337 HUNGARY, Bela, 1131-41, Ar Denar, 12 mm, Geometric designs, Edh.53, Hu.102;

Choice EF, good bright silver, virtually as struck. (An EF brought $105, Naumann 1/21.)

Starting Bid $25

338 HUNGARY, Wladislaw, Ar Denar, 1505-KH, Madonna & child/shield, 15 mm, EF, centered,

good strike for this, nice bright silver with lt tone. Starting Bid $12

339 INDIA, Western Kshatrapas, Nahapana, 119-124 AD, Ar Drachm, 16 mm, Bust r,

stylized thunderbolt & arrow, VF, some of lgnds crowded, excellent metal with lt tone, bold

realistic portrait. (A VF brought $256, Hirsch 9/19.) Starting Bid $25

340 INDIA, Amirs of Sind, Ar fractional dirham, c. 1000 AD, 9 mm, Arabic lgnds ea side,

VF-EF, dark tone, good for this. Starting Bid $2

341 INDIA, Mughals, Rupee, Muhammad Shah, 1719-48, Shahjahanabad mint, 1158/28;

AVF, ltly toned, nice. Starting Bid $10

342 ISLAMIC, Ghaznavids, c. 1100 AD? GOLD Dinar, 23 mm, 4.84 g; multi-line central lgnds,

lgnds around, each side; F-VF or so, sl crudeness/wkness. A lot of online searching didn't yield an

exact match. Good gold, melt $200+. Start Bid $180

343 ISLAMIC, Umayyad, Ar Dirham, Marwan II, al-Jazira, 128 AH. RARE. Choice VF-EF, well

struck with no wkness. (The only example of this exact coin I could find online was in

Baldwin's 5/13 sale, EF, estimated £200, unsold.) Start Bid $50

344 ISLAMIC, Ayyubids, Ar Dirham, Al-'Adil Abu-Bakr, 1195-1218, Dimashq (Damascus);

20 mm; VF-EF, good silver with luster hints, only minor crudeness.

(An EF brought $160, Peus 1/21.) Starting Bid $8

345 ISLAMIC, Seljuks, Ar Dirham, Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV & Kay Qubadh II, 1249-59,

Konya mint; Choice virtually Mint, well struck, good lustrous silver.

(A VF brought $59, CNG eAuc 9/17.) Starting Bid $22

346 ISLAMIC, Safavid (Persia), Tahmasp I, 1524-76, Ar 1/2 Shahi (14 mm), EF, small

crude/wk area each side, otherwise sharp, good metal with lt tone. Seems pretty rare.

(Similar, GVF, off-ctr, brought $145, Leu 8/20.) Starting Bid $10

347 ITALY, Papal States, Ar Lira, 1868-R-XXII, Pius IX bust l/wreath & lgnds; AF toned.

Starting Bid $5

348 ITALY, Venice, A. Mocenigo IV, 1763-78, Æ Soldo = 12 Bagattini, 21 mm, lion & doge/

Christ stg, F-VF/F, trace of rev porosity. (A VF realized $67, CNG eAuc 5/13.) Start Bid $7

349 JAPAN, Cash, Tokyo Mintmk (not checked for varieties) 1668-1700, lot of 7; picked

from a large hoard of mostly high grade coins, ALL CHOICE EF or better. Starting Bid $10

350 KOREA, Choson Tongbo cash coin, 1423, 24 mm, Mandel 10.3; VF, green & earthen

patina, minor roughness, fully clear & nice. Far scarcer than later stuff.

(A VF [chipped rim] brought $60, Teutoburger 9/19.) Starting Bid $25

351 KOREA, 1 Mun, "Treasury Office" mint, 1806-14, Mandel 13.60.1, KM72 (scarcer issue, F=$8),

24 mm, VF, lt brown, well made for these with all characters clear. Starting Bid $3

352 KOREA, 1 Mun, "General Military Office," 1757, Mandel 24.5.7, 25+ mm, AEF/F-VF,

tan-brass with some uneven color on rims. (KM VF $8) Starting Bid $3

353 KOREA, 2 Mun, Seoul Charity Office, 1679-95, 32 mm, Mandel 17.11.0, F, sl rev crudeness,

even tan. Starting Bid $3

354 KOREA, 100 Mun, 1866, KM143, 39 mm, VF, sl crude, olive; tan color.

(An AVF with rim nicks brought $198, Teutoburger 2/16.) Starting Bid $15

355 LIVONIA, Solidus, 16 mm, LOT of 16 pcs, c. 1645-1662, probably average VG or so

but very crude, some with roughness, encrustation, etc. Starting Bid $10

356 MEXICO, 1/2 Real 1802, Choice VF+, bright silver.

(A VF+ brought $146, Aureo & Calico 6/21.) Start Bid $30

357 MEXICO, Real, 1769, Pillar type, VG+ one teensy flaw on rev it's silly to mention. Nice.

Starting Bid $15

358 MEXICO, 1/2 Real, 1822, ITURBIDE, his head/eagle, VG, tiny ding behind head, still

bold & nice. Starting Bid $7

359 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, S. Hague Smith, Ironmonger, 1862-69, 35 mm, Prince

Albert bust/lgnds, F-VF, nice. (KM F cat $100). Starting Bid $25

360 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, 1857, Somerville, Family Grocer, 35 mm, Flower bunch/lgnds,

VF+, very bold & nice (VF cat $220). Starting Bid $35

361 PERSIA, Zand Dynasty, Ar Abbasi, AH 1177 (1755), Karim Khan, Kashan mint, 19 mm;

Virtually UNC, minor crudeness, minty luster. Starting Bid $15

362 PERU, Real 1817, G-VG but bold & nice. Start Bid $7

363 PERU, 2 Reales 1806, F (KM $35), very sl obv haymarking; some detail on bust.

Starting Bid $15

364 POLAND, Zloty 1832, Czar Alexander bust r/Lgnds & wreath, Choice AU, lustrous with

lt tone. Rev shows a slight die clash of outline of portrait if you look closely. KM EF40 $550; great Polish coins like this are worth over cat.

(An EF/Unc brought $1,752 + buyer fee, Heritage Europe 5/13.) Starting Bid $375

365 RHODES, Order of St. John, Juan Fernandez de Heredia, 1376-96, Ar Gigliato, 26 mm,

Grand Master kneeling with cross, G below cross/Cross Fleury; VF, actually almost as struck

but typically a little crude, some wkness in lgnds. Nice & Rare.

(A VF sold for $908, Hess-Divo 5/18.) Starting Bid $135

366 RUSSIA, 5 Kop copper, 1791/89-EM, big 43 mm, AVF/VF, 2-toned brown, minimal

porosity, bold appearance. Overdate fairly clear, unlisted, none found online.

(A VF+ 1791-EM, no overdate, brought $94 + buyer fee, D'Antan 11/11.) Starting Bid $25

367 RUSSIA, Ar 20 Kop, 1813, AF, ltly toned. Slight mount trace at top which I actually didn't even notice till seeing the photo. Start Bid $5

368 ST. HELENA, 1/2d 1821, VG. Starting Bid $4

369 SASANIAN, Shapur I, 241-72, Ar Drachm, 26 mm, Crowned bust r/fire altar &

attendants; VF+/VF, well centered & struck, minimally grainy, toned, boldly detailed.

(A VF brought $694, Kunker 10/20.) Starting Bid $80

370 SASANIAN, Yazdgard I, 399-420, Drachm, 30 mm, Mint state, bright lustrous silver,

typically crude but actually less so than usual; portrait quite reasonable. Minor flan faults in

obv margin. (A GVF realized $730, Kunker 9/06.) Starting Bid $40

371 SASANIAN, Peroz I, 457-84, Ar Drachm, scarcer first type crown without wings,

Sellw. type 48; AW (Ahwaz) Mint; EF, some usual crudeness but good for this, the rev

much better struck than usual; good bright metal.

(An EF, same variety & mint, brought $391, CNG eAuc 5/16.) Start Bid $50

372 SASANIAN, Peroz, 457-84, Ar Drachm, 2nd type crown with wings; Choice EF, exceptionally

well struck for this with almost human looking portrait; good bright silver.

(An EF of the type brought $253, Peus 4/18.) Starting Bid $40

373 SASANIAN, Peroz, 457-84, Ar Drachm, crown with wings; VF, somewhat crude as typical,

decent clear portrait, good bright silver. (A VF of the type sold for $205, iNumis 3/09.)

Starting Bid $28

374 SASANIAN, Peroz, 457-84, LOT of 7 Ar Drachms: 4 with large edge chips + 3 broken

& reglued. Otherwise high grade, VF-EF with good portraits! Starting Bid $50

375 SASANIAN, Khusru II, Drachm, Jay Mint, Yr. 28, big 34 mm, Choice EF, very well struck

with no wkness, portrait of fine style; good bright silver.

(An EF, same mint, brought $748, Triton 1/11.) Starting Bid $50

376 SCOTLAND, Conder Token 1/2d 1791, Edinburgh, Lothian D&H 40, St. Andrew

hldg big cross/shield; Choice VF, medium brown, nice. Starting Bid $15

377 SCOTLAND, Fantasy Pattern Crown, 1808, George III bust r/crowned thistles;

Nickl-sil w/"platinum" surface, Choice Prooflike. Starting Bid $4

378 SIBERIA, 1/2 Kopeck (Denga) 1775, Crowned E monogram in wreath/Foxes hldg shield;

EF, darkish brown, sharp strike with just a few letters wk. Better date, KM $225.

Starting Bid $50

379 SOGDIANA, Silk Road, Choresmia, Samarkand, Ar Obol, c.400 AD, 10 mm, head l./figure

with bow rt; cupped fabric; Choice AEF, well centered, good metal, nice clear head.

(A VF realized $142, CNG eAuc 4/19.) Starting Bid $35

380 SPAIN, Ferdinand & Isabella, 1474-1504, 2 Reales, Granada, Shield/Yoke & Arrow

bundle; unround 30 mm flan, F, crude, some wkness, minimally grainy.

(A VF, same mint, brought $170 + buyer fee, Soler y Llach 10/15.) Start Bid $35

381 SPAIN, 2 Reales 1775 Madrid, Bust/shield, VG, a hit at obv left bulges on rev; not

horrible. Starting Bid $6

382 SPAIN, 4 Reales, 1811 Madrid-AI, Joseph Napoleon bust/arms, VG/F, ltly toned, faint

obv graininess. Start Bid $8

383 TABARISTAN, Sasanian style Ar Hemidrachm, Bust/fire altar etc, Jarir, 786-88, dated

PYE 135, Gov's name in margin, Alb.64; Large flan 25 mm, Virtually Mint, much luster, sl

crude strike but above average. (Same variety, VF, brought $283, Baldwin's 12/13.)

Starting Bid $40

384 USA, Trade Dollar, 1874-CC, scarce date (VF bid $400), AEF, 4 Chinese chopmarks on

obv, 2 on rev, slightly warping the coin; yellowy tone. Starting Bid $135


385 Edward III, 1327-77, Ar Penny, Durham, Bishop Hatfield, S1596, AVF, sl off-ctr on

squareish flan, actually almost as struck with excellent metal, lt pinkish-grey toning, but

crudely struck, face weak. RARE. Starting Bid $50

386 Edward IV, First reign, 1461-70, Ar 1/2 Groat, S-2018, 23 mm, F+, sl off-ctr on unround

flan, sl wkness in lgnd, portrait fully clear. Moderately toned. RARE. Starting Bid $75

387 Charles I, Ar 1/2 Groat, Bust l./shield, S2818, mm star; overall F, parts better but crude,

portrait weak, short of flan at one edge. Good metal with tone. Starting Bid $15

388 Charles II, Undated Milled 2 Pence, Bust l/shield, Choice VF, well struck, excellent

metal with rich old tone. (A VF brought $248, Noble 4/16.) Starting Bid $40

389 Charles II, Maundy Twopence 1680, Choice VF, few sl obv faults but well struck on

good metal with nice iridescent tone; well detailed portrait. Starting Bid $30

390 Charles II, Maundy 3 Pence, 1678, AVF, sl hint of haymarking, a nice bold strike

with detailed portrait, pleasantly toned. Starting Bid $30

391 Charles II, Maundy 3 pence 1681, Choice VF/EF, almost invisible rev scrs but

excellent metal with lt tone & underlying flash. Well detailed portrait. Starting Bid $35

392 Charles II, 4 Pence 1680, Choice VF-EF/VF, well struck with excellent portrait detail,

nice lt tone. (Compare a 1681, GVF, bringing $307, CNG eAuc 11/19.) Starting Bid $50

393 Charles II, 6 Pence, 1674, Nice bold VG, well struck, good metal with deep toning.

Spink £75. Starting Bid $45

394 William & Mary, 2 Pence, 1693/2, Choice VF beauty, well struck with strong

detailed portraits; great metal with reflective surfaces & iridescent tone. Starting Bid $60

395 William III, Maundy 3 Pence 1698, VG/G, insignificant scrs, 2-toned, obv very bold.

Starting Bid $15

396 William III, 2 Pence, 1700, VF, small dig near obv right edge, another almost unnoticeable

on rev; otherwise excellent metal with nice tone, well detailed portrait. Start Bid $20

397 William III, 6 Pence, 1697, 3rd bust, small crowns, ESC 1567 = Rare; F/AF, extremely

slight surface imperfections, ltly toned. Starting Bid $35

398 William III, 6 Pence, 1697-E, S3530, VG-F, very sl flan flaws, toned. Very scarce Exeter

mint issue. Starting Bid $35

399 William III, Shilling, 1697-B, 3rd bust, ESC 1103 = Rare; F/AVF, ltly toned, strong portrait.

Bristol mint. Spink F £125.

(A GF with lt haymarking, 1st bust, not as rare, brought $258, Baldwin's 9/13.)

Starting Bid $100

400 William III, Crown, 1700, VG/G, good metal with lt tone, obv very nice, rev weak

in center. TERTIO edge, the scarcer of the 2 varieties. Starting Bid $45

401 Anne, Maundy 4 Pence 1708, Nice F-VF, well struck, good metal with pleasant

accentuating tone. Starting Bid $25

402 Anne, 3 Pence, 1713, AVF, old toning. Starting Bid $25

403 Anne, 6 Pence, 1707-E, F/VF, well struck on good metal, toned, very nice.

Starting Bid $40

404 George I, 4 Pence, 1721, VF/AVF, good metal with medium toning, well struck, nice.

Starting Bid $35

405 George II, Farthing, 1737 Small Date, AVF, minor faults, medium brown, decent.

(A VF, rev better, brought $135, DNW 6/01.) Starting Bid $20

406 George II, 1/2 Penny, 1735, Nice VF, good darkish brown surfaces.

(A GVF sold for $214, Noble 7/20.) Starting Bid $45

407 George II, 4 Pence, 1735, Choice VF, well struck, good metal, accentuating tone,

problem free. Starting Bid $40

408 George II, 4 Pence, 1760, Choice VF+, excellent metal & strike, lt tone. Scarce

final year. Starting Bid $45

409 George II, Shilling, 1747, Choice AEF, excellent metal quality, luster & pleasing lt tone.

(An EF realized $884, Baldwin's 9/07; GVF $421 + buyer fee, Sovereign Rarities 9/18.)

Starting Bid $200


410 Enrique IV, "El Impotente," 1454-74, Ar Quartillo, 27 mm, Facing bust/castle, Jaen mint;

Nice F-VF, good metal with deep tone, portrait fully clear. RARE.

(A VF (diff mint) brought $202, CNG eAuc 3/12.) Starting Bid $65

411 Ferdinand & Isabella, 1469-1504, Ar Real, 26 mm, Shield/bundle of arrows & yoke,

Toledo, AVF, good strike with only minor crudeness, excellent metal, nice lt tone. In env from

Wayte Raymond sale, Nasca 5/78. (A Choice VF, diff mint, brought $385 in my 6/21 sale.)

Starting Bid $85

412 Philip II, 1556-98, Ar Real, Seville, Shield/cross w/lions & castles, 21+ mm, somewhat

clipped, AVF, good metal with lt tone, strong features. In Dana Roberts holder. Actually much

rarer than 4 or 8 Reales! Starting Bid $30

413 Philip III, Æ 8 Maravedis, 1617, Segovia, Lion, date at rt/castle, 27 mm, Nice VF, centered,

well struck, good brown color. (Same variety, VF+, brought $283, Aureo & Calico 10/17.)

Starting Bid $20

414 Philip IV, 8 Maravedis, 1662 Madrid-Y, Bust r/crowned shield, denom as VIII, 22 mm;

VF+, rev sl off-ctr,m sl die flaws, good metal & strong portrait.

(Same var., VF brought $70 + buyer fee, Soler y Llach 10/11.) Starting Bid $20

415 Philip IV, 16 Maravedis, 1663 Seville-R, 25+ mm, VF-EF, somewhat off-ctr but quite

well struck, good lt brown metal; portrait unusually nice.

(A Nice VF brought $56, CNG eAuc 6/04.) Starting Bid $20

416 Philip IV, 16 Maravedis, 1664 Madrid-Y, Choice VF, well struck, nice medium brown

surfaces. (Same var., GVF, brought $74, Ibercoin 11/21.) Starting Bid $20

417 Carlos III, Pretender, 2 Reales, 1711, Barcelona, crowned monogram/crowned shield,

sl crude F-VF, hint of roughness, edge irregularity.

(Same variety, VF+, brought $145 + buyer fee, Aureo & Calico 5/16.) Starting Bid $20

418 Philip V, 2 Maravedi, 1718, Barcelona, Lion hldg 2 scepters/crowned arms, VF+, sl off-ctr,

teensy faults, lt brown, nice. In env from Wayte Raymond sale, NASCA 5/78.

