131 SINOPE, Drachm, 480-450 BC, very crude Eagle head l./4-part square, S3688 (£150);

VF or so, crude irregular leaf-shaped flan, good metal; 6 feathers (?) & beak clear. Rare.

(A VF brought $544, Peus 11/12.) Start Bid $40

132 SKEPSIS, Ar Drachm, c.350 BC, Pegasos forepart r/tree in square, crab & AK monogram,

S4132 (Tetrobol, £350); F-VF, well centered, uncleaned original dark patination. Rare!

(A VF with roughness, same var, brought $595, CNG 10/15) MB $75

133 SPAIN, CASTULO, Æ26+, 120-20 BC, Diademed head r, with hand/Sphinx r, star in field;

VF/AVF, slate green patina with strong whiteish hilighting, excellent obv head with much hair detail.

(A VF realized $471, Teutoburger 12/10.) Start Bid $100

134 SYRACUSE, Æ16, Hemilitron, 410-405 BC, Arethusa head l, grain ear behind/

Wheel, dolphins in lower quarters, S1186 var; EF, obv centered a touch high but head complete

with unusually strong detail; rev centered with minor wkness at top edge. Nice deep olive green patina.

Rare variety. (Obviously nicer than a VF with rough rev, same variety, bringing $748, Roma 11/15.)

Starting Bid $160

135 Agathokles, 317-289 BC, Tet, Persephone head r/Nike & trophy, triskeles left, S974;

VF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone. (A GVF, same variety, brought $2,603, Kunker 10/13.)

Starting Bid $650

136 -- Æ16, Persephone head l./bull butting l, dolphin & theta above, NI below;

VF/F-VF, well centered, glossy dark greenish patina, fine style head with good hair detail.

RARE variety, none found on acsearch. (Similar type (no dolphin) GVF brought $795, Roma 3/12.)

Starting Bid $45

137 SYRIA, Seleukos I, 312-280 BC, Drachm, Head of Alexander the Great in panther skin helmet with horns/

Nike crowning trophy, S6837 (£500); EF/VF, well centered, rev a little crude,

traces of smoothing, dark tone in recesses accentuating features; strong dramatic portrait. Rare!

(A GVF with lt porosity & softly struck obv brought $2820, Triton 1/15.) MB $300

138 -- Æ20, Medusa head r/bull butting left; as S6852 (bull right); AVF, nrly centered, brownish-green patina,

good surfaces, lgnd fully clear, pleasant. Much scarcer with bull left.

(A recent poll shows 92% for bull right, 5% left, and 3% don't know.)

(A Near VF, same variety, with "a bit of porosity" brought $70, CNG eAuc 5/18.) Starting Bid $20

139 Antiochos I, 280-261 BC, Tet, Head r/Apollo std l betw monograms, Seleukeia-on-Tigris, posthumous issue;

Nice VF/F-VF, perfectly centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone, excellent portrait in fine style.

(A VF with sl faults, same variety, brought $716, Rauch 12/14.) Starting Bid $210

140 Antiochos II, Æ17, Apollo hd r/tripod, anchor below; Choice AEF, nrly centered, lustery dark patina,

great quality. Ex Triskeles auction 3/17 where it brought $115. Starting Bid $70

141 -- Tet, His head r/Apollo std l, on omphalos, hldg arrow, monograms left & right, S6886 (£400);

VF+/VF, centered, good metal with only insignificant surface quibbles, excellent portrait.

Attributed by Berk as SC-587.4b but this is incorrect, monogram at right is different

& in fact is one I could not find altogether. Needs more research but certainly very rare.

(A VF of the type brought $920, CNG 7/09.) Starting Bid $220

142 Seleukos II, Tet, Head r/Apollo stg left at tripod, S6896 (£400); AVF, well centered,

pretty good metal with just a touch of porosity & lt tone. Pleasant. (An AVF brought $1330, Elsen 12/05.)

Starting Bid $150

143 Antiochos III, Tet, 223-187 BC, His head r/Apollo std left on omphalos, monograms at left, S6934 (£250);

SC-1041.3; AEF/VF+, obv nrly centered, rev centered, good bright silver, minor edge irregularity at 5:00 obv.

