SALE 110, PART 2

112 PERGAMON, Cistophoric Tet., after 133 BC, Cista mystica & snake in wreath/

bowcase betw snakes, MA above, as S3948; Practically Mint State with bright lustery silver,

obv somewhat off-ctr losing part of wreath, sl striking softness; rev well centered & struck.

(Same var., EF, centering & strike about equal overall, brought $342, VAuctions 10/10.)

Starting Bid $120

113 -- Same but TH at rev top; F-VF/VF, obv much off-ctr, rev nrly centered & nice bold strike;

good metal with lt tone. (Same variety, GVF, sold for $322, CNG eAuc 2/16.) MB $55

114 PERSIA, Siglos, 450-330 BC, King rt with spear & bow/ punch, S4682;

VF, off-ctr to left on oval flan, flatness at obv right margin, much detail on figure shows;

excellent silver. Three banker marks unusually positioned at rev edge,

one is a very clear interesting Ankh-like symbol. (A F+ realized $380, CGB 11/09.)

Starting Bid $35

115 PERSIS, Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, 2nd cent BC, Tet, Head r wearing kyrbasia & diadem/

Fire temple betw king & standard, above half-figure of Ahura-Mazda; S6193, Alram 546;

EF, nrly centered, good bright silver, rev with only minor crudeness, less than usual;

excellent portrait in high relief. Four Persis kings struck Tetradrachms, all fairly rare,

but this is much the rarest, and a choice example.

(GVFs brought $10,200, CNG 9/17; $7794, Leu 5/18.) Starting Bid $1800

116 -- Autophradates II, Drachm, Head r in satrapal headgear, eagle atop/fire altar etc,

S6194 (Darius I), Alr. 547; EF, virtually as struck, good lustrous silver; obv nrly centered,

rev somewhat off-ctr on oval flan; typical crudeness. (A Ch VF brought $400, NY Sale 1/16.)

Starting Bid $90

117 Darius I, c.110-80 BC, Obol, King's head in satrapal headgear, eagle atop/fire altar etc,

S6200; VF-EF, nrly centered, less crude than usual with good strong portrait; bright silver.

(A VF brought $200, Peus 4/06.) Starting Bid $45

118 Napad (aka Kapat), 1st cent AD, Obol, bust in tiara l./Diademed bust l, Alr.614;

Nice VF+, well centered, good detail, decent metal, rev lgnd more clear than usual.

(A VF brought $115, Peus 4/00.) Starting Bid $30

119 PHALANNA, Æ17, c.350 BC, Youthful male hd r/Female head in sakkos r, S2180;

Nice VF, centered, glossy dark brown-ish-green patina,

rev particularly good with strong head & full clear lgnd.

(A VF sold for $1725 (yes), Triton 1/12.) MB $55

120 PHARSALOS, Hemidrachm, 480-450 BC, Athena head r, serpents on helmet/horse head r,

lgnd at rt, S2187 (£140); AVF, obv well centered, rev nrly so. With BCD's handwritten tag.

(A VF with this Athena head (and numerous detractions noted!) realized $2170, Triton 1/12,

catalog commenting that a few decades ago these early Pharsalos hemidrachms were

considered great rarities.) Starting Bid $85

121 PHERAI, Hemidrachm, 4th cent BC, Hekate head l./Nymph Hypereia stg l, S2204 (£300);

VF/AVF, obv sl off-ctr but head complete (and strongly detailed),

rev centered high with top of head off; good metal with lt tone. Ex BCD with his tag & photos.

(A VF sold for $3,819, Triton 1/12.) Starting Bid $100

122 PHISTELIA, Obol, 380-350 BC, Young male head facg sl rt/barleycorn, mussel & dolphin,

Oscan lgnd, S316; EF, well centered & struck, rev unusually clear including lgnd;

decent metal with lt tone. Really good for this. (An AEF brought $732, Nomos 10/17.)

Starting Bid $125

123 RHODES, Hemidrachm, 167-88 BC, Helios hd 3/4 rt/Rose in incuse square,

magistrate Damas, dolphin in rt field, as S5065; EF, obv off-ctr to rt but head complete;

good fresh metal with lt tone; strong detail both sides with a fine style head. Rare var.; none on acsearch with dolphin. (An EF of the type brought $301 on $450 bid in my 5/10 sale.)

MB $100

124 Drachm, 167-88 BC, Helios head r/Rose in incuse square, Magistrate Athanodoros,

wing to left, as S5063; Choice EF, centered & well struck,

good metal with traces of smoothing in rev margins; nice medium tone. Nice detail & fine style.

