222 SABINA, Den, CONCORDIA AVG, Concord stg l.; ex Goldberg as EF, and it is indeed EF; good bright metal;

obv sl off-ctr with sl ragged edge, a little mis-striking at 1:00 edge; portrait with fully sharp detail.

The rev is virtually mint state, perfectly centered & well struck. (An EF brought $1150, Lanz 11/93.)

Starting Bid $225

223 R AELIUS, As, TR POT COS II, Fortuna-Spes stg l; Choice VF, minimally off-ctr on hefty flan, dark brown patina,

sl granular but very glossy surfaces, excellent portrait with quite strong detail.

(A Ch. VF brought $604, Coin Galleries 7/01.) Starting Bid $165

224 R ANTONINUS PIUS, Den, TRP COS II, Modius with 4 grain ears & poppy, RIC 58; Virtually mint state,

a hair off-ctr on a large ragged flan, sl lgnd crudeness, modius & portrait quite sharply struck, the latter bare-headed

in fine style with great detail. Scarce and quite choice. Ex A. Lynn collection

(An EF minus brought $755, Aureo & Calico 2/12..) Starting Bid $250

225 R ANTONINUS PIUS, Sest, COS IIII, Equity stg l; Nice VF, centered, full lgnds, olivy brownish green

patina, infinitesimally grainy, but hilighted & attractive. Well detailed portrait.

(A GVF realized $828, NY Sale 1/05.) Starting Bid $200

226 ANTONINUS PIUS, Dup., TR POT XV COS IIII, Ruler std l., on curule chair, crowned by Victory, RIC 897;

VF-EF, nrly centered on sl oval flan, rev lgnd mostly off at left; brown patina with lighter tan on high points,

minimal hints of roughness; excellent detail on portrait & rev figure. Very rare type.

(A GVF brought $725, CNG 5/07— the only example on acsearch, tho the same coin appeared twice previously,

an interesting lesson on how different photos can look.) Starting Bid $140

227 R ANTONINUS PIUS, Egypt Æ34 Drachm, Bust left/LI5, Nike adv l; VF, well centered & struck, full obv lgnd,

olivy brown patina, possible sl smoothing. Full laurel wreath on portrait.

(A VF, same variety, brought $368, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $175

228 ANTONINUS PIUS, POSTHUMOUS, Den, Bare head r/ DIVO PIO, large altar; EF well centered, obv well struck,

rev a little softly struck; excellent metal quality with nice rich tone.

(A VF sold for $233, Peus 10/14; EF $529, Lanz 6/10.) Start Bid $85

229 FAUSTINA SR., LIFETIME, Den, IVNONI REGINAE, Juno stg l, peacock, VF, centered on sl ragged flan,

good bright silver with lt tone, minor lgnd crudeness. Scarce issue. (A GVF brought $138, CNG eAuc 3/17.)

Starting Bid $50

230 R FAUSTINA SR., As, Veiled bust r/AETERNITAS, Aeternitas stg l, hldg globe & scepter; AEF, obv centered,

rev somewhat off-ctr, dark brown patina, sl surface imperfections, good details, interestingly on the globe too.

(A VF brought $483, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $95

231 R FAUSTINA & GALERIUS ANTONINUS, Æ28, Her bust r/ His bust r, Coh.2 (150 Frs, an astounding value at a

time when smartphones cost only 5 Francs); F, brown patina, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr with a little peripheral roughness; most of lgnds clear; a hole has been very skillfully repaired, virtually invisible. Quite nice portrait of

Galerius Antoninus; from unknown Greek city (Cyprus?), the only issue with his portrait. Very rare.

(A rough Fair brought $655, CNG eAuc 11/03.) Start Bid $300

232 R MARCUS AURELIUS, Dup, PRIMI DECENNALES COS III SC in wreath, AEF/VF, centered on a smallish

squared flan, some wk striking at bottom each side, olive green patina, minor roughness on rev, sharp portrait detail.

Ex Frank Kovacs. Rare. (A VF brought $200, Heidelberger 11/95.) Starting Bid $135

233 R MARCUS AURELIUS, Thrace, Philippopolis, Æ18, Bare head r/Dionysos stg l, panther; AEF, obv sl off-ctr

with lgnd loss at rt, rev centered, dark greenish-brown patina, insignificant touch of roughness, quite sharp

portrait detail. Rare. (A GVF brought $148, Naumann 10/13., the only example on acsearch.)

