lofting

their parents, Cr.511/3a, Sy.1344; AVF, somewhat off-ctr, obv lgnd complete & lower rev lgnd complete;

decent metal with some tone; good portrait with much hair detail.

(VFs brought $4000, Peus 5/08 and $2900, Kunker 10/07.) Starting Bid $375

179 MARK ANTONY, Legionary den., Galley/Eagle betw standards, LEG XIX, AEF, well centered & strongly

struck, good metal with lt tone. Very nice for these. (A GVF with banker marks brought $1265, CNG 9/04.)

Starting Bid $375

180 BRUTUS, Denarius, Ides of March, Head r/cap betw daggers; COPY, struck in silver, by Slavei, EF+ ltly toned,

a beautiful piece of workmanship. (Another copy of this brought $241 in my 3/13 sale.) Starting Bid $25

181 R OCTAVIAN, Cistophorus, Bust r/PAX, Pax stg l, cista mystica at rt, all w/in wreath; AVF, nrly centered,

some lt smoothing with traces of porosity still remaining, under pleasant moderate tone;

portrait quite nice with much detail. (A VF realized $1955, Gemini 1/13.) Starting bid $300



RIC 464, C.423; EF, smooth chestnut brown, obv significantly off-ctr losing some lgnd, rev only sl off-ctr.

(A VF, same variety, brought $229, CNG eAuc 4/09.) Starting bid $95

183 R AUGUSTUS, As, Bare head l./P LVRIVS AGRIPPA III VIR AAAFF around SC, AEF, sl off-ctr, much of obv lgnd

off, rev lgnd complete with sl crowding; brown patina with sl surface blemishes on obv; excellent portrait with

very strong hair detail. (An AEF (looks VF) brought $800, NAC 4/98; GVF $492, Peus 11/16.) Starting Bid $150

184 AUGUSTUS, Syria Æ24x26, Bare head r/AVGVSTVS in wreath; VF, obv off-ctr to SW, rev nrly centered,

deep green patina, lt to moderate surface roughness, portrait has strong hair detail.

(A GF brought $168, CNG eAuc 6/11.) Start Bid $50

185 LIVIA, Dup., PIETAS, Livia bust r/SC in lgnd, RESTITUTION by Titus, much rarer than the original type;
F, centered, brown with green patina in fields, obv lgnd wk, rev lgnd complete tho partly crowded; strong clear
portrait. Starting Bid $90

186 AGRIPPA, As, His bust l./SC, Neptune stg l; AEF/VF, well centered on sl oval flan, medium greenish brown,

very sl grainy, great detail on portrait. (A GVF realized $4540, Kunker 11/13.) Starting Bid $185

187 TIBERIUS, Den, PONTIF MAXIM, Livia std r; EF, obv perfectly centered with full clear lgnd, rev sl off-ctr

with few letters wk, minimally grainy surfaces with lt tone, lovely portrait of idealized style with sharp detail.

(A VF realized $1452, Sincona 10/11.; NEF $1920, Triton 1/18.) Starting Bid $550

188 R TIBERIUS & AUGUSTUS, Egypt Tet, Laur head r, LZ/Radiate head r, Koln 48; Choice VF+/AEF, centered

with lgnds nrly complete, only sl crowding; excellent metal quality with lt toning; both portraits with great

detail. (Same variety, GVF, sold for $1470, NAC 10/16.) Starting Bid $295

189 GERMANICUS, As, under Caligula, Bust left/SC in lgnd; F, well centered, lgnds complete, moderately

rough reddish-brown patina, portrait fairly decent. (A F+ brought $157 on $180 bid in my 12/02 sale.)

Starting Bid $25

190 GERMANICUS & AGRIPPINA SR., Aezanis, Æ17+, Radiate bust r/Her bust r; GIC-368; AF, lgnds wk,

brown patina, lighter tan on portraits; a few lt surface marks mainly on rev.

(A GF realized $195, Naumann 4/17; Near VF [I'd grade F] with countermk. $581, Hirsch 2/07) Starting Bid $25

191 CALIGULA, Quadrans, Liberty cap betw SC/RCC in lgnd, COS TERT; EF, nrly centered with full clear lgnds,

dark brown patina with minimal touches of roughness, a nice bold coin.

(An EF, same variety, realized $2,322, Kunker 3/16.) Start Bid $100

192 CALIGULA & CAESONIA, Spain, Carthago Nova Æ27, Caligula bust rt/ Caesonia bust rt as Salus; F-VF/F+,

obv centered with tops of lettering off, rev somewhat off-ctr losing lgnd at rt; brown patina, only minimally grainy;

both portraits strong. Ex Naville auction as VF. Rare & much above average.

