331 LIVONIA, Solidus, 16 mm, LOT of 10 pcs, c. 1645-1662, F-VF, typically crude, all are much

off-ctr mint errors showing impressions of 2 adjacent dies. Start Bid $20

332 MEXICO, Cob 8 Reales, Philip V, LOT of 3 pcs, all from 1715 wreck off Cape Canaveral,

call them VG or so, all with dark tone & a little corrosion, two have reasonable detail visible,

one more crappy. Ex Christensen auct. Start Bid $50

333 MEXICO, 1/2 Real, 1801-FT, VG/F, some very sl scrs almost invisible; nice bold coin.

Starting Bid $4

334 MEXICO, Real, 1792-FM, conservatively graded VG/F, problem-free, pleasant bold coin.

Starting Bid $10

335 MEXICO, 8 Reales, 1809-TH, AF, once ltly clnd, very decent coin. Starting Bid $50

336 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, S. Hague Smith, Ironmonger, 1862-69, 35 mm, Prince

Albert bust/lgnds, F-VF, sl dark tone. (KM F cat $100). Starting Bid $25

337 NEW ZEALAND, Token Penny, 1857, Somerville, Family Grocer, 35 mm, Flower bunch/lgnds,

VF, nice (cat $220). Starting Bid $35

338 PERSIA, LOT of 9 diff early silver, c. 17-1800s, 4 are Rupee size, one with ugly mount mark;

one small coin low grade; the other 7 all decent F-VF or so; generally identified.

A worthwhile group, I just didn't feel like fussing with them individually. Starting Bid $45

339 PERU, 1/2 Real 1819, AF/AVF, couple tiny faults on rev. Starting Bid $7

340 PERU, 2 Reales 1818, VG, ltly toned. Minor scr. Starting Bid $10

341 PERU, 2 Reales 1832, nice strong VG. Starting Bid $5

342 PORTUGAL, Æ 10 Reis, 1732, 36 mm, Large X etc, wreath/crowned arms; Nice F, well

struck, good dark brown surfaces. Starting Bid $6

343 RAGUSA, Ar Tallero, 1775-DM, Bust l./crowned arms, VF, lt tone on sl grainy surfaces, rev

has heavy adjustment marks as usual; portrait well derailed.

(A VF, comparable adjustment mks, brought $299, Sincona 5/13.) Starting Bid $60

344 RUSSIA, 10 Kop, 1726, LARGE KLIPPE, 61x68 mm, 7-1/2 ozs, 4 eagle stamps in corners,

larger one with lgnds & date in center. A modern struck copy; toned. Original extremely rare.

(A similar copy brought $107 + fee, Haljak auction 3/16.) Starting Bid $25

345 RUSSIA, 5 Kop copper, 1790-KM, big 44 mm, EF, sl off-ctr, sharply struck with full

details. Very nice. Far scarcer than EM mint coins.

(An NGC AU details, hairlines, brought $949, Goldberg 6/14.) Starting Bid $60

346 ST. HELENA, 1/2d 1821, Nice decent VF. (A GVF brought $100, Davisson 11/15.)

Starting Bid $15

347 SASANIAN, Yazdgard I, 399-420, Drachm, 29 mm, Mint state, bright lustrous silver,

typically crude but actually less so than usual; portrait pretty reasonable.

(A GVF realized $730, Kunker 9/06.) Starting Bid $40

348 SASANIAN, Khusru II, Drachm, Bishapur, Yr. 29, 31 mm, Choice EF, fine style, well

struck, good bright metal, lt tone. (An EF, same mint, brought $208, M&M 5/09. Start Bid $40

349 Khusru II, Drachm, Meshan, Yr. 21, 31 mm, short of flan at upper right, choice VF, good

style, well struck, good metal with lt tone. Starting Bid $15

350 SCOTLAND, Robert III, 1390-1406, Ar Groat, Facg bust/cross, Edinburgh, S5164;

26 mm; at least AF, very ill-struck with much wkness, ghosting of cross spoils portrait; good metal

with rich old collection toning. (A GF brought $331, Spink 1/19.) Starting Bid $30

351 SIBERIA, 1/4 Kopeck (Polushka) 1770, Crowned E monogram in wreath/denomination &

date in cartouche; VF, sl off-ctr, steel-brown. Krause VF $150; scarcer than larger denominations.