Starting Bid $60

234 R FAUSTINA JR., Den, FAVSTINA AVG PII AVG FIL, bust r/CONCORDIA std l, RIC502a; EF, nrly centered,

a little lgnd crudeness, finely styled portrait with sharp hair detail; good bright metal with lt toning.

(An EF realized $453, Gorny 3/12.) Starting Bid $125

235 R FAUSTINA JR., As, SALVTI AVGVSTAE, Salus std l,; AEF, rev sl off-ctr with lgnd crude/wk at top;

dark sage green patina with pale green hilighting; strong detail on portrait & salus.

(A VF brought $295, Astarte 11/04.) Starting Bid $145

236 R LUCIUS VERUS, Den, TRP IIII IMP II COS II, Mars stg r; Choice AEF, very well centered & struck,

excellent metal quality with rich old toning. Nicer than it has any right to be.

(An EF brought $778, Gorny 10/13; and if that gags you, an EF with weakly struck rev sold for $1533, Rauch 4/14.)
Start Bid $145

237 R COMMODUS, As, PM TRP XIII IMP VIII COS V PP, Salus std l; VF, well centered, olive green patina,

mild roughness mainly on rev with some lgnd wkness; well detailed portrait. Seems a surprisingly rare rev type,

no sale record found. Starting Bid $95

238 R CRISPINA, As, VENVS stg l; overall VF, centered, dark brown patina, with mild roughness but glossy,

sl obv lgnd wkness; unusually sharp portrait for this, with EF hair detail. Ex Virgil Brand, via Christie's 5/84.

(A VF brought $316, Kunker 3/10.) Starting Bid $125

239 CLODIUS ALBINUS, Den, COS II, Aesculapius stg l; F+, centered on sl ragged oval flan, some lgnd wkness,

good bright metal with lt tone. Ex European auction as VF. (An AVF/F+ brought $237 on $360 bid in my 3/08 sale.) Starting Bid $80

240 CLODIUS ALBINUS, as last but COPY, struck in silver, looks like Slavei, CH EF, toned, beautiful piece.

Start Bid $15

241 R SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Den, PM TRP XV COS III PP, Africa stg r, lion; EF, centered, lustery with pleasant

lt tone, portrait very sharp. Scarce type. (A Ch. VF brought $121 in my 1/99 sale; EF $282, Kunker 10/14.)

Starting Bid $110

242 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Den, PM TRP XVI COS III PP, Genius stg l, RIC 219; EF, nrly centered, well struck with no wkness, good metal with lt tone. Teensiest edge crack. (The hierarchy is small, tiny, teeny, teensy, teensiest).

(A Near EF, same variety, sold for $661, CNG eAuc 1/15. You read that right, $661.) Starting Bid $80

243 R JULIA DOMNA, Den, CONCORDIA std l, Laodicea mint, RIC 637; Choice EF, well centered, good metal with

lt tone; rev a mite crude, but obv highly attractive with fantastic strike & exceptionally sharp portrait.

(A GVF realized $644, CNG eAuc 8/11. It's a crazy world we're living in, but I hope my auctions provide a

haven of sanity.) Starting Bid $125

244 JULIA DOMNA, Den, MATER DEVM, Cybele std l, betw lions, VF, well centered on large flan, good metal

with lt tone. (A VF brought $62 on $78 bid in my 8/91 sale.) Start Bid $35

245 JULIA DOMNA, Ant, VENVS GENETRIX, Venus std l, EF/AEF, centered on a quite large, ragged flan,

bright metal with sl surface nitpicks, quite sharp hair detail. (An EF-/VF+ brought $775, Aureo & Calico 2/12.)

Starting Bid $65

246 R CARACALLA, Den, Bearded bust/PONTIF TRP XII COS III, Concordia std l, Virtually Mint State,

perfectly centered & quite sharply struck, bright lustrous silver with lt tone. Tiny obv edge crack.