Excellent portrait. (A GVF, this exact variety, brought $802, Gorny 10/16.) Start Bid $250

144 Alexander II, 128-123 BC, Tet, Head r/Zeus std l, monogram at left, Delta under seat; S7115 (£200);

Choice strong VF, well centered & struck, teensiest porosity, nicely toned.

(A VF, same monograms realized $697, CGB 3/11.) Starting Bid $220

145 Philip Philadelphus, Tet, issue under Romans, Phil's head r/Zeus std l., XAB monogram for Aulus Gabinius,

EF, good centering & strike, bright with slightest touch of smoothing & lt tone, fabulous curly hair on portrait.

(An EF brought $900, Spink 3/09.) Starting Bid $195

146 TARENTUM, Nomos, 290-281 BC, Rider crowning horse r/ Taras on dolphin left, hldg tripod, Vlas.666;

EF, well centered with everything complete, lettering wk (as always on this variety) but devices strong,

good bright silver with some light tone. (Same variety, VF, brought $781, Roma 3/14.)

MB $295

147 TARSOS, Æ20+, c.165-80 BC, Tyche head r/Pyramid of Sandan, S5672; Nice AVF, centered,

smooth dark olive patina with pale brown hilighting, a pleasing bold coin and an interesting type.

In old Clark's envelope, remember him?

(An F-VF brought $51 on $61 bid in my 11/07 sale; GVF $310, Kunker 9/04.) Starting Bid $22

148 TEOS, Trihemibol, 548-478 BC, Griffin std r, ivy leaf in front/4-part square, S-4578var (£125);

AVF, obv well centered, crowded but complete, decent metal with moderate tone. Quite rare variety with leaf.

(Similar (leaf & T) VF (grainy) brought $189, Gorny 10/03.) Starting Bid $60

149 TERINA, Triobol, 420-400 BC, Nymph head r., Pi behind/ Nike std l, hldg kerykeion;

VF/F+, well centered, sl trace of granularity, ltly toned, very pretty head in fine style. Rare.

(A VF, this exact variety, hardly better, brought $499, CNG 5/16) Starting Bid $80

You can check with me any time on how your bids stand

150 THASOS, Stater, 510-480 BC, ithyphallic satyr carrying struggling nymph

("They let you do it when you're a satyr")/4-part square; S1746 (£425);

VF, nrly centered, good bright metal with lt tone; bold archaic style.

The all-important thing between satyr's legs is unusually clear. (A VF realized $4500, Peus 10/07.)

Starting Bid $265

151 Same, F, nrly centered on elongated flan, somewhat crude blobby style, good metal with lt tone.

Ex my 1/01 sale where it realized $170. I had paid $168. Starting bid now only $99

152 Same but Drachm, VF, centered, somewhat grainy but bright silver, several noticeable edge splits,

much detail. (A F-VF brought $351 on $500 bid in my 4/90 sale.) MB $50

153 Tet, after 148 BC, Dionysos hd r/Herakles stg l, M monogram,

a slightly barbarized Celtic version from lower Danube region, Dembski 1505, Lanz 962;

VF/F-VF, well centered, bright silver, a little bendy as usual for these, tiny obv scr. Ex Leu as VF.

(A GVF, rusty dies, this exact variety, brought $262, Leu 9/18.) Starting Bid $100

154 THOURIOI, Stater 350-281 BC, Athena head r, Skylla on helmet/Bull butting r, dolphin below;

F-VF, well centered on smallish & sl pear shaped flan, everything basically there, decent silver, minor scrs on rev.

Fully clear Skylla. (A F, same variety, brought $179, CNG eAuc 7/11.) Min Bid $95

155 THRACE, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, Drachm, Herakles head r/Zeus std l, at left lion forepart,

monograms at left & below seat, Lysimacheia mint, Pr.L1var; Choice EF, well centered & struck,

good metal with nice golden-grey tone. Very Rare issue.

(Much nicer than a GVF, this exact variety, bringing $253, CNG eAuc 9/17.) Starting Bid $235

156 VELIA, Nomos, 350-281 BC, Athena hd l, Centaur on helmet, EK monogram behind/lion munching left;

F-VF/AF, nrly centered, good metal apart from some very sl grainy spots at edge.

