332 CONSTANS II, 1/2 Follis, Carthage, S1057, Facg bust/ Cross betw X's; VF, large flan, brown & pale green

patina, obv wk at right edge, rev wk & crude at SW; unusually good clear face on portrait.

(A VF sold for $302, Gorny 3/12.) Starting Bid $20

333 LEO V, Follis, S1637, Facg Leo bust/Constantine bust facg; AVF, centered on usual smallish squareish flan,

pale green patina with some hilighting, both faces decent. Start Bid $15

334 BASIL II, Cherson cast Æ, S1814, Monogram/monogram, AF, well centered, greenish-brown, decent

surfaces, reasonably clear features. Scarce. Ex Pegasi $225. (A F brought $100, Munz Zentrum 11/88.)

Starting Bid $20

335 ANONYMOUS, (Michael IV) Follis, S1825, Christ stg facg/IC-XC-NI-KA in quarters of jeweled cross; AVF,

smooth brown, minor edge split, much detail with only sl signs of overstrike. Quite good for this, was in my

collection since '86 as best I could get till recently (A GVF but off-ctr on small flan brought $384, DNW 10/09.)

Starting Bid $25

336 ANONYMOUS, (Nicephorus III) Follis, S1889, Christ bust facg/cross; AVF/VF, nrly centered, dark green

patina, minor roughness, Christ face weakly visible, rev hilighted & bold.

(A VF with weak portrait brought $100, Noble 7/07.) Start Bid $22

337 MICHAEL VIII, Æ Trachy, S2285, St Nicholas 1/2 length bust/Michael stg facg; F-VF or so, typically crude

& partly wk, several edge splits, dark green patina. RARE! (A VF brought $244, CNG 10/13.) Starting Bid $30

338 MICHAEL VIII, Æ Trachy, S2290, Christ stg/Ruler std; crude G/AF or so, a little bendy, dark green with

earthen hilighting. RARE. Starting Bid $15

339 LEAD SEAL, c.7th century, 21 mm, 4 mm thick, Eagle (looks more like a duck) with spread wings,

Monogram above/3 line lgnd; VF/VF+, sl off-ctr, reddish-brown patina, rev lgnd almost complete & very clear.

Nice for these. (A GF (diff lgnd) brought $71, CNG eAuc 1/08.) Starting Bid $25

340 LEAD SEAL, c. 7th cent., 17x22 mm bowtie shape, Facg bust of Virgin with medallion of Christ on breast,

betw crosses/monogram; F, highlighted grey patina, monogram somewhat crude, obv fully clear. (A VF with diff monogram brought $173, Nomos 5/20.) Starting Bid $18


341 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (31 mm), Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad, Governor of Iraq, 674-83 AD, Basra Mint,

Year 60; Types as Sasanian but Arabic lgnds, Choice EF, good metal, very well struck.

(An EF brought $437, CNG eAuc 11/17.) Start Bid $80

342 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (31 mm), 'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, 685-705, Sijistan Mint, AH 80, in

margin Bismillah & Rabbi, Alb.37; Choice EF, good bright silver, very well struck with no wkness.

(An EF, this exact variety & date, brought $259, Triskeles 4/18.) Starting Bid $90

343 ARMENIA, Levon I, 1198-1219, Ar Tram, 22 mm, King facg on lion throne/cross betw lions; Choice EF,

good lustery silver, well struck for this with less than the usual crudeness. (A Nr EF brought $270, CNG 9/10.)

Starting Bid $25

344 CHINA, Fish money, before 500 BC, 73 mm, raised central line with some sl radiating lines; eye hole; green

patina & encrusted earth. Broken in half & pretty well repaired. The good news: that proves old metal, not a

modern fake. Start Bid $5

345 CHINA, Knife coin, "Ming" series, c.400-220 BC, 139 mm, Hartill 4.40 variety, zuo above, lower character

I'm not sure; VF/F or so, green patina, a little crusty with sl soil Genuine.

(A similar piece VF (ex my collection) brought $230, Teutoburger 2/13.) Starting Bid $35

346 CHINA, Square-foot Spade coin, "Zhai Yang," 350-250 BC, Schj. 29, Hartill 3.417, 45 mm; Choice VF,

green & brown patina, nice with fully clear characters. Genuine.