(An EF realized $314, Gorny 10/12.) Starting Bid $110

247 R CARACALLA, Den, PROVIDENTIA DEORVM, Providentia stg l; Nice EF, centered & well struck,

good metal with rich old tone. Bearded portrait. (An EF sold for $322, Roma 3/14.) Starting Bid $100

248 R CARACALLA, As, PONTIF TRP XI COS III, in exergue PROF AVGG, Ruler on horse left, spearing foe, RIC438;

VF-EF/VF, obv centered, rev a hairsbreath off-ctr; dark brown patina, a bit thick with sl touches of roughness

but glossy. Unbearded portrait with strong hair & wreath detail. Very rare!

(Far better than a GF, same variety, bringing $270, Leu 9/18, the lone example on acsearch.) Starting Bid $175

249 R GETA, Den, SEVERI PII AVG FIL, Sacrificial implements; Choice EF, practically as struck, centered on

sl unround flan, but full lgnds, very lustrous metal. As my envelope notes, "exceptional for this usually

ill-struck issue."(Nearly as struck, brought $424, Roma 11/18.) Starting Bid $95

250 R GETA, Kremna, Æ19, Mida std l; Choice VF+, well centered, green patina with contrasting earthen

hilighting, attactive. Note, obv reads P SEPT GETA FOR CAES — is this an early political campaign token?

(A VF with rough surfaces brought $87, CNG eAuc 10/09.) Starting Bid $60

251 R MACRINUS, Den, FIDES MILITVM, Fides stg with 2 standards; EF, obv perfectly centered, rev a hair off-ctr,

good metal with deep old toning. Very sharp long bearded portrait. Ex European auction as GEF.

(An EF brought $845, Kunker 3/08.) Starting Bid $235

252 MACRINUS, Den, PONTIF MAX TRP COS PP, Felicitas stg l; VF, centered, decent metal with lt tone,

rev a bit softly struck. Ex Noble auction as Near EF, noting rare bust type (As RIC 21 but draped & cuirassed rather

than just draped). (A GVF brought $575, Gemini 1/11.) Starting Bid $110

253 R ELAGABALUS, Den, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l betw eagle & standard; EF, centered, well struck,

good metal with pleasant lt toning & luster. (An EF sold for $405, NAC 4/11.) Starting Bid $80

254 ELAGABALUS, Den, PM TRP IIII COS III PP, Providentia stg l; VF, nrly centered on large sl ragged flan,

decently struck, good metal with lt tone. Starting Bid $30

255 R ELAGABALUS, Ephesos, Æ23, Tyche stg l; VF+, obv perfectly centered on round flan, rev nrly centered,

generally smooth brown patina, Tyche's head wk, otherwise strong detail, especially on portrait. Rare.

(I recorded a GVF sold at $225, CNG "Coin Shop," #863249.) Starting Bid $45

256 JULIA PAULA, Den, CONCORDIA, Concordia std l, AEF/VF, centered on sl oval flan with some tiny edge cracks,

sl lgnd crudeness, portrait has very sharp hair detail. (A GVF or + brought $226, Noble 7/15.) Starting Bid $80

257 R SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, VICTORIA AVG, Victory stg l, Nice EF, nrly centered, decently struck, good

metal with tone & luster hints. Detailed portrait with beard. The ancientist coin in my collection, bought 1971,

actually before I started collecting classical coins. (A GVF realized $381, deGeus 11/19; EF $311, Gorny 10/13.)
Starting Bid $75

258 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, PAX AVG, Pax adv l; F-VF, centered on sl unround flan, a hint of graininess

on rev. Decent. Starting Bid $15

259 R SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Sest, PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia stg l, modius; AEF/VF, nrly centered on large

flan, greenish-brown patina, only slightest trace of roughness. Strong hair & laurel wreath detail.

(A GVF sold for $700, NAC 3/10. Starting Bid $125

260 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Egypt Tet, Dikaiosyne stg l, LE; F+/VF, olive-brown patina, obv lgnd mostly off

at rt, portrait with some detail. (A VF, same variety, (called "very rare") brought $307, Roma 9/12.)

Starting Bid $25

261 R JULIA MAMAEA, As, VENERI FELICI, Venus stg r, EF/VF, nrly centered, complete lgnds,

dark greenish patina, minor roughness mainly on rev, great detail on portrait.

(A VF sold for $295 Pegasi 5/12..) Starting Bid $160

262 R MAXIMINUS I, Den, VICTORIA GERM, Victory stg l, captive; EF, well centered, nice lt tone with

underlying luster. Commemorates victory over germs, achieved by mask wearing.