(Same variety, F+, brought $219, CGB 1/04.) MB $90


157 BRONZE Quadrans, after 211 BC, Hercules head r/bull r, 3 pellets & grain ear above, snake below,

20x22 mm, Cr. 69/5 not in Syd.; AVF/F, obv sl off-ctr, crude, sl rough; rev more rough; dark green patina;

Rare. (No beauty, but no worse than a VF with "some roughness" & much garbled by overstrike

bringing $368, CNG eAuct 10/16.) MB $40

158 Quadrans, Hercules head r/Prow, Q ME (not MET) above, Cr. 256/4a, Sy.510b;

F-VF/F, obv sl off-ctr, pale olive patina, rev letters clear. Ex Bertolami 5/12 as VF. Rare.

(A VF brought $195, NAC 5/17.) Starting Bid $30

SILVER (All Denarii unless noted, by Crawford & Sydenham #s):

159 Quadrigatus, Cr. 28/3, Janus head/Jupiter in quadriga, F+, nrly centered, sl traces of porosity & smoothing,

flan ragged at obv bottom, decent Janus faces. Extremely rare in grades below VF.

(A Near VF brought $511, Spink 3/16.) Starting Bid $125

160 Anonymous, Fly, 159/2, Sy.322, Roma head r/Diana in biga, fly below; F+/F, centered on large flan,

good metal with lt tone; minor flan flaw at obv right edge. (A F brought $79, Agora 8/17.) Starting Bid $35

161 Q. Marcius Libo, 215/1, Sy.395, Roma head r/Dioscuri on horses r, VF/F-VF, well centered, good bright silver.

(A GVF actually realized $552, CNG 9/10!!!!!) Starting Bid $60

162 C. Renius, 231/1, Sy.432, Roma head r/Juno Caprotina in biga of stags; Practically Mint State,

small flan as usual for this, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr & sl crowded; good lustrous silver;

quite sharply struck with strong detail. (An EF brought $1016, NAC 5/18.) Starting Bid $150

163 M. Baebius Tampilus, 236/1, Sy.489, Roma head left/ Apollo in quadriga r,

VF, well centered & struck on sl tight flan, good metal with nice lt contrasty tone;

minor flan imperfection at obv top, foolish for me even to mention.

(A VF with flaw on neck brought $282, F&S 6/08.) Starting Bid $75

164 M. Aburius Geminus, 250/1, Sy.487, Roma Head r/Sol in quadriga r;

Choice EF, centered & quite sharply struck, excellent metal, nice lt tone. A GEM (it says so right on the coin).

(A GEF brought $1100, Noble 4/11.) Starting Bid $235

165 -- Same, VF/F-VF, nrly centered, good metal with medium tone. (A VF realized $200, Lanz 6/11.)

Starting Bid $60

166 M. Caecilius Metellus, 263/1a, Sy.480, Roma head r/ elephant head in shield;

AEF/VF, well centered & well struck, good metal with lt tone.

The elephant head clear, as it were; tho you'd never guess this is an elephant without being told.

(A GVF sold for $375, NAC 10/11.) Starting Bid $110

167 M. Pocius Laeca, 270/1, Sy.513, Roma head r/Libertas in quadriga r, crowned by flying Victory;

VF, a bit off-ctr, good metal with nice lt toning. (A VF sold for $163, Hirsch 9/12.) Starting Bid $70

168 Q. Fabius Labeo, 273/1, Sy.532, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r, foot below;

VF, a little off-ctr, good metal with pleasant lt tone. (A VF brought $207, CNG eAuc 3/12.) MB $70

169 -- Same, VF/AVF, nrly centered, sl grainy surfaces. (A GF sold for $123, Noble 7/14.)

Starting Bid $35

170 Carbo, 279/1, Sy.415; Roma head r/Jupie in quadriga r; Nice F-VF, just a touch off-ctr,

good metal with pleasant lt tone. Ex Rauch AVF. (A VF brought $187, NAC 10/11.) Start Bid $40

171 M. Cipius, 289/1, Sy.546, Roma head r/Victory in biga r, rudder below;

Choice VF, well centered & struck on a full flan, good metal with contrasting tone, very nice for this.