(An AEF, same date, realized $1233 (yes), Sincona 10/12.) Starting Bid $45

352 SOGDIANA, Silk Road, Choresmia, Samarkand, Ar Obol, c.400 AD, 9+ mm, head l./figure with

bow rt; sl cupped fabric; VF, well centered, good metal.

(A VF realized $142, CNG eAuc 4/19.) Starting Bid $30

353 SPAIN, 2 Reales, 1759 Madrid, Lions & castles/arms, 26 mm; G, centers worn,

peripheries strong. Starting Bid $5

354 SPAIN, 2 Reales 1833-Md, the famed "Madrid jeweler's [contemporary] counterfeit," well

made, often fools numismatists; EF, faint porosity, nice lt tone.

(An AEF of this counterfeit brought $101, CNG eAuc 4/14.) Starting Bid $15

355 SPAIN, 2 Maravedis, 1844-Ja, AF/VF, well struck, good surfaces, very nice for grade.

Rare date. (F cat $75; a F+ brought $90, Tauler &Fau, 2/19.) Starting Bid $30

356 SUMATRA, Keping, 1804, KM263, East India Company arms/Arabic inscr, F/AVF, nice.

Start Bid $2

357 TABARISTAN, Sasanian style Ar Hemidrachm, Bust/fire altar etc, Farkhan, 711-31 AD,

Large flan 25 mm, Alb.50; Choice EF, very well struck on excellent metal with nice lt tone.

(A VF-EF realized $294, Fischer 3/16.) Starting Bid $40

358 THAILAND, "Tok," round convex, plain/concave with raised ring design; 39 mm, 2-1/2 ozs,

silver-lead-etc alloy, grey with some orange rusty coloration, supposedly a marriage price thing.

Not modern. (One looking much the same brought $89, Heritage 6/20.) Starting Bid $10

359 TURKOMANS, Zengid Atabegs, Urtukids of Sinjar, 'Imad al-Din Zengi II, 1170-97, Æ Dirhem,

31 mm, 4-line lgnd in square/4-line lgnd in circle, lgnd around; S/S Type 78; VF, sl off-ctr, a touch

of roughness, central lgnds fully clear. (Looks nicer than a VF bringing $106, Kunker 3/12.)

Starting Bid $20

360 USA, Dime 1801, Draped bust/Eagle, G/AG, possibly remvd from mount at obv top;

polished; many lt scrs; a little damage on rev; faintly bendly. I won't drag out that old dealer

chestnut, "not as bad as it sounds." But at least all lettering & stars visible on obv.

(Maybe better overall than an AG3 sold for $2185, Heritage 7/08.) Starting Bid $300


361 Edward I, 1272-1307, Ar Penny, London, S1393, F-VF, nrly centered on large flan, good

metal with lt tone, reasonable portrait. (A GVF brought $210, Noble 4/08.) Starting Bid $30

362 Henry V, 1413-22, Ar Penny, York, S-1790, F, sl off-ctr on elongated flan, a little crudeness,

clear portrait, lt tone. Rare.

(A F, "slightly undulating," looking much the same on similar flan, brought $179, Baldwin's 5/13.)

Starting Bid $60

363 Charles I, Richmond farthing, mintmk TWO cross saltires, one above the other!;

contemporary forgery? VF in parts, crude, obv off-ctr, thin flan, ragged edge with small perforation,

lt golden brown color. Starting Bid $15

364 Charles I, Ar Penny, S2835, Bust l./shield, mm 2 pellets obv, bell rev; F or better, a little

crude, good metal with lt tone, portrait decent with some detail. Starting Bid $30

365 Charles II, Maundy 2 Pence, 1668, VG+/F, ltly toned. . Starting Bid $20

366 Charles II, Twopence 1682, VF, nice old toning. Starting Bid $35

367 Charles II, Maundy 3 Pence, 1682, Nice F-VF, well struck, toned. Bought 1973 from

James D. King for $3. Those were the days. Starting Bid $25

368 Charles II, Fourpence 1684/3, Bust r/4 interlocking C's. F, ltly toned, problem-free, bold &

nice. Starting Bid $25

369 Charles II, Crown 1678/7, VG+/F+, the obv somewhat messed up from jewelry removal;

sl edge cracks; toned; the rev bold & very nice. Rare date. Spink F £225. Start Bid $65

370 James II, 4 Pence, 1688, Bust l./Crowned IIII; Nice AVF, strong strike, perfect metal with

lt tone. Starting Bid $35

371 William & Mary, Maundy 4 Pence, 1692, Conjoined busts/Crowned 4; F, obv sl off-ctr,

well struck on a good flan, ltly toned, nice. Rare. Starting Bid $30

372 William III, 1/2 Penny 1698, Date in lgnd; variety with no stops obv or rev, unlisted in Peck;

F, sl wkness mainly on Britannia's head, vaguely porous but nice glossy deep brown surfaces,

portrait has some detail. Quite good for these. Rare date.

(Normal variety, "considerable porosity & sl short of flan, [Brit's hd also wk] otherwise VF"

brought $184, Baldwin's 4/07. Mine equal on the whole.) Starting Bid $75

373 William III, Fourpence 1699, F-VF, lt tone, good flan, nice with much portrait detail.

Starting Bid $35

374 William III, Sixpence, 1696-Y (not y, scarcer), 1st Bust, early harp, AVF, good flan with

lt tone, well struck, virtually invisible rev scrs. Nice. Scarce York issue. Starting Bid $50

375 William III, Shilling, 1697-C, 1st bust, ESC 1096, VG, wk on one shield, obv bold, toned.

Rare. Starting Bid $45

376 William III, Halfcrown, 1697-E, with inverted A for V in TVTAMEN on edge,

ESC 547A (R3=Extremely rare); VG-F/G, lt corrosion, toned.

(A F, regular 1697-E, brought $444, Baldwin's 11/12.) Starting Bid $40

377 Anne, Maundy Threepence 1707, VG, insignificant scr, toned, decent. Starting Bid $15

378 Anne, 4 Pence, 1709, AVF, micro scr by eye, well struck on a good flan, toned & nice.

Starting Bid $35

379 Anne, 2 Pence, 1710, Choice VF+/EF, boldly struck on a perfect flan, nicely toned,

lovely quality. Starting Bid $40

380 Anne, Sixpence, 1707 Plumes, VG, teensy flan flaw on cheek, ltly toned. Acquired 1983.

Starting Bid $30

381 George I, 2 Pence 1721, Choice VF, well struck on a perfect flan, nicely toned.

Starting Bid $30

382 George II, Farthing, 1736, Choice strong VF, absolutely problem-free, smooth steel-

brown surfaces. (A VF, soft strike on portrait & date, realized $167, Spink 10/18.) Start Bid $50

383 George II, 1/2 Penny 1735 tiny date variety (from farthing punches), obvious & unlisted, very rare, F+/VF, medium brown with touch of uneven toning. (A GF+ brought $83, Croydon 5/01.)

Start Bid $30

384 George II, 2 Pence, 1737, Choice EF, iridescent blue-grey toning.

(An EF brought $71, CNG eAuc 10/18.) Start Bid $40

385 George II, 6 Pence, 1746 LIMA, Choice VF, well struck, perfect metal with nice lt tone,

fault free. (A GVF realized $143, Noble 3/14.) Starting Bid $50


386 Juan II, 1406-54, Billon Blanca, Seville, 22 mm, Lion in tressure/castle, crude AF, much

lgnd wkness, pale brownish silvery color. Starting Bid $15

387 Ferdinand & Isabella, 1469-1504, Ar Real, 27 mm, Shield/bundle of arrows & yoke,

Granada, Choice VF, well centered on good metal, good strike. Couple minor edge splits. Pleasant

lt tone. Very nice quality for these.

(A Choice VF, same mint, brought $385 in my last sale.) Starting Bid $80

388 Ferdinand & Isabella, Cob 4 Reales, types as last, Seville, 31 mm, AVF, much of lgnds off,

good metal with lt tone.

(Same mint, VF with lt corrosion & gash on shield realized $2,875, Stacks 11/11.)

Starting Bid $120

389 Philip III, Æ 4 Maravedis, 1604, Segovia, Lion/castle, 20+ mm, Nice F-VF, well centered &

struck, good surfaces. (Same variety, GVF, brought $153, Tauler & Fau 2/21.) Starting Bid $15

390 Philip IV, Æ 8 Maravedis, 1626, Segovia, Lion/castle, 27 mm; F/VF, centered, 2-toned brown,

well struck, nice. (Same var., GVF, brought $123, CNG eAuc 12/17.) Starting Bid $20

391 Philip IV, 16 Maravedis, 1662 Madrid-S, Bust r/crowned shield, 27 mm; F, sl off-ctr,

darkish brown. (A VF, same date & mint, brought $146, CNG eAuc 6/09.) Starting Bid $15

392 Same as last but 1664Valladolid-M (rare), VF-EF, sl curled from roller dies, immaculate brown surfaces. (A VF+ brought $253, Aureo & Calico 4/19.)  Starting Bid $40

393 Carlos III, Pretender, 2 Reales, 1708, Barcelona, crowned monogram/crowned shield,

Barcelona, 27 mm, Nice VF, sl curled from roller dies, well struck, good metal, toned;

problem-free. (Same variety, VF-, brought $110 + buyer fee, Aureo & Calico 4/14.)

Starting Bid $40

394 Philip V, 1 Maravedi, 1719, Valencia, Lion hldg 2 scepters/crowned arms, Choice VF, well

struck, good brown surfaces, very nice and scarce.

(An EF, same variety, brought $743, Cayon. 9/20) Starting Bid $35

395 Philip V, 4 Maravedis, 1743, Segovia, types as last, VF, centered & well struck, darkish

brown, strong detail. (A VF+ brought $184 + buyer fee, Aureo & Calico 5/14.) Start Bid $25

396 Philip V, Real, 1732 Madrid; Choice F, perfectly centered & struck, problem-free,

attractively toned. Much too nice for grade. (KM cat $30) Starting Bid $20

397 Philip V, Real, 1740 Madrid, Nice AF, ltly toned, again free of faults. Starting Bid $10

398 Philip V, 2 Reales, 1721, Segovia, Crowned arms/lions & castles, 27 mm, Choice EF,

well struck, perfect metal, lustrous & nicely toned. Too good to be true.

(A Near EF, same variety, brought $336, CNG eAuc 8/13.) Starting Bid $90

399 Philip V, 2 Reales 1723 Madrid, EF/AU, curled from roller dies, small part of obv ill-struck,

rev beautifully struck; excellent metal with luster & lt tone.

(Same variety, VF, brought $108, Naumann 2/20.) Starting Bid $50

400 Philip V, 2 Reales, 1736 Seville-AP, Choice VF, well centered & struck, problem-free,

ltly toned, very bold. In env from Wayte Raymond auction, NASCA 5/78). RARE with AP Assayer.

(KM VF $150; An F-VF brought $102, Album 9/20.) Starting Bid $60

401 Ferdinand VI, Real, 1746, Seville-PJ, Arms/lions & castles, Choice VF, well struck,

problem-free, bold contrasting tone. KM does not list this type before 1750 (other dates VF $40),

& none found online, but Cayon-Castan does list it. Scarce!! Starting Bid $30

402 Ferdinand VI, 2 Reales, 1758, Madrid-JB, Nice VF, well struck, ltly toned, problem-free.

(An F-VF brought $66 in my 11/12 sale.). Starting Bid $30

403 Charles III, 4 Maravedis 1781, bust r/lions & castles, Choice VF+, lusterlike reddish-brown,

well-detailed portrait. Starting Bid $15

404 Charles III, 2 Reales, 1761 Seville-JV, VF, well struck, contrasty tone. KM $50.

Starting Bid $25

405 Charles III, 4 Reales, 1781 Madrid-PJ, Choice AU, sharply struck, absolutely free of faults,

luster & lt tone. Enough said. Starting Bid $250

406 Charles IV, 4 Maravedis, 1801, Segovia, Nice bold F, medium brown, free of faults.

Starting Bid $7

407 Charles IV, 2 Reales, 1801 Seville CN, VF, well struck, strong detail, ltly toned.

Starting Bid $20

408 Charles IV, 4 Reales 1796, Madrid-MF, Bold F/VF, well struck, deeply toned, much detail

on portrait. Start Bid $50

409 Joseph Napoleon, 10 Reales, 1812 Madrid RN, Choice VF, well struck, lovely iridescent

tone. (I can't seem to get such toning to show up on my photos.) Great quality. (A VF brought $318 + buyer fee, CGB 2/19.) Starting Bid $195

410 Ferdinand VII, 2 Maravedis, 1828 Segovia, Nice VF, medium brown, well struck.

Starting Bid $4

411 Ferdinand VII, 8 Maravedis, 1818 Jubia, Choice AU, reflective toned reddish-brown surfaces.

Well struck. Very unusual grade for this. (An EF-Unc realized $462, Kunker 6/17.) Starting Bid $75

412 Ferdinand VII, 8 Maravedis, 1824 Jubia, nice F, medium brown. Scarcer type bare-headed

portrait with much detail. Starting Bid $12

413 Ferdinand VII, 8 Reales, 1818 Seville-CJ, Choice VF-EF, sharply struck, nicely toned,

absolutely fault-free. I can hardly believe how many lovely coins I was able to acquire — and

Spain was never a particular specialty. (A GVF brought $224, CNG eAuc 4/11.) Starting Bid $130

414 Isabel II, 2 Maravedis, 1848 Segovia, probably EF-AU, with luster, but a bit softly struck on

head so has detail of VF. Scarce issue. Starting Bid $20

415 BARCELONA, Ar Croat 1698, Charles II bust l./cross & annulets, 18 mm, F-VF/VF, obv sl

off-ctr, good metal with lt tone, strong portrait. Acquired 1982.

(A VF+ brought $174 + buyer fee, Aureo & Calico 4/17.) Starting Bid $30

416 BARCELONA, 6 Quartos, 1823, Choice VF (cat $80), well struck, good chocolate brown

surfaces. Scarce 1-year-type. (A VF+/VF brought $95 + buyer fee, Vico 11/12.) Start Bid $50

417 CATALUNA, 6 Quartos, 1838, Arms/arms, VF, well struck, some very tiny marks & sm flaw

at edge, but nice for this. Starting Bid $15

418 NAVARRE, 1 Maravedi, 1826 PP, AU, moderately off-ctr, lt brown with hints of red, well

struck with sharp details. Rare, especially this grade! Bought 1977. Starting Bid $50

CHINESE COINS (Guaranteed genuine unless noted, references to Schjoth and Hartill)

419 Flat handled spade, "An Yi Er Jin," on rev "An," 400-300 BC, Hartill 3.9 , 51 mm, AF/VF,

pale bluish-green patina with some crusting, inscriptions all visible.

(A VF brought $201, Elsen 3/17.) Starting Bid $40

420 Pan Liangs, c.2nd century BC, LOT of 8 diff, Schj-85,92,93,94,104,105,107,109(var);

couple low grade, couple VF-EF, rest in between. Starting Bid $20

421 Han Dynasty Wu-zhu, c. 1st cent BC, Schj.-114, VG or better, reddish brown patina,

sl crusty. Starting Bid $2

422 Wang Mang, 7-22 AD, Ta-Chuan Wu-Shih, Schjoth 120, Hartill 9.1, 28+ mm, thick, AEF,

smooth greenish-brown patina with a little earthen hilighting, nice.

(A VF-EF brought $161, Munz Zentrum 5/12.) Starting Bid $10

423 Wang Mang, 7-22 AD, Huo Chuan, S152var, H9.37, unusual small size only 19 mm, rare,

VF+, dark green patina with sl hilighting. Starting Bid $4

424 Wu Zhu, Schj.-257, various dynasties up to 600 AD, VG-F, brown, sl grainy. Starting Bid $1

425 As last, LOT of 33 pcs, Poor-AG, in 2x2s. Starting Bid $8

426 T'ang Dynasty, Kai-yuan, 621-718 AD, Schj.-312, H14.1, VF+ brown patina with hilighting,

good detail. Starting Bid $2

427 As last, 28 pcs, Poor-AG, most in 2x2s. Starting Bid $7

428 Kai-yuan with rev mintmark "Tan," S-390, H15.115 attributed to Southern Han/Chu,

900-971; very crude lead alloy coin, RARE. LOT of 11 pcs, Poor-AG, most with cast holes.

Starting Bid $5

429 Northern Song Dynasty, Song Yuan, 960-76 AD, as S451 etc, 10 different with dots,

crescents, etc, very scarce, average VG-F or so. Starting Bid $20

430 N. Song, IRON coins, much scarcer than bronze, Lot of 7 diff: S-560,578,580,581,618,646,

666; rough AG-G as typical for these. Starting Bid $15

431 N. Song, Tian-Sheng, 1023-31, S-486, H-16.76, Nice F, brown patina with strong

earthen hilighting. Starting Bid $1

432 N. Song, Yuan-feng, 1078-85, S545, H16.210, F-VF, hilighted patina, strong detail.

Starting Bid $2

433 N. Song, Zheng He, 1111-17, S633, H16.428, nice F-VF, strong details, hilighted

patina. Starting Bid $2

434 N. Song, Large 2-cash, LOT of 19 diff, identified in 2x2s, average G or better, some

rough. Starting Bid $25

435 N. Song, Yuan-feng, 1078-85, Large 2-Cash, S-553, H16.223, Nice F-VF, well detailed,

hilited patina. Start Bid $3

436 N. Song, LOT of 74 diff, identified by Schjoth, mostly in 2x2s, some scarce, all G to VG+.

Start Bid $60

437 Southern Song LOT of 15 diff early coins 1127-73 AD, Schj. 671-706, AG-G, a few sl

better, typical condition for these, identified in 2x2s. Some scarce. Starting Bid $20

438 Ming Dynasty, Yung Lo, 1403-24, S-1166, H20-121, VF+, tan-brown. Two small holes

drilled beside bottom character. (A GVF sold for $84, CNG eAuc 11/14.) Starting Bid $2

439 Ming Rebels, LOT of 11 diff, 1644-81, S-1288-1350, incl one large 5-Cash (S1321),

identified in 2x2s, average VG-F. Starting Bid $30

440 Qing Dynasty, Shun Zhih, 1644-61, LOT of 23 diff, identified by Schjoth in 2x2s, average

at least VG, some scarce, Starting Bid $35

441 Kang Xi, 1662-1722, Board of Revenue, S-1419, VF. Start Bid $1

442 Qian Long, 1736-95, LOT of 14 diff, identified, average VG+. Starting Bid $10

443 Xinjiang (Chinese Turkestan) Qian Long, 1736-95, Ili mint, C28-1, F, typically crude,

brown patina. When I started collecting Chinese in the '70s, Xinjiang cash were virtually

nonexistent in the market. Starting Bid $10

444 Xian Feng, 1851-61, IRON Cash, Chihli mint, C5-4a, roughness on left-hand character each

side, otherwise VF, rusty patina. (F cat $30) Starting Bid $10

445 Qing cash, LOT of 53, all common, nrly all Qian Long, all in reasonably decent condition,

avge around F. Start Bid $15

446 Omnibus China cash starter collection, 94 diff coins, identified mostly in 2x2s; from BC to

the end, a good representation of all periods; strong on N. Song, not too much Qing; incl some

scarce surprises; a few Xinjiang; condition fairly low, but generally G or better.

Well worth Start Bid $70