231 PHILIP I, Sest, FIDES EXERCITVS, 4 standards, EF/VF, centered, lgnds complete

tho somewhat crude mainly on rev; hilighted green patina; outstanding portrait

with every hair sharp. (A GVF realized $1437, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid $200

232 PHILIP I, Antioch Tet, Radiate bust left/Eagle stg l, ANTIOXIA SC below,

Pr.431; AEF, well centered & struck, bright silver with minor graininess.

Sharp portrait. (Same variety VF-GVF brought $192, Bertolami 4/20.) Start Bid $90

233 PHILIP I, Viminacium, Æ30, Moesia stg betw bull & lion, AN VIIII; Nice VF,

obv off-ctr, rev nrly centered, good dark green patina, full strong laurel wreath.

(A VF brought $265, Kunker 3/08; GVF $296, Gorny 10/13.) Starting Bid $50

234 PHILIP II, As Aug., Antioch Tet, laur hd r/Eagle r, ANTIOXIA SC, Pr.439; Choice

EF, virtually mint state, well centered & sharply struck, lovely bright lustrous

surfaces, almost invisible graffiti scr in obv field.

(An EF realized $672, Gorny 10/12.) Starting Bid $120

235 TRAJAN DECIUS, Ant, GENIVS EXERC ILLYRICIANI, Genius stg l, w/standard;

EF, centered on a broad flan, typical lgnd crudeness, bright lustrous silver.

(A VF-EF/VF brought $195, Hirsch 2/07.) Starting Bid $55

236 TRAJAN DECIUS, Antioch, Tet, Radiate bust r/Eagle stg left, SC; EF, well

centered & struck, good bright silver with only faintest granularity, sm tone spot in

obv field; portrait quite sharp.

(An EF/AEF brought $249 on $302 bid in my 3/07 sale.) Starting Bid $85

237 HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA, Ant, PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia std l, Virtually Mint

State, centered & quite well struck with well detailed portrait & rev; bright

lustrous silver. (An EF, worn rev die, sold for $360, Nomos 10/18.) Start Bid $100


nrly centered, good strike for this with strong detail on portrait & Mars; deeply

toned. Scarce!! (A GVF brought $260, CNG eAuc 7/19.) Starting Bid $60

239 VOLUSIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA AVGG, Concord std l; VF+/AVF, centered, decent

metal & strike, moderate tone, portrait well detailed.

(My card file says a VF with lt porosity brought $459, CNG eAuc 3/08. Could this

possibly be true??) Starting Bid $30

240 GALLIENUS, Ant, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Ruler & Jupiter stg; EF, well centered,

obv well struck with strong portrait, rev just a trifle soft; silver color with lt brownish

tone. (Same var., EF, no better, realized $200, Davisson 2/20.) Starting Bid $50

241 GALLIENUS, Ant, PIETAS AVGG, 2 Rulers stg at altar, wreath above; Choice

EF, centered on a quite broad flan, good strike with detailed portrait & rev figures;

lustery brown tone. (An EF brought $330, Gorny 3/05.) Starting Bid $60

242 SALONINA, Ant, ROMAE AETERNAE, Std Roma giving Victory to Ruler,

wreath above; EF, well centered on a full flan, silvered with lt tone, only a hint of

porosity, rev sl crude, portrait strongly detailed. (An EF realized $154 on $190 bid

in my 3/04 sale.) Starting Bid $50

243 SALONINUS, Ant, SPES PVBLICA, Ruler & Spes stg, wreath above; Choice VF,

well centered on large flan, good strike for this with only sl rev crudeness, portrait

well detailed; medium brown. (A VF brought $122 in my 3/13 sale.)

Starting Bid $60

244 VALERIAN II, Ant, PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Val crowning trophy; Virtually Mint State,

a hair off-ctr but complete on a big flan, strong strike with no wkness (!), bright

lustrous silver, fully detailed portrait. Really exceptional for this.

(An EF brought $1050, Hirsch 9/20.) Starting Bid $250

245 QUIETUS, Ant, SOL INVICTO, Sol stg l; EF/VF, nrly centered on quite large flan,

obv nice, well struck, silver color with lt tone, portrait fully detailed; but rev

noticeably rough. (A GVF sold for $648, Kunker 11/13.) Starting Bid $140

246 POSTUMUS, Ant, SALVS EXERCITI, Aesculapius stg; EF/VF, centered, obv

well struck with sharp portrait, rev lgnd somewhat crude; silver with lt tone.

(A VF/VF-EF brought $190, Munz Zentrum 10/07.) Starting Bid $35

247 POSTUMUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, EF/AEF, obv sl off-ctr, medium brown, insignificant edge crack, portrait fully sharp.

(A Near EF brought $345, CNG 5/09.) Starting Bid $55

248 CLAUDIUS II, Ant, SECVRIT AVG, Securitas stg, column, XI at rt; AEF, nrly

centered, lgnds complete, sm edge irregularity, silvered with lt tone.

Seems to be rare. Starting Bid $40

249 QUINTILLUS, Ant, DIANA LVCIF, Diana stg r w/torch; AEF, rev sl off-ctr on oval

flan, lgnds complete, toned silvered surfaces with sl roughness, portrait well

detailed. Rare! (An EF sold for $930, Gorny 10/02.) Starting Bid $60

250 AURELIAN, Denarius, VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv l, captive, A; Choice EF,

centered & sharply struck, glossy dark greenish brown, portrait astoundingly sharp.

(A VF brought $387, Kunker 3/09; EF $604, NY Sale 1/09.) Start Bid $150

251 AURELIAN & VABALATHUS, Egypt Tet, Vab's bust r/ Aurelian bust r, VF,

nrly centered, some of lgnds wk/crowded, brown patina, minor roughness, nice

strong portrait of Vabalathus. Ex Naville auction as VF.

(A VF realized $676, Emporium Hamburg 11/12.) Starting Bid $60

252 SEVERINA, Ant, CONCORDIAE MILITVM, Concord stg w/2 standards; EF,

well centered, silvered with lt tone, fully sharp hair detail.

(An EF brought $490, CNG 10/22.) Start Bid $60

253 TETRICUS I, Ant., SALVS AVGG, Salus stg l; EF, well centered, lustery brown,

obv well struck with sharp portrait; rev a bit crudely struck, still

unusually good quality, with full lgnds.

(An EF with poor rev strike brought $225, Rauch 10/05.)

Start Bid $40

254 PROBUS, Ant, RESTITVT ORBIS, Victory giving wreath to Ruler; Choice EF,

perfectly centered & sharply struck, lt brown with considerable hints of silvering.

(An EF realized $220, CNG 9/97.) Starting Bid $50

255 PROBUS, QUINARIUS, Laur bust r/VICTORIA GER, trophy & 2 captives; F,

dark brown patina, some lettering wk. Rare!

(A F with "some roughness" brought $504, CNG eAuc 5/12.) Starting Bid $140

256 NUMERIAN, As Aug, Ant, PIETAS AVGG, Mercury stg l; EF, well centered &

struck, much silvering with tone on high parts.

(An EF realized $325, Gorny 10/03.) Starting Bid $60

257 CARINUS, As Aug, Egypt Tet, ETOYC G, Nike adv r, Choice VF, rev sl off-ctr,

well struck, fully silver color with just a touch of tone, highly unusual thus, which

made me pay an extravagant price. You should too. Starting Bid $75

258 MAGNIA URBICA, Ant, IVNO REGINA, Juno stg l, VF-EF, centered & well struck

on a broad flan, medium brown with hint of underlying silvering. Strong portrait detail.

(A VF brought $925, Peus 4/09.) Starting Bid $220

259 DIOCLETIAN, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, TSA, AEF, well

centered & struck, toned silvered surfaces with some tiny flecks of green patina. Nice.

(A VF-EF brought $76 on $90 bid in my 10/18 sale.) Starting Bid $40

260 MAXIMIAN, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, KA; Nice EF,

centered, good strike, grey-brown with tinge of underlying silvering, portrait detail

very sharp. (Some madman paid $380 for a VF+, iNumis 3/10.) Starting Bid $70

261 CARAUSIUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, VG/G, large irregular flan, dark green

patina, moderately rough, reasonable clear portrait. Starting Bid $20

262 CONSTANTIUS I, Argenteus, VIRTVS MILITVM, Tetrarchs before city gate, A;

EF, centered, sl lgnd crudeness, excellent metal quality with sl iridescent tone.

(An EF with sl crack brought $1445, Gorny 10/09.) Starting Bid $400

263 GALERIUS, As Caes, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l,

no mm = London (Distinctive London style), AEF/EF, centered, lustery silvery-brown,

nice. (A VF+/EF brought $131 on $185 bid in my 9/09 sale.) Starting Bid $80

264 MAXENTIUS, Follis, CONSERV VRB SVAE, Roma in 6-column temple, RBQ; EF,

nrly centered, full lgnds, well struck with no wkness; toned silvered surfaces.

(An AEF realized $564, Rauch 4/11; EF $138, my sale 11/05.) Starting Bid $65

265 ROMULUS, 1/4 Follis, AETERNAE MEMORIAE, temple, MOSTP; AVF, nrly

centered, rev lgnd partly crowded/wk, smooth greenish-brown patina, nice bold

portrait. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica as VF.

(A VF brought $230 on $325 bid in my 11/03 sale; VF $480, Kunker 3/04.)

Starting Bid $130

266 MAXIMINUS II, As Caes, Follis, SAC MON VRB AVGG ET CAESS NN, Moneta stg l,

AQ; CH EF, practically mint, perfectly centered & nicely struck, lustrous steely-

brown. Rare type for Maximinus (An EF brought $293, Hirsch 9/07) Start Bid $100

267 ANONYMOUS ("Anti-Christian" issue), Æ3, GENIO ANTIOCHENI, Genius of

Antioch facg, River God swimming below/APOLLONI SANCTO, Apollo stg l, H/SMA;

AEF, nrly centered, full lgnds, medium brown, excellent detail.

(A VF realized $188, Peus 10/13.) Starting Bid $45

268 LICINIUS I, Reduced Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter stg l, with Victory

& eagle, SMHT; EF, practically mint state, centered, rev a little soft on body,

otherwise well struck with detailed portrait, ltly toned silvered surfaces.

(An EF, not even full lgnds, brought $745, LHS 4/08.) Starting Bid $40

269 LICINIUS II, Æ3, VIRTVS AVGG, 3-turreted gate, P-R/RP; Choice VF+, well

centered & struck, silver grey tone. Rare type! (A VF brought $145, Kunker 6/03.)
Starting Bid $40

270 CONSTANTINE I, Reduced Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter hldg

Victory, eagle, B/SMNT; Mint State, centered, good strike, silvered surfaces with

lt tone. (An EF sold for $254, Naumann 8/16.) Starting Bid $50

271 CONSTANTINE I, Æ3, PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, camp gate, Gamma-SIS-cresc; EF,

well centered & sharply struck, smooth medium brown.

(An EF brought $81 on $90 bid in my 6/05 sale; EF $365, DNW 4/08.) Start Bid $30

272 CONSTANTINE I, Posthumous, Æ4, Veiled bust r/VN MR, Veiled Ruler stg,

SMKA; AEF/VF, centered, full lgnds, darkish olive-brown, trace of roughness mainly

on rev. Starting Bid $20

standard betw soldiers, CONST, Nice VF+, sl 2-toned medium brown, full lgnds,

thus unusually good for this scarce mule type.

(A VF brought $48 on $88 bid in my 3/07 sale.) Starting Bid $20

274 HELENA, Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE, Helena stg l, •ESIS•; Choice EF,

well centered & struck, smooth almost lusterlike dark brown patina.

(An EF brought $211 in my 9/09 sale; EF $748, Stack's 1/09.) Starting Bid $95

275 THEODORA, Æ4, PIETAS PVBLICA, Pietas hldg baby, TRP; VF, smallish oval

flan, partial lgnds, rev somewhat crude, brown patina, good portrait detail.

(A GVF realized $450, NAC 3/07.) Starting Bid $25

276 CONSTANS, Æ Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler hldg labarum & Phoenix

on galley steered by Victory, TS-Gamma; EF, virtually as struck, toned lustrous silvering,

well centered, portrait sharp (An EF brought $732, Nomos 10/16.) Start Bid $75

277 CONSTANS, Æ3, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Phoenix on globe, ANA; VF, nrly

centered, dk greenish patina, good detail. Scarce!!

(A F+ brought $216, iNumis 32/09.) Start Bid $30

278 CONSTANTIUS II, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier spearing fallen

horseman, SMHA; VF+/VF, nrly centered, full lgnds, smooth dark brown patina

with sl greenish hilighting. (A VF realized $205, Peus 5/07.) Starting Bid $25

279 CONSTANTIUS II, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler hldg labarum & Phoenix

on galley steered by Victory, TES-Gamma; EF, well centered, toned lustrous

silvered surfaces minimal trace of granularity.

(An EF brought $558, Kunker 3/09.) Starting Bid $75

280 CONSTANTIUS II, issue by Vetranio, Cent, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler

hldg 2 labara, •ASIS•; AEF/VF, well centered & struck, medium brown.

(A VF+ brought $265, CGF 6/07.) Starting Bid $50

281 VETRANIO, Cent, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler hldg 2 labara, TSA; VF, obv sl

off-ctr on sl irregular flan, lgnd partly off at rt, sm flaw at top, rev well centered,

good olive brown surfaces, well-detailed head (A VF brought $332, Peus 4/14.)

Start Bid $110

282 MAGNENTIUS, Cent, VICTORIAE etc, 2 Victories hldg shield, RPLC; EF/AVF,

centered, full lgnds, smooth dark green patina with earthen hilighting, rev softly

struck, every hair on head sharp. (A GVF realized $253, Kunker 3/09.) Start Bid $50

283 JULIAN, Æ1, SECVRITAS REIPVB, bull stg r, CONSP-Gamma; Choice EF, perfectly

centered & sharply struck, glossy dark greenish-brown, superb portrait detail.

(An EF/AEF brought $665 on $990 bid in my 9/20 sale.) Starting Bid $300

284 JOVIAN, Æ3, Bust l./VOT V in wreath, HERACA; VF, well centered, dark

brown patina, sl roughness, well detailed portrait. (A GVF brought $213 CNG 10/08.)

Start Bid $20

285 VALENTINIAN I, Æ3, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler dragging captive,

BSISCV; AEF/VF+, obv well struck, rev sl off-ctr with crude lgnd; green-brown patina.

(A VF-EF realized $61 on $74 bid in my 11/05 sale.) Start Bid $17

286 VALENS, Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, Victory adv l, ANTP; VF, sl off-ctr,

black-&-orange patina, nice strong portrait. (A VF realized $28 in my 1/94 sale.)

Start Bid $10

287 GRATIAN, Æ3, VIRTVS ROMANORVM, Roma std, ANTA; EF, well centered &

struck, good dark brownish patina with earthen hilighting. Very nice for this.

(An AEF brought $89 in my 2/20 sale.) Starting Biding $35

288 GRATIAN, Æ4, VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath, ANTA; VF-EF, minimally

off-ctr, virtually full lgnds, brown patina, portrait unusually well detailed.

(An AEF/VF brought $85, Lanz 5/00.) Starting Bid $30

289 VALENTINIAN II, Æ4, VICTORIA AVGGG, Victory adv l, BSIS; VF, well centered,

full lgnds, dark brown patina. (A VF brought $46 on $75 bid in my 11/12 sale.)

Starting Bid $15

290 THEODOSIUS I, Æ2, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler stg w/globe & labarum,

ANTA; VF, centered, smooth dark patina with strong orangy hilighting, nice.

