SALE 122, PART 2

JUDAEA, HOLYLAND, JUDAICA, etc. (Hendin 5th Edn #s)

114 Samaria, Obol, c. 372-333 BC, Lion attacking bull/Facg Athena head; F or so,

obv much off-ctr & very crude, rev centered with reasonably clear Athena face.

Toned. Rare. (A F/VF brought $345, CNG 5/10.) Starting Bid $25

115 John Hyrcanus I, 135-104 BC, Prutah, Hen.-1132, VF, smooth medium brown,

obv nrly centered with Hebrew lgnd unusually complete & clear; rev significantly

off-ctr. (A Near VF brought $462, Kunker 10/20.) Starting Bid $45

116 John Hyrcanus I, Prutah, Hen.-1133, AJC Nc11, VF, sl off-ctr, dark patina with

some paler green hilighting, Hebrew lgnd almost fully clear.

(A Near VF realized $317, Kunker 3/20.) Starting Bid $40

117 John Hyrcanus I, 1/2 Prutah, Hen-1134 ($250/1000), 2 lgnd lines above &

below branch/lily; VF, only sl off-ctr, good brown patina, Hebrew lgnd almost fully

clear; excellent quality for this. Rare!

(A Near VF brought $290, Kunker 3/20; Ch. VF $603, Goldberg 6/20.) Start Bid $90

118 Judah Aristobulus I, 104 BC, Prutah, H-1142 ($300/750), F-VF/AF, medium brown,

sl grainy, rev off-ctr & crude, but obv centered with Hebrew lgnd complete & pretty

darn clear. Rare. (A GVF realized $844, Roma 8/18.) Starting Bid $50

119 Alexander Jannaeus, 104-76 BC, Prutah, H-1145, VF, sl off-ctr on irregular flan,

dark green patina with some earthen adhesion, Hebrew lgnd nrly complete & clear.

(A Near VF realized $336, Roma 4/21.) Starting Bid $40

120 Alexander Jannaeus, Hen.-1148, Lily/anchor, F-VF or better, nrly centered,

dark patina with sl hilighting, a little crude with some wkness but really pretty good

for this with some of lgnds visible.

(An NGC VF (rev much off-ctr) brought $204, Heritage 8/19.) Starting Bid $25

121 Alexander Jannaeus, Prutah, H-1150, Star/anchor & lgnd; VF, only sl off-ctr with

rev lgnd virtually complete, good medium brown surfaces.

(A VF/F, crude style, brought $466, Kunker 3/20.) Start Bid $35

122 Mattathias Antigonos, 40-37 BC, Prutah, H-1164 ($75/200), 2-line lgnd

in wreath/double cornucopiae; F-VF, sl off-ctr & crude, dark brown patina, lgnd

clear. Prominent casting sprue. Decent for this. Rare.

(A GVF, not greatly better, realized $400, Davisson 3/22.) Starting Bid $30

123 Herod the Great, 40-4 BC, 2 Prutot, H-1178a, Cross in open diadem, lgnd/

tripod table betw palms; Choice VF, centered & only sl crude, 2-toned olive-green

patina, bold features, quite good quality for this. (A VF brought $437, CNG 4/16.)

Starting Bid $65

124 Herod the Great, 40-4 BC, Prutah, H-1188, Double cornucopiae/anchor & lgnd,

F-VF, sl off-ctr, hilighted dark green/brown patina, clear features.

(A F-VF in my 2/23 sale brought $95.) Starting Bid $40

125 Herod Archelaus 4 BC - 6 AD, H-1195a (rarer than 1195), Double cornucopias/
galley; F or better, centered tho somewhat crudely struck on irregular flan; dark

greenish patina with some hilighting.

(Better than an NVF bringing $142 CNG eAuc 4/21.) Starting Bid $40

126 Herod Philip, 4 BC - 34 AD, Æ15, H-1231 ($500/1500), Livia bust r/hand hldg

3 grain ears; F/F-VF, sl off-ctr, medium brown patina, signifigantly rough mainly on

obv, portrait weak but visible, much of lgnds present. Major rarity.

(A F brought $448, CNG eAuc 3/18.) Starting Bid $100

127 Agrippa I, 37-44 AD, Prutah, H-1244, Umbrella/3 barley ears, Choice VF,

centered on unround flan, smooth dark patina with earthen hilighting, lgnd nrly

complete, umbrella & all 3 grain ears well defined. Exceptional quality for this.