(A Near VF, same var., brought $184, CNG eAuc 11/14.) Starting Bid $50

347 CHINA, Early round coin, State lof Yan, c.300-220 BC, "Yi Hua," Sch.78, Hart. 6.17, 2 characters, 20 mm;

VG, brownish green patina, reasonably clear tho right character weak. (A F brought $55, Daniel Ching sale 6/91.) Starting Bid $5

348 CHINA, Pan-liang, 175-119 BC, Hartill 7.17, Schj.93, 23 mm, 2 characters, EF, dark green patina with sl

earthen hilighting, no roughness, bold characters. Starting Bid $6

349 CHINA, LOT of 10 Pan-liangs, as last, 2nd cent BC, avg F and decent (And genuine — of course.)

Starting Bid $20

350 CHINA, Western Han Dynasty Wu-zhu, 115-113 BC, S-114, Hart.8.6, Choice EF, original silvery-brown

surface. Start Bid $5

351 CHINA, Wang Mang, 7-22 AD, Huo-pu spade coin, S-148, Hart. 9.30, VF-EF, dark greenish & reddish-brown

patina, traces of adhesions, nice sharp piece. Genuine. (A GVF brought $206, Noble 11/14.) Starting Bid $30

352 CHINA, Misc Dynasties before about 600 AD, Wu-zhu, Schj.-257, VF+, greenish patina, minor encrustation.

Start Bid $2

353 CHINA, T'ang Dynasty, Kai-yuan, 621-718 AD, Schj.312, H.14.1, Choice VF-EF, nice contrasting green &

brown patina, bold characters. SB $3

354 CHINA, Northern Song Dynasty, Sheng-sung, 1101 AD, Hart.16.357, F-VF, dark green patina.

Starting Bid $1

355 CHINA, Northern Song Dynasty, 960-1127 AD, LOT of 15 diff coins, identified by Schjoth #s, all strictly VF.

Start Bid $30

356 CHINA, Large 10 Cash, 34 mm, Chong-ning, 1102-06, Hartill 16.407, Schj.622; Nice VF, even brown patina

with hilighting, attractive. (An F-VF brought $81 in my last sale; VF $127, Teutoburger 9/11.) Starting Bid $10

357 CHINA, Southern Song Dyn, Chien-yen, 1127-62 AD, Large 2 cash, 28 mm, Schj.674, Hart.17.9; AF, dark

brown patina with strong pale green hilighting. Starting Bid $3

358 CHINA, Qing Dynasty, Yong-zheng, 1723-35, LOT of 10 pcs, BOR & Yunnan mints, VG-F or better but crude,

some with sl faults. Not so common. Starting Bid $8

359 CHINA, LOT of 12 fakes of early non-round coins, spades, charms, etc., couple duplicates (Wang Mang key

money & spade), nothing deceptive. Starting Bid $25

360 DOMINICAN REP, as Santo Domingo, Carlos & Juana, 1544-64, Æ 4 Maravedis, 27 mm, Crowned

floralized V betw E-IIII, variety with O below (very clear & seems quite rare)/ crowned pillars; at least VG,

very crude, much wkness; brown; ragged edge split. (A VF, no "O," brought $690, Triton 1/20.) Starting Bid $20

361 ELBING, Billon Solidus, 17 mm, 1630-35, lot of 15 pcs, avg crude G-VG or better, no dates.

Starting Bid $15

362 ENGLAND, Richard II, 1377-99, Halfpenny, London, S1699; F, sl crudeness, lgnds partly wk, decent metal

with lt tone, portrait reasonably clear. Really not at all bad for this.

(Almost equal to Near VF bringing $184, CNG eAuction 5/06.) . Starting Bid $40

363 James I, Shilling, S2655, G-VG/AF, small flan or sl clipped, tops of most lettering off; good metal with

moderate tone; portrait clearly outlined at least. Starting Bid $25

364 Charles II, Farthing, 1672, Bust l./Britannia std, loose drapery var, Peck 521 (rated Very Scarce, vs "Common"

for the normal one); F-VF, decent brown surfaces, minor area of crudeness at obv edge, much detail on portrait.

(Spink VF cat £325; A GVF/NVF brought $138, Baldwin'5/09.) Start Bid $70

365 William & Mary, Pattern Farthing or medalet, His bust r/Her bust r, Montagu 15, VG, brown, trace of stain

on rev. Ex my collection bought 1979. Starting Bid $20

366 William III, Farthing 1698, date at bottom, Peck 663 (Extremely rare), at least VG for this, lgnds partly wk,

some detail on portrait & Britannia, lt porosity. Date fully clear. my collection bought pre-1977.

(A Fair with corrosion brought $245, LCA 11/03.) Starting Bid $50

367 George I, 1/2 Penny 1720/19, not listed, definitely an overdate tho not clearly over '19; the fat 0 different

from this date's norm; Nice VG-F/F, excellent smooth brown surfaces. Ex my collection bought mid-70s.

Starting Bid $20

368 George II, Halfpenny 1745, Choice VF or better, strongly struck & detailed, excellent glossy brown surfaces.

Hint of a rim bump on rev might be mentioned, but that would take nitpicking a step too far.

(A GVF brought $345, Baldwin's 4/07.) Starting Bid $45

369 George II, Ar 3 Pence 1746/3, Choice EF, lovely metal with rich old toning, problem-free.

Starting Bid $50

370 George III, 1/2 Penny, 1775, decent VG, medium brown. A well made contemporary counterfeit.

Start Bid $4

371 George III, Sixpence 1787 No Hearts, Choice AU, strong flashy luster, sharply struck.

(An EF brought $196, CNG eAuc 9/16.) Starting Bid $70

372 Conder Token 1/2d 1791, Anglesey, Druid head/PMCo monogram; Choice F-VF or better, lustery brown

surfaces, minor die flaws. Starting Bid $10

373 Conder Token 1/2d 1792, Lancs. Rochdale D&H 145, Man in loom/sheep above arms; VF+ good brown

surfaces, very sl rim bump. Starting Bid $12

374 Conder Token 1/2d 1795, Middlesex, "For Purifying water," Filtering Stone/"Coventry Street" etc; D&H 292.

F-VF, obv better, rev somewhat crude. Decent brown. Start Bid $10

375 Conder Token lot, 13 pieces, all carefully selected with attention to quality, being exceptionally crummy.

Start Bid $5

376 Token, Twopence ND (c.1811-12), Robert Blake, Norwich, Loom shuttle & ribbon/arms, a big 41 mm piece,

VF, nice for this, only lt marks consistent with the grade, good rims. Starting Bid $15

377 GEORGIA, Bagratids, Queen Rusudan, 1223-45 AD, Æ Fals, 28 mm, Arabic lgnds; VF in centers, peripheries

flatly struck, brown patina, sl graininess, but much is clear.

(A Near VF with lt roughness brought $173, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid $20

378 GERMANY, Brandenburg, billon Solidus 1627, 16 mm, GW monogram/Eagle, F-VF, sl off-ctr, decent metal

with lt tone. (A G-VG in my last sale brought $26 on $29 bid.) Start Bid $6

379 Oldenburg, Anton Gunther 1603-67, with title of Ferd III, Ar 28 Stuber, 41 mm (taler size), Dav.713,

2-headed eagle/shield, F or so, much striking wkness as usual, tiny bit of encrustation.

(A VF with strike wkness brought $232, Solidus 4/16.) Starting Bid $50

380 HEPHTHALITES, Nezak Huns, Napki-Malka, c.620-700 AD, Ar Drachm, 29 mm, Bust rt with funny little hat/

fire altar, Gobl 236; AVF, sm edge split, good silver color with grey tone, obv well struck with strong portrait &

lgnd particularly clear; rev very crude & partly flat as usual. Starting Bid $30

381 HUNGARY, Leopold the Hogmouth, Ar 6 Kreuzer, 26 mm, 1670/69, Bust r/Madonna & child; Choice Unc,

a little curvy from roller dies, superb sharp portrait, good lustrous metal with nice lt tone. Very clear overdate.

(An Unc-minus brought $230 + buyer fee, Marciniak auction 10/18.) Starting Bid $45

382 INDIA, 16 diff (?) dump style copper coins, mostly unidentified, mixed grades as they come, several VF.

Starting Bid $13

I am always buying and pay fair prices.

383 ISLAMIC, 16 asstd copper coins (few maybe base sil), generally lower grade tho several F-VF;

5 are identified marked with former owner's prices totalling $117. Starting Bid $17

384 Seljuks of Rum, Ar Dirham, 23 mm, Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV & Kay Qubadh II, Siwas Mint, AH 647

(yes, this is all one coin), Alb.1227; Brill. Unc, centered & well struck, good lustrous silver.

(A GVF, same var., realized $234, CNG eAuc 12/13.) Starting Bid $25

385 ITALY, Normans of Sicily, William II, 1166-89. Æ Trifollaro, 26 mm, Lion head facg 3/4 left/palm & dates;

F+, somewhat off-ctr & a little crude, brown patina with minimal graininess; strong clear lion face.

(A F-VF with some wkness brought $66 in one of my past sales, I forgot to note the date on the card in my file,

but it looks faded & old.) Start Bid $20

386 JAPAN, 22 asstd cash coins, incl two 4-Mons, one of which is the scarce early 21-waves type in EF/VF;

at least 8 of the rest are VF-EF, others average. Starting Bid $13

387 KOREA, 2 Mun, Kaesong Military Office, 1679-1752, 31 mm, Mandel 34.36.0, Vertical line at rev rt;

F & very decent for this, 2-toned brassy metal. Scarce variety. Starting Bid $2

388 LIVONIA, Solidus, 16 mm, LOT of 10 diff dates, 1645-55, crude F-VF, above average for these.

Start Bid $25

389 MEXICO, Oaxaca revolutionary coinage by Gen. Morelos, 8 Reales, copper, 1813, KM234, 37 mm,

greyish-brown patina, F-VF crude & partly ill-struck with various faults, date fully clear.

(A VF brought $720, Heritage 4/20, though it was particularly nice, and even so the price seems crazy.)

Start Bid $25

390 PERU, 2 Reales 1781, G-VG decent for grade. Start Bid $6

391 RIGA, Billon Solidus, 1643, Queen Christina, Choice VF, well centered & struck, good even brown color,

unusually nice for these. Starting Bid $5

392 RUSSIA, 5 Kop copper, 1784-EM, big 42 mm, VF, but really VF, with strong detail, minor crudeness & a

hint of graininess. Starting Bid $15

393 SASANIAN, Varhran II, 274-93, Ar Drachm, 27 mm, Busts of King & queen facing heir/fire altar betw

attendants; VF+/AEF, well centered & struck without wkness, good metal with deep old toning. Rare.

(A VF brought $924, Peus 4/18.) Starting Bid $195

394 Hormizd II, 302-09, Drachm, bust r/fire altar, 26 mm, EF, well centered & struck without any wkness,

good bright silver. (A VF brought $221 on $300 bid in my 6/05 sale; VF $604, CNG 9/03.) Starting Bid $90

395 Yazdgard I, 399-420, Drachm, 29 mm, Bishapur mint; Mint State, sl crude as always but less so than usual,

good strike for this with really good portrait actually looking like a human being. Bright lustrous silver.

Scarcer with clear mint too.

(Compare a GVF bringing $299, CNG 9/06; another GVF realized $730, Kunker 9/06.) Starting Bid $70

396 Peroz, 459-84, Drachm, 28 mm, Gor mint (very clear), Choice AEF, well centered & boldly struck, not crude;

good metal with lt tone. (A VF realized $205, iNumis 3/09.) Starting Bid $35

397 Kavad I, 488-531, Drachm, 29 mm, Marv, Year 35; Choice EF, quite well struck for this with no wkness &

good quality portrait. Excellent bright metal.

(A VF or better (diff mint) brought $101 on $125 bid in my 1/19 sale.) Starting Bid $35

398 Hormizd IV, Drachm, 31 mm, Bishapur mint, Year 12; EF, typically somewhat crude with some areas of wk

strike on rev, mint & year fully clear; good metal withy medium tone. Clear portrait with big fish-eye

(A VF/EF [very crude obv] brought $201, Teutoburger 9/15.) Starting Bid $15

399 Khusru II, Drachm, Artashir-Kwarrah = Gor, Yr 25, 31 mm, EF, portrait of good style, only sl touches of

crudeness; good fresh metal with lt tone, 2 tiny edge splits. Starting Bid $30

400 Khusru II, Drachm, Darabgird, Yr. 35, 32 mm, EF, fine style portrait, well struck with virtually no wkness,

good metal with lt tone. (This mint, VF-EF/EF, brought $304, Rauch 9/09.) Starting Bid $35

401 Khusru II, Drachm, Jay, Yr. 30, 32 mm, EF, fine style portrait, quite well struck, good metal, lt tone.

(A VF, same mint, brought $141, Emp. Hamburg 4/13) Start Bid $35

402 Khusru II, Drachm, Ray Mint, Yr.26, 32 mm, AEF, fine style portrait, well struck, good metal with nice

mellow tone. (An EF, same mint, brought $150, Pegasi 11/09.) Starting Bid $30

403 Khusru II, Drachm, Shiz, Yr. 25, 31 mm, Mint State, fine style portrait, quite well struck, bright lustrous silver.

(A VF, this mint, brought $120, iNumis 10/09.) Starting Bid $45

404 SIBERIA, 1/2 Kopeck (Denga) 1779, Crowned E monogram in wreath/2 Sables supporting arms; VF-EF,

very sl off-ctr, nice smooth brown surfaces. (A VF-EF realized $111, Sincona 10/12.) Starting Bid $40

405 SICILY, William II, 1166-89, Æ Follaro, 14 mm, Lion head facg 3/4 left/Arabic inscr; F-VF or better, sl off-ctr

& a bit crude on sl ragged flan, lion face fully clear. Note, a coin of this same ruler appears here as Lot 385 under "Italy." I think my organizing abilities are better than those of most people but, obviously, I'm not perfect in this regard. When listing this coin I'd forgotten having listed the other; not till doing the photos did I realize this bungling. (A VF sold for $145, Roma 1/17.) Starting Bid $15

406 TABARISTAN, Sasanian style Ar Hemidrachm, Bust/fire altar etc, Farkhan, 711-31 AD, Alb.50; Choice EF,

well struck with nice sharp portrait, good lustrous metal. (A VF-EF realized $294, Fischer 3/16.) Starting Bid $35

407 TABARISTAN,. Jarir, 786-88 AD, Sasanian style Ar Hemidrachm, 24 mm, Bust/fire altar etc, Name in front

of portrait, Year PYE 136; EF, almost as struck with luster, minor crudeness. Scarce.

(An EF, this exact variety, brought $415, Baldwin's 12/13.) Starting Bid $35

408 TURKOMANS, Zengid Atabegs of Mosul, Qutb al-Din Mawdud, 1149-70, Male head 3/4 left, 2 winged

creatures above/lgnds, SS-59; F-VF, sl off-ctr, brown patina, strong clear face.

(A VF brought $175, Roma 5/18.) Starting Bid $25


409 GREEK coins, 25 assorted, quite low grade, generally probably not identifiable. Four lots available.

Start Bid $25

410 GREEK, 21 assorted, better than last, generally around VG, many may be identifiable. Three lots available.

Starting Bid $40

411 GREEK, 16 diff, identified in envelopes, rather low grades. Two similar lots available. Starting Bid $40

412 PARTHIA, Lot of 97 small bronzes, quite low grade, probably not identifiable except that they are

definitely Parthian, mostly green patinas. Two lots available. Start Bid $60

413 MESOPOTAMIA, Seleuceia ad Tigrim, small bronze, Tyche head r/Date "1st of Dios 224" = 88 BC.

(Highly unusual for a coin to be dated to a specific day.) Rare?? Couldn't find a sale record, G-VG or so,