(An AF/F realized $350 in my 9/02 sale; VF $985, Peus 11/08.) Starting Bid $160

193 R CLAUDIUS, Sestertius, RESTITUTION issue by Titus, Bust left/IMP T VESP AVG REST, Spes adv l; VF,

obv centered, rev sl off-ctr with some lgnd wkness, darkish brown patina, minor roughness mainly on rev,

portrait has quite strong detail. Old tag says ex Platt collection 1950. A very rare coin I was always especially

proud of owning. Nevertheless, I have several other Claudius sestertii in top grades.

(A VF with sl corrosion brought $3510, Kunker 9/16.) Starting bid $425

194 CLAUDIUS, As, LIBERTAS AVGVSTA, Libertas stg r; VF, nrly centered, lgnds complete, medium brown

patina, pretty decent surfaces with only evanescent graininess, portrait of good Roman style.

(A GVF brought $5581, Triton 1/15; GF smoothing $288, CNG 6/05.) Starting Bid $100

195 CLAUDIUS, Dup., CERES AVGVSTA, Ceres std l; F/AF, centered, lgnds partly wk, deep green patina, glossy on

obv, sl surface blemishes on rev; good style portrait stronger than you'd expect for the grade.

Much scarcer than Asses. (A GF-NVF "weak in places" brought $600, Noble 7/08.) Starting Bid $22

196 CLAUDIUS, Egypt Æ24 (Diobol), Head r, LIA/AVTO-KRA, caduceus betw 4 grain stalks in bundle; VF,

obv sl off-ctr, lgnd wk, pale green, almost silver-looking patina, mildly rough, portrait has strong detail.

(A VF, same variety, brought $273, Peus 4/12.) Starting Bid $40

197 BRITANNICUS, Smyrna, Æ16, head rt/Nike adv r, F/VG-F, nrly centered, dark green patina, sl grainy,

lgnd weak, portrait quite bold. (A F, "a little rough" brought $251 in my 8/16 sale.) Starting Bid $75

198 AGRIPPPINA JR., Sest or Medallion, UNIFACE, obv same as the very rare type with rev carpentum & no lgnd,

rev blank apparently as made; F, olivy brown patina, mild graininess, lgnd partly wk, portrait quite good with

much detail. With laminated David Sear certif, grading it F, noting another uniface specimen in Vienna

cabinet. Extremely rare. (A Fine, regular non-uniface type, brought $2427, CNG 9/05.) Starting Bid $500

199 NERO, AS PRINCEPS, Den, bare head r/EQVESTER ORDO PRINCIPI IVVENT on shield; VF, obv off-ctr losing

lgnd at rt, rev well centered, nice bright metal, excellent portrait quality. Very scarce.

(A GVF realized $3538, NAC 12/16.) Starting Bid $450

200 R NERO, Egypt Tet, Radiate head r/Alexandria head r, with elephant hat, LIB; Choice VF+, centered tho

some lgnd typically off; fully silver color; both heads with great detail. (A VF brought $310, Lanz 5/07.)

Starting bid $120

201 R CIVIL WAR, 68-69 AD, Vindex, Den, CAESAR AVGVSTVS, Laur head r/DIVVS IVLIVS, 8-ray comet,

(copies coin of Augustus but distinct style), RIC 92; F-VF, sm edge irregularity & crack, obv lgnd mostly crowded/wk,

sl rough with medium grey tone, portrait pretty good with much detail.

(Looks clearly better than a Near VF with porosity bringing $896, CNG eAuction 3/12.) Starting Bid $350

202 GALBA, Den, CONCORDIA PROVINCIARVM, Concordia stg l, F-VF, sl off-ctr, lgnds somewhat crude & partly wk,

ltly grainy but bright silver, portrait quite bold. (A F brought $462, Superior 6/98.) Starting Bid $100

203 GALBA, As, PAX AVGVST, Pax stg l; F/VG+, obv centered with full lgnd, rev sl off-ctr, medium brown patina,

very sl porosity, portrait very strong. (A VG sold for $225, Berk 5/03.) Starting Bid $60

204 R VITELLIUS, As, Bust left/ROMA RENASCENS, Roma adv r, hldg Victory, RIC 45; VF, dark green-brown patina,

full lgnds, tho obv with roughness in lettering & fields imperfectly smoothed; rev with good glossy surface;

portrait has very strong hair & laurel wreath detail. Extremely rare rev type. Starting Bid $500

205 R VESPASIAN, Den., TR POT X COS VIIII, Victory erecting trophy, captive below, RIC 114; Choice VF+,

well centered & struck, good metal with moderate toning, excellent detailed portrait. Scarce Jewish war type.