(A VF brought $390, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $50

128 Agrippa II & Domitian, Æ20, H-1316 ($150/500), Domitian hd r/lgnd in

double wreath; AF/VG, nrly centered, dark patina with some earthen hilighting,

lgnds weak. Rare. (A F with minor roughness sold for $168, CNG 7/13.)

Start Bid $35

129 Marcus Ambibulus, 9-12 AD, Prutah, H-1329, Grain ear/ palm tree, Year 39;

VF, a little off-ctr, most of lgnd present, dark green patina with bold earthen

hilighting, strong details both sides. Quite nice for this.

(A Near VF brought $192, Kunker 3/20.) Starting Bid $35

130 Valerius Gratus, 15-26 AD, Prutah, H-1338, Lgnd in wreath/Palm branch, L-Delta

(Yr 4); F/AVF, nrly centered, smooth dark greenish patina, minor obv crudeness,

rev particularly bold. (A F brought $86, Agora 3/14; VF $378, Roma 11/13.)

Starting Bid $30

131 Pontius Pilate, 26-36 AD, Prutah, H-1341, Simpulum/3 bound grain ears;

VF/AVF, obv centered with virtually full lgnd, rev sl off-ctr, smooth dark patina

with orangy hilighting, bold features. (A VF realized $863, Gemini 1/10.)

Start Bid $110

132 Pontius Pilate, Prutah, H-1342, Lituus & lgnd/LIZ in wreath; F, not badly

centered, lt brown patina, somewhat crude & rough, lituus complete & clear.

(A F-VF/F brought $171 in my 6/05 sale.) Starting Bid $35

133 Antoninus Felix, Prutah, H-1348, Crossed shields/Palm, BRIT above = Britannicus;

F, obv sl off-ctr, lt brown, features clear.

(A VF, part weak, brought $630, Kunker 3/20.) Starting Bid $15

134 Porcius Festus, 59-62 AD, H-1351, Nero lgnd in wreath/ palm branch,

F-VF, centered, nrly full lgnds, dark brown patina, decent with bold features.

(A VF brought $108 on $177 bid in my 7/12 sale.) Starting Bid $20

135 First Revolt, Middle Bronze (Æ24), Palm tree/Vine Leaf, H-1437,

conservatively graded as F, centered, sl strike wkness, main features bold,

smooth medium greenish-brown. Any non-weird dealer would call this VF, or at least

Near VF. (A F brought $287, Naumann 11/18.) Starting Bid $135

136 Judaea Capta, Titus, Caesarea Maritima, Æ23, Head rt, c/mk (laur hd?)

on neck/Victory writing on shield, c/mk galley (Legio X Fretensis); H-1446a var,
Mesh.381b (plate coin), Howgego c/mks #135 & 409; AF, dark brown patina with

sandy hilighting, partial lgnds; Very rare, Ex-CNG eAuc 2/15, as F, realized $1495.
Starting Bid $250

137 Judaea Capta, Domitian, Caesarea Maritima, H-1455, Æ22, Bust left/Athena

stg l, crowning trophy, no lgnd; Choice VF, smooth 2-toned brown patina, obv sl off-

ctr, rev well centered, unusually pleasing quality.

(A VF brought $750, NY Sale 1/20.) Starting Bid $150

138 Vespasian, Den, IVDAEA, Jewess std r, beside trophy; EF, well centered, lgnds

nrly complete albeit partly crude; excellent portrait of unusually fine style for this;

rev exceptionally well detailed; ltly toned. Possibly a hint of smoothing, mentioned

only in an excess of conscientiousness.

(An EF brought $9760, NAC 12/16; GVF $6000, Triton 1/22.) Starting Bid $1000

139 Vespasian, Sest, IVDAEA CAPTA, Palm betw stg figure & Jewess mourning,

H-1500, RIC 424, overall at least F, lgnds complete with sl wkness, medium brown

patina, touches of lt roughness mainly on obv. Portrait's laurel wreath appears to

have been carefully strengthened, giving the appearance of a higher grade.

(Much nicer than a F with "areas of roughness" bringing $1020, CNG eAuc 4/21.)

Starting Bid $400

140 Nerva, Sest, FISCI IVDAICA CALVMNIA SVBLATA, date palm, H-1603; F/AVF,

lgnd gone at obv rt, rev lgnd nrly complete; basically smooth dark greenish patina

with some earthen hilighting haloing the portrait; much detail on palm. A major

Judaic rarity, commemorating ameliorating the injustice of a tax on Jews.