(An EF, this exact var, brought $374 CNG eAuc 1/15.) Start Bid $175

125 Didrachm, c.340 BC, Helios head facg sl rt/Rose, grape bunch & E; VF, obv well centered,

a little crudeness but good strong face; rev sl off-ctr but complete & bold;

decent metal with accentuating tone. (This exact variety, GVF, brought $1430, CNG 9/01.)

Starting Bid $170

126 SKOTUSSA, Hemidrachm, c.220 BC, Nymph head 3/4 left/Poseidon std l, on rock;

S2220 (£300); F+/F, centered, good bright metal, nymph's facial features clear. RARE.

(Compare a GVF bringing $5,254, Nomos 5/11.) Starting Bid $110

127 SOLOI, Stater, 440-410 BC, Kneeling Amazon, Satyr head behind/Grape bunch, fly,

in incuse square, sim. S5600 (£600); VF/F, well centered,

obv a little crude but actually quite clearly struck for this; lt coarseness mainly in rev field.

Better than most from recent hoard. Ex CNG 1/12 sale bringing $325. MB $195

128 SPAIN, CASTULO, Æ26+, 120-20 BC, Diademed head r, with hand/Sphinx r, star in field;

VF/AVF, slate green patina with strong whiteish hilighting,

excellent obv head with much hair detail. (A VF realized $471, Teutoburger 12/10.)

Start Bid $85

129 OBULCO, Æ28, Head r/lgnd betw plow & wheat ear; VF-EF, centered,

smooth dark green patina with strong earthen hilighting;

Strong Picasso-like phead with sharp hair detail.

(A VF brought $332, Rauch 12/13.) Starting Bid $90

130 SYBARIS, under Thourioi (New Sybaris), Triobol, c.440 BC, Athena head r/

bull stg r, head reverted, S433 (£150); Nice strong F+, well centered & struck,

good metal with medium toning. (A porous VF brought $1495, CNG 5/11) Start Bid $100

131 SYRACUSE, Tet, 450-439 BC, Quadriga r, Nike above/

Artemis-Arethusa head rt in sakkos decorated with maeander pattern, 4 dolphins around,

S931 (£850); conservatively graded F/AVF, nrly centered, only faint porosity,

contrasting tone in recesses; head quite nice with most of maeander visible.

Minor scratchlike striking fault at rev top. (A VF brought $3433, Roma 9/18.) Starting Bid $275

132 Timoleon, 344-336 BC, Æ30 (Litra), Athena head l./star-fish betw dolphins, S1189;

Choice VF, well centered & strongly struck for this with good detail on head;

minor striking faults at edges; glossy olive-brown surfaces. Much nicer than usual.

(A GVF realized $1300, DNW 9/07.) Starting Bid $250

133 Hieron II, 275-215 BC, Æ27, Head l./horseman r, Phi in rt field, as S1221;

VF+/VF, dark green patina, only minor porosity mainly on rev,

both sides well detailed with especially strong hair on portrait. Quite nice.

(A GVF brought $764, CNG 9/13.) Starting Bid $90

134 SYRIA, Seleukos I & Antiochos I, Drachm, of Drangiana,

Helmeted head (of Alexander?) in panther skin/Nike crowning trophy r; Mint State,

nrly centered, quite well struck for this, compared to the usual crudeness.

Excellent lustrous metal. Small test notch at edge hardly noticeable.

(A NEF, termed "excessively rare," brought $1697, Roma 6/18; EF but much cruder style,

$2005, Nomos 5/13.) Starting Bid $400

135 Antiochos II, 261-246 BC, Æ16, Apollo hd r/tripod, anchor below; Choice VF+/VF,

well centered on sl tight flan, mostly glossy dark green patina, great detail on head.

(A GVF with large patina chips brought $128, CNG eAuc 12/08.) MB $30

136 Seleukos II, 246-226 BC, Tet, His head r/Apollo stg l, by tripod, as S6896 (£400);

AEF/VF, obv somewhat off-ctr on large flan, portrait uncrowded & well detailed in fine style;

good metal with accentuating tone; minor double striking at upper part of Apollo figure.

(A GVF, also with rev double striking, brought $1778, Gorny 3/17.) Starting Bid $250

137 Demetrios I, 162-150 BC, Tet, His head r/Tyche std l, HP monogram,

F-VF/AVF, nrly centered/centered, good bright metal with lt tone. Ex Roma as Near VF.

(A VF, this exact variety, sold for $604, CNG eAuc 8/16.) Starting Bid $130

138 Antiochos VII, Tet, Head rt/Athena stg l, as S7092; VF, nrly centered,

lt to moderate porosity with sl smoothing, strong portrait detail.

(A VF brought $995 Kunker 3/14.) Start Bid $95

139 Cleopatra & Antiochos VIII, 125-121 BC, Tet, Jugate heads r/Zeus std l,

date B9P = 121/20 BC, as S7135; Choice VF, nrly centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone.

(A VF with roughness & scrs brought $4113, CNG 5/14.) Starting Bid $500

140 Antiochos VIII, 121-96 BC, Tet, Head r/Zeus stg l; as S7143; AEF, well centered & struck,

good metal with lt tone, a few very sl surface marks on rev, portrait very nice.

(A sl rough AEF/VF brought $326 in my 9/95 sale; VF+ $684, CGB 6/14.) Starting Bid $235

141 Philip Philadelphos, 93-83 BC, Head r/Zeus std l, N in field; S7196; AEF,

obv nrly centered, rev well centered, good strike, nice bright metal.

(A GVF brought $529, Triton 1/15.) Starting Bid $140

142 Roman Province, Proconsul Aulus Gabinius in Philip's name, 57-55 BC, Head r/Zeus std l,

XAB monogram, as S7214; VF+/VF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone, strong portrait, nice.

(An AVF brought $430, Lanz 5/08.) Starting Bid $100

143 TARENTUM, Nomos, 280-272 BC, Horseman r spearing downward, Nike in front/

Taras on dolphin l., hldg kantharos & trident; VF+, well centered,

everything present (tho Nike wk); insignificant surface quibbles, moderately toned.

(A VF, this exact variety, brought $649, Roma 3/19.) Starting Bid $160

144 Nomos, 272-240 BC, Horseman spearing rt/Taras on dolphin left,

hldg kantharos & trident, nymph head behind, Vlas.877; VF, centered on sl narrow flan,

obv complete, rev heads crowded, decent metal with accentuating tone.

(Same variety, VF, brought $504, CNG eAuc 10/11.) Starting Bid $110

145 TERINA, Stater, 425-400 BC, Nymph head l./Nike std l, hldg kerykeion (caduceus),

sim. S507 (£750); F-VF/AVF, obv centered, rev a touch off-ctr, sl uneven dark tone,

some sl surface issues, nothing to get your knickers in a twist about.

Ex Roma as Near VF, no problems mentioned. Rare.

(A GVF (same but obv head rt) brought $2793, Kunker 9/10.) MB $220

146 TERMESSOS Major, Æ28, 3rd cent AD, Zeus head r/Solymos std l;

VF, actually almost as struck but somewhat crude strike;

olive-brown surfaces with a few sm coarse spots hidden in designs. Rare.

(A VF brought $95, Savoca 2/18.) MB $40

147 THASOS, Stater, 510-480 BC, ithyphallic satyr carrying struggling nymph,

who is shouting "#MeToo")/4-part square; S1746 (£425); Choice VF+,

well centered & struck on large flan, fine archaic style.

Excellent metal with tone in recesses accentuating the bold features.

(A VF realized $655 on $1500 bid in my 2/14 sale; VF $4500, Peus 10/07.) Starting Bid $325

148 Same, F-VF, well centered, good metal with lt tone, teensy edge split,

leg musculature well defined! Nice strong coin for the grade.

(A F-VF brought $501 in my 6/88 sale. Makes me feel ancient.) Starting Bid $175

149 Tet, after 148 BC, Dionysos hd r/Herakles stg l, M mono-gram, Choice EF, centered,

sl cupped fabric, excellent metal with lt tone & definite luster on obv; pleasant style,

not barbarous. (A GVF brought $1250, Davisson 11/12; NEF $6325 (yes), F&S 1/11.)

Starting Bid $225

150 Same, F+/AF, centered on large flan, good metal with some tone in recesses;

just sl bendy. Decoration at top of head appears to be letters KKK, or maybe not.

Starting Bid $80

151 THEBES, Hemidrachm, 426-395 BC, Boeotian shield/ kantharos, club above,

S2385 (£80); Nice VF, nrly centered/ centered, perfect metal, obv complete & bold.

(Same variety, VF with moderate granularity, brought $483, Triton 1/06.) MB $85

152 THESSALIAN League, Hemidrachm, 196-146 BC, Zeus head r/Athena Itonia stg r,

magistrate POLY, as S2236 (£65); AVF/F-VF, nrly centered, good metal.

Actually far scarcer than the larger denominations; when have you seen this?

Ex European auction as VF. (Same magistate, GVF, "a little porous," brought $219, CNG 5/08.)

Starting Bid $60

153 THRACE, Teres III, c.350 BC, Æ20 (6 mm thick), Bipennis/grape vine within square,

S1718 (£45); F/G-VG, obv sl off-ctr, fully clear; rev off-ctr & very weak; dark green patina. Rare.

(A F brought $184, CNG 5/02.) Starting Bid $20

154 Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, Tet, Alexander head with horn/ Athena std l,

monograms in field & bottom, Pergamon, Pozzi 2640;

AEF, obv nrly centered with head complete & strongly detailed, rev well centered,

dark toning accentuating features, almost invisible hints of surface smoothing. Very rare.

No sale record found.

(Compare an EF, same obv die, diff monograms, bringing $2530, Triton 1/03.) Starting Bid $600

You can bid with alternate choices, or a budget limit.

155 THURIUM, Stater 400-350 BC, Athena head r, Skylla on helmet/Bull butting r,

letter Z below, tunny fish in exergue, as S442 (£250); F, well centered, good bright metal;

obv just a bit soft looking.

(A VF of the type brought $1836, Tradart 12/14. Just thought you should know.)

Starting Bid $80

156 VELIA, Nomos, 350-281 BC, Athena hd l, Centaur on helmet, EK monogram behind/

lion munching left; F-VF/AF, nrly centered, good metal apart from some very sl grainy spots at edge.

(Same variety, F+, brought $219, CGB 1/04.) MB $80


157 BRONZE Sextans, 217-215 BC, Mercury head r, 2 pellets above/prow r, 2 pellets below,

Cr. 38/5, Sy.85; VF/F, centered on big thick flan (29 mm, 26.06 gms), darkish brown patina,

only very sl grainy, nice strong detail on head & some on prow too.

(A GF brought $312, Roma 3/14.) Starting Bid $85

158 As, SAFRA, Cr. 206/2, Sy.389, Janus heads/Prow r; F+, edge irregularity as if piece bitten off

(I did not taste it); obv sl off-ctr; Janus faces reasonably good;

dark greenish patina with orangy hilighting. SAFRA clear. (A F brought $146, Rauch 9/10.)

Starting Bid $40

SILVER (All Denarii unless noted, by Crawford & Sydenham #s):

159 Cn. Calpurnius Piso, 153/1, Sy.348, Roma head r/Dioscuri rt, F+/AF, well centered,

excellent metal with pleasing toning. Nice for grade. Ex Agora as AVF.

(A VF brought $370, M&M 5/06.) Starting Bid $35

160 M. Iunius, 220/1, Sy.408, Roma head r/Dioscuri r, Choice EF, obv a hair off-ctr,

rev nrly centered, good metal with pale tone; exceptionally sharp detail on obv head.

(An EF realized $709, NAC 11/13.) Starting Bid $220

161 Aurelius Rufus, 221/1, Sy.413, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r, Nice AVF/VF,

well centered & struck, excellent metal with nice medium toning,

shallow circular banker mk in obv field. (A VF sold for $300, Berk 3/09.) Starting Bid $50

162 L. Antestius Gragulus, 238/1, Sy.451, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r;

VF, well centered & struck, excellent metal with medium tone, quite boldly struck.

Small graffiti scr in obv field oddly combines with some raised lines that were in the die;

but none of this is a big deal. A very nice attractive coin. (A VF+ brought $374, Gemini 1/14.)

Starting Bid $80

163 C. Aburius Aunt Geminus, 244/1, Sy.490, Roma hd r/Mars in quadriga r;

EF, nrly centered & well struck, good silver with some lt tone; modest edge split at top.

A "gem" — it says so right on the coin (A Ch. EF brought $1440, CNG 9/18.) MB $170

164 M. Opeimius, 253/1, Sy.473, Roma head r, wreath behind/ Victory in quadriga r;

VF, sl small flan, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr; bright silver with minor graininess.

(A VF realized $178, CGB 6/04.) Starting Bid $60

165 Q. Fabius Labeo, 273/1, Sy.532, Roma head r/Jupiter in quadriga r, foot below;

AVF, sl off-ctr, good metal with lt tone. How many coins you think of with a foot as a design feature?

(A GF sold for $123, Noble 7/14.) Starting Bid $55

166 M. Cipius, 289/1. Sy.546, Roma head r/Victory in biga r, rudder below; Choice VF,

obv somewhat off-ctr but complete, rev well centered; good strong strike;

nice metal with lt tone & luster hints on rev. Quite pleasing for this.

(A GVF brought $517, Roma 10/11.) Starting Bid $80

167 Mancinus, Pulcher & Urbinus, 299/1b, Sy.570a, Roma head r/Victory in tricycle;

AEF, obv nrly centered, rev centered, well struck, good metal with attractive lt toning on obv,

much luster evident on rev. Nice. (An AEF brought $405, Lanz 5/07.) Starting Bid $110

168 P. Porcius Laeca, 301/1, Sy.571, Roma head r/Soldier betw togate figure & lictor,

PROVOCO; VF, nrly centered, lgnd mostly off on rev; ltly toned.

(A VF fetched $248, Kunker 9/11.) Starting Bid $75

169 L. Flaminius Chilo, 302/1, Sy.540, Roma head r/Victory in biga r,

VF, nrly centered on sl oval flan, sl striking crudeness with a little flatness at rev lower rt edge;

bright silver. (A VF brought $186, Peus 10/14.) Starting Bid $55

170 Quinarius, Ti. Cloulius, 332/1c, Sy.586b, Jupiter head r, control mark before/

Victory & trophy & captive; AEF/AVF, centered, sl surface perturbances, not bad;

moderately dark tone in fields; strong detail on obv head. (A VF brought $216, Gorny 10/06.)

Starting Bid $50

171 L. Piso Frugi, 340/1, Sy.669b, Apollo head r, anchor behind, N in front/horseman r,

C above, tongs below; VF-EF, a hair off-ctr, decent metal with deep iridescent tone;

nice strike for these. Rare variety.

(A Ch. VF brought $196, Goldberg 5/12, the only example found on acsearch.) Starting Bid $95

172 Anonymous, 350A/2, Sy.723, Apollo head r/Jupiter in quadriga r, AEF/VF,

quite well centered for this, good strike, especially on obv head. Excellent bright metal with lt tone.

(A VF realized $434, Peus 10/14.) Starting Bid $110

173 M. Fannius & L. Critonius, 351/1, Cy.717 (Rarity 3); Ceres head r/Fanny & Crito std r;

AF/VG+, obv sl off-ctr, ltly grainy. (A GF, not much better, brought $86, Naumann 6/18.)

MB $22

174 Mn. Fonteius, 353/1a, Sy.724, Vejovis head r/Genius on goat, caps of Diocuri above,

all in wreath; VF/AVF, obv a hair off-ctr but complete, good metal with lt tone,

small fault in rev field. (A VF brought $210, Peus 10/07.) Starting Bid $65

175 Q. Antonius Balbus, 364/1d, Sy.742b; Jupiter head r/ Victory in hotrod r; serrate issue;

EF, obv sl off-ctr, rev a bit more so; good metal quality with medium toning;

well struck with sharp detail on head.

(A VF+ brought $242, Gemini 4/11; EF $720, CNG 9/18.) Starting Bid $165

176 Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, 393/1a, Sy.752, Genius of the Roman People bust r/

Globe betw scepter & rudder; Choice EF, well struck, obv well centered, rev a bit off-ctr;

excellent metal with lovely toning. A beauty.

(EFs brought $1450, Leu 5/03 and $1725, Gemini 4/11.) Starting Bid $300

177 C. Postumius, 394/1a, Sy.785, Diana head r/hound racing rt; VF+, obv sl off-ctr,

rev well centered, microscopic scratches, some dark tone in recesses; bold features.

(A GVF with minor mks & flan crack brought $600, NAC 5/12.) Starting Bid $95

178 C. Vibius Pansa, 449/1a, Sy.947, Mask of Pan r/Jupiter Axurus std l;

VF (or technically better), obv well centered with sl wkness at bottom rt edge;

rev sl off-ctr & sl wk at left edge; good metal with nice blue-grey toning.

Excellent detail on Pan head. (A VF brought $305, Gorny 3/07.) Starting Bid $80


Neptune stg betw Catanaean brothers lofting their parents, Cr.511/3a, Sy.1344;

VF, nrly centered, sl wkness at obv upper rt edge & rev rt edge;

excellent metal with medium tone; well-detailed portrait of outstanding style.

(VFs brought $4000, Peus 5/08 and $2900, Kunker 10/07.) Starting Bid $800

180 JULIUS CAESAR, Den, Venus head r/CAESAR, trophy betw captives, Sy.1014;

F-VF, sl off-ctr, sizable flat struck area at lower right each side;

good metal with accentuating tone; minor banker mk at jaw.

(A F+ with banker mark sold for $300, Berk 3/04.) Starting Bid $75

181 BRUTUS, Ides of March Denarius, head r/cap betw daggers; COPY, struck in silver, by Slavei;

EF, sl matte tone. Excellent quality work.

(An example of this same copy realized $241 in my 3/13 sale.) Starting Bid $15

182 MARK ANTONY & OCTAVIAN, Denarius, Antony Head r/ Octavian hd r,

by Barbatius Pollio; EF/AEF, well centered & struck with full lgnds,

both portraits with strong hair detail; a few teensy marks on obv, trace of porosity on rev;

ltly toned. (A Near EF brought $6900, CNG 5/11.) Starting Bid $800

183 OCTAVIAN, Quinarius, Bare head r/ASIA RECEPTA, Victory on cista mystica betw snakes;

AVF, somewhat off-ctr, obv lgnd wk, full rev lgnd; deep gunmetal tone with sl surface imperfections.

(A VF brought $780, NAC 10/15.) Start Bid $90


184 AUGUSTUS, Den., Caius & Lucius stg with shields & spears; VF+/AVF,

somewhat off-ctr with lgnd loss at obv rt & rev left; lt graffiti in obv right field;

otherwise excellent metal with lt tone & luster; strong portrait detail.

(Compare a F with banker mk on cheek bringing $378, Noble 7/17) Start Bid $130

185 Den, Jugate hds of Fortuna Victrix & Fortuna Felix/large altar, RIC 322;

VF/AEF, fourree, obv nrly centered, rev well centered; scattered sm surface faults exposing core

mostly on obv; not too bad, has fairly bold features, especially rev.

Ex CNG eAuc 6/12 where it realized $134. (A GVF brought $2185, Triton 1/13.)

Starting Bid $80

186 AGRIPPA, As, His bust l./SC, Neptune stg l; Choice EF/VF,

sl off-ctr but complete on a broad flan, well struck with sharp portrait detail;

nice olive-brown patina with green hilights.

(A GVF brought $4540, Kunker 11/13.) Starting Bid $450

187 TIBERIUS, Den, PONTIF MAXIM, Livia std r; VF, obv sl off-ctr, lgnd partly off at left;

rev nrly centered with full lgnd; good bright metal with a little tone;

detailed portrait of fine style. "Coin Dealing for Dummies" says I am supposed to point out

this is the "Tribute Penny of the Bible," so atheists will get outbid.

(A VF realized $1452, Sincona 10/11.) Start Bid $225

188 NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS, Sest, head left/Claudius std on pile of arms

(that's weapons, not limbs); VF-EF/VF, centered, full lgnds, good darkish greenish-brown patina,

glossy, possibly sl smoothed; portrait in nice style with very strong hair detail.

(A VF brought $4500, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $800

189 CLAUDIUS, As, LIBERTAS AVGVSTA, Libertas stg r, VF/F-VF,

obv sl off-ctr on unround flan short at 1-3:00, thus some lgnd off;

pale fleshy brown with sl porosity mainly on rev; portrait nice with much hair detail.

(A GF with smoothing brought $288, CNG 6/05.) Starting Bid $55

190 Dup., CERES AVGVSTA, Ceres std l; Strong VF, nrly centered, complete lgnds,

brown patina, a little grainy mainly on rev; bold features with well-detailed portrait of fine style.

Much scarcer than the Asses. (A GVF, smoothed, brought $1232, CNG eAuc 9/11.)

Starting Bid $120

191 CLAUDIUS & MESSALINA, Egypt Tet, His bust r, Year 3/ Messalina stg l;

F-VF, obv lgnd partly off at left, rev sl off-ctr, smooth grey toned surfaces,

nice strong portrait with detail. (An F-VF/F+ brought $160 on $176 bid in my 12/11 sale.)

MB $45

192 BRITANNICUS, Smyrna, Æ16, head rt/Nike adv r, AVF/F, dark brown patina,

high points lighter, obv centered sl low, some roughness mainly on rev. Portrait strong & nice.

(A F, "a little rough" brought $251 in my 8/16 sale.) Start Bid $110

193 NERO, Den, SALVS std l; Nice F/AF, nrly centered, excellent problem-free silver,

even wear, bold portrait. (A F/VG sold for $450, Berk 5/12.) Starting Bid $110

194 Den, IVPPITER CVSTOS, Jupiter std l; COPY, struck in silver, by Slavei; Choice EF+,

lightly toned; superb workmanship, more beautiful than any real one you'd find.

Starting Bid $12

195 Sest, Bust r/DECVRSIO, Nero & other guy on horses r; F-VF/G, dark olive-green patina,

obv has complete lgnd, sl porosity, decent strong portrait; rev weak & moderately rough.