(A VF realized $122, Munz Zentrum 1/17.) Starting Bid $25

291 THEODOSIUS I, Æ4, SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Victory drag-ging captive, SMKA;

VF+, centered, full lgnds, brown patina, strong details

(A VF+ brought $86, iNumis 3/11) Start Bid $35

292 ARCADIUS, Æ2, VIRTVS EXERCITI, Ruler hldg labarum, kicking captive, SMKB;

VF, centered, full tho sl crude/wk lgnds, medium brown.

(VF brought $405, Gorny 10/07) Start Bid $30

293 HONORIUS, Æ2, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler stg w/ globe & labarum,

SMK-Gamma; Choice VF, perfectly centered & well struck, medium brown surfaces.

Rare this nice. (A Ch. VF in my last sale brought $156 on $205 bid.) Start Bid $50


294 ANASTASIUS I, Follis, S19, var with star on shoulder, Offic.Gamma; F+, well

struck, full lgnd, lt brown, nice bold coin. (A F was sold for $225, Berk 9/20.)

Starting Bid $30

295 JUSTIN & JUSTINIAN, Follis, S-125, Offic.A, Strong F, obv sl off-ctr but most of

lgnd present, rev sl double struck, smooth medium brown.

(A GF brought $314, CNG eAuc 5/10.) Start Bid $65

296 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S-163, Facg bust, VF, large 40 mm flan, dark greenish-

brown patina, somewhat ill-struck with year flat, face clear. Starting Bid $25

297 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S216, Bust r/+THEUP+, offic Delta; F-VF/AF, full obv lgnd,

rev somewhat off-ctr, dark brown patina with earthen hilighting, strong portrait

with detail. Starting Bid $25

298 JUSTINIAN I, 10N, S167, Year XuI, Nice AVF/VF, well centered on large flan,

smooth hilighted green patina. Env says "Ex Hunt" but I dunno.

(A VF of the type realized $167, Gorny 10/05.) Start Bid $30

299 JUSTIN II, Follis, S369, NIKO-uIII-B, VF, centered, well struck, dark green

patina with pale earthen hilighting; faces & much other detail visible on

figures. (Compare an F-VF/VF bringing $135 on $150 bid in my 6/13 sale;

GVF $460, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $40

300 JUSTIN II, 1/2 Follis, S366, TES-XI, Theta+C above; VF, somewhat off-ctr on

ragged flan, brown patina. (A GVF, overstruck, brought $184, Stack's 1/09.)

Starting Bid $15

301 MAURICE, 10 Nummia, S536, Facg bust/Large X, Yr III; AVF, sl off-ctr,

greenish-brown with orangy hilighting, clear face.

(A GVF realized $1093, CNG 9/08!!) Starting Bid $18

302 MAURICE., Follis, S533, THEUPS-XIII-A, the A much tilted; VF+, centered,

well struck, light brown, good strong portrait.

(A VF/VF-EF brought $185 on $225 bid in my 4/12 sale; VF $290, Gorny 10/07.)

Starting Bid $75

303 HERACLIUS, Follis, S-884, Syracuse c/mk on rectangular flan of earlier issue,

VF, dark olive green, c/mk portraits quite clear. (A GVF realized $295, CNG 9/21.)

Start Bid $40

304 JUSTINIAN II, Follis. S1294, VG/F or so, overstruck, crude & garbled, pale

brown (cleaned), rev monogram quite clear.

(An overstruck VF brought $259, CNG 6/05.) Starting Bid $25

305 ROMANUS I, Follis, S1760, Facg bust/4-line lgnd, Choice AEF, centered, just a

few obv letters wk, otherwise well struck, hilighted dark green patina, remarkably

good portrait detail. (An GVF brought $436, Gorny 10/16.) Start Bid $100

306 ANONYMOUS, Follis, S1818, Facg Christ bust/4-line lgnd, variety w/chevrons

above & below; AVF, rev sl off-ctr with some crudeness, obv quite bold & nice;

smooth dark patina with orangy hilighting.