(A VF sold for $552, NY Sale 1/20.) Starting Bid $175

206 R VESPASIAN, As, FIDES PVBLICA, Fides stg l; VF/F, orichalcum metal with some uneven dark toning, centered,

full tho partly crude/wk lgnds; minor roughness; well detailed portrait. OVERSTRUCK on OTHO, presumably a

Syrian coin, the letters OTHOC quite clear in obv right field. Otho's name is almost never so clear even on his

own coins! This has to be extremely rare if not unique, and of the highest interest. Starting Bid $150

207 TITUS, Den., ANNONA AVG, Annona std l; F-VF, sl off-ctr, some lgnd loss, excellent metal with pleasant

tone; bold portrait. (A GF realized $196, Roma 6/19.) Starting Bid $65

208 R TITUS, As, AEQVITAS AVGVST, Equity stg l; Choice VF/VF+, well centered & strongly struck, glossy deep

green patina, a very bold & pleasing coin. (A VF brought $340, CGF 6/04.) Starting Bid $125

209 JULIA TITI, As, Bust r/VESTA std l; F, two-toned tan-brown patina, moderate roughness & flan flaws

mostly on rev, obv lgnd mostly wk, portrait decently clear. (A F/VG realized $380, Hoiland (Denmark) 11/03.)

Starting Bid $85

210 R DOMITIAN, Dup, FORTVNAE AVGVSTAE, Fortuna stg l; VF+, well centered, full lgnds, dark green

patina, modestly rough, more so on rev than obv; portrait with aegis & strong hair & crown detail.

(A VF brought $1367, Peus 11/16.) Starting Bid $110

211 DOMITIAN, Quadrans, Rhino stg r/SC in lgnd, F-VF, centered, full lgnd, 2-toned brown, very sl surface

quibbles, the critter quite bold. Scarce. (A GF (Rhino left) brought $405, Roma 7/18.) Starting Bid $25

212 DOMITIAN, Antioch, Æ21, bust r/SC in wreath, VF, nrly centered, scant obv lgnd, sl ragged edge, dark

green patina with earthen hilighting mainly on rev, obv has some die flaws & imperfections. Strong laurel wreath

on portrait. (An F-VF brought $56 in my 2/17 sale.) Starting Bid $18

213 DOMITIAN, Antioch, Ar Tetradrachm, Bust r with aegis/Eagle on thunderbolt, head r, below IEPOY;

RPC 1980; F-VF, nrly centered, tops of some obv lettering off, sl graffiti in obv field but nevertheless

excellent metal quality with tone in recesses accentuating features. Nice bold coin.

(A VF, same variety, brought $672, CNG eAuc 2/11.) Starting Bid $95

214 DOMITIA, Philadelphia, Her bust r/grape bunch; F-VF, obv nrly centered with clear lgnd, rev somewhat

off-ctr, smooth dark green patina Ex Gorny as VF. (A VF brought $196, CNG eAuc 2/16.) Starting Bid $70

215 R NERVA, As, FORTVNA AVGVST, Fortuna stg l; VF+/VF, centered, full lgnds, deep green patina, lt to

moderate roughness mainly on rev; portrait has near EF hair & laurel wreath detail.

(A VF realized $575, Vinchon 4/01.) Starting Bid $120

216 R TRAJAN, As, TR POT COS III PP, Mars stg r, RIC410; VF+/VF, nrly centered, lgnds complete medium

brown patina, only very sl graininess. Well detailed portrait. Nice, and quite a scarce rev type.

(A VF sold for $270, CNG eAuc 7/05.) Starting Bid $75

217 R TRAJAN, Antioch, Æ21, Rev SC/B in wreath; VF+, obv somewhat off-ctr losing lgnd at left, brown patina,

very sl roughness mainly on rev, near EF portrait detail. Seems rare with B, I couldn't find a sale record.

(A VF (diff letter) brought $104, Kunker 10/19.) Starting Bid $35

218 R HADRIAN, Den, PIETAS AVG, Pietas std l; RIC 260; Choice EF/AEF, well centered, good metal with

deep old toning, wonderful sharp portrait.

(Compare a GVF, same variety, bringing $322, CNG eAuc 10/14; EF $400, Gorny 10/08.) Starting Bid $140

219 R HADRIAN, Sest, SC, Diana stg l; Choice VF-EF, well centered & struck, nice olivy green patina, very pleasant.

(A VF+/VF brought $1716, Vico 1/12; GVF $1440, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $300

220 R HADRIAN, Egypt Tet, LI-Delta, Helios bust r; Choice VF, centered, ltly toned silver color, good surfaces,

fine style portrait, strong detail on both heads. Ex Pars as Choice GVF.

(A GVF, same variety, sold for $587, CNG eAuc 10/11.) Starting Bid $175

221 HADRIAN, Egypt Tet, Serapis std l, with Cerberus, LIK; in NGC slab as CH VF, and it is actually undergraded

(hard to believe, I know), it is VF+/AEF, nrly centered, good silver color with lt grey toning, excellent portrait

of fine style, seen from back. (A VF realized $525, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $160