220 NERVA, Den, IVSTITIA AVGVST, Justitia std r; EF, obv nrly centered, tops of some letters off,

rev off-ctr with lgnd mostly off at left; bright lustery silver, portrait fully detailed. Scarcer type.

(A VF brought $460, CNG 5/04.) Starting Bid $220

221 Egypt, Tet, LA, Eagle r; VF, centered, full lgnd, fully silver color with lt overall granularity.

Good portrait with detail. Scarce! (A Near VF, same year, brought $459, Roma 9/14.) MB $120

222 TRAJAN, Den, PM TRP COS VI PP SPQR, Mars adv r; EF, perfectly centered,

good metal with much luster & lt tone, nice style portrait.

(Same variety, EF brought $597, Kunker 3/10.) Starting Bid $130

223 As, TR POT COS III PP, Victory adv l hldg shield inscr SPQR; VF+/VF, well centered,

complete lgnds, medium brown patina, obv nice with almost no porosity, strong portrait detail;

rev has touches of roughness. (A VF with weak rev brought $213, Munz Zentrum 12/13.)

Starting Bid $50

224 Egypt, Tet, Radiate bust r with aegis, star at rt/LK, Zeus bust r; VF, nrly centered,

obv lgnd all there tho typically crude, silver color with contrasting dark tone in recesses;

detailed, bold & nice for this. (Much stronger detail on a "Nice VF" bringing $138, CNG eAuc 8/15.)

Starting Bid $85

225 TRAJAN & FATHER, Den, Trajan bust r/DIVVS PATER TRAIAN, Trajan Senior std l; VF+,

centered, sl ragged flan, full lgnds, flan crack to nose & tiny flaw behind head. Scarce.

(A VF realized $610, Lanz 12/10.) Starting Bid $75

226 HADRIAN, Den, COS III, Concordia std l; EF, sl off-ctr, obv lgnd crowded at left,

good metal with dark uncleaned original tone; excellent detailed portrait.

(A VF, same variety, brought $616, Peus 11/09. Yes, $616 for a VF.) Starting Bid $120

Bidding early gets you on the "TSA Pre" line to Heaven

227 Den, SALVS AVG, Salus stg rt at altar; EF, centered on a ragged flan, full lgnds,

nice bright metal, well detailed portrait. (An EF sold for $580, Lanz 6/11.) Starting Bid $125

228 Sest, SC, Choice VF/VF+, glossy deep brown patina, obv a touch off-ctr but full lgnd,

good detailed portrait, rev well centered & particularly bold & attractive.

Ex my collection since 1984 where graded VF-EF.

(A VF+/VF brought $1,716, Vico 1/12; GVF $1,440, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $285

229 As, SC, Minerva adv r; Nice bold F-VF, well centered,

two-toned dark brown with glossy surfaces, much portrait detail. (A Nice VF brought $345, CNG 9/03.)

Starting Bid $20

230 Egypt, Tet., Bust left/Nilus head r, LENNEAKD; VF-EF, just a hair off-ctr, full clear lgnds,

brown patina, minor touch of coarseness at rev bottom; both heads with sharp detail.

Very nice. Ex my collection since 1983. (A GVF realized $920, CNG 9/09.) Starting Bid $135

231 SABINA, Den, IVNONI REGINAE, Juno stg l; EF, centered, lgnds complete with sl crudeness,

faintly granular but nicely toned surfaces, fully sharp portrait detail. (An EF sold for $2185, Helios 10/09.)

Starting Bid $195

232 Den, CONCORDIA AVG, Concord std l; F, ragged flan, lgnds virtually complete, good bright metal.

(A F+ with sl marks brought $56 on $85 bid in my 7/18 sale.) Starting Bid $30

233 Sest, PIETAS AVG, Pietas std l, F/VG, lgnds wk on obv & virtually gone on rev, orichalcum tan,

basically smooth surfaces, good portrait with some detail. Ex my 6/92 sale where it brought $64 on $215 bid.

Starting Bid $30


Choice VF, well centered & struck, perfect metal with lt tone. Very scarce as Caesar.

(A VF, same var., brought $151, Roma 10/18.) Starting Bid $75

235 AS AUG., Den, TR POT XIX COS IIII, Annona stg l; VF-EF, nrly centered, sl edge irregularity,

good bright metal, minor lgnd crudeness. Starting Bid $35

236 Den, COS IIII, Salus stg l, at altar, with rudder & globe; Virtually mint state,

nrly centered on sl ragged flan, well struck for this with rev much stronger than usual;

bright lustery silver with lt tone. (An EF brought $1528, Gorny 10/14; and if you think that was high,

another EF realized $2233, CNG 5/15.) MB $125

237 Den, SALVTI AVG COS IIII, Salus atg l, at altar; Nice AEF, centered with full strong lgnds,

bright lustery silver. (An EF, same variety, brought $273, Naumann 11/14.) Starting Bid $60

238 As, FELICITAS AVG, Felicitas stg l; Nice VF, warm brown patina, centered, full lgnds,

minor edge irregularities. (A VF realized $370, Auctiones AG 9/96.) Minimum Bid $65

239 Sest, PAX AVG, Pax stg l; VF, centered on sl squared flan, nrly full lgnds,

greenish-brown patina with some roughness, not bad; strong hair & beard detail.

(A GVF brought $960, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $70

240 Sest, COS IIII, in exergue LIBERALITAS/AVG IIII, Ruler std on platform betw Liberalitas & Prefect,

citizen below, RIC 744; AVF, well centered, darkish greenish-brown patina, sl smoothing on rev;

a nice bold coin with excellent portrait having much detail, rev scene fully clear. Rare.

(VFs brought $1540, Kunker 3/06, and $1712, Peus 11/09.) Starting Bid $295

241 FAUSTINA SR, Den, AETERNITAS, Aeternitas stg l; Virtually Mint State,

well centered & struck on somewhat ragged flan, full lgnds with minor crudeness,

portrait & rev figure sharply detailed. Lustrous. (An EF brought $345, Lanz 5/07.) MB $110

242 As, Veiled head/CONSECRATIO, Vesta stg at altar; F-VF, centered on large flan,

dark greenish-brown, sl wkness at obv bottom & rev top, much portrait detail. Rare with veiled bust.

(A GVF brought $412, Auctiones GmbH 10/14.) Starting Bid $20

243 MARCUS AURELIUS, Den, TRP XX IMP IIII COS III, in exergue PAX, Pax stg l;

RIC 159 (listed as Pax std); EF, obv sl off-ctr, rev well centered, infinestimally grainy with lt tone,

portrait & Pax sharply detailed. Nice. (An EF brought $683, Naumann 11/14.) Starting Bid $100

244 Sest, CONCORD AVGVSTOR TRP XVI, in exergue COS III, Aurelius & Verus shaking hands;

VF/F-VF, obv centered, rev a touch off-ctr, brown patina, sl grainy.

(A VF of the type with lt porosity brought $3819, Triton 1/14.) Starting Bid $85

245 FAUSTINA JR, Den, SALVS Std l, feeding snake; VF, well centered & struck, good bright silver,

sl flan crack visible mainly on rev. (A GVF with lt porosity & flan crack brought $157, CNG eAuc 3/12.)

Starting Bid $35

246 As, SAECVLI FELICIT, babies on throne; F+, nrly centered, full lgnd, mostly smooth dark patina,

a decent bold coin. Scarce type. (A VF brought $201, Kunker 9/11.) Starting Bid $20

247 LUCIUS VERUS, Den, PM TRP COS PP, Ruler stg l, COPY, by Slavei, struck in silver, Unc, toned,

a superb piece of work. Note, this is not a correct rev type for Verus. Starting Bid $12

248 LUCILLA, Sest, PIETAS stg l, at altar; VF+/VF, centered on a large, sl squared flan,

deep green patina, sl grainy surfaces, sharp hair detail on portrait.

(A GVF sold for $1150, CNG 5/09; only F-VF $300, Davisson 11/12.) Starting Bid $165

249 COMMODUS, Den, PMTRP XIII IMP VIII COS V PP, Libertas stg l; EF,

centered with full tho sl crude lgnds, good bright silver, sharp portrait detail.

Much above average for Commie.

(A VF brought $189, Peus 11/09.) Starting Bid $90

250 Caesarea, Æ29, Mt. Argaeus atop altar; AVF, somewhat off-ctr, lgnds partly wk/off,

ltly grainy matte brown surfaces, portrait with VF detail. (A VF brought $320, CGB 6/05.)

Starting Bid $22

251 PERTINAX, Den, LAETITIA TEMPOR COS II, Laetitia stg l; VF, nrly centered, tiny edge splits,

obv lgnd crude, traces of granularity; nice portrait with strong detail.

(A VF brought $1725, Gemini 1/10; only F/VG $601 on $651 bid in my 6/14 sale.) MB $495

252 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Den, FVNDATOR PACIS, Ruler stg l; EF, nrly centered & sharply struck,

ltly toned, very sharp portrait. (An EF realized $341, Gorny 3/18.) Starting Bid $70

253 Den, PART MAX PM TRP X, 2 captive Central American children beneath trophy,

weeping for their missing parents; VF, centered, full lgnds, good silver, teensy edge crack. MB $30

254 Marcianopolis, Æ25, Homonoia stg l; Choice AEF/VF, nrly centered, lgnds complete,

attractive smooth olive green patina with some orangy hilighting; strongly detailed portrait.

(A VF brought $257, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $50

255 JULIA DOMNA, Den, DIANA LVCIFERA, Diana stg l, Choice EF+, centered, well struck,

excellent metal with lt tone & luster; great portrait (An AEF brought $395, NAC 11/07) MB $100

256 Den, VENVS GENETRIX, Venus std l, with cupid; AEF/VF+, rev sl off-ctr on a sl ragged flan,

good metal, sharp hair detail. Nice. (A VF+ brought $160, CGF 11/04.) Starting Bid $40

257 Den, IVNO, Juno stg l, sl off-ctr but complete on a large sl ragged flan, sl edge cracks,

good bright silver. (A VF/F+ realized $222, iNumis 5/10.) Starting Bid $33

258 Den, PIETAS PVBLICA, Pietas stg l, Laodicea mint style; AEF, sl oval flan, obv centered,

rev sl off-ctr; nice lt toning; sharp portrait. (A VF-EF brought $141, Rauch 4/11.) Starting Bid $40

259 As, VESTA std l, Choice EF, well centered & struck, glossy darkish green-brown patina

with minor touches of roughness; superb portrait with every little hair crisp.

(An AEF brought $1608, NAC 5/14; EF $3540, Helios 12/11.) Starting Bid $385

Love your coins for what they are, not for what they're worth.

260 CARACALLA, Den, PONTIF TRP VIII COS II, Salus std l; Choice VF, nrly centered, well struck,

good metal with lt tone. Strong youthful portrait.

(A GVF realized $339, Naumann 3/18. Yes, $339 for this seemingly ordinary type in only GVF.

The world has gone mad; we had best accommodate ourselves.) MB $35

261 Anchialus, Æ26, Table with prize urn; F+/F, nrly centered with most of lgnds, dark olive green patina,

obv quite nice, rev with a little roughness on lower half. (A NVF brought $103, CNG eAuc 2/14.)

Starting Bid $10

262 PLAUTILLA, Den, PIETAS AVGG, Pietas stg r, hldg child or Barbie doll

(yes, the Romans had them); Choice bold VF, well centered & struck, excellent metal.

(A VF+ brought $375, CGF 6/07.) Starting Bid $45

263 GETA, Den, VOTA PVBLICA, Geta at tripod; from a European auction as EF and, surprisingly enough,

it is actually EF ("European grading" is the second most overrated thing in the world);

well centered & struck, good bright silver.

(An EF realized $265, Peus 4/03.) Starting Bid $55

264 MACRINUS, Den, SECURITAS TEMPORVM, Securitas stg l, at column; EF/AEF,

centered on unround flan, full lgnds, moderately toned, nice sharp portrait.

(A Ch. VF brought $670, Kunker 3/06.) Starting Bid $125

265 Den, SALVS PVBLICA, Salus std l; VF, sl off-ctr, full tho partly crude lgnd, rev poorly struck,

ltly toned. Scarcer short-beard portrait. (A VF sold for $332, Peus 4/14.) Starting Bid $85

266 Den, LIBERTAS AVG, Libertas stg l, COPY, by Slavei, struck in silver, EF+, ltly toned,

very nice quality. Start Bid $10

267 DIADUMENIAN, Den. PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Diadumenian stg with 3 standards;

Choice EF/VF, sl ragged flan, sl off-ctr but complete, excellent metal quality with lt tone;

superb portrait with fully sharp hair detail. Pile up those adjectives, Robinson.

(An EF with weak rev brought $1480, LHS 4/08.) Starting Bid $395

268 ELAGABALUS, Den, LIBERTAS AVG, Libertas stg l; EF, centered, decent bright metal,

sl lgnd wkness, portrait fully sharp. (An EF with sl wkness brought $201, CNG 9/07.) MB $50

269 Same, VF+/AVF, centered, sl flan crack at obv bottom & rev top; otherwise good metal with lt tone.

Starting Bid $25

270 Ant, FIDES EXERCITVS, Fides std with 2 standards; AEF, well centered, a few wk letters on rev,

good metal with nice lt tone & underlying luster; strong pensive looking portrait,

belying his actually depraved character. (A VF/AEF sold for $210, Varesi 11/05.) Starting Bid $60

271 JULIA MAESA, Den, PVDICITIA std l; VF, nrly centered, sl greenish patina, style just a bit off,

may be a high end contemporary forgery. (A VF brought $170, Peus 4/11.) MB $25

272 JULIA PAULA, Den, CONCORDIA, Julia & Elagabalus clasping hands; Choice EF+,

centered on sl ragged flan, rev unusually well struck & portrait with needle-sharp hair detail;

excellent metal with lt tone. Far the rarest of her Denarius types. (An EF brought $1167, Gorny 10/13.)

Starting Bid $220

273 Same, VF, toned, 2 small holes at rt & left. Start Bid $25

274 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, Den, SPES PVBLICA, Spes adv l; Mint state, sl off-ctr but complete,

rev unusually well struck, very sharp portrait with moustache & beard. Brilliant mint luster.

(An EF brought $368, CNG 5/11.) Starting Bid $100

275 Den, PROVIDENTIA AVG, Annona at altar; just a banal VF, well centered & struck, medium tone.

(A VF brought $108, Naumann 2/14.) Starting Bid $25

276 Sest, MARS VLTOR, Mars adv r; Nice AVF/VF, well centered on hefty flan, brown patina,

decent surfaces with only slightest porosity, laurel wreath visible on portrait.

(A VF realized $536, Tradart 12/14.) Starting Bid $35

277 Egypt, Tet, LA, Dikaiosyne stg l; F+, centered, obv lgnd partly crowded & mostly wk,

medium brown patina. Scarce.

(A VF (diff year) brought $345, CNG eAuc 6/16.) Start Bid $30

278 Philomelium, Æ16, Eagle facg; VF+, sl off-ctr, obv lgnd off at rt, full rev lgnd, hilighted green patina,

great detail on portrait & eagle. Rare! Starting Bid $35

279 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, FELICITAS PVBLICA, Felicitas stg l; Mint State, well centered,

good strike with rev stronger than usual, sharp portrait detail; excellent metal quality with much luster.

(An EF realized $748, Triton 1/04.) Starting Bid $110

280 MAXIMINUS I, Den, PAX AVGVSTI, Pax stg l; Choice EF,

nrly centered & sharply struck on a full sized flan, good bright metal.

Great detail on big-chinned portrait. (An EF brought $395, Rauch 12/10.) Starting Bid $95

281 Den, PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia stg l, globe; EF, nrly centered, good bright silver;

rev a bit softly struck, but obv very well struck with hair & beard detail that just pops out at you.

(An EF realized $604, Gorny 3/11.) Starting Bid $75

282 MAXIMUS, Den, PIETAS AVG, Jug, ladle, etc; EF, good metal, centered, well struck,

every hair on head visible. Rare. (Compare a granular GVF bringing $588, CNG 5/13;

EF $2880, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $395

283 BALBINUS, Den, PPM TRP COS II PP, Ruler stg l; F-VF, centered, faintly grainy but bright surfaces;

bold portrait with laurel wreath visible. Ex CNG 9/02 auction, realized $276.

(A Near VF brought $369, CNA 3/89). Starting Bid $165

284 GORDIAN III, Ant, IOVI STATORI, Jupiter stg r, AEF/VF, centered, some lgnd crudeness,

good bright silver with luster, sharp portrait details. (A VF realized $95, Naumann 2/16) MB $25

285 Ant, PROVIDENT AVG, Providentia stg l w/globe & scepter, VF, centered on large ragged flan,

lgnds crudely struck mainly on obv, good metal with medium tone, portrait strongly detailed.

Actually scarce with this rev lgnd. (A VF brought $85, Roma 4/15.) Starting Bid $18

286 Ant, VIRTVS AVG, Mars stg l; VF, centered on large flan, bright lustery silver.

(A VF brought $46 in my 9/10 sale.) MB $18

287 Den., PIETAS AVGVSTI, Pietas stg l, Choice EF, practically mint state,

well centered on sl ragged flan, good bright metal with luster, sharp portrait with every hair defined.

(A Ch. EF brought $208 in my 1/10 sale.) Starting Bid $60

288 Sest, PM TRP III COS II PP, Gord stg r w/spear & globe; VF, sl squared flan, full clear obv lgnd,

rev crowded at left; brown patina with very minor surface imperfections; much portrait detail.

(A GVF brought $200, Gorny 3/99.) Starting Bid $30

289 Caesarea, Drachm, Mount Argaeus, date ET-Delta; Choice EF, sl ragged edge, obv well centered,

rev sl off-ctr but full lgnds, excellent metal with lt tone, absolutely sharp portrait.

(A VF realized $483, Lanz 5/09.) Starting Bid $100

290 Pisidia, Antioch, Æ35, Radiate bust/Tyche stg at altar; VF/F+, centered on a big flan,

smooth tan patina , a few very sl scrs on rev. Scarcer type for this. With Pegasi tag $495.

(A VF brought $196, CNG eAuc 7/10.) Minimum Bid $65

291 Thrace, Hadrianopolis, Æ26, Serapis stg l; F+/VF, nrly centered, nice glossy deep green patina.

Starting Bid $15

292 PHILIP I, Ant, PM TRP III COS PP, Felicitas stg l; Mint state, obv perfectly centered & well struck

with sharp portrait; rev sl off-ctr but complete & above average strike for this; full glittering mint luster.

(An EF brought $149, Titano 9/12.) Starting Bid $65

293 Ant, FIDES MILIT, Fides & 2 standards; VF, nrly centered on large oval flan,

lgnds somewhat crude, portrait well detailed; deeply toned. (A VF-EF realized $240, Gorny 10/10.)

MB $18

294 Antioch, Ar Tet, Radiate bust r/Eagle facg, hd l., SC below (actually rare combo;

this is the only one on acsearch); Superb EF, well centered & struck,

excellent metal quality with luster & lt tone, great detailed portrait.

Ex Spink auction 9/05 where it realized $324. Starting Bid $195

295 OTACILIA Severa, Ant, PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia std l; Virtually Mint State, well centered,

obv well struck with fully sharp portrait, rev typically somewhat soft; excellent lustrous silver.

(An AEF with rev flaw brought $305, Kunker 9/06.) Starting Bid $60

296 PHILIP II, As Caesar, Sest, PRINCIPI IVVENT, Phil stg l; VF, obv well centered, rev nrly so,

medium brown patina, decent surfaces, portrait has much hair detail,

unlike most graded VF by those other lying, loser dealers; disgraceful; very unfair. Sad!

(A VF realized $1600, in a 12/91 sale by Tradart, the auction company for people with too much money.

A VF also sold for $462 in Peus 4/10 sale.) Starting Bid $80

297 As Aug., Antioch Ar Tet, Eagle stg r, ANTIOXIA SC below; Choice EF, nrly centered & well struck,

good silver with unusually nice lt toning. (An EF, same variety, brought $672, Gorny 10/12.)

Starting Bid $120

298 TRAJAN DECIUS, Ant, DACIA stg l; Choice Mint State, nrly centered & sharply struck both sides,

with good portrait detail & rev figure much stronger than usual; brightly lustrous with lt tone.

Ex Pars Coins as Choice FDC. (A Ch. EF brought $468, CNG 12/96.) Starting Bid $100

299 Ant, ABVNDANTIA AVG, Abundantia stg l; AEF/VF, rev sl off-ctr & somewhat softly struck;

lustrous silver with lt tone.

(A VF brought $90, Peus 11/99.) Starting Bid $25

300 Antioch Tet, Eagle rt, SC below; VF/AVF, oval flan, obv sl off-ctr but full lgnd;

looks totally bronze with 2-toned brown patina, but style is fully up to snuff. Unusual. Starting Bid $25

301 HERENNIA Etruscilla, As, FECVNDITAS AVGG, Fecunditas stg l, with child; call it overall F,

centered on a small flan with lgnds weak or off, brownish-greenish patina, somewhat rough;

but portrait has fully VF detail. Rare. (A GVF with some roughness brought $2640, CNG 9/18;

one graded F+/VF but rough and looking no better overall was reported sold at $182, CGB Web Shop.)

Starting Bid $20

302 HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Antioch Tet, Bare head r/Eagle l, SC below; EF/AEF, well centered,

pinkish-grey tone, some sl granularity, sharp portrait with every hair visible.

(An AEF brought $506 on $550 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Starting Bid $125

303 TREBONIANUS GALLUS, Egypt Tet, Homonoia stg l, Yr 3; VF-EF, centered,

lgnd complete with sl crudeness, sm edge split, dark brown patina, sl porosity. Well detailed portrait.

Very scarce. (A VF+, same var, sold for $250, Pegasi auction 4/10.) MB $60

304 VOLUSIAN, Sest, CONCORDIA AVGG, Concord stg l; EF/AF, centered on sl narrow flan,

some obv lgnd crowded/wk, rev lgnd mostly wk; green patina with strong hilighting on obv;

\superb bearded portrait with every hair visible.

(An EF/VF brought $2,989, Nomos 10/15.) Starting Bid $110

305 HOSTILIAN, Viminacium, Æ27, Moesia stg betw bull & lion, AN XII; F, centered, full lgnds,

greenish-brown patina, sl grainy but fully clear. (A F brought $72 in my 12/02 sale.) Start Bid $22

306 AEMILIAN, Viminacium, Æ25, Moesia stg betw bull & lion, F/VG, centered, brown patina,

somewhat rough, particularly on rev; clear portrait. (A VG-F/F brought $161 in my 1/00 sale.)

Starting Bid $30

307 VALERIAN I, Egypt Tet, Homonoia stg l, Yr 4; F+/VF, centered, brown patina, minor roughness,

lgnd mostly clear.

(A VF brought $75 on $130 bid in my 8/03 sale.) Start Bid $15

308 MARINIANA, Ant, CONSECRATIO, Facing peacock;

F-VF/VF, well centered, decent metal with sl uneven darkish toning.

Pretty good strike for this with clear lgnds & nice portrait.Scarcer of her two types.

(A VF brought $398, Savoca 10/18.) Starting Bid $70

309 GALLIENUS, Ant, AETERNITAS AVG, Saturn stg r, Practically Mint State,

sl off-ctr on a large flan, well struck with only couple rev letters wk; sharp portrait,

bright lustrous silvering. Scarce. (An EF realized $168, Rauch 9/10.) Starting Bid $55

310 Ant, FORTVNA REDVX, Fortuna stg l; AEF, nrly centered, rev lgnd crowded at top,

glossy dark brown surfaces. (An EF, same var., brought $131, Obolos 11/15.) Starting Bid $22

311 Ant, ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma std l, EF, perfectly centered, good strike,

bright silvering with a touch of granularity on rev. Scarce type. Starting Bid $50

312 Alexandria Troas, Æ21, horse r; EF, pronounced edge irregularity as made, centered,

greenish-brown patina, minor roughness on rev, sharp portrait with every hair on head & beard defined.

(An AEF brought $272, Kunker 3/12.) Starting Bid $45

313 SALONINA, Ant, PIETAS AVG, Pietas stg l; EF/VF, centered, sl small flan, lgnds complete,

portrait sharp, rev somewhat softly struck; toned silvered surfaces with very sl blemishes.

Did I mention the sharp portrait?

(A VF brought $130, Peus 10/07.) Starting Bid $25

314 Egypt Tet, Yr 14, Elpis stg l, palm; Choice VF-EF, perfectly centered & well struck,

smooth brown surfaces. Ex Philip Peck collection.with his interesting env.

(A VF, same year, brought $315, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $50

315 VALERIAN II, Ant, CONSECRATIO, Altar; EF, well centered & quite a good strike for this,

toned lustery silvered surfaces with only slightest granularity. Portrait fully sharp.

(A GVF realized $558, F&S 6/09.) Minimum Bid $120

316 SALONINUS, Ant, PIETAS AVG, Jug, ladle, etc; VF, centered on a large ragged flan,

decent metal with medium tone, obv lgnd quite crude, rev lgnd extremely crude;

portrait, however, has strong detail. (A GVF brought $1150, CNG 9/10.) MB $25

317 POSTUMUS, Ant, SALVS PROVINCIARVM, Horned Rhine recl l., by prow; F+,

technically better but typical striking wkness; large oval flan, rev sl off-ctr, sl uneven darkish grey toning.

Rare rev type. (A VF sold for $1127, Gorny 3/11.) Starting Bid $40

318 Ant, PAX AVG, Pax adv l; EF, nrly centered, sl sm flan, some lgnd crowded;

sl striking crudeness but portrait fully sharp; lustery silvered surfaces with lt tone.

(EFs brought $540, Lanz 11/09 & $491, Gorny 3/12.) Starting Bid $35

319 AUREOLUS, in name of Postumus, Ant, VIRTVS EQVIT, Mars adv r; VF, lgnds mostly wk or partly off,

glossy dark surfaces, die rust on ruler's nose. With Pegasi tag $295.

(A VF with lt corr brought $226, Heidelberger 11/17.) Starting Bid $20

320 CLAUDIUS II, Ant, IVVENTVS AVG, Hercules stg with club; F-VF, well centered, good strike,

even dark patina. Scarce rev type. Starting Bid $10

321 Egypt, Tet, Nike adv r, LA; EF, centered, minor rough spots on rev,

sharp portrait of unusually good style; mostly silvered surfaces, rare thus.

(A VF of this type brought $480, Peus 4/13. Not a typo.) Starting Bid $60

322 VICTORINUS, Ant, INVICTVS, Sol adv l; VF, centered, lgnds somewhat soft,

grey-green tone with silvering in recesses.

(A VF brought $140, Peus 4/09.) Starting Bid $10

323 AURELIAN, Ant, ORIENS AVG, Sol stg l, captive, T; Practically Mint State & choice,

nrly centered & sharply struck, bright silvering with only very sl toning.

(An EF sold for $240, Helios 3/11.) Starting Bid $60

324 As, CONCORDIA AVG, Ruler & wife clasp hands, Sol bust above; VF,

nrly centered, brown patina, sl roughness on rev, strong laurel wreath.

(A VF brought $525, Kunker 9/06.) MB $50

325 SEVERINA, Ant, CONCORDIAE MILITVM, Concordia & 2 standards, EF,

centered on sl ragged flan, silvered surfaces with lt tone & slight touches of porosity.

Good strong portrait. (A VF brought $306, Peus 4/11.) MB $40

326 Egypt Tet, ETOYC S, Eagle l, hd r; AVF, centered, clear lgnds, glossy darkish brown patina.

(A F+/VF brought $55 on $118 bid in my 12/11 sale; VF $167, Peus 4/12.) Start Bid $22