(An EF brought $467, Gorny 10/13.) Starting Bid $85

263 MAXIMUS, Sest, PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS, Max stg & 2 standards; Choice VF+, well centered & struck on a

hefty flan, tiny edge split on bottom; brown patina with nice green hilighting.

Excellent portrait with more hair detail than you usually get for this grade.

(A VF+ sold for $2480, Nomisma 5/10..) Starting Bid $350

264 R GORDIAN III, Ant, FORTVNA REDVX, Fortuna std l, ANTIOCH mint; Choice EF, almost as struck,

centered & well struck with rev much stronger than usual; good lustrous metal with lt tone.

Exceptionally heavy example at 5.64 grams. ("Virtually as struck" brought $379, Leu 10/19.) Start Bid $85

265 GORDIAN III, Ant, PM TRP III COS II PP, Apollo std l, AVF, centered on oval flan, good silver, lt tone,

rev softly struck due to worn die. Starting Bid $15.

266 R GORDIAN III, Den., AETERNITATI AVG, Sol stg r, head l; Choice EF, obv well centered, rev nrly so,

good metal with lt tone, nice strike with exceptionally sharp portrait detail. (An EF realized $290 Gorny 3/08.)

Starting Bid $85

267 GORDIAN III, Den, DIANA LVCIFERA, Diana stg r, AEF, well centered, bright lusterlike silver, obv sharply struck,

rev rather soft due to worn die. (A GVF brought $179, CNG eAuc 3/12.) Starting Bid $40

268 R GORDIAN III, Sest, LIBERALITAS AVG II, Liberalitas stg l, Choice VF, well centered & struck on a big flan,

couple edge splits, nice smooth deep green patina. Strong laurel wreath on portrait. A flavorful coin, served with

our world-famous pineapple fritters. (A GVF, without fritters, brought $391, CNG 5/10.) Starting Bid $100

269 GORDIAN III, Caesarea, Æ23, Six grain ears, ET Z; Choice VF-EF, centered, lgnds complete, tiny edge

crack, smooth dark green patina with nice strong orangy hilighting. (A F realized $100, CNG eAuc 3/06.)

Starting Bid $50

270 R PHILIP I, Ant, SALVS AVG, Salus stg l, EF, centered on a quite broad flan, excellent metal with nice

lt golden tone & luster, the obv sharply struck with highly attractive medallic appearance.

Rev with sl striking wkness in center. (An EF brought $240, CGB 11/09.) Starting Bid $25

271 PHILIP I, Ant, Bust left/AEQVITAS AVG, Aequitas stg l, ANTIOCH mint; RIC 82 var (not in RIC with bust left);

VF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, very sl grainy with lt tone. Rare issue. A VF brought $322, Savoca 2/16.)

Starting Bid $55

272 PHILIP I, Sest, LAET FVNDATA, Laetitia stg l; Choice VF, well centered & struck, lovely smooth

olive-brown surfaces, problem free, nice quality. (A GVF with minor roughness brought $381, CNG eAuc 1/13.)

Starting Bid $100

273 R PHILIP II, As Caesar, Ant, IOVI CONSERVAT, Jupiter stg l; Virtually mint state, centered on large flan,

obv well struck, rev just a bit soft; good bright lustrous silver. (An EF realized $352, Helios 3/11.)

Starting Bid $65

274 PHILIP II, As Aug., Egypt, Tet, LE, Homonoia std l; VF, nrly centered, a few obv letters wk, medium brown

patina, sl grainy, modest flaw at rev edge. Good detail. Rare with Homonoia std rather than standing,

because according to mythology she just wasn't good at playing Musical Chairs.

(A VF/EF [rev looks rough] brought $232, Emp. Hamburg 11/13.) Starting Bid $25

275 R TRAJAN DECIUS, Ant, VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv l, Practically mint state, nrly centered,

some typical striking crudeness but decent for this; good silver with much luster & lt tone.

(An EF brought $270, Kunker 3/13.) Starting Bid $55

276 R HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Ant, PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS, Apollo std l, EF/VF, so graded due to sl wk strike

on rev, obv well struck with strong portrait detail; quite good metal with pleasant medium tone.