(A GVF brought $175, NAC 6/03.) Starting Bid $85

172 M. Aemilius Lepidus, 291/1, Sy.554; Wreathed Roma head r/Equestrian statue on arch;

VF, rev a hair off-ctr, minor edge irregularity, decent metal with lt tone. Ex Gorny VF-EF.

(A GVF with lt scrs brought $326, Hirsch 9/12.) Starting Bid $75

173 Mancinus, Pulcher & Urbinus, 299/1b, Sy.570a, Roma head r/Victory in tricycle;

Nice VF, a teensy bit off-ctr ("teensy" is less than teeny which is less than tiny); excellent metal with lt tone.

(A VF sold for $275, Berk 7/11.) Starting Bid $80

174 L. Thorius Balbus, 316/1, Sy.598, Hd of Juno of Lanuvium r/bull charging r, F above;

Nice bold VF, well centered & struck, excellent metal with contrasty tone. (A VF brought $310, CGF 6/04.)

Starting Bid $90

175 L. Appuleius Saturninus, 317/3b, Sy.578a; Roma head l./Jupiter in quadriga r, •L below;

VF, obv a tiny bit off-ctr, good metal with lt tone, very bold detailed Roma head.

(A nice VF brought $159 on $226 bid in my 9/11 sale.) Start Bid $75

176 Q. Minucius Thermus, 319/1, Sy.592; Helmeted Mars head l./battle scene;

VF+/AVF, minimally off-ctr, good metal with lt tone, a little wkness on left soldier hence my careful AVF rev grade;

scratchlike flan flaw within rev scene. Ex Gorny as VF-EF. (A GVF brought $506, F&S 11/04.) Starting Bid $80

177 L. Sentius, 325/1b, Sy.600, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r, A below;

Choice VF, perfectly centered & boldly struck, excellent metal with nice tone. Lovely for the grade.

(A VF brought $240, Loiseau 4/95.) Starting Bid $100

178 L. Piso Frugi, 340/1, Sy.663 etc, Apollo head r, betw O & C/

horseman r, above what Pegasi tag says is a salamander, but to me it looks like an upside down R;

VF & nice for this, nrly centered & well struck with some pleasant old toning. Starting Bid $75

179 -- Quinarius, 340/2e, Sy.672b, Apollo head r/Victory stg r;

F-VF, rev sl off-ctr, tiny ding or banker mk in obv field rt, touch of porosity, lt tone.

Ex European auction as (of course) VF. Rare. (A VF brought $213, Rauch 12/14.) Starting Bid $40

180 Cn Lentulus, 345/1, Sy.702, Mars bust r/Victory in biga r; F-VF, moderately off-ctr on sl ragged flan,

good metal with medium tone. (A F+ sold for $100, Berk 3/08.) Start Bid $30

181 Q. Antonius Balbus, 364/1d, Sy.742b; Jupiter head r/ Victory in hotrod r; serrate issue;

F-VF, rev a little off-ctr, good metal with nice lt old toning, strong detail.

(An F-VF/F brought $80 in my 3/13 sale.) Starting Bid $40

182 Anonymous, Quinarius, 373/1b, Sy.609a, Apollo head r/ Victory crowning trophy, N in field;

F-VF, nrly centered, minor flan flaw at obv rt edge, some dark tone in recesses; bold features.

(A VF realized $291, CNG eAuc 8/07; the same coin reappeared in NAC 5/12 sale & brought $1,462!!)

Starting Bid $35

Most coins will sell higher than the low starting bids.

183 Caecilius Metellus Pius, 374/1, Sy.750 (Rarity 3); Pietas head r, stork/elephant l;

F, rev somewhat off-ctr but complete, a few feeble banker marks.

(A F+ sold for $115 on $160 bid in my 9/10 auction.) Starting Bid $40

184 C. Postumius, 394/1a, Sy.785, Diana head r/hound racing rt; EF, nrly centered, trace of rev crudeness,

good metal with lt tone. Bold sharp hair detail on Diana. Ex European auction as EF.