(Hugely nicer than a GF, "rough and pitted surfaces," sold for $3900, CNG eAuc 2/21.)
Start Bid $2000

141 Titus, Caesarea Maritima, Tet., bust r/Eagle l, club at left, Pr.141; F+ sl off-ctr

on smallish flan, decent metal, strong portrait. Ex Triskeles 12/18 sale as NVF,

sold for $271. (A GF, same var., similar narrow flan, brought $432, CNG eAuc 2/19.)
Starting Bid $135

142 Trajan, Ascalon, Æ23x25, Bust r/Astarte-Tyche stg l, altar, Year K-Gamma

(not in RPC); At least F, rev sl off-ctr, partial lgnds, dark patina, strong bug-eyed

portrait. (Same year, VF, hardly any better, brought $228, CNG eAuc 9/21.)

Starting Bid $45

143 Hadrian & Antoninus Pius, Aelia Capitolina (Jerusalem), Æ20x22, Bust r/

bust r, Mesh.9, Rosenb. 9; overall F, rev sl off-ctr, ltly grainy tan-brown,

reasonable portraits. RARE.

(A VF with file marks on Hadrian's face realized $480, Goldberg 2/21.)

Starting Bid $40

144 Geta, Decapolis, Rabbathmoba, Æ27, Tyche std r, Spijk. 33; ex Rauch 12/14 as

F-VF, it is close to that, smooth dark green patina with strong earthen hilighting, lgnds

wk at rt each side; strong portrait.

(A VF, hardly better, brought $518, CNG 5/09.) Starting Bid $75

145 Trebonianus Gallus, Caesarea Maritima, Æ22, Bust r/ Tyche stg l, foot on prow,

hldg human head, river god behind, Kad.198; F, unround flan, partial lgnds, dark

greenish patina with strong earthen hilighting, quite bold features.

(A VF, hardly better, brought $176, Goldberg 2/16.) Start Bid $35

146 Hungary, Bela IV, 1235-70, Ar Denar, Castle betw lises/ Hebrew letter in

wreath, H.306; AVF, sl off-ctr, ex Naumann auction 12/14 as NEF.

(A VF brought $150, Pegasi 11/13.) Starting Bid $25

147 Medal, 1938, Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz bust l., Hebrew lgnd around/Menora

& English lgnds, 34+ mm bronze; Nicely toned VF.

(An example of this exact medal realized $1078, Hess-Divo 10/11.) Starting Bid $75

148 Medal AINA 50th Anniv 2017, Balfour bust facg/Man blowing shofar etc,

.999 silver, 51 mm, weight 3 oz, Unc, antiqued finish. Starting Bid $80


149 Aes Grave, Semis, 215-212 BC, Cr.41/6a, Saturn head l., S/Prow l, S above; ex

Roma as GF, "minor flan flaw," I grade it VG-F, moderately rough brown patina with

some green in recesses. (A F realized $240, CNG 1/19.) Start Bid $90

150 As, Janus head/Prow r, Ass above, Cr.195/17, Sy.298 (rarity 6-8), F-VF/F, obv a

touch off-ctr, dark green patina, only very sl roughness, heads quite strong.

(A NVF brought $368, Roma 2/21; GF porous $157, CNG eAuc 5/14.) Start Bid $65

151 T. Cloulius, 128 BC, Den, Cr.260/1, Sy.516; Roma head r/Victory in biga r, AVF,

nrly centered, well struck, good metal with mellow tone, also sl adhesions

hardly noticeable. (A GVF sl off-ctr realized $423, CNG 5/14.) Starting bid $75

152 Q. Fabius Labeo, 124 BC, Den, Cr.273/1, Sy.532, Roma head r/Jupiter in

quadriga r, prow below; Nice VF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone,

bold & problem-free. (A VF sold for 207, CNG eAuc 3/12.) Start bid $95

153 Q. Minucius Rufus, Den., Cr.277/1, Sy.421, Roma head r/Dioscuri on horseback r;

VF, well centered & struck for this, only niggling surface imperfections.

(A VF brought $213, Munz Zentrum 5/14.) Starting Bid $85

154 L. Saturninus, Den, 104 BC, Cr.317/3a, Sy.578, Roma head l./ Saturn in quadriga

r; AEF, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr, good bright metal, very bold strike.