Lot of 14 pcs. Starting Bid $20

414 CARTHAGE, 10 coins, various types, average VG or better. Starting Bid $20

415 ROMAN coins of 32 diff rulers incl a few 2nd century, identified at least by ruler. Lower grades, some not

too bad. Starting bid calculated to be cheap at $75

416 ROMAN Asses, 10 pcs, identified by ruler incl 2 Augustus, Drusus, Germanicus, Claudius, Crispina;

quite low grade, mostly with roughness. Starting Bid $25

417 ROMAN PROVINCIAL, 11 pcs, all around VG, not bad, generally probably identifiable.

Starting Bid $25

418 LATE ROMAN, 33 asstd coins, generally around F & identifiable, many with lt to moderate detractions.

Start Bid $65

419 BYZANTINE, 28 diff types, identified by Sear number, generally very crappy condition. Starting Bid $50

420 BYZANTINE, 43 asstd (no scyphates), poor condition, generally will not be exactly identifiable. Starting Bid $35

421 BYZANTINE, Anonymous Folles with Facing Christ bust, 13 pcs, typical crudeness, close to Fine. Starting Bid $30

422 DIGITAL CAMERA, Olympus SP-600UZ, 12 Megapixel, takes 4 AA batteries, with wire to transfer

pictures to computer. I bought this a few years ago to photograph coins for these sales. Did pretty good but now

I've switched again to something different. Instructions are accessible in the camera itself but it's pretty easy

to use with a little trial-and-error fussing around. Starting Bid $20


423 Auction catalogs from 19 different overseas firms, recent, all with ancient coins & plates, mostly hefty

catalogs, half with PRLs, weight 38 lbs. (Shipping cost abt $24) Start Bid $25

424 Babelon, Ancient Numismatics & Its History, 248 pp, hardcover w/dj, translated from French,

Kolbe/Spink 2004. As New. Starting bid $10

425 SNG ANS Part 6, Palestine & South Arabia, extra large hardover, 54 plates with facg description pages,

useful stuff here incl Jewish, Nabataea, etc; Near New. (A VF copy sold for $138, CNG 6/06.) Starting bid $15

426 Bray & D. Trump, The American Heritage Guide to Archaeology, 269 pp + some maps, hardcover w/dj, well

illus; Ceram, Gods, Graves, & Scholars - The Story of Archaeology, 514 pp, illus; Cantor,

Antiquity - From the Birth of Sumerian Civilization to the Fall of the Roman Empire, 240 pp. Starting bid $5

427 Kunker (Germany), 3 ancients Auction catalogs, 10/19 & 3/20, one a special collection of Jewish.

With PRLs. Really lovely catalogs with color plates. Wght 7 lbs. Starting Bid $7

428 Bedoukian, Coinage of the Artaxiads of Armenia, RNS 1978, 81 pp + 8 plates, hardover w/dj.

This catalogs the ancient portrait coins. (A copy brought $98, CNG 9/08.) Start Bid $10

429 Troxell, The Coinage of the Lycian League, ANS 1982, 255 pp + 44 plates, hardcover. Near New.

(A copy realized $58, CNG 9/04.) Starting Bid $10

430 Sayles, Ancient Coin Collecting III: The Roman World, 1997, 198 pp, well illus, hardcover with dj.

A really good intro. Starting Bid $10

431 Sear, Roman Coins & Their Values, 4th edn 1988 (last one before it became a 5-volume thing),

388 pp + 12 plates, hardover w/dj as New. Starting Bid $8

432 Newell, Royal Greek Portrait Coins, Wayte Raymond, 1937, original edition, 101 pp, hardcover. Nice condition.

(A copy with "typical signs of age" brought $69, CNG eAuc 11/17.) Starting Bid $8

433 Grierson, Numismatics, Oxford Univ 1975, 211 pp, hardcover w/dj in plastic cover. The subject of this book

is a very interesting one, and could lead a reader into what is actually a very rewarding hobby. Starting Bid $5

434 Williams, Silver Coinage of the Phokians, RNS 1972, 138 pp + 16 plates, large hardcover w/dj, nice

condition. (Same edition, VF, sold for $173, CNG 9/04.) Starting Bid $15

435 Milne, Greek Coinage, 1931, 131 pp + 12 plates, hardcover w/dj (the dj a bit distressed, book itself in

nice condition). (A VF copy, noting "almost never found with its original dust jacket" brought $23, CNG 9/06.)

Starting Bid $9

436 Huletski, Early Russian Coins & their Values, Vol. 1 (1400s & before), 54 pp, illus in color, a surprisingly

well done presentation, in English. Rare! Starting Bid $5

437 Hill, Descriptive Catalog of Ancient Greek Coins, 164 pp + 22 plates, large hardcover, reprint of 1901 book

with 1968 value supplement; excellent condition. Starting Bid $12

438 Harlan Berk, Roman Gold Coins of the Medieval World, 383-1453 AD, 1986, large hardcover, unpaginated,

with values, autographed by author. Starting Bid $8

439 Samuels, Rynearson & Mershorer, The Numismatic Legacy of the Jews, Stack's 2000, 211 pp + 11 plates,

large hadcover with dj in MS-63 condition. Starting Bid $12

440 Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Greek Coins, 78 pp + 30 plates, large softcover.

Starting Bid $7

441 Ratto, Collection Claudius Cote - Monnaies de Tarente, (Coins of Tarentum), auction catalog 1929, Attic

Reprint 1975, 42 pp + 19 plates, with PRL. Starting Bid $7

442 Lindgren & Kovacs, Ancient Bronze Coins of Asia Minor & The Levant, 1985, 212 pp + 135 plates,

large hardcover, with estimated values booklet, nice condition. Extremely useful & oft-cited reference.

(A softcover copy brought $151 on $180 bid in my 4/11 sale; hardcover $242, CNG eAuc. 3/16.) Starting Bid $45

443 "Lindgren III," Ancient Greek Bronze Coins from the Lindgren Collection, 1993, 102 pp + 102 plates,

hardcover, nice condition. (A copy brought $75, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid $20

444 Spencer, Early Egypt: The Rise of Civilisation in the Nile Valley (Note, "civilisation" is how the Brits spell it,

but I was surprised ro see this book was actually published in Oklahoma!), 128 pp, well illus; Burstein, ed.,

Ancient African Civilizations: Kush & Axum, illus; both with underlining or notations; also, Riefstahl,

Thebes In the Time of Amunhotep III, 212 pp, hardcover, ex-Library. Starting Bid $5

445 Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life, 368 pp, color illus incl coins; NY Times Book of Year & winner of the Pullet Surprise;

Fox, The Search for Alexander, 453 pp, well illus w/color; both hardcovers w/djs. Starting Bid $5

446 Rodgers, Roman Empire, 512 pp, beautifully illus in color (incl hokey artist renderings of coins),

semi-hard-cover; Holland, Rubicon: Last Years of the Roman Republic, 408 pp, few illus. Starting Bid $4

447 Reston, Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart & Saladin in the Third Crusade, 364 pp; Jones, The Vikings,

504 pp; both hardcovers w/djs, some illus. These 2 books don't totally go together but maybe will appeal to

somebody who likes to read about pillaging and slaughter. Starting Bid $3

448 Nancy Mitford, The Sun King [that's Louis XIV of France in case you didn't know], 235 pp, large hardcover

w/dj, beautifully illus; Cleugh, The Medici, 397 pp, hardcover, ex-Library. Starting Bid $3


449 ELYMAIS, Æ Drachms, 2d century AD, mixed types, strictly VF, generally with nice 2-toned green

patinas. 3/39.95, 10/$128

450 CELTIC Ring money, BC, lot of 6 diverse sizes from around 12 to 28 mm, generally with pale green

patinas 17.50, 3 lots for 47.95

451 INDIA, Gadhaiya Paisa, c. 1000 AD, Sassanian style bust rt/fire altar, Nice VF or better, good bright silver

& well struck. (A VF brought $103, Munz Zentrum 1/12.) 5.95, 3 for 16.45

452 -- Bahawalpur, Square Paisa, Y8, AH1342,1343 crude VF or better (cat $12) 2.99, 3/7.95, 10/23.95, 30/$66

453 CHINA, Cash coins, lot of 43 diff, nrly all pre-Ching, nice FAKES with convincing 2-toned green patinas, 33.95

454 -- Fakes of silver coins, generally 20c size, lot of 25 different varieties, 14.95

