116 Herod Archelaus 4 BC - 6 AD, H-1195a (rarer than 1195), Double cornucopias/

galley; F or better, centered tho somewhat crudely struck on irregular flan; dark

greenish patina with some hilighting.

(Better than a NVF bringing $142, CNG eAuc 4/21.) Starting Bid $40

117 Herod Philip, 4 BC - 34 AD, Æ11, H-1232, His head r/L-Lambda-Delta in wreath;

ex CNG 9/14 as VF, wkly struck rev, "extremely rare," realized $950 + buyer fee;

actually the lowest price among the 7 examples on acsearch. I conservatively grade

it F/VG, somewhat off-ctr, dark patina with earthen hilighting. It is indeed a

great rarity. (Another VF [I grade F] brought $8960, CNG eAuc 1/11.) Starting Bid $500

118 Agrippa I, 37-44 AD, Prutah, H-1244, Umbrella/3 barley ears, VF, off-ctr on

irregular flan, olive-green patina with paler hilighting, full detail on umbrella & all

3 rev things, thus good for this. (A VF brought $390, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $45

119 Agrippa II & Titus, Æ22x24, H-1284b, Titus bust r/Nike adv r, crescent above

(rare variant of regular 1284); F/VG, sl off-ctr, pale green-brown, sl roughness,

bold portrait. (Regular H-1284, F, brought $202, CNG 2/13.) Start Bid $35

120 Agrippa II with Titus & Domitian, Caesarea Paneas, Æ29x31, H-1286,

Mesh.168, Confronted busts of Titus & Domitian/Pan adv l, w/pipes & pedum, tree

at rt; Ex Triton 1/16 as VF, sold for $3300. I grade more conservatively F+, lgnds

partly off, sl rough dark green patina with hilighting, portraits bold. Very rare!

Starting Bid $1000

121 Coponius, 6-9 AD, Prutah, H-1328, Grain ear/palm tree, date; VF, a little off-ctr

on unround flan, sl die failure blob at obv top, olive green patina with earthen

hilighting; unusually strong palm detail. (A VF brought $184 in my 12/21 sale.)

Starting Bid $45

122 Valerius Gratus, 15-26 AD, Prutah, H-1335b, Lgnd in wreath/3 lilies, at least

AF/F-VF, somewhat off-ctr, some wk striking mainly on obv, rev reasonably bold;

dark brown. Rare! (A VF realized $422, Kunker 3/20.) Starting Bid $75

123 Pontius Pilate, 26-36 AD, H-1342b, Lituus/"HZ" (not usual LIZ) in wreath;

VF, somewhat off-ctr, partial obv lgnd, smooth dark patina with orangy hilighting.

Rare variant. (A VF sold for $690, CNG eAuc 11/14.) Starting Bid $150

124 Porcius Festus, 59-62 AD, H-1351, Nero lgnd in wreath/ palm branch, AVF,

centered, somewhat crude & a trifle rough, striking defect at rev edge.

(A VF brought $108 on $177 bid in my 7/12 sale.) Starting Bid $30

125 Prutah Lot, 23 pieces, low grade, some identifiable but most not (many

unclear Hebrew lgnds), does include Herod the Great & a Jannaeus Lead prutah

H-1155. Starting Bid $35

126 First Revolt, Half Shekel, Year 2, 67/68 AD, H-1359, Omer cup/3 pomegranates;

VF, good centering & strike, only sl rev lgnd crowding; perhaps a hint of smoothing;

tone in recesses. Nice bold coin. (Compare a VF, "heavily worked over" bringing

$19,500, Kunker 10/22; Ch. VF $24,000, Goldberg 6/19.) Starting Bid $8000

127 First Revolt, Prutah, H-1360, Year 2, Amphora/Vine leaf; VF, nrly centered, sl

flatness at rev edge, greenish brown patina with earthen hilighting, strong detail

on amphora & leaf. (A F-VF sold for $131, Noble 11/19.) Starting Bid $30

128 Judaea Capta, Titus, Caesarea Maritima, Æ20, H-1446, Bust r/Victory writing

on shield; F-VF, sl thick olive green patina, rev sl off-ctr, strong portrait. Ex Roma as

NVF. (An F-VF brought $95 on $110 bid in my last sale; VF $489, CNG 9/12.)

