SALE 117, PART 3

221 CONSTANTIUS II, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier spearing fallen horseman, TSD;

Choice EF, virtually as struck, centered, good strike, portrait quite sharp; lustrous lt brown tone

with underlying silvering. (An EF with sl corrosion brought $640, Helios 3/11.)

Starting Bid $65

222 CONSTANTIUS II, Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler hldg labarum & Phoenix on galley

steered by Victory, TESD; EF, virtually as struck, a wee bit off-ctr, rev lgnd partly off, lustrous

silvered surfaces with lt toning, minor flaw in obv field before eye. Sharp detail on portrait & rev

scene. (An EF brought $558, Kunker 3/09.) Starting Bid $50

223 JOVIAN, Æ1, VICTORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler stg r, hldg labarum & Victory, TESB; Choice EF,

well centered, sharply struck, smooth deep green patina, every hair on portrait sharp, rev fully

detailed too. Exceptional specimen. Ex my collection and better than the one in my last sale

bringing $751 on $211 bid. (An EF sold for $2419, Roma 3/14.) Starting Bid $500

224 PROCOPIUS, Æ3, bust left/REPARATIO FEL TEMP, Ruler stg, CONSS; F, well centered, full

lgnds, lt brown patina, quite decent for the grade.

(One only AVG brought $103 on $151 bid in my 6/92 sale.) Starting Bid $35

225 VALENS, Æ3, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler dragging captive, ANTH; Choice EF, well

centered, complete lgnds, no wkness, attractive black-&-orange patina. Portrait very sharp.

(An EF brought $101 on $137 bid in my 3/07 sale. A VF (different officina) mysteriously realized

$545, Gorny 10/13.) Starting Bid $40

226 VALENS, Siliqua, VRBS ROMA, Roma std l, TRPS; AEF, centered on a full oval flan,

full lgnds, good bright silver, hardly visible flan crack. Nice.

(A GVF, same variety, brought $633, CNG 6/06.) Starting Bid $170

227 GRATIAN, Æ2, Helmeted bust r with spear/GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler on galley steered

by Victory, SMKG, EF, centered on a large sl ragged flan, full lgnds, sharp portrait detail. Great

quality for this. (One only VF brought $156 on $175 bid, FSR 9/10; EF $603, Triton 1/08.)

Start Bid $85

228 VALENTINIAN II, Æ2, VIRTVS EXERCITI, Ruler with labarum kicking captive, SMNB; Choice

VF-EF, centered, full lgnds, smooth dark green patina with some earthen hilighting.

(A VF/AEF sold for $230, Lanz 11/05.) Starting Bid $40

229 THEODOSIUS I, Æ3, CONCORDIA AVGGG, Constantinopolis std r, ANTB; AEF/VF,

perfect centering, mear-black patina with a little hilighting.

(An AEF/VF brought $76 on $137 bid in my 11/12 scam.) Starting Bid $25

230 ARCADIUS, Æ3, VIRTVS EXERCITI, Victory crowning Ruler, ANTA; Choice AEF/VF+, nrly

centered, sl lgnd crowding, smooth black-&-orange patina with strong contrast; very nice.

(Note: In NGC slabs you see coins labelled "choice" that are actually ugly pieces of crap. I use the

word only when a coin is particularly attractive.)

(A VF + brought $46 on $52 bid in my 2/21 sale.) Starting Bid $25

231 EUDOXIA, Æ3, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Eudoxia std facg, ANTA; note, hand of God above on

each side. VF+, centered with full lgnds (unusual for this), contrasting black-&-orange patina;

portrait very well detailed. RARE this good. (AA VF brought $304, Kunker 3/19.) Starting Bid $65


232 ANASTASIUS I, Follis, S19, Bust r/Large M, CON-E; Nice VF, well centered on large 37 mm

flan, well struck, only few obv letters wk, portrait of good style with much detail. Dark green

patina with even earthen hilighting. (A VF sold for $561, CNG eAuc 7/16.) Starting Bid $80

233 JUSTIN I, Follis, S62, Bust r/M betw stars, CON-G; VF, obv centered sl low, portrait has

unusually strong hair & diadem detail; smooth greenish-brown patina.

(A F-VF sold for $126, FSR 2/21; VF $253, CNG 6/06.) Starting Bid $60

234 JUSTIN II, 1/2 Follis, S366, TES-E, QK+C at rev top; VF, squareish flan, rev centered low,

brown patina; figures have unusually good detail.

(An overstruck GVF realized $184, Stacks 1/09.) Starting Bid $15

235 JUSTIN II, Follis, S369, NIKO-u-A, VF, nrly centered, darkish brown patina, obv has full lgnd

& good detail on figures, the faces in particular unusually strong.

(An F-VF/VF brought $135 on $150 bid in my 6/13 sale; GVF $460, CNG 9/11.)

Starting Bid $40

236 MAURICE, Follis, S-532, Facg bust/THEUPS-u, VF, centered on a sl ragged flan, dark

greenish patina, a bit rough mainly on rev, portrait unusually well detailed & of fine style.

(An F-VF/AVF brought $86 in my 9/11 auction.; VF $290, Gorny 10/07.) Starting Bid $35

237 MAURICE, 10N, S499, Facg bust/*IE/CON; VF+, nrly centered, flatly struck at obv rt & rev

left edges, medium brown patina, portrait quite strong, rev fully clear. Good for this & scarce thus.

Ex my collection bought 1982. (A VF brought $85, CNG eAuc 7/08.) Starting Bid $35

238 HERACLIUS, Follis, S883, c/stamp of 2 busts/SCLS on S805; VF+, both faces on c/mk fully

clear, more of undercoin visible than usual; smooth dark green patina.

(A VF realized $1195, Elsen 12/05.) Starting Bid $45

239 HERACLIUS, Sil Hexagram, S798, Heraclius & Heraclius Constantine stg/Cross on globe

on steps, K rt; technically VF, spindle shaped flan, obv flatly struck on right figure & edge, rev

very crude with much flatness. But good metal.

(A F-VF brought $147 on $170 bid in my 3/07 sale.) Start Bid $35

240 CONSTANS II, Follis, as S1000 etc but ANNO to rt of M on rev, below ...EN; unlisted type,

not obviously barbarous; AVF, typical crude strike, centered on elongated flan, dark brown

patina. Starting Bid $15

241 BASIL I, Cherson cast Æ, 17 mm, S1719, Large B/cross on steps; VF, well centered & cast,

2-toned green patina, strong contrast; nice for this. (A "VF for type" brought $242, CNG 3/98.)

Starting Bid $45

242 CONSTANTINE X, Follis, S1853, Christ stg/Constantine & Eudocia stg hldg labarum; AVF,

nrly centered, well struck for this with no sign of overstrike, full clear obv lgnd (!!), only sl wkness

on rev figures; green patina with some earthen hilighting. Better than 99+% of this type.

(A VF brought $197, M&M 5/10.) Starting Bid $60

243 ANONYMOUS, Follis, S1867, Romanus IV, Christ facg/ Virgin Orans facg; AVF, quite

well centered & struck, almost no sign of overstrike, medium brown; much detail with faces more

or less visible. (A VF with faces flat brought $364, NY Sale 1/08.) Starting Bid $30

244 MANUEL I Æ Scyphate Trachy, S1964, Virgin stg/ Manuel stg; VF, lt brown, a bit grainy

in margins, reasonable strike for this with much detail both sides.

(A GVF sold for $160, Gorny 10/09.) Starting Bid $10

245 Empire of Nicaea. Theodore I, 1222-30, S2062, Billon Trachy, Christ enthroned/Theo stg;

at least F-VF, better in parts but very crude strike with much wkness; brown patina.

(A crude VF brought $48 in my 6/04 sale.) Starting Bid $15

246 TESSERA?, Æ 11 mm, Virgin orans within 2 concentric beaded circles; uniface; VF, dark

brown, face fully clear. Certainly rare! Starting Bid $25


247 AFGHANISTAN, Ar Medal, AH 1318, Amir Abdul Rahman, for conquest of Herat, 28 mm,

F/VG, Mosque above lgnd in wreath/lgnd in wreath; fancy mount with ring at top. Rare.

(A VF [I grade F, looks like mount removed] brought $118, Album 1/15.) Starting Bid $15

248 ANGOLA, Æ Macuta 1814, 35 mm, crowned arms/lgnds; Choice EF+, only minor strike

wkness, good surfaces, in env from George Thomas sale, Nasca 5/80 (bought by me & sold long

ago). EF cat $100. (An AEF brought $129 + buyer fee, Leiloes Auc 8/20.) Starting Bid $45

249 ARAB-Sasanian, Ar Drachm (33 mm), Mu'awiya ibn Sufyan, 661-80, Sakastan mint, Yr.48;

Types as Sasanian but Arabic lgnds, with "Rabbi" in obv margin. Choice EF, very well struck;

good silver. (Same variety VF sold for $299, CNG eAuc 2/15.) Starting Bid $80

250 ARGENTINA, Provincias del Rio de la Plata, Ar 1/2 Sol, 1815-FL, KM10, Sunface/arms, VG-F,

ltly toned, problem-free & decent. F cat $80.

(An 1815-F, holed F, brought $41 in my last sale.) Starting Bid $30

251 ARGENTINA, Ar 4 Reales, 1813-F, KM4, Sunface/Arms in wreath, 32 mm, at least F-VF, a

very nice problem-free coin with bold features & rich old collection toning.

(Cat F $250; A F12 brought $298, Stacks 11/13.) Starting Bid $160

252 ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires, Æ Real, 1854, VF (cat $60), few minor rim marks & small area

of wkness each side. Starting Bid $20

253 ARMENIA, Hetoum II, 1289-1306, Æ Kardez, 21 mm, King std/cross, F or so, better in parts

but crude, obv off-ctr. brown patina. (A double struck VF brought $397, Hirsch 2/12. Seriously??

One not graded but looking virtually identical to mine sold for $55, Elsen 6/13.)

Starting Bid $10

254 AUSTRALIA, Penny Token, 1858, Hide & DeCarle, 35 mm, Std Justice/crowned lion in

lgnds; Choice VF-EF, good colour, very nice.

(VF cat $140, EF $300; an EF with tiny faults brought $201 in my 2/21 sale.) Starting Bid $50

255 AUSTRIA, Ar 17 Kreuzer, 1761, Hall, Maria Theresa bust r/2-headed eagle; 29 mm; G/F+,

some pale orange toning. Portrait weak but visible. Starting Bid $7

256 AUSTRIA, Tyrol, Vienna, Ar 3 Kreuzer, 1720, Charles VI bust r/2-headed eagle; 22 mm;

F, sl curled from roller dies, resulting in wk area on rev; toned; strong bust. Start Bid $5

257 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, Kronenthaler, 1765, Maria Theresa, 4 crowns betw arms of cross/

2-headed eagle; 40 mm; F-VF, few sm areas of wk strike in lgnds, touch of adjustment marks.

Old toning. Starting Bid $40

258 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, Kronenthaler, 1796-C, Franz II bust r/Cross, crowns, etc; AF,

toned, decent. Starting Bid $25

259 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, Insurrection Issue, 1790 Æ 2 Liards, Lion hldg pole with hat/

lgnd in wreath; 28 mm; VF, striking fault at right edge, couple other teeny edge bumps, but good

metal with strong detail. Starting Bid $15

260 AZORES, 5 Reis 1797, VG, decent. Starting Bid $5

261 BARBADOS, Penny, 1792, African head (slave!) with plumed crown/Neptune in chariot;

F/G, brown, sl wkness in rev center; faint scrs & porosity. Strong obv head. Start Bid $15

262 BERMUDA, Penny, 1793, Geo III bust/Sailing ship, 30 mm, G-VG, traces of scrs, porosity &

rim bumps, not bad. (In my last sale a "misty" G brought $46.) Starting Bid $10

263 BHUTAN, "Deb Rupees," 1835-1910, LOT of 12 asstd, mostly crude VF, a couple lesser;

not checked for varieties. Starting Bid $10

264 BOHEMIA, Æ Greschl, 1760, 23 mm, Crown above 3 shields/Lgnd in wreath; decent AF.

Starting Bid $3

265 BOLIVIA, 2 Reales, 1777, F (cat $55), a decent bold coin, former owner says ex Jose Toribio

Medina collec. Starting Bid $30

266 BOLIVIA, 2 Reales, 1795-PP, a strong bold VG, ltly toned. Starting Bid $15

267 BOLIVIA, 4 Reales, 1789-PR, Charles III, rare! very decent VG+, ltly toned. VG cat $150,

no sale record found. Starting Bid $100

268 BOLIVIA, 8 Reales, 1784, VG+, fairly decent, probably once clnd, ltly toned somewhat

unevenly. A better date.

(VG cat $90 versus $42 for common ones). Starting Bid $50

269 BOLIVIA, 8 Soles, 1851 FM, Nice bold VF, toned, quite well struck for these, and

interestingly somewhat off-ctr. (A VF with edge nicks brought $78, Heritage Europe 11/14.)

Starting Bid $40

270 BRABANT, Philippe Le Beau, 1482-1506, Ar Gros, dated 1484; Ornate M in quadrilobe/

cross fleuree; 23 mm; AVF, sl ragged edge & also sm flaw by edge, very sl bendy; but actually not

at all bad for this, date clear. Rare. (A VF realized $804, Kunker 6/21.) Starting Bid $100

271 BRAZIL, 10 Reis 1820R, Choice VF+, well struck, problem-free, very nice for these.

Starting Bid $10

272 BRAZIL, 40 Reis, 1828-C, Choice VF, well struck, problem-free, nice for this, scarce

(VF cat $30; compare a cleaned AU with heavy die rust bringing $288, Heritage 4/20.)

Starting Bid $20

273 BRAZIL, 960 Reis, 1811R, Choice VF, rich old toning. Struck over 8 Reales, very little

of undercoin shows, but Potosi mintmark does!

(A GVF, likewise overstruck, brought $100, Heritage Europe 11/20.) Starting Bid $50

274 BRITISH GUIANA, Essequibo, 1/2 Stiver, 1813, George III bust, F-VF, good brown surfaces,

free of faults. Start Bid $5

275 BRIT. WEST INDIES, 1/8 Dollar, 1822, VF-EF/AVF, pleasantly toned, nice.

Starting Bid $15

276 CAMBODIA, Ar Tical, 1847, the thick flan type, KM36, scarcer; Hamza bird l./temple; AVF, a

little striking wkness nr centers, small attempted piercing at rev top, toned.

(F cat $135; a GVF brought $748, Baldwin's 4/11.) Start Bid $60

277 CANADA, Nova Scotia, Penny 1832, 34 mm, Geo IV bust/thistle; CH VF+, particularly bold &

nice. Start Bid $12

278 CEYLON, 1/48 Rixdol, 1802, elephant, 30 mm; F/AF, pleasant, nice strong elephant.

Starting Bid $7

279 COSTA RICA, 1/2 Real, 1848, with c/mk of lion & lgnd around in circle, KM68, VG,

c/mk fully clear. Starting Bid $7

280 DANISH WEST Indies, 24 Skilling 1767, 26+ mm, crowned monogram/ship; G, ship weak

but visible. Should be silver, this is copper, contemporary counterfeit but style not all crude.

(A copper counterfeit not graded, looks a little better, brought $123, Bruun Rasmussen 12/20.)

Starting Bid $10

281 DENMARK, Æ Skilling 1771, 30 mm, F, sl even graininess. Starting Bid $2

282 FRANCE, Merovingian, Plated gold Tremisis, c.700 AD, very crude crappy looking thing,

tag says "Found in France (dep.Aube), sim.Fig 267, Engel p.163, Vol.1." Prior owner put $525 on it.

Starting Bid $10

283 FRANCE, Auxerre, Ar Denier, 12th century, Cross & lgnd/cross in circle, groups of dots

around, 19 mm; F-VF, somewhat crude with some wkness, bright but faintly grainy.

(A VF/VF+ sold for $139 + buyer fee, iNumis 10/14.) Starting Bid $20

284 FRANCE, Burgundy, Hugh IV, Billon denier 1218-72, LOT of 32 pcs, mostly brown,

quite low grade, weak, grainy, dull, a few with edge chips, perforations, etc.

Starting Bid $10

285 FRANCE, Déols (Lords of Chateauroux), Raoul VI, Ar Denier, cross/star of David, 1160-76,

VG or so, partly weak, lt tone. Ex Karl Stephens as "Nice F" at $45. Starting Bid $12

286 FRANCE, Valence & Die, Ar Denier, 13th cent, Cross/Angel; VF, sl off-ctr, edge very sl

ragged, crude; silver color. Angel & cross quite bold. (A GVF brought $168, Naumann 7/20.)

Starting Bid $20

287 FRANCE, Sol, 1719A, JOHN LAW issue, Louis XV bust/arms, 30+ mm, G/VG+, mildly porous

but not bad, lgnds fully clear. Ex Karl Stephens as VG, $49. Starting Bid $10

288 FRANCE, Ecu, 1726-40, Louis XV bust l./arms, Mintmk 9 (Rennes); VG+ but date poorly

struck (1739?), ltly toned, minor adj mark at obv top. Melt value $21+. Starting Bid $20

289 FRANCE, 5 Francs, 1810A, Napoleon bust r/lgnds & wreath; F-VF/F, a couple sm metal

flaws on obv, not affecting portrait (and strangely don't show on photo); ltly toned. Starting Bid $25

290 FRENCH CANADA, Jeton, 1752, Mercury flying over sea/elaborate heraldry, Breton 511;

Restrike in bronze, Unc, ltly toned, choice.

(A Silver restrike brought $144 + buyer fee, iNumis 6/15.) Starting Bid $15

291 FRENCH GUIANA, 10 centimes 1818A, Monogram/lgnds in circle; UNC, ltly toned,

lustrous. Extraordinary condition. (An EF brought $176, Hess-Divo 10/07.)

Starting Bid $100

292 GERMANY, Bavaria, Taler, 1775, Bust r/Angel in clouds, AF, only a few insignificant marks,

ltly toned, nice. Starting Bid $30

293 GERMANY, Brandenburg, Ar Schilling, 1654, FW monogram/eagle, VF, sl off-ctr, minor

crudeness but strong details, toned.

(Same type, 1630, F , sold for $54 on $65 bid in my 12/20 sale.) Starting Bid $10

294 GERMANY, PRUSSIA, Ar 4 Groschen 1797A, Friedr Wilh bust r/crowned arms, decent VG,

toned. Starting Bid $5

295 GREAT BRITAIN (See also separate section of coins from my collection), Wessex,

Aethelbehrt, 858-66, Ar Penny, Head r/floral cross, S1054; COPY, struck in silver, EF, toned, by

Trev Ashmore, famous for his convincing Anglo-Saxon copies.

Ex my 1/99 sale at $31 on $35 bid. Starting Bid $15

296 GREAT BRITAIN, Charles II, Farthing, 1675, Bust r/ Britannia stg; AF, problem-free,

medium brown, ever so nice for the grade. Spink F £50. Starting Bid $25

297 GREAT BRITAIN, George II, Farthing 1733, VG+/F, without faults, decent.

Starting Bid $7

298 GREAT BRITAIN, George II, 1/2 Penny, 1736, VG-F/F+, even brown, free of faults,

excellent for grade. Start Bid $8

299 GREAT BRITAIN, George II, 1/2 Crown, 1746 LIMA, Choice VF/AEF, well struck, excellent

metal quality absolutely devoid of detractions, nicely toned.

(A VF or better realized $605, Lockdale's 9/08.) Starting Bid $170

300 GREAT BRITAIN, George III, Farthing, 1773, Nice F, again a no problem coin.

Starting Bid $7

301 GREAT BRITAIN, George III, Penny, 1806, with incuse curl, Choice EF, sharply struck,

excellent toned surfaces. (An EF/GEF brought $190, London Coins Auc 6/07.)

Start Bid $70

302 GREAT BRITAIN, George III, Shilling 1820, VF, contrasty tone, a few totally insignificant

marks; nice bold coin. Cat $50. Starting Bid $15

303 Conder Token, 1/2d 1789, Cheshire Macclesfield D&H 12, Beehive above monogram/

female std with cogwheel; Choice EF, luscious slightly reflective surfaces. Start Bid $20

304 Conder Token, 1/2d 1794, Hampshire, Portsmouth D&H55, John Howard bust/Sun &

Moon above castle; Fine, decent and law-abiding. Starting Bid $8

305 Conder Token, 1/2d 1792, Lancaster D&H29e, John of Gaunt bust/shield, VF/F+, strong

portrait. Starting Bid $10

306 Conder Token, 1/2d 1793, Lancashire, Manchester, Man carrying sack/arms, D&H 135e,

Choice AEF, glowing chocolate brown surfaces, nice.

(An EF with scattered marks brought $67, CNG eAuc 12/12.) Starting Bid $20

307 Conder Token, 1/2d 1795, Middlesex 358, Lackington bust/Angel, VF/AVF, a few tiny rim

marks. Starting Bid $12

308 Conder Token, 1/2d 1793, Norwich D&H31, Eagle/shield; nice Fine. Starting Bid $8

309 Conder Token, 1/2d 1792, Warwickshire 455a, Wilkinson bust/Workman hammering, nice

strong VF, good deep brown surfaces. Starting Bid $15

310 HUNGARY, Bela, 1131-41, Ar Denar, 11+ mm, Facg bust/cross in concentric circles,

Edh.43, Hus.50; UNC, well struck, bright silver with lt tone.

(An EF, this exact variety, brought $136, Kunker 10/14.) Starting Bid $30

311 HUNGARY, Wladislaw, Ar Denar, 1508-KH, Madonna & child/shield, 15 mm, EF, sl off-ctr,

some of lgnds wk/crowded, devices well struck; good metal with lt tone. Starting Bid $12

312 INDIA, Western Kshatrapas, Nahapana, 119-124 AD, Ar Drachm, 14 mm, Bust r,

stylized thunderbolt & arrow, VF, smallish flan, much of lgnds off, bright silver, good strong portrait.

(A VF brought $256, Hirsch 9/19.) Starting Bid $18

313 INDIA, Delhi Sultans, Sher Shah, 1539-45, Ar Rupee, 28 mm, AH 949, lgnds in circle with

lgnds around/similar; AEF, dark tone in recesses, very bold.

(An identical piece but dated 951, Near EF, brought $323, Leu 12/20.) Starting Bid $45

314 INDIA, Mughals, Rupee, Muhammad Jahangir, 1605-27, Lahore Mint, Year 13, KM 145.11;

EF, centered, well struck, dark tone in fields, very nice.

(Same but Yr 12, slabbed AU, brought $144, Heritage 1/19.) Starting Bid $20

315 INDIA, LOT of 15 diff from BC to around 15th cent AD, all more or less identified

(6 are Sultans of Delhi); generally rather low grade. Starting Bid $22

316 ISLAMIC, Seljuks of Rum, Ar Dirham, 22 mm, Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV & Kay

Qubadh II, Konya Mint, 650 AH, Alkb.1227; EF, amost as struck & well struck for this with

only slightest strike wkness. Good bright metal.

(A VF, same mint, realized $59, CNG eAuc 19/17.) Starting Bid $20

317 ISLAMIC, Abbasids, Ar Dirham, Al Mansur. 754-75, Al_Muhammadiya mint (Ancient Rhagae),

22 mm, Alb.213.2; Nice VF, fully struck with no wkness.

(A GVF, looks identical, brought $69, Agora 12/14.) Start Bid $15

318 ISLAMIC, Ayyubids, Ar Dirham, Al-'Adil Abu-Bakr, 1195-1218, Dimashq (Damascus); 20 mm;

VF, a good bit of flat striking at edge. (An EF brought $160, Peus 1/21.) Start Bid $5

319 ISLAMIC, Golden Horde, Birdi Beg, AH758-60, Ar Dirham, Saray al-Jadida mint, 759; 16 mm;

F+, sl off-ctr, decently struck. Starting Bid $5

320 ISLAMIC, Mamluks of Egypt, silver, 10 round 15-20 mm, 6 squareish 9-14 mm, generally

around VG-F with consider-able wkness, some darkly toned, a few poor. Starting Bid $15

321 ISLAMIC, Bronze, Lot of 20, a varied assortment, mostly low grade, one holed, a few decent,

3 sort of identified. Starting Bid $10

322 ITALY, Naples, Ar Tari (Carlino), Charles II, 1688, 25+ mm, bust/arms, G, portrait very weak but visible. Starting Bid $5

323 ITALY, Papal States, Ar Lira, 1869-R-XXIII, Pius IX bust l/wreath & lgnds; AF toned.

Starting Bid $4

324 ITALY, Venice, Lorenzo Tiepolo, 1268-75, Ar Grosso, St. Mark & Doge/Christ enthroned;

VF, centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone. Small ding on pbv shows through to rev.

(A GVF realized $263, Naumann 5/16.) Starting Bid $30

325 ITALY, LOT of 15 diff coins, 1700s & mostly earlier, incl 3 Papal, 5 Venice; generally

rather low grades. Identified. Starting Bid $22

326 JAPAN, Cash style "E-Sen" (charms), 4 diff, 22-24 mm, 2 with horses, F-VF, old pieces,

not recent crap. Starting Bid $12

327 KOREA, 1 Mun, "Treasury Office" mint, 1832, Mandel 13.32.9, KM37 (scarcer issue, F=$10),

23 mm, F-VF, pale greenish patina, sl crude but all characters fully clear, decent for these.

Starting Bid $3

328 KOREA, 1 Mun, "General Military Office," 1757, Mandel 24.5.1, 25+ mm, Choice VF+,

well made, no crudeness, strongly 2-toned brass. (KM VF $8) Starting Bid $3

329 KOREA, 2 Mun, Seoul Charity Office, 1679-95, 30 mm, Mandel 17.11.0, F/VG, somewhat

crude. Starting Bid $2

330 KOREA, 100 Mun, 1866, KM143, 39 mm, VF/F, sl crude & grainy, pale brass color.

(An AVF with rim nicks brought $198, Teutoburger 2/16.) Starting Bid $15