SALE 111, PART 3

222 NERVA, Den, FORTVNA AVGVST, Fortuna stg l; EF/VF, centered on sl ragged flan, few

insignificant metal faults, well toned; superb detailed portrait of fine style.

(A GVF realized $478, NAC 5/18.) Starting Bid $185

223 Sest, FORTVNA PR, Fortuna std l, VF+/VG, significant edge split, tan patina, obv with partial

lgnd & sl gritty surface, rev more rough with raised pimples (ex fire?); portrait, however, is very

nice, well-detailed & finely styled. Fortuna seated much scarcer than stg.

(A VF, "river patina" brought $4255, CNG 6/05.) Starting Bid $50

224 TRAJAN, Sest, SENATVS POPVLVSQVE etc, Fortuna std l, FORT RED below; F/VG, half obv

lgnd & outer rev lgnd gone; smooth dark patina; portrait quite bold with some detail.

(A F brought $130, CNG eAuc 8/17.) Starting Bid $15

225 Tyre, Tet, Bust r above club & eagle/Melkarth head r; VF, nrly centered, complete lgnds, minor surface imperfections mainly on rev, good detail, ltly toned.

(A VF brought $907, NFA 3/93; VF+ $1640, Nomisma 4/09.) Starting Bid $100

226 MARCIANA, Sest, Cart drawn by 4 elephants, an old cast piece on oversized medallic flan

with broad borders, F+, 2-toned tan.

(A VF, exactly the same but holed brought $102, Album 9/19.) Starting Bid $25

227 HADRIAN, Den, COS III, Annona std l, with modius; EF/VF-EF, nrly centered on sl ragged

flan, good metal with lt tone, lovely portrait.

(Same variety, GVF, brought $722, Naumann 9/13. Not a hoax or sham auction.) Start Bid $140

228 Den, COS III, Diana stg r; VF, well centered, good bright metal.

(A GVF brought $219, CNG eAuc 2/15.) Starting Bid $35

229 Sest, AEQVITAS AVG, Aequitas stg l; VF+/AVF, centered, full lgnds, deep brownish-green

patina, glossy on obv, sl matte on rev; handsome well-detailed portrait. Ex the famous

Hoffer collection of Hadrian (Harmer Rooke 1986, I sale I remember well.

(A VF brought $617, Goldberg 9/14.) Starting Bid $200

230 As, COS III, Janus stg; VF, obv well centered, rev a hair off-ctr, warm brown patina,

minor roughness, portrait has quite strong detail. Scarce type.

(A Near VF with some roughness brought $322, CNG eAuc 4/16.) Starting Bid $60

231 Egypt Tet, LDEKATOV, Serapis stg l, with Cerberus; Choice VF+/VF, well centered & struck,

2-toned silver-grey with infinit-esimal porosity on rev; wonderful detailed portrait of fine style.

(Same var., GVF brought $345, Heritage 9/11.) Start Bid $100

232 Caesarea, Hemidrachm, Nike adv r, ET-Delta, Nice F-VF, perfectly centered with full clear

lgnd, good metal with lt tone. (A VF with sl roughness brought $140, CNG eAuc 7/08.) MB $30

233 Antioch, Æ19, SC over Gamma in wreath; Nice VF+, centered, lgnd complete, dark green

patina with earthen hilighting. Quite strong portrait detail.

(A Choice VF, same variety, realized $219, Agora 3/18.) Starting Bid $40

234 SABINA, Den, VENERI GENETRICI, Venus stg r; Choice VF, well centered & boldly

struck, excellent metal. Scarcer rev type. Totally problem-free.

(A VF brought $156 in my 3/97 sale; GVF with lt scrs $291, CNG eAuc 1/14.) Starting Bid $90

235 Den, VESTA std l; F, centered, full lgnds, good untoned silver. Much scarcer rev type.

(A VF realized $518, CNG eAuc 5/15.) Starting Bid $35

236 AELIUS, Sest, TR POT COS II, CONCORD in exergue, Concordia std l; Nice F/AF, obv lgnd

partly wk, rev outer lgnd mostly gone; nice smooth deep green patina; excellent bold portrait.