Starting Bid $65

129 Judaea Capta, Domitian, Caesarea Maritima, H-1459, 24 mm, Bust r/IMP XIII

COS XVI CENS PPP, Victory adv left w/trophy; F-VF, centered, lt tan patina,

moderately rough, but portrait well detailed. (A VF brought $492, Bertolami 12/11.)
Starting Bid $25

130 Vespasian, Den., IVDAEA, Jewess mourning, trophy left, H-1479;

Choice VF+, centered on sl tight flan, tops of some lettering off, good metal with

dark tone in recesses; great portrait detail. (A GVF realized $6000, Triton 1/22.)

Starting Bid $650

131 Titus, Sest, Judaea Capta issue, Bust r/SC, Titus on horse spearing Jew

(becoming a popular theme nowadays), Hen. 1535, RIC 430; F+ for wear with

strong portrait, moderately rough surfaces with some ltly eroded areas on rev, but

scene clear. Dark brown. Very Rare!

(A F+ brought $3617 + buyer fee, iNumis 3/19.) Starting Bid $300

132 Nero, Caesarea Maritima, Æ23, Bust r/City Goddess stg l, F, obv lgnd wk,

portrait quite strong, rev much off-ctr; smooth dark brown patina with hilighting.

(A VF brought $460, Gemini 1/13.) Starting Bid $35

133 Domitian, Samaria, Neapolis, Æ20, bust r/Date palm; F, nrly centered,

greenish-brown patina with earthen hilighting, strong features. Rare!

Starting Bid $30

134 Trajan, Galilee, Tiberias, Æ18, Bust r/palm branch betw cornucopiae, date "J"
Rosenb.9; Nice AVF, centered, smooth dark patina with dramatic whiteish hilighting.

(A VF brought $230, CNG 5/02.) Starting Bid $65

135 Askalon, Æ12, Tyche head r/Galley, above AC = Yr 201 = 97 AD; VF, somewhat

crude but centered & fully clear, dark brown patina. Rare!

(Nicer than a VF (Æ16) bringing $189, CNG eAuc 8/20.) Starting Bid $35

136 Hadrian, Caesarea Maritima, Æ30, Head r/Hadrian as founder plowing with

oxen, Victory above, Kad.27, Rosenb.24; F, nrly centered, tan patina, somewhat

murky surfaces, bold portrait, rev scene clear. (A rough F realized $230, CNG 6/05.)

Start Bid $50

137 Antoninus Pius, Galilee, Diocaesarea, Æ19, Bust r/Hera stg l, Rosenb.9;

F-VF, centered, full lgnds, dark green patina with sl hilighting.

(Nicer than a NVF with sl roughness bringing $201, CNG eAuc 2/22.) Start Bid $70

138 Marcus Aurelius & Lucius Verus, Æ31, Aelia Capitolina (Jerusalem), Busts

face-to-face/Tyche-Astarte in temple, Ex-CNG 10/17 sale as VF, I grade it F-VF, a

touch off-ctr, most of lgnds present, dark green patina with hilighting, only

minor roughness. (A Nr VF brought $633, CNG 9/11.) Start Bid $140

139 Crispina (?), Petra, Æ21, Bust r/Tyche std l, c/mk Delta with 2 dots in round

indent on truncation; coin AF, greenish-brown patina, c/mk VF. Rare???

Starting Bid $10

140 Caracalla, Decapolis, Dium, Æ23, Bust r/flaming altar in temple, Rosenb 1,

Spijk 1; Overall F or so, greenish-brown patina with sl hilighting, somewhat rough,

lgnds present tho wk, portrait shows laurel wreath. Rare.

(A VF [I grade F-VF] brought $810, Goldberg 2/16.) Starting Bid $45

141 Philip I, Arabia, Philippopolis, Æ28, bust r/Roma std l, hldg 2 figures (Julius

Marinus & wife?); Spijk.6; F, nrly centered, olive-brown patina with sl earthen

hilighting, somewhat grainy mainly on obv, rev pretty decent.

(a GF realized $207, Heritage 9/12.) Starting Bid $35

142 Trebonianus Gallus, Samaria, Neapolis, Æ26, Radiate bust r/Wolf & twins,

Mt. Gerizim temple complex above, Sof.233, Harl 150; F, brown patina with some

earthen hilighting, full obv lgnd, rev wk at rt edge, only minor roughness. RARE.

