349 GREECE, Lepton 1851, strong F-VF, teensy rim flaw but very nice for these.

(An AVF brought $450, Baldwin's 11/16.) Starting Bid $40

350 GREECE, 5 Lepta 1828 Overall strong F or better, medium brown, asstd minor

imperfections. (Better than a weakly struck F bringing $202, Rauch 6/18.) Starting Bid $70

351 GREECE, 10 Lepta 1837, just G, worn, a little weak. These early types quite scarce.

Starting Bid $5

352 GREECE, 5 Drachma (crown) 1833A, very nice F-VF, ltly toned.

(A GF brought $166, Elsen 6/18.) Starting Bid $100

353 GUATEMALA, 1/4 Reales, Lot of 5 diff: 1831, 1842/29, 1842/37, 1843, 1844;

generally VG or better. Starting Bid $15

354 GUATEMALA, Peso 1869/99 KM190.1, AVF, bright, almost invisible scratch.

Rare overdate. Starting Bid $35

355 HAITI, Centime 1846, KM24, Choice VF+, medium brown, problem-free.

Starting Bid $4

356 HAITI, 100 Centimes An 26 (1829), VG-F, many lt scrs but decent appearance.

Starting Bid $10

357 HONDURAS, Æ 2 Reales 1833 TF, VF, dark brown, minor roughness, good tree detail.

KM VF $400, but says copper strikes are early counterfeits. This is a good one.

(A VF in copper brought $269, Kunker 10/13.) Starting Bid $35

358 HUNGARY, Kalman, 1095-1116, Ar Denar, 11 mm, cross within ornamentation/similar,

Edh. 32; EF, ltly toned, nice. (An EF brought $85, Rauch 10/10.) Starting Bid $25

359 HUNGARY, 15 Kreuzer, 1683-KB, Leo the Hogmouth bust r/Madonna & child, 30 mm,

F, faintly curled, nice strong portrait. Starting Bid $25

360 HUNGARY, Rebels, Franz Rakoczy, Poltura 1706 KB, Madonna/shield, 22 mm, F/VF,

dark brown. (A VF realized $149 + buyer fee, Nudelman Auction 6/12.) Starting Bid $10

361 HUNGARY, Æ Denar 1765, Madonna & child/crowned arms; F+/VF, medium brown.

Starting Bid $7

362 INDIA, Silver punchmark coins, several centuries BC, LOT of 3 diff, F or better.

Starting Bid $20

363 INDIA, Western Kshatrapas, Nahapana, 119-124 AD, Ar Drachm, 14 mm, Bust r,

stylized thunderbolt & arrow, EF, somewhat off-ctr & crude, but bold realistic portrait;

good lustrous silver (A VF brought $256, Hirsch 9/19) Start Bid $25

364 INDIA, Delhi Sultans, Muhammad, 1296-1316, Billon Jital, 17 mm, VF, dark tone.

Starting Bid $2

365 INDIA, Mughals, Rupee, Akbar I, 1556-1605, Delhi, AH 989, 25 mm, F, couple tiny

punchmks. Starting Bid $10

366 INDIA, Muhammad Shah, Rupee, 1719-48, Ajmer mint, 23 mm, VF+, toned, nice.

Starting Bid $10

367 INDIA, Bengal Pres., Murshidabad, Rupee, 1202/19, KM 98.1, VF. Starting Bid $12

368 INDIA, Madras Pres, 4 Pies, 1825, KM431, VF+, medium brown, nicely detailed.

Scarce this good. Starting Bid $10

369 ISLAMIC, Abbasid Caliphs of Baghdad, Al-Mansur, 754-75, Ar Dirhem,

Madinat Al-Salam, 23 mm, VF, pretty well struck, good silver, lt tone. Start Bid $10

370 ISLAMIC, Seljuks, Ar Dirham, Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV & Kay Qubadh II, 1249-59,

Konya mint, AH649; Choice virtually Mint, well struck, good lustrous silver.

(A VF brought $59, CNG eAuc 9/17.) Starting Bid $22

371 ITALY, Papal States, Leo X de Medici 1513-21, Æ Quattrino, Papal arms/lion stg l,

overall G or better, dark brown, crude & weak in parts, sl bendy, But rare.

(A VF, sl variety, brought $295, CNG eAuc 3/21.) Starting Bid $5

372 ITALY, Papal States, Ar 20 Baiocchi, 1860R-XV, Pius IX bust r/lgnd in wreath;

AF/F, toned. Starting Bid $6

373 ITALY, Venice, Francesco Dandolo, 1324-39, Ar Soldino, Doge hldg banner/Lion of

St Mark; 17 mm; F-VF, sl unround flan, sl crudeness, bright silver, luster hints.

(A VF realized $97, Kunker 3/08.) Start Bid $10

374 JAPAN, "E-Sen," cash style, 23mm, Horse & snake (?), F, darkish brown. Not modern.

Starting Bid $4

375 KOREA, 1 Mun, "General Military Office," 1757, Mandel 24.6.4, 25+ mm, VF/EF,

two-toned tan-brass, very nice for usually crude Korean cash. Starting Bid $4

376 KOREA, 1 Mun, "Court Guard Military Unit," 1823, M27.1A.4, VF, minor crudeness

around center hole, characters fully clear, tan-brown. Scarce (KM $12). Starting Bid $5

377 KOREA, 2 Mun, Seoul Charity Office, 1679-95, 32 mm, Mandel 17.11.0, VF/F+,

2-toned tan, only sl crudeness on rim, characters nice. Starting Bid $4

378 KOREA, 100 Mun, 1866, KM143, 40 mm, VF-EF, sl roughness on rims due to poor casting,

the characters excellent. (An AVF with rim nicks brought $198, Teutoburger 2/16.)

Starting Bid $20

379 MEXICO, 1/2 Real 1807, VG/F-VF. Starting Bid $5

380 MEXICO, 8 Reales, 1800, F-VF, a little graffiti in obv field rt; ltly toned.

Starting Bid $45

381 NETHERLANDS E.INDIES, Utrecht, Æ Duit, Lions & shield/VOC & date; VF+,

medium brown, nice. Start Bid $5

382 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, 1874, United Service Hotel, KM Tn67, AEF,

medium brown, nice. (KM VF $220, EF $400). Starting Bid $65

383 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, 1857, Somerville, Family Grocer, 35 mm,

Flower bunch/lgnds, VF, bold & nice (cat $220). Starting Bid $35

384 PERSIA, Karim Khan, 1753-79, Ar Abbasi, Isfahan, 21 mm, VF, sl crude, nice, toned.

Starting Bid $7

385 PERSIA, Ralph Nader Shah, 1736-47, Rupee, AH1159, Tabriz, F, sm punchmk,

sl porosity. Clear date. Starting Bid $8

386 PERU, Real 1782, VG-F, lt tone. Starting Bid $10

387 PERU, 2 Reales 1817, nice F (KM $35), bright with lt tone, bold & problem-free.

Starting Bid $20

388 PERU, South Peru, 2 Reales 1837-Ba, Sunface/lgnd in wreath; "BA" weak,

otherwise VG, toned. Starting Bid $4

389 RAGUSA, Æ Follaro (1452), Female bust l./castle, 18 mm, VG, rev sl off-ctr & partly wk,

dark brown, a little coarse. (An AVF with lt corr brought $94, Rauch 9/10.) Start Bid $6

390 RUSSIA, 5 Kop copper, 1794-AM, big 45 mm (I sold this to a guy but he returned it

because he couldn't fit it in his album), Nice strong VF, medium brown, well struck with full

detail incl horseman on shield. Scarcer than EM mints.

(A VF with double striking brought $569, Roma 4/20.) Start Bid $45

391 RUSSIA, 50 Kop, 1813, a decent G, ltly toned. Starting Bid $10

392 SASANIAN, Yazdgard I, 399-420, Drachm, Bust r/fire altar etc, Ray Mint, 29 mm,

Mint state, bright lustrous silver, typically crude but less so than usual; portrait quite

reasonable. (A GVF realized $730, Kunker 9/06.) Starting Bid $50

393 SASANIAN, Varhran V, 420-38, Drachm, 30 mm, Ram Auhrmazd mint on altar; EF,

well centered & struck with only sl crudeness, good bright metal, better portrait style than usual.

Nice for this. (An EF brought $126 on $150 bid in my 11/05 sale; EF $546, Triton 1/11.)

Starting Bid $50

394 SASANIAN, Peroz I, 457-84, Ar Drachm, scarcer first type crown without wings, Sellw. type

48; AY (Eram) Mint; 27 mm; Choice EF, much better struck than usual, especially rev, and portrait

of good style; good bright metal. (A GVF, same variety & Mint, brought $325, Roma 5/20.)

Starting Bid $50

395 SASANIAN, Peroz I, 457-84, Ar Drachm, scarcer first type crown without wings, Ahwaz

mint; 25 mm, Choice EF, well centered & quite well struck for this.

(An EF, same variety & mint, brought $391, CNG eAuc 5/16.) Starting Bid $50

396 SASANIAN, Peroz, 457-84, Ar Drachm, 2nd type crown with wings; Kirman, 28 mm,

Choice EF, centered & exceptionally well struck for this with almost human looking portrait &

a great rev too; good bright silver. (An EF, same variety & mint brought $189, CNG 4/18.)

Starting Bid $60

397 SASANIAN, Peroz, 457-84, Ar Drachm, crown with wings; Darabgird, 27 mm; Choice EF,

good bright metal, quite well struck with human looking portrait.

(A VF, same type & mint, brought $381, CNG eAuc 9/12.) Starting Bid $50

398 SASANIAN, Peroz, 457-84, Ar Drachm, crown with wings; Istakhr; 27 mm; Choice EF,

virtually as struck, good bright metal, good strike, only sl crudeness. Starting Bid $45

399 SASANIAN, Peroz, 457-84, LOT of 7 Ar Drachms: 4 with large edge chips + 3 broken

& reglued. Otherwise high grade, VF-EF with good portraits! Starting Bid $45

400 SASANIAN, Khusru II, Drachm, Nishapur, Yr. 33, 31 mm, Choice AEF/EF, quite well

struck with no wkness, portrait of fine style; good bright silver.

(A VF/VF+, same mint, brought $378, iNumis 3/09.) Starting Bid $35

401 SASANIAN, Artashir III, 628-30, Drachm, Ahwaz, Year 2, 32x35 mm, AEF, somewhat

crude strike, clear portrait; good bright metal. Scarce. Ex Pars Coins as Choice EF.

(A crude VF or + brought $186 in my 8/03 sale; GVF $460, CNG 9/05.) Starting Bid $80

402 SCOTLAND, Conder Token 1/2d 1795, Dundee D&H 10, Tower/ship in harbor; Nice F,

medium brown, sm dig on rev, otherwise problem-free. Starting Bid $12

403 SCOTLAND, Conder Token, Edinburgh, 1796, Lothian D&H 2, Shield/buck's head;

F+, medium brown, nice. Starting Bid $12

404 SCOTLAND, Conder Token, Edinburgh 1792, Lothian D&H 45, St. Andrew hldg big

cross/shield; Choice EF, nice medium brown surfaces. (A GVF realized $65, CNG eAuc 5/19.)

Starting Bid $25

405 SIBERIA, 1/2 Kopeck (Denga) 1770, Crowned E monogram in wreath/Foxes hldg shield;

EF, mostly sharp strike with only a tiny bit of wkness, good dark greenish-brown surfaces,

KM $175. Starting Bid $45

406 SPAIN, 2 Maravedis, Philip III, 1619 Segovia, Lion/ castle; VF, dark greenish patina

with some earthen hilighting. (A VF/VF+ same mint, brought $60, Aureo & Calico 12/16.)

Start Bid $12

407 SPAIN, Real, 1766 Madrid-PJ, VG+ ltly toned, everything clear. Starting Bid $7

408 SPAIN, 2 Reales 1801 Seville-CN, VG/F, good metal, somewhat uneven tone.

Starting Bid $8

409 SPAIN, 2 Maravedis 1846 Segovia, Isabel bust r/Lions & castles, Nice F/VF, good

surfaces & strike. Starting Bid $5

410 TABARISTAN, Sasanian style Ar Hemidrachm, Bust/fire altar etc, Umar, 771-80 AD,

Year 120; 24+ mm, Practically Mint, quite sharply struck, good bright silver.

(Same year, VF, brought $103, Kolner Munz 6/15.) Starting Bid $40

411 TURKOMANS, Artuqids, Yuluq Arslan, 1184-1201, Turkish male bust facg/lgnd in

hexagram, S/S 33; VF, sl ragged edge, dark greenish patina, minor crudeness, face strong.

(A GVF brought $1066, Roma 2/21.) Starting Bid $40

412 USA, Trade Dollar, 1874-S, EF, 2-character Chinese chopmark on obv, a few small

ones on rev; nicely toned. Starting Bid $95


413 Northumbria, Sceat, Aethelred II, 841-44, Eanred moneyer, S865, Lgnd around pellet/similar,

13+ mm; EF, small area of wkness/crudeness each side, good almost lustery dark brown

surfaces. (Same moneyer, crosses in centers, GVF, brought $156, CNG eAuc 5/11.) Starting Bid $60

414 Henry III, 1216-72, Long Cross Penny, S1373, Canter-bury, moneyer Gilbert; F-VF,

centered, a little crudeness/ wkness in lgnds, good metal with old toning, portrait quite strong.

(A GF brought $131, Noble 8/21.) Starting Bid $35

415 Edward I, Penny, S1416, Bristol, F+, obv sl off-ctr, sl crudeness, portrait reasonably decent,

old toning. (Nicer than a F, wavy flan, brought $130, CNG 5/21.) Starting Bid $35

416 Edward III, Penny, Cross 3 = 1356-61, London, F, sl crudeness, portrait wkly visible,

old tone. Starting Bid $25

417 Henry VII, 1485-1509, 1/2 Groat, York, mm. martlet, S2214; overall F, sl off-ctr,

weak in parts, face quite clear; ltly toned. (A VF brought $413, CNG eAuc 8/21.)

Starting Bid $45

418 Edward VI, 1547-53, 6 Pence, S2483, Facing bust/shield on cross, mm Y; F, modest

edge split, bent & restraightened but still noticeably wavy; face on portrait visible. Much scarcer

than the similar shillings. (A Fine, "creased & flattened" realized $426, Spink 1/21.)

Starting Bid $100

419 Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, Ar Penny, mm escallop, bust l./shield & cross, S2580; VG-F,

sl crude, sl sign of flattened creasing, ltly toned, portrait weak but visible.

(A sl clipped F brought $144, St. James 6/22.) Starting Bid $15

420 Elizabeth I, 6 Pence, 1565, mm pheon, bust l, rose/ shield on cross; S2561; Decent VG-F,

good metal, portrait quite clear. (A F, same variety, sold for $280, Davisson 12/18.)

Starting Bid $45

421 James I, 1603-25, 6 Pence, 1606, mm escallop, S2568; Nice AF, excellent

problem-free metal with pleasant tone, clear portrait. Starting Bid $50

422 Charles I, 1625-49, 1/2 Groat, bust l./shield, mm plumes, S2824; F or better, crease

mark affects top of head; ltly toned. Starting Bid $12

423 Charles II, Farthing, 1674, Bust l./Britannia, F+, darkish brown, sl murky surfaces,

bold features. (A F brought $84, London Coins Auc 6/21.) Starting Bid $30

424 Charles II, Ar 2 Pence, 1679, Bust r/interlocked C's, F, toned, sm dig at rev crown.

Starting Bid $15

425 Charles II, Crown, 1663, rev center worn/weak, otherwise VG/G, good metal quality

with lt tone, portrait very bold. (A Fair brought $177, St. James 11/16.) Starting Bid $50

426 William & Mary, Farthing, 1694, VG/G, pale brown, minor porosity, portraits strong

with some detail. (A VG brought $57, Noble 11/19.) Starting Bid $10

427 William III, 6 Pence 1697, 3rd bust, Nice strong F, good metal with lt tone.

Starting Bid $20

428 Anne, Shilling, 1709 VG/AG-G, rev lgnd partly wk, good metal, lt tone, bold portrait.

Starting Bid $15

429 George I, Farthing 1721, VG-F, medium brown, only faintest granularity, bold & decent.

Starting Bid $10

430 George II, Farthing 1746, nice AVF, medium brown, good surfaces.

(A GVF brought $140, Davisson 3/16.) Start Bid $15

431 George II, 1/2 Penny 1749, Choice EF or better, rich lt brown surfaces with definite

hints of reddish luster. Well struck.

(An Almost EF brought $764, Spink 3/18, GEF rev "a little weakly struck" $1076, Baldwin's 9/11.)

Start Bid $200

432 George II, 6 Pence 1758, AF, sm ding at edge, ltly toned. Starting Bid $5

433 George III, 1/2 Penny 1773 VG, decent, possibly a high end contemporary counterfeit.

Starting Bid $5

434 George III, 1797 Cartwheel Penny, Pleasant VF, toned, good rims.

(A GVF brought $170, Noble 7/02.) Start Bid $30

435 George III, 3 Shillings 1812, 1st head, Nice strong F/VF, ltly toned, problem free.

Starting Bid $20

436 Conder Token, Anglesey 1/2d 1793, D&H 450a, Druid head/monogram, F-VF,

medium brown. Starting Bid $15

437 Conder Token, Hampshire, Emsworth, 1/2d 1794, D&H 11, VF, medium brown,

sl trace of strike wkness. Start Bid $15

438 Conder Token, Lancaster 1/2d 1794, D&H 44 (RR) John of Gaunt bust/shield, F,

strong portrait. Starting Bid $15

439 Conder Token, Middlesex, 1/2d 1795, Kilvington's, Bust l./Britannia std; D&H 347,

engrailed edge; Choice AEF, lustrous bluish-brown surfaces. (A GEF, deemed "extremely rare" (incorrectly?) brought $330, Baldwin's 9/15.) Start Bid $25

You can bid with alternate choices or a budget limit.

440 Conder Token, Middlesex 1/2d 1793, Isaac Newton, D&H 1033, Nice strong VF, good

portrait. (A GVF with few sm edge bumps realized $141, CNG eAuc 11/21.) Start Bid $15

441 Conder Token, Norwich, 1/2d 1793, Mounted dragoon/view of Norwich barracks, D&H47;

nice strong F+, pleasantly toned. (At least as good as a VF sold for $75, Heritage 10/14.)

Starting Bid $12

442 Conder Token, Essex Warley Camp 1/2d 1794, Prince of Wales bust r/Plumes, D&H 36,

F, few minor rim tickles. Starting Bid $8

443 Conder Token, Warwickshire, Wilkinson 1/2d 1794, D&H 474, Bust r/Gal std w/wheel;

VF, small flan like on D&H plate with tops of lettering off. Choice surfaces. Starting Bid $15


444 Edward I, 1272-1307, Ar Penny, Bury St. Edmunds, S-1418, Overall F-VF, better in

places incl portrait but some weak striking; good metal with old tone.

(Equal to a VF sold for $120, Pegasi 11/09.) Starting Bid $45

445 Charles I, Ar 1/2 Groat, Crowned rose/similar, S2806, mm Lis; Decent AF, only minor

wkness, good metal with lt tone. Scarce. Starting Bid $20

446 Charles II, PATTERN 1/2 Penny (or Touch Piece), Ship/St. Michael, Peck 496; G/VG,

medium brown, just worn. RARE!!

(A VG or better with edge nick & some verigris brought $455, London Coins Auc 6/20.)

Starting Bid $65

447 Charles II, Maundy Twopence 1670, Choice VF+, quite well struck, good metal, toned,

problem-free. Start Bid $40

448 Charles II, Maundy 2 Pence, 1681/0, Choice VF+, well struck with sharp portrait,

deeply toned; die cud at rev rim. . Starting Bid $40

449 Charles II, Maundy 3 pence 1680, VF, actually hardly worn but sl crude strike,

flan flaw on rev, iridescent tone on lustery surfaces. Starting Bid $30

450 Charles II, Maundy 4 Pence 1678/6, Choice VF, well struck on good metal, nice old

toning. Rare. (Compare a 1681, GVF, bringing $307, CNG eAuc 11/19.) Starting Bid $50

451 Charles II, 4 Pence, 1682/1, VF, nice lustery silver with a few minor metal faults,

ltly toned. Scarce! Starting Bid $40

452 William & Mary, 1/2 Penny 1694 PROOF, broad 31 mm flan, Peck-615 (note rev stop

distant from A, differs from circulation issue); F+, smooth medium brown surfaces, teensy

rim bump. RARE.

(A GVF brought $1093, Baldwin's 5/06.) Starting Bid $100

453 William & Mary, Maundy 3 Pence 1694, VG+/F, ltly toned, decent. RARE.

Starting Bid $20

454 William III, Maundy 3 Pence 1699, Choice F-VF, well struck on excellent metal with

lt old tone. Starting Bid $25

455 William III, 4 Pence, 1702, F+/VF, toned. The only 1702 coin for William.

(A VF brought $133, London Coins Auction 6/16.) Starting Bid $25

456 William III, 6 Pence, 1697-E/B, ESC 1560A = Rarity 4 (11-20 examples known);

VG/G, old toning, tiny attempted puncture on rev. Starting Bid $50

457 William III, Shilling, 1696-E, 1st bust, ESC 1084; AF, nicely toned, minor area of

wkness on rev, portrait bold with detail.

(A GF with virtually identical rev wkness brought , $331, Baldwin's 9/13.) Starting Bid $50

458 William III, Shilling 1698 Plain, 3rd Bust, VG/F, ltly toned, quite scarce. Spink F £90.

Starting Bid $40

459 Anne, Maundy 3 Pence 1708, Nice VF+, good metal & strike, lt tone. Starting Bid $35

460 Anne, Maundy 3 Pence, 1709, AVF, minor haymarking, lt old toning. Starting Bid $25

461 Anne, 6 Pence, 1705 Plumes, VG-F, good metal, lt tone.

(A GF with rim flaw brought $148, Spink 1/21.) Start Bid $40