With Pegasi tag $775. (A F, "a little rough," brought $358, CNG eAuc 11/06.) Starting Bid $70

196 Egypt, Tet, Alexandria head r, LIB; VF, well centered tho lgnds mostly off;

bright silver with sl touches of porosity. Both heads well detailed.

(A VF sold for $310, Lanz 5/07.) MB $40

197 GALBA, Den, Bare head r/SPQR OB CS in wreath; VF, centered, sl obv lgnd crowding,

good metal with lt tone, portrait quite bold with much hair detail.

(VFs realized $1275, Kunker 10/12 and $1318, Peus 10/14.) Starting Bid $450

198 OTHO, Egypt Tet, His bust r, LA/Alexandria bust r; AF/F, most obv lgnd wk/off,

most rev lgnd visible; silver-grey with only slightest porosity; good portrait with some detail.

(A F brought $265, NAC 4/06.) Starting Bid $100

199 VITELLIUS, Den, No lgnd, Victory std l; F-VF/F, centered, tops of some obv letters off,

good bright metal, nice strong portrait of fine style. (A F+ brought $318 in my 4/91 sale.)

Starting Bid $135

200 VESPASIAN, Den, AVGVR TRI POT, Sacrificial implements, VF-EF,

centered, obv lgnd with sl wkness/crowding, sl crude but bright surfaces,

portrait & rev stuff well detailed.

(A GVF sold for $360, NAC 5/12; clnd VF $288, Goldberg 1/19.) MB $60

201 TITUS, Sest, Bust left/SC, Spes adv l; VF, obv perfectly centered, rev sl off-ctr,

mildly rough but glossy dark green patina, strong portrait with much detail.

A good looking piece. (A VF brought $2070, Triton 1/09.) Starting Bid $350


PM TR POT III IMP V COS X PP, Minerva stg l; Choice VF+, centered, complete lgnds;

minor trace of porosity at rev upper left, otherwise excellent bright metal. Fine style.

An example in Roma 9/16 sale was given as RIC 188, but that's wrong;

actually RIC doesn't list this with bust left, but footnotes that an Aureus exists,

tho with diff obv lgnd. Not in Cohen or RSC either. EXTREMELY RARE!

(The Roma coin, GVF, brought $4,653, the sole example on acsearch.)

Starting Bid may be way too cheap: $500

203 Judaea, Caesarea Maritima, Æ21, Bust left/Athena stg l, trophy at left ("Judaea Capta" type);

VF, nrly centered on smallish flan, partial obv lgnd, greenish-brown patina,

portrait shows strong detail.

(Far superior to a GF-NVF (no lgnd) sold for $230 + buyer fee, London Ancient Coins 7/13.)

Start Bid $75

204 DOMITIA, Lydia, Philadelphia, Æ15, Her bust r/grape bunch; VF, sl off-ctr,

some lgnd off but her name clear, smooth dark green patina with pale earthen hilighting.

Ex Naumann 8/17 where it realized $128. (Another VF brought $196, CNG eAuc 2/16.)

Starting Bid $70

205 NERVA, Den, SALVS PVBLICA, Salus std l; AEF/AVF,

nrly centered, only tops of some obv letters off; reasonable metal with darkish tone in fields,

minor crudeness mainly on rev; portrait of fine style with great detail. Scarcer rev type.

(A VF realized $601, Peus 11/16.) Starting Bid $110

206 TRAJAN, Den, PM TRP COS VI PP SPQR, Mars adv r, F+, nrly centered on oval flan,

sm part of lgnd wk/off, good metal with lt tone. (A VF realized $230, Naumann 11/14.)

MB $17

207 Semis (19 mm), radiate bust r/SC in wreath, around DAC PARTHICO PM TR POT XX COS VI PP;

EF, well centered, full tho mostly wk lgnds, dark greenish brown,

fields smoothed with traces of porosity still detectable. Sharp portrait.

Was in my collection since 1978. (A GVF realized $645, Roma 3/14.) Starting Bid $90

208 Arabia, Bostra, Drachm, Bust r/Arabia stg l, with camel; VF+, sl off-ctr losing part of lgnds

(but rev date fully clear = 110 AD), good metal with lt tone, portrait & rev figure well-detailed.

Quite pleasing. (A VF with date off brought $213, CNG eAuc 2/13.) Starting Bid $65

209 HADRIAN, Den, VICTORIA AVG, Victory stg r, EF, centered, ltly toned,

well-detailed bare-headed portrait of fine style.

(Same variety, only VF with flaw on neck, brought $269, CNG eAuc 8/11; EF $478, Lanz 6/13.)

Starting Bid $165

210 Den, LIBERALITAS AVG, Liberalitas stg r, COS III below; Strong VF, well centered & struck,

good bright metal with a few rev imperfections so microscopic it's literally idiotic

for me to mention them. A nice bold coin.

(A GVF brought $129 + buyer fee, London Ancient Coins, 10/13.) Starting Bid $45

211 Quadrans, Eagle stg facg, head r/PM TRP COS III, winged thunderbolt; EF, obv well centered,

rev nrly so, full lgnds, good dark green patina. Scarce & very nice quality.

(A GVF brought $759, CNG 9/10.) Starting Bid $160

212 Sest, Bare head r/RESTITVTOR ACHAIAE, Hadrian stg left with kneeling Achaea

(Greece), amphora betw; Nice AVF, well centered, full lgnds (small parts wk),

good dark brownish-green patina, very pleasant quality; rare type.

(A VF with sl smoothing brought $3002, CNG 5/16.) Starting Bid $275

213 Egypt Tet, LDEKATOV, Dikaiosyne stg l; Choice full VF, nrly centered, full lgnds,

good surfaces with brownish grey tone, fine style portrait with strong detail.

(A VF brought $235, Kunker 9/06.) Starting Bid $100

214 Egypt, Tet, Bust left/Nilus bust r, Yr 19; AVF, centered, obv lgnd partly wk/off,

silver-grey, very sl traces of porosity; nice fine style portrait with much detail.

Previous owner appears to have paid $350. (A GVF brought $920, CNG 9/09.) MB $60

215 Caesarea, Hemidrachm, Nike adv r, ET-Delta, AEF, sl off-ctr,

obv lgnd crude/wk & partly off, decent bright metal with lt tone, portrait well detailed,

unusual for this. (Same variety, VF-EF, less detailed, brought $265, Hirsch 5/07.)

Start Bid $65

216 SABINA, Den, VENERI GENETRICI, Venus stg r; Choice VF+/VF, well centered,

excellent metal with lt tone; portrait particularly strong with much detail. Scarcer rev type.

(A VF brought $156 in my 3/97 sale; GVF with lt scrs $291, CNG eAuc 1/14.)

Starting Bid $110

217 Den, CONCORDIA AVG, Concord stg l; F-VF, well centered, bright metal, decent.

(A VF realized $430, Lanz 11/07.) MB $40

218 AELIUS, Den, TR POT COS II, in exergue CONCORD, Concordia std l; VF/AVF,

oval flan, obv centered, rev a little off-ctr, good bright metal, portrait very nice with strong detail.

(A VF/AVF brought $205 on $220 bid in my 3/03 sale; VF $560, Lanz 5/07.)

Starting Bid $110

219 ANTONINUS PIUS, Den, COS IIII, Annona stg l, to right modius on prow; Choice EF,

practically as struck, nrly centered with full lgnds, sharply struck

with rev much stronger than usual, superbly detailed portrait; excellent metal with rich toning.

Did I puff this up enough? (A Superb EF brought $748, CNG 5/12.) Starting Bid $120

220 Den, COS IIII, Vesta stg l, at altar; EF, sl off-ctr on unround flan,

short at left with some lgnd off; lustery metal with moderate tone; rev a little crude;

portrait detail very sharp. (A GVF brought $138, F&S 6/08.) Starting Bid $45

221 Den, COS IIII, Concordia stg l, Choice VF+, nrly centered & well struck with

rev stronger than usual; good metal with pleasant lt tone.

(Same variety, VF brought $154, Savoca 11/15.) Starting Bid $35

222 Sest, SC, Securitas or Ops std l; VF-EF/EF, centered on a very thick flan, full lgnd,

greenish brown patina, only slightest trace of obv roughness,

rev particularly nice with great detail on figure. Ops was the goddess of wealth,

still worshipped today. Not to be confused with Oops, the goddess of mistakes.

(A Choice VF brought $646, Goldberg 2/18; AEF $3636, Kunker 10/14.) Starting Bid $375

223 As, TR POT XIX COS IIII, Providentia stg l with globe; AVF/F+, edge irregularity,

rev sl off-ctr, glossy dark greenish patina with touches of porosity; decent portrait detail;

interesting globe showing equatorial band. The Romans knew the world is spherical.

Unlike some knuckleheads today. MB $25

224 Egypt Tet, Eagle stg facg, head l; Choice VF, centered, obv lgnd complete,

rev lgnd partly off (probably LENATOV); nice smooth medium brown; bold detailed portrait & eagle

(A VF brought $175, Pegasi 5/11.) Starting Bid $70