(EFs realized $1662, NAC 5/14 and $2601 (yes), Tradart 12/14.) Starting Bid $250

185 Mn. Aquilius, 401/1, Sy.748, Helmeted bust of Virtus r/Consul Aquilius raising Sicilia; serrate issue;

Choice VF-EF, well centered & good strike for this, excellent metal quality

with attractive blue, grey & russet toning ("russet" is a color that exists only in numismatics).

(A GVF brought brought $498, NAC 4/11.) Starting Bid $110

186 C. Hosidius, 407/2, Sy.903a (Rarity 4,), Diana bust r/ Calydonian boar (the rare variety with no spear in boar),

dog below; F, centered on smallish flan, sl surface imperfections, features clear. (

A VF brought $515, CNG eAuc 8/10.) MB $35

187 M. Nonius Sufenas, 421/1, Sy.885, Saturn head r/Roma std on pile of arms

(armaments that is, not human body parts), crowned by Victory; Virtually Mint State,

about 20% off-ctr, but sharply struck, and great metal with much luster & lt toning. Scarce.

(An EF realized $1430, Helios 10/09, and one only GVF $2644, Triton 1/14.) Starting Bid $195

188 Faustus Cornelius Sulla, 426/4b, Sy.883, Hercules head r in lion skin/4 wreaths around globe;

AVF, nrly centered on large flan, well struck; some dark tone in recesses;

obv surfaces with very fine scratches visible only under magnification. (A GVF brought $767, CNG eAuc 11/18.)

Starting Bid $55

189 L. Plancius, 432/1, Sy.933, Head of Diana wearing petasus r/Cretan goat r, bow & quiver behind;

VF+, a hair off-ctr but complete, minor trace of granularity, good tone, banker punchmk on cheek,

good detail on head. (A GVF brought $483, CNG 5/04.) Starting Bid $60

190 Mn. Acilius Glabrio, 442/1a, Sy.922, Salus head r/Valetudo stg l, EF+, obv centered,

rev abt 25% off-ctr to bottom, excellent metal with nice old toning;

very sharply struck with superb detail on head & rev figure. (An EF brought $805, F&S 1/12.)

Starting Bid $140

191 IMPERATORIAL. SCIPIO AFRICANUS, Den, Head of Africa in elephant hat, grain stalk & plow/

Hercules stg with giant club, Cr. 461/1, Sy.1051 (Rarity 5); AVF, nrly centered, many tiny edge splits,

appears as though partially serrate; a little crude; small area of edge grainy; ltly toned.

(A F+ with sl faults brought $210 in my 3/03 sale; A Near VF $920, Triton 1/13.) Starting Bid $130

192 JULIUS CAESAR, Den, Elephant trampling snake/ Sacri-ficial paraphernalia, Cr.443/1;

VF, obv abt 20% off-ctr to left, rev well centered with crescent shaped banker mark;

scattered patches of sl surface roughness. Good elephant detail.

(Compare a F, rev off-ctr ,bringing $660, Noble 3/07.) Start Bid $125

193, MARK ANTONY, Legionary Denarius, Galley/Eagle betw standards, LEG XII;

Choice EF, centered & complete & quite well struck with no wkness; good metal with lt contrasty tone.

Very nice quality for this.

(A VF with banker mk & lt deposits brought $1120, CNG eAuc 2/14; EF with encrustations, $4158, Roma 5/16.)

Starting Bid $400

194 MARK ANTONY & OCTAVIAN, Den, Head r/head r; F, a little off ctr with some of lgnds wk/off;

small mark on Antony's nose & before Oct's ear, otherwise good metal with lt tone & strong portraits.

(A F realized $480, DNW 6/08.) Start Bid $110


195 AUGUSTUS, Den., Caius & Lucius stg with shields & spears; F,

smallish flan with lgnds off at right each side; bright metal, obviously cleaned;

portrait quite good with much detail. (A F with banker mk on cheek brought $378, Noble 7/17.)

Starting Bid $50

196 Den, SIGNIS RECEPTIS, SPQR, shield inscr CL•V betw standard & eagle; COPY, struck, in silver,

by Slavei, Mint State, lustrous & ltly toned, lovely quality work. Starting Bid $12

197 Egypt, Æ25 (Diobol), Bare head r/Nike stg l, L-M, F or better, nrly centered, green patina,

somewhat crude with lt to moderate roughness, green patina, reasonable portrait detail. Very Rare.

