230 JUSTIN I, Follis, S83, Rev Large M betw stars, NIKM-B; AVF/VF, obv sl off-ctr, rev well

centered; good bold strike, portrait has much detail; smooth two-toned tan-brown. Exceptional for

this, ex my collection. (A VF sold for $448, Nomos 10/20.) Starting Bid $60

231 JUSTINIAN I, Follis, S218, Facg bust/ΘVPO-XIII-D, VF, large 39 mm flan, medium

greenish-brown, minor roughness, rev somewhat double struck, fully clear face. Scarce type!

(A VF brought $644, CNG eAuc 6/09.) Starting Bid $60

232 JUSTINIAN I, 5N, Theoupolis, Bust r/Large E, fishlike symbol right, S243; VF, centered,

lgnd crude of course but better than usual, likewise the portrait; dark greenish patina with

strong earthen hilighting. (A VF brought $110, Vecchi 12/97.) Starting Bid $15

233 JUSTIN II, Follis, S360, CON-XI-G; F-VF, ragged flan, a little wkness at obv rt & rev left,

but mostly bold, medium brown. (A F-VF brought $87 on $95 bid in my 9/10 sale.)

Starting Bid $10

234 JUSTIN II, Follis, S369, NIKO-u-A, VF+, nrly centered on large oval flan, olive-brown

patina, modest roughness mainly in one area at obv rt; the figures show unusually strong detail;

rev bold. (An F-VF/VF brought $135 on $150 bid in my 6/13 sale; GVF $460, CNG 9/11.)

Starting Bid $45

235 MAURICE, Follis, S-533, Facg bust/THEUPS-XI-G, F-VF/VF, obv sl off-ctr, dark patina

with strong orangy hilighting, good portrait with clear face.

(An F-VF/AVF brought $52 on $87 bid in my 9/20 auction.) Starting Bid $25

Bidding on many lots increases your chances to score

236 HERACLIUS, 10N, S-885, Catania, Facg bust/Large I, ANNO XIII; F-VF, nrly centered,

steely-brown, face clear, as is everything on rev. Scarce & good for this.

(A VF realized $118, CNG eAuc 9/08.) Starting Bid $20

237 CONSTANS II, Follis, as S1001 but on left A?/F/O, on right O?/N/A/O, in exergue EII.

Unlisted, not obviously barbarous. F+, on squareish flan, typical crudeness/wkness, brown patina.

Was in my collection but I got tired of puzzling over it. Starting Bid $12

238 BASIL I, Cherson cast Æ, 17 mm, S1719, Large B/cross on steps; AVF, well centered &

cast, brownish patina with pale green in fields, strong contrast; bold & decent.

(A "VF for type" brought $242, CNG 3/98.) Starting Bid $35

239 ANONYMOUS, Follis, S1825, Christ stg facg/IC-XC-NI-KA with jeweled cross; AVF, centered

on oblong flan, "favoring the types" as James Risk of Coin Galleries used to write; glossy smooth

dark patina; no sign of overstrike; Christ's face flat but much detail on his figure. Really good for

this. (An AVF brought $71 in my 9/20 sale; VF overstruck $219, Stacks 1/09.) Starting Bid $25

240 MICHAEL VIII, Æ Trachy, S2276, 4-winged seraphim/ Ruler std; overall around F or

better, unround flan, lt brown, quite crudely struck as usual, strange Africa-shaped depression at

obv left. Rare!! Starting Bid $20

241 ANDRONICUS II & MICHAEL IX, Ar Basilikon, Christ std facg/Andy & Mike stg, S2402;

VF in parts but major areas of strike flatness, endemic to this issue. Good bright silver. RARE.

(A VF realized $380, Rauch 4/08.) Starting Bid $35

242 LEAD SEAL, c.7th century, 20 mm, quite thick, Facing bust of Virgin, medallion of Christ

on breast, cross to left (and right?)/ monogram, star below; F+, pale leaden grey patina, crude

high relief, small raised corrosion (?) spot on rev, monogram clear.

