445 FRANCE, Monneron token 5 Sols 1792, KM Tn31, large 40 mm, Oath scene in oval/lgnds,

VF+, good brown surfaces but several rim bruises. (A VF+ brought $339 + buyer fee, iNumis 3/09.)

Starting Bid $20

446 FRENCH-American Colonies, Æ Jeton, 1751, 29 mm, Louis XV bust r/Indian with bow by foliage,

NON OMNI SIDERE CRESCUNT, Breton 510, Betts 385; Choice VF, glossy medium brown surfaces,

problem-free, in old Howard Kurth envelope. Rare. (Much nicer than a F bringing $168, Album 9/18.)

MB $85

447 GERMANY, Brandenburg, Ar 6 Pfennig 1695, Eagle/lgnds, 19 mm; Nice strong F-VF, toned.

(Equal to a VF which brought $85, Teutoburger 2/16.) Starting Bid $8

448 Cleves, Æ 4 Heller 1605, Crowned shield/II•II in wreath, 21 mm; VG+, minor wkness,

excellent surfaces, lt brown. No listing found, rare? Starting Bid $8

449 Hildesheim, 1/24 Thaler 1706, 20 mm, AVF, medium dark tone, nice bold coin.

(Krause VF $30) Starting Bid $10

450 Mansfeld, Taler, 1609, St George & Dragon, later copy (but not recent) in brass,

VG+/AVF, holed at top. Starting Bid $2

451 Wimpfen, Æ Holhlpfennig 1543, 11 mm bracteate, VF, no corrosion, clear & nice for this.

Surely rare, how many could have survived? Starting Bid $5

452 HUNGARY, Ar Denars, 1547-90, Madonna & child, LOT of 8 diff clear dates,

all F or better with typical crudeness. MB $35

453 INDIA, Delhi Sultans, Mohammad III, 1324-51, Æ Tanka. 21 mm, VF, medium brown,

well struck with only small bit of wkness. Starting Bid $4

454 Mughal, Aurangzeb, 1658-1707, Rupee, Surat, 1115 AH, Yr 47; EF, good silver with lt tone,

small round punchmk in center each side. Starting Bid $10

455 ISLAMIC, Seljuks of Rum, Ar Dirham, 23 mm, Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV & Kay Qubadh II

joint rule 1249-57, Siwas mint, AH 647, Alb.1227; Virtually Unc, bright, centered, well struck.

Choice quality. (A GVF brought $46, CNG eAuc 9/17.) MB $30

456 -- Kay Khusraw II, 1236-45, Ar Dirham, 21 mm, Konya Mint, AH 648; Sunface above lion/lgnds;

F-VF, good silver with lt tone, clear sunface. (A GVF , same mint, brought $448, CNG eAuc 8/12.)

Starting Bid $20

457 ITALY, Gorizia, Æ 2 Soldi, 1799-S, 21+ mm, F-VF, only faint granularity,

an attractive bold coin. Starting Bid $4

458 Venice, Ar Grosso, around 13-14th cent, Christ std facg/Christ & Doge stg, 20 mm,

VF, toned & nice except for hole. Doge's name clearly begins IAOA ...(unbarred As);

I spent way too much time trying to match this up with known Doges but failed. Needs research.

Starting Bid $5

459 JAVA, Æ 1/2 Stiver, 1812-Z, KM241, Balemark/lgnd, 26 mm, weak edge dentils,

otherwise at least F with bold central features, good smooth brown surfaces. Starting Bid $5

460 LITHUANIA Æ Solidus 1660, John Casimir bust r/knight on horse, 15 mm,

nice decent VG. Starting Bid $4

461 NETHERLANDS, Utrecht, Ar 30 Stivers, 1686, crown size, Lions hldg crowned shield/7 shields;

at least VG, better in parts but parts weak, unround flan, good silver with lt tone.

(An AVF, hardly better, brought $176, Rauch 9/17.) Starting Bid $40

462 PERU, 2 Reales 1798, contemporary counterfeit in brass, die struck, only sl crude style,

G, bold date, some tarnish spots. Starting Bid $3

463 POLAND, East Prussia, Ar 18 Groszy 1765-E, 27 mm, Bust r/Eagle, G/AF tho lgnds partly wk.

Good metal.. Starting Bid $5

464 RUSSIA, Ivan the Terrible, as Great Prince, 1533-47, Ar wire Denga,

full BROCKAGE of horseman obv, VF, good metal, obv well centered & very clear, rev crude looking.

