221 CRISPUS, Æ3, Bust left with spear & shield/BEATA TRANQVILLITAS, globe on altar inscr

VOTIS XX, STR; VF-EF, obv well centered, rev lgnd crowded at rt; glossy dark green patina with

sl touch of roughness. Scarce! (A Ch. EF realized $690, CNG 9/09.) Starting Bid $15

222 CONSTANTINE II, Æ, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg betw eagle & captive, SMKA;

AEF/VF, nrly centered on oval flan, nice reddish-brown patina. Actually a surprisingly scarce type

for this ruler. Starting Bid $20

223 CONSTANS, Æ Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler hldg labarum & Phoenix on galley

steered by Victory, TESA; Choice EF, well centered, good strike, fully silvered with lt tone, tiniest

touch of granularity but lustrous. (An EF brought $732, Nomos 10/16.) Starting Bid $80

224 CONSTANS, as previous except Ruler holds Victory, TRS; Choice EF, well centered on a

sl ragged flan, quite well struck with exceedingly sharp portrait; lustery medium brown surfaces.

(An "SPL" brought $580, CGF 6/07.) Start Bid $80

225 CONSTANTIUS II, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier spearing fallen horseman, ANZ;

Choice EF, well centered & struck with no wkness, good detail on portrait & rev scene; smooth

brown surfaces with underlying silvering. (An EF with sl corrosion brought $640, Helios 3/11.)

Starting Bid $80

226 CONSTANTIUS II, Æ3, type as last, SMKE; Choice EF, nrly centered, insignificant rev

striking wkness, portrait quite sharp; lovely lustrous dark green surfaces.

(An EF sold for $177, Munz Zentrum 5/12.) Starting Bid $30

227 CONSTANTIUS II, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler hldg labarum & Phoenix on galley

steered by Victory, TESG; VF-EF, well centered, lustrous silvered surfaces with some sl uneven

tone & hints of surface faults. (An EF brought $558, Kunker 3/09.) Starting Bid $30

228 CONSTANTIUS II, Siliqua, VOTIS XXX MVLTIS XXXX in wreath, LVG; VF+, obv a hair off-ctr,

full lgnd, not clipped; very sl flan crack; rev lgnd crudely struck. Good metal with lt tone.

Great item for the X lover. (A VF brought $405, Gadoury 11/13.) Starting Bid $80

229 VETRANIO, Cent, HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS, Victory crowning Ruler, *ASIS*; EF,

nrly centered, smooth dark greenish patina, good strike with nice detail.

(An EF realized $1533, Rauch 4/14.) Starting Bid $175

230 JULIAN, Æ1, SECVRITAS REIPVB, bull stg r, CYZB; VF-EF/VF, perfectly centered, well

struck, greenish-brown patina, shallow porosity spot before mouth, no big deal.

(A GVF brought $582, CNBG 6/06.) Starting Bid $90

231 ANONYMOUS ("Anti-Christian" issue), Æ3, GENIO ANTIOCHENI, Genius of Antioch facg,

River God swimming below/APOLLONI SANCTO, Apollo stg l, SMA; VF+, sl off-ctr but full lgnds,

sm edge split, dark green patina with strong orangy hilighting. Very nice for this scarce coinage.

(A VF realized $188, Peus 10/13.) Starting Bid $35

232 JOVIAN, Æ3, VOT V MVLT X in wreath, BSIRM; Choice EF, nrly centered on a large flan,

well struck, glossy smooth dark green patina.

(An EF brought $136 in my 5/01 sale; VF+ $275, iNumis 3/10.) Starting Bid $70

233 VALENS, Æ3, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler dragging captive, SMND; EF, well centered,

good strike, darkish greenish patina. (An EF brought $101 on $137 bid in my 3/07 sale;

VF (different mint) $545, Gorny 10/13.) Start Bid $45

234 GRATIAN, Æ2, REPARATIO REIPVB, Kneeling girl with Ruler hldg Victory, *BSISC; VF,

perfectly centered, medium brown.

(A VF+ brought $119 on $235 bid in my 1/01 sale; VF $630, Gorny 3/08.) Start Bid $33

235 GRATIAN, Æ4, VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath, ANTA; AEF/VF, centered, full lgnds, smooth

dark patina with strong orangy highlighting. Portrait unusually well detailed. Rare this good.

(An AEF/VF brought $85, Lanz 5/00.) Start Bid $30

236 VALENTINIAN II, Æ4, VICTORIA AVGGG, Victory adv l, ASIS; AEF, well centered, full

tho somewhat crude lgnds, dark brown patina. Good for this.