(A VF + brought $155, CGF 1/04; EF [soft strike] $215, Titano 6/04.) Starting Bid $95

277 R HOSTILIAN, Viminacium, Æ27, Moesia stg betw bull & lion, AN XII; VF, well centered, full lgnds,

good deep green patina. Much above average for this; ex Emporium Hamburg as VF+.

(A F/VF from same auction firm brought $320, 5/04.) Starting Bid $90

278 R TREBONIANUS GALLUS, Sest, VOTIS DECENNALIBVS in wreath; VF, sl off-ctr on sl small flan, abt half

obv lgnd wk or off; brown patina, decent surfaces, good portrait with laurel wreath visible. Obviously RARE type.

(A tooled VF brought $492, Peus 11/16..) Starting Bid $265

279 VOLUSIAN, Antioch Tet, Radiate Head r, S below/Eagle facg, head l, S betw legs, SC below; VF+/VF, centered,

full clear lgnds, decent silver with lt grey toning, well detailed portrait of fine style. Very scarce; the last of the

long line of Tets minted at Antioch. (A VF-EF/VF, sl granular, brought $355 on $500 bid in my 2/16 sale.)

Starting Bid $110

280 VALERIAN I, Ant, PIETAS AVGG, Val & Gal stg at altar; Choice EF, well centered & very well struck for

this with no wkness, portrait detail fully sharp; silver color with sl uneven tone; teensy edge crack.

(A GVF brought $288, CNG 6/06; AEF $300 H&A 3/09.) Starting Bid $65

281 R GALLIENUS, Ant, RESTITVT ORIENTIS, Orient giving wreath to Ruler, Samosata Mint; Choice EF,

centered on a large oval flan, obv quite sharply struck with great portrait detail, minor crudeness on rev;

lustery silver with lt tone. Scarce type. (A ltly rough AEF brought $160, Solidus 11/15.) Start Bid $85

282 GALLIENUS, Alexandria Troas, Æ20, Marsyas with wineskin stg r; AEF/AVF, sl off-ctr on unround flan,

losing some lgnd, olivy green patina, very sharp portrait detail. Scarcer rev type.

(A VF brought $244 Solidus 9/17; A Near EF (deemed extremely rare) realized $863, CNG 9/11.)

Starting Bid $35

283 R SALONINA, Ant, CONCORD AET, Concordia std l, RP below; EF, sl off-ctr, few rev letters mostly off,

ltly toned silvered surfaces, good portrait detail. Very scarce. Start Bid $45

284 MACRIANUS, Egypt Tet, LA, Eagle stg l; VF, nrly centered, full tho partly crude lgnd, medium brown,

good strong portrait. Ex Naville as VF, ex Elvira Clain-Stefanelli collection. Rare.

(A VF brought $540, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $160

285 POSTUMUS, Ant, MONETA AVG, Moneta stg l; EF/VF, well centered, good silver, minor rev crudeness,

portrait very sharp. (A GVF realized $110, CNG 3/97.) Starting Bid $30

286 R CLAUDIUS II, Egypt Tet, LB, Dikaiosyne std l; EF, obv a touch off-ctr with somewhat crude lgnd,

portrait strong, rev unusually sharp for one of these; and what's also quite unusual is much silvering evident,

especially on obv. (A VF, same variety, brought $101, Peus 4/11.) Starting Bid $50

287 R QUINTILLUS, Ant, MARTI PAC, Mars stg l with branch & spear; EF/AEF, good centering & strike for this,

full obv lgnd, a little wkness on rev, smooth dark brown surfaces; very nice example.

(An EF brought $451, Rauch 12/12.) Start Bid $70

288 R AURELIAN, Ant, VICTORIA PARTICA, Victory crowning ruler, S*; RIC 240, not in Cohen; AEF/VF,

well centered on a broad flan, grey-brown patina, sl roughness/crudeness mainly on rev; sharp portrait.

Extremely rare. I hate to part with it (no pun intended) but I have enough superb Aurelians.

(VFs brought $580, Vecchi 3/97 & $534 + buyer fee, Jacquier 9/18.) Starting Bid $250

289 AURELIAN, Ant, IOVI CONSER, Ruler & Jupiter stg; EF, centered, silvered surfaces with moderate toning

& various sl surface imperfections. Early pre-reform style. (An EF brought $7250, CGF 4/07. )

Starting Bid $20

290 R AURELIAN &VABALATHUS, Ant, Vabalathus bust r/ Aurelian bust r, E below; Mint State, centered,

quite well struck with both portraits very sharp, bright lustrous silvering. Virtually unimprovable

(A GVF realized $690, CNG 5/10.) Start Bid $300

291 R FLORIAN, Ant, IMP FLORIANVS AVG (unusual short form lgnd)/SPES PVBLICA, Victory giving wreath to ruler,

S below; Choice EF, rev sl off-ctr but complete, nice lusterlike dark surfaces. Not in RIC & Cohen,

apparently unpublished with this rev type, none found online, extremely rare. Starting Bid $250

292 R PROBUS, Ant, VIRTVS PROBI AVG, helmeted bust left with spear & shield/IOVI CONSERVAT,

Jupiter giving globe to ruler, VXXT below; RIC 388; Choice EF, obv nrly centered, rev well centered, large flan,

sharply struck both sides, smooth dark surfaces. (A Choice EF, same variety, brought $502, CNG eAuc 2/19.)

Starting Bid $90

293 PROBUS, Ant, CLEMENTIA TEMP, Jupiter gives Victory to Ruler, EF, nrly centered, silvered surfaces with

lt toning, obv quite sharply struck with strong portrait detail, rev from worn die, looks AVF.

(A VF/EF, crude style, brought $76 on $91 bid in my 5/09 sale.) Starting Bid $22

294 R CARUS, Egypt, Tet., Eagle stg r, LA; VF-EF, centered, obv lgnd crude, smooth chocolate brown,

portrait sharp & quite good for this. (A VF, same variety, brought $270, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $35

295 NUMERIAN, Ant, MARS VICTOR, Mars adv r; EF, well centered on large flan, lustrous silvered surfaces with

lt tone, obv sharply struck, rev lgnd somewhat crude/wk. Ex Littleton as Mint State.

(An EF brought $259, Kunker 11/13.) Start Bid $55

296 DIOCLETIAN, Argenteus, VICTORIAE SARMATICAE, Camp gate with 4 turrets, SMN-Gamma;

Virtually mint state, well centered & sharply struck, good lustrous silver; almost invisible edge crack.

Much scarcer than type with tetrarchs. (Same variety, EF, sold for $1820, NAC 10/15.) Starting Bid $550

297 R MAXIMIAN, Post-Reform Radiate, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Jupiter giving Victory to Ruler, B/ALE;

AEF, nrly centered, well struck, smooth chocolate brown surfaces. Distinctive portrait style for this,

issued only at Alexandria, quite scarce. (A VF brought $62, Roma 8/18.) Starting Bid $45

298 MAXIMIAN, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, ALE; a most interesting & unusual

barbarous coin, clearly unofficial style; VF+/VF, smooth brown patina. Ex Christian Blom $125.

Starting Bid $30

299 R MAXIMIAN, Posthumous, Æ3/4, Veiled bust r/REQVIES OPTIMORVM MERITORVM, Maximian on curule chair,

SIS; VF+, olive green patina a little hilighting, well centered with complete lgnds. Scarce type, and a rare

variant with extended rev lgnd. (A GVF brought $270, Vecchi 3/97.) Starting Bid $65

300 R CONSTANTIUS I, Follis, M SACRA AVGG ET CAESS NN, Moneta stg l, BTR; EF/VF, actually almost as struck,

nrly centered, sl striking crudeness mainly on rev, lustrous silvering with some toning. Quite scarce with this rev

lgnd variant. (A VF+ brought $127, Heidelberger 11/17.) Starting Bid $55

301 CONSTANTIUS I, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, PT; Ch EF, nrly centered, grey-brown

tone with strong underlying silvering, well struck, the obv particularly sharp with superb detailed portrait.

(An EF brought $390, Varesi 4/09.) Starting Bid $65

302 GALERIA VALERIA, Follis, VENERI VICTRICI, Venus stg l, X-K/ALE; EF/VF, nrly centered, good strike

with sharp lgnds & great portrait detail; medium brown. Very nice. (A VF-EF realized $1056, Kunker 3/17.)

Starting Bid $125

303 R MAXENTIUS, Follis, VICTORIA AETERNA AVG N, Victory adv l, MOSTT; AEF/VF, centered on large flan,

decently struck, olive patina, quite mild surface graininess; sharp portrait. Much scarcer rev type.

