327 VABALATHUS, Ant, His bust/Aurelian bust, Delta, Ex Leu as EF and it is a Choice EF,

nrly centered & sharply struck on a sl ragged elongated flan; full crisp lgnds; darkish brown patina;

both portraits fully sharp. (A VF-EF brought $615, Gorny 10/07; GVF $690, CNG 5/10.)

Starting Bid $150

328 Same, F-VF, nrly centered, full lgnds with sl wkness, dark greenish patina, both portraits decent.

(A VF brought $201 on $250 bid in my 9/09 sale.)Starting Bid $25

329 TETRICUS I, Ant, VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv l; VF+, ragged flan,

obv centered with virtually full lgnd, rev somewhat off-ctr; medium brown; well-detailed portrait.

Rare Long obv lgnd IMP CGP ESV TETRICVS AVG.

(A VF with flan faults (most lgnd missing) brought $116, Auct AG 2/14.) Starting Bid $25

330 TACITUS, Ant, LAETITIA FVND, Laetitia stg l, XXIB; Choice EF, nrly centered & well struck,

good silvering with luster & lt tone. (An EF brought $103 on $121 bid in my 5/120 sale.) MB $60

331 Egypt Tet, Elpis stg l, ETOYC A; VF, nrly centered, dark brown patina, "A" on rev wk.

(A VF realized $240, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $22

332 FLORIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler receiving wreath from Victory; EF, centered,

nicely struck, silvered surfaces with lt to moderate toning; (An EF brought $575, Gorny 3/08.)

Starting Bid $110

333 PROBUS, Ant, ADVENTVS AVG, Ruler on horse l., captive;

bust rt in elaborate cuirass with medusa head; EF, centered,

silvered surfaces with sl speckly surface blemishes, not too bad.

(An EF brought $223, Gorny 10/12.) Starting Bid $35

334 Ant, CLEMENTIA TEMP, Jupiter gives Victory to Ruler, Z/XXI, Choice EF, centered on large flan,

well struck, bright satiny lustrous silvered surfaces with lt tone, very nice quality.

(An EF brought $375, Gorny 10/06.) Starting Bid $50

335 Ant, Bust r in elaborate cuirass/IOVI CONS PROB AVG, Jupiter stg l, REB; EF, centered,

lustrous silver-brown surfaces. Nice. (An EF brought $254, Nomos 10/14.) Starting Bid $35

336 Ant, Mantled bust left with scepter/MARTI PACIF, QXXI; Choice VF-EF/AEF,

centered on large flan, good strike, grey-brown tone with silvering in protected areas.

Not in RIC with obv lgnd IMP C PROBVS AVG. (A NEF brought $418, Obolos 12/17.)

Starting Bid $40

337 CARUS, Egypt Tet, LA, Dikaiosyne stg l; VF/AVF, brown patina, trace of green, centered,

well struck, full lgnd, portrait of fine style with good detail. (A VF brought $90, Peus 4/13) MB $20

338 NUMERIAN, Ant, FIDES EXERCIT AVGG, Fides std l, 3 standards, SMSXXI; VF,

well centered, silvered surfaces with touches of patina & roughness; scarce type.

(A VF, this exact var., brought $168, CNG eAuc 2/13.) Min Bid $25

339 Egypt Tet, Year 3, Eirene stg l; F/F-VF, lt brown patina with pale green hilighting;

full tho partly wk lgnd. Starting Bid $15

340 CARINUS, Ant, CLEMENTIA TEMP, Jupiter gives Victory to Ruler, A/XXI; Choice EF,

perfectly centered on large round flan, sharply struck, grey-green tone with much silvering in protected areas.

(An EF realized $245, Varesi 4/04.) Starting Bid $75

341 Ant, VIRTVS AVGG, type as last, VF-EF/VF, centered, dark grey-green patina with sl hilighting.

(A GVF brought $226, CNG eAuct 9/09.) Starting Bid $29

342 Egypt Tet, LB, Eagle betw standards; F-VF, centered, full lgnd, brown patina, much detail.

(A VF brought $120, Munz Zent 4/88.) Starting Bid $17

343 DIOCLETIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler receiving Victory from Jupiter;

Choice EF, perfectly centered on large flan, well struck without wkness,

silvered surfaces with tone on high parts. Portrait very sharp. (An EF brought $175, Peus 11/04.)

Starting Bid $40

344 Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l., TSB, AVF, well centered,

grey tone with much silvering in protected areas. (An AVF brought $46 in my 3/06 sale.) MB $15

345 Argenteus, VICTORIAE SARMATICAE, camp gate, SMN-Gamma; Choice EF+,

almost as struck, well centered & very sharp, good bright silver, faint flan crack.

Much scarcer than the type with tetrarchs sacrificing.

(An EF (same variety) brought $1,820, NAC 10/15.) Starting Bid $475

346 Egypt, Tet, LH, Zeus std l; VF, dark grey-brown patina, somewhat crude strike.

(A VF+ brought $38 in my 1/01 sale.) Starting Bid $15

347 Post-Abdication, Follis, Mantled bust r/PROVIDENTIA DEORVM QVIES AVGG,

Providentia & Quies stg, NO MINTMK = London, RARE for this type; VF+/VF, slate green patina,

full though weak lgnds, sl touches of roughness, portrait well detailed.

(A GVF brought $476, CNG eAuc 7/07.) Starting Bid $80

348 MAXIMIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Jupiter giving Victory to Ruler; EF,

well centered & struck, sharp portrait detail, good brown surfaces.

(An EF sold for $220, Peus 11/04.) MB $35

349 Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, HTE; AEF, well centered,

good bright silvering with touch of speckly tone.

(A VF+ brought $380, iNumis 3/10.) Starting Bid $50

350 Follis, SACRA MONET etc, Moneta stg l, SIS; Choice EF, centered, good strike,

luscious lustery silver-brown surfaces; very sharp portrait.

(An EF of this type brought $3400, Peus 11/04; EF $520, Gorny 10/05.) Starting Bid $85

351 Argenteus, VIRTVS MILITVM, Tetrarchs sacrificing before camp gate;

letter below appears to be O but probably actually Delta; AEF, sl off-ctr but complete,

obv sharply struck, rev lgnd somewhat blurrily struck; bright silver.

(An EF brought $2325, Aureo & Calico 2/12.) Starting Bid $250

352 Egypt Tet, LZ, Nike adv r; AEF, nrly centered, full lgnd, brown patina with hint of green,

strong portrait detail. (A VF of the type brought $90, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $25

353 CARAUSIUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, no control mks; AEF/VF, centered,

full tho partly wk lgnds, dark greenish-brown, sl grainy overall with some roughness at rev left;

portrait well detailed. (A VF, same var., brought $300, CGF 6/05.) MB $110

354 CONSTANTIUS I, as Augustus (only 1 year); Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, KS;

VF-EF/VF, centered, medium brown patina, lt porosity. Rarer than you think. Min Bid $25

355 GALERIUS Egypt Tet, Year Delta, Elpis stg l; EF, lustery silvery brown with hint of graininess,

lgnd crude, but "GAL" clear. Final year of the last issue of the long line of Roman coinage in Egypt,

and rare. With Pegasi tag $350. Starting Bid $55

356 GALERIA VALERIA, Follis, VENERI VICTRICI, Venus stg l, ALE, Nice EF, nrly centered,

full lgnds, smooth light brown surfaces, quite well struck with fully sharp portrait detail.

(A VF-EF actually sold for $1,056, Kunker 3/17.) Minimum Bid $165

357 Same, VF+/F, obv sl off-ctr, brown patina, noticeably grainy, especially the rev,

but portrait has virtually EF hair detail. (A F-VF brought $61 in my 1/11 sale.) Starting Bid $25

358 MAXENTIUS, Follis, CONSERV VRB SVAE, Roma in 6-column temple, AQS; EF, centered,

good strike with no real weakness, very sharp hair & beard detail;

grey-brown with considerable silvering in recesses. (An AEF realized $564, Rauch 4/11.)

Starting Bid $60

359 ROMULUS, 1/4 Follis, MEMORIAE AETERNAE, temple, RT; F-VF/AF, dark greenish patina,

obv fairly bold, rev a little grainy & wk. (A F+/F brought $114 on $175 bid in my 3/04 sale.)

Starting Bid $80

360 MAXIMINUS II, As Aug, Reduced Follis, GENIO AVGVSTI, Jupiter hldg Serapis head, ALB;

Choice EF/Unc, well centered & sharply struck, obv with reddish-brown tone,

rev minty with lustrous silvering & some brown tone at edges.

(An EF with weakness brought $209, Kunker 3/15.) Starting Bid $80

361 Red. Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l, wreath, HT-Gamma;

obv lgnd ends PF INV AVG (scarce); EF/VF, centered, good strike,

silvered surfaces with moderate toning.

(An AEF/VF (without INV) brought $76 in my 11/05 sale.) MB $80

362 LICINIUS I, Reduced Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG , Genius stg l, with Victory & eagle,

ALE; EF/VF, centered, full lgnds, medium brown, sharp portrait.

(An EF brought $745 -- not even complete lgnds! -- LHS 4/08.) Starting Bid $13

363 Reduced Follis, GENIO POP ROM, Genius stg l, T-F/ATR; AEF, centered, minor rev wkness,

silvered surfaces with moderate toning. (An EF brought $165, Munz Zentrum 1/05.) MB $27

364 CONSTANTINE I, Reduced Follis, ADVENTVS AVG, Ruler on horse l., captive, PLN (London);

Choice AEF/VF, nrly centered, immaculate glossy brown surfaces, very nice and very rare.

(Much nicer than a GVF with rev off-ctr (looks rough) bringing $381, Spink 11/07.) Starting Bid $125

365 Red. Follis, MARTI CONSERVATORI, Mars stg r, T-F/ATR; EF/VF+, centered, sl ragged edge,

glossy dark brown; minor lgnd crudeness, portrait fully sharp. Rare.

(A VF+/EF brought $435, iNumis 3/07.) Starting Bid $60

367 Æ3, PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, Camp gate, SMKB; Superb EF+, virtually mint state,

nrly centered, quite sharply struck with preternatural portrait detail, silvered surfaces with lt tone.

(An EF literally sold for $365, DNW 4/08.) Start Bid $50

368 Æ3, SARMATIA DEVICTA, Victory adv r, captive, PTRU; EF, nrly centered on sl ragged flan,

full lgnds, silvered surfaces with lt brown toning.

(An EF brought $77 on $150 bid in my 9/00 sale; EF $500, Lanz 5/06.) Starting Bid $33

369 Follis, SOLI INVICTO COMITI, Bust of Sol rt; Choice VF, centered, medium brown,

very sl striking softness, but nice. Very scarce type. (A GVF brought $518, CNG 5/10.) Start Bid $50

370 Æ3, SOLI INVICTO COMITI, Sol stg l, AQP; EF/VF, centered, green patina with sl hilighting,

sharp hair detail. (An AEF/VF brought $37 on $105 bid in my 11/04 sale.) MB $17

371 Barbarous Æ3, Bust left with radiate helmet & spear/ Victoriae Laetae type with 2 Victories;

nonsense lgnds; nice dark green patina with hilighting. Very cute.

(Same type, similarly barbarous, VF brought $170, Gorny 10/09.) Starting Bid $20

372 Æ3, VOT XX in wreath etc, Delta-SIS*, EF, well centered & struck,

grey-green tone with much underlying silvering.

(A VF/VF+ brought $190, iNumis 3/07. Must've been on account of that "plus.")

Starting Bid $25

373 COMMEMORATIVE, Æ3, CONSTANTINOPOLI bust l./ Victory on prow l, SMNB;

VF+/EF, well centered & struck, glossy dark brown. Scarcer without S at end of obv lgnd.

(An AEF brought $131 in my 11/12 sale.) Starting Price $15

374 Æ3/4, VRBS ROMA bust l./Wolf & twins, Christogram betw stars above, SCONS;

EF, nrly centered on smallish flan, VRBS partly off, smooth dark patina.

Very Rare with Christogram (monogram of Christ) (A VF sold for $400, Gorny 10/03.) MB $50

375 HELENA, Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE, Securitas stg l, SMANTZ; Choice EF+,

nrly centered & complete, greenish-grey tone with underlying silvering,

both portrait & rev figure with exceptionally sharp detail. (An EF realized $748, Stack's 1/09.)

Starting Bid $100

376 Same but NN-Gamma (unusual mintmk), AVF, well centered, sl lgnd wkness,

brown patina with slight trace of porosity, Strong portrait. (An AVF brought $47 in my 1/94 sale.)

MB $15

377 FAUSTA, Æ3, SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Fausta stg w/babies, SMANTH; EF, well centered & struck,

unusually strong bright silvering with very sl surface fissures mainly on rev.

Portrait extremely sharp. (An EF brought $460, M&M et al 12/98.) MB $110

378 CRISPUS, Æ3, bust left/VOT V in wreath, lgnd around, TSAVI; AEF/VF, centered,

well struck, dark brown surfaces.

(An EF brought $300, Hess-Divo 5/09.) Starting Bid $13

379 DELMATIUS, Æ3, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 standards betw soldiers, Pine tree betw standards,

PCONST; VF, centered, full obv lgnd, rev lgnd crude & wk; dark patina with some hilighting;

portrait has sharp hair detail but scrape on cheek (failed to show up on photo but noticeable on coin).

Much scarcer than the usual type with one standard,

and very rare with pine tree! (A VF (no tree) brought $190, iNumis 11/08.) Start Bid $25

380 CONSTANTINE II, Æ3, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 standards betw soldiers, ESIS; AEF/VF,

well centered, dark greenish patina, sharp portrair. (An EF/VF brought $56 in my 5/00 sale.) MB $10

381 Æ3, VOT X in wreath, ASIS-sunrise; Choice EF+/EF, well centered & struck,

hilighted grey-green with underlying silvering; obv exceptionally sharp & bold & attractive.

(An EF sold for $203, CGF 6/04.) Starting Bid $30

382 CONSTANTIUS II, As CAES, Æ3, Bust left/PROVIDENTIAE CAESS, camp gate, SMK-Delta;

AEF/EF+, centered, ltly toned silvered surfaces. (A Near EF brought $121, CNG 4/02.) MB $22

383 As AUGUSTUS, Æ3, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier & fallen horseman, ASIS?; EF,

smallish flan, lgnds crowded, mintmk partly off; glossy smooth deep green patina.

(An EF realized $177, Munz Zentrum 5/12.) Starting Bid $20

384 Siliqua, VOTIS XXX MVLTIS XXXX in wreath, PCON; Choice VF,

sl small flan but complete & not clipped (full weight, over 2 gm); excellent metal with bluish-grey toning.

Ex E. Harptree Hoard. (A GVF brought $470, CNG eAuc 10/10.) MB $110

385 CONSTANTIUS GALLUS, Æ3, VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM, Victory adv l, hldg 2 wreaths, SIS;

AEF/AVF, centered, lgnds sl wk on obv, more so on rev; brown patina; full sharp portrait detail.

Very scarce type. (A VF brought $203, Gorny 3/16.) MB $35

386 VETRANIO, Cent, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler w/2 labara, A-B/TS-Delta; Superb EF,

perfectly centered & quite well struck with no wkness, full hair & beard detail, rev unusually well detailed;

glossy dark brownish green surfaces. (An EF brought $1210, Rauch 4/14.) Starting Bid $275

387 DECENTIUS, Cent, VICTORIAE etc, 2 Victories hldg shield, VF+/F, sl oval flan,

obv nrly centered with lgnd complete, mushy rev strike with mintmk uncertain; glossy deep green patina;

full EF hair detail. (A VF brought $356, Lanz 12/12.) Starting Bid $25

388 JULIAN, as CAESAR, Æ3, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, fallen horseman, RSLC; VF, somewhat off-ctr,

smooth dark green patina with strong earthen hilighting, portrait quite strong. Rather scarce.

(A VF sold for $145, Berk 6/10.) Starting Bid $15

389 Æ1, SECVRITAS REIPVB, Bull stg r, ANTB, Nearly mint state, well centered & struck,

glossy lustery dark brown surfaces; crisp portrait of fine style. Super quality.

Ex my 1/10 sale where it realized $530. (An EF brought $2000, NAC 3/94.) Start Bid $350

390 Siliqua, VOTIS V MVLTIS X in reeth, LVG; Mint State, nrly centered, good strike,

lovely surfaces with great mint luster & lt tone. (An EF realized $1215, Kunker 11/13.)

Starting Bid $225

391 JOVIAN, Æ3, Bust left/VOT V in wreath, HERACA, Choice VF+/EF,

well centered & struck on large flan, good dark brown surfaces. Scarce.

(A NEF/GVF (bust rt) brought $183, Noble 4/11.) Starting Bid $40

392 Æ3, Bust rt/VOT V MVLT X in wreath, ASIRM; EF/VF, obv centered, lgnd somewhat crude,

portrait sharp; rev somewhat off-ctr & crudely struck; glossy dark green patina.

(A VF+ brought $275, iNumis 3/10.) Starting Bid $25

393 PROCOPIUS, Æ3, bust left/Ruler stg r, SMHB; F/F-VF, full lgnds, dark patina,

somewhat grainy mainly on obv, portrait clear. (An AVG brought $103 on $151 bid in my 6/92 sale.)

MB $30

394 VALENTINIAN I, Siliqua, RESTITVTOR REIP, Ruler stg w/labarum & Victory, TES;

Choice VF+, well centered on large flan, good metal with old toning. Very nice, and scarcer type.

(A VF brought $357, Kunker 3/09.) Starting Bid $145

395 GRATIAN, Æ2, Helmeted bust with spear/GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler on galley with Victory,

ANTB; Choice VF/VF+, well centered & struck, medium brown, well-detailed.

(A VF brought $156 on $175 bid in my 9/10 sale.) Starting Bid $45

396 VALENS, Siliqua, VOT X MVLT XX in wreath, ANT••, EF, good metal, bright with lt tone,

perfectly centered, obv very nice with fully sharp portrait detail; rev has minor crudeness in center.

(A Near EF, same var., brought $340, Savoca 4/15.) MB $145

397 Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, Victory adv l, ASISCA; VF-EF, full obv lgnd,

rev sl off-ctr with lgnd crude; dark green patina. (A VF-EF brought $51 in my 3/04 sale.) MB $15

398 VALENTINIAN II, Æ4, VICTORIA AVGGG, Victory adv l, BSIS; EF, centered, partly ragged edge,

full though somewhat crude lgnds, glossy olive-brown, portrait fully detailed. Unusually good for this.

(An AEF brought $200, Elsen 9/05.) MB $28

399 THEODOSIUS I, Æ4, As last, BSIS•; Ex Peus auction as EF and it is EF, nrly centered,

full lgnds, glossy dark patina, good for this. (An AEF brought $187, Gorny 10/13.) Starting Bid $30

400 AELIA FLACCILLA, Æ4, Victory std r, SMH-Delta, F-VF, nrly centered, complete lgnds,

smooth dark green patina. Decent for this. (A NF/GF brought $63, Lockdale 7/06.) Starting Bid $20

401 ARCADIUS, Æ2, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler stg, ANTB; Choice VF+, centered, full lgnds,

smooth dark patina with strong orangy hilighting. (A VF realized $500, PPeus 5/07.) MB $35

402 EUDOXIA, Æ3, Hand of God above portrait/GLORIA ROM-ANORVM, Eudoxia std facg, SMNA;

VF, centered on large flan, sl wkness at rev top, smooth dark patina with orangy hilighting;

portrait nicely detailed. (An F-VF sold for $120, Rauch 3/11.) MB $40

403 MAGNUS MAXIMUS, Siliqua, VIRTVS ROMANORVM, Roma std facg, TRPS; Choice AEF,

perfectly centered on small flan with lgnds totally complete, excellent metal with medium tone.

(A GVF brought $575, CNG 6/06.) Starting Bid $150

404 HONORIUS, Æ3, VRBS ROMA FELIX, Roma stg r, OF-Q/ SMROM; F+/F, dark brown,

rev lgnd wk at rt; very rare. MB $20

405 MARCIAN, GOLD Solidus, Facg bust/VICTORIA AVGGGA, Victory stg l, CONOB; VF,

well centered & struck, clear face. (A VF, sl wavy flan & scrs brought $1344, CNG eAuc 3/14) MB $425


406 ANASTASIUS I, Nummus, S13, Bust r, no lgnd/monogram in wreath; F, centered, hilighted patina,

fully clear. Good for this & scarce. (A VF brought $391, Goldberg 10/09.) Starting Bid $20

407 JUSTINIAN I, Siliqua, S253, Bust r/VOT MVLT HTI in wreath; VF, sl off-ctr & a little crude.

(A GVF brought $978, CNG eAuc 12/14.) Min Bid $100

408 Follis, S201, Facing bust/NIK-XII-A, AVF/VF, giant 45 mm flan, sl roughness, but also a COPY.

Starting Bid $10

409 JUSTIN II, GOLD Solidus, VICTORIA AVGGG-Delta, Constantinopolis std, S345;

Decent VF, centered, clear face.

(A GVF brought $672, CNG eAuc 7/13.) Starting Bid $320

410 Follis, S369, NIKO-XI-B; AEF, brown patina, obv a little crude with touch of roughness but

unusually well detailed.

(A GVF brought $460, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $55

411 Follis, S383, THEUP-X-Gamma, star below X; somewhat uneven strike & uneven brown color.

Starting Bid $10

412 TIBERIUS II, 10N, S472, Ravenna, F-VF, sl rough dark brown, obv centered, face visible,

rev sl off-ctr. Scarce. (A sl rough VG/F-VF brought $36 on $50 bid in my 11/06 sale) MB $15

413 MAURICE, Follis, S-533, THEUP-XII-Gamma, F-VF, centered, sl thick medium brown,

officina letter wk, clear face.

(A F-VF/AVF brought $39 on $86 bid in my 9/10 sale.) MB $20

414 HERACLIUS, GOLD Solidus, S738, Two emperors facg/ cross on steps, offic. Gamma;

in NGC slab as AU, strike 5/5, surf 5/5; it is a nice well struck coin with strong faces, lustrous.

(An AU brought $760, CGB 12/16.) Starting Bid $440

415 Follis, S883, Syracuse c/mk on Thessalonika S825, Yr [X]uII offic. B (rare on this undercoin!);

dark green patina; C/mk EF with both faces sharp. (A VF brought $195, Elsen 12/05.) MB $60

416 CONSTANTINE V, Fol, S1569, VF-EF, centered on oblong flan, somewhat two-toned green patina,

all 3 portraits quite bold. Great quality for this. (A GVF brought $230, CNG 5/09.) MB $65

417 IRENE & Constantine VI, Ar Milaresion, S1595, Cross on steps/5-line lgnd naming Irene;

VF, nrly centered, a little crudeness, lgnds fully clear. Rare.

(A VF, scrs & clipped, brought $850, Pegasi auction 11/12.) Starting Bid $160

418 LEO V, Follis, S1638, facg bust/facg bust, EF/VF, centered on usual small squareish flan,

olive-green patina, Leo portrait sharp, rev portrait clear. Scarce & much above average.

(Far better than a VF bringing $125, Pegasi auc 11/12.) MB $60

419 MICHAEL II, Follis, S1652, 2 facg busts/M; F-VF, usual small flan, dark patina,

obv well centered with portraits reasonable, rev much off-ctr. Starting Bid $13

420 LEO VI, Follis, S1729; Choice AEF, centered & well struck, smooth dark patina with hilighting.

Unusually nice. (A VF brought $280, Lanz 11/07.) Starting Bid $70

421 ANONYMOUS, Follis, S1823, Christ bust facg/3-line lgnd & cross; F+, green patina,

obv somewhat off-ctr, rev well centered & fully clear; Christ's eyes strong.

(A VF with face flat brought $175, Davisson 6/13.) Starting Bid $10

422 -- S1867, Christ bust facg/Mary bust facg; Ex European auction as NVF, I grade F,

smooth dark patina with orangy hilighting. (A VF with faces flat brought $364, NY Sale 1/08.) MB $12


423 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (32 mm), Ubayd Allah bin Ziyad, 674-83 AD, Basra, AH 62;

Sasanian types resembling Khusru II with Arabic in obv field; Choice EF, sharply struck,

good bright metal. (Same, AH61, AEF brought $575, Baldwin's 9/11.) Starting Bid $110

424 ARMENIA, Levon I, 1198-1219, Ar Tram, 23 mm, King facg on lion throne/cross betw lions;

Choice EF, well centered & very well struck for these; good bright silver.

One of a few I picked from a big sackful. (A Near EF brought $270, CNG 9/10.) MB $45

425 AUSTRIA, Maria Theresa, Æ 1/2 KR, 20 mm, Bust r/Value in wreath; Choice VF, lustery surfaces.

Starting Bid $10

426 Silesia, Ar 15 Kr, 1662, Leo the Hogmouth bust/2-headed eagle; AG+/G+, portrait weak, date clear.

Starting Bid $4

427 BULGARIA, Ar Grosh, Ivan Alexander 1331-71, 21 mm, Christ stg/Ivan & Mihail; VF,

good bright silver, sl crude, less so than most. Three strong faces.

(A VF, same obv control marks, brought $403, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid only $20

428 CEYLON, Parakrama Bahu I, 1153-86, Æ Massa, 19 mm, Monkey god/similar, AEF,

smooth brown with orangy hilighting, very bold, nice well-made coin. Scarcer issue? Starting Bid $7

429 CHINA, "Ming" knife coin, 400-220 BC, Hartill 5 Zuo left series, but 2nd character appears to be Gu,

not in Hartill; 139 mm; VG-F or so, green patina with some original soil encrustation. Rev characters weak but discernable.

Genuine! Starting Bid $33

430 DENMARK, Ar 4 Skilling 1764-SK, 21 mm, Crowned monogram/lgnd, F, ltly toned, sl rev wkness.

Starting Bid $6