(A VF brought $46 on $75 bid in my 11/12 sale; AEF $200, Elsen 9/05.) Starting Bid $30

237 VALENTINIAN II, Æ4, GLORIA REIPVBLICAE, Camp gate, A/TES; VF, full obv lgnd, rev lgnd

wk/off at rt; darkish green patina, minor roughness. Very scarce type.

(Same variety, GVF, brought $146, CNG eAuc 7/10.) Starting Bid $12

238 THEODOSIUS I, Æ3, CONCORDIA AVGGG, Constantinopolis std r, ANTB; Nice AEF/VF,

centered, full lgnds, medium brown, detailed portrait of fine style.

(An AEF/VF brought $76 on $137 bid in my 11/12 thing.) Starting Bid $35

239 THEODOSIUS I, Æ4, VICTORIA AVGGG, Victory adv l, ASIS; VF-EF, a little crude but well

centered with full lgnds; medium brown patina. Good for this.

(A Near EF brought $87, Naumann 12/13.) Starting Bid $30

240 AELIA FLACCILLA, Æ2, SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Flaccilla stg, ANTE; VF, well centered,

greyish-brown, sl touches of roughness, portrait well-detailed. This lady got her name for turning

men flaccid. (An AVF brought $91 on $101 bid in my 2/21 sale; VF $413, Munz Zentrum 4/10.)

Starting Bid $45

241 EUDOXIA, Æ3, SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Victory writing PX on shield, ANTG; AVF, nrly centered

on sl ragged flan, lgnds nrly complete tho parts wk, dark greenish patina with earthen hilighting;

good strong portrait with hand of God above.

(A VF with mintmk unclear brought $499, Hirsch 2/13) Start Bid $30


242 ANASTASIUS I, Half Follis, S25, Offic.B; Choice F-VF/VF, centered on large flan, glossy

smooth greenish patina.

(A VF with cleaning scrs sold for $403, CNG eAuc 8/12.) Starting Bid $33

243 JUSTIN I, Follis, S62, Bust r/M betw stars, CON-A; F+/VF, well centered & struck, light

brown, unusually bold features. (A F-VF sold for $126, FSR 2/21; VF $253, CNG 6/06.) Start Bid $35

244 JUSTIN & JUSTINIAN, Follis, S-125 variety, M betw stars, unlisted; call this VG, better in

parts but crude & flan flaws, portrait appears deliberately effaced; slate green patina.

Starting Bid $25

245 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S163, Facing bust/CON-XIII-Delta; F/VF, centered on a huge 40 mm

flan, moderately grainy lt brown, portrait weak, rev bold.

(A F+ with face weak brought $81 in my 8/16 sale.) Starting Bid $30

246 JUSTIN II, Follis, S369, NIKO-X-A, F-VF, sl off-ctr, dark brown, sl crudeness, but figures

show a reasonable amount of detail. (An F-VF/VF brought $135 on $150 bid in my 6/13 sale.)

Starting Bid $12

247 TIBERIUS II, Follis, Facing bust/Large M, CONB-uI, S430; Choice VF-EF, minimally off-ctr

but complete, sl ragged flan, good medium brown surfaces, excellent portrait detail.

A great example. Ex my collection bought 1980.

(A VF of the type realized $860, Lanz 11/07; GVF $940, Triton 1/15.) Starting Bid $150

248 MAURICE, Follis, S-533, Facg bust/THEUP-XuI, VF/F, sl ragged flan, brownish-green patina,

obv very nice with an excellent portrait, rev sl crude & rough.

(A F-VF/AVF brought $52 on $87 bid in my 9/20 sale.) Starting Bid $20

249 MAURICE, 10N, S537, Facg bust/THEUP•, Yr X; F+/VF, dark patina with earthen hilighting,

obv sl rough but face clear; rev bold. (A F-VF realized $28 on $48 bid in my 3/08 sale.)

Starting Bid $18

250 HERACLIUS, 10N, Catania, S885, Facg bust/Large I, Yr. uI; AVF, rev sl off-ctr, sm

edge irregularity, slate green patina, face fully clear. Scarce.

(An F-VF brought $101 on $125 bid in my 6/21 sale.) Starting Bid $25

251 LEO VI, Follis, S1729, Facg bust/4-line lgnd, Choice AEF, a hair off-ctr, nothing missing,

nice medium green patina, portrait quite bold.

(A VF brought $110 on $216 bid in my 10/08 sale; VF-EF $552, Hirsch 6/230.) Starting Bid $85

252 ROMANUS I, Follis, S1760, Facg bust/4-line lgnd, VF, sl ragged edge, centered, brown

patina, sl roughness, very strong portrait. (A GVF brought $436, Gorny 10/16.) Starting Bid $28

253 ROMANUS IV, Follis, S1866, Christ bust facg/C-R-P-D in angles of cross; VF+, centered,

sl traces of overstrike & crudeness, but fully clear Christ face; dark greenish-brown patina.

Wickedly good for this type; ex my collection, bought 1982 and originally graded EF by me.

(A VF brought $360, Lanz 11/07.) Starting Bid $75

254 ALEXIUS I Scyphate Ar Histamenon Nomisma, S1905 (VF=£500) Facing Christ bust/Alexius

& St. Demetrius hldg cross. VF-EF/AVF, sl ragged flan, somewhat rough & crude around

peripheries, good silver color with lt tone. Strong Christ face. Ex Economopoulos $1250.

(A VF [weak Christ face] brought $936 + buyer fee, Astarte 5/06.) Starting Bid $250

255 Empire of Nicaea. Theodore I, 1222-30, S2062, Billon Trachy, Christ enthroned/Theo

stg; VF/AEF, pear shaped flan, obv rather crudely struck, rev has excellent detail; green-brown

patina. (A Near VF realized $185, Naumann 2/18.) Starting Bid $40


256 ANGOLA, Æ 1/2 Macuta 1851, 37 mm, crowned arms/lgnds; VG, a few weak letters, no

corrosion, decent. Starting Bid $5

257 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (33 mm), Sasanian types, Talha bin 'AbdAllah, 698-699 AD,

Sijistan mint, Date 79, "rabbi & bismillah" in margin, Alb. 37. Choice EF, very well struck

with absolutely no weakness. Good silver. Rare.

(A GVF, this exact style, brought $14, CNG 9/05.) Starting Bid $90

258 ARGENTINA, 8 Soles, 1815-PTS-FL, Sunface/arms, KM15, Nice F-VF, excellent quality,

problem free, perfect metal with rich old toning. Note, medal turn.

(Much better than an F-VF [I'd grade VG+, flat sunface] bringing $360, Album 5/21.)

Starting Bid $150

259 ARGENTINA, Centavo, 1854, VF, well struck & sharp, nice. (KM $25) Starting Bid $12

260 ARMENIA, Levon I, 1198-1219, Æ Tank, King's lion-like head, 6 dots in crown/Patriarchal

cross, 27 mm, VF, a good bit off-ctr, medium brown, faintly grainy, bold portrait.

(Same var., VF, brought $60, Heritage Europe 5/17.) Starting Bid $10

261 ARMENIA, Levon II, 1270-1289, Æ Kardez, Lion stg l/ cross & stars in circle; crude F,

much off-ctr, medium brown, sl graininess. (A VF brought $189, Elsen 3/18.) Starting Bid $5

262 AUSTRALIA, Penny Token, 1858, Hide & DeCarle, 35 mm, Std Justice/crowned lion in lgnds;

VF-EF, good colour, nice.

(VF cat $140, EF $300; an EF with tiny faults brought $201 in my 2/21 sale.) Starting Bid $50

263 AUSTRIA, Tyrol, Ar 17 Kreuzer, 1762, Hall, Maria Theresa bust r/2-headed eagle; 28 mm;

F/F-VF, some very lt obv scrs; toned & decent. Starting Bid $15

264 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, 1/2 Thaler, 1766, Maria Theresa, 4 crowns betw arms of

cross/2-headed eagle; G-VG, ltly toned, decent for grade. Starting Bid $12

265 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, Kronenthaler, 1778, types as last; VG/F, ltly toned, pleasant.

Krause lists all other dates 1755-79 but not this one. Starting Bid $35

266 AUSTRIA, SALZBURG, 20 Kreuzer, 1773, Hieronymus bust/arms, VG/F-VF, toned, top

mount removed. Start Bid $5

267 AZORES, 10 Reis 1795, AF, decent. Starting Bid $6

268 BERMUDA, Penny, 1793, Geo III bust/Sailing ship, 30 mm, F+, matte grey-brown surfaces

with scattered small porosity spots. (In my 6/21 sale a "misty" G brought $46.) Starting Bid $20

269 BOHEMIA, Æ Groeschl, 1781, 23 mm, shield/Lgnd in wreath; VG-F, problem free, nice.

Starting Bid $5

270 BOLIVIA, Real 1792, Nice bold F, good 2-toned metal. Starting Bid $15

271 BOLIVIA, 2 Reales, 1778-PR, conservatively graded AF, bust shows some detail;

bright & retoning from old cleaning. (F cat $55) Starting Bid $25

272 BOLIVIA, 4 Reales, 1803, a very decent bold F/F-VF, good metal, problem free,

ltly toned. Starting Bid $50

273 BOLIVIA, 8 Reales, 1770, Pillar type; AVF, toned, a good COPY. Good enough that I felt a

second opinion warranted. Starting Bid $15

274 BOLIVIA, 8 Reales, 1803, VG-F, touch of obv haymarking, very sl rim faults, & a cutlike

flan flaw on shoulder. Ex Christensen auction w/env. Starting Bid $40

275 BRAZIL, 10 Reis 1821R, Choice VF+, well struck, problem-free, very nice for these.

(A Ch. VF+ 1820R brought $31 in my last sale.) Starting Bid $10

276 BRAZIL, 40 Reis, 1828-C, VF+, better in parts, crown sl wk, mattelike olive-brown

surfaces, scarce (VF cat $30; compare a cleaned AU with heavy die rust bringing $288, Heritage 4/20.)

Starting Bid $20

277 BRAZIL, 160 Reis, 1795, AF, old cleaning, well struck, decent. Starting Bid $7

278 BRITISH GUIANA, Essequibo, Stiver, 1813, George III bust, 34 mm, F-VF, good brown

surfaces, free of faults. Starting Bid $7

279 BRIT. WEST INDIES, 1/16 Dollar, 1822, F-VF, asstd tiny problems, not bad, ltly toned.

Starting Bid $4

280 CEYLON, King Vijayabahu IV, AD 1275-77, Æ Massa, Monkey god/Monkey & lgnd, 20 mm,

VF, dark brown, centered, well made coin. Starting Bid $4

281 CEYLON (?), Unknown early copper fanam (?), 8 mm, thick, ten dots/sunburst; VF,

brown. Starting Bid $1

282 CEYLON, 1/192 Rixdollar 1802, Elephant/"192" in lgnd, Choice VF-EF, medium brown,

boldly struck, problem free. (A VF realized $73, Heritage Europe 11/20.) Starting Bid $12

283 CHILE, Real, 1809/1798, with FERDIN over CAROLVS, rare!; Bold VG, ltly toned, tiny mark in

obv field. (Equal to a F bringing $90 + buyer fee, Sedwick 10/13.) Starting Bid $20

284 CHILE, 2 Reales, 1791 with CAROLVS IIII, scarcer, AG/Fair, no faults apart from smooth wear,

ltly toned, date bold. Starting Bid $7

285 CHILE, 2 Reales, 1846, AVG, ltly toned. Starting Bid $4

286 CHILE, 50 Centavos, 1862/52, Spread wing Condor, rare date, VG+, ltly toned, part of the

reeding recut. Start Bid $10

287 COLOMBIA, 1/4 Real, 1799, Castle/lion, decent VG+, fully clear, good metal.

Starting Bid $12

288 COLOMBIA, Real, 1833 RS, Nice VG+, ltly toned, very decent for these. Starting Bid $7

289 COLOMBIA, 2 Reales, 1850 Bog, VG/F, teensiest rim nick, well struck, good metal, nice.

Starting Bid $6

290 COLOMBIA, 8 Reales 1843 RS, wkness in obv ctr, otherwise well struck F/AF, good

unflawed planchet, ltly toned. Starting Bid $30

291 COLOMBIA, 2 Decimos, 1855 Bog, VG-F, good strike & metal, ltly toned.

Starting Bid $5

292 COLOMBIA, 8 Reales, LOT of 4, 1821 (Cundinamarca), 1839, 1841, 1846, first 3 around G

with typical wkness & planchet flaws, the last more like AF but weak in rev ctr.

Starting Bid $85

293 COSTA RICA, C/mk of lion & lgnd around in circle, c/mk around F & full clear,

on 1849 2 Reales, flat on obv right side, otherwise toned VG. Starting Bid $7

294 CRETE, under Venice, Æ 2-1/2 Soldini/10 Tornesi, 1611-15, 25+ mm, Lion of St. Mark

betw roses/Value in border; AVF, brown, very sl rev faults, bold & decent.

(A Corroded F+ brought $85 + buyer fee, Karamitsos 11/15.) Starting Bid $35

295 DANISH WEST Indies, 24 Skilling 1764, 26+ mm, crowned monogram/ship; decent VG,

good silver with lt tone, sl touches of wkness but ship quite clear.

(A F brought $154, Bruun Rasmussen 111/19.) Starting Bid $15

You can find out where bidding stands by asking me.

296 DANZIG, Ar 6 Groschen 1763, Friedrich August bust r/lions etc, 23 mm, F or better, sl off-ctr,

2 sm edge clips, 2-toned metal, good detail on bust.

(Looks at least a nice as a VF+ bringing $132, Leipziger 4/10.) Starting Bid $25

297 DENMARK, 2 Skilling 1715, G/AG, a little grainy, but very scarce. Clear date. (KM VG=$32.50).

Starting Bid $2

298 ECUADOR, 1/4 Real 1852, Bust/lgnd, At least Choice VF/EF, nice old iridescent toning.

Looking online I see several no better slabbed as AU or Unc.

(Certainly nicer than an NGC VF with very flawed rev die bringing $250 + buyer fee, Sedwick 5/14.)

Starting Bid $90

299 ECUADOR, 2 Reales, 1847, Bust l./Arms, 26+ mm, Nice VG+, good metal with lt tone.

(An NGC F brought $106, Stacks 6/19.) Starting Bid $20

300 ECUADOR, 4 Reales 1857, bust l./arms, VG-F/F, quite decent & problem-free.

(An NGC F-12 brought $130 + buyer fee, Sedwick 11/20.) Starting Bid $40

301 FRANCE, BRETAGNE (Brittany), GOLD Florin d'Or au Chevalier, Francois I-II, 1442-88,

Rennes, 26 mm, Knight on horse r/fancy cross in tressure; EF, obv somewhat off-ctr & ill struck

(or overstruck?), possibly sl clipped (2.96 g). Ex Andy Singer 2006 at $800.

(An EF brought $3093 + buyer fee, CGB 3/21.) Starting Bid $400

302 FRANCE, GIEN, Geoffroy, 1120-80, Ar Denier, monogram/cross, 18+ mm, F or so,

sl crudeness/wkness, sl ragged edge. (A VF brought $71, Triskeles 12/18.)

Starting Bid $10

303 FRANCE, Valence & Die, Ar Denier, 13th cent, Cross/ Angel; F-VF or so, typically

somewhat crude with a little wkness (A GVF brought $168, Naumann 7/20.) Start Bid $15

304 FRANCE, Lot of 6 1600s Double Tournois of Sedan, Chateau Renaud, Dombes, Mantua,

Orange; plus Nevers 2 Liards; identified; AG-G, some problems. Starting Bid $10

305 FRANCE, Double Tournois 1605A, VG, minimally grainy, bold. Ex my collection bought

1979. Starting Bid $7

306 FRANCE, Sol, 1719A, JOHN LAW issue, Louis XV bust/arms, 30+ mm, F-VF, medium brown,

some obv roughness, strong portrait detail. (A F+/VF brought $71 + buyer fee, iNumis 3/21.)

Starting Bid $15

307 FRANCE, 4 Sols, 1691A, Louis XIV bust/crowned monogram, VG-F, tiny mount trace at

obv bottom. Starting Bid $6

308 FRANCE, Ecu, 1728-X, Louis XV, VG, several moderate obv scrs, rev center wk; ltly toned.

Rare low mintage date. Starting Bid $25

309 FRANCE, Sol, 1793-W•, Scales/tablet, G/VG+, unusually nice surfaces & color for this.

Starting Bid $10

310 FRANCE, Decime, L'An 5A, struck over 2 Decimes, G-VG, smooth brown, scarce.

Bought 1978. Starting Bid $10

311 FRANCE, 1/2 Franc 1808A, Napoleon bust, sl edge wkness, otherwise nice VG-F, lt tone.

Starting Bid $5

312 FRANCE, 5 Francs, 1811A, Napoleon bust, G/G-, rev weak, just even wear, ltly toned.

Starting Bid $18

313 FRENCH CANADA, Jeton, 1751, Louis XV bust/Indian & Lilies, Breton 510; Restrike in

silver, Unc, ltly toned, choice.

(A similar Silver restrike brought $144 + buyer fee, iNumis 6/15.) Starting Bid $30

314 FRENCH COLONIES, Æ 9 Deniers 1722H, 25 mm, Crowned monogram/lgnds, G/AG, good

brown surfaces. Date & mintmk visible tho weak, don't show on photo.