(A Near VF with lt porosity brought $588, CNG eAuc 10/12.) Starting Bid $40

198 Posthumous, As, Radiate head l./PROVIDENT, altar betw large S-C; VF, nrly centered, full lgnds,

olive-brown patina, only a whisper of graininess; good detail on portrait & altar.

(Compare a NVF bringing $400, Davisson 10/11; GVF $1176, CNG 10/15.) Starting Bid $75

199 TIBERIUS, As, Bust left/PONTIF MAX TRIBVN POTEST XXXVII, winged caduceus betw large S-C;

VF-EF, obv sl off-ctr losing some lgnd, rev well centered; medium brown patina with slight patches of roughness,

no big deal; strong hair detail.

(A VF with minor roughness brought $840, CNG eAuc 4/11.) Starting Bid $140

200 AGRIPPINA SR., Sest, under Claudius, SC in lgnd, RIC 102;

Choice EF, well centered & sharply struck on large flan, darkish brownish-green p[atina,

glossy surfaces gently smoothed, portrait quite well detailed. Great quallity piece.

(A GVF with rough area brought $5750, Triton 1/13; EF sl smoothed $17,290, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $2300

201 CALIGULA, As, VESTA std l; F, sl off-ctr, half of obv lgnd flat, darkish brown patina with very mild porosity;

not bad, with portrait quite bold. (A sl bendy F+ brought $181 in my 9/02 sale.) Starting Bid $40

202 CLAUDIUS, Quadrans, Modius/Lgnd (COS II) around SC, EF, nrly centered, full sharp lgnds,

lovely glossy deep olive green surfaces. (An AEF brought $861, Kunker 10/14.) MB $95

203 As, LIBERTAS AVGVSTA, Libertas stg r, VF/F-VF, obv sl off-ctr on unround flan short at 1-3:00,

thus some lgnd off; pale fleshy brown with sl porosity mainly on rev; portrait nice with much hair detail.

(A GF with smoothing brought $288, CNG 6/05.) Starting Bid $60

204 Aezanis, Æ20, Zeus stg l; RPC 3099; VF, dark brown patina, minor graininess, obv lgnd partly wk,

portrait bold & detailed; rev sl off-ctr & wk at bottom. (A VF brought $230, CNG eAuc 6/14.)

Starting Bid $40

205 AGRIPPINA JR., Aezanis, Æ18, Her bust r/Persephone bust r, grain ears to rt, RPC 3102;

F, centered, lgnds mostly wk, portraits clear; dark greenish-brown patina.

(A Near VF [I grade F] brought $184, CNG eAuc 4/14.) Starting Bid $25

206 NERO, Den, IVPPITER CVSTOS, Jupiter std l; VF+/AVF, nrly centered, full lgnds (sl crowding),

good metal with lt tone; well-detailed bloated portrait.

(A GVF with minor porosity & area of flat strike brought $1998, Triton 1/15.) Starting Bid $250

207 As, Laur head r/Victory adv l., hldg shield; F-VF/F, full obv lgnd, rev sl off-ctr,

sl rough medium brown patina, good pportrait with much detail.

(An AVF/F brought $154 on $175 bid in my 8/16 sale.) Starting Bid $35

208 Sest, Laur bust l./ROMA std l, VG-F, most of obv lgnd weak or gone, mustard-tan patina,

maroon patch at rev left & modest pits at right; someone has crudely tried to strengthen some hair & wreath detail,

otherwise good clear portrait. (A F [rough] brought $248, CNG 9/96.) Starting Bid $30

209 Antioch Æ22, SC in wreath; AVF, sl off-ctr, lgnd mostly wk or off, 2-toned brown patina,

good portrait with strong detail, I should really call this VF like every other dealer.

(A VF brought $150, Peus 5/96.) Starting Bid $25

210 NERO & OCTAVIA, Egypt Tet, Nero hd r/Octavia hd r, Year Gamma;

Nice F-VF/F+, obv somewhat off-ctr with lgnd mostly off at left, rev nrly centered;

quite good silver with tone in recesses. (A F sold for $300, Berk 7/09.) Starting Bid $90

211 GALBA, Egypt Tet, LB, Eirene head r; F+, obv centered, lgnd crowded but complete, rev sl off-ctr;

smooth dark grey-brown patina; nice strong portrait with detail.