(A VF, sl off-ctr, sold for $270, Noble 4/13.) Start Bid $110

155 Q. Minucius Thermus, Den., 103 BC, Cr. 319/1, Sy.592; Helmeted Roma

head l./battle scene; Choice VF-EF/EF, good centering & strike for this with no

wkness, nice metal with moderate gunmetal toning. Rev unusually well detailed.

(A GVF brought $661, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $160

156 M. Lucilius Rufus, Den., 101 BC, Cr.324/1, Sy.599; Roma head r in wreath/Victory

in biga r; AEF, well centered on oval flan, well struck, good bright silver.

(A GVF brought $447, CNG 5/14; EF $832, Kunker 4/22.) Starting Bid $140

157 P. Servilius M.f. Rullus, Den, 100 BC, Cr.328/1, Sy.601, Helmeted Medusa

head l./Victory in biga r; Choice VF, centered & well struck, good metal with mellow

old toning. Quite bold. (A GVF sold for $305, Davisson 6/13.) Starting Bid $100

158 C. Vibius Pansa, Den, 89-88 BC, Cr.342/5b, Sy.684, Apollo bust r/Minerva

in quadriga r; VF/AVF, sl off-ctr, decent strike for this, good bright metal.

(A VF brought $211 in my 1/15 sale.) Starting bid $65

159 L. Julius Bursio, Den, 85 BC, Cr.352/1a, Sy.728; Apollo head r, trident & std

figure behind/Victory in quadriga r; VF, obv sl off-ctr, rev well centered, good metal

& strike. (A VF realized $353, Gorny 10/11.) Starting Bid $95

160 Q. Antonius Balbus, Den, 81 BC, Cr.364/1c, Sy.742a, Jupiter head r/Victory

in quadriga; serrate issue; F/VG+, nrly centered, good strong head.

(An NGC Choice F, slight bemd, brought $108, Heritage 9/21.) Starting Bid $25

161 M. Aemilius Scaurus & P.Plautius Hypsaeus, Den, 58 BC, Aretas & camel/Jupiter

in quadriga, scorpion; Cr.422/1b, Sy.913; VF, only a tiny bit off-ctr with most of

lgnds present, good metal & strike. A Biblical-related coin, as Aretas is thought to be

one of the "3 Kings" bringing bling to Bethlehem.

(A GVF realized $720, CNG eAuc 9/21.) Starting bid $110

162 Mn. Cordius Rufus, 46 BC, Den, Cr.463/1a, Sy.976, Conjoined hds of Dioscuri r/

Venus stg l; F-VF, sl off-ctr, typical sl crudeness of strike, good metal with sl uneven

tone. (A GVF brought $633, Heritage 4/12.) Starting Bid $45

163 IMPERATORIAL. POMPEY, Den, MAG PIVS etc, His hd r betw jug & lituus/

PRAEF CLAS etc, Neptune betw Catanaean brothers carrying parents, Cr.511/3a;

F-VF/F, obv centered somewhat low, rev nrly centered; good metal quality with lt

tone; portrait quite bold; lgnds nrly all present.

(A F/VG+ brought $480 on $550 bid in my 9/01 sale.) Start bid $400

164 JULIUS CAESAR, Den., Venus head l./trophy & 2 cap-tives, Cr. 468/2, Sy. 1015;

F, nrly centered on oval flan, flatly struck at upper rt obv edge & lower left rev;

excellent metal with lt tone; Venus head very bold.

(Nicer than a A F with banker marks bringing $589, Leu 12/21.) Starting Bid $170


165 AUGUSTUS, Quadrans, SISENNA APRONIVS etc, altar/SC in lgnd, RIC 460,

Coh.421; EF, nrly centered with full lgnds, dark brown patina with sl roughness,

sharp detail on altar. (A VF/AEF brought $195, Kunker 3/13.) Starting Bid $85

166 AUGUSTUS, Philippi, Æ18, VIC AVG, Victory stg l/3 standards; EF, minimally

off-ctr, well struck, greenish & brown patina, sharp features, unusually good for this.

(An EF realized $956, Nomos 5/18.) Starting Bid $90

167 AUGUSTUS & Rhoemetalkes of Thrace, Æ19, Diademed Rhoemetalkes

Bust r/Augustus bare head rt, VF, sl off-ctr, lgnds somewhat weak, 2-toned green

patina, both portraits nice with considerable detail.