(A VG, not better, with countermarks & uncertain mintmk brought $223, Album 1/16.)

Starting Bid $50

315 GERMANY, BAVARIA, Taler 1770, Max Joseph bust/ Madonna & child; F, couple minor

obv marks & sl rev adj mks; toned & bold. Starting Bid $30

316 GERMANY, BAVARIA, Taler 1800, Bust r/crowned arms, KM644, scarce type; VG-F, tiny

mark at obv top, rev neat attempted hole at top. Ltly toned. (F cat $85) Starting Bid $25

317 GERMANY, BREMEN, Lot of 3 Æ (very poor) & 3 sil (less poor), 1600s? Need research.

Starting Bid $8

318 GERMANY, COESFELD, 8 Pfen 1713, 24+ mm, bull hd in shield/Large VIII in decorated

square; AF, brown, decent. Starting Bid $8

319 GERMANY, LUBECK, Ar 8 Schilling, 1752, 28 mm, two-headed eagle/shield etc,

G-VG, a bit scruffy. Starting Bid $7

320 GERMANY, PRUSSIA, 1/3 Taler, 1771A, F/VG, faint scrs, pleasantly toned.

Starting Bid $8

321 GERMANY, SAXONY, Freiburg, Ar Horngroschen, 1466, ornate helmet ea side, 28+ mm;

F or better, sl off-ctr, a little crudeness/wkness, good silver.

(A VF (1468), areas of flat strike, realized $288, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $65

322 GERMANY, STRASSBURG, Ar Kreuzer, c.1500, Lgnd around Lis/same, 17 mm, EF, virtually

as struck with luster, sl crudeness. (An EF brought $133, Kunker 2/124.) Start Bid $15

323 GREAT BRITAIN (See also separate section of coins from my collection), Henry III, 1247-72,

Ar Penny, Bust facg/long cross, Lincoln mint, moneyer WILLEM, S1363; VF, modest area of flat

strike in lgnd each side; good metal with lt tone; good strong portrait.

(A VF with small gash, same variety, brought $140, Davisson 5/21.) Starting Bid $40

324 GREAT BRITAIN, Charles II, Farthing, 1672, Bust r/ Britannia stg; F, brown, modest darker

areas. Good bold portrait. (A GF/NVF brought $138, Baldwin's 5/09.) Starting Bid $25

325 GREAT BRITAIN, George II, Farthing 1735, Choice AVF, bold & very pleasing.

Spink VF £65. Starting Bid $25

326 GREAT BRITAIN, George II, 6 Pence 1757, VG, ltly toned, decent. Start Bid $5

327 GREAT BRITAIN, George III, Halfpenny, 1773, AVF, medium brown. Not counterfeit.

(A GVF brought $75, Heritage Europe 11/20.) Starting Bid $10

328 GREAT BRITAIN, George III, Halfpenny, 1799, 5 incuse gunports, nice strong VF,

grey-brown tone. Start Bid $7

329 GREAT BRITAIN, George III, 6 Pence 1816, Nice EF, ltly toned.

(An EF sold for $150, Davisson 12/09.) Starting Bid $25

330 Conder Token, 1/2d 1794, Hampshire, Emsworth D&H 20a, Earl Howe bust/crown etc,

AVF, minor rev wkness. Starting Bid $10

331 Conder Token, 1/2d 1794, Lancaster D&H 41, John of Gaunt bust/shield, VF,

good lusterlike brown surfaces. (A GVF brought $53, CNG eAuc 9/21.) Starting Bid $15

332 Conder Token, 1/2d 1794, Middlesex D&H 954, George Prince of Wales, bust r/plume,

F-VF a few lt rim bumps. Starting Bid $7

333 Conder Token, 1/2d 1794, Norwich D&H22, Muff & tippet/Umbrella & other

accoutrements; Choice VF, problem-free, very nice. Starting Bid $15

334 Conder Token, 1/2d 1795, Suffolk, Bungay 21, Justice on pedestal/scroll; Nice bold VF+,

glowing surfaces. Start Bid $15

335 Conder Token, 1/2d 1793, Warwickshire 50c, Boy at screw press/hedgehogs on shield;

nice F+. Starting Bid $8

336 Conder Token, 1/2d 1795, York D&H 63; Church/ Clifford's Tower; AVF, good color (I guess I should spell it "colour") & surfaces, well detailed. (A VF realized $100, Agora 12/17.)

Starting Bid $15