(Ex CNG 8/15, realized $230, the only sale record found.) Starting Bid $90

143 Five coins from this Judaic collection I could not identify (they all came loose!)

Æ18-23, lower grade, one Nero (Gaza?), one with countermarks (Askalon?).

See photo. Start Bid $10

144 Byzantine Palestine, Lead seal, c.5th-6th cent, 17 mm, 5.72 gm, Menorah betw

etrog & lulav, shofar rt/box?; crude F or better, crude irregular thick flan,

near-white patina, the menorah quite clear.

Ex Obolos 7/19 auction (as VF), realized $1156. My Starting Bid $150

145 (Calendar?) Medal, 37 mm, brass, Pentagram/square, lots of Hebrew

inscriptions each side, VG-F or so, asstd lt faults; plus 2 jetons, 23 mm, each with

Jewish star, one has facg owl on rev, the other crossed scepters or something etc;

Fine or so; all old, early 1800s? Plus US Civ War token 1863, with Jewish Star, VG

but grainy. Starting Bid $12

146 Medal, huge 120 mm (4-3/4") bronze, 20 0zs: OBERAT DER ISRAELITEN

BADENS, Menorah, engraved on base "Benny und Sophie Levy zum 15.11.1937";

Rev Angel embracing nude man, German lgnd translates "I won't let you go because

you saw me." Starting Bid $30

147 Brass disk, 105 mm (4+ in), hand engraved each side with many Hebrew

letters; center hole. Starting Bid $5

148 Medal, Elisa Rachel Felix (1821-58, famous Jewish French actress), Her bust l./

lgnds, 52+ mm bronze, by Pingret, AU, tiny rim nick, rich lustrous brown surfaces,

high relief. Beautiful! Ex Peus auct 11/18 sold for $493. Start Bid $100


149 Aes Grave, Quadrans, 225-217 BC, Cr.35/5, Mercury hd l./prow r, 2 pellets ea

side, 35x39 mm, 50.68 g; F+/VF, a very appealing bold coin with 2-toned maroon &

green patina. (Nicer than a GF bringing $493 Roma 5/22.) Start Bid $250

150 As, D. Silanus, 91 BC, Janus head/Prow, D SILANVS above, Cr.337/5, Sy.649;

AVF, obv sl off-ctr, rev more so, a little crude, medium brown, minor porosity, bold

Janus faces. (An AVF sold for $391, Kunker 4/22.) Starting Bid $90

151 Victoriatus, Cr. 44/1, Sy.83, Jupiter hd r/Roma & trophy; F/AF, sl off-ctr on large

flan, decent metal, just "honest" wear. (An AVF brought $146 in my 6/08 sale.)

Starting bid $35

152 C. Porcius Cato, 123 BC, Den, Cr.274/1, Sy417, Roma hd r/Victory in biga r;

VF, minimally off-ctr, good strike with much detail, nice iridescent tone.

(A VF realized $242, Munz Zentrum 9/17.) Starting bid $100

153 Mancinus, Pulcher & Urbinus, Den, 104 BC, Cr.299/1b, Sy.570a, Roma

head r/Victory in triga r; VF, nrly centered, good metal, decent.

(A VF sold for $275, Berk 7/11.) Start bid $90

154 L. Scipio Asiagenus, Serrate Den., 106 BC, Cr.311/1a, Sy.576, Jupiter hd l/

Jupiter in quadriga r; Nice strong VF, obv well centered, rev just sl off-ctr; good metal

with lt tone. (A GVF brought $240 Gorny 10/04.) Starting Bid $100

155 C. Coilius Caldus, 104 BC, Den, Cr.318/1a, Sy.582, Roma hd l./Victory in

biga l; AEF/VF+, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr; good metal with lt tone; sl doubling

on obv, more pronounced doubling on rev, especially lgnd. Looks to be not double

striking but doubled die. How could that be?? Thus a highly intriguing coin!

(A GVF/AEF realized $333, Kunker 4/22.) Start Bid $130

156 M. Lucilius Rufus, Den., Cr.324/1, Sy.599; Roma head r in wreath/Victory in

biga r; EF, nrly centered on a broad flan, minor weak area at rev lower left,

otherwise strongly struck, good metal with lt tone. Very nice.

(A GVF brought $447, CNG 5/14; EF $832, Kunker 4/22.) Starting Bid $150

157 P. Sabinus, 99 BC, Quinarius, Cr.331/1, Sy.587, Jupiter hd r/Victory & trophy;

VF, centered, good metal with deep old tone. (A GVF realized $665, Kunker 4/22.)
Starting Bid $80

158 D. Junius Silanus, 91 BC, Den., Cr.337/3, Sy.646a, Roma head r/Victory in biga r;

VF, sl off-ctr, better struck than usual for this, good metal with luster hints.

(A VF sold for $310, Peus 10/14. I don't make this stuff up.) Starting bid $95

159 M.Fannius & L. Critonius, Den, 85 BC, Ceres hd r/the 2 guys sitting rt; AF/VG+,

a hair off-ctr, trace of surface granularity, but underneath it's pristine.

A reasonably reasonable coin. Ex my 10/19 sale bringing $52 on $100 bid.

Start Bid $25

160 Q. Pomponius Musa, 56 BC, Den, Cr.410/5, Sy.815, Apollo hd r/Euterpe, Muse of

lyric poetry, stg r; AVF, obv somewhat off-ctr but complete & bold on large

elongated flan, rev lgnd wk, barely perceptible granularity.

(A GVF with lt porosity brought $4200, CNG 5/22.) Starting Bid $160

161 A. Plautius, Den, Cr.431/1, Sy.932 (R3), Cybele hd r/Guy with camel, IVDAEVS etc;

Ex Naumann auction 4/16 as VF; I call it F-VF, rev off-ctr but complete, good metal

with just sl tone. Note, what might seem a flaw above eye is part of the design.

(In my last sale an AVF/F-VF brought $261.) Start bid $130

162 IMPERATORIAL. POMPEY, Soloi-Pompeiopolis, Æ21, Pompey's head r/Nike

stg r, F/AF, minimally off-ctr, nice olive-green patina, no rev lgnd, bold clear portrait.

(A F+/AF brought $176 on $200 bid in my 9/00 sale.) Starting bid $90

163 JULIUS CAESAR, Den., Venus head r/CAESAR, 2 captives below trophy, Cr.468/1;

VF, obv minimally off-ctr, rev more so to top; good metal with medium tone,

almost invisible imperfections. Quite bold& pleasant.

(A VF with edge marks brought $1080, NY Sale 1/21.) Starting Bid $425


164 AUGUSTUS, Den., Bust r/C CAESARES etc, Caius & Lucius stg w/shields, lituus

& simpulum above; Strong VF, nrly centered, tops of some lettering off but lgnds

more complere than usual; deeply toned; trace of porosity in obv right field; portrait

well detailed. (A GVF with lt porosity brought $1175, CNG 5/13.) Starting Bid $200

165 AGRIPPA, As, SC, Neptune stg l; Choice EF/VF+, well centered & struck, good

olivy-brown patina; excellent detailed portrait. (A GVF brought $4540, Kunker 11/13.)
Start Bid $450

166 TIBERIUS, Den., PONTIF MAXIM, Livia std r; Choice VF, good centering with

lgnds virtually complete, excellent metal with pleasant tone. The famous (or infamous)
Biblical "Tribute Penny."
(A GVF realized $2700, CNG 9/21.) Starting Bid $300

167 GERMANICUS & DRUSUS, Sardes, Æ14, bust r/bust r, F+, dark patina with

pale earthen hilighting, portraits quite bold, Germanicus name fully clear.

(A VF brought $233, Naumann 7/14.) Starting Bid $60

168 NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS, Sest, His bust l./TI CLAVDIVS etc, Claudius std l,

amid armaments; AEF, well centered, dark greenish-brown patina, notably

smoothed; portrait of good style with great hair detail. Ex Swiss auction as

"AU smoothed." (A GVF realized $5650, NAC 5/13.) Starting Bid $800

169 CALIGULA, Sest, Pietas std l./Ruler & pals sacrificing before temple; F-VF,

obv sl off-ctr, dark brown patina, minor traces of porosity, maybe some smoothing?
Features quite bold.
(A F-VF with much roughness realized $884, Heidelberger 11/17.)
Starting Bid $350

170 CLAUDIUS, Sest, EX SC OB CIVES SERVATOS in wreath, in NGC slab as VF

lt smoothing; it is VF, nrly centered with complete lgnd, smoothing not evident but

there is actually lt to moderate roughness; brown with traces of green. The portrait

has strong VF+ hair detail. Overall better than your typical NGC "VF!"

Hard to photograph through plastic.

(A GVF brought $8625) Start bid $400

171 CLAUDIUS, As, LIBERTAS AVGVSTA, Libertas stg l; VF, centered, edge sl ragged

at obv top but lgnds complete; brown patina with mild granularity. Fine style portrait.

A good bold coin. (A GVF realized $5581, Triton 1/15.) Starting bid $100

172 NERO, Dup, Laur hd r/SECVRITAS AVGVSTI, Securitas std r; VF/F, large oval

flan, darkish brown patina, full obv lgnd & nicely detailed portrait; rev sl off-ctr with

lgnd wk & sl porosity. (A VF/AVF brought $1680, UBS 9/08.) Starting Bid $80

173 NERO, Quadrans, Helmet on column/PM TRP IMP PP, branch; Choice AEF,

centered & well struck, greenish-brown patina, excellent quality for this.

(Same variety, GVF, brought $394, CNG eAuc 1/09.) Starting bid $200

174 VITELLIUS, Den, bust left, globe below/VICTORIA AVGVSTI, Victory flying

left w/shield; Tarraco; VF/F, somewhat off-ctr, scratch below chin, otherwise good

metal with contrasting tone in fields, portrait quite bold. Rarer issue for Vitellius.

(A GF with sl scrs brought $366, Leu 12/17.) Start bid $160

175 VESPASIAN, Den, PON MAX TRP COS VI, Victory atop cista mystica with snakes;

AF, centered but lgnds crowded/wk, good bright metal, bold portrait. Rare type.

(A F-VF brought $112, Rauch 3/13.) Starting Bid $20

176 VESPASIAN, As, AEQVITAS AVGVSTI, Aequitas stg l, VF+, deep brown patina,

obv with full bold lgnd & strongly detailed portrait; rev sl off-ctr with hint of

porosity. Nice. (A VF+/VF brought $223 on $250 bid in my 5/98 sale;

GVF $891, CNG 9/04.) Starting bid $120

177 TITUS, Egypt Tet, Homonoia std l, Datt.423; Ex Roma as NVF, I grade F-VF/F,

obv sl off-ctr, partial lgnds, silver color with faint granularity, strong portrait.

(A VF/F-VF brought $166 in my last sale.) Start bid $50

178 DOMITIAN, As Caesar, Den, No lgnd, Ruler on horse l; Nice strong F+,

excellent metal with lt tone. Quite scarce. (A GF realized $177, Roma 1/18.)

Starting Bid $50

179 DOMITIAN, As Aug., Den, IMP XXII COS XVII CENS PPP, Minerva stg l; Choice EF,

obv a tiny bit off-ctr but lgnds complete, excellent metal with hint of tone, portrait

very sharp. (Same var., EF brought $897, Gorny 10/15.) Starting Bid $200

180 DOMITIAN & DOMITIA Thessaly, Æ19, Bust r/bust r, F, obv sl off-ctr, rev has

full lgnd, reddish-brown patina. (A Near VF brought $403, Triton 1/12,)

Starting Bid $40

181 NERVA, Sest, VEHICVLATIONE etc, 2 mules, COPY, a good tho fairly obvious

sharp struck copy, with a rich glossy deep green patina. Starting bid $15

182 TRAJAN, Den., PM TRP COS IIII PP, Victory stg l at altar; Choice EF, well centered

& struck, good metal with lt tone. (Same variety, EF, brought $275 + buyer fee, Freeman & Sear 12/09.) Starting Bid $175

183 TRAJAN, Syria Æ17 or Quadrans, Winged caduceus; Choice VF+, obv well

centered with full lgnd, rev sl off-ctr; smooth dark patina with orangy hilighting;

well detailed portrait of fine Roman style. (A GVF realized $336, CNG eAuc 4/13.)

Starting Bid $55

184 HADRIAN, Den, ASIA stg l, VF/F+, centered, good metal, lt contrasty tone.

(An AVF realized $227, Meister & Sontag 5/11.) Starting bid $100

185 HADRIAN, Quadrans, Eagle stg r, hd l/PM TRP COS III, Winged thunderbolt;

AVF, dark green patina with sl earthen hilighting, lgnds somewhat crowded/wk,

devices bold. Scarce. (A GVF brought $759., CNG 9/10.) Starting bid $45

186 HADRIAN, Egypt Tet, Nilus recl l, with croc ("He who lies down with crocodiles

gets up with tooth marks"), LIZ; VF, centered on sl tight flan, obv lgnd mostly wk/off,

silver color with lt tone, portrait & Nilus nicely detailed.

(A VF sold for $400, Berk 3/10.) Starting bid $90

187 SABINA, Sest, IVNONI REGINAE. Juno stg l; AVF, obv lgnd nrly all clear, rev lgnd

off at rt; dark brownish-green patina; only minor roughness; good portrait with VF

detail. Rare. (A VF with lt pitting brought $1184, Leu 2/19.) Start bid $200

188 ANTINOUS, Egypt Æ35 Drachm, Bust l./Antinous as Hermes on horse r; Strong

F/F+, centered, large flan with sm edge splits; medium brown patina; only sl roughness

on rev; portrait quite bold.

(Compare a F with bad corrosion bringing $1100, Rauch 4/94; F $6578, DNW 2/17.)
Starting bid $600

189 ANTONINUS PIUS, Den., COS IIII, Thunderbolt atop throne; VF-EF, a teensy bit

off-ctr, lgnds all there, good metal with lt tone, sharp features.

(A GVF realized $403, CNG 5/10.) Starting Bid $50


RIC862a; AEF/VF, centered, virtually full lgnds, brown-green patina, possibly

some smoothing/tooling? High grade for this RARE type!

(GVFs brought $1380, CNG 9/11 and $1960, Kunker 3/06.) Starting Bid $300

191 Sest, TR POT XXI COS IIII, Annona stg r, hldg rudder & modius, foot on prow;

Nice VF, centered (IIII off on rev, otherwise full lgnds), 2-toned tan-brown patina,

only insignificant surface quibbles mainly on rev, nice detailed portrait.

(Same variety, VF, brought $604, CNG eAuc 4/14.) Starting bid $175

192 ANTONINUS PIUS, Egypt Tet, Serapis std l, with Cerberus, LZ; VF, centered, nrly

full lgnd, sm edge splits, good ltly toned silver-grey surfaces; strong portrait. Quite

decent for these. (A VF realized $265, Lanz 11/07.) Starting bid $85

193 ANTONINUS PIUS, Egypt, Æ33 (Drachm), Ares adv r hldg spear & trophy; Yr 22;

F-VF, medium brown, lgnd wk, modest edge splits, nice strong portrait.

Ex Pars Coins as Choice VF. RARE rev type. Starting bid $75

194 FAUSTINA SR., Den, AETERNITAS Veiled stg l; VF-EF, nrly centered, full lgnds,

good metal with contrasting tone. (A VF+ brought $200, CGF 11/04.)

Starting Bid $50

195 MARCUS AURELIUS, Den, PM TRP XIX IMP II COS III, Mars stg r; EF, centered,

good metal with lt tone & luster hints, nice.

(Same variety, EF, brought $409, CGB 6/04.) Starting bid $120

196 FAUSTINA JR., Den., VESTA std l, VF+, well centered & struck, moderately

toned, only very minor surface delinquen-cies; nice bold coin. Ex Roma as plain

GVF. (Same variety, GVF, realized $190, Naumann 10/17.) Starting Bid $50

197 LUCILLA, Sest, IVNO, Juno std l, VF/F, sl squared flan, medium brown patina,

faintly grainy, portrait very nice with strong detail (A GVF brought $776, CNG 9/10.)

Start bid $150

198 COMMODUS, Den, TEMP FELIC PM TRP Winged caduceus betw cornucopiae;
AEF/VF, centered, tops of some lgnds off, decent metal with medium tone, strong

portrait detail. Scarce rev type. (A GVF sold for $213, CNG 9/.) Start Bid $100

199 CLODIUS ALBINUS, Den, MINER PACIF COS II, Minerva stg l; Ex Spink as VF,

it is VF/F, somewhat off-ctr with lgnds off at rt, decent metal with lt tone, good

detailed portrait. (A F+/F realized $200, iNumis 10/10.) Starting bid $110


centered & quite well struck, good fault-free metal.