(A VF brought $600, CNG eAuc 5/21.) Starting Bid $30

168 TIBERIUS & LIVIA, Edessa, Æ20, Bust r/bust r, AVF, sl off-ctr, partial lgnds, sl

grainy matt dark patina, both portraits have much detail.

(An AF brought $118 on $180 bid in my 6/04 sale.) Starting Bid $60

169 GERMANICUS, As, by Caligula, Bust l./SC in lgnd, Coh.1, Choice EF,

perfectly centered with full strong lgnds, darkish greenish-brown patina, glossy

surfaces, ltly smoothed; portrait quite sharply detailed. Slight surface disturbance at upper

rev needn't be noted. (A VF brought $1093, Triton 1/06; AEF $1732, UBS 9/08.)

Starting Bid $650

170 NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS, Sest, Bust l./Claudius std on arms pile; COPY,

struck, AEF/VF, brown & green patina, sl rough. Starting Bid $20

171 CALIGULA & Caesonia, Spain, Æ27, Caligula bust r/ Caesonia bust r, as Salus;

F+, some of lgnds crowded/wk, dark greenish patina, sl thick & grainy, both portraits

quite decent. (An AF realized $350 in my 9/02 sale.) Starting Bid $140

172 CLAUDIUS, Sest, EX SC PP OB CIVES SERVATOS in wreath; VF, centered, obv

lgnd partly wk, glossy dark green patina, perhaps sl smoothing but still has

moderate roughness; portrait has near EF hair detail. Ex Kunker auction as GVF.

(A GVF realized $8625, CNG 9/07.) Starting bid $475

173 CLAUDIUS, Quadrans, Modius/SC in lgnd (COS II), RIC 90, EF, rev sl off-ctr,

lgnds virtually complete, brown patina with only slightest touch of roughness; fully

sharp detail on modius, rare thus. (A VF brought $180, CGB 6/13; EF with no modius

detail $375, Lanz 11/05.) Starting Bid $85

174 BRITANNICUS, Æ17, Smyrna, His head r/Nike adv r with trophy; Strong VF,

obv sl off-ctr to left, full rev lgnd, dark greenish brown patina, sl graininess; portrait

quite nice with detail, thus an unusually good example. Ex my collection.

(A VF realized $920, Ponterio 1/07.) Starting Bid $200

175 NERO, As, Laur head r/Victory adv l, hldg shield inscr SPQR; VF, nrly centered,

full lgnd, dark greenish-brown patina, only minor roughness, portrait quite well

detailed. (A GVF (bare headed bust) brought $1725, CNG 6/05.) Start Bid $110

176 NERO, Antioch, Æ20, Laureate hd r/SC in wreath; Choice AEF, rev a touch

off-ctr, obv lgnd wk at rt, brown patina; portrait exceptionally well detailed for this.

(A GVF sold for $270, Gorny 10/10.) Starting Bid $120

177 VITELLIUS, Egypt Tet, LA, Victory adv l; overall F, lgnd mostly wk/off, silver

color with touches of roughness, portrait has much detail. EX CNG as "Near VF,
(Same variety, F, sold for $500, Berk 7/18.) Starting bid $95

178 VESPASIAN, Den, COS ITER TR POT, Pax std l; AEF/AVF, very ragged flan, maybe

a little chipped, otherwise good bright silver, some of lgnds wk/off, portrait quite

strong. (A GVF brought $212, Noble 7/14.) Starting Bid $50

179 VESPASIAN, Aeolis, Kyme, Æ20, Kyme stg with globe & trident; VF+/VF,

obv somewhat off-ctr, rev nrly centered, tan patina with some green mainly on rev;

die bulged on rev; minimal granularity; strong portrait detail. Rare.

(Same variety, GVF, sold for $299, CNG eAuction 9/17, noting only one in Coin Archives).
Starting bid $45

180 DOMITIAN, Den, IMP XXI COS XV CENS PPP, Minerva stg l; EF, well centered, full lgnds, possibly sl rev smoothing, great detail on both portrait & rev figure. Moderately toned. (Same var., AEF brought $465, Roma 9/16.) Start Bid $175

181 DOMITIAN & DOMITIA, Thessaly Koinon, Æ18, His bust r/hers r, F, rev

somewhat off-ctr, dark patina, moderate uneven roughness, portraits OK.

Starting Bid $40

182 NERVA, Den, COS III PATER PAPPIAE (yes), sacrificial implements; fourree,

AEF/VF, fairly small spots of core exposure, none on portrait, which is quite

sharply detailed & actually of fine style.