MB $15

465 5 Kop copper, 1781-EM, big 43 mm, Strong F-VF, medium brown, good surfaces & strike,

very nice for grade. Min Bid $20

466 SASANIAN, Shapur I, 241-72 AD, Ar Drachm, Bust r/fire altar & attendants

(not a self-service fire altar), EF, centered, sl striking wkness mainly on rev,

portrait quite sharp & finely styled; excellent metal with luster & nice lt tone.

(A GVF brought $380, CNG 9/08; EF $750, Hess-Divo 5/09.) MB $100

467 Hormizd II, 302-09, Drachm, bust r/fire altar, 28 mm, Nice VF, well centered, decently struck,

good bright silver. Good strong portrait.

(A VF brought $221 on $300 bid in my 6/05 sale; VF $604, CNG 9/03.) Minimum Bid $60

468 Shapur II, Ar Obol, Bust rt/Fire altar & attendants, Ahura-Mazda bust above;

VF/AEF, a little crude, portrait good, rev well detailed with even the lettering on altar fully clear.

Rare. (A Choice VF brought $376, NY Sale 1/16.) Starting Bid $110

469 Peroz, 459-84 Drachm, Istakhr mint; Choice VF-EF/VF, excellent strike for this

with no wkness/crudeness, good metal with lt tone. Quite good portrait, clear mintmk.

(A VF brought $212, CGB 4/09.) Starting Bid $35

470 Kavad I, Drachm, 29 mm, Susa mint, Year 14; VF, actually almost as struck

with luster & lt tone but typically somewhat crude; still quite pleasing.

(A VF brought $76 on $95 bid in my 10/08 sale.) Starting Bid $20

471 Khusru I, Hemidrachm, Istakhr, Yr. 17, F-VF, technically better but some central wkness;

good metal, few tarnish specks on rev. You'll say, "Oh, this is just a clipped drachm."

But no, it is only 18 mm, so can't be. Gobl 196var,

not in Sellw (no Hemidrachms at all from this time range). Very rare! MB $40

472 Hormizd IV, Drachm, Jay, Yr 6, 33 mm, Choice EF, quite good strike for this with no wkness

& portrait style much better than usual. Good bright metal with luster & lt tone.

(A VF/EF [very crude obv] brought $201, Teutoburger 9/15.) MB $30

473 -- Ray, Yr. 3, 31 mm, VF-EF, typical crude fish-eye portrait, otherwise actually well struck

with fully clear lgnds, good silver with lrt tone. Note I• below rev rim. Starting Bid $20

474 Khusru II, Drachm, Airan (Shush), Yr 33; Choice AEF, obv well struck with portrait in fine style,

rev just a mite crude. Good silver with lt tone.

(Much nicer than a GVF, same mint, bringing $52, Triskeles 9/17.) Starting Bid $30

475 -- Azerbaijan, Year 4, VF or better, crude but clear portrait, rev strike a trifle garbled;

good metal with lt tone. MB $15

476 -- Bishapur, Year 26, EF, almost as struck with luster, minor touches of wk/crude strike,

portrait in fine style. (A VF-EF, this mint, brought $135, Munz Zentrum 7/07.) Starting Bid $25

477 -- Herat, Year 7, EF, narrow type portrait but actually excellent style for this;

bright metal with sl granularity around peripheries mainly on rev. Starting Bid $20

478 -- Jay, Yr 25, "Afid" in obv margin; Choice Virtually Mint State, fine style portrait,

quite well struck, good lustrous metal. (An EF, same mint, realized $454, CGB 6/11.)

Starting Bid $45

479 -- Nishapur, Year 37, Superb EF, wonderful sharp strike, fine style portrait,

excellent metal with moderately deep tone. (An ERF, this mint, brought $215, CGF 6/05.)

Starting Bid $45

480 Ardeshir III, 628-30 AD, Drachm, Airan (Shush), Yr 2; VF+, sl crudeness, nice portrait,

bright metal with lt tone. Scarce ruler near the end. (A GVF brought $460, CNG 9/05.) MB $80

481 SLAVONIA, Ar Denar, 13th cent., Marten (small furry critter)/Patriarchal cross & stuff;

LOT of 3 pcs, all G or so, good silver, sl weakness. Scarce. Starting Bid $10

482 SWEDEN, Æ 1/6 Ore, 1671, 3 crowns/crown over Lion, 26 mm, VF/F or better, rev sl off-ctr,

sl crudeness, dark brown patina. Quite good for this. Starting Bid $9

483 SWITZERLAND, Bern, 1816 c/mk 40 Batzen, bear on shield/"40/BZ," upon France Ecu 1732-O

(scarcer date), also rim decoration added to the Ecu by Bern; KM178; Ecu AF/F-VF,

the c/mk quite strong, close to EF; good metal with moderate tone.

This c/mk normally found on later Ecus, quite rare on this earlier type.

(A VF c/mk on this Ecu type (coin looks equal) brought $442 + buyer fee, Alde 10/15.) Starting Bid $160

484 TABARISTAN, Sasanian style Ar Hemidrachm, Bust/fire altar etc, Muqatil, 777=92 AD,

date PYE 139; VF, good metal with lt tone,. minor wkness, lgnds very sharp.

(A VF with deposits brought $78, CNG eAuc 9/14.) Starting Bid $25

485 TRANSYLVANIA, Æ Greschl, 1765, 23 mm, Crowned shield/Value & date in cartouche;

F, brown, fully clear. (A VF brought $138, CNG eAuc 10/17.) Starting Bid $15


486 3 Wooden cases, 10-1/2x9x1 inches, with brass clasps, black felted interiors,

2 have 12 square 2+" ports, one is missing the insert with those ports.

Otherwise good condition. MB $10

487 Set of 9 diff Israel bronze medals, 45 mm, each for a different city with ancient coin shown,

plus Judaea Capta; in individual boxes as issued. Very nice. (Only 2 photographed) Starting Bid $45

488 20 Greek coins, all diff, wide range, incl 2 silver, all identified in 2x2s & flips,

quite low grade. Starting Bid $50

489 Similar lot of 23 diff, these a little bit better though still fairly low grade. No silver.

Starting Bid $80

490 16 Judaean all in 2x2s. Ultra poor condition. MB $5

491 Roman Provincial, 11 diff, fully identified in flips from Fountain Head of Fine Coins,

several decades ago. But not fine coins, they're very low grade. Orig prices total $149. MB $30

492 Roman Provincial, 21 diff, wide range of Rulers & cities, all identified (a few only by ruler),

rather low grade. MB $45

493 Roman Tessera, Augustus head r/XIIII in circle, in old env saying "Ex Mabbott coll;"

F, somewhat rough medium brown with some smoothing, portrait & XIIII clear,

hole at top broken out to edge.

(A Near VF (VIIII), holed & areas of roughness, brought $330, CNG eAuc 7/09.) Starting Bid $15

494 Roman Republic, 11 bronzes incl 6 Janus head Asses (3 with Moneyers),

all coins identified except for the other 3 Asses, low grades (average G or so) Starting Bid $55

495 13 Roman Denarii, good variety of rulers, identified,

low grade & problems but several not too bad; incl a Pius/Aurelius.

Worth at least Starting Bid $70

496 Roman coins of 49 diff Rulers & family, identified, generally rather low grade;

incl Quintillus, Florian, Carausius, Allectus, Helena, Fausta, Delmatius, Jovian, Magnus Maximus,

Eudoxia, Valentinian III, Marcian. Starting Bid $120

497 21 asstd later Roman, all in envs & (mostly) 2x2s, most identified but maybe wrong or doubtful.

Low grade. MB $25

498 14 asstd late Roman, all nice F-VF or better with no significant problems. Two lots available.

Starting Bid $50

499 45 ancient coins, mainly late Roman, in 2x2s, mostly with identifications

but they are really guesswork because the condition is absolutely the worst. Starting Bid $8

500 Bitcoin. Value peaked over $20,000; now almost $4000.

But for that you don't even actually get a coin. In my auction you do:

40 mm, golden brass, dated 2018, CH BU. Start Bid $1

501 British & Irish Conder token 1/2 Pennies, 9 pcs, 1790s, identified, 1 duplicate,

abt half low grade & half VG-F MB $30


502 Auction catalogs from 13 different European firms, recent, all with ancient coins & plates,

all hefty catalogs with PRLs, weight 28 lbs. (Shipping cost abt $17) Start Bid $25