(Same variety, EF, brought $276, Roma 5/16.) Starting Bid $110

201 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Antiochia, Æ22, bust left/Mên stg r, VF, centered, obv

lgnd partly wk, full rev lgnd, dark greenish patina with nice orangy hilighting,

strong portrait detail.

(Same variety, VF with lt roughness, realized $186, CNG eAuc 8/08.) Starting Bid $30

202 JULIA DOMNA, Den, VESTA std l; Virtually Mint State, well centered, sl obv

lgnd crudeness, portrait & rev particularly well struck; lustery metal with hint of

tone. (A Near EF brought $310, Roma 3/18.) Starting Bid $120

203 JULIA DOMNA, Den, DIANA LVCIFERA, Diana stg l with torch; EF/VF, centered,

good strike, nice metal with lt tone. (An AEF sold for $395, NAC 11/07.)

Start Bid $70

204 JULIA DOMNA, Den., PIETAS PVBLICA, Pietas stg at altar; EF, obv well centered,

rev lgnd partly off at rt; faintly rough surfaces; portrait totally sharp.

(An EF brought $439, Gorny 3/16.) Starting bid $50

205 JULIA DOMNA, Sest., under Caracalla, IVNONEM, Juno stg l, peacock; VF/AVF,

well centered on a full thick flan with raised edge, lt brown patina, only

minimal roughness, a nice bold coin with well detailed portrait.

(A GVF realized $1955, Triton 1/06.) Starting Bid $180

206 JULIA DOMNA, Pisidia, Parlais, Æ22, Bust left/Mên stg r. hldg pine cone;

Ex Roma as Near EF, I grade VF+, nrly centered, sl grainy dark brown patina; well

detailed portrait. Scarce! (A VF brought $398, Savoca 7/21.) Starting Bid $65

207 CARACALLA, AS CAESAR, Den, SECVRITAS PERPETVA, Minerva stg l, Laodicea

mint, in NGC slab as AU, Strike 5/5, sur 3/5; it is virtually mint state, unusually

well centered & sharply struck for these, bright lustrous silver.

(Same variety, NGC Ch AU brought $1200, Heritage 2/22; compare one only GVF

sold for $365, Roma 10/15.) Starting Bid $225

208 CARACALLA, As Aug., Den, PM TRP XVII COS IIII PP, Jupiter stg l, with eagle;

Choice EF, obv well centered & quite sharply struck, rev nrly so; bright silver;

superbly detailed bearded portrait.

(Same var., GVF, realized $269, CNG 8/12; EF/VF $394, Peus 11/20.) Starting Bid $120

209 CARACALLA, Den., PONTIF TRP XII COS III, Concordia std l, EF, well centered

on sl ragged flan, bright silver with slightest hint of granularity, insignificant edge

cracks. Strong partially bearded portrait. Ex Harlan Berk as Mint State.

(Same variety, GVF, brought $269, CNG 8/13.) Start Bid $85

210 CARACALLA, Commagene, Zeugma, Tet., Bust r/Eagle facg, head r, Z-E, V betw

legs, Pr.812; VF, rev sl off-ctr, good silver w/minimal granularity. Scarce.

(A GVF realized $276, CNG 5/04.) Starting Bid $80

211 PLAUTILLA, Den, VENVS VICTRIX, Venus stg l with cupid & shield, EF, obv

well centered & struck, on ragged flan, rev sl off-ctr with sl crudeness; bright

lustrous silver; fully sharp portrait. (An EF sold for $864, Kunker 9/21.)

Starting Bid $90

212 GETA, As Aug, Den, PONTIF TRP II COS II, Genius stg at altar; Choice VF, a hair

off-ctr, full lgnds, good metal with lt tone, well-detailed bearded portrait.

(A VF brought $257, Peus 4/14.) Starting Bid $40

213 MACRINUS, Den., PROVIDENTIA DEORVM, Providentia stg l; in NGC slab as AU,

and surprise! — it's a choice coin, EF+, quite sharply struck, excellent metal with lt tone

& underlying luster. Superb portrait. (An EF realized $1283, Gorny 3/16.)