(A VF fourree of the type brought $292, Roma 12/21.) Starting bid $50

183 TRAJAN, Sest, SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Annona stg l, with modius & prow,

RIC 492; Choice VF+, perfectly centered & well struck, good full lgnds, glossy dark

green patina, compelling detailed portrait. Lovely quality. With a prominent dealer's

tag as EF @ $1500. (Same variety, GVF/VF, realized $2940, NAC 3/10.)

Starting Bid $400

184 TRAJAN, Quadrans, Hercules bust r/SC, Club; AEF/VF, well centered, full lgnd,

dk brown patina; minor roughness on obv, a bit more on rev; head quite well detailed.

(A GVF brought $356, Kunker 11/13.) Start Bid $45

185 TRAJAN, Antioch Æ14, Laurel branch, bow & quiver; VF, well centered with

full lgnds, dark patina with strong orangy hilighting; portrait quite well detailed.

(A GVF realized $374, CNG eAuc 11/08.) Starting Bid $40

186 TRAJAN & FATHER, Den, DIVVS PATER TRAJAN, Trajan's old man std l on

curule chair; VF-EF, centered, full lgnds (sl crowded on obv), good metal with deep tone,

a few very sl marks on rev; portrait with near EF detail.

(A VF+/VF brought $225 on $306 bid in my 6/08 sale; AEF $1480, LHS 4/08.)

Starting Bid $100

187 HADRIAN, Den, COS III, Libertas stg l, RIC 720; EF, well centered & struck,

good metal, well detailed portrait.

(Same var., BEF, brought $390, CNG eAuc 3/23.) Starting bid $175

188 HADRIAN, Sest, Pax stg l, COPY, EF, with a particularly luscious glowing

green patina. Attractive. Starting bid $15

189 HADRIAN, Amisos, Ar Drachm, Rev. Athena stg l; VF, nrly centered, complete

lgnds, decent metal with lt tone. (A GVF realized $272, Naumann 11/14.)

Starting bid $90

190 ANTINOUS, Paduan Medallion, later cast, after Cavino, Lawr.51; 38 mm,

Antinous bust r/Mercury stg w/Pegasus, VF, light gold colored brass, sl crude,

flan of uneven thickness with sl obv concavity. Mercury without genitalia.

(A GVF later cast brought $460, Triton 1/05.) Starting bid $35

191 AELIUS, Egypt Æ23, Diobol, Homonoia stg; VG, medium brown, sl green

hilights, couple edge splits. Reasonably clear portrait. Ex European auction as F.

(A VF realized $354 + buyer fee, CGB 2/13.) Starting bid $20

192 ANTONINUS PIUS, Den., TR POT XX COS IIII, Annona stg r; EF, well centered,

sl ragged flan, full lgnds, sl crudeness (few rev letters wk), bright metal, portrait

fully sharp. (Same variety, EF, brought $476, CNG eAuc 1/13.) Starting Bid $80

193 ANTONINUS PIUS, As, SECVRITAS PVBLICA, Securitas stg l; VF, centered on

sl ragged flan, full lgnds, dark patina, sl roughness, good detail on portrait & rev figure.

Ex Naville auc as GVF. (A VF realized $212, CGB 10/08.) Starting bid $65

194 ANTONINUS PIUS, Egypt Tet, LZ, Athena Stathmia stg hldg scales &

cornucopiae; VF, some obv lgnd off, brown patina, only minor trace of roughness,

portrait has near EF detail. Rare rev type. (Same variety, VF with some roughness,

realized $196, CNG eAuc 3/15.) Starting bid $70

195 ANTONINUS PIUS, Egypt, Tet., Nike adv r, Year 13, Nice VF, centered, well

detailed portrait of fine style, sl edge split, toned with luster hints in recesses.

(Same type, diff year, VF brought $260, CNG eAuc 5/19.) Starting bid $90

196 FAUSTINA SR., As, AVGVSTA, Ceres stg l, VF, centered on sl irregular flan,

lgnds complete, dark green patina with some roughness, but glossy.

(A sl rough GVF realized $268, Leu 7/22.) Starting Bid $45

197 MARCUS AURELIUS, Posthumous, ANT, issue by Trajan Decius,

CONSECRATIO, altar; VF, nrly centered, sl grainy metal. RARE!