455 RUSSIA, Ivan the Terrible, as Grand Prince of Moscow, 1533-47, Silver wire coins, Dengas and Kopecks,

both as Great Prince 1534-47 & as Czar 1547-84; G or better, very crude with much stiking wkness, good silver,

3 for 6.95, 10 for 19.95

456 RIGA, billon Solidi, c. 1630-60, crude, maybe AG-G or so, no dates visible, 10 for 8.95, 30 for 24.95

457 PALEMBANG (Sumatra), Tin Pitis, before 1821, assortment of varied types, G-VG gift price: 30/11.95,

100/29.95, 300/79.00 (Note, KM lists only 2 varieties, really the same, F at $20-$25)

458 -- Same, F-VF 10/8.95, 30/23.95, 100/69.95, 300/$179

459 -- Same, VF-EF, very nice 10 for 17.95, 30 for 49.75

460 -- My little book with enlarged illustrations of 291 different Palembang varieties, with rarity ratings, 4.99

461 DEMAK (Java) Sultan Pangeran al Patah 1475-1518, Tin pitis, 20 mm uniface, VF or better, nice for

this 7.95, 3 for 19.95

462 VIETNAM, Zinc cash, C36, 1739-66, rare, (KM lists only in copper, F=$30) F 6.85

463 FR. INDOCHINA, 1/4c 1942 VF (cat $15) 3.75, 3/9.45, 10/$27.95

464 Same, 1943, scarce, VF (cat $35) 7.95, 3/21.95, 10/$64.50

465 SOMALIA, 25S 2004 crown size, Pope JPII, set of 3 KM155-57 BU (cat $21) 7.95, 3/21.95, 10/$65, 30/$179

466 EQUAT. GUINEA, 1000Fr 1995 crown size, colorized stamp, error lgnd KM84.2 Unc 9.95 3/27.75

467 SUDAN, 50G crown 1972 Scarcer variety KM56.2 Unc 3.25, 3/8.95, 10/27.95, 30/74.95

468 UZBEKISTAN, 100S 2004 BU (cat $15) 2.99, 3/7.95, 10 for 24.95

469 UKRAINE, 2018 1 & 2 Hryv, Vlad the Great & Yaroslav the Great, BU pair 1.99, 3 sets 4.99, 10 sets 14.95

470 -- 2018 10 Hryv, set of 3, Donetsk Airport, Navy, Volunteer Day, BU 7.45, 3 sets 19.95, 10 sets 59.50

471 -- 6-pc type set, 1K to 50K, 2004-07, BU (cat $12.25) 2.99, 3/7.95, 10/24.05

472 BOSNIA, 1998-2009 6-pc type set, 5F to 2K BU 4.95

473 MOZAMBIQUE 20c 1974 BU (cat $8) .99, 3/2.70, 10/7.95

474 NETHERLANDS Token 1975, 1 Florin, Mokum, 700th Anniv, CN, 22 mm, coinlike BU nice .65, 3 for 1.70,

10/4.75, 30/12.95

475 TATARSTAN , 1993 Kilo (Bread) KM Tn1 BU ($25) 7.95, 3/19.95, 10/59.95

476 TONKIN, 1/600P 1905, from a hoard of mint state coins with usual toning spots I picked out the nicest

ones with good luster & only minimal toning/spotting; call them AU-Unc

(An AU with spots brought $485, Palombo 11/12) 36.95

477 LITHUANIA, 7-pc type set, 1-2-5c 1991 + 10-20-50C-1L 2000-09 BU 2.25, 3/5.95, 10/17.95

478 BITCOIN, value around $7,000 but for that you don't even actually get a coin. Buy mine for just $1.99 and

you do: 38 mm, dated 2018, BU. Three for 4.99.

479 GERMANY, 50 PF 1922G BU (cat $13) 1.99, 3/5.50

480 3 Marks 1922G BU (MS60 cat $25) 5.95, 3/14.95, 10/$43

481 CANADA, Double Dollar Proof set, incl commem Dollar in silver, 1982 (cat $37.50) 11.50, 3/32.50

482 -- Same, 1987 11.50