503 Six diff Gorny (Germany) antiquities auction catalogs, hefty sumptuous catalogs,

beautifully illus, with PRLS, weight 17 pounds. Starting Bid $10

504 Gardner, Archaeology & Types of Greek Coins, 1965 Argonaut reprint, large hardcover,

225 pp + 16 plates. MB $14

505 Three diff giant Noble (Australia) auction catalogs, 2018, Aus, Brit, world, ancient, paper, etc,

weight 15 pounds! MB $5

506 Album, Marsden's Numismata Orientalia Illustrata, 318 pp, hardcover w/dj; 1977;

based on a 19th century book, this catalogs & illustrates a great number of Islamic, Indian etc coins,

and hence is highly useful for attribution. Start Bid $12

507 Narain, The Coin Types of the Indo-Greek Kings, 1976 Ares reprint,

59 pp + 14 pl, hardcover. Starting Bid $8

508 Sear, Roman Coins & Their Values, Vol. III (235-285 AD), 536 pp, hardcover w/dj, well illus,

values in multiple grades, extremely comprehensive listing virtually all known types, incl Egypt. Starting Bid $40

509 Samuels, Rynearson & Meshorer, The Numismatic Legacy of the Jews, 211 pp,

illus in text + 11 plates, large size hardcover w/dj, as New; pub'd by Stacks. Starting Bid $10

510 Jones, A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins, Seaby 1990, 329 pp, hardcover w/dj,

VF, a few pencilings. Starting Bid $15

511 Bellinger, The Syrian Tetradrachms of Caracalla & Macrinus, 116 pp + 26 plates,

hardcover 1981 Durst reprint. MB $8

512 Byzantine coins: Auction catalogs, H. Berk & V. England 1989 & Classical Numismatic Auctions 1992;

also F. Kovacs 1998 MB Sale XIV; all 3 with PRLS & extensive rare & interesting Byzantine bronzes.

Starting Bid $5

513 David & Archbold, Conversations With Mummies: New Light on the Lives of Ancient Egyptians;

2000, 191 pp; David, The Egyptian Kingdoms, 152 pp; both large size hardcovers w/djs,

well illus with color. Starting Bid $4

514 Newsweek Books, Ancient Empires, 160 pp, hardcover; Warry, Warfare in the Classical World,

224 pp; Ramage & Ramage, Roman Art, 368 pp; all 3 large size books well illus with color,

including coins. 7 pounds. Starting Bid $5

515 Josephus, The Jewish War, 511 pp, hardcover, ex-Library;

Michael Grant, The History of Ancient Israel, 317 pp; Moscati, Ancient Semitic Civilizations, 254 pp, illus.

Starting Bid $4

516 Guaitoli & Rambaldi, Lost Cities From the Ancient World, 312 pp, large hardcover;

Iakovidis, Mycenae-Epidaurus-Argolis-Tiryns-Nauplion, 160 pp;

Marinatos, Lindos: Archaeology - History - Religion, 80 pp; all 3 beautifully illus. Starting Bid $4

517 Reza Aslan, Zealot: The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth, 2013,

296 pp, hardcover w/dj (see my blog commentary about this book);

Frend, The Archaeology of Early Christianity, 412 pp, illus. Starting Bid $3

518 De Camp, The Ancient Engineers, 408 pp, hardcover w/dj, illus;

Pompeii: Monuments Past & Present, 56 pp, 8x11" spiral bound, beautifully illus;

Casson, Life in Ancient Rome, Horizon, 2016, 224 pp. Starting Bid $4

519 Finley, Economy & Society in Ancient Greece, 326 pp, hardcover w/dj;

Max Weber, The Agrarian Sociology of Ancient Civilizations, 421 pp + quite a few blank pages at end.

MB $3

520 Campbell (ed), The Anglo-Saxons, 272 pp, large size, beautifully illus;

Ellis,The Druids, 304 pp, some illus; both hardcovers with djs. Starting Bid $3

I am always buying coins, I pay fast & fair.

521 Morgan, The Mongols, 238 pp, illus; Spence, Emperor of China: Self-Portrait of K'ang-hsi,

225 pp; both hardcovers w/djs; Freeman & Jacques, Ancient Angkor, 239 pp, beautifully illus.