(A GVF brought $1453, NAC 10/17.) Starting bid $120

198 FAUSTINA JR., Den, FECVNDITAS stg r; in NGC slab as CH XF and, wonder

of wonders, it is actually EF and indeed quite choice, centered & sharply struck,

good metal with medium toning. Fully sharp portrait detail.

(An EF sold for $2028, Gorny 10/14. Do you suppose it was better?)

Starting Bid $150

199 FAUSTINA JUNIOR, Sest, LAETITIA stg l, VF, centered, ltly grainy tan-brown

patina, full lgnds (wk at obv rt), good portrait detail with clear snaky hair curl.

Ex Naville auction as GVF. (A GVF brought $920, CNG 9/11.) Starting bid $135


shaking hands; Choice VF, obv well centered, rev just sl off-ctr; dark green-brown

patina; subtle field smoothing; very nice bold portrait.

(A VF realized $830, Kunker 3/12.) Starting bid $200

201 LUCILLA, Den, VENVS stg l; AVF, centered, lgnds complete with sl softness,

ltly toned. (A F+ brought $61 in my 5/17 sale.) Start bid $45

202 COMMODUS, Sest, TRP VIII IMP VI COS IIII PP, Jupiter std l; VF+/AVF, sl

squared flan, obv has smooth medium brown patina & excellent portrait with bold

detail; rev has greenish patina, some lgnd wk, hint of roughness.

(A GVF of the type brought $575, CNG 9/07.) Starting Bid $150

203 PERTINAX, Den, PROVID DEOR COS II, Providentia stg l, star; distinctive style

of Alexandria mint, rarer thus; F-VF/AF, partial lgnds, decent metal with touches of

dark tone, portrait quite bold. Ex European auction as VF/AVF.

(A F realized $590, Rauch 11/06.) Starting Bid $350


lgnds crowded/partly off, sl grainy surface, good strong portrait.

(A F+ brought $236 in my 12/02 sale.) Starting bid $110

205 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Den, PM TRP XI COS III PP, Fortuna std l; EF, well

centered, good strike with only hint of crudeness rev, obv totally sharp, and I mean,

like, totally, dude. Good metal with lt tone.

(Same var., EF, no better, realized $430 + buyer fee, Savoca 4/21.) Starting Bid $100

206 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Nikopolis, Æ17, Hera stg l, hldg long scepter & patera;

EF, nrly centered, full lgnds, greenish-brown patina with pale earthen hilighting,

strong details. (Nicer than an EF sold for $109, CGB 1/04.) Starting Bid $45

207 JULIA DOMNA, Den, CERERI FRVGIF, Ceres std l; Virtually Mint State & choice,

well centered & struck, good lustrous silver.

(A "Superb EF" brought $840, Triton 1/22.) Starting Bid $130

208 JULIA DOMNA, Ant., VENVS GENETRIX, Venus std l, EF, well centered on sl

ragged flan, good strike & metal with luster hints.

(An EF-/VF+ realized $775, Aureo & Calico 2/12; only VF $241 in my 5/98 sale.)

Starting bid $130

209 JULIA DOMNA, Sest, under Caracalla, MAT AVGG MAT SEN M PATR, Julia std l,

RIC 588; VF+/AVF, well centered on a big round flan, medium brown patina, a tiny

bit grainy mainly on rev, excellent portrait with every hair row bold. Rarer rev type.

(A VF brought $1120, Munz Zentr 4/06.) Start bid $270

210 JULIA DOMNA, Sest., under Caracalla, IVNONEM, Juno stg l, peacock;

ex European auction as AVF, I grade F+, centered on a big hefty flan, dark greenish

patina with various surface blemishes, decent portrait.

(In my 1/00 sale a F-VF/F brought $190 on $330 bid.) Start Bid $75

211 CARACALLA, Den, PM TRP XVII COS IIII PP, Jupiter stg l, eagle; EF, nrly centered

on oval flan, full lgnds, deeply toned; fully sharp bearded portrait.

(A GVF sold for $269, CNG 8/12.) Starting Bid $100

212 CARACALLA, Den., PONTIF TRP X COS II, Mars adv r w/trophy & spear;

AEF/VF+, centered, sl crudeness, sl edge crack/split, well-detailed younger portrait.

(A GVF brought $125 + buyer kiss, London Anc. Coins 11/14.) Start Bid $50

213 CARACALLA, Pautalia, Æ29, Tyche stg l; F+/F, centered, lgnds complete

(tho part wk), pale brown patina, strong bearded portrait.