(Same var., VF, realized $50, Tauler & Fau 11/20.) Starting Bid $20

419 Philip V, 1/2 Real, 1735 M-JF, Nice F+/AF, bold, lt tone.

(VF brought $102, Emp. Hamburg 9/11.) Start Bid $8

420 Philip V, Real, 1732 Seville-PA; Nice VF, well struck, good metal with medium tone.

(KM cat $30) Starting Bid $15

421 Philip V, 2 Reales, 1718, Cuenca-JJ, Crowned arms/lions & castles, 27 mm, Choice VF+,

well struck, good metal with nice contrasting tone. Scarce date/mint!

(A VF+ realized $161, Aureo & Calico 3/20.) Starting Bid $45

422 Philip V, 2 Reales 1722 Seville-J, EF+, some very sl imperfections, excellent lustrous

metal with nice lt toning. (Same variety, EF+, brought $274 + buyer fee, Soler y Llach 2/11.)

Starting Bid $70

423 Philip V, 2 Reales, 1725 Seville-J, AEF/VF, minimally off-ctr, well struck, good metal

with lt tone. (A VF+ brought $131, Aureo & Calico 12/20.) Starting Bid $50

424 Luis I, 2 Reales, 1724 Seville-J, AVF/F, minimally off-ctr, good metal with lt tone, very

sl wkness at edge. Scarce ruler. (A VF/VF+ brought $501, Cayon 5/12.) Starting Bid $60

425 Ferdinand VI, Real, 1757, Madrid-JB, Arms/lions & castles, Choice VF, excellent metal

with attractive lt toning. KM VF $35 (A VF sold for $82, Aureo & Calico 5/14.)

Starting Bid $30

426 Charles III, 2 Maravedis 1787, bust r/lions & castles, Choice VF, well struck with strong

detail. (A VF/VF+ brought $60, Aureo & Calico 12/21.) Starting Bid $15

427 Charles III, Real, 1774 Seville-CF, Choice VF, excellent metal & detail, lt tone.

(A VF/VF+ with golpecito brought $72, Aureo & Calico 10/14.) Starting Bid $25

428 Charles III, 2 Reales, 1788 Seville-C, Choice EF-AU, good metal with lt tone & much

flash of luster; portrait with bold detail. Bought 1984; amazing I could get such great coins.

(I wish I were better at photographing such coins; this picture doesn't do the coin justice.)

(An EF+ brought $387, Aureo & Calico 3/17.) Starting Bid $125

429 Charles IV, 4 Reales, 1792 Madrid-MF, F+/AVF, ltly toned, exceedingly nice.

(A VF realized $271 Soler y Llach 10/10.) Starting Bid $60

430 Charles IV, 8 Maravedis, 1808, Segovia, Nice bold AF, light brown, sl off-ctr.

Starting Bid $5

431 Charles IV, 2 Reales, 1806 Seville CN, VF, well struck, strong detail, ltly toned.

(A VF brought $64, Ibercoin 7/21.) Starting Bid $20

432 Joseph Napoleon, 4 Reales, 1811 Madrid AI, Nice F, excellent metal with lt tone, bold &

problem free. (A VF brought $411, Aureo & Calico 12/16.) Starting Bid $20

433 Joseph Napoleon, 20 Reales 1810 Madrid-AI, Nice VF, good metal with mellow tone,

problem-free, choice quality. (A VF+ sold for $626, Aureo & Calico 12/13.) Starting Bid $150

434 Ferdinand VII, 2 Maravedis, 1831 Segovia, Nice AEF, well struck. Starting Bid $6

435 Ferdinand VII, 8 Maravedis, 1820 Jubia, nice bold VG+/F, medium brown. good medium

brown surfaces. Start Bid $4

436 Ferdinand VII, 2 Reales, 1811, Cadiz-CI, EF-AU, a bit softly struck in centers, excellent

metal with luster & lt tone.

(A sl clnd AEF brought $222, Tauler & Fau 10/21; EF+ $432, Aureo & Calico, 4/15.)

Starting Bid $65

437 Ferdinand VII, 10 Reales, 1821 Madrid-SR, Nice AF/F-VF, good metal & well struck, lt tone.

(A F+ brought $182, D'Antan 5/11.) Starting Bid $25

438 Isabel II, 2 Maravedis, 1858 Barcelona, Choice VF, well struck, good metal, nice tone.

Scarce issue. (A VF+ brought $79, Soler y Llach 10/11.) Starting Bid $15

439 BARCELONA, 4 Quartos, 1810, cast issue, AVF, many tiny raised dots from the casting,

sl dark patina, sl scr, bold clear features. (A VF+ brought $98, Soler y Llach 7/13.) Start Bid $12