(Same obv, diff monogram, VF, brought $91, Naumann 1/21.) Starting Bid $15


243 ANGOLA, Æ 1/2 Macuta 1860, 32 mm, Choice VF, medium brown, excellent unmarked

surfaces. Start Bid $25

244 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (31 mm), Omar ibn Ubaidallah, 686-90, Bishapur Mint, Year

70; Types as Sasanian but Arabic lgnds, Choice EF, well struck with sharp portrait & other details;

good silver. (An EF brought $184, Stack's 4/08.) Starting Bid $80

245 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (33 mm), 'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, 685-705, Sijistan Mint,

in margin Bismillah & Rabbi, Alb.37; Nice EF, quite well struck with strong detail, good bright

silver; teensiest edge crack. (An "EF for type" brought $259, Triskeles 4/18.) Starting Bid $85

246 ARGENTINA, Provincias del Rio de la Plata, 1/2 Sol, 1815-F, KM1.2, Sunface/arms,

F (cat $80) but a bit roughly holed. Rare! Starting Bid $5

247 ARGENTINA, Æ 2 Reales 1856, 32 mm, at least VG, better in parts but a little wkness,

good brown surfaces. Rare final date of the type. Starting Bid $8

248 AUSTRALIA, Penny Token, 1858, "Peace & Plenty," Std Justice/Emu & Kangaroo, Coin Turn,

34+ mm, Choice EF (Catalogs $375), well struck, good surfaces. Ex Pridmore with his handwritten

tag. Starting Bid $70

249 AUSTRIA, Steiermark, Friedrich III, Ar 1/2 Groschen, Graz, dated 1473, 22 mm, 2-headed eagle/

3 shields; At least F for this, somewhat crude shallow work, but clear date & better than others

seen online graded VF. Rare early dated coinage. Ex Andy Singer 2006 $375.

(A 1471, F [much wkness] brought $485, Rauch 7/20.) Starting Bid $120

250 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, 1/4 Kronenthaler, 1789B, 29+ mm, G/AF, portrait wk, asstd sl

faults. Starting Bid $6

251 AZORES, 5 Reis 1843, 24+ mm, F. Start Bid $5

252 BERMUDA, Penny, 1793, Geo III bust/Sailing ship, 30 mm, G, brown, somewhat "misty"

but everything visible. Starting Bid $3

253 BOHEMIA, Vladislav I, 1110-13, Ar Denar, 2 std figures/ Stg knight hldg banner, 17+ mm,

F-VF, the figures clear, peripheries flatly struck; Ex Karl Stephens noting Cach 532 "listed as

unique, missing in major sales" priced at $89. Starting Bid $25

254 BRAZIL, Ar 160 Reis, 1780, 24 mm, Shield/globe, Decent VG-F, everything clear. Starting Bid $5

255 BRIT. WEST INDIES, 1/8 Dollar, 1822, AEF, rich old toning, luster hints, would be a very

choice piece except it has a rather small attempted pierce above crown.

(An EF brought $253, Baldwin's 5/124.) Starting Bid $15

256 BULGARIA, Ivan Alexander & Michael Asen, 1331-71, Ar Grosh, Christ stg/Ivan & Mike stg,

20+ mm, VF, centered, only sl crude with virtually no wkness, quite good for this; ltly toned.

(A GVF, this exact variety, no better, brought $403, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid $25

257 CANADA, Dime, Victoria, Love Token with rev engraved, NJS monogram (or JNS or SNJ etc)

in fancy border. Quite nice workmanship. Obv VG. Starting Bid $5

258 CHILE, 2 Reales 1800-AJ, G+, once clnd, ltly toned, all lettering clear, decent for grade.

Scarce. Starting Bid $10

259 CRUSADERS, Edessa, Richard of Salerno, 12104-08, Follis (28 mm), 3 line lgnd/large

cross potent; F or better, very garbled by overstrike, dark patina with orangy hilighting.

Ex Peter Laskaris collection and ex one of my auctions quite a few years ago, bringing $168 on

$325 bid. (A virtually identical "F, very crude due to overstrike" brought $385, CNG 3/00.)

Starting Bid $125

260 DANISH WEST Indies, 12 Skilling 1740, silver, 23mm, crowned monogram/ship; G, toned

with some dark tarnish in lgnds; virtually all lettering & date clear, as is much of ship.

(A Fine w/lt scrs realized $225 + buyer fee, Sedwick 5/20.) Starting Bid $20

261 ENGLAND, (SEE ALSO SEPARATE SECTION of coins from my collection) Ango-Saxon Ar

Penny, Eadberht Praen, 796-98, S-85; 3 line lgnds each side; VF-EF, deeply toned, quite well made

& convincing, presumably the work of Trevor Ashmore famous for these. Starting Bid $10

262 ENGLAND, Charles I, 1/2 Crown, horseman/shield, mm triangle, S2776; VG, better in

parts, strong lgnds, horseman weak but visible, ltly toned, minor obv marks, heavy scratch across

rev. Starting Bid $25

263 ENGLAND, George II, 6 Pence, 1757, F+/VF, tiny dig below bust, ltly toned. Starting Bid $10

264 ENGLAND, George III, Farthing 1799, AU, reddish obv, lustery brown rev, probably once clnd

but sharp & nice. (A GEF brought $145, Noble 3/04.) Starting Bid $40

265 Conder Token 1/2d 1794, Essex D&H5b, Shire Hall/ "King & Constitution," Choice EF,

luscious glossy brown surfaces. Britain actually has no constitution. Starting Bid $20

266 Conder Token 1/2d 1791, Lancashire, John of Gaunt bust l./shield, F/VG, medium

brown, problem-free, wholesome. Starting Bid $8

267 Conder Token, 1/2d, 1795, Middlesex, Whitfield's, D&H 911b, LONG LIVE THE KING,

bust l./JM&Co cypher; Decent F-VF, scarce. Starting Bid $12

268 Conder Token, 1/2d, 1793, Middlesex D&H 1034, Isaac Newton bust l./Caduceus,

cornucopiae, etc; EF, nice sharp portrait. Starting Bid $20

269 Conder Token, 1/2d, ND, Norwich, Dinmore, D&H 24, Hope stg w/anchor/Bottle, "More Trade

& Fewer Taxes," a token for extinct Republicans; Choice VF, lovely mark-free surfaces.

Starting Bid $15

270 Conder Token, 1/2d 1792, Warwicks., Birmingham D&H 104a, Britannia std r/Stork

& cornucopiae, F+, no problemo. Starting Bid $12

271 Conder Token, Farthing (much scarcer than 1/2ds) 1792, Warwicks., Birmingham

D&H 481a, John Howard bust l./ monogram, Fine. Starting Bid $10

272 FRANCE, Merovingian, Neustria, Paris region? "National Series," c. 570-670, Gold

Tremissis, fourree (plated), Bust rt, club (?) behind/MOBERT lgnd, cross ancree with pedilia, 0.95 gm;

F or better, rather crude, pale silvery-gold color. Very rare. With tag from Andy Singer (leading

dealer in Medieval coins) 2008, he priced at $950.

(A similar fourree piece, VF, "some porosity" brought $920, CNG eAuc 11/18.) Starting Bid $200

273 FRANCE, Dombes, Æ Double Tournois, 1638, 20+ mm, Gaston bust r/3 lises, AF, small part

of lgnds wk, lt brown, portrait clear.

(A VF of the type (1639), not much better, brought $153, iNumis 3/13.) Starting Bid $7

274 FRANCE, Tours, Thibaut le Tricheur, 957-78, Ar Denier derived from GDR type of Charles

le Chauve, Le Gros 757 ,19 mm, Karolus monogram/cross, Ex Andy Singer 2006 ($175)

noting retrograde rev lgnd, unrecorded thus & very rare; F or technically better, crudely struck

with much wkness; good metal with lt tone. (Same type, VF, brought $664, Kunker 3/12.)

Starting Bid $75

275 FRANCE, Æ Liard, 1721-S (Reims), Louis XV bust r/ crowned shield, 21 mm, JOHN LAW issue;

VF, good brown color but fairly significant pitting on obv, only a bit on rev. Ex Karl Stephens

originally priced at $79. (A VF realized $222, Monnaies D'Antan 5/13.) Starting Bid $20

276 FRANCE, 5 Centimes L'An 4A (1795; small early type, much scarcer than the later larger

type), AF, teensy flaw in rev center, still quite decent for this. Starting Bid $5

277 GERMANY, Saxony, Taler, 1593, 3 brothers, Their figures/elaborate arms; F, good metal,

all 3 portraits clear, not mounted, quite decent. for grade. (A VF brought $350, Pegasi 11/16.)

Starting Bid $110

278 HUNGARY, Bela, 1131-41, Ar Denar, 12 mm, cross with crescents & dots/cross in

concentric circles, Edh.52, Hus.99; EF, well struck, bright silver with lt tone.

(An EF, this exact variety, brought $121, Naumann 4/21.) Starting Bid $25

279 HUNGARY, Wladislaw, Ar Denar, 1507-KH, Madonna & child/shield, 16 mm, VF, well centered

& well struck for these, good metal with lt tone & luster hints. Starting Bid $10

280 INDIA, Western Kshatrapas, Nahapana, 119-124 AD, Ar Drachm, 15 mm, Bust r,

stylized thunderbolt & arrow, F-VF, smallish flan, much of lgnds off, bright silver, good strong

portrait. (A VF brought $256, Hirsch 9/19.) Starting Bid $15

281 ISLAMIC, Seljuks of Rum, Ar Dirham, 22 mm, Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV & Kay

Qubadh II, Konya Mint, VF-EF, actually amosdt as struck & indeed well struck for this with

only slightest strike wkness. Good bright metal.

(A VF, same mint, realized $59, CNG eAuc 19/17.) Starting Bid $20

282 ISLAMIC, Seljuks of Rum, Ar Dirham, 22 mm. 'Izz al-Din Kay Ka'us II bin Kay Khusraw,

1245-49, Alb. 1223.1; Choice Virtually mint state, well struck, good bright silver.

(A Near EF realized $90, CNG eAuc 1/13.) Start Bid $20

283 ITALY, SICILY, William II, 1166-89, Æ Follaro, 12 mm, Lion head facg 3/4 left/Arabic inscr;

VF+, minimally off-ctr, olive-brown, all features very clear, nice for this.

(A VF sold for $145, Roma 1/17.) Starting Bid $25

284 JAPAN, Cash style "E-Sen" (charm), 2 characters, human figure, animal, around central

square hole; 25 mm, F-VF. An old piece, not recent crap. Starting Bid $4

285 KOREA, 1 Mun, "Treasury Office" mint, 1832, Mandel 13.32.9, KM37 (scarcer issue, F=$10),

24 mm, F, pale greenish patina, sl crude but all characters fully clear, decent for these.

Starting Bid $3

286 KOREA, 1 Mun, "General Military Office," 1757, Mandel 24.2A.9, 24 mm, VF, 2-toned brass

color, nice for these, not crude as usual. Starting Bid $2

287 KOREA, 2 Mun, Treasury Department mint, 1742-52, 30+ mm, Mandel 13.73A.18, KM7A,

VF/F, lt brown, sl crude but good for these. Starting Bid $3

288 LIVONIA, Solidus, 16 mm, LOT of 9 pcs, c. 1645-1662, F-VF, typically crude, most off-center,

no dates. Start Bid $12

289 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, S. Hague Smith, Ironmonger, 1862-69, 35 mm, Prince

Albert bust/lgnds, AF, some very sl surface marks, but a bold two-toned piece.

(KM F cat $100). Starting Bid $15

290 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, 1857, Somerville, Family Grocer, 35 mm, Flower bunch/lgnds,

VF, nice (cat $220). Starting Bid $35

291 PAPAL STATES, Paul IV, 1555-59, Ar Giulio, 26 mm, Arms/St. Paul stg, Berman

(pronounced "Bear-man") 1040; AVF/AF, sl off-cvtr, tiny edge splits, good bright silver.

Ex European auction as VF. (An AVF brought $168, Agora 7/15.) Starting Bid $35

292 RAGUSA, Ar Dinar, 1617-21, St. Blasius stg facg/Christ stg, 17 mm, VF, good bright

silver, typically crude strike with some wkness. Rare.

(A VF, weak strike, brought $129, CNG eAuc. 8/10.) Starting Bid $15

293 RIGA, Billon Solidus, 17 mm, Lot of 10 diff dates, 1599-1619 (scarcer than later ones),

average crude G-VG or so, dates (obviously) visible; identified in envelopes. Starting Bid $20

294 RUSSIA, 5 Kop copper, 1789-EM, big 43 mm, Nice VF, strong detail, medium brown,

no problems. (A VF brought $120 + buyer fee, iNumis 10/09.) Starting Bid $35

295 SASANIAN, Hormizd II, 302-09, Drachm, bust r/fire altar, 28+ mm, VF-EF, very sl edge

chip outside borders, good bright metal, nice strike without wkness.

(A VF brought $221 on $300 bid in my 6/05 sale; VF $604, CNG 9/03.) Starting Bid $75

296 Shapur III, 383-88, Drachm, 23 mm, F+, decent strike on good metal. Scarce.

(A F/VF brought $201, Teutoburger 9/15.) Starting Bid $25

297 Yazdgard I, 399-420, Drachm, 29 mm, mint GO=Gorgan, Virtually mint state, typically

crude, bright lustery silver. Ex Pars Coins auction as "Choice Superb EF."

(A GVF realized $730, Kunker 9/06.) Starting Bid $55

298 Varhran V, 420-38, Drachm, 28 mm, AS=Asparvar Mint, Nearly mint state, somewhat crude

as usual but good for this without weakness; bright lustery silver.

(A VF brought $440, Peus 5/07; EF $546, Triton 1/11.) Starting Bid $55

299 Khusru II, Drachm, Gundeshapur, Yr. 25, 32 mm, Choice AEF, fine style portrait, well struck,

good bright metal. Starting Bid $30

300 Khusru II, Drachm, Marv, Yr. 36, 32 mm, Choice EF, fine style portrait, quite well struck

without wkness, good metal with nice lt tone.

(A VF, same mint, poor style brought $148, Emp. Hamburg 4/13.) Starting Bid $40

301 SERBIA, Vuk Brankovic of Kosovo, 1371-96, Ar Dinar, Vuk hldg banner/Christ enthroned;

15 mm; F-VF or so, a little crude, faintly grainy, pale silver color. Rare.

(A VF realized $184, CNG eAuc 6/15.) Starting Bid $20

302 SIBERIA, 1/4 Kopeck (Polushka) 1770, Crowned E mon-ogram in wreath/denomination &

date in cartouche; VF-EF, medium brown, sharp. Krause VF $150; scarcer than larger

denominations. (An AEF, same date, realized $1233 (yes), Sincona 10/12.) Starting Bid $65

303 TABARISTAN, Sasanian style Ar Hemidrachm, Bust/fire altar etc, Farkhan, 711-31 AD, Large

flan 25+ mm, Alb.50; Choice EF, very well struck on excellent metal with nice lt tone.

(A VF-EF realized $294, Fischer 3/16.) Starting Bid $40

304 USA, Medalet, 1859, Copper, 22 mm, thick, PATER PATRIAE, Washington bust r/lgnd in

wreath, Baker-PA/325C; Choice Unc, glittery prooflike luster, reddish & ltly toned. Original &

quite nice. Scarce. (An example of this exact copper piece brought $720, Stacks 6/20.)

Starting Bid $30

305 WALLACHIA, Dan I, 1383-86, Ar Ducat, 15 mm, Shield with Theta/Eagle atop helmet,

P left, crude F-VF or better, sl irreguiar (chipped?) edge, ltly toned. Ex Karl Stephens at $79

(reduced from $125!) (Equal to one (Same var., "Grade III") bringing) $107 + buyer fee,

Warsaw Centrum Auc 9/15.) Starting Bid $25


306 Edward I, 1272-1307, Ar Penny, London, S1389, F-VF, a hair off-ctr, minor wrinkle at obv

bottom edge; good metal with nice lt tone; clear portrait. (Better than a F+, same var., bringing $84, Agora 3/16.) Starting Bid $25

307 Edward III, 1327-77, Penny, S1588, London, F+/VF, sl clipped, rev sl off-ctr, some very lt

marks, toned. Portrait reasonably clear. Very scarce.

(A GVF, not that much better, brought $213, CNG eAuc 5/12.) Starting Bid $25

308 Henry VIII, Posthumous Groat, 1547-51, S2369, London, VG-F, most lgnd crowded/wk,

but decent metal with medium tone, and a surprisingly strong portrait for the grade, facial

features visible. (A GF, scarcely better, brought $496, Spink 1/21.) Starting Bid $60

309 James I, Ar 1/2 Groat, 1st coinage, 1604-05, S2648, mm lis; bust rt/shield, no lgnd; AF,

a teeny bit off-ctr, well struck, good metal with lt tone, portrait weak but visible. Bought 1981 for $9,

a lot of money in those days, for that price you could get an iPhone. Spink F £55. Starting Bid $40

310 Charles I, Ar Penny, S2845, Bust l./shield, mm 2 pellets, F or better but rather crudely struck,

sl off-ctr; good metal with medium tone. Bought before 1976. Starting Bid $20

311 Charles II, Æ 1/2 Penny, 1675, VG+, a few very sl metal flaws, otherwise excellent smooth

brown surfaces; bold features; clear date. Very scarce. (A GF brought $265, Lockdales 5/07.)

Starting Bid $30

312 Charles II, undated milled Maundy 4 Pence, S3383; Nice strong F, good metal, ltly

toned, problem-free. Start Bid $30

313 Charles II, Twopence 1682/1, Strong VF+, occasional sl metal faults, one on cheek & neck;

well toned, very strong portrait details. Bought 1983 back when you could actually buy coins like

this. Starting Bid $35

314 Charles II, 3 Pence, 1684/3, F, well struck, pleasingly toned, nice bold coin. Bought

1984. Starting Bid $25

315 Charles II, Fourpence 1681, Bust r/4 interlocking C's. F+, good metal, nice lt tone.

(A GVF sold for $307, CNG eAuction 11/19; its obv marginally better, the rev clearly inferior with

weak striking!) Starting Bid $35

316 Charles II, Crown 1681, overall at least G, portrait & shields better, a trifle weak at edges

incl 81 of date; ltly toned. Bought 1984. (A VG brought $228, Noble 3/17.) Start Bid $65

317 James II, 3 Pence, 1685, AF, small area of insufficient metal in rev center, otherwise well

struck & pleasantly toned. Starting Bid $25

318 William & Mary, Mixed date Maundy set: 1d 1694, bold VF, small filled hole above heads,

nicely toned 2d 1691 nice bold VF, pleasantly toned, almost invisible rev scr; 3d 1690,

F-VF/F, nicely toned, excellent obv, sm flan flaw on rev; 4d 1694, AF, some tiny rev metal flaws,

nicely toned. (The mixed date set in my last sale, VF, brought $526 on $600 bid.)

Starting Bid $130

319 William & Mary, 3 Pence, 1692, variety with GVL below bust; AF/AVF, lt scr on William's

head, moderately toned. Bought before 1976. Starting Bid $25

320 William III, Fourpence 1698, VG/F, ltly toned, problem-free, bold & nice. Starting Bid $25

321 William III, Sixpence, 1697-N, 1st Bust, VG+/G, asstd lt surface imperfections mainly on rev,

nice toning. Scarce Norwich provincial issue. Bought 1983. Starting Bid $25

322 William III, Shilling, 1697-y, ESC 1086, 3rd bust, ESC 1107 (Rare); VG, nice for grade, all

lettering bold, good metal with lt tone. Bought 1978. Starting Bid $50

323 William III, Halfcrown, 1696E, Lg shields, Early harp, ESC 526 (Very Rare); bold VG, a

few insignificant scrs or metal flaws, otherwise quite good metal with pleasant tone, all

lettering strong. Exeter mint. Bought before 1976. Spink F £150. (Same var., F with "some spots

& light pitting" brought $170, London Coins Auction 9/17.) Starting Bid $75

324 Anne, Maundy Threepence 1710, F, a few insignificant scrs, ltly toned. Bought 1985.

Starting Bid $20

325 Anne, Sixpence, 1708 plain (actually rare thus, Spink F £65), F-VF, weak on one shield,

excellent metal with colorful original tone. Acquired 1983. Starting Bid $65

326 George I, Ar Penny, 1723, F+/VF, medium tone, somewhat bendy. Purchased 1978.

Starting Bid $10

327 George II, 1/2 Penny, 1732, F/F-VF, grey-brown tone, micro-porosity, a few teensiest

edge bumps, but quite bold features. Scarce date. Starting Bid $12

328 George II, Fourpence, 1743, Nice AVF, well struck, good metal with lt tone, strong detail.

Spink VF £80. Start Bid $35

329 George II, 6 Pence, 1735/4 Roses & Plumes, ESC 1610A (R3= Very rare), AF, minor trace

of bending, otherwise good metal with lt tone, much detail visible. Starting Bid $35


330 Castile & Leon, Ferdinand IV, 1295-1305, Ar Pepion, castle/lion, 19 mm, VF, good silver with

lt tone, crude strike as usual, but strong detail on lion. (A GVF brought $60, CNG eAuc 5/03.)

Starting Bid $20

331 Ferdinand & Isabella, 1469-1504, Billon Blanca, Crowned F/Crowned Y, 16 mm. Seems

rare variety with C obv left & P rev rt. F-VF or better, sl crude, dark greenish brown, sm edge split.

(A F-VF brought $41 in my 4/12 sale.) Starting Bid $20

332 Ferdinand & Isabella, 1469-1504, Ar Real, 26 mm, Shield/bundle of arrows & yoke,

Granada, Choice VF, well centered on good metal, only a few letters wk, otherwise quite bold.

Pleasant lt tone. Very nice quality for these. (A VF, same mint, brought $180, Stacks 5/20.)

Starting Bid $65

333 Philip III, Æ 8 Maravedis, 1606, Segovia, Lion/castle, 27 mm, VF, well struck, dark

greenish-brown with earthen hilighting, quite bold. Bought 1986.

(A Nice F brought $57 in my 7/12 sale.) Starting Bid $15

334 Philip III, Æ 8 Maravedis, cob style, 1602-20, AVF, flatly struck peripheries, no date, good

brown surfaces. Start Bid $5

335 Philip IV, Æ 8 Maravedis, 1664/2, Madrid-Y, Bust r/ crowned shield, Value as "8;" 21 mm,

F+/AVF, lt brown, well struck, trace of adhesions in obv recesses. Very clear overdate.

Bought 1984. Starting Bid $15

336 Type as last but to left of shield •M• on its side; date garbled; apparently

contemporary counterfeit; VF, medium brown, faintly grainy, sharp portrait with big goofy smile

(or is that his moustache?). Starting Bid $15

337 Philip IV, 16 Maravedis, 1663 Madrid-Y, Bust r/crowned shield, 26 mm; VF+/VF, sl off-ctr on

sl unround flan, green-brown patina with obv hilighting, portrait unusually well detailed.

(A VF+, same date & mint, brought $89 + buyer fee, Vico 11/12.) Starting Bid $20

338 Same as last but 1664-MY, VF, sl off-ctr, good metal with what looks like red luster, probably

old cleaning; excellent portrait. (A VF, same date & mint, brought $76, Stacks 10/17.)

Starting Bid $25

339 Same as last but 1664-MS, EF, obv sl off-ctr showing part of the die for the next coin;

much original silvering visible, unusual thus. Acquired 1978.

(A Ch EF, same variety, brought $189, CNG eAuc 4/18.) Starting Bid $40

340 Carlos III, Pretender, 2 Reales, 1709, Barcelona, crowned monogram/crowned shield,

Barcelona, 27 mm, Nice F-VF/VF, well struck, good metal with lt tone.

(Same variety, VF, brought $110 + buyer fee, Cayon 9/11.) Starting Bid $35

341 Philip V, 1/2 Real, 1738 Sev-PJ, Nice F-VF, ltly toned, bold & problem-free.

Bought 1984. Starting Bid $12

342 Philip V, Real, 1721 Segovia-F, PV Arms/lions & castles, VF/AF, good metal with lt tone.

Bought 1982. (Same variety, GVF brought $83, Roma 2/21.) Starting Bid $18

343 Philip V, Real, 1738 Seville-PJ, Choice AEF, well struck, prettily toned. Acquired 1978.

Starting Bid $35

344 Philip V, 2 Reales, 1721, Madrid-A, Crowned arms/lions & castles, 28 mm, Choice VF+, rev a

tiny bit off-ctr; well struck, excellent metal with nice lt tone.

(Compare a VF, same variety, but edges cut down (!) bringing $88, Naumann 12/17.)

Purchased before 1976. Starting Bid $35

345 Philip V, 2 Reales 1722/1, Segovia-F, crowned arms/ lions & castles, 27+ mm, Choice

VF-EF, slightly curled from roller dies, quite well struck, excellent metal with lt tone.

(Krause VF $65 but overdate not listed.) Starting Bid $45