(A VF+/EF brought $250, CGB 11/09.) Starting Bid $60

304 R LICINIUS I, Reduced Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG NN, Jupiter stg l, hldg Victory, eagle, TSB; Choice EF,

nrly centered, well struck, sl softness on Jupiter's body, lgnds & portrait quite sharp, lustery silvery olivy brown

surfaces. (An EF brought $200, Gorny 3/15.) Starting Bid $40

305 R CONSTANTINE I, Æ3, Helmeted bust r/VIRTVS EXERCIT, 2 captives below trophy inscr VOT XX,

S-F/AQP; Choice EF, centered, good strike, silvered with lt tone. (An EF realized $195, Gorny 10/04.)

Starting Bid $45

306 Æ3, PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, camp gate, SA-crescent-RL; Choice EF, well centered & very sharply struck,

smooth brown surfaces, superb portrait & rev detail.

(An EF brought $81 on $90 bid in my 6/05 sale; EF $365, DNW 4/08.) Start Bid $40

307 HELENA, Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE, Securitas stg l, SMKA; VF+/F-VF, well centered, dark green patina

with strong earthen hilighting; excellent portrait detail. (An AVF brought $47 in my 1/94 sale.) Starting Bid $20

308 FAUSTA, Æ3, SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Fausta stg hldg babies, SMANTH; Choice EF, well centered, well silvered

with lt toning & luster, nice strong portrait & rev details. (An EF sold for $460, M&M et al 12/98.)

Starting Bid $100

309 R COMMEMORATIVE, Æ4, VRBS ROMA, Roma bust l./VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath, SMHA; AEF, dark brown,

rather small flan, some of obv lgnd off, rev complete (mintmk wk); A very good example of this really scarce

obv/rev combo. (An EF with illegible mintmk brought $300, Berk 8/08.) Starting Bid $25

310 CONSTANS, Centenionalis, bust left hldg globe/FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier leading young "barbarian"

from hut, CONSA. Choice EF, well centered, obv lgnd somewhat soft but otherwise sharply struck, with great portrait

& rev detail. Light green patina with suggestions of underlying silvering. Note, the youth on rev is today more

properly referred to as a "person of non-Roman orientation."

(A Ch. EF brought $151 in my 3/04 sale; EF $305, Lanz 5/08.) Starting Bid $50

311 CONSTANTINE II, Æ3/4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 standards betw soldiers, SMAN-Theta; EF, very sl off-ctr,

dark green patina, some earthen hilighting, minor crusting on rev, portrait very sharp.

(A Choice EF brought $176 on $250 bid in my 12/11 sale. Sometimes I hit the jackpot.) Starting Bid $20

312 R CONSTANTIUS II, As Caes, Æ4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, Standard betw soldiers, SMANZ, Ch. EF,

well centered, sharply struck, smooth silvery-brown surfaces.

(An EF, same mintmk, brought $269, Peus 11/17.) Starting Bid $25

313 VETRANIO, Cent, HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS, Victory crowning ruler who holds labarum, •Gamma-SIS•;

EF/VF, a touch off-ctr, dark greenish brown patina, rev somewhat crudely struck, portrait has sharp hair &

beard detail. (A VF-EF realized $251 in my 6/05 sale; GVF $380, Kunker 9/06.) Start Bid $120

314 MAGNENTIUS, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler on horse spearing foe, RPLC, BARBAROUS imitation of

sl degraded style; F-VF/AF, smooth medium brown, strong portrait detail, centration mark (?) on cheek.

Starting Bid $20

315 JULIAN, Æ1, SECVRITAS REIPVB, Bull stg r, BSIRM betw star & branch' EF/AEF, perfectly centered &

well struck, smooth dark green patina, superbly detailed portrait.

(An EF brought $1980, NAC 5/12; VF+ $630, iNumis 10/09.) Start Bid $275

316 R VALENS, Siliqua, VRBS ROMA, Roma std l, TRPS; EF, well centered, good strike, large flan, no clipping;

good bright metal. (An EF realized $632, NAC 5/14.) Starting Bid $185

317 GRATIAN, Siliqua, VRBS ROMA, Roma std l, TRPS, AEF, nrly centered, unclipped, excellent metal

with moderate tone. (A VF-EF sold for $430, Gorny 3/08.) Starting Bid $150

318 THEODOSIUS I, Æ4, SALVS REIPVBICAE, Victory adv l, dragging captive, SMKB, EF, centered, lgnds complete

tho somewhat crude, lustrous smooth dark patina, sharp portrait & rev details.