(A F, same variety, brought $125, VAuctions 10/08.) Starting Bid $50

212 VITELLIUS, Den, Libertas stg l, COPY, struck in silver, by Slavei,

"COPY" stamped in tiny letters at rev bottom; Choice EF+, ltly toned, superb workmanship.

Starting Bid $15

213 VESPASIAN, Den, AVGVR TRI POT, Jug, lituus, etc, EF/VF, sl off-ctr on smallish flan,

obv lgnd mostly off at left, very sl uneven surfaces, mainly on rev, with contrasting dark tone in recesses.

Excellent portrait with fully Sharp hair detail. (A GVF brought $360, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $65

214 Sest., MARS VICTOR, Mars stg facg, hldg trophy; AVF/F+, well centered, obv quite nice with full clear lgnd,

smooth medium brown patina; rev a tiny bit porous but bold.

Very Rare rev type, not in RIC (RIC lists only Mars adv l.).

(A Ch. VF, not much better, brought $1380, Coin Galleries 2/07.) MB $160

215 TITUS, Sest, SC, Spes adv l; RIC 168; F+, obv centered sl high crowding top lgnd;

mostly glossy dark green patina but with some shallow surface depressions on & around portrait;

wkly struck in rev center. With M&M tag as GVF at $400.

(A F with rough surfaces brought $196, CNG eAuc 10/15.) MB $80

216 DOMITIAN, AS CAESAR, Den, COS V, ruler on horse r, F, obv off-ctr losing lgnd at left,

good metal with medium toning, bold portrait. (A VF brought $270, Rauch 9/09.) Start Bid $20

217 AS AUG., As, FORTVNAE AVGVSTI, Fortuna stg l with rudder, VF, well centered with full lgnds,

medium brown patina, only slightest whispers of porosity; excellent pportrait with bold hair & laurel wreath detail.

(A GVF realized $1380 (yes), CNG 5/12.) Starting Bid $70

218 DOMITIA, Eumeneia, Æ15, Her bust r/Kybele std l; around F, almost no obv lgnd, rev somewhat off-ctr,

edge irregularity, dark greenish patina with earthen hilighting, portrait quite bold.

Ex German auction as F-VF. (A Near VF brought $277, Naumann 9/15.) Starting Bid $35

219 NERVA, Den, IVSTITIA AVGVST, Justitia std r; EF, obv nrly centered, tops of some letters off,

rev off-ctr with lgnd mostly off at left; bright lustery silver, portrait fully detailed. Scarcer type.

(A VF brought $460, CNG 5/04.) Starting Bid $210

220 Den, CONCORDIA EXERCITVVM, clasped hands hldg caduceus on prow; Decent F, nrly centered,

lgnds complete with sl crowding, good silver, moderately toned.

(A F-VF brought $151 on $170 bid in my 8/06 sale.) Starting Bid $35

221 As, LIBERTAS PVBLICA, Libertas stg l, VF, nrly centered, some of lgnds wk,

darkish greenish-brown patina with sl touches of encrustation in rev recesses;

excellent portrait of fine style with full strong laurel wreath detail. Overall quite pleasing quality. (

A GVF brought $720, Noble 11/04.) MB $95

222 TRAJAN, Den, COS VI PP SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, Victory adv l, on prow; Superb EF, almost as struck,

well centered & sharply struck, excellent metal with luster & lt tone. (

An EF brought $801, Gorny 10/17.) Starting Bid $180

223 As, SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI SC in wreath, Nice F, obv well centered with complete lgnd,

rev a hair off-ctr with part of wreath weak; smooth dark brown patina; portrait quite bold.

While this rev type is not too rare on Sestertii, on an As it seems to be very rare indeed. Starting Bid $25

224 Sest, SPQR OPTIMI PRINCIPI, Ruler on horse riding down foe; Obv heroic bust left; old COPY, cast,

AVF/F, brown with green patina in fields, lgnds somewhat wk. Starting Bid $10

225 Caesarea, Didrachm, Rev Hera bust r dated COS 2; F-VF, nrly centered, full lgnds (partly crude on rev),

good bright silver with insignificant surface quibbles.