(A F with "numerous field marks on rev" brought $176, CNG eAuc 4/04; a "VF" that I'd grade

F/VG-F realized $775, Titano 6/05.) Starting Bid $85

237 ANTONINUS PIUS, Den, SALVTI AVG COS IIII, Salus stg l, at altar; EF, centered with full

lgnds, decent bright metal, portrait quite sharply detailed.

(An EF sold for $309, Naumann 9/16.) Starting Bid $75

238 Den, TR POT II COS II, Mars stg l, not in RIC, an irregular or sl barbarous coin? AEF, nrly

centered, sl die rust, ltly toned. Starting Bid $30

239 Sest, FELICITAS AVG, Felicitas stg l, hldg capricorn & caduceus; F+/F, centered, full lgnds,

olive-brown patina, only minor surface quibbles mainly on rev; a nice bold obv.

(Stronger than a F bringing $101, CNG eAuc 11/02.) Starting Bid $20

240 As, TR POT XIX COS IIII, Annona std r, with modius; VF, obv sl off-ctr losing some lgnd,

brown patina with only slightest posity, good portrait detail. Decent coin.

(Nicer than a VF [rough looking] bringing $176, Peus 11/06.) Starting Bid $55

241 As, BRITANNIA COS IIII, Britannia std l; overall F or better for this, portrait better with

clear laurel wreath, centered on smallish flan with most of lgnds wk or off; deep green patina

with some lt porosity. Type believed struck in Britain & thus always comes like this. Figure of

Britannia bold. (A VF "typical small porous flan" brought $550, CNG 5/02.) Starting Bid $30

242 FAUSTINA SR, LIFETIME, As, IVNONI REGINAE, Juno stg l, peacock; VF-EF, centered,

brown patina, darker on obv left side, with lt roughness mainly on rev; excellent detailed portrait.

Ex Gorny auction as AEF. Rare issue before deification.

(A VF brought $233, Savoca 1/19.) Starting Bid $80

243 AS DIVA, Sest, AETERNITAS std l; AEF, centered on large flan, dark brown patina,

notable unevenness in fields, particularly on rev; Excellent portrait with sharp hair detail.

(A VF brought $708, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $100

244 MARCUS AURELIUS, Caesarea, Drachm, Mount Argaeus; AVF, obv sl off-ctr, rev more so

to bottom, good bright metal. NOT didrachm & surprisingly rare, none on acsearch. MB $40

245 POSTHUMOUS Sest, CONSECRATIO, Eagle stg on altar; VF, well centered, smooth

brownish-green patina, bold & pleasant, quite scarce.

(A VF realized $761, Naumann 3/14.) Starting Bid $140

246 FAUSTINA JR, Den, HILARITAS, Hilaritas giggling left; VF/F-VF, not quite centered on sl

ragged flan, good metal, nice portrait, rev a bit softly struck.

(A VF brought $133, Roma 11/15) Starting Bid $28

247 LUCIUS VERUS, As, TRP IIII IMP II COS II, Ruler on horse rt, riding down foe; Nice F+/F,

centered, lgnds virtually complete (ARMENIACVS obv), glossy dark greenish patina. Rare type.

(A GVF realized $912, Roma 4/18.) Starting Bid $40

248 COMMODUS, Den, GEN AVG FELIC COS VI, Genius stg l; F-VF, not quite centered, some of

lgnds crowded/wk, decent metal. Scarce type. Starting Bid $25

249 Sest, SECVRIT ORB PM TRPXIIII IMP VIII COS V PP, Securitas std l; VF, sl short flan with

lgnds partly off & wk, brown patina, lt roughness mainly on rev, portrait with virtually EF detail,

every hair on head & beard visible.

(A GF-NVF brought $506, Bertolami 9/17; VF with lt corr, $804, Kunker 3/07.) Starting Bid $110

250 CRISPINA, Sest, CONCORDIA std l; AVF/AF, obv lgnd wk/off at rt, rev lgnd wk to gone;

nrly smooth dark green patina; excellent portrait with strong hair detail.

(A Fine [rev weak] brought $184, iNumis 3/11.) Starting Bid $30

251 PERTINAX, Den, OPI DIVIN TRP COS II, Ops std l; F, centered, obv lgnd crowded/wk at rt,

sm edge split, sl scruffy overall, not bad, portrait quite decent with much detail. (Ops was the

goddess of wealth, still widely worshipped today. Not to be confused with Oops, the goddess of

errors.) Ex Naumann as VF.

(Better than a F with almost no lgnds bringing $506, Naumann 11/13.) Starting Bid $250

252 DIDIA CLARA, Den., Hilaritas stg l; COPY, struck in silver, maybe a Slavei?; EF+, lt tone,

quite well made. Start Bid $12

253 CLODIUS ALBINUS, Den., MINER PACIF COS II, Minerva stg l; EF/VF, good metal, obv

nrly centered with only few letters off, quite sharply struck portrait with superb detail; rev sl

off-ctr with lgnd wk/off at rt. Rare this good.

(An AEF/GVF realized $1050, NAC 3/07.) Starting Bid $275

254 Den, ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma std l; VF/F, lgnds partly off & weak especially on rev;

decent metal; good strong portrait. (A GF brought $383, Noble 7/15.) Starting Bid $110

255 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Den, RESTITVTOR VRBIS, Roma std l; Choice EF, nearly mint state,

obv perfectly centered, rev sl off-ctr but complete; sharply struck; excellent lustery metal.

(An EF, brought $392, Gorny 10/11.) Starting Bid $100

256 Den, INVICTO IMP, trophy & arms; VF/F+, smallish flan, obv off-ctr losing lgnd at rt, rev

centered; good metal with lt tone. Scarce Emesa mint issue.

(A VF brought $123, Naumann 8/14.) Starting Bid $20

257 Den, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter std l; VF, well centered on a sl small flan, full lgnds;

good bright metal with lt tone.

(An EF brought $265, Nomos 3/19, labeled "very rare denarius, only the third example available.")
Starting Bid $35

258 Marcianopolis, Æ26, Homonoia stg l; Choice AEF/VF, centered, full lgnds, glossy dark

olive patina; excellent portrait detail. (A VF brought $257, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $50

259 JULIA DOMNA, Den, DIANA LVCIFERA, Diana stg l; Mint State, obv well centered & sharply

struck, rev nrly centered with a touch of lgnd crudeness; excellent metal with luster & lt tone;

superb portrait. (An AEF brought $395, NAC 11/07.) MB $100

260 Den, HILARITAS stg l, 2 children; VF, well centered, sl edge splits, decent metal with toning.

(A VF sold for $56 on $60 bid in my 6/13 scam.) Starting Bid $33

261 Sest, VESTA std l, VF/F-VF, centered on large flan, medium brown patina, very mild

porosity, minor edge crack; a pleasant coin with a bold detailed portrait. Quite scarce.

(A VF brought $1435, NAC 4/06.) Starting Bid $150

262 CARACALLA, Den, Bearded bust/PM TRP XVI COS IIII PP, Hercules stg l; EF, centered, well

struck (only rev X weak), infinitesimally grainy but lustery metal with lt tone.

(An EF brought $426, CNG eAuction 3/12.) Starting Bid $60

263 Den, VICT PART MAX, Victory adv l; VF-EF, well centered, good bright lustrous silver;

strong beardless portrait. (A VF+ sold for $213, iNumis 3/11.) Starting Bid $35

264 CARACALLA & GETA, Marcianopolis, Æ27, Tyche stg l; F/VF, nrly centered, obv lgnd

crowded, rev lgnd complete; green-brown patina with lt to moderate roughness. Very scarce

because Caracalla tried to have destroyed all coins showing him with his despised brother.

(Same variety, F, brought $113, Naumann 9/19.) Starting Bid $20

265 GETA, Antiochia, Æ33, Plowman & 2 oxen, 2 standards behind; Choice F-VF/F, well centered,

full lgnds, good smooth greenish-brown patina, patch of lightyer color on rev. Pleasing & rare, none

on acsearch. Starting Bid $100

266 MACRINUS, Den, FIDES MILITVM, Fides stg w/2 stand-ards; EF, nrly centered on sl ragged

flan, decent strike with only sl lgnd crudeness, excellent metal, lt tone, fully sharp portrait.

(An EF brought $845, Kunker 3/08.) Starting Bid $135

267 DIADUMENIAN, Den, PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS, Diadumenian stg with 3 standards; F-VF/VG, sl

off-ctr, sl grainy but bright silver, rev very poorly struck, obv bold & decent. Quite rare in this

"budget" quality. (A dirty GF brought $253, CNG 9/94.) Starting Bid $40

268 ELAGABALUS, Den, SVMMVS SACERDOS AVG, Ruler stg at altar; Mint State, obv sl off-ctr

on ragged flan, minor striking crudeness, bright lustrous silver. Sharp portrait with beard & horn.

(An EF sold for $428, Gorny 10/13.) Starting Bid $50

269 JULIA MAESA, Den, SAECVLI FELICITAS, Felicitas stg l, at altar; Choice EF, virtually as

struck, well centered & struck, excellent metal quality with much luster & lt tone. ]

(An EF realized $427, Gorny 10/17.) Starting Bid $100

270 JULIA PAULA, Den, CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia std l, VF-EF/F-VF, rev sl off-ctr & a bit

softly struck, decent metal with medium toning, strong hair detail on portrait. FAR rarer with AVGG

on rev than usual type without! (A VF+ brought $365, CGB 6/04.) Starting Bid $100

271 JULIA SOAEMIAS, Den, VENVS CAELESTIS, Venus std l, with child; EF/VF-EF, well

centered, minor lgnd crudeness, ltly toned; sharp hair detail.

(An AEF brought $146 on $180 bid in my 9/93 sale; VF $195, Kunker 3/07.) Starting Bid $85

272 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, IOVI STATORI, Jupiter stg; EF, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat

off-ctr but complete; good bright metal with lt tone; sm edge split; sharp portrait with beard.

(An EF/VF+ brought $219, CGB 12/07.) Starting Bid $60

273 Den, PROVIDENTIA AVG, Annona stg at modius; Choice EF, virtually mint state, centered on

a large unround flan, bright lustrous silver, very sharp portrait with beard.

(An EF brought $379, Rauch 12/13.) Starting Bid $85

274 Egypt Tet, Dikaiosyne stg l, LB; F-VF, centered on a big flan, full lgnd, brown patina, only

very tiny surface imperfections. Nice young portrait with much detail.

(A VF (diff year) brought $345, CNG eAuc 6/16.) Starting Bid $30

275 Amphipolis, Æ22, Tyche std l; VF, somewhat off-ctr, a little of lgnds off, brown patina, only

minor traces of porosity.

(A VF brought $512, Lanz 11/07. Why?? I really don't think it's that rare. But there it is.)

Starting Bid $30

276 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, FELICITAS PVBLICA, Feicitas std l; Choice EF, well centered on a sl

pear shaped flan, minor lgnd crudeness but quite sharply struck on portrait & rev figure.

Good metal with lt tone. (A Near EF brought $493, CNG eAuc 2/09.) Starting Bid $75

277 MAXIMINUS I, Den, PAX AVGVSTI, Pax stg l; Choice EF, centered & sharply struck, good

metal with luster hints & lt tone. Every hair on head & beard sharp.

(An EF realized $395, Rauch 12/10.) Starting Bid $100

278 Sest, SALVS AVGVSTI, Salus std l; F-VF/F, centered on sl squared flan, lgnds nrly complete,

dark patina with sl roughness, full clear laurel wreath on portrait.

(A VF sold for $700, Peus 11/08.) Starting Bid $20

279 PAULINA, Den, CONSECRATIO, Paulina flying on Eagle in Economy Class; Choice EF,

well centered & sharply struck with unusually strong detail on rev; good bright silver.

(An EF brought $2700, Lanz 5/08.) Starting Bid $850

280 MAXIMUS, Den, PIETAS AVG, Sacrificial utensils; VF, centered, toned, almost

imperceptible roughness & faint scrs visible under magnification, but a decent appearance with

nice bold portrait. (A granular GVF brought $588, CNG 5/13.) Starting Bid $130

281 GORDIAN III, Ant, FORTVNA REDVX, Fortuna std l; VF, well centered, decent metal & strike,

a thoroughly ordinary Joe Sixpack everyday coin, forgotten by the complacent elites of

numismatics. (A VF+ brought $34 on $37 bid in my 8/16 sale.) Starting Bid $15

282 Den., SALVS AVGVSTI, Salus stg r; Choice EF, virtually mint state, centered & a strong

strike, good bright silver, unusually sharp portrait detail.

(A Superb EF realized $690, CNG 9/12.) Starting Bid $60

283 Den, SECVRITAS PVBLICA, Securitas std l; Nice VF+, centered & reasonably well struck,

good metal with pleasant old toning. (A VF+/VF brought $90, CGF 1/02.) Start Bid $25

284 Caesarea, Drachm, Mount Argaeus, date ET-Delta; VF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr

but complete; sl ragged edge; ltly toned. (A VF realized $483, Lanz 5/09.) Starting Bid $45

285 Antiochia, Æ34, wolf & twins & bent tree; Nice bold F-VF, nrly centered & well struck,

good glossy dark olive-brown surfaces. (A VF realized $306, Savoca 9/18.) Starting Bid $80

286 TRANQUILLINA, Lydia, Saitta, Æ21, River god Hyllos recl l; F-VF/VF, obv sl off-ctr, rev

well centered, pleasant 2-toned green patina. Ex Leu as VF.

(A VF brought $255, Gorny 10/09.) Starting Bid $40

287 PHILIP I, Ant, ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma std l; VF-EF, centered on large flan, lgnds crudely

struck particularly on rev, mildly grainy but lusterlike silver. Sharp portrait detail.

(An AEF brought $204, Gorny 10/17.) Starting Bid $20

288 Ant, SPES FELICITATIS ORBIS, Spes stg l; VF/F+, centered on large flan, bright silver with a

little dusty toning; minor scr or flaw on head. Scarce type, part of the Persian war series with

PM (Persis Maximus) ending obv lgnd. (A VF realized $355, Peus 11/05.) Starting Bid $25

289 Sest, SECVRIT ORBIS, Securitas std l; Choice VF/VF+, centered on a full flan, well struck,

smooth rich green patina. Unusually nice for a Philip sestertius which made me pay too much.

You should too. (A VF sold for $378, CNG eAuc 7/19.) Starting Bid $110

290 PHILIP II, As Caesar Ant, PRINCIPI IVVENT, Phil stg left; AEF/VF, centered, sl soft strike on

rev, bright silver. (An EF/VF brought $72 on $100 bid in my 9/11 sale.) Starting Bid $22

291 TRAJAN DECIUS, Ant, VBERITAS AVG, Uberitas stg l; VF or better, actually technically

virtually mint state with luster & no wear, but indifferently struck; full obv lgnd, rev lgnd wk/off

at right. Portrait has pretty good detail. Uberitas was the god of chariot-hailing services.

(A VF brought $215, Peus 5/08.) Starting Bid $20

292 DOUBLE SEST., FELICITAS SAECVLI, Felicitas stg l; AVF/F+, centered, full lgnds, medium

brown patina, some slight unevenness on head, otherwise pretty good surfaces.

(An AVF, sl rough with smoothing, brought $1000, UBS 9/05.) MB $375

293 HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Antioch Tet, Eagle stg r, SC; Choice EF, centered, well struck,

excellent bright metal with lt tone; fully sharp hair detail. Great coin, ex Prieur collection.

(I met Prieur at his Paris shop in 1989. He sized me up as an American philistine - until I bought

a fairly good coin.) (An AEF realized $506 on $550 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Start Bid $175

294 HOSTILIAN, Viminacium, Æ20, Moesia stg betw bull & lion, Nice VF, obv sl off-ctr, a bit of

lgnd off, good glossy deep green patina, bold portrait. Actually far scarcer than the usual larger

version. (Compare the larger one, F/AVF, bringing $335, Varesi 4/07.) Starting Bid $50


perfectly centered & unusually well struck for this with strong clear lgnd; rev somewhat off-ctr

with lgnd mostly off at left; strong detail on figure. Decent bright silver. Scarce type.

(A GVF brought $260, CNG eAuc 7/19.) Starting Bid $30

Most coins will sell above the low starting bids. I hope.

296 VOLUSIAN, Antiochia, Æ22, Radiate head r/Legionary eagle betw standards; VF, well

centered & struck with strong clear lgnds; faintly grainy but glossy dark brown patina.

(A VF brought an astounding $480, Gorny 10/10.) Starting Bid $30

297 AEMILIAN, Sest, APOLLO CONSERVAT, Apollo stg l; VF/AF or so, squared flan, brown patina,

obv smoothed with lgnd wk & rough; rev fairly rough & weak. However, the portrait is good with

clear laurel wreath. Very rare. (A VF realized $3480, Peus 11/11.) Starting Bid $165

298 VALERIAN I, Egypt Tet, Homonoia std l, Year Gamma; Choice VF, centered on oval flan,

full lgnd, excellent smooth brown surfaces, strong portrait detail.

(A VF brought $75 on $130 bid in my 8/03 sale; VF $188, Peus 4/13.) Start Bid $40

299 GALLIENUS, Ant, VICT GERMANICA, Victory on globe betw captives; EF, centered & well

struck for this with only sl rev lgnd crudeness; nice full silver color with lt tone. Detailed portrait

of good style. (This exact variety, "obv weak [looks F-VF], rev EF," realized $1150, NY Sale 1/12.

Yes, $1150. My coin far nicer.) Starting Bid $70

300 Lydia, Saitta, Æ22, Tyche stg l; VF+, obv sl off-ctr, lgnd partly wk/off, dark brown patina,

only very sl porosity; portrait with near EF detail. Rare.

(A Near EF with areas of wkness brought $314, Leu 12/18.) Starting Bid $30

301 SALONINA, Ant, ROMAE AETERNAE, Seated Roma giving Victory to Ruler; Mint State,

centered, striking crudeness in places on rev, portrait fully sharp; fully silvered with dazzling

luster. (An EF brought $154 on $190 bid in my 3/04 sale; AEF/EF $270, H&A 3/09.)

Starting Bid $50

302 VALERIAN II, Ant, PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS, Val stg hldg spear; EF, centered on a full sized flan,

full lgnds, better struck than usual with a notably sharp obv; excellent metal with medium tone.

Rare with this rev, and unusually nice. (A sl rough EF brought $336, Helios 3/11.) Starting Bid $120

303 MACRIANUS, Ant, APOLLINI CONSERVA, Apollo stg l; F/VG, sl off-ctr on unround flan,

darkish grey-brown, obv with traces of porosity, lgnd partly wk, portrait bold; rev with much porosity
(A F brought $92 on $125 bid in my 1/95 sale) MB $35

304 POSTUMUS, Ant, MONETA AVG, Moneta stg l; EF/VF, perfectly centered, obv sharply struck

with great portrait detail, rev somewhat softly struck; silver with lt tone.

(An ""EF-VF" [rev weak] brought $195, Hirsch 2/17.) Starting Bid $50

305 Same, Choice VF, well centered on large flan, strong strike, good lustery silver with lt tone.

Very nice for the grade. (A GVF realized $110, CNG 3/97.) Starting Bid $25

306 CLAUDIUS II, Egypt Tet, Eagle stg r with palm, Yr 3; Nice VF+, well centered on large

flan, smooth dark chocolate patina. (A VF+ brought $206, Emp. Hamburg 5/10.) Starting Bid $22

307 QUINTILLUS, Ant, PROVIDENT AVG, Providentia stg l; EF, virtually mint state, nrly centered

but lgnds flatly struck at obv left & rev rt; lustery silvery-brown surfaces; superb sharp portrait.

(An EF realized $300, Munz Zentrum 9/10.) MB $90

308 AURELIAN, Ant, IOVI CONSER, Ruler & Jupiter stg, *Q; Choice VF/EF, well centered & struck,

nice light brown surfaces with hint of silvering. (Same variety, VF, brought $77, Rauch 3/06.)

Starting Bid $15

309 Denarius (scarce), VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv l, captive, A; Choice VF-EF, well centered

& struck, glossy dark greenish-brown patina. Ex Elsen auction as "Superbe."

(A VF brought $387, Kunker 3/09.) Starting Bid $70

310 SEVERINA, Denarius, VENVS FELIX, Venus stg l, Gamma below; AEF, sl egg-shaped flan, rev

sl off-ctr, glossy dark brown surfaces with hint of silvering. Ex Elsen auction as "Superbe."

Scarcer issue. (A VF-EF brought $295, Rauch 9/11.) MB $100

311 VABALATHUS, Ant, His bust/Aurelian bust, B below; F-VF, centered, full lgnds, contrasting

black-&-orange "desert" patina; both heads show reasonable detail.

(A VF brought $201 on $250 bid in my 9/09 sale.) Starting Bid $15

312 FLORIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Concordia & Ruler stg; VF-EF, perfectly centered,

silvered surfaces with tone on exposed parts, a bit speckly. Strong portrait detail.

(A VF brought $142 on $20 bid in my 5/09 sale.) Starting Bid $65

You can bid with alternate choice, or a spending limit.

313 PROBUS, Ant, CLEMENTIA TEMP, Jupiter gives globe to Ruler; EF, practically mint state, just

a tiny bit off-ctr with full lgnds, good lustrous silvering. Fully sharp portrait with every hair crisp.

(An EF realized $258, Rauch 4/14.) Starting Bid $25

314 Ant, Helmeted bust left with spear & shield/ADVENTVS AVG, Ruler on horse l, XXIV;

AEF/VF+, centered, sl lgnd softness on rev, silvered surfaces with some toning & a few sl

darker patches. (A brown GVF brought $150, Davisson 5/00.) MB $22

315 Ant, RESTITVT ORBIS, Female giving wreath to Ruler, H/XXI; Choice EF, nrly centered, full

lgnds, good strike without any wkness; silvered surfaces with a little lt tone.

(An EF brought $156, Hess-Divo 5/00.) Starting Bid $30

316 CARUS, Egypt Tet, Eagle betw standards, LA; VF, nrly centered, full lgnds, decent

brown surfaces. (A VF brought $81 in my 5/98 sale.) Starting Bid $20

317 NUMERIAN, Ant, CLEMENTIA TEMP, Jupiter giving Victory to Ruler; VF-EF/VF, nrly centered,

obv boldly struck, rev a little soft; smooth greenish patina with some earthen hilighting.

(A VF brought $38 on $45 bid in my 7/07 sale.) Starting Bid $25

318 CARINUS, Egypt Tet, Elpis stg l, LB; VF, centered, full tho crude lgnd, brown patina with traces

of green in recesses. Good portrait detail. (A VF brought $134, Peus 4/11.) MB $20

319 DIOCLETIAN, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l., HTE, EF, well centered, some

softness of strike on obv lgnd & rev figure; lustyrous silvered surfaces with lt tone. Portrait sharp.

(An EF with black patina brought $400, Gorny 10/10.) Start Bid $35

320 MAXIMIAN, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l., A; EF, obv nrly centered, rev

perfectly centered; well struck with no wkness; silvered surfaces with some tone.

Nice medallic appearance. (A VF+ brought $380, iNumis 3/10.) MB $65

321 CARAUSIUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, no control mks; AEF/VF, centered, full tho partly wk

lgnds, dark greenish-brown, sl grainy overall with some roughness at rev left; portrait well detailed.

(A VF, same var., brought $300, CGF 6/05.) MB $95

322 ALLECTUS, Quinarius, VIRTVS AVG, galley, QL; F/VG, obv nrly centered, rev off-ctr with lgnd

wk; brown patina. (A F brought $168, Rauch 3/11.) Starting Bid $15

323 CONSTANTIUS I, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, HTB, Choice VF or better,

well centered & struck, much silvering with lt tone. A pleasing bold piece.

(A Ch. VF brought $56 on $63 bid in my 12/01 sale.) Starting Bid $30

324 Follis, SACRA MONET AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR, Monetas stg l, PT•; Choice EF, nrly centered,

part of rev lgnd soft, otherwise sharp strike; lustery immaculate silvery-brown surfaces. Portrait

very sharp. (An EF brought $385, CNG 12/96.) Starting Bid $60

325 GALERIUS, As Caesar, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, no mintmk = London;

VF-EF/VF, minimally off-ctr, brown with sl silvering, lt porosity mainly on rev; obv quite nice in distinctive London style. (A VF+/EF brought $131 on $185 bid in my 9/09 sale.) Starting Bid $30

326 Argenteus, VIRTVS MILITVM, Tetrarchs before city gate; EF/VF, nrly centered, sl grainy mainly

on rev, ltly toned, lgnds rather crudely struck. Portrait has very sharp hair & beard detail.

(A GVF with crack & minor porosity brought $604, CNG 9/03.) Starting Bid $160