Starting Bid $275

214 MACRINUS, Den., Liberalitas stg, COPY, struck in silver (by Slavei?);

Ch. EF+ toned, excellent quality workmanship. Starting Bid $15

215 DIADUMENIAN, Den., PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Diadumenian stg w/3 standards;

Virtually Mint State, well centered, softly struck on rev figure, otherwise sharp, with

superb portrait detail; good metal with lt tone & luster.

(An EF with weak rev brought $1480, LHS 4/08.) Starting Bid $375

216 ELAGABALUS, Den., TEMPORVM FELICITAS, Felicitas stg l, Choice EF, sl off-ctr

but complete, very well struck with an exceptionally strong portrait; good metal with

lt tone. (An EF realized $306, CGB 10/06.) Starting Bid $120

217 JULIA MAESA, Den, PIETAS AVG, Pietas stg l; EF, sl ragged flan, rev sl off-ctr & a

bit crudely struck, portrait detail fully sharp. Bright silver.

(An EF brought $368, Hirsch 9/19.) Starting Bid $75

218 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, PROVIDENTIA AVG, Annona stg w/modius;

EF, centered, good strike, detailed bearded portrait, ltly toned with luster.

(An EF brought $467, Gorny 10/13.) Starting Bid $75

219 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den., SPES PVBLICA, Spes stg l; Choice EF, virtually

mint state, well centered & sharply struck with an unusually good rev; well

detailed portrait; good bright silver. (An EF brought $368, CNG 5/11)

Start Bid $110

220 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den., VICTORIA AVG, Vic stg l; EF, perfectly centered &

well struck, tiny die break at rev top. (A GVF realized $381 (yes!!) deGeus 11/19.)

Starting Bid $95

221 ORBIANA, Den, CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia std l; ex Spink as "Fine," well

maybe so but they didn't mention a rather rough surface. A bargain basement

Orbiana. (Compare a F sold for $345, Berk 11/12.) Starting Bid $50

222 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, PIETAS AVGVSTAE, Pietas stg at altar; Choice EF,

well centered, portrait & Pietas both quite sharply detailed; good bright metal

with lt tone. (An EF brought $403, CNG eAuc 7/12.) Starting Bid $120

223 JULIA MAMAEA, Sest, VENERI FELICI, Venus stg r, hldg Cupid; AVF/F, centered,

sm edge splits, somewhat dullish brown patina, strong portrait detail.

(A VF sold for $326, CGB 6/11.) Starting Bid $50

224 MAXIMINUS I, Den, PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia stg l; EF/VF, well centered,

obv sharply struck, rev a mite soft; bright silver (A GVF brought $163, Noble 11/17)

Start Bid $55

225 MAXIMUS, Sest, PIETAS AVG, Jug etc, AEF/VF, well centered & struck, glossy

dark green patina, strong hair detail. Scarcer type, very nice.

(A GVF realized $1200, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $450

226 GORDIAN III, Ant, PAX AVGVSTI, Pax stg l; VF, rev off-ctr, brown patina with

sl hilighting, appears as if bronze. (A VF brought $29 on $55 bid in my 11/07 sale.)
Starting Bid $15

227 GORDIAN III, Den, LAETITIA AVG N, Laetitia stg l, Choice VF, well centered,

good bright silver. (A VF sold for $85, Agora 4/16.) Starting Bid $33

228 GORDIAN III, Den, IOVIS STATOR, Jupiter stg r; VF-EF, well centered on big

flan, good strike, nice metal with lt tone. (A VF brought $109, Savoca 5/21.)

Starting Bid $35

229 GORDIAN III, Sest, LAETITIA AVG N, Laetitia stg l; VF/F-VF, sl squared flan, few

obv letters off, dark brown-green patina, minor roughness, excellent portrait with

sharp hair & laurel wreath. (A VF brought $370, CNG 7/08.) Start Bid $45

230 GORDIAN III, Caesarea, Drachm, Mount Argaeus, ET-Delta; EF, centered, part of

lgnd wkly struck ea side; portrait quite sharp; good metal with lt tone.

(Same variety, EF, brought $488, Gorny 3/19.) Starting Bid $100