(A VF+ brought $86, iNumis 3/11.) Start Bid $25

319 ARCADIUS, Æ3, VIRTVS EXERCITI, Victory crowning ruler, ANTA; VF-EF/VF, nrly centered, just a few obv

letters crowded; black-&-orange patina with nice contrast. Scarce this good.

(A VF realized $39 on $75 bid in my 6/14 sale.) Starting Bid $15

320 R THEODOSIUS II, Æ4, bust r/Monogram in wreath, CON; RIC462; VF, nrly centered, dark patina with

earthen hilighting; only a few obv letters & mintmk weak. Monogram complete & clear. Quite good for this

& extremely difficult to find in any grade.

(Much nicer than a Near Vf with uncertain mintmk bringing $86, CNG eAuc 2/09.) Starting Bid $45

321 JOHANNES, Æ4, SALVS REIPVBLICE, F/G-VG, dark brown patina, obv off-ctr, portrait reasonably clear as

is DN IOHAN of lgnd; rev crude & wk with no lgnd. (A F+ but "horrible flan" sold fot $500, Berk 6/10.)

Starting Bid $120


322 ANASTASIUS I, Follis, S19, Offic. Gamma, Choice VF, nrly centered & well struck, smooth dark patina with

quite dramatic orangy hilighting. Portrait shows much detail. Very attractive for this.

(A GVF realized $825, F&S 10/00.) Starting Bid $80

323 JUSTINIAN I, 5 Nummia, S-243, Bust r/Large E, VF+, centered, lgnd complete & actually reasonably clear;

much portrait detail. Dark brown. Lt scratches, but nice for this. (A VF realized $110, Vecchi 12/97.) Starting Bid $22

324 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S163, Facing bust/CON XuII, Offic. E; VF+, centered on sl irregular flan, good strike

with full lgnd & strong clear face; smooth dark brownish green patina. Note pellet above year on rev.

(A GVF of the type sold for $529, CNG 5/15.) Starting Bid $75

325 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S207, Facg bust/KYZ-XXIIII-A; F, well centered, medium brown with a little green,

sl crudeness, eyes clear but nose & mouth wk. (A F+/VF brought $83 in my 4/11 sale.) Starting Bid $18

326 JUSTIN II, Follis, S360, CON-XII-A, VF, nrly centered on sl ragged flan, dark green patina with paler

green hilighting, lgnd pretty clear, much detail on figures. (A VF brought $282, CNG 5/10.) Starting Bid $25

327 TIBERIUS II, GOLD Solidus, S422; VICTORIA AVGG B, cross on 4 steps, CONOB; 4.39 g; AEF, nrly centered

& well struck; some very minor rev marks do not deserve mention.

(A GVF realized $743, Kunker 10/19.) Starting Bid $350

328 MAURICE, 1/2 Follis, S-535, Facg bust/Large K, ANNO IX; F-VF/VF, nrly centered, olivy greenish-brown

patina, face weak but visible, rev bold. (A GVF realized $281, CNG 9/087) Starting Bid $15

329 MAURICE, Follis, S533, Facg bust/THEUPS-XI-B; F-VF/AVF, nrly centered, dark brown patina with a little

earthen adhesion on rev; face weak but visible.

(A F-VF/AVF brought $39 reduced from $86 bid in my 9/10 sale.) Starting Bid $20

330 PHOCAS, 1/2 Follis, S686, Facg bust/*XXE, Carthage; F, nrly centered on a large flan, pale olive-brown patina,

sl rev crudeness, face visible. (A VF sold for $155, Elsen 12/05.) Starting Bid $12

331 HERACLIUS, Ar Half Siliqua, of Carthage, S871, Facg bust/facg busts of Heraclius Constantine & Martina;

EF, nrly centered, sl ragged flan, only tops of some letters off; quite good metal with lt tone; all three portraits

fully sharp. (An EF brought $1320, CNG 5/16.) Start Bid $170