(Same var., GVF, brought $426, Gorny 10/09. I don't make this stuff up.)

Starting Bid $15

214 GETA, Den, NOBILITAS stg r; EF, well centered on large oval flan, few sm

edge splits, good bright metal, portrait fully sharp.

(A VF-EF realized $275, Gorny 3/07.) Starting Bid $100

215 MACRINUS, Den., Fides & 2 standards, COPY, struck, in silver, nice but style

not quite right, EF, toned. Starting Bid $10

216 DIADUMENIAN, Den, PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Diadumenian & 3 standards; VF, sl

off-ctr on large oval flan, full lgnds, good metal with lt tone.

(A VF+/AVF brought $301 in my 1/01 sale.) Starting Bid $170

217 ELAGABALUS, Den., PM TRP IIII COS III PP, Sol adv l; EF, well centered &

struck, good bright silver. (A VF+ sold for $195 + buyer fee, iNumis 6/13.)

Starting Bid $100

218 ELAGABALUS, Phoenicia, Berytus, Æ25, Marsyas in Tetrastyle gateway topped

by figure riding lion; VF, centered, complete tho crude lgnds, dark patina, sl

roughness, much detail. (A VF realized $766, Kunker 3/07.) Starting Bid $70

219 JULIA MAESA, Den, PIETAS AVG, Pietas stg l; Choice EF, well centered on large

flan & quite sharply struck with no wkness, great portrait detail; good metal with lt

tone. (An EF brought $368, Hirsch 9/19.) Starting Bid $140

220 JULIA SOAEMIAS, As, VENVS CAELESTIS, Venus stg l; F/VG+, centered, full

obv lgnd, rev wk at rt, medium brown patina, minor touches of porosity. Bold

portrait. RARE denomination! (A F/G brought $48 on $70 bid in my 10/97 sale;

F $130, Sternberg 10/95.) Starting Bid $30

221 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den., AEQVITAS AVG, Aequitas stg l, star in field;

scarce Eastern mint issue, distinctive style; EF, perfectly centered, well struck, good

metal with lt tone. (Nicer than an EF bringing $277, CGB 6/05.) Starting Bid $85

222 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den., IOVI VLTORI, Jupiter std l, Choice EF, unusually

sharp strike, with crisp detail on portrait & Jupiter; excellent metal.

(A Near EF realized $388, Leu 12/19.) Starting Bid $120

223 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, PROVIDENTIA AVG, Annona stg l, modius;

Choice EF, well centered & quite sharply struck, good metal with moderately dark

tone. (An EF brought $432, CNG 9/18.) Starting Bid $95

224 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, PM TRP V COS II PP, Ruler sacrificing; VF+,

centered, darkly toned with appearance of a bronze coin.

(Same var., GVF, brought $132, CNG 4/22.) Starting Bid $35

225 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, As, PM TRP VIIII COS III PP, Ruler stg l; AVF, centered,

full lgnds, good darkish brown patina, full clear laurel wreath on portrait.

Nice for this. (A GVF realized $529, Kunker 12/16.) Starting Bid $60

226 ORBIANA, Den, CONCORDIA AVGGM, Concordia std l; VF, centered, obv lgnd sl

soft, lusterlike metal with suggestion of frostiness from water immersion, ltly toned;

good portrait detail. (A VF brought $810, DNW 3/07.) Starting Bid $150

227 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, FECVND AVGVSTAE, Fecunditas stg l, small figure at left;

EF, nrly centered, strong strike, good metal with deep toning.

(A Near EF realized $261, Noble 7/15.) Starting Bid $95

228 JULIA MAMAEA, As, FELICITAS PVBLICA, Felicitas stg l; AVF, rev minimally

off-ctr, virtually full lgnds, basically smooth medium brown patina, portrait shows full

hair rows. Scarce & nice. (A VF brought $395, Gorny 10/00.) Starting Bid $60

229 MAXIMINUS I & MAXIMUS, Æ34, Ninica Claudiopolis, Æ34, Bust r/bust r;

VF/AF, darkish brown-green patina, thick & rough mainly on rev, obv portrait has

full laurel wreath. (A NVF brought $207, CNG 6/14.) Starting Bid $50

230 MAXIMUS, Sest, PIETAS AVG, Jug etc, AEF/VF, well centered & struck, glossy

dark green patina, strong hair detail. Scarcer type, very nice.

(A GVF realized $1200, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $400