115 PERGAMON, Cistophoric Tet., after 133 BC, Cista mystica & snake in wreath/bowcase betw snakes,

A-Sigma above, as S3948; Practically as struck with bright lustery silver,

obv some-what off-ctr & softly struck with detail of VF, rev only sl off-ctr & sharply struck.

(Same var., GVF brought $288, CNG 5/04.) Starting Bid $110

116 -- Same but MO-Sigma above, F, sl off-ctr but complete, just a mite grainy, not bad.

Starting Bid $45

117 PERRHAIBOI, Trihemiobol, Horseman l with 2 spears/ Athena std l, hldg helmet;

ex CNG as Near VF with obv flan flaw (at 6:30, fairly minor), but I would grade F+, nrly centered,

ltly toned. RARE early type with no altar on obv. Ex BCD with his tag & photos.

(A Near EF brought $4,992, Nomos 5/11.) MB $70

118 PERSIA, Siglos, 450-330 BC, King rt with spear & bow/ punch, S4682; Nice F-VF,

centered on elongated flan, most of figure clear with some detail, tiny banker mk behind;

good metal with lt tone. (A F+ realized $380, CGB 11/09.) Starting Bid $60

119 -- Siglos with King hldg dagger, S4683 (scarcer, £85); F+, well centered, figure fully clear, good metal.

(A F+ brought $96 on $197 bid in my 5/01 sale.) Starting Bid $45

120 PERSIS, Autophradates (Vadfradad) I, 3rd cent BC, Tet, Head r wearing kyrbasia/

Fire temple betw king with bow & standard, above half-figure of Ahura-Mazda; S6191, Alram 533;

VF, nrly centered on large flan, cupped fabric, somewhat crude as usual,

touches of roughness partly smoothed. Deep grey tone. Decent clear portrait. Rare.

(A GVF/VF brought $3603, Kunker 10/07.) Starting Bid $850

121 Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, c. 140-125 BC, Ar Drachm, Head r in satrapal headgear, eagle atop,

"scar" on cheek (which distinguishes this from commoner Darius I)/Fire altar etc; S6202;

Choice EF, oval flan, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr; excellent metal with lt tone; portrait of fine style.

(An EF brought $545, Nomos 5/14) Starting Bid $120

122 Darius I, c.110-80 BC, Drachm, King's head in satrapal headgear, eagle atop/fire altar etc, S6194;

EF, sl off-ctr, head complete, a little crude mainly on rev, bright lustrous silver.

(A VF brought $730, Elsen 2/94.) Starting Bid $95

123 -- Obol, as above, except crescent at back of head, VF or better, centered, rev typically crude,

nice detailed portrait. (A VF brought $166, Baldwin's 10/04.) Starting Bid $50

124 "Unknown King" or "Prince Y," 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust l. in Parthian headgear/double diadem,

AEF, obv centered & nice with good detail, rev somewhat off-ctr & crude; deeply toned. MB $32

125 PHALANNA, Æ17, 350-300 BC, Youth's head r/Nymph head r, lgnd above, S2180;

Nice VF, nrly centered, darkish brown patina, good surfaces; ex Gorny as VF-EF.

(A VF realized $1,725, Triton 1/12. This is not fake news.) Starting Bid $50

126 PHARNAKEIA, Æ20, 85-65 BC, Zeus head r/Eagle on thunderbolt, S3663; AEF/F-VF,

medium brown patina, obv well centered & boldly detailed, rev sl off-ctr & a bit crude.

(A VF realized $581, Solidus 1/17. Frankly seems crazy, but there it is.)

My Starting Bid a more down-to-earth $35

127 PHISTELIA, Obol, 325-275 BC, Female head facg sl left/lion stg l, VF+/VF, centered,

sl surface imperfections, darkish toning. Clear face. (A VF brought $354, Peus 11/10.)

Starting Bid $80

128 RHEGIUM, Ar Litra, 415-387 BC, Facing lion scalp/PH within olive spray, S503;

EF/VF, edge sl ragged at obv top, rev rt; uncleaned original dark patina; great detail on obv.

(A VF sold for $400, Berk 10/07.) Starting Bid $75

129 RHODES, Hemidrachm, 167-88 BC, Helios hd 3/4 rt/Rose in incuse square, magistrate Antipatros;

EF, obv well centered & struck with nice strong face in nice style, rev somewhat off-ctr with sl crudeness.

Good metal with lt tone. (An EF of this type brought $301 on $450 bid in my 5/10 sale.)

Starting Bid $110

130 Drachm, 88-43 BC, Helios hd facg 3/4 rt/full blown rose in dotted circle, P-O, grain ear below,

as S5068 (head l., £175); F-VF, centered, two-toned metal, bold clear face,

a few sl flan imperfections at rev edge. Starting Bid $65

131 Rhodian Peraia, Drachm, under Perseus, c. 170 BC, Helios hd facg sl rt/Rose, ERMIAS;

AEF/F, obv centered on egg-shaped flan, rev crude with surface faults. Lovely head.

This pretty type is virtually non-existent below EF; rare budget example. MB $70

132 SKOTUSSA, Æ18, Helmeted Ares Hd r/horse r, Phi below (but looks like Phi has "horns"), S2223;

F-VF/F, centered, smooth brown patina; ex Gorny as VF. RARE.

(A VF, same var., brought $672, CNG eAuc 5/09.) Start Bid $40

133 SPAIN, OBULCO, Æ29, 220-20 BC, Female head r/Lgnd, plow above, grain ear below;

VF-EF/AVF, very sl off-ctr, dark patina with orangy hilighting, rev typically weakish & crude tho fully clear,

obv bold & attractive with cute childlike art work. (A VF/F realized $267, deGeus 11/09.)

Starting Bid $100

134 SYBARIS, (New Sybaris, a/k/a Thourioi) 1/6 stater, 446-440 BC, Athena head r/Bull r, head turned,

S-433 (£150); Strong F, well centered & clear. Very Rare! Ex Pegasi $395.

(A GVF brought $2,234, Hess-Divo 10/10.) Starting Bid $100

135 SYRACUSE, Ar Obol, 474-450 BC, Arethusa head r/four-spoke wheel; S917; Strong VF,

obv a little off-ctr, rev center-ed, good metal with medium tone, much hair detail.

(A F+ brought $250, Berk 12/07; VF with corr., $422, Kunker 4/16.) MB $80

136 Timoleon, 344-336 BC, Æ30, Litra, Athena hd l./Starfish betw dolphins, S1189 (£40);

F-VF/F, flan somewhat misshapen at rev edge, nice basically smooth grass green patina,

obv quite bold with clear lgnd. (A VF brought $780, Gorny 10/14.) MB $70

137 Agathokles, 317-289 BC, Tet, Persephone head r/Nike & trophy, triskeles left, S974;

Choice VF, good centering & strike, excellent metal with lt accentuating tone.

(A GVF, same variety, brought $2,603, Kunker 10/13.) Starting Bid $750

138 SYRIA, Seleukos I, 312-280 BC, Tet, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l,

on left A monogram with two bars above, below throne monogram in circle, Tarsus mint, SC10.2,

VF, obv well centered, rev a trifle off-ctr, good metal with lt tone. Very Rare!

Only one other found on acsearch (unsold). Starting Bid $240

139 Antiochos I, 280-261 BC, Tet, Head r/Apollo std l betw monograms, Seleukeia-on-Tigris,

posthumous issue; Nice VF/F-VF, perfectly centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone,

excellent portrait in fine style. (A VF with sl faults, same variety, brought $716, Rauch 12/14.)

Starting Bid $210

140 Antiochos II, Æ17, Apollo hd r/tripod, anchor below Choice AEF, nrly centered, lustery dark patina,

great quality. Ex Triskeles auction 3/17 where it brought $115. Starting Bid $70

141 -- Tet, in the name of Seleukos I, types of Alex the Great, Herakles head r/Zeus std l,

dolphin above monogram left; Nice VF, nrly centered, good metal with darkish tone, boldly struck.

Rare. (No sale record found. A VF of the type with diff monograms brought $563, Rauch 9/15.)

Starting Bid $195

142 Antiochos III, Tet, Head r/Apollo std l, monogram at left, S6936; VF, just a touch off-ctr,

good bright silver. Excellent detailed portrait. (A VF sold for $1100, Peus 4/04.) MB $220

143 Alexander I, 150-145 BC, Tet, Head r/Zeus std l; VF/VF-EF, well centered,

good metal with medium tone. (A VF realized $968, Roma 3/14.) Starting Bid $190

144 Antiochos VII, Drachm, Head r/Nike adv l, VF+/VF, very sl off-ctr,

portrait not crowded & quite strong with much detail.

(A VF sold for $350, Berk 5/09.) Min Bid $70

145 Philip Philadelphus, Tet, issue under Romans, Proconsul Aulus Gabinius, Phil's head r/Zeus std l.,

XAT monogram, Yr Delta in exergue, S7214; Choice AEF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone,

extravagant curly hair on portrait. (An EF, same year, brought $815, Hess-Divo 6/07.)

Starting Bid $195

146 TARENTUM, Nomos, 290-281 BC, Horseman galloping r, Sigma-A below/Taras on dolphin left,

prow below, Vlas.585; AVF, centered, good metal with lt tone, faint scr on rev not worth mentioning.

(A GVF, same variety, brought $1,063, Leu 9/18.) Starting Bid $140

147 TARSOS, 484-361 BC, Tetartemorion (.14 g), Female head r/ helmeted head r, SNG Lev 82;

F-VF/AF, centered, toned, sl roughness on rev. (A GVF brought $215, NAC 3/10.) MB $20

148 TEOS, Obol, c.400 BC, Griffin stg r/4-part square containing name EYDOROS; F-VF, centered,

lt porosity on obv, deeply toned, rev letters clear. Rare.

(Similar, porous VF, brought $180, CNG eAuc 10/07.) Starting Bid $25

149 TERINA, Æ18, 4th cent BC, Nymph Terina head l./crab, cresc above; S697;

AVF/F+, centered, deep green patina, nice, lovely head. Rare. (Far better than F bringing $185, Agora 7/15.)

MB $45

150 TERONE, Tetrobol, c.490-480 BC, Oinochoe, T-E/4-part square with pebbled interior,

SNG ANS 751; VF or better, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr, sl grainy obv surface (die rust?),

bold features. (A VF -- exact style & grainy look -- brought $243, Gorny 10/13.) Starting Bid $75

151 THASOS, Stater, 510-480 BC, ithyphallic reality TV satyr grabbing struggling nymph by the pussy,

denying it ever happened; S1746 (£425); Nice strong AVF, well centered & struck, good bright metal,

fine archaic style. (A VF realized $4500, Peus 10/07.) Starting Bid $235

152 Same, F, nrly centered on elongated flan, somewhat crude blobby style, good metal with lt tone.

Ex my 1/01 sale where it realized $170. I had paid $168. Starting bid now only $110

153 Same but later, fine style type, A in field to rt, much more scarce & desirable, S1747 (£650);

Choice AVF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone, nice bold appearance. Ex Naumann as VF.

(A Ch. VF with sl porosity realized $10,239 plus buyer fee, "The Bru Sale" 11/12.) Starting Bid $450

154 Tet, after 148 BC, Dionysos hd r/Herakles stg l, H mono-gram, as S1759;

A higher end Eastern European Celtic version, AVF, sl cupped fabric, minor surface imperfections;

interesting style with long nose. Starting Bid $90

155 THEBES, Hemidrachm, 379-371 BC, Boeotian shield/ Amphora, club above, ivy leaf rt,

as S2396 (£75); Nice F-VF, well centered, excellent metal with lt tone, problem free.

Rare variety with leaf. (Better than a granular F-VF, this exact var., bringing $161, Coin Galleries 4/07.)

Starting Bid $65

156 THOURIOI, Stater 350-281 BC, Athena head r, Skylla on helmet/Bull butting r, tunny below;

F+/VF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr but complete on an unusually broad flan -- fact is,

I mistook this for a Tet in buying it! Good bright metal; obv softly struck, rev well struck.

(A VF realized $1836, Tradart 12/14.) Min Bid $200

157 THRACE, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, Tet, Head of Alexander with horn of Ammon r/Athena std l,

club at left, monogram; Strong AVF, centered, good metal with only very sl surface irregularities on obv;

ltly toned. Apparently rare, as I could find no sale appearance with this monogram. Starting Bid $220

158 VELIA, Nomos, 350-281 BC, Athena hd l, Centaur on helmet, EK monogram behind/lion munching left;

F-VF/AF, nrly centered, good metal apart from some very sl grainy spots at edge. Starting Bid $90


159 BRONZE As, Janus head/Prow, palm branch above, Cr.76/2, Sy.202. Overall F,

centered on big heavy flan (45.2 g), brown patina with sl misty surfaces, both Janus faces clear,

the right one strong. Rare! (A F brought $567, Roma 11/14.) MB $60

160 Quadrans, Hercules head r/Prow, star at rt, Cr.196/4, VF, centered, 2-toned green patina,

much detail visible. Scarce. Ex European auction as VF-EF. (A VF brought $339, CNG 9/09.)

Starting Bid $70

161 Semuncia, Mercury head r/prow r, ROMA above; Cr.38/7, Sy.87; F-VF, well centered & struck,

nice deep green patina, pleasant for grade.

(A F+ brought $83 on $93 bid in my 11/07 sale; VF sl scr $374, Gorny 10/12.) Starting Bid $32

SILVER (All Denarii unless noted, by Crawford & Sydenham #s):

162 Quadrigatus, Cr. 28/3, Janus head/Jupiter in quadriga, VF, nrly centered on smallish irregular flan,

weak spot on ROMA, otherwise good detail, some minor surface imperfections; nicely toned.

Ex European auction as VF+. (A VF brought $1427, Rauch 6/12.) Starting Bid $160

163 Victoriatus, 53/1, Sy.83, Jupiter hd r/Victory crowning trophy; VF-EF, sl off-ctr,

good metal with lt toning. (A VF with faults brought $291, CNG eAuc 11/11.) Starting Bid $95

164 Anonymous, 140/1, Sy.339 (Rarity 3), Roma hd r/Luna in biga r; Choice F-VF, nrly centered,

excellent metal with nice old collection toning, problem-free. (A VF brought $282, Hess-Divo 10/10.)

Starting Bid $50

165 L. Cupiennius, 218/1, Sy.404, Roma hd r, cornucopiae behind/Dioscuri on horses r;

Nice VF/AVF, nrly centered on sl ragged flan, good metal with pleasant old toning.

(A VF realized $127 in my 4/12 sale.) Starting Bid $70

166 L. Antestius Gragulus, 238/1, Sy.451, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r; VF, well centered,

bright metal with very sl porosity. (A VF brought $175, CGB 1/06.) Starting Bid $55

167 M. Aburius Geminus, 250/1, Sy.487, Roma Head r/Sol in quadriga r; Choice EF,

centered & sharply struck, excellent metal with luster & hint of tone.

A GEM (it says so right on the coin). (A GEF brought $1100, Noble 4/11.) Starting Bid $240

168 T. Cloulius, 260/1, Sy.516, Roma head r, wreath behind/ Victory in biga with leaping horses, grain ear;

VF, centered, bright silver. Ex European auction as VF+. (A GVF, sl off-ctr, brought $423, CNG 5/14.)

Starting Bid $80

169 Q. Fabius Labeo, 273/1, Sy.532, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r, foot below; Nice F-VF,

well centered & struck, good metal with moderate toning. (A GF sold for $123, Noble 7/14.)

Starting Bid $50

170 M. Fannius, 275/1, Sy.419, VF, well centered (unusual for this), good strike, ltly toned.

Ex European auction as VF+. (A VF with sm flaw brought $161, CNG eAuc. 5/14.) Starting Bid $80

171 M. Tullius, 280/1, Sy.531, Roma head r/Victory in quadriga r, large X below; VF+/VF,

nrly centered on broad flan, area of flat strike at obv lower left & rev upper left; good bright silver.

(A VF+ brought $263, CGB 6/13.) Starting Bid $55

172 M. Aemilius Lepidus, 291/1, Sy.554; Wreathed Roma head r/Equestrian statue on arch;

VF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone; lovely Roma head with strong detail.

(A GVF with lt scrs brought $326, Hirsch 9/12.) Starting Bid $80

173 Mancinus, Pulcher & Urbinus, 299/1b, Sy.570a, Roma head r/Victory in tricycle;

VF, obv well centered, rev centered just sl high; good metal, attractive bold appearance.

Ex European auction as VF+ (A VF sold for $275, Berk 7/11.) Start Bid $80

174 C. Claudius Pulcher, 300/1, Sy.569, Roma head r/Victory in biga r; Choice VF, obv well centered,

rev sl off-ctr, good metal with lt tone, pleasing. (A GVF brought $230, F&S 6/08.) MB $80

175 M. Herennius, 308/1a, Sy.567, Pietas head r/Amphinomus carrying his Dad; EF, obv well centered,

rev just a bit off-ctr; excellent metal with mellow tone. Nice sharp head.

(An EF realized $1185, NAC 4/11.) Starting Bid $200

176 L. Thorius Balbus, 316/1, Sy.598, Hd of Juno of Lanuvium r/bull charging r, F above;

VF/VF-EF, well centered & good strike for this, nice metal with lt tone. Ex European auction as VF-EF.

(A VF brought $310, CGF 6/04.) Starting Bid $100

177 L. Appuleius Saturninus, 317/3b, Sy.578a; Roma head l./Jupiter in quadriga r;

EF, virtually mint state with bright luster, obv well centered & struck,

rev nrly centered with sl touch of wkness at lower left edge. (An EF realized $624, Gorny 10/14.)

Starting Bid $170

178 C. Coelius Caldus, 318/1a, Sy.582, Roma hd l./Victory in biga l.; VF, nrly centered,

excellent lusterlike metal with lt toning. (A GVF brought $280, Astarte 12/02.) Starting Bid $80

179 Q. Minucius Thermus, 319/1, Sy.592; Helmeted Mars head l./battle scene; Choice VF+,

well centered & struck, good metal with luster & lt tone. (A GVF brought $506, F&S 11/04.) MB $110

180 M. Lucilius Rufus, 324/1, Sy.599, Roma head r, in wreath/ Victory in biga r; Nice VF, broad flan,

obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr but complete; good metal with medium toning.

(A VF brought $225, Berk 5/12.) Start Bid $85

181 C. Egnatuleius, Quinarius, 333/1, Sy.588; Apollo head r/Victory & trophy; VF/F-VF,

rev somewhat off-ctr, sl edge irregularity, medium tone.

(Far better than a F with much flatness bringing $118, Album 1/14.) Starting Bid $50

182 L. Caecilius Metellus, 335/1b, Sy.611a; Apollo head r/Victory crowning std Roma;

VF, nrly centered, well struck, excellent metal with lt tone; couple teeny edge notches.

(A VF brought $253, CNG eAuc 4/14.) Starting Bid $90

183 D. Silanus, 337/3, Sy.646, Roma head r, Victory in biga r; AEF, well centered on sl narrow flan,

good metal & strike for this usually poor issue. (An EF brought $408, Rauch 5/09.) MB $110

184 L. Piso Frugi, 340/1, Sy.663c, Apollo head r, CXXIV behind/horseman r, VIIII below; Choice VF,

perfectly centered & well struck on good metal with lt tone. (A VF/GVF brought $223, Noble 7/14.)

Starting Bid $85

185 Cn Lentulus, 345/1, Sy.702, Mars bust r/Victory in biga r; F/F+, centered, good metal with lt tone,

sm banker mark on helmet. (A F+ sold for $100, Berk 3/08.) Starting Bid $30

186 L. Censorinus, 363/1d, Sy.737, Apollo head r/Marsyas stg at column; F-VF, nrly centered,

good metal with lt tone.

(A F+ realized $58 in my 11/05 sale.) Starting Bid $45

187 Q. Antonius Balbus, 364/1d, Sy.742b; Jupiter head r/Victory in hotrod r; serrate issue;

EF/AEF, sl off-ctr but complete, couple of well-hidden rev scrs (can you find them?);

Well struck, excellent metal with lt tone. (An EF brought $646, CNG 9/17.) MB $120

188 Same but 364/1c, Sy.742a; F/AF, obv sl off-ctr, decent metal, bold obv head.

(A VG with rev cut sold for $100, Berk 7/09.) Starting Bid $20

189 C. Naevius Balbus, Venus head r/Victory in triga r, 382/1b, Sy.769b (but no visible number at rev top);

serrate issue; EF/VF+, nrly centered, obv sharply struck on good metal with lt tone, crisp detail on head.

(A Near EF with lt scrs brought $288, CNG 6/05.)

Starting Bid $125

190 C. Postumius, 394/1a, Sy.785, Diana head r/hound racing rt; AEF, obv sl off-ctr, rev centered,

good metal, deeply toned, strong hair detail on Diana.

(A GVF with sl mks & flan crack brought $600, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $135

191 L. Scribonius Libo, 416/1a, Sy.928, Head of Bonus Eventus r/Lyres on well-head, hammer;

VF/F-VF, well centered on oval flan, decent metal, minor imperfections, strong detail on head.

(A VF realized $276, F&S 6/08.) Starting Bid $70

192 Q. Pompeius Rufus, 434/2, Sy.909, Curule chair/curule chair, EF, sl off-ctr but nothing missing,

well struck, good metal with lt tone. Scarce coin naming Sulla.

(A VF-EF brought $3,150, Gorny 10/04. I'm not saying the coin is really worth that kind of money.

But somebody thought so.) Starting Bid $220

193 P. Accoleius Lariscolus, 486/1, Sy.1148, Diana Nemorensis head r/3 nymph statues facg;

VF-EF/VF, considerably off-ctr, obv head compplete & quite strong, rev with some wk striking;

excellent metal quality with lt tone. Scarce. (A GVF brought $1238, Roma 9/13.) Starting Bid $85

194 IMPERATORIAL. POMPEY, As, Janus head/Galley prow, Cr.479/1, Sy1044; F/F-VF,

somewhat off-ctr, silvery-brown, pretty good surfaces & both Janus faces bold, much detail on galley.

Ex European auction as GF-NVF. (A VF realized $2822, Roma 3/14.) Starting Bid $110

195 JULIUS CAESAR, Den, Head r/Q. VOCONIVS VITVLVS, cow stg l; COPY, struck in silver,

by Slavei? A superb piece of work, Choice EF, lt tone. Starting Bid $12

196 MARK ANTONY & OCTAVIAN, Den, Head r/head r, Cr.517/2; EF, bright silver,

obv centered somewhat low, with sl flan crack & crude area below chin; rev perfectly centered & well struck,

with only teensy crack at bottom; both portraits with strong detail.

With tag from NGC slab as AU, strike 4/5, surface 3/5, saying John Whitney Walter collection.

(A Near EF brought $6900, CNG 5/11.) Starting Bid $850

197 OCTAVIAN, Sest, DIVI F, Bare head r/DIVOS IVLIVS in wreath; F/VG, centered, brown patina,

porosity & smoothing marks. Not quite as bad as photo. (A F with pitting brought $306, Baldwin's 9/05.) MB $40


198 AUGUSTUS, Den., Caius & Lucius stg with shields & spears; VF, sl oval flan, nrly centered,

lgnds basically all there tho parttly crude; minor surface imperfections;

horseshoe shaped banker mk above shields; toned; good detailed portrait.

(A F with banker mk on cheek brought $378, Noble 7/17.) Min Bid $135


perfectly centered & well struck with full clear lgnds, medium brown with only minor surface quibbles,

portrait quite strong. (A GVF, same var., brought $2530, Triton 1/08.) MB $95

200 Philippi, Æ20, VIC AVG, Victory stg l./3 standards; EF, somewhat off-ctr,

smooth glossy greenish-brown patina. (An EF sold for $956, Nomos 5/18.) Starting Bid $50

201 TIBERIUS, Den., PONTIF MAXIM, Livia std r; F+, somewhat off-ctr, lgnds partly off & weak,

good metal, portrait with strong laurel wreath.

The Dealer Handbook says I must include the words, "Biblical Tribute Penny."

(A F+ sold for $400, Berk 10/08.) Starting Bid $95

202 AGRIPPINA SR.,, Sest, MEMORIAE AGRIPPINAE, Carpentum pulled by mules l.;

VF/F, orichalcum tan with darker tone in recesses, well centered,

the obv bold & fairly nice with only faint porosity on glossy surface;

rev has light even porosity but everything visible. (A rather flawed F+ sold for $2100, Berk 3/09.)

Starting Bid $450

203 CALIGULA, As, VESTA std l; F+, nrly centered, full lgnd,

warm brown patina with only sl surface disturbances, portrait bold.

(A sl bendy F+ brought $181 in my 9/02 sale.) Starting Bid $70

204 CLAUDIUS, Sest, SPES AVGVSTA, Spes adv l; AEF, well centered on large flan, full clear lgnds,

darkish green patina with some paler green hilighting, sl roughness mainly on rev;

portrait has strong laurel wreath & hair detail. (A GVF realized $5412, Nomos 5/13.) Starting price $950

205 Aezanis, Æ20, Zeus stg l; RPC 3099; VF, dark brown patina, minor graininess, obv lgnd partly wk,

portrait bold & detailed; rev sl off-ctr & wk at bottom. (A VF brought $230, CNG eAuc 6/14.)

Starting Bid $40

206 BRITANNICUS & NERO, Pergamum, Æ17, bust r/bust r, RPC 2371; F/VG,

obv sl off-ctr but Britannicus's name nrly complete, portrait decent; rev lgnds virtually gone but portrait OK;

dark greenish patina. Rare. (A F brought $756, CNG eAuc 1/07.) Starting Bid $95

207 NERO, Den, IVPPITER CVSTOS, Jupiter std l; AF/F, obv lgnd mostly gone at rt,

rev lgnd virtually complete; good metal with dark tone in recesses. (A F sold for $250, Berk 9/05.)

MB $75

208 As, Laur head r/PACE PR etc, Janus temple with closed door, RIC 300; AEF/VF,

obv centered with full lgnd, rev sl off-ctr, dark greenish patina, sl porosity mainly on rev.

Strong portrait detail. (A GVF realized $1035, CNG 6/05.) Starting Bid $150

209 Sest, type as last, COPY, struck, EF, reddish-brown tone, a nice hefty piece. Starting Bid $15

210 Egypt, Tet, Serapis head, LI; VF/VF+, centered, obv lgnd off at top, full rev lgnd,

brightish silver with very slight graininess; good detail on heads. (A VF sold for $370, Peus 4/09.) MB $50

211 NERO & TIBERIUS, Egypt Tet, Nero hd l, Yr 3/Tiberius hd r;

AEF, a touch off-ctr with some of lgnds off, silver-grey tone, both portraits with unusually strong detail,

especially Nero's. (A GVF brought $450, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $135

212 OTHO, Antioch, Æ28, SC in wreath; F, centered, obv lgnd mostly wk as usual but name weakly visible,

distinctive portrait clear; smooth dark patina with some earthen hilighting mainly on rev.

(A F+ brought $357 on $500 bid in my 3/97 sale.) MB $95

213 VITELLIUS, Den, XV VIR SACR FAC, tripod, raven, dolphin; nice bold F, well centered with full lgnds,

good metal, problem free. (A F+ sold for $500, Berk 3/05.) Starting Bid $115

214 VESPASIAN, Den, PONTIF MAXIM, Ruler std r; Choice VF, centered & well struck,

excellent metal quality with much luster & lt tone. (A GVF brought $414, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $65

215 Egypt Æ35 Drachm, Nike head r; I will call it overall AF, heads somewhat better,

laurel wreath visible on Vesp's, but rather rough medium brown patina. Rare!

(A VF (much wkness!) brought $1265, CNG 5/09.) Starting Bid $30

216 TITUS, Den, TRP VIIII IMP XIIII COS VIII, Ceres std l, Rare without PP ending rev lgnd, not in RIC;

Choice VF, centered, full lgnds, good metal with luster & lt tone, excellent portrait with much detail.

(A GVF but with PP brought $403, CNG eAuc 11/13; no sale record found without PP.)

Starting Bid $130

217 DOMITIAN, AS CAESAR, As, SC, Minerva stg l; Choice bold VF, perfectly centered & well struck,

modest patch of roughness below S on rev, otherwise nice smooth two-toned brown surfaces.

(A ltly granular VF brought $316, F&S 6/08.) Starting Bid $75

218 AS AUG., Quadrans, Rhino left/SC in lgnd; VF/F, nrly centered, dark green patina, nice bold Rhino,

rev sl rough but legible. Rhinos are becoming extinct, so grab this while you can.

(A GF brought $405, Roma 7/18.) Starting Bid $30

219 DOMITIA, Eumenea, Æ15, Her bust r/Kybele std l, naming Hylla, High Priestess (?);

VF, sl off-ctr, more so on rev, obv lgnd partly wk/off, dark greenish patina, quite strong portrait.

(A Near VF brought $277, Naumann 9/15.) Starting Bid $90