(An AVF brought $107 in my 2/16 sale; VF $391, CNG eAuc 12/14.) Starting Bid $25

307 ANONYMOUS, Follis, S1825, Christ stg facg/Cross & IC-XC/NI-KA; F-VF, rev sl

off-ctr, dark brown patina, some detail on Christ.

(A F+ brought $50 in my 7/19 sale.) Start Bid $20

308 CONSTANTINE X, Follis, S1853, Christ stg facg/ Constantine & Eudocia stg;

F-VF, centered on elongated flan, hilighted green patina, almost no sign of

overstrike, figures show some detail, thus good for this.

(An AVF brought $115 on $275 bid in my 12/21 sale.) Starting Bid $20

309 MANUEL I, 1/2 Tetart, S1977, Facg bust/monogram, AVF, well centered,

smooth brown patina, only minor crudeness, face clear

(A VF brought $145, Elsen 6/06) Start Bid $20

310 JOHN VIII, 1423-48, Ar 1/2 Hyp, Facg Christ bust/John bust facg, S2564; EF,

obv nice for this with only small wk area at bottom edge, rev very crude; good

bright silver. (A VF-EF/VF realized $960, Gorny 10/10.) Starting Bid $125


311 AFGHANISTAN, Ghaznavids, Sebuktegin, 976-99 AD, Ar Dirhem, 18 mm,

VF+, centered & well struck, toned, nice for this.

(An AVF brought $60, Kunker 6/11.) Starting Bid $12

312 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (33 mm), Sasanian types, Ubayd Allah ibn

Ziyad, governor, Basra mint, 661-83, Yr 59; Choice EF, quite well struck, good silver

with lt tone. Rare. (Same but Yr 61 brought $575, Baldwin 9/11.) Start Bid $90

313 ARGENTINA, Æ 2 Decimos 1830, 32 mm, Nice AVF, rich brown color with

hints of red. (VF cat $100) Starting Bid $40

314 AUSTRALIA, Penny Token (1862), Parker, Ironmonger, Geelong; 34 mm,

Lgnds/Stg Justice; Nice EF/VF+, well struck, good brown surfaces. (KM EF $300)

Starting Bid $50

315 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, 1/4 Kronenthaler, 1797B, Francis II bust r/

Crowns in cross; VG/F, bright, trace of rev adj marks. Starting Bid $8

316 AZORES, 10 Reis 1865, 30 mm, Nice VF+. Start Bid $7

317 BOLIVIA, 2 Reales, 1774-JR, G/VG, "X" scr on face, otherwise nice for grade!

Good date (VG=$48.75) Start Bid $12

318 BOLIVIA, 8 Reales, 1785-PR, G, a hair off-ctr, face very wk, but nicely toned.

Better date. Starting Bid $35

319 BRAZIL, 40 Reis 1814B, 32 mm, Nice VF, well struck, good copper color

(VF cat $25). Starting Bid $15

320 BRIT. WEST INDIES, 1/8 Dollar, 1822/1, F, faint scrs, ltly toned, decent.

Starting Bid $7

321 CEYLON, Stiver, 1815, Geo III bust/Elephant, F-VF.

(A VG+ in my last sale brought $33 on $37 bid.) Starting Bid $13

322 CHILE, Real, 1816-FI, G/VG, bright, problem-free. Starting Bid $8

323 CHILE, 2 Reales, 1784, VG+, strongly 2-toned, quite bold & nice for grade.

Better date (VG cat $40) Starting Bid $30

324 CHILE, Peso, 1853, Condor & shield/Arms, F-VF, very sl rev rim faults,

nicely toned. (A VF with small marks & rim bumps brought $360, Album 7/22.)

Starting Bid $40

325 COLOMBIA, 2 Reales, 1821-Ba-JF Cundinamarca, G-VG/G, lettering all

bold. Starting Bid $10

326 COLOMBIA, Peso, 1862, VF, decent.

(A Near EF, not much better, brought $368, CNG 9/09.) Starting Bid $50

327 COSTA RICA, Real, 1847, Backwards B in JB, Tree/ Madonna, at least VG,

usual soft centers, lettering VF; everything clear, lt tone.

(A F with weak centers & crude rims brought $75 + buyer fee, Sedwick 11/20.)

Starting Bid $20

328 DANISH W.INDIES, Ar 10 Skilling 1845, Shield/lgnds, Nice EF, well struck,

good bright metal. Starting Bid $60

329 DANZIG, Groschen 1812, 20 mm, F/VG, sl off-ctr, a little rough.

Starting Bid $5

330 DENMARK, Schleswig-Holstein, Æ Dreiling 1787, Crowned monogram/lgnds,

25 mm, AVG/F, touches of porosity. (Cat F $30). Starting Bid $7

331 ECUADOR, 2 Reales, 1847, bust left/arms, 27 mm; AEF, well struck,

problem-free, very nice. (KM EF $300; an NGC VF35 brought $264, Stack's 8/21.)

Starting Bid $150

332 FRANCE, Meaux, Bishops, Gautier I, 1045-82, Ar Denier (NOT an

"election denier") Hand/cross, lgnds, 20 mm; F or so but very crude work. Rare.

(A VF realized $212, D'Antan 5/10.) Starting Bid $15

333 FRANCE, Valence & Die, Ar Denier, 13th cent, Cross/ Angel; VF, a touch

off-ctr, typical sl crudeness but good for this.

(A GVF brought $168, Naumann 7/20.) Starting Bid $25

334 FRANCE, Double Tournois 1615A, AF/F, medium brown, few minor porosity

spots on rev. Starting Bid $8

335 FRANCE, Ar 5 Sols, 1704BB, Bust r/crossed scepters, crown & 3 lises; AF, ltly

toned, decent, Starting Bid $10

336 FRANCE, 1/2 Ecu, 1730-V, Louis XV, Close to G, bust & some lettering wk, but

good metal with lt tone. Start Bid $12

337 FRANCE, Ecu 1726, mintmk "9," G-VG, some lt adj mks & possibly some regular

scrs. Six in date wk. Starting Bid $25

338 FRANCE, Ecu 1765-K, VG+, soft strike at chin, but no adjustment mks,

moderately toned. "K" weak. Starting Bid $30

339 FRANCE, 2 Sols, 1793-BB, L'An 5, nice bold F, good metal & strike.

Ex my collection, bought 1977. Start Bid $20

340 FRANCE, Monneron Token 2 Sols 1791, Std Liberty/ lgnds, Æ 32 mm, KM Tn23;

F+, asstd lt marks, all lettering clear. Starting Bid $10

341 FRANCE, Decime, L'An 4A, revalued from 2 Decimes by "UN" counterstamped

over "2" & S removed from DECIMES; VG+, minor scr on face, still quite nice for these. Start Bid $12

342 FRANCE, 1/2 Franc 1811BB, Napoleon bust, rev center worn out, otherwise

G, strong portrait. Starting Bid $2

343 FRANCE, 5 Francs, 1813-I, Napoleon portrait, AF, ltly toned, pleasant.

Starting Bid $30

344 FRANCE Assignat (paper money), 25 Sols, Jan. 4, 1792, 60x102 mm,

original, decent VG-F. Starting Bid $5

345 FRENCH CANADA, Silver Jeton, 1741, Louis XV bust r/ Poseidon stg, 31 mm,

Breton 515/516; Restrike Unc, ltly toned, very nice. Attractive elaborate art.

Starting Bid $25

346 FRENCH COLONIES, Æ 12 Deniers 1767, 27 mm, AG/Near G, clear date.

Not countermarked, rare thus; Breen says over 98% were countermarked.

Starting Bid $15

346A FRENCH GUIANA, 2 Sous 1789, 22+ mm, F or better, sl crudeness &

lt marks. Starting Bid $5

347 FRENCH INDIA, Pondicherry, Rupee, 1164/Yr 4, KM8, 1754-59; VF, sm weak

area each side. Starting Bid $20