Starting Bid $4

522 Auction catalogs I kept because especially good refs for Greek bronzes: Virzi Collection, Malloy 12/80;

Freeman collection, Triton 1/02; Gutknecht collection, M&M 10/05; and M&M 9/91. All 4 with PRLs.

Starting Bid $5

523 Tzamalis, Coins of Greek World & Cyprus 1184-1976, 239 pp, 1977,

illus catalog very good for the whole Venetian series. In Greek. With valuation supplement.

Starting Bid $5


524 ELYMAIS, Æ Drachms, 2d century AD, strictly Fine, generally with attractive highlighted green patinas,

mixed types, 3 for 15.95, 10 for 48.50

525 ROMAN spintriae (brothel tokens), 23 mm, couples in various sexual positions/

number in wreath, COPIES, sil plated (?), nice, I have 16 diff ones, each 7.95, 3 for 21.95

526 Hostilian, 250-51 AD, Æ27 of Viminacium, rev Moesia betw bull & lion,

AF or so, some roughness but not bad, 18.95

527 TABARISTAN, Ar Sassanian style hemidrachm, Jarir, 786-88 AD, dated PYE 135,

Gov's name in margin, Alb.64; EF, almost as struck, with luster, selected coins above average.

(An EF (diff date) brought $414, Baldwin's 10/13.) 38.95

528 INDIA, Gadhaiya Paisa, c. 1000 AD, Sassanian style bust rt/fire altar, EF,

good bright silver & well struck, very nice quality (A VF brought $103, Munz Zentrum 1/12.) 9.95, 3/26.95

529 -- Bahawalpur, Square Paisa, Y8, AH1342,1343 crude VF or better (cat $12) 2.99, 3/7.95, 10/23.95, 30/$66

530 HUNGARY, Bela II, 1131-41 AD, Ar Denar, 12 mm, designs of concentric circles & crosses,

CHOICE EF or better, well struck, good metal, toned. 24.95

531 CHINA, Cash coins, lot of 43 diff, nrly all pre-Ching, nice FAKES

with convincing 2-toned green patinas, 34.50

532 -- Fakes of silver coins, generally 20c size, lot of 25 different varieties, 14.95

533 RUSSIA, Ivan the Terrible, 1534-84, Silver wire Denga, Horseman/lgnd, typical crude

VG-F or better, generally with some wkness but decent for this, good silver, 4.95, 3/13.50, 10/38.75

534 PALEMBANG (Sumatra), Tin Pitis, before 1821, asstd types,

G-VG gift price: 30/11.95, 100/29.95, 300/79.00

535 -- Same, F-VF 10/8.95, 30/23.95, 100/69.95

536 -- My little book with enlarged illustrations of 291 different Palembang varieties,

with rarity ratings, 4.99

537 DEMAK (Java) Sultan Pangeran al Patah 1475-1518, Tin pitis, 20 mm uniface,

VF 7.95, 3 for 19.95

538 BANTAM (Java), c.1600-1700, tin or tin-bronze pitis, hexagonal center hole, 25-26 mm,

rare VF-EF 16.50

539 VIETNAM, Zinc cash, C36, 1739-66, rare, G-VG 2.99

540 FR. INDOCHINA, 1/4c 1942 VF ($15) 3.95, 3/9.95

541 Same, 1943, scarce, F or better (F=$15) 2.85, 3/6.95

542 SOMALIA, 25S 2004 crown size, Pope JPII, set of 3 KM155-57

BU (cat $21) 8.45, 3/22.95, 10/$69, 30/$189

543 ARMENIA 1994 7-pc set BU (cat $6.75) 2.50, 3/6.95

544 EQUAT. GUINEA, 1000Fr 1995 crown size, cxolorized stamp, error lgnd KM84.2

Unc 10.95 3/29.75

545 JAPAN, 500Y 2008 bimetallic, cash coin shown, PRF (cat $50) in fancy issue case,

3 diff types, each 12.95

546 SUDAN, 50G crown 1972 Scarcer variety KM56.2 Unc 3.45, 3/9.50,10/28.95, 30/78.95

547 UZBEKISTAN, 100S 2004 BU (cat $15) 3.45, 3/8.95

548 UKRAINE, 7-pc type set 2009-11 BU (cat $15.25) 3.75

549 DJIBOUTI, 1999 10-20-50F, BU (cat $15-20 each) all 3 for 11.95, 3 sets $33, 10 sets $99