239 ANTONINUS PIUS, Egypt Æ34 Drachm, Nilus recl l., crocodile, LENATOY I5;

AVF/VF, well centered & struck with full clear lgnds, lt brown patina with pale green hilighting,

traces of crusting in recesses. Nice for these. (A nice VF brought $331 on $400 bid in my 2/09 auction.)

Starting Bid $100

240 FAUSTINA SR, Den, CERES std l, AVF, nrly centered on ragged flan, some lgnd crudeness; good metal.

(A nice VF brought $80 in my 9/11 sale.) Starting Bid $22

241 Sest, AETERNITAS stg l, hldg Phoenix; AEF/VF+, well centered,

obv sharply struck with nice strong portrait detail; rev lgnd partly wk; darkish brownish green patina,

ltly grainy mainly on rev. (A VF brought $966, Peus 11/10.) MB $235


AEF, perfectly centered & well struck, good metal with lt tone.

(A GVF, same variety, brought $230, CNG 9/03.) Starting Bid $70

243 Den, TRP XXXI IMP VIII COS III PP, in exergue DE GERM, pile of armaments;

VF/F+, obv sl off-ctr, rev centered, sl murky toning, rev tableau clear; rare type.

(A VF realized $393, Peus 4/12.) Starting Bid $40

244 Amphipolis Æ24, Tyche std l, VF, nrly centered, lgnds mostly crude/wk,

medium brown patina with sl surface imper-fections; however, the portrait is outstanding with bold detail.

(Much nicer than a Near VF bringing $95, CNG eAuc 2/11.) Starting Bid $25

245 FAUSTINA JR, Den, IVNONI REGINAE, Juno stg l, peacock;

Strong VF, centered, decent metal with deep old toning, very nice portrait with strong detail.

(A VF sold for $300, Lanz 11/07.) Starting Bid $40

246 Sest, HILARITAS stg l, F-VF/AF, centered on a big hefty flan, deep green patina,

rev with lgnd wk & touch of crusting, portrait with a fair bit of hair detail.

(FWIW, a GVF with smoothing brought $1435, NAC 10/09.) Starting Bid $20

247 POSTHUMOUS Den, CONSECRATIO, Peacock rt; EF/VF, well centered, obv quite sharply struck,

rev a bit softly struck hence my meticulous split grading; good metal with lt tone.

(A VF brought $198, Roma 5/14.) Starting Bid $110

248 LUCIUS VERUS, Den, TRP VI IMP IIII COS II, in exergue PAX, Pax stg l;

EF/VF, well centered, full tho partly crude lgnds, decent metal with only faintest rev granularity;

portrait quite sharp. (An Near EF brought $450, Naumann 1/18; GVF $345, CNG eAuc 6/15.)

Starting Bid $90

249 LUCILLA, Den, VENVS VICTRIX, Venus stg l, hldg cupid & shield;

Nice VF-EF/VF, obv a hair off-ctr but complete, teensy edge splits, excellent metal with contrasty tone.

Detailed portrait. (A VF+ realized $180, CGF 6/05.) Starting Bid $60


EF/AVF, sl ragged flan, obv nrly centered, & well struck, rev off-ctr & softly struck; good metal with lt tone.

Portrait quite sharp. (Better than a GVF with weak rev bringing $137, NAC 11/07.) Starting Bid $38

251 PERTINAX, Den, LAETITIA TEMPOR COS II, Laetitia stg l; COPY, struck in silver, by Slavei,

Choice EF, nice lt tone, superb workmanship. Starting Bid $10

252 PESCENNIUS NIGER, Den, BONAE SPEI, Spes adv l, F+/F, obv off-ctr to left , lgnds partly off & weak,

trace of granularity with lt tone, clear portrait with much detail.

Be careful not to speak aloud the correct Roman pronunciation of this name. Ex CNG 2001 as Fine.

(A F with some porosity brought $549, CNG eAuc 3/17; Fair with scratches $414, CNG eAuc 2/03.)

MB $325

253 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Den, PM TRP XVII COS III PP, Neptune stg l, VF-EF, centered, sl ragged edge,

good metal with lt tone. (A VF/F+ brought $183 + buyer fee, iNumis 10/11.

My coin obviously better, yet I don't expect to equal that price, because life is unfair.

Then again, I paid a lot less.) MB $32

254 Den, PM TRP XIIII COS III PP, Ruler on horse r; VF, rev sl off-ctr but complete on oval flan,

sl grainy but bright silver. Rare type. (A GVF, this exact variety, brought $554, CNG eAuc 3/09.)

MB $40

255 Nikopolis, Æ17, Dionysos stg l, VF, rev sl off-ctr but full lgnds, dark green patina,

strong portrait with detail. MB $15

256 JULIA DOMNA, Den, VENVS GENETRIX, Venus std l, with cupid; EF/AEF, sl off-ctr but complete,

minor lgnd crudeness, portrait very sharp, good bright silver.

(A VF+ brought $160, CGF 11/04; EF $389, Gorny 10/13.) Starting Bid $55

257 Den, MATER DEVM, Cybele std l, lion by seat; EF/VF, nrly centered on large ragged flan,

moderately dark tone, rev crudely struck with significant wkness, portrait detail very sharp.

(A VF+ brought $204, CGB 4/08.) Starting Bid $25

258 Den, SAECVLI FELICITAS, Isis suckling Horus, betw altar & prow, AEF, well centered, obv nicely struck,

rev lgnd partly crude; quite good metal with lt mellow tone.

(An EF realized $465, Naumann 2/14; VF $145, Peus 5/08.) Starting Bid $45

259 Pautalia, Æ30, Great Goddess std l., hldg patera & cornucopiae; F, centered,

only a few lgnd letters wk, olive-brown patina, minimal granularity, bold features.

Rare rev type, none on acsearch. Starting Bid $20

260 CARACALLA, Den, MARTI PACATORI, Mars stg facg, head l; EF, nrly centered,

full lgnds (sl wkness at rev left), good bright silver; superbly detailed bearded portrait. Much scarcer rev type.

(At least equal to a GEF bringing $289, Meister & Sontag 10/09.) Starting Bid $85

261 Den, PM TRP XV COS IIII PP, Hercules EF/VF, nrly centered, full lgnds, good bright silver,

sharp bearded portrait. (A VF sold for $129, Peus 4/15.) Starting Bid $40

262 Parion, Æ22, Capricorn rt, CCIHP; VF, centered, full lgnds, brown patina, minor crudeness, trace of adjustment marks, die break on forehead; yet still a nice bold coin with much detail.

(A VF brought $157, CNG eAuc 12/07.) Starting Bid $45

263 GETA, Den, NOBILITAS stg r; EF, nrly centered & complete, good bright silver,

absolutely sharp portrait detail. Better rev type.

(An EF brought $368, Coin Galleries 2/90; VF-EF $275, Gorny 3/07.) Starting Bid $65

264 MACRINUS, Den, PONTIF MAX TRP COS PP, Fides stg with 2 standards; EF, well centered,

obv sharply struck with superbly detailed portrait; rev lgnd partly crude; good metal with lt tone.

(An EF realized $1630, Gorny 3/14.) MB $150

265 Nikopolis, Æ26, Homonoia stg l, magistrate Statius Longinus; VF, centered, ppart of obv lgnd flat,

orichalcum tan with sl uneven tone; great portrait with virtually EF detail; centration dimple on cheek.

(A GVF brought $179, CNG eAuc 9/11.) Starting Bid $40

266 DIADUMENIAN, Antioch Æ19, SC in wreath, Choice VF, well centered,

olive-green patina with orangy hilighting. (A VF brought $437, CNG eAuc 1/09.) Starting Bid $40

267 ELAGABALUS, Den, LIBERTAS AVG, Libertas stg l; EF, rev sl off-ctr but complete, teensy edge crack,

good metal with lt tone, good strike with superb portrait detail.

(An EF with sl wkness brought $201, CNG 9/07.) MB $60

268 Den, CONSERVATOR AVG, Sol adv l, EF, nrly centered, but lgnds crude & blurry;

lustery metal with lt tone; portrait detail good. Actually rare with this lgnd. Starting Bid $20

269 Marcianopolis, Æ18, Homonoia stg l; VF, obv sl off-ctr, with a little die failure (?) at top, dark green patina,

good detail on portrait & rev figure. Starting Bid $22

270 JULIA MAESA, Den, PVDICITIA std l; AEF, obv a hair off-ctr, ragged flan,

a little crudeness but strong hair detail & rev better struck than most;

good metal with lt tone & luster hints. (A VF brought $170, Peus 4/11.) Starting Bid $40

271 JULIA SOAEMIAS, Den, VENVS CAELESTIS, Venus std l; EF/VF, centered on ragged flan, bright silver,

obv lgnd partly crude & wk, rev crudely struck overall; portrait, however, has fully sharp hair detail (

VF brought $195, Kunker 3/07) MB $45

272 JULIA PAULA, Den, CONCORDIA, Concord std l; Nice EF, well centered & good strike for this,

good metal with hints of luster & lt tone. Full sharp hair detail. (

An EF brought $281 on $550 bid in my 1./94 sale; EF $720, Lanz 5/08.) MB $150

273 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, ABVNDANTIA AVG, Abundantia stg r, Virtually Mint State, nrly centered,

sl ragged flan, good strike with very sharp portrait having a neatly cropped beard.

Good lusterlike metal with lt tone. (An EF brought $177, Nomisma 6/08.) Starting Bid $85

274 Den, VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv l, EF, nrly centered, full lgnds tho somewhat crude on obv,

portrait fully sharp, good metal with lt tone (An EF/VF sold for $195, Peus 4/06) MB $45

275 As, PM TRP VIII COS III PP, Ruler in quadriga r, RIC 498b; VF+/VF, traces of double strike,

rev sl off-ctr but complete, deep olive green patina, minor touches of roughness.

Strong laurel wreath on portrait & rev design fully clear. Rare type. (A VF brought $900, Sternberg 10/95.)

Starting Bid $160

276 Egypt, Tet, LE, Eagle l., head r; F+/AVF, infinitessimally off-ctr, obv lgnd crowded at left, brown patina,

nice strong portrait. Uncommon. (A VF, same variety, brought $173, CNG eAuc 2/17.) Starting Bid $35

277 Parion, Æ22, CGI HPA, Genius of the Roman People stg l, at altar; VF, lt brown, minimally grainy,

lgnds complete tho partly weak on obv (note backwards S's). Good portrait detail.

(Same variety, VF, "Extremely rare, apparently unpublished," brought $98, CNG eAuc 8/16.)

I don't actually think it's that rare. Starting Bid $30

278 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, IVNO AVGVSTAE, Juno std l; EF, practically Mint State,

obv a hair off-ctr on sl egg-shaped flan, full lgnds, good bright metal, great portrait detail. (

An AEF brought $139, Rauch 12/04.) Starting Bid $80

279 MAXIMINUS I, Den, SALVS AVGVSTI, Salus std l; Choice EF, centered, good metal with deep tone;

portrait very sharp with every hair on head & beard defined, the way you like these.

(An EF brought $430, Peus 5/08; GEF $671, Nomos 5/17.) Starting Bid $100

280 Egypt Tet, LB, Homonoia std l; VF, centered, full lgnd, silver color with lt tone.

Thick heavy flan (14+ grams). (A GVF, same variety, brought $322, CNG eAuc 2/17.)

Start Bid $55

281 PAULINA, Den, CONSECRATIO, Peacock carrying Paulina to Great Beyond, Choice EF,

centered, good strike with no wkness, nice metal with lt tone & luster hints.

Formerly in NGC slab as Mint State, strike 5/5, surface 4/5,

Jonathan Kern collection, Heritage 9/14 auction, where it sold for $1234.

(Another EF brought $2700, Lanz 5/08.) Starting Bid $900

282 BALBINUS, Sest, LIBERALITAS AVGVSTORVM, 5 guys std on platform; COPY, struck,

VF-EF, brown tone, well made, a nice hefty piece. Starting Bid $15

283 GORDIAN III, Ant, ORIENS AVG, Sol stg l; AEF/VF, nrly centered, decent strike with OK rev,

good silver with lt tone; well-detailed portrait with dapper little moustache.

(A Near EF brought $107, CNG eAuc 1/09.) Starting Bid $25

284 Same but AETERNITATI AVG, VF, well centered on quite large, sl ragged flan, typical lgnd crudeness,

good metal with lt tone & luster hints, portrait with plenty of hair detail.

(A VF on "extraordinarily large flan" brought $88, Roma 4/15. That coin weighed 4.07 g, mine is 4.5 g!)

Starting Bid $20

285 As last but Denarius, EF, centered, part of lgnds typically crude,

otherwise well struck with good portrait hair detail. Nice lustery metal with lt tone.

(An EF realized $290, Gorny 3/08.) Starting Bid $50

286 Caesarea, Drachm, Mount Argaeus, date ETE; Virtually Mint State, minimally off-ctr,

minor crudeness; surfaces faintly granular but with intense brilliant mint luster.

(A VF realized $483, Lanz 5/09.) Starting Bid $100

287 Tarsos, Æ37, 2 concentric Ciliarch's crowns decorated with small heads;

F/AF, obv centered, lt tan, bold & nice; rev darker, sl off-ctr, somewhat crude.

With tags from Frank Kovacs & Pegasi ($295).

RARE rev type (note, the usual version has table below crowns; this one without table is even rarer).

(A Fine, with table, & lt roughness, brought $196, CNG eAuc 6/05.) Minimum Bid $60

288 Thrace, Hadrianopolis, Æ28, Hygieia stg r; F+/F, centered, full lgnds, centration dimples;

good dark green patina. Surprisingly rare rev type for this. Starting Bid $15

289 PHILIP I, Ant, FELICITAS TEMP, Felicitas stg l; EF, centered on large sl ragged flan,

usual rev lgnd crudeness, portrait fully sharp, strong hair & beard detail.

Good bright silver with luster & lt tone. (An EF brought $179, Gorny 10/15.) MB $40

290 Ant, PAX FVNDATA CVM PERSIS, Pax stg l; F-VF, sl off-ctr, some lgnd crowded, good metal,

nice portrait with much detail. Scarce issue marking Persian peace.

(An AVF/F+ brought $67 on $105 bid in my 12/02 sale; VF with flat rev strike $315, Kunker 3/08.)

Starting Bid $25

291 Egypt Tet, LB, Athena std l; F-VF, nrly centered on large flan, brown patina with a little green,

minimal roughness. Scarcer rev type. Starting Bid $20

292 Antioch, Ar Tet, Eagle facg, hd l., SC/MON VRB; EF, centered, well struck,

fully sharp portrait in fine style; good bright silver. Small die break inside ear like he's wearing an earplug.

(An EF brought $468, CNG 9/01.) Starting Bid $110

293 OTACILIA Severa, As, CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia std l; AVF/F, full obv lgnd,

rev lgnd crowded/wk at rt; sl thick dark olive green patina; hair rows on portrait fully clear. Scarce.

(A GVF brought $515, Kunker 3/06.) Starting Bid $40

294 PHILIP II, As Augustus Ant, PAX AETERNA, Pax stg l; Choice EF,

centered on large flan & well struck with rev much better than usual; good metal with lt tone.

(An EF realized $360, Lanz 11/07.) Starting Bid $60

295 Antioch Ar Tet, Eagle stg r, ANTIOXIA SC below; Choice EF, well centered & struck,

portrait exceptionally sharp, good silver with bright luster & lt toning.

(An EF, same variety, brought $672, Gorny 10/12.) Starting Bid $120

296 TRAJAN DECIUS, Ant, VBERITAS AVG, Uberitas stg l, VF,

actually practically as struck with bright lustrous silver but typically crude strike; a bit off-ctr;

rev figure with good detail.

Uberitas was the Roman god of chariot hailing; not having smartphones, they did it by shouting very loud. (

A VF sold for $215, Peus 5/08.) Starting Bid $22

297 Antioch Tet, Eagle left, SC below; EF, nrly centered, full lgnds,

excellent surfaces with deep grey-brown tone. Nice sharp stern-looking portrait.

(Same variety, EF, brought $584, ACR 4/15.) Starting Bid $80

Word to the wise: the earlier bidder wins a tie.

298 HERENNIA Etruscilla, Ant, PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia std l; Choice EF, well centered on oval flan,

unusually bold strike on obv, rev with only sl softness, better than usual; good bright metal,

quite lustrous with touches of coppery tone. Superb portrait.

(A Choice EF brought $271 on $300 bid in my 3/13 sale; EF, worn rev die, $360, Nomos 10/18.)

Starting Bid $80

299 HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Antioch Tet, Bare head r, S below/Eagle r, SC below;

Choice EF, well centered & sharply struck with strong hair & feather detail; good silver,

bright, with only slight toning. Rare variety with S on obv.

(An AEF (no S) brought $506 on $550 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Start Bid $200

300 TREBONIANUS GALLUS, Sest, IVNONI MARTIALI, Statue of Juno in temple;

VF, nrly centered on sl squared flan, obv lgnd partlky off & weak, rev lgnd nrly complete;

good green patina; strong hair & laurel wreath detail on portrait. Rare rev type.

(Portrait sharper than on a GVF (partial lgnd) bringing $690, CNG eAuc 2/16.) Starting Bid $95

301 VOLUSIAN, Antiochia, Æ21, Eagle betw standards, VF/VF-EF, obv sl off-ctr losing some letters,

rev well centered, smooth brownish green patina.

(A VF actually brought $480, Gorny 10/10. Really and truly.) Starting Bid $35

302 AEMILIAN, Viminacium, Æ28, Moesia stg betw bull & lion, AN XII, AF, sl off-ctr,

thick brownish-green patina, most of lgnds clear (tho crude), reasonably decent portrait.

(A VG-F/F brought $161 in my 1/00 sale.) Starting Bid $30

303 VALERIAN I, Egypt Tet, Year Delta, Eagle stg l, head r; VF, centered, full lgnd,

brown patina with sl green crusting in recesses. Clear laurel wreath on portrait.

(A VF with collector's initials stamped on it brought $93 on $137 bid in my 11/03 sale.) Starting Bid $25

304 MARINIANA, Ant, CONSECRATIO, Peacock flying Mariniana to the place that does not exist;

F-VF, a hair off-ctr on large ragged flan, complete tho typically crude lgnds;

good fault-free metal quality with lt tone. Portrait has a lot of hair detail. This listing has a lot of verbiage.

(A VF brought $415, Emporium Hamburg 5/07.) Starting Bid $80

305 GALLIENUS, Ant, FORTVNA REDVX, Fortuna std l; EF/virtually mint, fully silvered,

rev sl off-ctr but complete & sharply struck, good lustrous surfaces. Obv perfectly centered,

with a touch of granularity, but also lustrous. Almost invisible flan crack.

(An EF brought $215, M&M 5/06.) Start Bid $45

306 Ant, VIRTVS AVG, Soldier stg left with spear & shield; VF-EF, centered,

sl striking wkness at obv left & rev right edges; silvered surfaces with moderate tone.

(A GVF realized $85, Naumann 4/16.) Starting Bid $15

307 Sest, CONCORDIA EXERCIT, Concordi stg l; ex European auction as VF, which it is,

tho on a small flan with most of obv & part of rev lgnds off; good deep green patina;

portrait well-detailed.

(A GVF, also with lgnds mostly off, brought $1,645, CNG 5/15.

Compare also a VF/F with rev encrustation, $841, CNG eAuction 9/05.) Starting Bid $70

308 SALONINA, Egypt Tet, LIE, Eagle stg r; VF, nrly centered, obv lgnd somewhat crude;

excellent smooth dark brown surfaces; well detailed portrait.

(A VF, this exact variety, realized $270, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $35

309 VALERIAN II, Ant, IOVI CRESCENTI, Infant Jupiter on goat; VF, nrly centered on large oval flan,

some lgnd crudeness but actually less than usual; excellent bright silver. Good quality for this.

(A GVF realized $483, CNG 9/10.) Minimum Bid $40

310 SALONINUS, Ant, SPES PVBLICA, Sal & Spes stg, star above; EF/VF, well centered on oval flan,

quite well struck for this with really no wkness, good strong lgnds; portrait well detailed;

good silver color with some toning, slightest granularity mainly on rev.

(A VF-EF with lt corrosion sold for $253, Hirsch 2/10.) Starting Bid $80

311 MACRIANUS, Ant, APOLLINI CONSERVA, Apollo stg l, with lyre; AF, centered on large round flan,

some of lgnds wk, basically smooth darkish brown surfaces. Unusual to find so well circulated.

(A F brought $92 on $125 bid, FSR 1/95.) MB $35

312 POSTUMUS, Ant, MONETA AVG, Moneta stg l; EF, obv sl off-ctr, lgnds partly crude/wk,

bright silver color, modest edge crack; portrait with totally sharp detail.

(An "EF-VF," [rev weak] brought $195, Hirsch 2/17.) Starting Bid $25

313 Ant, COS IIII, Nemesis hldg long palm frond rt; EF, a touch off-ctr on sl ragged flan,

obv lgnd partly crude, rev pretty well struck, portrait detail sharp; lustery silvery-brown.

(An EF brought $212, CNG 12/07.) Starting Bid $25

314 CLAUDIUS II, Ant, AEQVITAS AVG, Aequitas stg l, H below; Nice VF-EF, centered & well struck,

silvered with lt tone. (A VF realized $135, Peus 11/09.) Starting Bid $10

315 Egypt, Tet, LB, Eagle stg r; VF, centered, lgnd somewhat crude, darkish brown patina, strong portrait.

With very old cloth envelope written in French. (

A VF brought $42 on $46 bid in my 12/01 sale; VF $120, iNumis 11/08.) Starting Bid $18

316 VICTORINUS, Ant, SALVS AVG, Salus stg r; VF/AEF, centered, well struck, full lgnds,

good brown surfaces. Nice for this. (A VF brought $160, Peus 10/01.) Starting Bid $15

317 AURELIAN, Ant, Bust left/SOLI INVICTO, Sol stg l, captive; early issue with bust resembling Claudius II;

VF/AVF, centered on large round flan, brown with hints of green & vestiges of silvering.

With Christian Blom tag $65. Rare with bust left.

(VF+./VF was reported sold for $401, CGB Web Shop.) MB $15

318 Egypt Tet, ETOYC E, Eagle facg, head r; VF, centered, full tho crudish lgnd, chocolate brown,

minimally grainy, sharp laurel wreath on portrait.

(Same variety, GVF, brought $146, Naumann 12/15. Well, okay, that was admittedly on the high side;

but somebody did pay it.) My starting bid only $15

319 SEVERINA, Ant, CONCORDIAE MILITVM, Concordia & 2 standards, EF, practically as struck,

centered on large flan, bright silvering with teensy surface blemishes. Totally sharp hair detail.

(A VF brought $306, Peus 4/11; EF $420, Astarte 3/99.) Starting Bid $75

320 Denarius, VENVS FELIX, Venus stg l, Gamma below, EF, well centered & struck, brown patina,

hint of silvering, minor trace of granularity; portrait fully sharp.

(A VF-EF brought $295, Rauch 9/11.) Starting Bid $90

321 VABALATHUS, Ant, His bust/Aurelian bust, A below, VF, sl off-ctr,

dark green patina with earthen hilighting, both portraits quite well detailed.

(A VF went for $201 on $250 bid in my 9/09 sale; GVF $690, CNG 5/10.) Starting Bid $35

322 TACITUS, Egypt Tet, Elpis stg l, ETOYC A; EF, a touch off-ctr, full tho partly wk lgnd,

darkish brown patina; full sharp portrait detail. (A VF realized $240, Peus 4/13.) Start Bid $40

323 FLORIAN, Ant, PROVIDEN DEOR, Concordia-Fides w/2 standards & Sol stg;

F+/F, well centered, sl thick dark patina, with very lt porosity & faint scratching. Portrait quite bold.

(A GVF brought $390, NAC 4/08.) Starting Bid $25

324 PROBUS, Ant, CONCORD MILIT, Concordia & Ruler clasp hands, obv lgnd IMP PROBVS INV AVG;

Choice VF+/AEF, perfectly centered & sharply struck, green-brown patina with underlying silvering evident.

Very pleasing. Ex Archer Huntington & ex ANS. Rare with this obv lgnd.

(A GVF brought $184, CNG eAuc 9/15.) Starting Bid $30

325 Ant, Helmeted bust left with spear & shield/VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Ruler on horse l., captive, KAB;

EF/VF (so graded due to rev lgnd softness), perfectly centered, obv sharp,

much silvering with some uneven toning & sl touches of porosity. RIC 878.

In Christian Blom flip priced $150. (A GVF, this exact variety, brought $113, Naumann 4/18.)

Starting Bid $40

326 Egypt Tet, L-Delta, Tyche stg l, VF+, sl off-ctr on sl irregular flan, good dark brown surfaces,

portrait well detailed. (Same variety, VF, brought $97, Savoca 8/16.) Starting Bid $17

327 CARUS, Ant, VIRTVS AVGGG, Ruler & Jupiter stg, A/XXI; VF, well centered,

dark greenish patina with sl earthen hilighting, mildly grainy. Strong portrait detail.

Note the three Gs date this to the brief period when Carus & both sons were all Augusti, thus rare.

(A Near VF brought $154, CNA 3/92.) MB $25

328 NUMERIAN, Egypt Tet, ETOYC-Gamma, Nike adv r; F-VF, nrly centered, basically full lgnd,

medium brown, faintly misty surface, strong detailed portrait.

(A VF of this type brought $168, CNG eAuc 9/13.) Starting Bid $15

329 CARINUS, Ant, AEQVITAS AVGG, Aequitas stg l; EF, close to mint state,

rev sl off-ctr with lgnd soft & partly crowded; obv quite sharply struck with superb portrait.

Bright silvering with minor tone speckles (An EF brought $258, Gorny 3/05.) MB $60

330 Ant, VIRTVS AVGG, Ruler & Jupiter stg, S/XXI; VF, well centered,

silvered surfaces with moderate toning. (A GVF sold for $226, CNG eAuct 9/09.) Starting Bid $22

331 Egypt Tet, LA, Tyche stg l with big rudder; Nice F+, smooth even brown, full clear lgnd.

(A VF brought $67, CNG eAuc 9/13.) Starting Bid $12

332 DIOCLETIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler receiving Victory from Jupiter;

EF, nrly centered, smooth chocolate brown surfaces. (An EF brought $175, Peus 11/04.)

Starting Bid $25

333 Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l., TSA, EF/VF, so graded due to soft rev strike;

obv fully sharp; much silvering with some lt grey-brown tone.

(A VF-EF brought $76 on $90 bid in my 10/18 sale.) Starting Bid $45

334 Argenteus, VICTORIAE SARMATICAE, camp gate, SMN-Gamma; Choice EF, almost as struck,

well centered & very sharp, good bright silver, sl ragged edge. Superb high relief portrait.

Much scarcer than the type with tetrarchs sacrificing.

(An EF (same variety) brought $1,820, NAC 10/15.) Starting Bid $450

335 Egypt, Tet, ENATOV L, Eagle l., head r; VF, sl off-ctr, lgnd essentially complete & clearer than usual;

medium brown. While this rev type is common for earlier reigns,

for Diocletian it is actually surprisingly rare. Starting Bid $15

336 Post-Abdication, Follis, Mantled bust r/PROVIDENTIA DEORVM, Providentia & Quies stg, E/KB/ALE;

RIC 109; Choice AEF, perfectly centered & sharply struck with no wkness,

smooth medium brown surfaces with traces of green in recesses. Bold portrait detail. Rare.

(A GVF, this exact variety, "a little rough" brought $222, CNG eAuc. 9/06.) Starting Bid $80

337 MAXIMIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Jupiter giving Victory to Ruler, E/XXI;

EF, nrly centered, well struck with particularly sharp obv; pinkish brown surfaces, kinda lustery.

(An EF sold for $220, Peus 11/04.) Starting Bid $40

338 Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, S-F/PTR; VF-EF, well centered,

medium brown surfaces with slightest touch of roughness on rev. Nice portrait of interesting fine style.

(A VF+ brought $380, iNumis 3/10.) Starting Bid $25

339 Same type but with altar on rev (scarcer), B/PLC; EF, centered on sl ragged flan, sl obv lgnd wkness,

otherwise well struck; silvered surfaces with lt tone; interesting portrait style, looking upwards.

Starting Bid $50

340 Argenteus, VICTORIAE SARMATICAE, camp gate with 4 turrets, SMN-Gamma;

AEF, well centered, lgnds somewhat crude, portrait & particularly rev architecture well struck;

good metal with luster & toning. (Same variety, GVF with flan crack brought $515, CNG eAuc 11/09.)

Starting Bid $325

341 CARAUSIUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, no control mks; AEF/VF, centered, full tho partly wk lgnds,

dark greenish-brown, sl grainy overall with some roughness at rev left; portrait well detailed.

(A VF, same var., brought $300, CGF 6/05.) MB $100

342 CONSTANTIUS I, as Caesar, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, ATB,

VF+/AVF, silvery brown, rev sl soft & faintly grainy,

obv well struck & attractive with excellent detailed portrait. (A VF brought $50 in my 1/99 sale.)

MB $20

343 As Augustus (only 1 year, scarce); type as last, HTA; VF-EF, perfectly centered on large flan,

good strike, darkish brown tone with underlying silvering.

(A Ch. VF brought $81 on $95 bid in my 6/93 sale; VF $194, CNG 9/96.) Starting Bid $40