(A VF, same variety, brought $437, CNG eAuc 3/15, noted as "very rare,

with McAlee citing only one other example." Hera bust almost always faces left.) Starting Bid $75

226 HADRIAN, Den, PPM TRP COS III, Roma std l, Choice EF, well centered & struck, full lgnds,

no wkness, clean bright metal. Nice sharp portrait (of course); no excuses.

(An EF brought $569, Helios 6/10.) Starting Bid $140

227 Den, RESTITVTOR HISPANIAE, Ruler stg with kneeling Hispanic, rabbit between; Nice F-VF, centered,

full lgnds, sl ragged edge, good metal, fine style portrait with much detail.

(Nicer than a Near VF, porous & with scrs, bringing $150, CNG eAuc 4/14.) Starting Bid $40

228 Sest, PONT MAX TR POT COS III, Roma std l; VF, nrly centered, lgnds partly crowded/wk,

dark greenish-brown patina, minor traces of roughness, heroic style portrait

with quite strong hair & laurel wreath detail.

(Nicer than a VF with encrus-tation spots bringing $414, CNG eAuc 1/16.) Starting Bid $170

229 Egypt Tet, LENDEKATOV, Demeter stg r; Choice VF, well centered & struck, ltly toned silver color,

detailed portrait of nice style (seen from rear). Actually very scarce rev type with Demeter right.

(Nicer than a Near VF, "somewhat corroded," this exact variety, bringing $310, Kunker 5/16.)

Start Bid $130

230 Egypt, Æ35, Drachm, Nilus recl l., crocodile, LI5; Choice VF, nrly centered, full lgnd, sm edge splits,

brown patina with pale green hilighting; well-detailed portrait of fine style.

(A VF with sl corrosion brought $728, Kunker 3/18.) Start Bid $235

231 SABINA, Den, CONCORDIA AVG, Concord std l; VF, nrly centered, full lgnds, good metal with lt tone.

Nice. (A VF realized $465, Lanz 5/07.) Starting Bid $95

232 Den, IVNONI REGINAE, Juno stg l; F-VF, obv sl off-ctr with lgnd partly off at left,

edge irregularity at rev right; decent metal with moderate tone, bold portrait.

(An AVF/F+ brought $76 on $85 bid in my 3/06 sale.) Starting Bid $30

233 ANTONINUS PIUS, Den, Bare head r/AVG PIVS PM TRP COS DES II, Minerva stg l,

F+, centered on ragged flan, full lgnds, decent metal with moderate tone & few touches of green mainly on rev;

scarce early issue, 138 AD. (A GVF brought $146, CNG eAuc 8/12.) Starting Bid $20

234 Den, COS IIII, Vesta stg l, Nice EF, centered & well struck for this with much stronger rev than usual,

sharp detailed portrait in fine style; good metal with lt tone. (An EF sold for $296, Obolos 6/15.)

Starting Bid $80

235 Den, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, AEF, obv well centered with full lgnd, rev a hair off-ctr

with lgnd crude & partly off; a few very insignificant surface faults,

otherwise good metal with deep toning. Well detailed portrait of fine style.

Actually a surprisingly rare rev type! Starting Bid $60

236 Den, PRIMI DECEN COS IIII in wreath; VF+/F-VF, centered, rev sl crude,

good metal with dark tone in recesses. Edge possibly smoothed round for jewelry? Rare type.

(A VF/AVF brought $271, Rauch 9/09.) Starting Bid $40

237 Sest, PROVIDENTIAE DEORVM, Winged thunderbolt; VF, darkish green-brown patina,

several corrosion/rough areas each side; strong detail on portrait & rev device. Rare type.

(A VF brought $896, CNG eAuc 12/13.) Starting Bid $90

238 Egypt, Tet, Serapis bust r, L-H; VF/VF+, centered, good silver color, sl grainy surfaces;

full bold detail on both heads. (An AVF brought $151 in my 9/10 sale.) Starting Bid $85